America's Deadliest Weapon

America's Deadliest Weapon

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America's Deadliest WeaponIn the history of aviation there's never been a plane more groundbreaking than the B-2 Stealth Bomber. Capable of flying anywhere in the world undetected, the B-2 can arrive over its target, release precision munitions and escape confident in the fact that the bombs will hit their targets, and that the plane will return home safely. Revolutionary in design and capability, the B-2 represents the culmination of many disciplines and sciences, from aeronautics to stealth, to bombing itself.

It also has a distinction unshared by any conventional aircraft - for the entirety of its service life the B-2 has never been detected, targeted, or engaged. The B-2 is flown exclusively by the United States Air Force and is the most sophisticated flying machine in existence.

Its creation relied on one hundred years of bombing experience, the evolution of computers, radical jumps in engineering science, new approaches to aircraft design, and a new generation of weapons called smart bombs.

Among the personalities involved were visionary american aircraft designer and an unrecognized Soviet physicist. The story of the stealth bomber begins during the first days of bombing.

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Alex Minovosky
1 year ago

You know, I sit here from afar and look at America and wonder, would the world be better without them? The answer is hell no. They spend tons of money on weapons and military and I sit here and thank my lucky stars that they do. Freedom in this world is due to the US whether you like it or not. It is the truth. Sure, it has problems. Freedom means that every now and then a bunch of knuckleheads can rally and cause social problems, like you see now, or rich guys get together and try to control everything, yet freedom remains. We have short memories, us humans, and we like to focus our anger at those on top, like US, but sitting here in the French countryside as a former Russian citizen, I am certain that my free life is due in some large part, to the US military. And that sentiment is not only mine alone, but one that is shared with millions around the world. So, is you are american and reading this, you are my brothers and sisters and I thank you for everything. Keep up the good work.

5 years ago

Awesome documentary. I've always wondered how they get so many freakin' bombs inside that ity bity little plane. How they deflect and absorb radar is also very interesting.

cindy manoog
9 years ago

It uses alien tech. that allows black box cloaking, which is beyond black. After taking off conventionally, the B-2 has the option of switching to anti-gravity mode. It has been said that using its anti-gravitic technology, the B-2 can fly around the world without refueling.

10 years ago

Interesting to watch but also an advertisement for USA .

It always amazes me when they release information in regard
to some technology that the Germans were developing just towards the end of the Second World War; history was very close to being very different.

There was aninteresting note about the unknown Russian scientist, during the cold war this country certainly held its own against the west in technology development, a much smaller population to
draw on and in 1945 a trashed economy. Great scientists have and still do come out of this region; they didn’t call itscientific socialism for nothing.

USA is an interesting place, there does seem to be a dumb down
in large sections of its society but at the same time it manages to produce/attract/import many of the best minds of the world.
Paul Caden is bang on the mark in describing many inconstancies of this nation, it incarcerates a higher percentage of its population of any other country in the world, even China. It has conducted many morally dubious actions for what its leaders believed was for the greater good.

It seems that military prowess is their best hand at the moment and one it will increasingly fall back on as they slip further and further
into a financial mess.

There was no mention of the downed bomber by the Serbians?
This doco does appear old so maybe it was made previous to this?

10 years ago

America's dedliest weapon is the low average I.Q. :P

Paul Caden
10 years ago

USA spends 50% of entire worlds military budget, supports demagogues where useful and helps fund and arms the most apartheid country on the planet, that harbours the worlds 2 largest prisons, containing about 6 million hostages on their own land! Now ask me why this plane is a bad idea....

10 years ago

I'm not going to watch this, but let me just say that this is definitely NOT Americas deadliest weapon,lol.

10 years ago

One more thing, congress has to approve before it can be called a war, and almost every skirmish you mentioned wasn't even labeled a war by our own government.

10 years ago

HAARP is america and the elite new world leaders most powerful weapon, watch youtube weather warfare

10 years ago

America's most deadly weapon is the the atomic bomb and their use of it

10 years ago

Just goes to show,how much money were willing to spend,to kill or own kind.

10 years ago

Love that 100 years of bombing experience?

10 years ago

It's the only airplane I can actually draw.
I like the looks of this thing and what it does.
Though I do not think it's America's Deadliest Weapon.
And certainly not the best airplane ever build. It's good yes.

10 years ago

Untrue, the yugoslavians detected and downed a b-2 bomber by increasing the length of time that the they ran the radar waves.

iStateOfMind3 iii
10 years ago

Pity we are using these 21st century weapons against a 9th century foe. Maybe foe isn't the best term to describe innocent victims of this horrible weapon. In 2009 a B2 picked up a cluster of heat sources in a village allegedly harboring jihadists. The strike killed 14 women and 21 children. The journalist that later reported this to the world was jailed on trumped up charges of photographing military bases in Yemen and having terrorist connections. Within a month of Shaye’s (the Journalist) sentencing, then-Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced he was going to pardon the journalist. But Saleh changed his mind after a phone call from President Obama.

10 years ago

Anyone who is not american commenting on how horrible it is that we have this is just butt hurt.

10 years ago

idc what you hippies think. Go listen to jaques fresco or w/e and sing along to john lennon songs. I want in that thing now. I want total control on where it goes and what parts of the planet that are going to experience scorched earth. See? This is why we are screwed. I think im a level headed individual, but give me 3 min in the air with that thing and i will solve the planet's overpopulation problem pronto.

10 years ago

Bombing is spoken of as if its the same as driving down the road, bombing is about killing people usually defenceless people. Have these people no empathy at all for their fellow human beings. An utterly disgusting point of view outrage at the attitude of the people that make such abhorrent machines is an understatement.

10 years ago

America, FuK YEAH!
Coming again, to save the mother fuking day yeah,

10 years ago

The little kid and private pilot in me is amazed and would love to get a couple of hours flying around in one of these.
But the thinking adult is terrified by what these things are used for. I could be sitting here typing away on my computer and the next, gone.
Never knowing how or why.
This also begs the question, since this aircraft is now so declassified, that they are making documentaries about it, what do they have up there now that we don't know about?
If only we used our mighty brains to bring peace to the world instead of spending so much time and money, thinking of new ways to kill each other.

To miguel_gomez: That is one of the funniest/scariest/truthful statements I've ever read.

10 years ago

All this heavy equipment and USSA has not won a war since 1945, and thankfully the Russian were smart enough to realize what firing the A bomb would when they had the chance and when USSA want to shoot.

10 years ago

Just think how much better the World would be if all this money was spent on poverty, they recon it would decrease poverty x 20 times.
This is all noble but sent USSA in to a depression.

10 years ago

Dog gon-it and we were this close to bringing the Soviet union some freedom with one of these suckers... Ronald Reagan was such a pussey!!!

Inhib Tycho
10 years ago

"The world's deadliest weapon ARE the droves......"

10 years ago

I'm so cynical today. Think I'll give this one a miss for now, and take in a rerun of Finding Nemo.

10 years ago

What a vile promo video by the United States of Warmongers.This should help the rest of the world to despise the US more. Reads to me like a NAZI propaganda video. I would not be surprised if they use this tech on their own sheeple. Thanks Miguel for hitting the nail on the head.

10 years ago

One B2 costs 1.07 billion. Enough to feed America's poor for years.


10 years ago

America's deadliest weapon is the droves of voters who have no idea who they're voting for.

10 years ago

all nice and good we have the capability to develop this kind of technology but what bothers me is for what purposes is beeing used.