America's New Gurus
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America's New Gurus

2021, Religion  -   8 Comments
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In this feature, the search for enlightenment is brought into focus. It follows several individuals who are considered to be religious leaders by their communities. These communities tend to proliferate in the United States, especially since entities that register as a religion can spread their message freely and they also enjoy some economic kickbacks. Among the movements are what can be called 'New Age' communities, which are reminiscent of the 90s New Age movements.

The followers of these movements are searching for meaning, healing, and even contact with extraterrestrial life forms. They include people from all walks of life and to a large extent the rich and famous since access to some of these spiritual leaders can cost thousands of dollars.

One shaman, who also happens to be the husband of a princess, connects with spirits and in one session can offer any client that is feeling a sense of emptiness some sense of release, energy, and fulfillment.

Another leader uses the toxic secretions from a frog to offer healing sessions to clients with conditions such as cancer. This session is usually done in a group and the side effects of exposure include vomiting, palpitations, and dizziness but are said to have anti-microbial and antibiotic properties.

James Arthur Ray is another of the leaders with an interesting story that includes death, imprisonment and a big comeback.

We also get another interesting perspective from one 'cult' whose message is all about communicating with aliens and sparking controversial conversations.

This documentary raises questions about the true cost of enlightenment, to the spiritual leaders and the followers and also asks the question of who really benefits from the exchange. Often, followers are put in danger and risk their health because of the level of dedication these leaders spark into them. Should there be more legal regulations around the formation of these communities? Should they simply be ignored as frivolities and superficial movements or are they genuinely harmful not just to the members but to unwitting members of society in general?

One thing is certain. The search for life's meaning is a centuries-old phenomenon that is likely to continue for generations. The non-traditional paths towards this endeavor make for an interesting watch.

Directed by: Flora Desponts, Gary Grabil

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No longer on Social Media
No longer on Social Media
2 years ago

New Age... simply trying to replace god. There are fakers and actually enlightened in the field. First, ask yourself who am I? Am I of the personality type to be targetted. Odds are if you are willing to spend $28,000 annually on a guru then your answer is yes. Simple rule do not worship idols. Psychotherapy does back many forms of new and ancient age therapies. But these therapies will not amount to ridiculous sums of money. Most being free or less than $100 per year(app) or $100 before insurance per session. What I would be willing to pay.

2 years ago

These are truly sick people, conned by slick advertising and slicker personalities.

Norman McKinnon
Norman McKinnon
2 years ago

A pox on ALL religions & cults. They all should be banned. Marx was right. Religion is the Opiate of the Masses. never more true than in 19th Century China. They exported opium use all over the world thru their Immigrant Communities. Just like Covid.