Bombies: The Secret War

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Bombies: The Secret WarThe most appalling episode of lawless cruelty in American history is the bombing of Laos. If you want to know what Afghanistan will be like in twenty years, watch Bombies. In a cohesive, well-documented approach, Bombies beautifully captures the history and effects of the U.S. carpet bombing in Laos.

Between 1964 and 1973 the United States conducted a secret air war, dropping over 2 million tons of bombs and making tiny Laos the most heavily bombed country in history. Millions of these cluster bombs did not explode when dropped, leaving the country massively contaminated with bombies as dangerous now as when they fell 30 years ago.

Bombies examines the problem of unexploded cluster bombs through the personal experiences of a group of Laotians and foreigners and argues for their elimination as a weapon of war. Unfortunately they are still a standard part of the US arsenal and were dropped in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

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  1. There is no doubt that we are the biggest warmongering civilization that has ever lived in modern history.
    Even most of our citizens have forgiven and or forgotten about our founding fathers and the genocide of roughly 80 million native americans that they killed in order so that they could be free from oppressive governments and free to take what they want. Yet they are still casting stones at Hitlers atrocities?
    We as a nation were never free. Not the common man anyway. Most immigrants, poor white europeans, did get to enjoy some of the early freedoms, to steal other peoples lands in the name of God, using slave labor, and free to suport our Ruling class, who shared some of the riches with them for their help. Those days are over.
    They needed people from everywhere in the world in order to pull off their plan to build an empire. But with them came the same Rich arrogant people and their money and greed that were in power in all the governments they claimed to oppose. All looking to profit off this new world, America. And that they did.
    There no longer is enough to share here, the rich own it all. Since slavery is outlawed,they have now made us working class, their endentured servents.
    They are now nation building around the world, and use us and our tax dollars to fund them, and our children to fight their wars. They use cheap third world countries labor to profit from and they do it in the name of humanity and freedom.
    If only the constitution had been a real document that our founding fathers believed in, and our current leaders were not out to destroy, only then would we working class actually have anything to be proud of, and have any say in how the government actually works.
    Your votes are overpowered by the corporations and banks that put their support (money) behind politicians who will do what they want for their own self interest. With their control over media, it insures that the unaware will divide their vote and fight over the most rediculous issues, or just decide not to vote altogether.
    If our population really had any idea how our government has manipulated us all to be as greedy and corrupt as they are, I wonder if they would wave a flag with the same pride.
    History has shown that in any group or population, that the selfish, unfair, and greedy will always dominate the masses of good intentioned, honest, hard working majority.
    If you want to be proud of your country, support what is fair and right for all, not just what the government tells you is best.
    Realize that the system of Dems or Reps is just a smoke screen to divide us to the point of making our voices unheard and to keep any "peoples parties" out of politics. They work for the same team and no matter who is in office they always cry that it's the other parties fault. And we buy that?
    Mark Twain said it best "Support the people in your country 100 percent, and your government, when they deserve it"
    I for one, am ashamed of this atrocity, as well as many others, that our government has concealed from good americans who have no say in politics.
    I do not believe our government does represent the will of the american majority. They just know how to spin and conceal the truth so that the majority will unknowingly keep them in power.
    While the few, obtain the freedom to be above the law or of any consequences, in order to insure their world domination and obscene wealth, it is in our name and in the blood of many innocent people who pay the ultimate price.
    Be heard, speak out, demand our constitution be followed. Do not endorse our governments incompetent excuses and lying tactics to divide us against one another.

    1. Whites in the late 1800s literally stole Hawaii from the Hawaiian monarchy and its people. Common saying in Hawaii: the missionaries came to do good and did very well.

  2. Humans such wonderful creatures? The power to create and destroy. I agree whole heartedly that the cluster bomb is horrible destructive weapon; as well as the illegal bombing campaign of Laos both highly immoral. However this was all based on ideology. The Russian born ideology resulted in 20 million deaths from famine, in China 70 million (during peace time mind you),Cambodia 2 million. This leads me to believe communist do not all together love there people that much. Jung Chang's "Mao the Untold Story" is quite revealing and shocking towards the truth of this variety of ideology. You should read it, more information never hurt.

  3. You burn your finger when you touch a flame and you learn not to do it again, regardless of how it clouds your judgement. After all, madness is repeating the same mistakes you made in the past but still hoping for a different outcome. Bias IS part of decision making.

    What Google and what the American Government and even the Iraqi "Government" say in regards to the amount of dead differs, So 115,000 is a satitisfactory number to you, I wonder what your basis for comparasin is ?

    I don't think my comparison with the Nazis was way over the top at all, free fire zones, where troops could open up on anything that moved (including women and children), extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay, black site holding facilities, torture, waterboarding, MASSIVE civilian death count etc etc, list goes on and on. Sure sounds like something out of a Nazi nightmare to me.

    Plenty of despots out there, take your pick, but be sure to choose those closest to valuable resources eh? ;)

    "knowing that civil war is a strong possibility after they leave"...Sunshine...Civil War happened a LONG time ago hahahaha.
    Yaknow, that thing you said about Iraqis killing Iraqis ???...That's what's usually called a civil war.. wakey wakey...

    The whole thing has been one giant cluster **** from beginning to end, excuse my French.


    1. It is a marvel to me that I only recently woke up from the media-induced stupor that held its sway over me when I first came into this world. Television is the Government/Corporate Weapon of Mass Distraction.
      The United States has been the perpetrator of countless immoral, illegal, and god-awful atrocities. It is safe to say that my country, to this present day, is responsible for more wanton and wholesale slaughter of innocents in this and two previous centuries than all occurred in WWII by all parties... IMMEASURABLY more.
      When a group of men fly a few planes into a building in NYC and reportedly kill 3,000 people, it's terrorism. When U.S.... ahem "coalition" forces bomb the bejeezus out of Fallujah, killing moslty women and children, it's "shock and awe" (btw, isn't shock and awe just a grandiose application of terrorism?)
      When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, it was a "Day that will forever live in infamy." But when we follow thousand-plane raids on Tokyo and Okinawa with nuclear drops on Hiroshima and Nagasaki... and then another thousand-plane raid five days after the nukes... it's VJ-Day.
      The truth of American viciousness, greed, hypocrisy, and out-right world domination is hard not to see. But for those who don't want to see it, the sources of disinformation and propaganda are unrelenting and their reach is global.
      Ask yourself one question. Why is America so hated? The government would have you believe that it is because of jealousy. People hate our freedom. But the truth is that people don't hate freedom... they are simply scared to death that will continue to use our freedom from international law to lay waste to their homes and families. And they're right to be afraid, because with American democracy, if you don't come to it, it will come to you. Explosions are our #1 export!

  4. After all's said and done the yanks got their butts kicked by a bunch of rice paddy farmers and now their getting it kicked by a bunch of goat herders lol.

  5. There is one thing that can prevent this sort of thing in the future. With the internet being a global entity, the ability of people to communicate directly provides a way to bypass the information diseminated by people with an ajenda.
    People need to take ownership of their information gathering. Top Documentary Films is just an example of people looking for information that is not entirely controlled...and there are no talking heads popping in immediatly to distract us from taking the time to ponder all of this.
    We learn, we grown, we do what we can to prevent making the same mistakes.
    And we question everything.

    1. I think most docs carry an agenda (if not all) to a certain degree. The challenge is to discern a rational idea from one that has been realized through false information and lack of an education or a skewed logic. The Internet is a wonderful tool but is the workshop of many whose kooky ideas have no other forum. They pander to those who are susceptible to concepts that appear logical and contain elements of the truth but are actually lacking in substance and research. There are those who lack the skills to do the background checks on these ideas and rely heavily on the integrity of those who may have agendas that have are in their own self interest.

      It is also important to not study or learn with a goal to justify preconceived ideas. To remain objective and to question, in a rational way, the information gathered, is a difficult standard to maintain but its importance cannot be over emphasized.

      "Top Documentary Films" is a great example of an objective site. Vlatko has his own philosophy and has entered into the discussion many times but his personal beliefs has not stopped him from presenting a wide range of topics from film makers with conflicting ideas (ideas which he may not agree with). It is why I enjoy this site.

      I liked the substance of your comment and pushing the like button did not seem to be a strong enough statement to voice my approval.

    2. Agree with you about kooks but the stuff in this doco's the truth. Maybe an "agenda" like the truth is too much for you to handle or maybe your just another brainwashed yank ?

    3. @ zaphodity

      Had you read an earlier comment that I posted on this doc you would have known that I was highly critical of the U.S. behavior concerning the bombies. The post about the kooks is in response to another comment.

      Your other comments on this doc would indicate that you are strongly anti-American. This doc would suit your bias perfectly, that is, you come in looking to either validate your views or to criticize those who disagree with you.

      Your ethnic characterizations of Middle Eastern and Vietnamese people as goat herders and rice paddy farmers is a little offensive. It would seem that you cannot talk about others without using a negative tone.

      The Americans are not getting their butts kicked in Afghanistan or Iraq. Most of the violence consists of IEDs and minor skirmishes which is quite often not even directed at the Americans. Your attitude has more to do with wishful thinking than reality.

      I am Canadian. I'm sure you have a denigrating word or phrase to describe my nationality also.

    4. My "Anti-American" bias is well founded considering America invaded Iraq on the pretense it was partly responsible for 9/11 and to "free and liberate the tormented people of Iraq from a cruel and evil dictator" only to find out later, after the death of nearly 1 million innocent civilians Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Yet years later Americans are still there due to the real reason for the invasion, geopolitical manuvering. Considering the Nazi holocaust killed nearly 6 million I'd say that's a justifiable excuse wouldn't you ?

      Americans and coalilition forces can't so much as step outside their bases and take a leak without armoured vehicles, troops and perhaps air support, so let's not kid ourselves.

      In regards to a "denigrating word of phrase" to describe your nationality the only one that springs to mind is "Canuck" (/n/ Can-uck -Nationality of a person or individual who is extremely fond of bacon).

      Have a nice day :)

    5. @ zaphodity

      Bias is never justified. It will cloud a person's judgment, his ability digest information and the search for the truth. Your admission of bias is a quality in your favor. Everyone is cursed with bias to some degree. The trick is to realize this and not let it get in the way of our decision making.

      Google Iraqibodycount. This is an anti war website which chronicles Iraqi dead. They set the casualties at around 115,000...not 1 million. A great deal of those are due to Iraqis killing each other. I'd stay in the compound myself under those conditions. Doesn't mean they lost the war. Why get shot for no reason.

      The comparison to the Nazis is way over the top. There are no death fact, no plans of genocide towards any segment of the Iraqi people. Not comparable in any way.

      Saddam was a despot who admired Stalin and patterned his rule on the example that Stalin set. Not a great role model. Understandable why he wasn't loved by many Iraqis.

      The geopolitical maneuvering is America's greatest failure. They had little understanding of the political climate of Iraq and they are now stuck there, knowing that civil war is a strong possibility after they leave. The number one reason they should never have entered into that conflict.

      Websters says that Canuck is a Canadian. Also a small to medium hardy horse, common in Canada. We are proud to call ourselves Canucks so thanks.

      Have a nice day, yourself.

    6. The Nazi genocide being compared with the US invasion of Iraq is not unreasonable. Both were funded by US Corporations, [fact], both ultimately filled the coffers of US corporations [fact], and both actions were supported by the Vatican, [fact]... n.b. The 'Roman Church' is a significant 'rudder' behind the scenes as to what the US does! Please investigate the open facts with an open mind. Cheers.

    7. Hitler as an innocent puppet of the United States and the Roman Catholic church. Yeah...that makes sense.

    8. ...more than you have figured out, yet...

  6. The US wants to be the new Roman Empire but they miss something quite important. Education and justice. The Roman were lucky to be educated on these matters by the Great Greeks, The US citizens are educated on these matters by MTV and CocaCola...

    1. Unless you were a U.S citizen, how would you know how they are educated? Have you taken polls and such?
      Did you not read my post further down the page? You know, about how you shouldn't whine about the U.S when your country is probably no better, at least in the justice department.
      Saying the entirety of a countries population is educated by this and that, is probably one of the least intelligent comments you can make.

    2. Well I just repeated the words on one of your most educated man, Gore Vidal. When he said US education knowledge is the laugh of the world

    3. And whatever you wrote below, is it an advice or sort of a warning?

    4. @ Pierre

      Just a plea to not be so ignorant.

    5. after watching this documentary the best thing you can do is to shut up.

    6. What country are you from?

    7. You are a m*ron, that is so sophomoric and vague. I watched MTV before, sure. I drink carbonated soft drinks in moderation, sure. Educated from these things? You see what I mean? Dont waste our time and yours with comments lacking relavence and substance.

    8. actually gajo de tchabes has an excellent point quite brilliant in fact.

    9. great job! don't abdicate! it has been a while since i've seen such an acurate statement.
      "We live in a world where speaking the truth is a revolutionary act".

    10. Yeah and they all died so apparently we all know not to take advice from the Greeks.

  7. This was hardly a secret war although it was underreported. At the time I knew about the bombing of the VC pipeline and the communist rebels. What was not known was the extensiveness of the bombings or the use of cluster bombs. Even if the use of cluster bombs were known, no one knew how evil a weapon it was.

    Growing up in the fifties and sixties, I remember how afraid my parents generation were of the communists. To them the communists were comparable to the Nazis. We all heard of the excesses of Stalin and Mao and watched Khrushchev banging his shoe on the podium, declaring how he would bury the West. We were terrified when he threatened to put nuclear weapons in Cuba pointing north and how we felt we were at the brink of a nuclear war. To many people the Domino Effect was real and it was imperative that we fight the communists wherever and whenever possible. It is too easy to judge those decisions from a perspective of the year 2011.

    The biggest criticism that I would have now is the continued use of bombies and that the US has done very little to ease the danger they pose to the citizens of Laos, today. The US must be beyond reproach if they want the rest of the world to see them as the protectors of democracy. Their behavior over the last 35 years has been one propaganda disaster after another leading to the overall world opinion of an immoral and greedy America. This cannot continue. The US will eventually find itself standing alone. When this happens, they will no longer be the world power they are today.

  8. This was a secret war that the united states congress did not even know about. The American people did not know about this. I am american, and I am ashamed of what my country was doing to these poor people. I do not understand why my country has not brought the generals up on war crimes charges. This was against the geneva conventions, and was illegal. I know they were going after the ho-chi min trail, because the viet-cong and north vietnamese were in Laos, but why did they bomb so many innocent people? As I get older, I start to hate my country more and more. This is not what America stands for. These men were criminals.I gaurantee, most Americans do not approve of this, but we are powerless now. We no longer have control of our govenment, and our news lies to us every day. I hope we elect Ron Paul in 2012. He is against all these wars. He knows that everyone hates us now, and wants to bring all of our troops home. From EVERY country.

    1. I can't see our government ever trying our own generals for war crimes. Besides anything we do in war CAN'T be crime because we're Americans! It's only a crime when someone else does it. Bleh. Yeah I agree with you man. Maybe not about Ron Paul being the hope for the future, but the rest. I do give Obama some credit as he's drawing down despite the fact that the military doesn't like it and doesn't support it (and why would they? They are a profit machine like Eisenhower warned against). If he gets a second term I hope he'll dig deep for some bigger balls and put an end to both major conflicts. Oh wait, I mean all three.

    2. Then you need to learn more about Ron Pauls message. That man is the Thomas Jefferson of our day. He would IMMEDIATLEY bring our troops home from every corner of the globe, and start dismantling the corporation. He's also fighting against the privately owned federal reserve. (not a federal agency). He's the only one that isn't working for the banks and corporations, and would fix our economy in a few strokes of a pen. Hopefully they won't pull a JFK on him though.

    3. Still... Isn't he a Republican, and living in Texas?...
      I'd be surprised he took any formal position toward puting an end to the Fed power trip. They could shoot him?

      And on top of that, reinstalling the civic rights?
      Over 400 hundred years went by since your constitution?
      Some had time to learn how to go around, a little?
      Some countries update, there may be a reasons?

      Passing laws to protect, or rejuvenating, strengtening the constitution at the age Ron Paul is, seems a heck of drag to me. There's so much to be done.

      Anyhow, none of my business shall we say?
      It's just that in now days, it ain't as easy as it used to be to point a gun at poor dudes as a mean of living.
      Now humankind has tools for remembering.
      Cover operations, murders and war crimes...
      Wikileaks wasn't an absolute necessity, we all knew most.

      Projets as always enticing but much better if transfered to the next generation.
      But when the USA shivers in a crisis, we also shiver...

      Just let me retire, Ok?
      After, you can go ahead.
      A few years will not arm you that much?


    4. I emphathise with your outrage and disgust. Ron Paul, however, is not going to make any difference to the status quo of banking blood for bucks. He's a proven Freemason and said nothing about 9/11 truth and made off with money from goodhearted people of America who supported his campaign for election. We don't need or want leaders from among the lapdogs of the elites.

    5. Ron Paul is the enemy of the elite! lol, wt f are you talking about!? lol Sorry dude, but you are totally clueless. Who cares if he is a freemason? 80% of the people who sighned the declaration of independence and the constitution were freemasons. Freemasons are not the illuminati and NWO. Freemasons built this country right from the start. The FED is the piggy bank of the global elite, and Ron Paul is working to shut it down, so how can you call him a "lap dog of the elite"? You got your politicians mixed up kid. Ron Paul is the sworn enemy of the banksters, that's why the media tries to make him look like a fool. You need to wake up and listen to the mans message, and stop regurgitating nonsense you hear from the news media. Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually follows the constitution. Look at his voting record. He has NEVER once submitted an un-consitutional vote. EVER His principles have never waivered in 30 years of congressional service, and he has never voted against those principles. He wants to bring all of our troops home from all over the globe, right away, so how is that the status quo? How is eliminating the FED the staus quo? How is halting all foreign aid the staus quo? Get a clue man.

    6. Money and power. The motivating force behind everything the US does. The motivating force behind what every country or group does. With WW2 fresh in their minds and the atomic bomb's relaity splattered across the world consciousness, those seeking money and power found easy targets to scare and bilk.
      Don't let Ron Paul be one of those who deceive you. Pretty words with hypocritical actions behind them. He is not the savior you think he is.
      Remember 2 things. 1) Question everything and every one. 2) Follow the money.

    7. WHAT hypocritical action?! Name one thing Ron Paul has done that differs from his message! For 30 years, Ron Paul has NEVER voted against his principles OR the constitution. I challenge you to provide evidence of your outlandish claims. Ron Paul has NEVER voted for a un-balanced budget. Ron Paul has NEVER voted to increase the size of government. Ron Paul has NEVER accepted a tax funded congressional junket. Ron Paul returns the left over portion of his campaign funds to the US treasury EVERY YEAR. Ron Paul has been married to the same woman for 50 years( no scandelous baggage). Ron Paul is trying to end the FED. Ron Paul has never voted to authorize ANY unconstitutional military action. (including Iraq and Libya) I could go on and on proving you wrong, but I'll sum it up like this: Quite simply, the FACTS do not support your words. You are either totally ignorant to Ron Pauls message, you LIKE living in chains, OR you are actually working for the bad guys. Either way, you are wrong.

    8. I agree we need Ron Paul in the white house but he will never get there. He wont be elected because he can't be bought like Obama, Bush, Clinton etc. The liberal Press would attack him in every way possible and if it looked like he could win he would have an accident created by the military- Industrial-congressional complex.

      Its almost as if there is a sign on the white house that reads, "Honest men of principal and good character KEEP OUT.

    9. You sound as though you really need to take a dump but its coming out of your mouth instead of your bum.

    10. And your the result of redneck parents who mated with garden vegetables.

  9. The outmost disgusting facts.
    After viewing the numerous beasty things as the Germans invaded Eastern Russia, left aside the concentrations camps, what my mind get hooked on is to see the german population being forced by the allies to visit what that german population 'been smelling for years; I thought I seen it all!

    -"We didn't know where the roasted skin smell came from" did one man said to my uncle, soldier.
    Clever friendly comment.

    1. Pierre, FYI, some of us speak languages other than English. You're welcome to speak in your native language.

      I can't really understand your English:)

      (pssst, sorry, but it's awful:)

    2. Ironically your Chinese is better

  10. Just train at least one person in every village to get rid of these bombs properly and then pay them for every bomb they destroy.
    A good way to get the job done fast and to bring some money into a poor country.

    1. You want that job?

    2. If the choice is seeing kids and friends getting killed by bombs without being able to do anything about it, i guess it would be a great job.

    3. @magarac If the choice is seeing kids and friends getting killed by bombs without being able to do anything about it, i guess it would be a great job.

      It would be an honourable job that's for sure, but "great job" may be overstating it just a little bit.

    4. Quite myopic perspective there, I think the point is the UN (USA/UK) continue to use this cluster booms to this day. It's not a "hate the USA" thing, It's more like a never forget the nastiness we've done. When you claim to be the stewards of peace and betterment = for all you can't be grinding up children in the cellar. Ron Paul is a freak at best, I'm afraid the earth will need to curb our outrageous behavior for this to stop - let's hope for a nasty airborne virus escaping from the rainforest uncovered by man's own greed. On a side note, how about supplying the villages with condoms too while you're at it, the documentary claims with the "help" from the outsiders has directly increased the number of population (twice as many for the same land, thus the need to clear more land). Too bad there aren't millions of these things scattered everywhere so we'd understand the perspective - shame on the USA for making the red on the flag drip blood -- yet once again. Hum, I wonder why people hate us. What's that old saying they brainwash us with: "if you didn't do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about" Well, we did something wrong and we need to correct this, outlaw cluster booms, period.

    5. They are actually, they recruit and train a great deal of locals, most of them formerly farmers. Along with the education programs, they have eyes everywhere to scout them out as well.

  11. Truly Horrifying. Shame on US, the real terrorists of the mordern world.

  12. Please don't make this entire comments section about how evil the USA is. Yes, I know the US is run by lying, corrupt... well corporations, but not one culture is currently free. Pray tell me where it is that you live where you have no corrupt politicians and your people actively have a real say in your governments decisions? Tell me where your lives are not vehemently regulated down to the smallest detail only to protect the least intelligent of your society. Tell me where you are not harshly punished for having nothing but a product of the earth. Don't just sit back in whatever country your in, complacent and hate on the US, because your corrupt government isn't strong enough to just go strong arm what it wants.
    Don't get me wrong, I am not defending anything the US does. I'm just tired of lazy people whining about the US on the internet. I for one am an American citizen that is currently working for freedom, and so help me ka, I will get it or die trying.

    And for those of us in America. Vote Ron Paul 2012!

    1. You guys lied so often since the mid 50's.
      Comes a time where benefice of doubt disapear for more than a while.

      Within your statement, it became obvious that you don't know much about the rest of the occidental democratic world.
      It is not a non-stop everyday mood.
      Corrupted to the bone Elites are rather rare within these societies.
      -Everyting being relative.

      Beside, 1945 is long gone.
      Late or soon Hitler would have fallen. USA or not.
      What was Germany population at that time & what was the population of the world -USA at that time?

      Think a little further, to whom does a population (Nation) will sell its goods after destroying most, if not all other populations?

      Thereafter, who will that surviving population use as slaves?
      Its own population to pay for its own credit debt for weapons.
      Just wait autumn 2011.

      Barrack will give you the figures, soon.

      Good day.

    2. Maybe it is some sort of language barrier, but almost nothing you said makes any sense. You might have some valid points (really don't know) but in no way did you address anything in my original post.

    3. Pierre, your English is rough. Parlez vous francais?

      "You guys lied so often since the mid 50's"

      No, WE did not. I suppose of course you mean our government. Yes, and when our politicians lie (like your politicians) we vote them out of office...usually.

      We could all sit at our computers and spend hours picking apart the failed policies and politics of each person's respective country.

      Here's the bottom line: try to keep the comments relevant to the specific topic and not go out on a tirade about a country ( the U.S) of 400 million people of different races, religions, politics, and sexual orientations, etc.

      Otherwise, you are going to just turn people off from listening to your particular point of view when you use rhetoric like that.

    4. This Pierre guy is clueless. I'm with you brother, it's time for patriots to stand up and take our country back. Ron Paul 2012!! Legalize Liberty!!

    5. I'm not american and I don't live there, but man, do I want to vote for Ron Paul - that man is awesome -- "Legalize Liberty!" powerful slogan.
      But corruption is so common because of the huge political and economical power it taunts people with - you need really good people, with strong moral fiber. Sadly and apparently there aren't too many of them left 'cause it really seems to be going from bad to worse. I sure hope that they will start to represent the people a.s.a.p. because what happens in America doesn't affect just America anymore.
      P.S. what the current "representatives" are doing with your Constitution,against it and against the well being and liberty of the individual, would make the Founding Fathers want to slap these bastards senseless.

    6. Nope! Not clueless.
      I commented because it is obvious that it will not change or get any better soon.
      It would take too much guts to fix that.
      Some may have that gut but not enough to shift the scale.
      Hopeless situation.
      I rather be here than over there.

      -Didn't view the doc yet, keeping it to tonight.
      It appears to tigger mixed felings & second thoughts?

    7. Interesting points until the Ron Paul stuff at the end.

    8. At least say why you don't like Ron Paul. Is it that you have a better candidate in mind? Do you like about a quarter of your income going to the federal reserve bank? Has mainstream media done it's job on you? Or is it that you just hate freedom?
      Argue with ideas not vague statements. Saying Ron Paul is not an interesting idea is giving him the Fox news treatment.

    9. It is the fact that I felt this was not the place to endorse a specific candidate. I have the courage to think for myself and oppose your view. I will defend your right to espouse your ideals and views but have the right to oppose them. I feel pushing Ron Paul on this thread was not the appropriate. I will stand by by my freedom to not vote for your fella.

    10. Well, I'm not sure I will vote for Ron Paul, but I am delighted to see one of my fellow countrymen have a spine.

      It's not like we're accessories to a crime after the fact. It happened 30+ years ago and yes it was wrong, but it's like... give us a break.

    11. If not Ron Paul, then who?

      Who is making more sense and doesn't change his tune depending on who is watching?

    12. I don't have any idea of what could be done to solve the case once for all. I'm just so proud that I'm not face with all this.

      It is known (History) that when a society goes through such important changes, one of 2 generations is "Sacrificed".
      -Wasted lifes. There were sort of "Non armed" revolutions" in modern history but still, deep pride and satisfactions once done, but nevertheless wasted lifes.
      And there's always a risk that it turns sour.

      Already, how many families have lost their houses with the hoaxed mortgage thing over there?
      The value of wealth in the USA keeps going down rapidly.

      Frankly, I don't have a bit of an objection with that since it ain't mine. For the least my company buys "Made in USA" goods, I really like it when the US Dollar is as low as anyone can imagine. Bargain era! Advanced technology for peanuts.


    13. @ Pierre

      Frankly, Pierre, I read all of your comments, and it's always perfectly clear to me how much you hate the U.S. and its people, and how happy you are that it's going down the tubes (according to you), and I'm getting a little weary of hearing it. So in the same mean, ungenerous spirit, I throw out a little riddle for you to consider:

      May 30, 1778...

      Do you know what that is?

      The date of the death of the last good Frenchman...

    14. I agree we need Ron Paul as president, but we do need to reveal how evil America has been since roughly the 50's. We need more people to get through their skulls that it's never gonna change unless we get these typical Democrats and Republicans out of office, and one way to do so is to look at the policies they have practiced for decades now. Everyone who began to hate Republicans because of George W. Bush for Iraq and Afghanistan, seemed to forgot and were fully contempt towards Clinton, and his cluster bombing of innocent civilians of Serbia for 75 STRAIGHT DAYS, other wise known as the longest bombing run in history. He got away with bombing hospitals, embassies, bridges, and other civilian instillation by simply "believing", with out any proof, that the military was using them, when he had the support of Serbia's population to get rid of Milosevic in the first place, then lost all that support when the bombing continued on the civilian population. People need to realize we have satellites and GPS guided weapons, with pinpoint accuracy, any civilian casualties can not be viewed as collateral damage, since we have the technology to prevent it. But back to the president, so with all the hate Bush generated, the sheep of the world, we call American voters, elected Barrack Obama, who simply changed the name of soldiers in Iraq to Security Force, and made the public believe that troops were withdrawn, proof comes from a friend of mine in the Army who was stationed in Korea and had some of his buddies deployed to Iraq. Then we move on to something more recent as Libya and Obama's declaration of war without a vote through congress, an act that has been illegal since 1776. And how did he get away with this? By telling congress to f--k off with the laws of our once great nation, and since he "did not send ground troops, but instead was just doing bombing runs, he isn't putting a soldiers life at risk, so it's not really war"... Now as an American, it's pretty easy to let this situation go, but when you realize now that he has won his court case against Ron Paul and a few other congressmen who sued Obama for his unlawful declaration of war, you begin to realize that he now can legally send ground troops in without ever legally going to war from the start. And not to mention his actions will not be held to the standards of war U.N. resolutions protect nations by. My point is, NOTHING will ever change if we don't break the cycle of beuaracracy our nation has been plagued by, and my strong belief tell me Ron Paul is the answer, and not simply because he supports the constitution our nation was founded under, but more importantly his views have never changed since he came into office, unlike our current president who led us to believe he would protect our personal rights, and repeal the Patriot act, instead he extended it this May, and when he was a congressmen he actually voted against raising the debt ceiling when Bush tried to raise it, stating "we can not use this country's money like a credit card" and now he we hear the horror stories coming out of his mouth on what would happen if we didn't raise it, which seems laughable considering he has spent more money, our tax paying money, than any other president ever. So if you really have "hope" in this guy, or any other candidate who seems to fit in the mold of the last 50 years, may god help open your eyes, since you would have to be blind, and deaf for that matter, to ever vote for Obama again, or a typical Republican beauracrat such as Romney, Genrich, and the other bunch. RON PAUL 2012!!! REVOLUTION!!!

    15. Petar? Just read your whole comment in detail...
      I didn't know who was Ron Paul. Not from "My Area"...
      So, went to his website and listen to a few of his views.

      1) Another US citzen here (Woman I think) made an allusion to the fact that what a politician says B-4 taking power depends on whom the speech is addressed.

      2) I Clearly heard that Ron Paul suggesting to present to the US-FED Bank their severance pay and give these guys their vacation.
      -You have any idea "Who" is (Are) the Feds?
      -They are the real "We the Corporates".
      -Ever seen George Carlin, the stand-up, very often he's not joking at all. Very serious sometimes: Quote: -"They own you"! And they own the weapons.
      The US army paychecks are emited by the owners.

      It ain't as simple as it used it used to be400 years back.
      The changes would be huge.
      Beside, no civil rights at hand. Everyone know.
      Anyhow, the option to kill a president that wouldn't fit the mold still remain.

      Everything considered, it was a good thing to get a litle more familiar.


    16. @Pierre

      I don't know what you were trying to say in your last comment, but yes Paul is for closing down the Fed, anybody with a brain would be too. And whatever you meant by this "
      2) I Clearly heard that Ron Paul suggesting to present to the US-FED Bank their severance pay and give these guys their vacation.
      -You have any idea "Who" is (Are) the Feds?
      -They are the real "We the Corporates".
      -Ever seen George Carlin, the stand-up, very often he's not joking at all. Very serious sometimes: Quote: -"They own you"! And they own the weapons.
      The US army paychecks are emited by the owners."

      Is one of the main reasons we need him as president

    17. Politics is for plebs. There is a psychopathic cabal of Gangsters with a corporate title of Government. They are all gangsters. They don't give a shite about you or anyone else. They have defrauded the people and are hell-bent on global genocide. Genocide means forever. You are talking slave-babble garbage spewed out at our expense via jew-owned media.

    18. I don't hate americans man, just the gung ho mo-fo's.

    19. I agree, there is a great deal of positive coming from the US military as well. The latest fun fact about the US military is the U.S.S. Makin Island nicknamed the 'U.S.S. Prius' (google it for more). It saved 2 million dollars worth of fuel in its maiden voyage. They are also investing heavily into solar and wind technologies to build more self sustaining outposts, less fuel convoys, less lives lost. The US army has one thing going for it in this area.... It cant be bought by oil and coal, its the beginnings of real green technology development.

    20. It's called a plutocracy. Corporate ran government.

  13. excuse this stupid ?tion, but why would you bomb people that can't even defend them self? is this some sort of test on bombs and the atomic reaction on humans?

    is America retarded? or just a bully who picks on defenceless people, ordinary people who can't fight back.

    Why would you do this types of test? this people have to be addicted to killing. Nazis

    1. It's a terrorist tactic. You scare the civilians in the area and put whoever you want in power.

  14. your all fools.. the us is not evil it saved all of you from the nazis so stfu and be greatful your not in a concentration camp mining for the axis powers people forget history so quickly

    1. we? get you facts right, the idea of Hitler was to conquer the world, if you didnt help us, you would be in a concentration camp just like us. and by the way, grow up.

    2. Chris makes a point that people forget history. However, the US, as a country, doesn't have a history. When compared to the rest of the world our atrocities are recent. Take into consideration, America is a nation comprised (composed?) of immigrants who carry the wrongdoings of their motherlands with them. We are made of the world, no better or worse than anyone else, by proxy.

    3. And what 'bout the Russians?
      A few may I say?
      Australians? Canadians. Indians? ...?

    4. The Americans ended up quite wealthy coming out of WWII, not like the British who were nearly bankrupt from war debt. (mostly to the Americans, I'm willing to bet.)It's the British who get top marks for standing alone against the Nazi's, for as long as they did, when nobody else would! Not the Russians, and not the Americans! This 'Thank God for us' attitude is over the top. Tell me how this doc, with all of it's brave air strikes against innocent people, in an illegal war in Laos, fits with your bravado.

    5. Ah FEMA Camps are coming !

    6. Poorly educated...
      No Australian in WWII, no N-Zelander, no Canadian, no Indian, and the ultimate absence of the Russian; nobody else but the famous "Me Myself & I".

      Do you have any gross vague ideas how many concentration camps were freed by the Russians compared to the USA?

      No wonder why the coaltion in Iraq consist of UK & USA.
      This time, it's really means that you are alone in it.
      More precisely, in "In Powell's Public Lies" at the UN.

      A huge coalition of 2 nations & an ideal opportunity for at most 3% of the earth population to commit war crimes.
      -Take good note: 3% at the very far most.

      Waist of typing that gotta be.

    7. The U.S. did not save anything!
      If they have had the choice not to take part in WWII they would never have done so.
      Why care about a bunch of europeans and asians killing each other!?

    8. Chris, please, are you aware that the USA did not declare war on Germany until after Germany declared war on the US? This occurred well after the declaration of war on Japan. You had no stomach for fighting the Nazis until forced to. Britain, the Commonwealth, and more to the point, the USSR defeated the Nazis while gratefully accepting the aid of the USA. Americans must get over their "we saved the world " delusion.

      After the Marshal Plan,which was one of the most fair and generous peace accords ever, the USA went astray in it's pursuit for empire and contrary to all of your propaganda, became the worlds bully. Now deal with the consequences.

    9. And what consequences are we talking about? I think that the world governments help/participate in some degree with the USA.

    10. @hhcn1
      The consequences I refer to a patently self evident. The amount of anti American sentiment in most of the world is obvious to anyone who has ever traveled outside of the US. To everyone's shock and exasperation the US managed to take all of the heartfelt sympathy and good-will the citizens of the world felt after 9/11 and piss it away in six months. There never was a "coalition of the willing", only nations that were hectored into acquiescence.
      If you feel it is inconsequential, nothing I can say will change that.

    11. You are forgetting history too. You speak of a time when America was a force for good (approx) in the world. Much has happend since then. It kind of all went dowen hill after pearl harbour and the subsequent atrocities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. America has not been the same since. Stop romanticising.

      To be fare, Im not sure many other nations would "lead" the world as well and give me America over Russia or Saudi Arabia anytime but the U.S. has much blood on it's hands. Europe (particularly northern) is a much more "civilised" place.

    12. You have no clue

    13. how so?

  15. And the USA still wonders WHY its hated so much.

    1. No one wonders that.

  16. instead of shovels they could not give them a damn metal detector ?.. it might of helped /shrug

  17. Well,.. Satan will show the good humanitarian face while brutally killing life
    ...and such is the USA.

    1. silly willy can you please explain this ? what do you mean by this?

    2. One mans terrorist is another mans savior.

    3. same as the face of god when forgets the little guys and girls. and dont try to say they will go to gods kingdom, satan has his own kingdom, its called hell. in your precious religion, if satan wins the war, it has the right to the soul, talk about innocents. religion is the same everywhere, there is one god that will protect the innocents and punish the evil, never talks about the times that same god its not fair and always chooses some people right at birth, the others are pure shit. Stay with your god, i stay with Man pure of heart, with all the defects we all have.

  18. America, shame on you!

    1. You should rewrite your comment as American Government, shame on you. Like us hard working american citizens are aware and have any power to stop it. I must say, The US is not the only country that should be ashamed of itself! Unfortunately, Bankers and war industrialization are the main culprits in combat materials and profit at every encounter.

  19. Well, how many more atrocities is it going to take for the public to figure out that the US is *in part run by a group of liars and murderers? What is it going to take?

    1. i guess one conflict with china and the dropping of the non existent area 51 nukes, much like in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. on the other hand one very special default could do the same.

  20. Don't get why people live in areas that are unlivable:S

    1. It´s what they call home!

    2. It wasn't unlivable until it was illegally carpet bombed! How would you feel if your country was treated like this?

    3. There are many people who think the US is unlivable(for them).

  21. and yet united states goes on talking about justice, freedom, Christianity, high morality... all crocodile tears.