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An Evening with Kevin Smith

2006 ,    »  -   24 Comments
Ratings: 6.42/10 from 12 users.

An Evening with Kevin Smith (2002)To know the origin of Snoochie-Boochies, you must spend An Evening with Kevin Smith. The Jersey-bred auteur of low-budget comedy proves equally adept as an uncensored raconteur, regaling five college audiences - his most devoted demographic - in this two-disc compilation of lively QandA. Sporting his trademark slacker garb, Smith occasionally bites the loyal, sometimes moronic hands that feed him (as a result, audience participation is drop-dead hilarious), but he's arguably the most publicly and personally honest filmmaker to survive the insanity of Hollywood.

His best stories lift the veil of show-biz decorum, describing absurd meetings with studio executives over his ill-fated screenplay Superman Lives; razzing the artsy pretensions of director Tim Burton; or exposing Prince (who hired him to direct a never-completed documentary) as a self-absorbed Jesus freak.

These attacks aren't baseless; Smith's too smartly good-natured to provoke without purpose, and with an onstage visit by Jason Mewes ("Jay" to Smith's "Silent Bob"), this ribald, sharply assembled Evening compares favorably to Richard Pryor with its outrageous blend of comedy and candor.

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24 Comments / User Reviews

  1. dave

    Take this documentary off. It's crap.

  2. mazzy

    I saw this one about a year ago. I laughed so hard I cried! I admit that it is very lengthy, but the story about prince is priceless. The 'Night with Kevin Smith II' did not please me as much. Oh yeah...he needs an optician...that is my only complaint =)

  3. bumble

    Kevin Smith as fantastic, and is a funny guy.. no complaines=)

  4. yavanna

    that was quite funny and very entertaining, certainly not "crap"

  5. dave is dumb

    dave....stfu dude, u dont like it, dont watch it...

  6. Karen

    Film maker question period, boring.

  7. Nad

    Funny guy! I enjoyed this very much, I'm surprised this is the first time I c anything of his

  8. Hathos

    So, this is basically just a bunch of fans blowing Kevin James for two hours? Dave was right. Utter c***.

  9. mellonta

    Dude, I like his movies a lot, but this was a slow, boring, "I'm thankful I fell asleep and didn't lose much more of my life," documentary. The auditorium is filled with his worshipers who applaud him for 5 minutes before he even says a word. He could have stood up there and silently crapped his pants and they would have been in awe. Stay silent, Bob. Two thumbs down.

  10. Myles

    Really funny :) Is a bit long but in my opinion a great watch.

  11. Fernando

    Alguien sabe donde puedo ver an evening whit kevin smith 1 online subtitulado?

  12. M.

    I have never seen any of his movies and I thought this was funny. I like the crazy stories he has. Makes me want to see the movies now.

  13. Jess

    Got bored after the first 15 minutes. The lady in the hood made me laugh though :)

  14. Simon

    Ace show. I loved the end with the producer and the Superman script, it makes you realise how stupid some producers are, and how Hollywood ruins films with stupid ideas.

  15. Josh

    This is great, I'm totally staying tuned.

  16. John

    Where's part 2? You're missing the prince story, and its the best part.

  17. Fuzzy Dunlop

    These have arguably become more popular than the films.
    He does them constantly and in multiple countries.
    They have become more and more him talking about what he wants and less Q&A which I'm not sure I like.

  18. Guy

    Loved it!

  19. Aaron Marks

    Well I love it, and if you don't I hope a f***ing big ass spider jumps on ya all! snochiiy Bocheis!

  20. Robert Chowdhry-John

    brilliant and funny and it was killed by the douchebag that was a lap dog for the college closed it off

  21. Liebewitz

    Who is k smith?-(deliberate lower case). Why are 'people' laughing? Isn't it cruel to laugh at fat people?.
    He seemingly , if not evidently -displays-'I was bullied at school-and now-I'm going to make all of ye pay'

    I reiterate -who is he?

  22. superman14

    well who are YOU! I'm sure people line up around the block to enterview you all the time. No? Well then shout up! to any fan or just someone curiose this is a good watch George don't get mad just because your not getting laid or as clever as you'de like to be. Just be glad that someone is out there doing what they love and getting paid for it. NO one cares what you think!

  23. the555hit

    dang.. i wanted to finish watching this schlockathon but i had a prior engagement to go watch a large clever charismatic made-for-our-times puppy roll about in its own excrement along with more smug hysterically applauding Big Mac 'n supersize beer- reared cream-of- American-youth even than you could fit into some overpriveleged underbrained university auditorium. I don't know which I prefer, this, or "The Dancing Bear", because y'see, I'm a Chinese post-capitalist, and I'm watching the US go under.. with a vacuous grin, with a stupified laugh, and I didn't even have to nuke any one of 'em..

  24. Storm Raven

    Kevin JAMES is Paul Blart. This is Kevin SMITH. Not only did you not watch, you did not (or can not) Read. Your "opinion" is irrelevant!

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