Ancient Aliens Debunked

Ancient Aliens Debunked

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Ancient Aliens DebunkedChris White hopes to demonstrate to you that Ancient Aliens series are not wrong on just some information, but on every single point where they assert the Ancient Astronaut theory to explain evidence.

He also hopes to demonstrate the often deceptive means they use to convey their ideas, which includes them fabricating evidence to substantiate their points.

Ancient Aliens Debunked is a 3 hour refutation of the theories proposed on the History Channel series Ancient Aliens.

It is essentially a point by point critique of the "ancient astronaut theory" which has been proposed by people like Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Sitchin as well as many others.

The film covers topics like ancient building sites: Puma Punku, The Pyramids, Baalbek, Incan sites, And Easter Island. Ancient artifacts: Pacal's rocket, the Nazca lines, the Tolima "fighter jets", the Egyptian "light bulb", Ufo's in ancient art, and the crystal skulls. Ancient text issues: Ezekiel's wheel, Ancient nuclear warfare, Vimana's, the Anunnaki, and the Nephilim.

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  1. My Christian perspective is all the ancient serpent statues all over the world were from the world worshipping the god of the world the bible calls that old Serpent, the Devil and Satan. Jesus said, My kingdom is not of this world. I had an out of body experience was about the moons distance from the earth and could see in every direction. In the spirit realm you need no food, water or air to live and I was more alert than I have ever been in my flesh. Everything flesh dies here, the spirit does not die. This world and all human, animal, plant life etc is cursed to die. My belief is all the ancient structures were built by the fallen sons of God the bible and book of Enoch speak about. Ancient aliens say man built some of them with help from the aliens. I don't believe man had any part of of it. But no-one was aliver to witness anything back then so everyone's opinion or theory does not have 100% fact to back it up. Fallen angels or not, and if much, most or all of what they say on this series is false, it still does not change the fact that I love watching them just to see footage of all the ancient structures. The craftsmanship is mind boggling. I wonder sometimes if there was a huge ship that was a flying machine that cut these stones and had a levitation technology we haven't invented yet or beed taught yet by the aliens. With people all over the world being abducted and many saying they had eggs, sperm and sometimes unborn babies taken from them makes me wonder if people controlling most all the wealth and power are not hybrids. If so I believe they are of the evil one and are planning to fulfill the Georgia Guide stones commandments.

  2. Von Daniken is a cult leader, the so-called experts are the preacher's of there message,and the ones who believe their claims are simply drinking the cool-aid.

  3. This is literally wrong from the start……The show has been proven correct numerous times and this is blatantly ignoring the fact that the US government recently openly admitted to the fact UFO’s (UAP’s) are very real and have been here for a very long time. Most people that have problems with the show are either religious or they have problems with the theories because it destroys the very fields of study they’ve devoted their lives to.
    The only true fact is the show does have certain people who have less grounded theories but essentially this is the case for most fields of science.
    It’s sad that individuals don’t understand how their closed mindedness (in this day and age) only has a negative effect on how the world looks at them……

  4. I definitely don't believe that everything we see is fact. But at the same time I refuse to believe in religions that cannot or WILL NOT allow research into events that supposedly shaped our creation. So many times throughout history we have seen an adamant reaction to the ever changing facts only to find out we were wrong in the first place. The problem is not that people put forth these ideas but more that others will say we can only believe what we have been told in the past. The future is ever changing as is our understanding of the past. The constant findings of things that predate our original expectations is the only proof necessary to say we do not know the truth and the objective should not be to try and explain it away but rather to continue exploring all possibilities.

  5. It's easy to jump to fabulous and unfounded theories & conclusions, especially when there's no proof available to dispute what's said

    I personally do believe that we are not alone in the universe and there must be intelligent lifeforms out there, it would be ignorant of us as a species to not accept that.

    If there is really alien life out there and they are or have visited us, then they should be long gone after seeing how primitive we are.

    If governments know something, the secrets will always be kept just that SECRET as disclosure would cause religious riots within our society, most people even in this day and age are ignorant and unmovable in their beliefs especially the religious types.

    If aliens really landed tomorrow, there would still be unbelievers providing misinformation, people calling hoax and others would react violently out of fear.
    Our governments would attack hoping to seize technology ect

    So in short any alien life flying by our solar system would take one look at our history via our internet and steer clear especially given they would be at a higher stage of intelligence and technology than we currently possess

  6. It was a helluia moment. Passing off junk science as fact ? Backed up by hack witers and authors who should be banned from for life. Who in there right mind would continue hiring z grade flunkies and then pass them off as the authority on these topics . Where it , the only planet that supports life , never been visited ,never a crash site , no ones ever been abducted or had some invasive surgery done . Bogus tail has been propigated for more than a century. It really has to
    Stop .feeding the brains of the intellectually challenged, is cruel not even amusing .

  7. Context is like stepping into a dark room for the first time and thinking what may be in the room. Then having the light turned and realising just how much you were wrong.
    That is the issue with Ancient aliens. They assert something, find any facts that confirm their assertion often with no evidence and create a scenario where it is impossible or irrefutable that no one on planet earth could ever achieve such a prospect.
    The problem with them is they ignore the context of the time. For example evidence that mankind could have done something. With example of tools of the day, construction methods and even the geometry and maths they would use. If at any stage the ancient aliens had ever put the effort into true science discovery they could have easily discovered that ancient man was far more clever than the credit they give them.
    I always think of the pyramids which is something I did at school years ago. The study books had all the information in them how to drill holes with sand, or saw through sandstone with copper plates. I can ever remember seeing an obelisk still in the sand that is still there today. As a child if I knew this and some of those people are the same age as me where did they go to school.
    Ancient aliens makes a suggestion, that quickly moves to aliens and the suggestion though unproven by themselves becomes fact. The only way they assume it as fact is by not ever saying what has been learned from any of the subjects as though they are the first to ever have studied.
    The only safe method is the scientific method which states that you disprove your assumption first. Only when it can not be disproven do you continue. Other words no requirement to deceive or lie about the content. That so many documentaries still do.
    Curse of oak island. Skinwalker Ranch. Finding Bigfoot. Alien abductions. to name a few.

  8. Anyone can say what is what how do u know that each source really looked at the rocks and tell me what they are made of unless I go down there myself I hate the he said she said of it all cause I have no idea who’s claiming what I have no idea what the sites are made of because other people are telling me and now there telling me it’s something else I’ll never feel like I can believe in anything if I do not go down a test it for myself at this point I mean I just want to know the truth

    1. Yet if you watched the documentary you have been given the proof. Think of it this way. Find out yourself how anything is done. Anything from our ancient past. If science has no idea which is rare but still possible then listen to how they could have done it in their particular period. However as you go through what you want to find out do not insert an unproven aspect like aliens. That would not even be the last conclusion you should ever reach for. There are amazing facts and ways to study and no aliens are ever required.

  9. Wow late at night and not using spell check before sending!

  10. I do not know about all of their ideas being wrong or right. But ine of their exsperiments i know is false. The one on photos using a photo multiplier tube is false. Photos would not be able to enter the PMT envolope from tgat distance nor from thin air. The only way the angle of incidence would allow for that is with some kind of couplent or grease from the imitter of the photons. It would not be physicly possible for it to happen that way. My back ground is being the senior technoligit for Saint-Gobain crystals and detectors I have patents and 38 years in the feild of radiation detection. It is not possible that the way they show it to work.
    I dont think we are alone in the universe , i just was angry that they would allow a totally false part of their show. it leave the rest in doubt for me althouvh i think some ideas are totally plauzable. they need to have scientific experts such as Dr. Travis reveiw it better.

  11. These pseudo scientists would do well to learn Hebrew before misinterpreting so many ancient terms. Frequently displaying Hebrew texts UPSIDE DOWN says it all Given that Christianity is largely built upon the mistranslation of the Hebrew for 'young woman' as just demonstrates endless ignorance. And "you have to ask yourself" (David Childress favourite saying) when these conspiracy theorists will actually stop twisting facts to suit their own outrageous theories

  12. He did a good job unlit he started adding his own Christian pseudo archology.

  13. Okay hear me out, but maybe just maybe!! The story here isn't aliens.. But God maybe? The pictures are just them finding ways to see who/what exactly is up there.... Same Way were are, and continue to do .. Js...

  14. I'm sure the Ancient Aliens show jumps to conclusions and fabricates what they want to believe - but you simply cannot debunk the speculation and idea that advanced aliens visited Earth long ago and continue to do so. That in and of itself.
    Are there other intelligent civilizations on other planets out there in the Universe - which contains trillions upon trillions of galaxies with many billions of stars and planets within each galaxy? Oh yeah! Quite sure there are. Okay now...were there some aliens who were far more advanced than we are now thousands of years ago? Absolutely! Did they visit planet earth in our ancient past? I'd bet everything I had on it. It's so very clear and simple.

    1. Ancient Aliens is nothing more than Con men taking advantage of the gullible and naive to sell books that are nothing short of Hollywood science fiction the fact that there is more likely than not that other life exists because of the shere size of the universe doesn't mean that they have been here like I said before it's the size and distance any life form would have to travel that's the main problem but these people are nothing but Con men trying to sell books

    2. I watch it because I find it somewhat entertaining. Not necessarily informative. But, if we have been visited, the Einstein's theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light would have to be wrong, unless the theory of wormholes is usable.

    3. I would agree with you on alien life. However the problem with alien life is did it survive long enough to move through the stars. Planet earth has suffered many extinction events. Much worse than that which destroyed the dinosaurs. Any planet would have to avid the same. However let's start with life in the ocean. If water creatures had never moved to land we would have no advanced life form. It does look great in sci fi movies but let's be practical. Evolution may have created life that uses electricity as a defence but think of what could never be discovered due to being ocean bound. Or another way of thinking of that does any water creature know the universe exists?
      Look up some of the equations that ask the question are we alone. I think it is schroders equation which is both frightening if we are alone or if alien life exists elsewhere.
      The last issue is the sheer distance. A star we see 100 million light years away may not exist and if it was extinguished today we would still see it for another 100 million years.
      So yes I agree that we may have been visited but it would be very unlikely. Though mathematically there should be an average of 10 to 14 sentient life forms in the Milky way at any given time period.

    4. I don't think he's saying that they never came to Earth he's just showing comparison of what ancient aliens say to fact. I can't believe anybody would think that there hasn't been any visitors to our Earth when you look at the Infinity of space, and stars in our own solar system. I was a believer in most everything they said until I followed up on what Chris White proposed and it makes a lot more sense especially as I aged. I definitely believe we have been visited and are being visited but I don't think aliens built most of that stuff.

  15. Anyone in the 21st century who believes in religion is a naïve child. Do you also believe in the tooth fairy or the easter bunny? LOL Anyone who honestly believes that some guy in the middle east died and then rose from the dead after 3 days should never be listened to for any debate whatsoever (there is of course ZERO evidence to prove Jesus even existed at all. ZERO). No-one can prove anything it seems but if you are talking about 'probability' then it is far far more likely that early man had dealings with aliens than it is that the Earth was created in 6 days etc. etc. This blind obnoxious arrogance is proof that religion is the most dangerous thing in human history. GROW UP!!

    1. I am religious and I am not a naive child so speak for yourself!

    2. You my friend think and talk like me.

    3. This guy gets it. I do t know how you can believe in god and Jesus but think impossible for advanced extra terrestrial to have visited and had some part in our develop through the ages.

    4. Absolutley love your reply. This "debunk movie" is trading the more likley for the real stretch of the imagination. Amagine saying that everything someone shows you as evidence to possable extraterrestrial visitations of the past is all made up, and stretched realities to suit their purpose and go on to acclaim that the real truth is some ivosable man from a couple thousand years ago is the god and created of all and there is as you said literally not one single shrewd of evidence he ever was a real person. Many persons of the Bible likley existed ancient aliens adresses that however Jesus....... ummm yeah. Don't think so. God created the earth in 6 days. Yep. That's sureley what happened. Couldn't have been advanced race came here and interfered with humans to make us what we are today. I 100% believe in exterterestrial life. 100% believe there are many advanced cultures out there of many different shapes and sizes. I also don't neccassarly agree 100% with Giorgio, sometimes he does assume aliens when it's not the most probable answer for a particular subject. Sometimes they say shit like we can't build the great pyromid. Yes we can. "There's no cranes to lift those stones". Ummm we have 20,000 ton cranes today. We have 2,000 ton mobile cranes today. We can airlift stones of 100 tons with military helicopter. We have lazers and data lights to pinpoint locations and if we don't have the exact equipment needed to complete the pyromid at the moment we could definatly fabricate them as needed. Nothing of ancient times can we not duplicate other than maybe the stone temples found carved out of a single humongous Stone Mountain side. I mean honestly we could even do. That actuallly. It would take time. I'm willing to be we could construct the great pyromid of Giza in exact replica, in 5 years flat if we had an interested party with the recorces financially to throw away. Cause let's face it. What is there to gain by building it? It served a huge purpose for either aliens or pre historical human civilizations, that purpose not 100% clear to us and it would likley provide no use to us today at all. That is the only reason you have no seen someone take on that project. Think along the lines of building the hover dam. But we could do it. I know that much. There isn't anything to stop us.

  16. Looking at a show by the alcoholics anonymous...oh my bad ancient alien, they both are about the means specifically the large head sculptures, AA is saying they are from african decent,...of course look at the nose lips and you can see that the sculpture has features of a civilization from africa. Do you know these fools are saying that it's possible because of the garb the sculpture has on, that they were africans that took a flight with aliens/et's to south America. So they could not have taken a boat ride over there, it had to be an alien/etc that's how they got there....sorry to say these theorist are either dumb or getting paid to say everything is alien

  17. Lol why do I have to pay to see your video then? You just want money you're not about showing truth.

    1. It's free. Do keep up.

  18. The show makes outlandish claims that Aliens build the Egyptian pyramids with no Evidence to back it up Ancient Aliens It's not history shouldn't even be on the history Channel of course it was the Egyptians who built the pyramids by Saying Aliens build the Egyptian pyramids its erasing Egypts Achievement. And it's racism

    1. I bet everything is racist to you ol Friedrich the whiner...and they never said aliens built it,said they had help or guidance.

    2. you don’t even know what racism means.

    3. How is making a statement that someone other than the current believes part build something racist? You throw that term around loosely a lot don't you. You are making a false claim right now with no evidence. You are just as bad as the ancient alien promoters. Maybe worse ;)

  19. Olympic Hoax

    Chimeras that embroider
    Hellenic mythology
    Must have, of genes been concocted
    By the alien genetics
    Of astronauts who had landed
    On Olympus as deities
    And had not humbly unfolded
    That they were simply laities.

    1. I believe that they are all con men who put out coincidence and peddle them as facts and their viewers use their own imagination to make up the rest how wonderful it must be to have suckers who con themselves into buying your product which is books

  20. Where are all these tools they supposedly created and used?????

    1. That’s my question!!! If they were here giving us all this grand technology WHERE IS IT lol

    2. they are talking thousands to millions of years things do disintegrate. #justsaying

  21. Columbian Exchange

    One argument against extraterrestrial aliens, having been actively involved in human affairs since ancient times would be: Why did the ‘Columbian Exchange’ of plants, animals, human races, and viruses, between the Old and the New World, have to wait for Columbus and other explorers until the 15th and 16th centuries?

  22. I'd be willing to bet this dude's a Christian. Let him explain to me why the story of the Exodus is not found in Egypts history, artifacts, air hieroglyphs. Ancient Aliens are offering information, questions, and exposing ancient sites around the world.

  23. watch praveen mohan vids on the ancient temples in india, who keeps being deleted by y/t. the intricacy of some of the carving is unbelievable, just look at angor wat in cambodia . htf they did that is in itself a mind blower

  24. Scientists haven’t really debunked these theories they just say they’re wrong or call them crazy just because you can’t prove something doesn’t mean your wrong or crazy for example billions of people believe in some type of god even though there’s no real proof and all the ancient people believed that their gods came from the sky so it just someone belief so stop the hate and let people believe what they believe

    1. But when someons belief is being, or societies belief is being thrusted upon as being truth and is being called information, would you not question it or continue to read. Are you like america or the world and want to hide conceal, keep for yourself and say, the world is not ready for this truth, they won't know how to react, basically a form of supremacy and control of power, or will you stand for Chaos, unstructured thinking, free will, what this Earth was created for

  25. Theory: The egyptian's tell us of eternal life. They even show how to attain it, should we see the complete txt's. Now what do these, 'ahem' - Alien's have in common with the mummified pharaoh's? Aha! Just as I thought, not one bleepin word... So I'll point out that neither have any vital organs! So your alien's, are nothing more than proof, should proof exist, that the egyptian's did indeed discover eternal life, the difference in size of eye's created due to the horror of it all... They are indeed afraid of the light... Go Figure :)

  26. Space Monkeys are the answer for everything on this show. The History channel should be ashamed of themselves. Never is there a dissenting opinion. It's not even entertaining. It's ludicrous.

  27. Ancient Aliens is good entertainment, but you have to take it with a large pinch of salt. The ancient Astronauts and gods from the stars riding their 'Golden Chariots that spat fire', etc is all very well and good. Assuming the carvings of 'Visitors in Space Suits and masks' are genuine, and that Ancient Alien Theorists say, "What if...."? Well, some can be easily persuaded to think, well it could be true, but one needs to think it through because it's simply a carving and NOT hard evidence!

    If an Alien Race came to Earth to build these stone Monuments or Temples rather than the locals, it is highly unlikely they've been assisted. After all, beings from Light years away are not going to travel all this distance to show us what we already knew, least of all to build some 'crummy' old dwelling place. In addition, there would be MUCH MORE written about any sort of Craft that landed on Earth, plus hundreds of drawings of what people had seen. There is a but, "Ancient Alien Theorists, may think it possible that once they have been and built 'starter buildings' for the local tribes, what if....they had erased from everyone's memory what they had seen"? Nevertheless, during the time they 'were here', any amount of sketches would still be visible on walls, for all to see...even today.

    I cannot begin to think that NO evidence or any trace of anything, cannot be found somewhere. Clever architects of the day weren't Beings from another Planet, just clever people of that time with their own devised methods of building, not Mind Control by Aliens, if they did, we'd have far greater structures than we have. I wasn't there, so I don't know for sure and neither does anyone else, otherwise we'd be so much wiser?

    Either Aliens were here, or they weren't. My guess is that with all the reasonable evidence we have (UFO's etc), something has been here but not interfered, but gathered samples..including people, for study, but not building structures.

    Yes, we had to start somewhere, but we devised our own methods, and it's very unlikely we've had telepathic mind infiltration form people from other worlds. What I do tend to believe is that life on Earth may well have started from Microbial life from a Asteroid, but more likely to have been on a Comet as its water/ice, and started from there as conditions were just right for life back then. There is the distinct possibility that our ancestral home could be Hundreds, Thousands or even Millions of light years from Earth after all, 'The Comet' had been travelling through space 'forever'.

    I do believe in other Worldly beings, but doubt they are living among us (maybe you see them in Walmart?). As there are millions of Galaxies like ours, I could guarantee there's intelligent life out there amongst may trillions of stars...there MUST be. How do we explain ALL UFO sightings...we can't and even if a GENUINE Image was proven beyond doubt, it would be so good that it MUST be a fake! Proof is when they stand in front of us, then thousands of people will freak out and commit suicide, then the US Army will blow them to Kingdom Come, so any Aliens that have been watching us, must know what were like and disable all weaponry to give them and us the chance to survive unless they are going to take over the world?

    One last thing, in less than a hundred years, we can view distant galaxies, stars, and we've been to other Planets in the 'Blink of an eye', time wise. What if, an Alien Race was 500K years ahead of us...Millions of Light Years away, it's possible, so think of their technology to view US first to see if it's worth coming to take a peep. The things is, that light from anywhere takes an eternity to travel, so if they HAVE gadgets that can view us, by the time the images get their, they will think, huh, nothing but molten rock and Volcano's with no sign of life?!!

  28. I have to agree with most of what is said about the "Ancient Aliens" program. Though they do make some salient points, most of these points have already been discussed by far more knowledgable and intelligent people than those on this current program.

    The problem with "Ancient Aliens" is that they ran out of material a long time ago and following up with the majority of actual research done on the subject relating to extraterrestrials and the like is pretty droll. Most research finds people merely exaggerating or misidentifying what they saw and\or experienced. Its that small percentage of the unexplained that is up for grabs and what most cannot face.

    My wife and I watch the show, mostly because she gets a kick out of how stupid this show really is. The last episode is a real kicker to one's sanity. In it, the "Ancient Aliens" crew go to what is described by a researcher in the Roswell, New Mexico as "The Trench", where the alien ship supposedly slid across the terrain after crashing.

    The crew go around this area with a metal detector looking for what they believe would be materials that were left behind after this crash and which the US government did not spend the time retrieving (no one expects the audience to see that most probably the Roswell area has already been gone over with a fine tooth comb by many other interested parties).

    Finding two small strips of blackened, coiled wire, the crew returns to a metallurgical lab for analysis of these specimens only to be amazed that the specimens comprise of unusual trace metals that were seemingly bonded in a very sophisticated manner. Presto! We have evidence of an alien ship's crash. Of course, the specimens simply look like twisted electrical components that could have been dropped years ago by a rancher in the area. But that idea is completely ignored.

    As we were watching this nonsense I kept on asking my wife if they really expected the viewing audience to believe this nonsense. I wondered if after the filming of the show these people all went back to their film headquarters and had break down, roll on the floor belly laugh. :-)

    Now, don't get me wrong I do believe in other beings having come to this Earth as I have had three separate experiences seeing the "lights in the sky" and they were definitely not any aircraft I have ever observed before (and I used to fly general aviation aircraft).

    My second experience was with a witness. We both watched in stunned exhilaration as we observed two bright, magnesium white orbs slowly floating in a southwesterly direction away from the train station we had just disembarked at. Each orb blinked to the other in sequence, each lighting up and then quickly and shortly going dark for a split second.

    As a result, I do not accept the argument that all of this is nonsense. And those that have had similar experiences would most likely agree.

    Despite the literal stupidity of the "Ancient Aliens" show, there are in fact quite a number of very well written books on the subject that provide more than enough evidence and research to make their claims.

    One such book is, "Conspiracy of Silence", written by Captain Randell (Ret.) of the US Air Force. The book is not about alien sightings but about the investigations into around 6 such sightings throughout the years, how they were handled, and the discrepancies in each.

    Randall demonstrates for example, using simple deductive logic, how the incident at Rosewell, New Mexico in 1947 was most "likely" the crash of an alien ship. He demonstrates this by showing that a very similar incident actually happened in a small farm town in Ohio just 3 months later. When the US Army tried to bring out their weather-balloon theory on this small town population,they all laughed at the authorities and told them to go home.

    Randell states that the people in and round Roswell tended to be far more adept at observing phenomena than those in that small town in Ohio, simply by the nature of the many professions Roswell inhabitants were involved with at the time as result of the Army Air Force Base nearby.

    What he was saying is that if simple, farm folk in Ohio could tell that what they saw was not some type of weather baloon than there is absolutely no reason to suspect that the inhabitants of Roswell would have agreed to seeing something they didn't.

    Of course this is not definitive proof of my point or that such a crash actually occurred at Roswell, New Mexico but it does demonstrate that one can find some very credible research on the subject.

    And in closing, weather balloons do not crash; they float even if they are losing their inflation gases. If such a balloon's gondola had in fact crashed to earth as a result of it separating from the balloon, it never would have entered the atmosphere in the manner that was observed by the people at Roswell as it would never had had the speed observed by the Roswell populace.

    So yes, "Ancient Aliens" is more hogwash than reality but there is some truth to a few of the things they present. You just have to go to the real sources to find out exactly what that truth is.

    For those that do take this journey in research, they will find that as hard as they try not to, they will have to conclude that we on Earth are most likely not alone in this vast universe...

    1. The "evidence" you present is how and why people get sucked into this show and then believe it to be factual and true.
      Roswell had no such UFO landing. It never happened.
      And if you allow yourself an "out" so as to even somewhat accept that Roswell was a UFO crash site, then you are also one of those people who and your wife are laughing at.

      Just because you want your more limited belief in UFO and aliens to be accepted as true, all that shows is that you want to believe. You give some odd experiences that you and someone else experienced, and declare that you believe, well, only a little. That's exactly how all of the UFO and ancient alien nonsense has become prominent not only in the US but all over the world.

      The broad scientific world does accept that there is likely life out there in the vast universe. However, that broad acceptance of that idea is not pushed as fact based on evidence. And the reason it is not, is because in real science, archaeology, history, etc., there has to be real evidence that can be studied by multiple experts in their fields who can then agree on what the evidence shows.

    2. OK. So many people want evidence that can be studied and validated by experts in order to believe that aliens visited Earth or actually exist. Are these the same people that claim God is real? Where is the evidence for that. In a book? "Chariots of the Gods" is a book too.

  29. Ancient Alien is a $$$ grab.

    1. "...there has to be real evidence that can be studied by multiple experts in their fields who can then agree on what the evidence shows."

      We cannot prove nor disprove that evidence is not already being studied? I met an American Woman who was an Astrophysicist. An uncle of hers worked at Area 51. She was VERY serious about this and she said what you hear about Area 51 is actually true, but if he were asked, he'd laugh and deny any knowledge of it. So, to me she was absolutely plausible, no smirking, or anything that would say she was telling Porkies, but she could of course have a stock answer!! There's no way anyone would know if she were lying or not!

  30. Ancient alien proponents have a vested financial interest promoting this garbage. TV specials, books, speaking tours ect.

    1. I blame the History Channel. There should be a disclaimer, something like, "
      The conclusions and theories proposed and presented on this program as the individual beliefs of the producers and presenters of this program."

      At least that would then give the audience the truth that this show is NOT a documentary, nor is it based on widely accepted by actual scientists and other researchers.

      The who, "some experts" think, believe, say, etc. is just like what is happening with our current government. We have government representatives, all the way to the Presidency, where the same types of comments are made, like, "They tell me...", "Many people have said...", or "Many, many people say that..." And then? No answers given as to who those people are. We even have government officials state on national TV things like, "Well, they have their facts, and we have ours." WTF?
      Facts are based on actual evidence. "Alternative facts" are nothing more than beliefs and ideas based on nothing more than a want and need to create a narrative that falsely supports those ideas and beliefs.

      Shows like "Ancient Aliens", and their success, are likely believed by the same people who believe our current government officials and President who tell us that "alternative facts" are also "facts". It's quite troublesome to have this much belief in something and someone, who has no evidence to back their claims. And when actual evidence and facts are brought to bear, the "true believers" will dismiss actual evidence as "fake news".

  31. So basically debunks nothing and offers a fun little game of "my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend" The truth is even today the ancient monuments and temples would be difficult if not impossible to duplicate.

    1. I liked everything about this film except two points. 1. The flood... Although I'm sure there was a major planet wide flood,( after all the ice caps did melt. See the youger-dryas) It's the "we all came from 8 ancestors" theory that I can't subscribe to. First with the exception of a small group of "pure" humans in Sub-Saharan Africa, we all have a small % of Neanderthal and Denisovan genes in our DNA. Second, if there were only 8 ancestors, we would be greatly genetically challenged and quickly go extinct due to genetic deformities and the inability to reproduce.(see the Bert Reynolds movie "Deliverance")..... I do kinda suspect that the Neanderthal men were who were referred to as the nephilim. An average male looked like a modern human professional body builder. So they could have been viewed as "giants". Other than that, an absolutely fantastic video. Kudos!?

    2. It’s dumb people like you that these shows are made for!!!You should be embarrassed.People 4000yrs ago were way more intelligent than you!!!!

    3. Not true at all. Take look around our world and see the astounding and amazing things that we modern humans can do and are doing. There is no ancient monuments or temples that we cannot build today. And we could do it much quicker and with much, much less human power. The reason we don't build an ancient Egyptian pyramid is because there is NO reason to build one. Take a look at the huge damns we've built around the world. Those structures are way beyond anything the ancient Egyptians could build.

      No, there is no equivalence of, " imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend". There is no equivalence between evidence based facts and "alternative facts". A person can believe and state that 2+2=5, but believing that does not make it true. 2+2=4 is fact, believing it equals 5, or "it might" equal 5, is not simply, "my imaginary friend is better than your imaginary friend" .

  32. I think some of that stuff far fected and it makes me think they have watch to much Stargate SG1

  33. I wouldn't about the white shoe brigade. They've been around since ancient times and will be until the end of days.

  34. Whoever terry is. Your incompetence is annoying as f***.

  35. It's an arrogant assumption to state unequivocally, that early humans weren't intelligent enough to build these structures, ie. the pyramids, when the inescpable fact is that they built them. In all the records of ancient civilizations, there is no mention of beings from outer space, only half-baked assumptions made by poorly trained (if indeed trained all) people who usually have a book to sell.

    1. Agree completely Rose, humans just aren't given enough credit, what theorists don't take into account is that these constructions require a lot of hard physical work done by a lot of dedicated people in co-operation with each other

    2. Yes. Thank you Rose.

      The "Ancient Aliens" nonsense and its snake oil peddlers based their nonsense that humans from 3000, 5000, 10,000, etc, years ago were some bumbling idiots who could barely understand how to make and use fire. As you state, we know that humans from that long ago also had the same brain power, same processing ability. We in the modern world can do the amazing things we can do because our ancestors created the base knowledge that each successive generation has added to. The things we do now is adding to that knowledge, and humans 1000 years from now will likely view us as we view our ancestors from 1000 years ago.

  36. I did believe many of the show’s theories initially but became skeptical over time. It seemed that every object and mystery to them was attributed to ancient aliens when in fact all those things came about through the efforts of humans. Some people believe that ancient man was not smart enough to build the pyramids, create vast elaborate cities in Mexico or have vast knowledge of outer space. It is a proven fact that these ancients had the same brain capacity we have now and surely worked with ancient technologies that have been forgotten. They did not need help from aliens to create their worlds. As a friend of mine said: if the aliens really wanted to help them why didn’t they just give them electricity, cars and computers

    1. Great thinking Jane. Brava!

    2. The Human mind at that time could only do basic maths, sufficient to build structures and worship the Sun Moon and Stars. They could light fires and do little jigs around them waving strange objects at people or the sky. They had no perception of anything other than what they could see. Zero knowledge of Flying machines, except to make wooden birds so the kids could fly them..if they did actually fly. It would be a natural toy to make, but I doubt if ANY Alien visited the Planet to assist the Builders with additional skills, or supply tools to 'create'. Note the H Blocks with interlinking grooves. Georgio Tskolous or however it's spelt , claims they COULD have been made by Aliens...WTF for! The surfaces were so smooth, that these blocks could ONLY have been moulded in a device from this Planet so the chances these Blocks were relatively recent and nowhere as old as he suggests.
      Consider the amount of writings that would have been made to show these 'Saucers', and depictions of types of craft, the people and how they helped build these structures. Sketches of the tools and how the machines lifted them in place. The Flat roofs of large structures were NOT somewhere that a Space craft would land upon. The wouldn't need it!
      I suppose that Aliens wouldn't have given us cars or electricity as we know it. They'd have to build roads, supply an Infrastructure, ways to extract Oil, refine fuel, generate Electricity and tool us with the factories! There ARE none...not even a provable shred of evidence to say that Aliens have ever been here to help us adapt. Had this been the case, we'd be far in advance in how we are today.
      The Roswell, Crash. If an Alien craft is capable of travelling light years to us, it certainly wouldn't crash and smash into a millions pieces, especially if you can't damage the metal it was allegedly made of as it springs back to shape again! The object that crashed was probably The German Flying wing and that of aircraft that were on the Nazi's drawing board that failed when we tried to fly them! The 'Acorn' craft that crashed, well who knows. Someone has the answers somewhere. Ancient Aliens is entertaining but essentially a load of baloney, most things are far fetched, some are plausible, based on "Supposing it was true...." which is their disclaimer as it were, so we have to 'suppose', grin and bear it or switch off.
      I do believe in Aliens or devices sent by them. I have seen a few things which were definitely not of this Earth.
      Elongated Skulls are NOT Extra Terrestrials and the small holes in the skull are probably there to let any fluids out as the Skull goes through the ritual of elongation to release pressure. There IS (almost) no true evidence of Aliens from back then. NO physical proof...nothing, just assumptions from fertile imaginations. HOWEVER... Crop Circles...super elaborate ones that are impossible to make to perfect Symmetrical accuracy overnight. This MAY be the 'almost' no proof I just mentioned. It has yet to be debunked properly. Look on Youtube at one being created. Now THAT is hard to debunk?

  37. Debunked nothing

    1. You obviously didn’t watch the documentary.

  38. Totally agree since I've researched a few things these liars take for proof with lies added but there again van danniken and Giorgio are 2 aliens themselves btw they look

    1. I don't agree. I think their theories are very interesting. I
      believe in aliens and UFO s too,

  39. Everyone here seems to forget that science is a man made idologly

    1. Science is a form of epistemology, not ideology. It is possible to make ideological use of science, but science itself is not a type of ideology.

  40. So I want to recap here some personal beliefs, so that I can be personally attacked I suppose since there’s a lot of that going on in the comments! I am not religious at all. I am an atheist. I did not see Christian or religious agendas in the film at all but then again I’m so used to ignoring all of that fiction and nonsense my entire life. I felt like adding that since that may persuade some people not to watch the film. A lot of subjects do however touch on religious text and subjects of course. That is a part of history. I think just because the Hebrew bible’s “flood story” version was a little more favored here isn’t an apparent Christian agenda at all. The point was that the Samaritans texts and stories were not as committed to original authenticity as strictly as the Hebrew texts and stories were although both seemed to come from an even earlier, common story. This was just an educated choice without favoritism the way I took it. It made the most sense to me too. To favor the version coming from a group who were more known for detail or at least have the evidence to support this. I fully believe in ufo’s and aliens.

    I do and I don’t know why. Perhaps because there’s a instinctive need in our species to believe in a higher power or grander existence than ourselves and thus explains religions too. I don’t feel this documentary debunks the root of the AA theory as much as the television show and that’s exactly what people here need to understand. It isn’t saying the theory is wrong, it is saying the television show poorly represents the theory and thus is why. But people shouldn’t get upset about this at all I don’t feel! The tv show and their regular talking heads that appear on it are just regular people interested in this discussion but in no way experts or scientists. Hell, I believe old Georgio with crazy hair guy was just a pro wrestling promoter or something of the like before becoming a disciple of the theory! The others are authors mainly, writing on what they believe and haven’t any need to be completely accurately fact checked. So take it for what it is; an idea, an explanation and in my opinion an interesting and good one. It’s so hard for me personally to believe in gods and angels and everything but aliens and other life forms such as myself but from a different planet seems at least a little more likely. So to the AA believers-There’s not one bit of evidence of God and angels so don’t let that dissuade you! I find it ignorant that some commenters here are dismissing everything this film speaks of as religious “sheeple” nonsense. I see a whole lot of similarities in super religious people and super alien believers. Both believe without evidence they are right.

    Both believe in an otherworldly being and both seem close minded to any other possibility. Basically just two super religious parties insulting the other. So if you saw this film and took from it that it was anti-aliens then you are simply wrong. Whether or not the filmmaker is a Christian is beyond my knowledge. All I know is it proved the claims of a tv show wrong. That shouldn’t be that alarming or upsetting. I think if anything it should be a learning moment for AA to step up their research is all so that they can reach more people since I truly do think it is more likely that there are ETs than there are “gods and angels” and just perhaps these are really the same things. I personally have never seen either, angels or aliens nor felt any connection to a god or seen any ufo. I believe however people have seen ufos or feel a connection to a god as I believe people lie about seeing or being abducted by aliens as people lie about truly believing or feeling a connection to god.

    I am not sure why people lie about either and I cannot wait until I feel or see an alien or god! Again I lean more towards aliens if not simply because I know I’m alive and if I had the capability to visit another planet then I myself would be an ET to whatever I encountered on that planet. Also my wife and her friends all claim to have seen a UFO together once when they went to the beach. There’s no reason for them to all lie. They were at the beach walking one night and suddenly they all saw (4 people) the same thing- a disc shaped aircraft silently hovering off the surface of the water about 500 feet out from the beach. The craft accelerated towards them in an instant and now was just hovering above them silently and only about 30 feet above their heads. All 4 people spoke of the silence, the lights and how it was in no way anything they’ve seen. Everyone called it a flying saucer at the moment and stared at it and said it hovered above them for maybe 15 seconds and then returned out towards the ocean at a speed so fast and just disappeared into the horizon without making a sound. Just a flash of light.

    It was the fact that all 4 people said the same thing, spoke of its dead silence and multiple lights and circular shape that intrigued me. I believe them all, my wife is a religious woman and has no need to lie to me and swears in her life about this story as do her friends. Sure this could be a secret military aircraft but I think that’s unlikely. For me it’s evidence I could never prove of a ufo and personally of an “alien” encounter for them all. That’s how I take it at least. So again, just another story without proof but truly unexplainable really. This was in the 90s so not a camera phone era. I urge people to watch this film, take ancient aliens for what it is; a tv show about an interesting subject that’s not really concerned with irrefutable evidence as mush as ratings and keep an open mind always.

    1. Go write a book you bore job

    2. You've chosen to not accept the the beliefs in God, angels, demons, and Satan of the Judeo-Christian and Islam faith, and have substituted your own need to believe in something by accepting the no fact, but "faith" based ideas of "Ancient "Aliens".

      The modern belief in "Ancient Aliens" is nothing more than people choosing to have faith and belief in those "Aliens". It's not a coincidence that belief in the old religions has greatly declined during the 20th century, while belief in aliens and "Ancient aliens" has risen.

      The rise in that belief started to grow very soon after the first comics, radio shows, and TV shows about outer space appeared. The comic of "Buck Rogers" first appeared in comic strips in 1929. That was followed by "Flash Gordon" in 1934. That set the widespread ideas of aliens in outer space. There were sci-fi books in the late 1800s, and those stories and ideas were built upon over the decades.

      And there was a massive explosion of "UFO sightings" during WWII and very soon after. Roswell is so talked about because it is a key event in the wide mythology of aliens coming to Earth.

  41. I enjoyed this documentary. There’s a lot of snide and rude comments here but to be clear- this film isn’t in any way debunking E.T.s or UFOs. That was not the point of this and it seems a lot of people think by debunking AA’s claims then that means it’s a heavily Christian based propaganda campaign which this is not whatsoever. Simply put, this documentary shows, proves rather, that Ancient Aliens claims a lot of “evidence” when it really has little if any. It also shows how AA often skews information for the purpose to support their beliefs. Again, by proving AA does not hold in high regard indepth research (which apparently they do not) does not automatically mean then this is a film with a religious agenda.

    I didn’t get that impression at all with this film and I am a devout atheist. The point was that AA is either doing lazy research or is purposely misleading with their claims for the purpose of pushing their agenda. I for one did enjoy the first season of AA because I did like the “what if” aspect of the “theories” they proposed. However the show later became even more unscientific and basically made claims it had irrefutable evidence when no, it simply never did. Do aliens exist? That was never a question to be answered here so if you’re watching for that then you are misunderstanding the point of this film. I believe aliens exist just based on the odds alone. I believe UFOs are real, seen and even often extraterrestrial.... but that is completely beside the point of this film which NEVER claims otherwise.

    This film does a fantastic job of proving how AA spins and tweaks some information in order to make the ancient astronaut theory seem more plausible. It is possible that ancient ancestors were visited by ETs instead of angels and gods as long as it is possible they were visited by angels and gods. This film never argues one way or the other. This film actually shows evidence that AA ignores proof and facts and evidence when making claims. So great job on making this as I’m sure it was not as easy of a job as it is for AA to make a show while depending on the fact that most viewers would never research their claims and false evidence. The “crystal skulls” episode on AA brought me here. As the narrator here confessed the uncertainty of knowing if AA made their episode before or after the irrefutable proof that all the skulls were fake was made (which I believe it was actually afterward) - it still goes to show that AA certainly quickly grasps anything towards the “otherworldly” whenever it can.

    I like AA as it’s entertaining and I like anything that confronts and questions conventional thinking. However what I respect more is thorough research, which AA obviously doesn’t do and possibly because it wouldn’t support their claims. The basic point of the ancient astronaut theory still remains though and that is simply: what if instead of gods and angels supposedly visiting our ancestors they were actually otherworldly visitors? That basic question and belief is just as , if not a lot more (in my opinion) possible. What is unfortunate for the AA devout believers is it does appear that the show is based not on evidence as much as it is based on good ratings.

  42. I guess the fact that the documentary doesn't actually debunks anything slipped most people's minds.
    Their "proof" is no proof at all. All the biggest questions they avoided and the ones they say it was debunked, their main point was "We believe it was done this way! We got no air tight case, just our point of view against their point of view. But we are backed by most of the mainstream scientists thus we're right and they are wrong."
    Wonder if that was what Copernicus felt like every time he tried to explain the Earth was not the center of the universe and the majority believed otherwise, thus they were right and he was wrong.
    The main problem with this debunking is that it mostly debunks itself more than it debunks the Ancient Alien theories.

    1. R5ilva,

      You've got it backwards friend.

      Your call to Copernicus is more like a wide belief in "ancient aliens" while Copernicus/scientist is trying to explain to them why they are wrong, and they call the fact backed scientist crazy and a threat to their religious-like beliefs.

  43. Why is the History Channel still screening "Ancient Aliens",, hasn't it just lost them all credibility as a channel about history? A show like Ancient Aliens should be on Syfy.

  44. If the world was really inhabited by giants in the past then where's the physical evidence, where's the giant skeletons!?

    1. There is lots of evidence. Even a US president dug up mound on the east coast and found very large bones inside. Look up the case in California about the 60+ bodies found in a cave. No secrets here, just not talked about much.

    2. If there were giants which there was not I'm sure there bones would of chalked out in the last 10'000 years at least since we've been here for that long at least

  45. Love this show. It is the best comedy I've ever watched. That childres dude is the funniest. These guys should get golden globe awards, they can sit there with a straight face and not start laughing when they say things. I really do like this show. Stupid and funny. 5 stars

  46. The whole show is full of quacks and conspiracy writers. Their are no real scientist on this show. Just some weird New Age fools who want to believe. Almost every sentence starts with the word "could". Because their is no evidence to support the 99% of theories presented.

  47. There's one good thing about Ancient Aliens. It's good to watch when you're stoned.

  48. Have you ever met one , People believe these are Satanic beings from Hell which is more realistic, Aliens are total Satanic deception to fool the people and change their belief in God.

    1. IF Aliens DID land here and 'tell us all about it', 'in English', that would upset ALL religions, especially if it were found out that none of them were true!

  49. Thisismyspamemail u sir r a closed minded fool who knows not what he means whilst opening that naive mouth u have,complete utter trash in your head keep it in there

  50. Ancient Aliens is not debunked . Extraterrestrials have been visiting earth and have been here for a million years. I am studying ufo research and investigation so Im going to be a certified ufo investigator soon. I am also a student of mythology. The Ancient Aliens documentry is speaking the truth they are right. The gods and goddesses that are primitive ancestors worshiped religions of today are actually extraterrestrials not gods or goddesses. Our ancient ancestors began to worship them as gods and goddesses when in fact they were not deities.

    1. Perhaps getting a 'proper job' that is not 100% based on theory with no tangible evidence would be a better way forward. However, if you can write a book and sell it and earn good money, Best of British. IF you can eventually write a book like Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken and have a good fertile imagination, you may make decent money .
      If you are going to be a 'certified' UFO Investigator, well good on you. I think being gullible and believing all this Ancient Aliens conspiracy, you could do very well, but you have no FACTS or PROOF to even profess what they say is remotely true! After all, The National Papers get away with it! Having said that, Georgio Ts' has made a few million dollars by using his professional BS for the sake of TV, There's no ruling to say that you can't make money from pulling the wool, as long as you start by saying..."It is my belief that..." or that you are writing your book on the basis that your theories and mythology are based exactly on that and let the reader make their own minds up! Not all UFOs are the result of machines from this Planet, so it is MY belief too, that UFOs are real. In other words, not of THIS planet. There's a myriad of 'stuff' online to base your theories on...ALL without hard evidence. Fiction sells if you can write convincingly, but also tongue in cheek ;)

  51. Very well done. Good research. The maker deserves a big compliment. I learned a lot. Highly interesting!

  52. First of all, I loved this Doc. I thought it was awesome to have real facts and presentation of the evidence gathered by the legitimate archaeological researchers. I have had a serious love hate relationship with AA over the years. I watch for the tidbits of good information and get seriously annoyed with the lot of disinformation. This statement is proven by the Dubunk as it clearly shows you how they take things and spin them to fit their shows objective - to prove aliens exist and nothing more. I cant stand people who sit home and watch reality tv shows and believe every word they hear and never question if it is true or not. People should know better then to believe every word on tv and in the media. Do your own research and make intelligent decisions based on that rather than argue the validity of alien visitation as presented on a TV show that often only exist for profit and propaganda. Giorgione is nothing more than a character on TV with his hair and his getup. Seriously.
    I really liked the comment i read earlier about why this show is even on the History Channel as this is definitely not solid History as much as it is fantasy.

    The ancestors spoke of being visited by an angel, maybe this is actually a description of an alien being...... ancient astronaut theorists say yes. (OR maybe, its just an angel).

  53. My friend worked on the show as a Production assistant its' not real. They sit around the table discusses how to make it entertaining. its not based on real science. Everyone on the show doesn't believe Egyptians saw aliens. They whole point is shock value producers know people will believe anything they tell them is true. Its why you should not just accept a show point blank. If you believe in aliens that fine, but this show does not use proper logical and twisted facts to suit their agenda.

  54. Nikos,

    You are a complete*****with absolutely no idea what you're talking about. If you had ANY knowledge you'd know that in terms of scientific parlance theories most certainly ARE facts and you simply don't understand either the vernacular used or the science itself. Gravitational THEORY and germ THEORY are - by definition - 'theories', yet at the same time are facts.

    BTW, evolution has far more evidence in its corner than either gravity or germ theory; just so you know.

    It's laughable that you should talk about arrogance when you are nothing but who exhibits the same trait you (falsely) attribute to others.

    Sorry, I couldn't help 'tearing you to shreds', if only because it's so easy.

  55. "Epicurus
    no evolution is a fact, the theory of evolution explains how that fact occurs.
    A scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment."
    NOTHING about ancient aliens falls into that category ^
    dont ever compare something like evolution to this garbage"

    Theories cannot be facts and facts cannot be theories. Theories require some evidence. Facts require a perponderous of evidence. That modern humans do not resemble primitive man is fact. Natural selection cannot explain this anomaly. That humans with primitive tools(or even modern tools) could not build most of the megalitic structures is also fact. Fact=common sense observations, something you and your friends lack severly!

    I noticed your arrogant response and could not help tearing it to shreds! I could debunk a whole lot more nonsense if I had the time to do so, but unfortunately I am not on the payroll clock of the government and need to make an honest living. Shill!

  56. You cannot rationalise with "skeptics". These people go into debt to get a college degree and feel but-hurt when it comes out they were taught lies upon lies. I guess I would feel cheated too! I am kind of suprised history channel dared to air ancient aliens, stuff that is reserved for the illuminati to know. But then a few phone calls later and the series was moved to H2 with zero audience to make the topic die away.

    How could most people believe neanderthals with primitive tools could cut giant boulders, move them hundreds of miles, then stack them on top of each other with such precise alignment defies belief. Something even todays cranes would NOT be able to do. It is not just the pyramids in egypt, they exist in bosnia, mexico and china. They even exist on mars if you believe richard hoagland.

    But no we are supposed to believe lies! That aliens flying in ufos do not exist, that people getting abducted is just their imagination eventhough they have the tissue scar to prove it, that thousands of witnesses are all wrong, that insiders dont reverse engineer tech to apply it to mobile phones and computers, etc.

    The choice of being a brainwashed moron or an enlightened human being is yours. Lots of people don't think alqueda brought down the twin towers either. Buildings topple over and not pancake unless explosives are used. But no its too scary to think your own government hates you.

    1. Don't forget they allow you to make your own minds up what is true and what isn't. Ancient Aliens is based on a person's supposition and without ANY facts. Its not illegal to express an opinion as long as it's not slanderous or Libelous. So, do we ban Star Trek and all other Sci Fi productions. Being a pro' Cynic is all well and good, but I doubt there are many people who believe that Ancient Aliens is full of facts. Theories are what they are and theories do NOT need facts to back them up. One thing I can be sure of is that Aliens and UFOs DO exist. On two occasions I have seen lights in the sky that can perform manoeuvres made impossible by anything from this planet.
      Pyramids on Mars may well exist, naturally made by ground movement to that shape but not by ET's. Again, unsubstantiated theory.

      Twin Towers..probably an inside job as it was too carefully planned for it to be destroyed by ONE or two planes crashing into a building. What happened to the inhouse extinguishers. What happened to Building 7. It WAS a controlled explosion AND it was a fair way from the Towers to have been affected. Building don't simply collapse perfectly without some experienced explosives being inserted in the places that count?

  57. I have visited and studied a lot of these sites with Cornell university. Unless you have been there in person To see with your own eyes, you will never understand. These megalithic structures built in antiquity are truly out of this world.

    1. Well said ....

  58. What do these morons have to gain from trying to push their ancient alien agenda, though? Are they just looking for money through ratings and book sales? Do they actually believe what they're spewing and just haven't done the real research themselves? I don't get what they have to gain from pushing this belief. UNLESS THEY'RE ALIENS!

    1. Well said...

  59. Wrong...
    1. Ancient Egypt had trees, not many. No forest. Not huge trees. But yeah did have trees. Enough trees.
    2. Tiwanaku is 17,000 years old.....k den

    1. Trees from Lebanon and other areas. The Egyptians traded with other civilizations

  60. Because the vast majority of people haven't seen any UFOs or aliens, doesn't mean they don't exist. Everyone that claims to have seen something is not nuts. There will always be people that make things up, but there will always be those that tell the truth. When I saw something moving through my backyard last year, I wanted to go on National TV and tell everyone that it's true! But some of those I told thought I was imagining things.... uh, no, I wasn't imaging things. With no pic or video, I guess telling the truth just isn't enough proof.

  61. I enjoy AA and Docs like this simply because I enjoy watching them. Different points of view doesn't make folks delusional or stupid. Things stated that turn out to be true or not will not probably be known in my lifetime anyway, but I still enjoy watching them!!

  62. it is interesting. but both ancient aliens and chris white are basing their theories on their opinions. that's all it is. even the bible says there will be things on this world that we'll never understand. I watch AA BECAUSE its interesting. that's why I watched this movie. we all need to keep an open mind. we'll just have to wait and see if anyone shows up first. before we die that is.

  63. Well done. I really enjoyed this video. But based on the comments below, I guess some people need to live in illusions. That´s an interesting psychological phenomenon, which proves that no matter how developed science is and how many learned scholars refute those myths, people will always be hooked up on superstitions and belief in the mysterious powers, and give their trust blindly to charismatic leaders who tell them what they need to hear. Sure, there are plenty of phenomena yet to explore, but we have to remain sceptical. Thank you for uploading this documentary.

  64. Christians most of these hard headed types are evil period.Organized religion will destroy this world if lead to continue.

  65. More misinformation from a religious fanatic. I've met his kind and they can not be told anything. It's his religious arrogance and I'm sorry his his own ego centric desire for any kind of attention. He didn't debunk anything. People open your eye's please. His kind has been running the show for quite sometime and has us at the brink of total annihilation. Just look at the world today?

  66. This guy is a joke. He offers no viable solution to anything he has debunked. Especially when AA talks about the 800 to 1200 ton stones and this guy says, they are not 1200 tons they are 800. No crap they said 800 to 1200, besides we can't weigh them so how the heck can you be precise.

  67. If you guys are interested in Aliens then go on YouTube and type Robert Dean UFO...look for a vid with a blue or yellowish background. It is not in parts, about an hour and a bit long. For the 'aliens don't exist end of story' people out there I think you will find yourself spending a bit of time looking for more information after what Robert Dean has to show you! Also, Michael Tsarion but I warn you, he is not for ANYONE who cannot handle their reality/conscientious challenged.

    1. thank you so much for this tip !!!

  68. You have to love these guys... all stiff lipped scientists while our country is dragged into the Dark Ages Ver. 2 by mythology... it would be funny... if it weren't true. Put some of your righteous indignation at the evangelicals and get them out of government... then you will; actually be doing something to assist the assent of Man instead of mucking around in the dust under your furniture.

  69. Shouldnt we be discussing how amazing and ingenious these cultures were?. Put everything in perspective, those poeple designing piramids back in the day are just as smart and ingenious as those scientist working everyday in projects such as the LHC.

  70. Who the hell is Chris White and why upload a 3 hour nonsense on youtube?

  71. loved it, I have always avoided "ancient aliens" like plague, I just don't believe in aliens of any kind, but this film was excellent we need more people like you who just tell the truth.

  72. Yeah the zionists control the power and the free masons the illuminati who just want to suppress our spirits warp our minds with HAARP technology and hide the fact their all reptilians from another dimension blah blah blah. I've heared it all before peter, and its insane. I'm well aware the world is run by fat greedy sociapaths, who want more for themselves and less for everybody else. But nobody is trying to suppress this information as their is no information there... Get your head out of these new age documentarys Peter, their just taking what alot of us already know and twisting it to suit their own way of thinking. There as idiotic and deluded as the two people running AA. As for the programme itself it brings fourth no veasable evidence what so ever to their claims.. And yes I am a massive believer of life on other planets, they havn't any particular interest in us and if they did, we would definatly all know about it. I'm sorry Peter

  73. Ancient Aliens has always been ridiculously far fetched, laughable and slightly thought provoking at best. I believe there is other intelligent life out there, I really do, anyone else who thinks other wise is an ignorant, big headed twit.

    I'll admit I didn't know alot of the origins of some of these points this documentary just made, and sort of took the ancient astronaut theory as status quo. I was happy that this documentary was made as it has taught me alot and put some real logical explanations accross to us. Not the absurd BS coming out of these 2 cracker-jacks mouths, but I suppose when you repeat a lie for so long, you believe in the lie yourself.

    However the narrator of this film Is quite obviously a god fearing christian. And no matter how he tries to innovertly discuise it, his beliefs obviously influence alot of what he's set out to do in this programme. So already what we have is a sort of biased view, like AA, just on the other end of the spectrum. Now i'm not going to sit here and ramble on about how I think christianity is wrong and have no more evidence to back up their claims then these cookes. I simply 'believe in the belief'.

    As what was quite rightly said in this programme, all ancient writings from the first civilizations all boil down to one event in time which was the Great flood also the creation of these so called nephilim spieces, and so on. What do we make of all this? Accident or design, could it have been divine intervention or something else? I'll be interested to hear everyones views on this matter.

  74. what next debunking the debunker? surely its all a matter of interpretation or reinterpretation or misinterpretation no one but no one can be 100% certain of the facts appertaining to history even witnesses of modern day events can disagree about what they have seen, in accidents for example. i think it is best to keep an open mind and enjoy the entertainment that these docs present

  75. Admittedly, AA theory is based mostly on flawed reasoning, but I just don't understand why Chris White claims to be presenting an unbiased take on the subject when he blatantly approaches it from a religious perspective- he's a newborn evangelical Christian!! He criticizes AA theorists for being "deceptive," when his opening statements are very misleading: "I have no personal reasons to reject this current worldview could easily accomodate the existence of ET's." Of course a religiously-minded individual will refute AA claims which often attempt to replace divine, God-oriented explanations for ones which instead involve ET's. So why is it more plausible that Ezekiel's description of God's "throne" represents 4-faced animal-angels than a space-craft? They're both personal interpretations of ancient writings that are influenced by the individual's worldview.
    So infuriating!!!!!!

    1. To you and the person below, this show is not stupid, you people are just too used to history being one side of the story, but in reality, history is molded by the "victors" or the "power". In a world driven by power Zionists who control all our economic sectors through the guise of "Keynesian Economics", it is easy for you to dismiss knowledge, such as AA tries to explain it's origin, since the Zionists in control of the economy, inenvertantly control the media, and governments which feed you their version of history/science through these multi-national corporations which own the likes of, MSNBC/Fox News/CNN. I am not forcing AA theory on nobody, all I am saying is that an open mind should be our first priority in life. And when using the term Zionists, I am not referring to Jews. I am referring to the radical off-branch of Judaism, which is called Zionism, which believes that the power of God is attained through the current mechanism of control of the people, which has been money since around 2500 years ago, which is when certian families such as the Rothchild's were beginning to start their monopoly empire

    2. Peter, I watched the entire AA series with my little brother and you can't fault me for not having an "open mind" on the subject- I really did want to find some empirical evidence to support their ideas. I'm not implying that the show is "stupid" at all. Personally, I'm just not convinced based on my own research. Debates like this will always rage on and who can ever say they've found the ultimate, objective truth on the subject- Belief is Subjective

  76. "i don't believe in aliens but i believe in the bible!" that's the biggest "derp" of all time.

    1. "I don't believe in the Bible but I believe in Aliens!"

  77. another bunch of idiots getting conned by a stupid christian? ya i think so. jesus christ, will people ever learn from the past? you NEVER trust a christian (or anyone else in a cult like muslims, jews, etc)

  78. Hey kids!! Carl Munck will explain everything

  79. To me, BECAUSE this guy put together a 3 hour video "debunking" the ancient astronaut theory/or ancient aliens' theories dealing with the AAT, doesn't mean anything. Ancient Aliens isn't the first place where this concept was brought up. The guy obviously has his own beliefs and is just butthurt because someone else believes otherwise. I know there are people out there that, because the show is on History automatically assume it all to be true (which is silly). This video, in my honest opinion just shows a person who is desperate to have others believe HIS theory. There are things in this world that are not explainable by simply saying humans did it, without giving any evidence. In contrast there are def. things I don't believe in when it comes to the AAT. However things like the nazca lines and geometric carving found in caves that look like they were cut by a can't just say humans did it without providing evidence and once again the ancient astronaut theory also can't just say aliens did it without proper evidence but when we know the technology around the time periods that these things were created would not allow those things, it definitely makes you think. I'm honestly split 50/50 on both so don't take me for a person that believes EVERYTHING ancient aliens/or normal history has to say. They can make compelling arguments even if their theories are a little too sci-fi sometimes. Also the dude with the hair needs to cut down on his products....starting to look like an alien himself.

    1. The first hour is devoted to showing how everything was extremely possible in each location in each time period. It also showed how they lied to us. I remember watching UFO Hunters for 2 minutes, to watch the guy deliberately misquote a physicist he had just talked to on screen. I looked up the b*stard and realized he was a bargain bin author on a wide range of "mystery" topics from bigfoot to roswell. These people are liars trying to make a dollar of our honest curiosity. There is little doubt in my mind that there is intelligent life in the universe that is not ours, to think otherwise would be arrogant. These sensationalist "infotainers" are ruining our honest pursuit and blatantly directing us down a path of misinformation.

    2. Well said..It seems you are one of the few who can look at both sides and find how they misquote alot and take things out of context.

  80. now i am erasing ancient aliens from my brain;;;;;;;;;;;

  81. I see that a lot of facts have been used that are not true, which makes the whole statement of the ancient alien theory look like a scam. But what bothers me is that some parts of the theory might be true and confront us with questions we can't answer. For example: why is the geografical location of the Pyramids so darn precise?

    Sometimes you just have to open your mind for the most absurd thing you can think of and that perhaps.. what we are being told by the people in power, is just a coverup of what really lies out there..

    1. If you are referring to the idea that the pyramids of Giza align perfectly with the stars of Orion's belt, I'm sorry to say that you've been lied to about that too. They don't align exactly with Orion's belt, not today, not tomorrow, not when they were built, and not ever. The originators of this myth, Robert Bauval, Adrian Gilbert, and Graham Hancock (who, BTW, are neither Egyptologists nor astronomers, but writers) can't deny that and so they instead claim that the pyramids aligned with the stars in Orion's belt as they appeared 12,500 years ago -- 8,000 years before the pyramids were built!!! "Pick a rock, any rock, it must align with something." The truth is that the pyramids of Giza don't even align exactly with Orion's belt as it was 12,500 years ago, but the angle is off by several degrees. Now, it's possible that three monuments in a row could conceivably have been meant to represent Orion's belt, but even if that is the case, there is clearly no alignment here "so darn precise" that space aliens, knowledge of space travel, or anything supernatural was necessary. If you would like to learn more about how you've been lied to, watch the BBC Horizon episode Atlantis Reborn. Also check out what Ed Krupp (who is a real astronomer) and Zahi Hawass (who is a real Egyptologist) have to say about the matter.

      Sometimes you just have to open your mind to science and that what we are being told by people who are trying to profit off of their fanciful books is just a cover-up of what really lies out there... the truth. The truth that people who lived only a few thousand years ago were perfectly capable of shaping rocks and stacking them on top of each other. There are plenty of wondrous mysteries in the world that confront us with questions that we can't answer yet. The pyramids just aren't one of them. And explaining those mysteries with space aliens is just an easy and lazy answer that requires no critical thinking. Try science. Real science. Not pseudoscience which only serves to sell books and make money for people who have no scientific or scholarly credentials.

    2. The originator of this idea is Robert Bouval and he doesn't believe in the alien involvement in the construction of the Cheops pyramid. He argues, as well as Graham Hancock, that there was a developed HUMAN civilization before the last ice age and that the knowledge used in building the Cheops pyramid comes from that culture.

    3. Thank you for clarifying that. I was aware of that, but I can see now how my post might have implied that Bauval believed in the ancient astronaut theory when, as you pointed out, he did not. I was focused on responding to Ruben Ettema's conclusion that the alignment of the pyramids pointed to extraterrestrial involvement and neglected to mention that Bauval and company never made those claims themselves. I'm sorry if this confused any readers.

  82. Bravo! Bravo! Yay Chris White! Fantastic! Thank you!

  83. WoW! History Channel MUST broadcast your programs if History Channel is to have any credibility in the future. I know of so many very young people that have bought what they are selling "hook, line and sinker". Their series is a disgrace. Those clowns hosting those shows should be ashamed of themselves.

    1. Couldn't agree more. However, the History Channel is accomplishing exactly what they want – ratings! Channels like any other business go through growth stages. When their products (programs in this case) become stagnate, they must find ways to reinvent themselves to attract viewers and sell advertising. The AA series accomplishes this very well. The series attracts the “want to believe” viewers and viewers who just like to watch for the entertainment value or viewers that want to argue with the TV. They've exhausted the WW2 documentaries and other once popular history docs and sold out to the pseudoscience/paranormal /reality BS. I think the show is outlandish but, being a product of the Star Trek/Wars generation I was hooked. Mission accomplished. It’s stupid but it’s fun. Enjoy.

  84. Plenty of gullible people out there ready to be swindled by quacks. All the information in the video is publicly available but few actually bother to confront their pet beliefs with cold hard facts. And even when you show them the facts, they'll brush them off because they don't understand that a fact will always carry more weight than a fanciful theory. America is behind most industrialized countries in the number of people who take up Science degrees. Is it a coincidence then that so many Americans don't even know how to use critical thinking and the scientific method when confronted by some outlandish theory, and think that whether it "feels" right, or catches their fancy is enough to make it true or false?

    1. @Sy2502, indeed it's a problem. All the more surprising then, when the americans chose to deal with this epidemic with the unprecedented removal of the word gullible from the latest dictionaries in 2010, as never truly being a valid word.

    2. Ah the spelling police is out and about. People who don't have anything to add to the conversation but get their jollies from correcting other people. You should try this thing called "contributing to the conversation" sometimes, who knows, you may even like it.

    3. @ Sy2502 you spelt it correctly, but missed the it out and you'll see I liked your comment and was backing you up.

    4. I didn't see your edit, indeed it now makes more sense. English isn't my first language and I do in fact make the occasional spelling error. It also irks me when some pounce on it, as I am the one making the effort to write in their language. Apologies for the misunderstanding.

  85. I really like how open minded this guy is. I've always been intrigued by the ancient alien idea. Aliens in general. But I know how to taper that with realism. I watch ancient aliens, I've always thought it was silly and hyperbolic. But the extent to which they have outright lied blows me away. It's exceptionally cool to see a skeptic who doesn't dismiss everything, who admits the peculiarities of some things. Such as the Nephilim. Good doc.

  86. on this guys theory of pacal he claims that the scholars believe? "scholars" the same scholars claiming that the world was gonna end on 12/21/2012 according to the Mayas. PLEASE!!!!

    1. The only people that said the world was going to end are people that stand to gain from that notion. Follow the money. The Mayans never said anything about the world ending on 12/21/12, this was a misrepresentation not by legit scholars but by companies paying a "scholar" to back up an idea that could create a couple years worth of shows, lectures, and documentaries on the (non)issue. Always consider the source. The same people brought you Y2K and made millions.

  87. its funny how this guy knows all the answers to how ancient structures were made but no one can rebuild any of this structures with modern tools. you think government wouldn't love to replicate them? look around they been trying all along but cant. perhaps they should hire this id**t LOL

    1. Will you pay for them? We can make them today, using old or new tools/techniques, but why? The specific needs they had to make them aren't needs we share. Instead we build skyscrapers, dams, and stadiums.

      It is exceedingly ignorant to be shown how to make something and then say it can't be done because we don't know how to make that something.

      Read a book.

  88. Chris should watch Zeitgeist. The Bible is by far the olderst and most prolific lie ever told. PEOPLE ARE JUST DUMB!!!

    1. totally agree

  89. I think this doc is trying to answer a wrong question. Is not who build that ancient thing... is why?

    What aliens? Screw them...

    Big construction in our society (we use this as a starting point) are build for what? besides shopping malls and business centers... they are industrial and power plants.

    5 000 years from now some will ask who build one big river dam. Some fools will say... aliens did it. Some will debunk that and feel proud about it.


    1. Yeah and they will also find evidence of industrial technology that
      was used to build these dams and if (the big "if") all the historical documents disappeared regarding this technology stating that we developed these ourselves, then people 5,000 years from now may assume that aliens brought these things here ...

      In contrast the only technology we, today, could find from our 5,000 years ago are primitive stone cutting tools. With this in mind I wonder how many man-hours it took to build one pyramid? It must have taken a long time and thousands of workers just to build a tomb. Not to mention the nightmare logistics of caring and feeding thousands of these workers and providing them with food and shelter as they labor long hours under the hot sun, tsk, tsk, tsk ...

  90. Am I the only one who realizes that the pyramids ARE NOT these magical wondrous mysterious monuments but rather absolute stupid BS?

    Think about it for a second, think about the planning, the labour, the resources, the accumulative efforts that went into creating these. That's all VERY impressive, but it is undermined by the fact that THE PYRAMIDS DON'T DO ANYTHING! THEY DO NOT SERVE A PRACTICAL PURPOSE.

    They are nothing more than a symbol of mans savagery. 10's of thousands were forced to build that, the nation almost went broke, and for what? FOR NOTHING! It should be looked at as a HUGE embarrassment rather than an accomplishment. It's literally just a giant stone block.

    Think of what an ancient culture could have done to advance the world with an effort like that, but instead, they use it to build a giant tomb that lines up with a star. IT REEKS OF EARLY MANS NAIVETY.

    If that was made by aliens, then they are some dumb ass mutherfukin aliens.

    1. Perhaps you should ask yourself why an entire nation of people with brains every bit as smart as yours (probably in the case of the architects, substantially smarter) would spend so much effort to build something if it served no practical purpose?
      It makes more sense that there WAS a purpose, a very important one. And we should be trying to figure out what the purpose was instead of saying its a tomb and closing the book on it. a tomb? really? The pharaoh who's supposed tomb this was, doesnt even have his name on the thing. People are buried in the Acropolis (greece) but that doesnt mean its a tomb.
      That explination REEKS OF MODERN MANS ARROGANCE and a propensity to assume that any culture other than yours is stupid and primitive.

    2. Clearly Chris White, the know it all skeptic with a working knowledge of everything, and is a man of great arrogance. He simply can not answer the fundamental question of "Who are you"! I'm willing to bet Chris was born under a rock literally.

    3. The pyramids do serve a purpose - they are meant to awe and impress. It was a propaganda effort intended to showcase the power of the Pharoah. There was no television, no radio at this time ... but the pyramids loom over whole cities, such that at all times, the inhabitants lived in the shadow of this demonstration of power. It made the Pharoah's power blatantly obvious, in every moment of their lives.

      They fulfilled this function very well - even today, the things stupefy the pyramidiots into paroxysms of outrageous superstition. They're still functioning!

    4. I wonder how many man-hours it took to build one pyramid? It must have taken a long time and thousands of workers just to build a tomb, considering the stone cutting tools technology that was the only thing available back then. Not to mention the nightmare logistics of caring and feeding thousands of these workers and providing them with food and shelter as they labor long hours under the hot sun, tsk, tsk, tsk ...

    5. Actually along your line of thought, one can think of the pyramids (or any significant manmade Wonder) as a way of making a mark in existence. It's like a more elegant and impressive way of saying, "we were here". Besides, it's not like they had anything better to do back then with the limited technology. It's not like they ever had a chance to discover immortality. Doesn't mean they didn't try. Might as well build something awesome.

  91. well that was a good doc but really he says he covers everything but he does not. for every real story there will always be people who try to debunked things this is a fake lie and this guy should really think his life over. weather we are alone now or back then still does not answer how some thing were made. or how they still stand now this is a shame that people decided to stick there heads in the sand and think that its just us out there. next he will come out with another fake moon landing story!!

  92. i new those guys were fakes but i had no idea im pausing a googling as i go lmao u fellas did humankind a favor here i hope this vid gets spread far and wide

  93. I liked this Documentary ,it was very eye opening,except for the part on the Nephilim,as being the children of Angels and Human women,I disagree with that as it is contradicted in Matthew 22:30 for in the resurrection neither do men marry nor are women given in marriage,but are as angels in heaven. These are the words of Jesus according to Matthew,Angels do not marry ,they do not cohabit,but there is another answer,in the Holy Quran there are beings other than Angels and Human ,they are called Jinns,they are not visible to Humans until they materialize,and ,they are male and females,just as humans and they reproduce,unlike the Angels,some of them are good and some are evil.So what was mistakenly called sons of God in Genesis 6: 4 are evil Jinns, they are the ones who interbred with women and produced the Nephilim,and as stated not only in those days, but also later,To make a long point short,the evil Jinns are bent on deception,and all those other Ancient stories about people seeing UFOs are not about extraterrestrials but evil Jinns coming from another dimension close to Earth and not from any planet in outer space,also the present day UFOs which are not man made and operate irrationally are from the evil Jinns,more on this at another time. Nkosi

    1. Jinn you say, well the creature i saw had a craft. but it was a shapeshifter, Either appears as a black cat or large black wolf or dog. But its true form is a pale faceless humanoid that prefers to crawl on all fours. had a sort of roundish head it looked really weird.

      They like to scare people, or test them im not sure. It did a bunch of things that didn't make sense. Before we saw the cat we heard 1920-30s music blaring at around 11 PM at night from a house for several minutes. it started skipping and thats when i saw the cat. Running in between pitch black car ports. I saw its craft fly over a street light in plain view. Thats when me and my friend relized that wasin't a weird black cat, Wasin't a cat at all. We saw it farther up the road, as a long black cat crossing the road, i saw a white light there.. i don't even think theres a street light there. But i thought it was a florecent white street light. I saw the creature meld into a black blur then i saw a pale hand crawl out and it kind of like.. crawled out it was weird. or looked like it.

      it was looking at the ground, crouched. my friend yells WTF and it looks at us and i just get this high intense energizing feeling coat my skin and penitrate into me forcing feelings into me that were not my own. I can't describe a fear more intense. Death does not even come close. It projected this feeling of complete terror and dread. i had my hand gripped to the railing paralyzed. Suddenly i felt a warm sensation wash over me. Then an overwhelming reassurance of safety. then A harsh threat that if i went over there i wouldn't be okay. Then the thing crawled into an alley way. i felt completely safe on that belcony. but not off of it. My friend starts flipping out screaming t me that that things gunna screw us up. we were watching both sides of the street until we heard a baby scream followed by a Shhhhh shhhhhh shhhhh shhhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhhhh with a razor slicing noise and a high itch humming got louder and louder. the wind picked up and i had to hold the hair out of my eyes. my friend runs for the door so i follow him. we go upstairs. staight to the windows and crouch listening to it fade away to a distance. we argued over if it took the baby or not. but it did. during that argument we noticed the time on the clock had not changed. so we counted.. u to 78 before we stopped . it brought it back at 3 am. appeared as a black dog on the road at 3:15 am, walked along the curb of the houses on the left side. stared right at me well i was staring at it with binoculars. then hides half its body behind a garbage bin. THEN DISAPPEARS im looking around in my binoculars thinking what the f***. I hear my friend back up against the wall huddled in the feedle position saying it teleported man it teleported. I pull down the binoculars and i see it standing 10 ft up the road facing the other direction directly under light. A pure pitch black wolf with no eyes. I stared at it for a solid 15 seconds as it did to me with binoculars.... until my friend pulled the blinds.

      Not sure how much i can type. But everything iv said is true..

  94. It's rather sad that the History Channel funds the drivel of Giorgio Tsoukalos - who seems even too lazy to come up with this rubbish & prefers to instead disseminate the hogwash of others.By choosing to air such hogwash they undermine the veracity of their other programmes.

    1. Yeah... we demand more Ice Road Truckers! :|

  95. Ahahahah really? Wow what a bummer I didn't know ... :/

  96. I guess us silly apes are just to stupid to figure out how to move stones or build structures. Everything that civilization must be because of "alien" intervention. We're likes kids in a sandbox with nothing better to do than drool and smack the sand, so it's supposedly plausible that some intelligent creature must teach us how to create. The theory of this program and those that focus on aliens as human civilizations masters is just that, a theory. It sells and sells well. And shows like Coast to Coast AM and youtube and all these alien shows are mere tools in which to promote books and series and DVD sales. It's called the cult of conspiracy with these new evangelists selling snake oil.

  97. I respect someone trying to come up with show to convince others what they belief in . What presented can be skew facts or personal conviction that look and sound persuasive . Trying to debunk AA or to all other show is a lazy way out of human nature like robbing someone rich or kidnap some rich kid to demand ransom . Smart Christ White should spend time and effort to come up with theory and replicate the pyramid to show to the world . No more mystery and speculation no more . Thanks to smart one like Christ White that have an answer to all , to debunk but nothing to proof also but to debunk

  98. For a lot of people Ancient Aliens is to much. Our society, globally, is not based on, facts,common sense... but on ideologies, which are unwilling to change, always was a big cirsis or technological developments responsible, that people changed they way of thinking to some degree. Ancient Aliens show indeed a lot of mystery, which this documentary does not explain, at the end, that one which was able to build the Pyramids, Pumapunku,...would not have any problems to build a modern house cannot debunk this fact. You can ignore such facts, or face the reality that there are things in our history, which we currently expain with ignorance or with magical skills or with mental disorders, hallucinations,...

  99. While debunking "Ancient Aliens" is rather like taking candy from a baby, there are a couple points I'd like to make - not to try and salvage that show's "reputation" but simply to note certain ironies in the debunking process. In the portion focusing on Ancient Texts, the Biblical Ezekiel is shown to be referring to the throne of God and not alien spaceships. However, it should be noted that anyone who thinks he has seen God's throne has to be just a bit out of touch with reality - so it's impossible to claim that he could not have been describing a spaceship. In a word, he's not a credible witness, regardless how detailed his description. Also, while it's perfectly valid to explain what various texts have been understood by scholars to actually mean, such explanations do not absolutely rule out older sources on which the texts were based. Nothing noted in this documentary proves beyond a doubt that what we like to call "human civilization" only goes back as far as we can currently trace it. So, yes, there may still be some "wiggle room" for the Ancient Alien proponents.

    1. The "wiggle room" is exactly where the Ancient Alien proponents like to operate.

    2. In fact, there's a Season Four of the Ancient Alien franchise. And, yes, I pre-ordered it from Amazon. The shows are fun to watch; but even more so they always include fabulous photography of ancient sites. And since I love both ancient history and geography, listening to the drivel is an acceptable price to pay.

    3. Yours is a common sense approach to these programs. They do investigate fascinating historical sites that I might not know about otherwise. Unfortunately, they start onto the drivel too soon and too often disregard the realities of history. Those who know little about ancient history and whose first exposure to the subject is this type of pseudo history may actually think that this is the way it happened. Many find text book history boring but this virtual, video game history of aliens, levitation and the rest a great deal more exciting.

  100. Correct, the documentary was produced by Chris White and includes commentary from Dr. Michael Hesier.
    Mike Heiser is a scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East. He is the Academic Editor of Logos Bible Software. Mike earned the M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2004.

  101. I must admit, I tried to convince myself that this film would be just another collection of 'nay-saying' by someone who stubbornly insists that their mind is "open" to new ideas, as long as those ideas don't involve aliens, extraterrestrials, and UFOs. I did my best not to watch it. But then, that quiet voice of humility pointed out that I, myself, was acting with a closed mind. Mmmm... oops. So I watched this film in its entirety, and was I glad that I did. The film is very well done. It is clear, concise, and lacks the emotional angst used by "others" to try and convince the viewer that the weak (and misleading at times) arguement "they" are presenting, is the best explaination possible. The content of this film and it's explainations seem to honestly show what we human beings can do, and have done for thousands of years. There are no mysterious and incredible circumstances needed to explain incredible things in our history. The evidence shows that we humans are just not given enough credit for what we can do. I highly recommend this film to all. It would be a shame not to view it. (By the way, I do believe that 'aliens' exist, and have been around here for quite some time. But I'm not so sure that they are the answer for everything we can't explain or understand.)

    1. It is not humility that pries open the human. It is the riddance of humility. We are humans. We are exquisite.

    2. Believing that aliens exist and have been around for some time is different than knowing that they do. Belief does not need to have solid evidence to exist. Knowledge does. Some people cannot grasp this simplest of concepts.

    3. tell me please what are humans? and are we the only smart species?
      look how manny stars and planets that are out there? you really think we are alone?..... common!!! how short minded is that !! there are manny ancient clues and hints left behind waiting for us to solve. wall drawins , buidling , scripts, star knowledge . thats all a big mystery for us. just tell me how it could be done and dont just tell me that it are not aliens . dont you think god is allso kind of a alien?
      hes not from here and he is not a human allso..... so what is he to us then......

    4. Never once said that there couldn't be life on other planets. As a matter of fact it is quite likely. Doesn't mean they've been here. A lot of the drawings, buildings and star knowledge could easily have explanations that have nothing to do with aliens. We know people have existed on this planet. We have no physical evidence that aliens have been here. So of the two, it is likely that it was people that made those things and not aliens. The most likely answer is usually the correct one.

      Millions of people believe in God and have neither seen him or heard him speak in real flesh and blood terms. In other words they believe without reason except that is what they believe. Belief does not equal fact. All the believing in the world doesn't prove it true. Proof is actual physical evidence. Just does not exist.

      I have no idea why people insist that ancient people were too ignorant and dullwitted to build the things of the past. Maybe these were smart people with great capabilities. Why can't we just say "Job well done"? There is not one artefact found in any archaeological site that was made from material that ancient people could not have made. No plastic gizmos, no weird doodads made of unknown metallic compounds, only normal human artefacts made of things that human ancients used everyday.

    5. there you said it.... (its all a big mystery to us )
      doesnt mean aliens built it lol i like the show for a few reasons 1 being that guys crazy hair .
      but mostlly it brings up questions ,makes(some) people think .and with that maybe some one will have valid ideas of the hows and why's.
      but if you think people couldnt build pyramids ? then you dont know humans at all .were stuburn cross that with religous beleif and ***shazam! lol problem is everythings done for most of us now a day and were soft and weak ! (you should see how they plowed a feild before tractors , beleive me aliens didnt do it for em lol)
      still hoping some one see's the episode with those H shaped blocks in like ?peru ? and figures out what it was ?
      as for life on other planets may or may not be ? problem with beliefs is it forces you to bend fact to yours.

    6. Agree! and believing is not history

    7. My point too. Ancient aliens series denigrates the humanity as a whole and is based on the premisses that a man is not capable of any remarkable deeds and possesses absolutely no imagination. One doesn't have to go far to see how wrong this postulate is.

  102. My limited knowledge & understanding of the Alien theories does not mean Alien doesn't exist. Japanese people call the others as Alien (as can be seen in their immigration check-points at their airports). If one day we humans could land on some distance planets with inhabitants, then we would be Alien. In the meantime, Keep an open mind to any presentations. The Alien puzzules could be clearer in time to come.

  103. It seems that many of the sources and references in this debunk are Christians, who inherently adopt their observations to discredit anything that disagrees with the word of the Bible. Not convinced. Good effort though.

    1. What are you talking about? In this instance the potential religiosity of the sources isn't relevant. They are not using 'Goddidit!', The Bible, or fundamentalist Christian 'research institutes' to back up their claims. They evidence is simple, sourced by numerous disparate sources, and supported within the citations by objective research. I do not believe a lot of what the guy who made this documentary claims, but this at least is a quality and evenhanded work.

    2. Lies can be deceptively evenhanded to appear true...guess that's enough to convince the likes of you.

    3. What?... This video only tries (and does) explain the truth behind the "facts" mention in the acncient aliens series. We can see that every civilization expresses its constant battle for understanding the world in its culture. And I dont see any prove for any sort of alien aid of any kind.
      Context people .. context!

  104. "aliens came to earth, and cut and piled rocks to show us their incredible technology" ranks right up there with "the devil buried all those dinosaur skeletons to fool us into believing the bible isn't true". i can assure you that none of these "ancient mysteries" are beyond the technology and sophistication of those ancient earthlings credited by the mainstream with their erection. i've moved boulders a backhoe and lull couldn't move with tools no more sophisticated than an 8 ft 4x4 and a few 2 ft 2x4s to use as cribbing. just because YOU can't figure out how to do it doesn't make it impossible.

  105. Not sure but I think that The GOD Viracocha rose from Lake Titicaca and it doesn't dismiss the statement that this GOD come in from the sky and landed in the Lake.

  106. By the way, this last comment of Jack1952 reminds me of an oddity that I have noticed on this site. The documentary series "Magical Egypt" often features as a featured documentary on the main page. I am a little surprised given that the claims made in that series, largely by the presenter John Anthony West, are in fact quite similar to that of the Ancient Aliens series (mostly with respect to Egypt though at times he does invoke examples from other cultures/geographies). So is there a monetary incentive involved here, as in being an ADVERTISEMENT or is it just that the series is that fascinating according to the site managers?

  107. This is an interesting Documentary for many years I've had interest in Alternate History Research. Back in the 1970s when I was a kid was when I first had my exposure to the Ancient Astronaut Theory when I read Peter Kolosimo's book "Not Of This World", this was before I even heard of Von Daniken or "Chariots Of The Gods" or the documentary of the same name which I saw in the movie theater at the tender age 12. Having been raised in a fundamentalist Southern Baptist tradition I was one of those precoscious kids that asked too many embarassing questions. I had never been quite satisfied with the explanation that the church and the Bible literally pounded into my head by my elders on the subject of the origins mankind and civilization. Anyway when I first started reading this stuff it seemed like a light was turned on in my head everything started to make sense finally becuse for me all the details were filled in and I did'nt have to take it on blind faith. I was a beliver in the UFO phenomenon and that they were extraterrestrial as von Daniken promulgated in his numerous books on the subject. I have to say one thing in his defense if the producer of this documentary had viewed the original Pilot Film on History Channel and it was released one year before AA The Series premiered. In that program von Daniken was talking about his detracters how they accused him of stating his assertions as carved in stone scientific fact. In that program and in his subsequent books that he merely asked questions and made SPECULATIONS. Over the years I've come to reject the ET portion of his theories as untenable.

    1. He did make presupposition's which lead to assertions based on the theory.

  108. the majority of topics covered in this vid originate from 2 sources: von daniken and stichen. stichen is fairly well debunked as at best just incredibly lacking in knowledge of sumerian culture and language. this leaves us von daniken, and his cohort of believers. von daniken is a twice convicted fraudster, both dating to roughly the time of his first AA effort "chariots of the gods". that pretty much kills any chance for being taken seriously in my eyes. as for the universal commonality of flood/nephalim mythology, one really need examine a single phenomenon to explain them. examples of it are found EVERYWHERE humans congregate on the planet. we call these examples "fossils". specifically marine fossils found in what would seem to those with no idea of plate tectonics extremely improbable areas. if you have the mindset of ancients, nautiloids found on a mountain far from the sea can only illicit one conclusion. those nephalim? well, we call them "dinosaurs", among other things. i honestly have no clue how anyone can actually take the theories of peoples whose scientific knowledge rivals that of current day pre-schoolers as a credible source. to do so just puts you in the same pigeon-hole as those wild-eyed evangelicals whose mania leads them to believe "angels walk among us".

  109. Excellent. Now do the bible!
    All that bunking effort just to bring to fact various stone methods, which don't really include them all. Keeping humanity stupid is effective to ancient wise dictators- up to today it looks. It's evident what is not allowed to be known in our modern societies, like advancments in gravity, light, and frequencies, as this video plainly restricts in simple detail.
    Um', soon we will start burying our rulers and perhaps even the king of England in the Kings chamber section in modern nuclear power plants, yup.

    1. "Keeping humanity stupid is effective to ancient wise dictators- up to today is looks". It's going to be hard to argue that statement if one uses this comment thread to demonstrate the intelligence of man. Some pretty wacky ideas put out there.

    2. Yes sir, wacky ideas, the'll be new borders restricting even further, the truth.

    3. That elusive truth. Hidden from view. Kept a secret by the few.

      The truth could never be that the early Egyptians were a hard working, motivated, and ingenious nation with the manpower and resources to build some magnificent structures. That could never happen. I guess we would prefer to see them as a bunch of dullards, unable to perform even the simplest tasks without outside help.

    4. you are so right! I share those thoughts!!!

  110. There is a lot of talk on both sides about what's right. I don't know because all of this was so long ago the evidence is open for interpretation on a lot of things. I think that the truth is somewhere in the grey area. I don't know if the pyramids were built by aliens but I'm relatively convinced by evidence I have seen that they are not tombs. Doesn't mean aliens built them but I don't think mainstream egyptologists have it right either.

    1. "I don't know if the pyramids were built by aliens but I'm relatively convinced by evidence I have seen that they are not tombs."

      Alright, that throws open an opportunity to show how the scientific method actually works and what it means to INTERPRET evidence. Here, now that you are CONVINCED by the EVIDENCE you have seen, what are they if not TOMBS? Please detail your thoughts in the following order:

      1. What do you think they are (as opposed to being tombs)?

      2. If so, present the evidence and the interpretations on the evidence to support your POSITIVE claim i.e. whatever you think they are instead of being tombs.

      3. Then contrast the weight of your evidence against the first observation that we have available to all of us: all pyramids, including those of Kufu and and Kaafri, have sarcophagus, mummies and grave goods inside them --- thus giving the appearance of a tomb. Now, that you have arrived at the conclusion that the OBVIOUS is NOT TRUE, then the arguments you present in favour of your POSITIVE claim, must outweigh the OBVIOUS/APPARENT.

      I look forward to your response and that of the people who should like to use this as an exercise in understanding the scientific method.

    2. It is not necessary to provide an alternative to show that a hypothesis can not be true. The only thing needed is proof of its invalidity, so that it can be ruled out.

  111. Veyr good Doc. Very educational and full of facts and things you should know. Watch it.

  112. Great documentary- these low-budget, power point type documentaries are getting more and more common. Several of them I have seen have been really good, including this one. Maybe I'll make my own documentary, I've got power-point, movie maker, and an opinion on everything. O.k. I'm straying, watch this doc if you have ever entertained the possibility of AA theory being reality, its worth your time- see, told you I had an opinion on everything.

  113. Tried to find the South Park episode making fun of the History Channel, but you tube keeps taking it down...sorry - too funny tho'... I agree a History Channel that produces 'some' award winning documentaries certainly confuses when they add dramas that are 'purely' made for entertainment & amusement. They ought to AT LEAST run a disclaimer. At the same time when you know they have show titles like: God vs Satan:the final battle, After Armageddon: are you prepared, Alien Cities Underground, etc...well...Unfortunately, if you can not rely on a 'networks credibility' (oh wait there's an oxy moron :) you will have to research claims made yourself. Too Bad

  114. this documentary was bad ass thank you keep em coming

  115. "I encourage you to have and open mind"? To not believe that we descended from aliens? Done.

  116. A very well documented documentary simply educational thanks.

  117. ....Another over looked point, way back, there were giant people, just like giant lizards, (dinosaurs) so these massive monuments could have been built by giant humans, the stone blocks wouldn't seem so big to them would they!

    1. I have attempted to bring the attention of the TDF viewers to the existence of this species of extinct humans once before. Homo Letserectus Apyramidicus. Huge race. They could leap over the Nile River in a single bound.

    2. Those must be the ones that lusted after human women. Oh my.


    3. You didn't just swoon, did you? Not my intention.

    4. Given that human women are the only type of "women" in the known universe, I do not see any possibility to lust after any other kind (or by implication the futility in lusting after other kinds). I do know that the Japanese and the Koreans lust often after animated women, there is some sign that in the west rubber made inflatable women are also lusted after (the east is still far too primitive for this sort of imaginative extravaganza). I submit that I have "lusted" exclusively after human women, with considerable success, and I should like to keep it that way. Also notice that God/Gods or the sons of Gods to whom supernatural powers are attributed, did not ever have the ingenuity to simply "create" a human woman on the need-to-lust-after basis. No, they always need those ejected through a birth canal, that the Gods/their incarnations/their sons find it quite demeaning to come through themselves. Lust for thought ...

    5. "Human women," I believe, was the phrase used in the doc...and I have a night elf avatar that might disagree with you about humans being the only kind of woman...I noticed you stayed away from the topic of sheep and/or goat women. Japanese women seem to have a strange interest in the activities of male couples, a popular storyline for manga whose target audience is female. I agree, though, it is strange that these gods with creative powers weren't creative enough to 'make their own.'

    6. A night elf avatar? We are surely getting exotic here. :)
      I am sure that there is a group of people who are making
      a documentary series soon to be aired on History channel
      called "Ancient Elves".

    7. I really hope that you are joking...

    8.'re correct & it can be proven by the 'giant sphincters' still running around today!

    9. i really hope you are joking...

    10. ...hope can't be applied here!

  118. ....There is only one true answer to the Great Pyramid....Alien built or alien guidance in building it, NO OTHER explanation! We surely will find this as fact in the future!

    1. And did the Aliens build the Great Pyramid before or after the Great Dinosaur Nuclear War?

    2. thats not true at all. we already know that the pyramids were built by people and we know how they did it. nothing special about it.

    3. please tell me how they build it. I dont know and cant find it on the net. and some details please...

    4. You won't find it on the internet because there is no universally accepted scientific theory on how they were built.

    5. "We" u mean aliens?

  119. Excellent! An eye opener! Recommended!

  120. well an good but it still dosent expain moving these masive blocks all round the world that weigh hundreds of tunes by poeple with rope and logs, i work in constrution and know what it takes to lift 20 or even 10 tun into the air its a nightmare, even to cut a bowlder into a sqare block today would be challeng theres no reffrence to go by to keep it sqare the poeple who told us how the piramids were built wernt engineers or builders so how the **** do they know how some of the world greatest engineered buildings were build some of the piramids yeah you could build but piramids like giza theres something else at play or they new something we didnt allways keeps an open mind most people beleave in some book that says all these fairy tale storys of men walking on water and coming back life. keep an opened mind

    1. Did you watch the section where he explains that the tools everyone thinks are pure copper turned out to be an alloy that is much harder?

      There's a lot of explanation on various techniques for building and the quarrying and moving of large stones; also that some of the claims are just fantastic and downright lies.

      There were several places where the narrator pointed out the inaccurate claims and statements about the size of some of the blocks. (Kinda reminds me of some guys I know...)

      Did you actually watch the whole thing? It's worth paying attention to.

    2. The Masonic Memorial in Alexandria Virginia is made of granite blocks, assembled to look like the lighthouse of Alexandria Egypt. It had a crane up the center and was not at all difficult to build.

  121. This was an excellent video. If Chris White hasn't read or seen any of the videos or read any of the books from the Thunderbolts Project, I suggest he do so. Everyone else is also welcome to broaden their minds. The works of Velikovsky are also worth reading as they are the forerunners of the T: Project. They are available on the Internet.

    Now if some-one could produce a documentary called Big-Bang Theory debunked, that would be great.

  122. Sorry. I didn't watch the Nephilim section before posting. he does seem to suggest that some biblical events happened like the flood and sex with angels. To his credit, he does say that the flood thing could have been a local event when the human population was still small or that the stories didn't happen but have a common source.

    1. I didn't notice the apologetics creeping in myself; it was Eccleskrit who pointed that out. =) It does happen later on; I thought the first sections were pretty good.

      I especially enjoyed the new theory about the building of the great pyramid; I'm interested to see how that turns out if the researchers can get the access they want.

  123. @ Kateye
    I watched this documentary and did not see any apologetics from the narrator. You may have thought so because he talks about the mythology’s that ancient astronaut theorists misinterpret. The biblical flood may have been confusing since he says the flood in the Bible is not from the Sumerian legend. He does say that both stories are from an earlier source. Another point of confusion may have been the description of Ezekiel’s vision. He is not advocating god creating civilization over aliens doing it, he just says the theorists are getting the mythology wrong. Nowhere does he say anything in the mythologies actually happen.

    William Scarcia

  124. "the only way to know for sure that we weren't visited by aliens in the past is,if aliens would visit us today & tell us that:'we haven't visited you before!',
    said a very cock-sure greek geezer with a personal issue of book sales!"

  125. I was with them through the documentary until the SUMERIAN FLOOD and NEPHILIM sections. Obviously there is little in terms of EVIDENCE which the proponents of the fantastic ALIEN Astronauts ever present (History channel: Where truth is History) and it is by and large a fringe movement to get money out of the gullible. But why are NEPHILIM and ANGELS (3:00:00) more (or less) believable than ALIENS? The sympathetic view of the Biblical text, the mention of the "supernatural world view", the claim that since many geographically disparate cultures share the same folk lore must lend credence to the subject matter, leaves a bad taste in the end. Extraordinary claims, irrespective of who makes them, must require extraordinary evidence, be it for Aliens or for Biblical fairy tales (or for that matter Jack and bean stalk or the 100 sons of Gandhaari coming from one piece of meat in the Mahabharata).

    1. I agree.

      Maybe I was losing focus during those sections, but I took it to mean that the legends of those events predated human dispersion from Africa. Knowing that the Rift valley where humans are believed to have developed is a geologically unstable region, it seemed reasonable that memories of catastrophic events were carried out of Africa. Or, that similar catastrophic event experiences gave rise to similar stories in different cultures.

      But that could just have been my predisposition toward those I'll have to re-watch at least those sections and pay a little more attention to the information as it was presented.

    2. Yes, let me detail this point a little as to why it is important. The documentary starts as an effort to debunk the myths of the ANCIENT ALIENS theory, which it does fairly well. But as it tapers to the end, you start sensing "apologetics" into the discourse where they explicitly try to legitimize that "Just because the Sumerian texts were committed to writing FIRST, does not imply that the Hebrew scribes plagiarized/borrowed it". This of course with reference to the global flood legend. But local cataclysms are equally devastating, Tsunamis in south Asia were no less cataclysmic than the flood legends and had it not been for a well connected world, the survivors probably would have thought that they were the only ones left to whom providence had entrusted the task of repopulating the earth. Once again, in their discussion of the "Sons of God coming to the daughters of humans" the documentary does not question this entire fantastic concept at all. Just briefly dubbing it "unusual" and not being equally critical of it.
      The PhD skeptic who is being interviewed throughout this documentary (probably a linguistic expert), can be clearly seen to be an apologetic for the Judeo-Christian theology. I suggest that you see it for yourself and inform me if I am being unreasonable here.

      The very basis of scientific epistemology --- to do away with our pre-dispositions although it is certainly easier said than done. As an applied mathematician and one who analyzes rather ridiculous amounts of real world data which may or may not have any distinctive patterns, I understand that it is easy to be fooled by ones own precepts. But it is commendable that when pointed out, you have been graceful enough to admit a possibility of a lapse and are willing to revise your presentation. Good luck!

    3. The first half of the documentary was very unbiased as far as I could see...obviously I got sucked in...errrr, I mean, 'lulled' into thinking the rest would follow suit. I see what you mean about the apologetics creeping in...

      I didn't really pay attention to the section about the 'sons of god' part...although I remember thinking about the other hominids (is that the right term?) like the Neanderthal and Denisovans whom our ancestors would have come across. I may have been off in my own little fantasy journey about what they may have thought about one another...and done with each I wasn't being very critical about the actual information being presented.

      I tend to watch these documentaries at work when I'm doing something routine; it's like listening to the radio, but sometimes things come up I have to pay attention to and I don't always go back and re-watch sections I may have missed or been inattentive to.

  126. Excelemt. The best Documenitary I've ever seen. That's because you give references and I am able to check up. You diserve "The Best Documenitary of year". Thank you so very much.

  127. Couldnt watch this as the original footage from "Ancient Aliens" was so ridiculous I didnt feel I need it debunked for me.

    Whats even more ridiculous are the people commenting here supporting ancient aliens.. I mean you gotta to be kidding??! The world is a scary place with so many nutters about.

    1. You are my hero, lol!

  128. Debunking the debunkers
    14 mins 34 seconds (reference 32)
    Look at it! This answer appears to me at least to have less credibility than the Ancient Alien advocates, whilst I agree they might be over excited (with good reason) your synopsis has more holes than a woolly cardigan.

  129. @ Nick Mc Neill & yahoo user.
    Please step forward to receive your awards for: "Best Of" in the category "Tag Team Improvisational Trolling in a subject matter that neither of you has the slightest clue as to what you're rambling on about".

    Special thanks to "Nick Mc Neill" for his outstanding performance of a "Lunatic completely out of his mind" in his role as the lead Reptilian Mastermind.
    Special mention to "yahoo user" for his part as a convincing supporting role as the "Obstinate, 13 yr old nephew" who regardless of the overwhelming scientific evidence & common sense thrown in his path he valiantly stumbles forth both deaf & blind.

    Please guys, you honestly can't possibly be as ridiculous in real life as you are coming across in this forum. I am amazed at the patience displayed by "Jack 1952", "Epicurus" & all the others who had the misfortune of conversing with the two of you. Applause all around for your performances.

    1. Imightberiding,,,, brilliant!

  130. pyramid section: internal ramp theory is awesome but the things he skips over are a) the TIME it takes to make this happen b) how did they learn this and WHY are there pyramids everywhere?
    the ancient aliens series didnt say that aliens built the pyramids, it said that aliens designed it and made humans make it.

    he kind of debunks things half way , i probably would have presented the information as is, without comparing to a highly popular cable series.

    1. Seriously? Your ancestors were too stupid to design and build things on their own? Yet less 5,000 years later were building airplanes, skyscrapers and atom bombs. We've come a long way, baby. Human ingenuity ftw.

      And think about it. What's the most stable way to pile rocks? Gosh, couldn't be in a pyramid, could it?

      I do agree about the video, though, the information stands on it's own. And yet...there are people who really believe aliens dun it.

  131. must see

  132. methinks thou dost protest too loudly, obvious anti-christian site,therefore next question is.... whos paying you to type it?

  133. if AA means "arrogant a*seholes amidst analphabetics" then, the whole shebang makes sense !

  134. an intact human mind should weigh the possibility of extern solar visitation
    against the possibility of extra sufficient human capability....if one denies the latter,then that one needs help of the first mentioned!

  135. such stupidity

  136. i think someone should debunked the f...king bible, debunked galileo, newton, giordano bruno, da vinci, etc, etc...

  137. to deny the ancient is to deny oneself!

  138. this video had no sway on me cuz it did not debunk anything.. i say this meaning.. i did not just take everything AA said went with auto believe.. so this doc showed some other things.. does not change that i think the odds we are alone are slime to none.. does not change that it is a good hypothetical explenation for some things of antiquity( its not the onely.. just one of many.. )

  139. also.. if anyone is against AA because they dont buy it or say there is no evidence .. they better not be religious at all or that would be complete hypocracy... just saying

  140. its like i said about ghost hunters (fyi i never liked the show but watched because of certain relations i had who regularaly had it on..) 90% of things are debunked and the remaining they never ever say "yea its a ghost", instead they show what they found and say they cannot explain it.. but people just assume that they think everything is a ghost.. i have never seen a ghost and really doubt most of it.. fyi

  141. in summary.. i think AA posed good questions about what ancient people might have been describing.. that does not mean its fact.. i love also when i mentioin UFOs howmany people automattically go .. ohhhh hnnooo i dont believe in aliens.. UFO does not equal aliens

  142. the words hypotheses, hypothetical and speculation are found in varying defenitions of the word theory

  143. i love this film thanks!

  144. The Pyramids... As much as they exemplify our intellect and great ability to manipulate nature, they are also a testament to incredible stupidity.

  145. Excellent documentary. I highly recommend to anyone interested in this sort of subject.

  146. I'm sorry. Did I hear someone say that dinosaurs built nuclear weapons?

    1. imo it was laser canon beams with sunshine damage add;)

  147. Because of al the comments about it I watched the part at the end, where the flood is mentioned, again just now, just to be certain.

    I really don't want to be mean or anything, it could just be me, but, though I do see how one could interpret this part as being religiously biased in favor of Christianity, I had go and look for it.

    1. Hard to believe the same person who made this film could be a bible literalist but he is! His website has a "beliefs" section which includes the following - "2. We believe the Bible to be the inspired, infallible Word of God and inerrant in the original languages."

    2. Well, then he did a decent job of keeping his personal beliefs to himself, as far as I'm concerned.

      Al I see him do is making an assumption about which version of the flood story is more likely to be closest to whatever the original story was. Which he concedes both the Sumerians and the Hebreew's got from an earlier source. The basis for his assumption is a comparison of the cultural norms and values of these societies.

      I simply don't see where he's inserting his personal beliefs into this assumption. I'm sorry.

  148. If we started as a "big bang" then what was before it?!! There has to be something there, even nothing is something! Atoms are always here, no matter what. Or maybe "nothing" caused the big bang, I say this because of the yin-yang, there has to be 2 of something... light/dark, hot/cold etc so if an old universe existed before the big bang happened, the stars in that universe died out & the universe became cold, (my thinking is that the stars are here to stop the universe from freezing over) so this is where the Yin-Yan comes into effect.

    1. You have an imagination that is running wildly out of control. No one questions that people have seen things in the sky that they can't explain. I have seen something that defies explanation...but I am quite willing to say that I don't know what it was. I will not extrapolate this sighting into a full fledged alien invasion. That would be an uneducated, uninformed and childish response to something I have no explanation for. Stick to what is positively known. Don't fill in the blanks of knowledge with opinions.

      Your comments on the Big Bang seems to indicate a lack of formal education. If you want to support some New Age theory of the universe at least get a solid background in mainstream science first. At least then you would have an idea of what you are talking about instead of this incoherent babbling about Yin-Yan.

    2. Nick McNeill
      according to the big bang model time never existed until the big bang. could you explain the meaning of "before" if there was no time?

  149. A long ago post on Youtube...."Typical denial by the UK government, UFO's have been reported since the human race started! UK, USA, Canadian governments know FULL WELL that ufo's exist!! They just don't want the public to know that they can't control this invasion! And they can't do anything about this highly advanced race of beings that ARE IN OUR SKIES NOW!!! I personally believe that the earth's governments have been taken over by EBE's (scientific term for: Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) long ago!
    After all, if they are far more advanced than us; it stands to reason they have the capability to do this. Control the queen ant, then you can control the colony! That's why we get this strange behaviour from our governments. Strange in that, the most controversial subject is swept under the carpet! WHY?! Maybe the earth's governments don't even know that they are under control by highly advanced non-human beings!"

    1. Dude. I cant decide if you're serious or just a 'forum-troll'. Most of what you write could be true (cant disprove it). but you seriously need to separate what could be true with what is likely to be true.

      Once thousands of people saw gnomes, witches, elfs and ferries. (..and don't dare tell me that those where aliens too!!) This is what people do, and we have developed methods to separate these things from what reality are. (science)

      Your comments could indicate that you don't get out much, but i could be wrong and so it would be a big mistake to believe it firmly. Relax..

  150. .....The human race is still asleep. To slow to except in what’s going on, always joking about it, or wanting to disbelieve it. Unbelievable in what our race thinks about all this...unbelievable!

  151. Just finished watching a documentary on TV, again, NG, (National Geographic) using debunking strategy tactics, always trying to convince the public that ufo's/ET's don't exist. Millions of people worldwide reporting ufo's, ufo's caught on still & movie camera's, children worldwide saying they have seen ET's, responsible people that hold high positions all walks of life sighting UFO's. Are all these people delusional? Come NG, stop lying! You know full well UFO's exist. You’re with the US government in hiding it!

  152. The human being (once ape maybe) was cross-bred with an alien life form, these 2 species are still to this present day battling it out for the dominance of the mind. That’s why we act so different and destructive from any other species on this planet! The cross-breeding has upset the original form, hopefully in time things will be ironed out inside us, & we will attain a very high intelligence that totally respects the environment & each other. But like everything, it takes time.

  153. ....And what about the 1000's of ET, (or the scientific term: EBE’s Extraterrestrial Biological Entities) sightings that people seen over the years?!!! Are US military personal dressed up in ET rubber costumes to fool people? And also their,10ft or 3 ft in stature too!...& don't forget, people around the world have been sighting ET's (EBE’s) with or without their space craft for 100's & even 1000's of years now!

    1. Oh dear.

      We'd all be lost without Nick and his vast knowledge of "scientific terms"

  154. Isn’t it strange that people around the world are sighting/photographing/videoing UFO’s all the time....are these people conspiring against someone? Come on disbelievers, UFO's exist!!

    1. this doc is not about UFOs, can u grasp that? its about archiology.

    2. ufos do not mean aliens..

  155. ...What most people fail to observe about whether there are life forms in our universe other than us (or other universes) is that we are here! Yes,we are a life form that has managed to evolve! So in denying that life could exist beyond our skies is quite frankly, a very narrow-minded thinking! We don't have to look beyond our skies to find out if life could exist out there, it's been made possible here...wake up you disbelievers, if life can exist here, why not out there, plainly obvious!

    1. Scientifically there is no reason why we should be alone in the universe. They COULD be here, but the evidence is very very weak.

      Belief (meme) without evidence is nothing more than wishful thinking, and an example of the way our brains work.

    2. Nobody is saying there is no other life, or even intelligent life, out there. With what we know of the universe today, the awnser to the question "Could it be possible that other intelligent excists in the universe?" is a resounding YES!

      But that is not the question AA is proposing, is it? "Could it be possible that Intelligent life vistited Earth is the distant past?" And the awnser to that question is a resounding... extremely unlikely!

  156. i watched this show some while back, it was interesting till they did aliens and bigfot aliens and da vinchi...and i predicted they would do aliens and dinosours and i bet the next show will be about why do people use theyre imagination to much on so little evidence?

    1. I believe they already did ghosts ;)

    2. you dont say...well ghosthunters must have had quite a thrill :)

  157. It would be a nice 'tradition' if admin or a viewer could present background links to author/producer of the docs. It's important to know even if it as here seem legit/logical. Unfortunately i couldnt find a link to a page about Chris White (the independant filmmaker)

  158. 1. brilliant debunking of yet another stupid (but charming) meme! ;-)

    2. How did they bore out rope-tunnels in the stone? (22:14) (Edit: Just discovered that a viewed the 3d drawing wrongly - never mind)

    3. He talks a lot about lying, and certainly the guy and his daughter with the crystal skull made a descent living out of it, but most of these people really believes in these things and is actually lying/manipulating themselves, and next presenting what they now believe is the truth to others. Believers of ANY meme (religion, traditions, ufo's, ideas, economics, healing etc) does this by building a mental framework and inserting 'facts' into it. The problem is that we all see facts where there are none, twists facts and ignore opposing facts to fit our framework. The more followers of a meme, the more positive feedback and suddenly we have some insane claims presented as truth.

    The scientific methods are the only shield against stupid memes. Unfortunately i didnt check up on the sources presented in the doc, so this comment isnt really that scientific either.. Damn! ;-)

  159. did this doc really debunk anything or did it just state the things we thought we know against a new theory...
    kinda like how people tried to debunk galileo when he clamed the earth revolved around the sun by saying nuh uh<<< wow thats some great debunking

    1. Nope.. Galileo had scientific evidence and could match his evidence with known observations thereby substituting an old theory with a better one. AA does not use scientific methods to arrive at the truth. No comparison at all..

    2. read about him.. he had to stand before an inquisition.. i looked it up before i typed it which you should consider doing as well ..

    3. I DID look him up just to refresh my memory.
      It seem to me that you asked if:

      AA with no evidence against people

      was the same as:

      Galileo with evidence against people

      were the same..

      It is not..

  160. I've seen all the 4 seasons and been used to like the AA series in the beginning till the season 3 came out, and the season 4 was even more of proofless entertainment where the presenters controverted their own theories in different episodes. It was such a disappointment in the AA series.
    Nevertheless, I always keep my mind open to any theory and I've just finished watching this AA debunked film. Well made docu.
    After all, I feel cheated by the Ancient Aliens series and presenters that they lied through their teeth.
    However, the Present Aliens theory is alive :)

  161. AA takes what we know of technology and applies it to things like the bible... what was a "chariot of fire" think about it.. a chariot was what a person rode in ... so we have a "vehicle of sorts with fire that comes and goes from the sky.. what would we call that today.. a plane , a rocket, a spaceship? etc etc.. i am not saying its fact.. just something to think about rather than just believing a guy in the clouds can do magic... think if jesus was an alien...that would explain him healing the sick and curing the blind.. if they had the technology to be here they probably understood medicine like optometry and the such.. its theory yes but at least its loosley based on what we know of tech today

  162. i think the core of AA is to ask questions like... why do so many histories have guys coming down from the sky... and why certain ones litteraly had ancient stories of coming from the stars long before people even could have known the earth was round.... also.. i do think that its possible that civilization on this planet could have risen and fallen in the past...

    1. Civilizations could have risen and fallen is the past but you can't pass it off as fact or history unless there is solid proof. Things that make you go "hmmm" does not fall under the category of fact. They are the things that makes one dig deeper to find the truth. It is the attention to detail that allows for the understanding of history not vague allegations of ancient astronauts. These guys make a nice living and travel to interesting places but they are as much a charlatan as the TV faith healer.

    2. again .. i never ever ever ever ever ever stated that anything was fact..

    3. if civilization and risen and fallen there would be TONS of evidence. that did not happen.

    4. you would be surprised how puickly the earth can consume and recycle

    5. im an archaeologist. I am very aware of the capabilities of the earth and artifacts.

      there is neither the time for many evolutions of man, nor is there the time for the type of technology we have today to have completely gone away.

      the claims made are ridiculous.

  163. AA is kinda stretched so they can make money from new seasons but the core of AA is still something to ponder..

    1. lie to make money. thas all it is.

    2. AA does not claim facts.. its a theory... why are people so dense... learn english langauge

  164. 1st, I've always really liked the Ancient Alien series. And 2nd, I'm really all for debunking bogus claims. But in this case I'm actually really surprised to find that somebody put so much time and effort in to this. I mean, people aren't really believing it anyways, right? I mean, not REALLY, right?

    It's just that Ancient Aliens has always done such a skillfull job of debunking itself that I never expected people to REALLY believe it. If only for the simple fact that, over 4 seasons now, 5th on the way (can't wait), they've succeeded in seeing alien connections everywhere. Seriously, these aliens are not messing about. From the Dinosaurs to Leonardo da Vinci to Megalithic site X to classic civilazation Y to... BIGFOOT even.

    For me, the fact that they are all over the place like that has always made this nothing more than entertainment for me. But in a good way.

  165. ancient aliens poses thoughtful questions... like what were ancient people describing when they say a guy comes down from the heavens... what were the heavens.. outer space right.... so ancient people were saying a guy came from outer space... i dont think it is anymore out of touch than saying god is floating around in the clouds with little cherubs playing harps... actually its thoughtful... asking questions is intelligent.. thinking you already know everything is for the weak of mind

    1. "ancient aliens poses thoughtful questions... like what were ancient people describing when they say a guy comes down from the heavens". It is a thoughtful question but they answer it without direct or solid evidence and do not even address the question of human psychology and the importance of religious beliefs of our ancestors. It is the answers that aren't thoughtful. The claims made by AA can be explained as the work of the people of the times and has been demonstrated time and time again. Unless there is solid evidence of a piece of equipment or tools left behind by aliens it is nothing more than speculative nonsense. Egyptologists do not claim to know everything. They have stated so many times and continue to search for the answers at dig sites all over Egypt. The weak of mind are those who think any speculation must be a probable version of history. They do not have the stomach to research all angles of history and science to reach a full picture of the facts.

    2. jack 1952 please read what i say .. i never claim anything to be fact.. so your whole premise is already ascew

    3. its people like jack 1952 that do not fully think about thingsthen make false statements

    4. What false statements have I made? I would like to learn from my mistakes.

    5. alot of people on here assume that AA is stating facts.. i think some of it is said in bad wording but over all i do not feel i was told any facts.. nor did i intturprit that as such.. that was why i defended Aa against many people ... again.. i do not believe any of that to be fact .. i have never seen a little green man.. what i will say is that AA is more scientifically plausible that religious gods... i am not saying its fact but i think it makes more sense for what ancient people claim to have seen.. again i don not believve it to be the end all answer.. the universe exploration we are dooing is still at a very youhg stage

  166. i watched most of ancient aliens and not once did i feel that they were portraying facts.. its a theory.. and based off many thoughful questions... so what is this documentary really debunking... besides.. how many of you debunkers believe in god... funny how believing in aliens is crazy but to believe in a different guy in the sky is ok..
    its kinda like ghost hunters... people are always mocking it saying ghosts are not reals... but not once does the show they say they believe in ghosts.. they debunk 90% and then the unexplained they leave as unexplained....
    i think this is about people who do not want to even approach the idea that what they may have believed for so long may not be correct..

    1. clearly you dont know what the scientific meaning of the word THEORY is.

      ancient aliens is not a theory. it is a hoax. a big lie put out by people like Von Daniken and Sitchin to make money. and people are stupid enough to believe this?!?!!
      and ghost hunters is the same.

      it is lies made to look like it could be possible, and then its sold.....if you cant see that its a giant hoax with people making money off other people stupid enough to believe in it, i dont know what to tell you.

    2. if someone theorizes how something in the past may have happened how is that not theory.. clearly you do not know the definition

    3. from wiki:
      A scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment."[1][2] Scientists create scientific theories from hypotheses that have been corroborated through the scientific method, then gather evidence to test their accuracy. As with all forms of scientific knowledge, scientific theories are inductive in nature and do not make apodictic propositions; instead, they aim for predictive and explanatory force.[3][4]
      The strength of a scientific theory is related to the diversity of phenomena it can explain, which is measured by its ability to make falsifiable predictions with respect to those phenomena. Theories are improved as more evidence is gathered, so that accuracy in prediction improves over time. Scientists use theories as a foundation to gain further scientific knowledge, as well as to accomplish goals such as inventing technology or curing disease.

    4. I asked him to google the phrase "scientific theory" and he either ignored my suggestion or he doesn't understand this definition. If that is the case, your effort is a nice try but unfortunately is falling on deaf ears or blind eyes.

    5. besides talking back and forth of the defenition of theory is way sidetracked from original topic.. call it a theory call it speculation.. i never took anything they said to heart but many on here act like they are being preached a new religion

    6. besides that jack.. i would never say its science.. again you misconstructing what i am saying..

    7. yes plz learn the definition

    8. no it is a hypothesis.

      A scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment."

  167. How does annunaki translate to of princley blood if annu means heaven and ki means earth? sorry for the spelling

  168. How does "anunaki" translate to "of princly blood" if "anu" means "heaven" and "ki" means "earth"?

  169. A well presented, thoroughly enjoyable doc.

    Watching these charlatans is at times entertaining. I like how Giorgio Tsoukalis pronounces the aliens 'ancien assnauts'.

    Assnauts indeed.

  170. well last week seemed to be conspiracy week at tdf, its only fair this week is debunk week :D

  171. I love Ancient Aliens. It challenges me like picture puzzles from IQ tests. The ones where you must decide what is wrong with the picture. Watching this is like reading the answers.

  172. what the fu@k? ancient alien theory has proff by the mega ton. this doc is garbage. explain puma punku.....exactly! and if you are still in the dark look it up

    1. actually ancient aliens is laughable. there is no proof to it. and not a SINGLE respected archaeologist accepts any claims in it.

      I cant believe people like you are so gullible.

    2. If you had watched the video you would have seen the segment on Puma Pumku. This site has been excavated and studied by scientists for years and a great deal is known about its age, size, building materials and building techniques. It is you who is in the dark concerning the known facts of this site. Google it and you will find a great deal of information that will not include aliens. The people who lived in the past are a lot smarter than you give them credit for.

  173. really liked this docu until the 'historicity of the bible - noah's flood version is the real version' moment at the end.

    he did a good job until then - too bad he can't debunk his bible too! XD

    1. Totally agree, his bias shows through. It was however the segment he seemed less confident in, which could lead to all sorts of speculation of how fear is such a cornerstone of any belief system imposed upon us.

  174. Absolutely a must watch if you consider yourself to be a person who's beliefs are founded on scientific principles

    1. Your science is meer rubbish to aliens. Dont be cocky science is an ever changing prospective of the universe and to believe humans are alone and that they built the great pyramid without the help of the wheel not are only unscientific but stupid!

    2. Lol. Listen, I want to believe in aliens visiting earth as much as any person wants to believe in things. Its only human to want to believe, and as someone who has studied and practiced sleight of hand magic, I am familiar with how easily we can fool ourselves in the process.

      But I'm growing tired of people saying "You're stupid to believe we're alone in the universe!" as a supporting fact that said life IS actually visiting us. Because if you dig deeper into the numbers, they also show that the chance we're being visited is extremely tiny compared to the chance that it exists. And I'm pretty sure the majority of people minus some hardcore religious folk, agree that we are probably not alone in the universe.
      But you have to understand things like laws of physics, the observable universe, the potential motives of a 'type 3' civilization, etc. Before you can measure the odds that we're being visited.
      So if you're going to quote chance/odds, quote them all.

      The second argument I see, which you also touched on. Was this whole "Pfft science is rubbish to alien science!!"
      Then how can you be quoting science as a reliable source to support claims of visitation?
      If we're going to discredit science as not being reliable in measuring certain things in the 'paranormal, ghosts, aliens, psychic powers', because they would have to be so much more advanced than us or because we have it wrong, then we cannot use science to help solidify our belief. Thats like saying the english language cannot be trusted, then speaking it to explain yourself.
      If you want to kick science out the window, keep it out the window, along with our grip of reality as this could all just be the matrix or a dream. lol. Don't cherry pick bits of fact to support your belief, trampling over scientific method, and then pretend what you're doing is supported by scientific results.

      I understand science is forever changing and I don't doubt that we will continue to grow a better picture of how the universe works on every scale. I also really hope we do confirm intelligent life soon. But in the meantime, its only a belief to assume things we truly don't have an answer for yet. And as of right now, we've have yet to actually confirm we're being visited. We can only state we have things we can't yet explain. All the 'evidence' we do have to support alien visitation right now, is more of a reflection of our need to believe.

    3. So, your ancestors were too stupid to use tools? Hmmmmmm.

    4. you dont need the wheel to use rollers.

  175. The thing that bothers me the most is that this program is on the History channel. It isn't history. It is unethical of this network to allow these claims to masquerade as history or even a theory of history. This program dispenses junk knowledge.

    1. Typical close minded baby boomer.

    2. If you mean that I don't believe everything I see on TV and require solid evidence to back up a claim then, yes, I am close minded. You bring me the proof that these claims have any validity I will listen, evaluate and then I will reject as nonsense or accept those claims as fact. I do not and will not believe it so I can call myself a free thinker. Facts are facts and really have nothing to do with me or how open minded I am. If you want to believe that ancient aliens built the pyramids, go ahead, but don't pass it off as history until you have irrefutable proof of the veracity of your claims. If you can't then it is just another fairy tale.

    3. There is zero irrefutable proof that ancient pharos and their slaves built the pyramids. Not with the tools available at that period! Some unknown entity or power helped in the process. Been to Egypt and seen the Giza pyramids. Let me tell you, unless the ancients had access to invisible super cranes and hydraulic lifts, it ain't happening my man!

    4. Did you watch the documentary? Part one , section two, perhaps? Yeah There is evidence and there is proof. You are just as guilty of denying the works of intelligent and hard working men as the theists you mock. (real edgy that.) The only difference between you and the theist is the nature of your imaginary super buddy. Theirs have halos yours have flying saucers.

    5. Ray Casbah

      Ray ray ray ray ray, so you have been to Egypt and seen the pyramids, does this give you a deeper understanding of the construction methods used?
      Search YouTube "Man Moves Huge Blocks" to check out what one man can achieve, let alone one of the great civilisations.

    6. Although there is proof that Egyptians built the pyramids (ruins of workforce living quarters and cemeteries nearby, ancient pictures of workers pulling huge statues, the Rhind Papyrus, the existence of Egyptians) why would you use aliens has the default? (No alien artefacts, no illustrations of alien building equipment, no proof of existence of aliens in Egypt....)

      It looks like a tough job so it must have been aliens? That is the logic of a twelve year old. What possible reason would an alien culture have to travel light years across the galaxy, build a structure out of stone and then leave without explanation either for their leaving or the purpose of the construction. A lot of wasted energy with no apparent reason. The coded messages theory makes no sense either. Why not just tell us what they have to say? Especially if its so important that they have to build these huge structures to code their vague messages in.

  176. Why ever would anyone or anything smart enough for interstellar travel build a base made of rocks?
    And yes Ancient Aliens is crap.

  177. It looks like this made alot of AA ppl angry, u know braking bullshit business they built around lie and ignorance. look at the illogical rage they spit out:D
    super doc btw, ty Chris White

    1. I love the rage :) Pure entertainment

    2. same here:)

  178. how many people can drag an 800ton stone????????

    1. no one had to drag 800ton stone because there were no stones there that were that heavy.

    2. watch the programme carefully again

    3. if you are referring to the stone in Baal-Bek maybe you should watch again and listen to him explain how they got the stones there.

    4. hw many ppl can drag 300ton stone???? how hw many men(no ppl) can drag a high speed train????

    5. wtf are you babbling about? Word to the wise, use proper punctuation if you don't want to come off as a teenager on DMX trip.

    6. guess we all are.

    7. lots of people can drag high speed trains. strong men competitions have single men pulling trucks.

      humans are not stupid. we make tools to assist us. did you even bother watching the documentary?

  179. he never told us how old the pyramid is!

  180. if you study this documentary closely,its not different from ancient aliens itself,so where does cavemen fit into all these???????

    1. what are you talking about?

    2. what am talking about??


    3. cavemen lived thousands of years before any of this.

      cavemen were around 20,000 years ago....

      and also there is no human called "cave man" im assuming you just mean the men who were doing the cave paintings.

      that was waaaayyyyy before any of the events in this documentary.

    4. well u act like a cavemen, thoo i guess cavemen used to be more intelligent than u.

  181. and how long has humans been on the planet????????? 500yrs?

    1. Who said man had been on the planet five hundred years? What are you talking about?

    2. ,,,,,and hw old is the great pyramid again??????

    3. Most scholars believe that the Great Pyramid was built around 4500 years ago and it took around twenty years to build it.

      I don't get the point of all your questions. Quit talking in riddles and tell us what you are trying to get at.

    4. no where in this video does it say humans have been on the earth 500 years. what are you talking about? you arent making any sense.

    5. try understanding my ?

    6. try rewording your question....what did you mean?

  182. in as much as i do not b/live aliens constructed the pyramid,am not buying this videos propaganda neither,who paid this guy to make this video.

    1. He specializes in "debunking" material that contradicts Christianity (the Zeitgeist movie was another one). He's a Christian crusader and his documentaries tend to alienate anyone who isn't a hard-core Christian.

    2. it was 100% scientific . not a drop of religious beliefs were imposed.

    3. My comment is based on his other docs - haven't watched this one yet. But someone else commented that - "really liked this docu until the 'historicity of the bible - noah's flood version is the real version' moment at the end." That sounds like a "drop of religious beliefs" to me.

    4. i agree.... these kinda fringe subjects get people really worked up.. its still amazing how people buy into religion but this AA stuff is SOOOOOOOOO crazy

    5. i gues u have to look it yourself & decide, btw im atheist and this kind of things hurt my ears. it didnt thoo

    6. Couldn't tell his religious beliefs by watching this video. He took on the claims made by ancient alien believers and carefully explained, using evidence, to prove each individual claim to be false. Never once mentioned God, the Bible or any other religious dogma. He may well be a Christian but he used evidence and sound logic to debunk these claims.

    7. if you go to his channel he's sort of an apologist. which is funny considering he's debunking baseless claims! XD he should be so unkind to his own beliefs!

    8. I have to admit I was not as attentive as I could have been towards the end of the program. I watch the last forty five minutes again and I could see his religious leanings, especially the Bible flood account. I have always felt that the ancient flood stories that seem to permeate civilizations from all over the world may be a collective memory of the turbulent climactic changes at the end of the ice age. To claim that the Noah story is the accurate one over all others has no basis in fact and is his own religious beliefs and biases showing through.

    9. My comment is based on his other docs - haven't watched this one yet. But someone else commented that - "really liked this docu until the 'historicity of the bible - noah's flood version is the real version' moment at the end." If that's not religious dogma, what is it? However, If he did manage to avoid making those kinds of comments until the end, then he is at least improving his impulse control. All is other stuff is chock full of religious dogma.

    10. It was a long program and I was starting get a little distracted at the end and his take on the flood blew right past me. For the most part it is quite good and is long on fact and is only biased at the end.

    11. A: According to the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, the Great Pyramid took 20 years to construct and demanded the labor of 100,000 men.

      He claimed that the Pyramids were built by teams of 100,000 men, changed every few months, over a period of 20 years. The fact that this meant that one block of stone had to be laid exactly in place every 3 1/2 minutes 24 hours a day seems to have been overlooked by recent Egyptologists! The fact that there wasn't this kind of manpower in 4th Dynasty Egypt for almost 5000 miles around is equally ignored! Not to mention the ludicrous theories about the stones being rolled on logs – when the only trees endemic to Ancient Egypt were date palms (a valuable food source, so unlikely to be cut down, and far too soft a wood to withstand the weight of such stones for more than a few feet!) – or pushed up a ramp (a ramp which would have entailed more work than the construction of the Pyramid itself, and would have left behind around 6 billions pounds of construction garbage, none of which has ever been found!)

      A few notable facts regarding the Great Pyramid of Giza:

      It is built to face true North, supposedly at a time when such computations could not have been possible. Are we to believe that the Ancient Egyptians – on top of all their other wonders – were also the first civilisation to possess knowledge of mathematics so precise that they could determine true North from magnetic North? Come to that, are we to believe that they could even find magnetic North, or know what its significance was? Tied in with this idea of being able to locate true North is the notion that the Earth is round, a fact not generally accepted until the last few centuries. Some still dispute it even today!

      Like 20th century bridge designs, the Great Pyramid's cornerstones have balls and sockets built into them. Several football fields long, the Pyramid is subject to movements of expansion and contraction from heat and cold, as well as earthquakes, settling, and other such phenomena. After 4,600 years its structure would have been significantly damaged without such construction. Recent construction experts called in to offer suggestions as to how the Pyramid could have been built make reference to the 'settle factor' of any large building. They have publicly stated that while the acceptable settle factor of a modern skyscraper is 6" per hundred years, the simple fact is that the Pyramid – using more construction material than 35 Empire State Buildings – has settled less than 1/2" in 5000 years! Modern construction has also averred that although for a large modern tower block the acceptable variance from complete alignment of all four sides is 6", the four sides of the Pyramid are out of perfect alignment by less than 1/4"!

      The outside surface stones are cut within 0.01" of perfectly straight and at nearly perfect right angles for all six sides. And they were placed together with a gap between them of only 0.02". Modern technology cannot place such 20-ton stones with greater accuracy than those in the Pyramid. As already noted above, the variance from perfect alignment seen in the Pyramid is still something which is unattainable today.

      All four sides of the Pyramid are very slightly and evenly bowed in, or concave. This effect, which cannot be detected by looking at the Pyramid from the ground, was discovered around 1940 by a pilot taking aerial photos to check certain measurements. As measured by today's laser instruments, all of these perfectly cut and intentionally bowed stone blocks duplicate exactly the curvature of the earth. The radius of this bow is equal to the radius of the Earth. This radius of curvature is what Newton had long been seeking.
      The mathematic value of Pi defines the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle and is found in the pyramid.
      • Pi can be found taking twice the base length of the pyramid divided by its height: Pi = 2 * 440/280 = 880/280 = 22/7 approximating Pi = 3.14159.
      The Golden Ratio or Phi is found in the pyramid in the following way:
      • Phi is found when the length of the sloping side of the pyramid is divided by half the base length of the pyramid, Phi = 356/220 = 1.618 (220 is the half of the base of the pyramid).

    12. The location where the Great Pyramid has been built is very remarkable to say the least; it could be related to the speed of light! The speed of light is exactly 299.792.458 meter/seconds or 29,9792458 x 10 million meters per second.
      Originally the meter was defined as 10 millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator in the SI system (1791). If we divide the speed of light by the distance from the equator to the North Pole (10000km), we get the number: 29,9792458. This is the latitude of a line at half the distance between Khufu and Khafre of exactly 29.9792458 degrees North.
      It could be an indication that the location of the Giza Plateau was deliberately chosen to represent the speed of light.
      The perimeter of the pyramid represents the equatorial radius of the Earth. The perimeter of the pyramid equals to half a minute of Earth’s equatorial longitude. In other words if we take the perimeter of the Great Pyramid and multiply it by 2 * 60 * 360 = 43.200 we get the circumference of the Earth along the equator in kilometres. This proves to be correct from satellite measurements with a 99,5 % accuracy. The height of the Great Pyramid represents the polar radius of the Earth. If we take the height of the pyramid and multiply it by the same value of 43.200 to maintain ratio we get the polar radius of the Earth with an accuracy of 99.3 %. So it seems more than reasonable to assume that the Great Pyramid was indeed deliberately designed to represent the Earth. These facts cannot be dismissed as being purely coincidental.

      The height of the Great Pyramid also seems to be a reference to the distance between the Sun and the Earth! The height of the pyramid is 280 royal cubits. The distance between the Earth and the Sun measured in kilometres is 147 x 10^6 Km and equals 280 x 10^9 royal cubits! So the distance between the Earth and the Sun is exactly a billion times the height of the pyramid.

      The sides of the pyramid are lined up almost exactly with the cardinal points of the compass. The accuracy of this alignment is extraordinary, with an average discrepancy of only about three minutes of arc in any direction or a variation of less than 0.06 percent.

      The Egyptian pharaohs saw the great pyramids standing on their land and decided that they wanted pyramids of their own. But they found that it was much harder to do than was expected and ended up building silly looking structures that don't even come close to comparing with the magnitude of elegance emanating from the great pyramids. The pyramids that the pharaohs created all have shoddy masonry, and are crumbling down. An example of this is the famous 'bent' pyramid of King Snofru at south Dahshur, which started out with the sides being built at one angle, then suddenly shifts in the middle to a shallower angle. This is because the angle at which it was started was much too steep for it to stand when finished. Other pyramids that were clearly built at a different time period are: 1.the step pyramid at Saqqara; and 2. flat –top mastaba pyramid at Saqqara.

      Differences between the old construction in Egypt compared with the newer pharaoh construction:

      Old construction – used larger stones and the structures go deeper into the ground
      New construction – used smaller stones and the structures are closer to the surface

    13. Watch this. My rain parka is 9.3' in length. If I take the numerical distance in meters (10,000,000) between the pole and the equator and multiply it by 9.3, I get 93,000,000. The distance to the sun in miles.

      Jumpin' Jovians I got myself an alien poncho! There can be no other explanation.

    14. numerology can be used to prove anything. you just wasted a whole lot of time.

    15. There is evidence that the stones were placed on skids and were moved while on these skids. It would seem logical that guide rails could have been built on the underside of these skids that could have allowed a small log to roll along from front to back. Two such guides, one on each side of the skid, could allow for two foot logs to roll inside these guides, creating an almost a ball bearing effect. These smaller logs would be as round as possible and would be easily handled by the labourers to put into place as the skid was moving along. This would allow for an almost continuous motion once the skid began to move. The hardest part would be to start the movement. Once in motion, it would be imperative to keep the momentum up as long as possible. Placing these smaller logs would be easier than trying to carry large logs from the back to the front.

      This is just an idea I have that explains why they would use a skid. It may not be the way but it is worth considering.

  183. Darth Vader vs Gandalf :D

  184. At last ...some common sense

    I often find that UFO people are very similar to religious fundamentalists
    ,even with evidence that the world is not 6 thousand years old ....they still cannot get rid of that belief

    no episode of AA has a shred of solid evidence...

    1. and that is why its a theory and presented as such.. kinda like evolution is a theory

    2. & here u tell everything about your intelect. lol

    3. what.. that a theory can exist.. that i dont just assume things are fact... darn right

    4. no evolution is a fact, the theory of evolution explains how that fact occurs.

      A scientific theory is "a well-substantiated explanation of some aspect of the natural world, based on a body of facts that have been repeatedly confirmed through observation and experiment."

      NOTHING about ancient aliens falls into that category ^

      dont ever compare something like evolution to this garbage.

    5. evolution keeps changing.. it is not sound

    6. what changes?

      we get more information that confirms the main idea of evolution.

    7. Your understanding of a scientific theory is incorrect. Google the phrase and you will get a clear understanding of why your comment does not apply.

    8. anybody can theorize anything they want... it does not make it fat. i was only defending AA because everyone assumes they are speaking fact and that is false

    9. What they are doing is putting out an idea without any solid evidence and are saying that it could be true and some people now take it to be fact. It is irresponsible to make a claim without the evidential support and allow people to believe they now have a firm grip on history. That is not how I want my children to be educated. If the facts show that aliens have interacted with humans in the past, that's great and it is history. Until then don't pretend that an alternate view of history has any legitimacy. It doesn't.

    10. its questioning and pondering.. it is far more intelligent to ask questions than assume that what ever one was told growing up must be true..

    11. They don't just question and ponder. They make declarations of fact. On the section concerning Pumapunku, Von Daniken and Tsoukalos both declare that the building stones are granite and diorite. This is an outright lie. They are made of red sandstone and andesite. Von Daniken goes on to say that the largest block weighed more than 800 tons. This is also not true. The largest block weighs 131 tons. The AA episode then says, quite emphatically, that the blocks were clearly machine tooled. Although not an outright lie but they conveniently disregard the fact that stone tools were found in abundance all over the site. In other words, they would have us believe that they used stone tools and power tools but we can't seem to find any of the power tools.
      They present a falsehood and allow the ill informed and the intellectually lazy to believe it to be fact. This deceit is the root of my problem with this show. It does not exhibit any degree of intelligence. Bald faced lies are not the fodder of solid history.

      I find it a little insulting that you would insinuate that I believe everything I was taught growing up. I attended a fundamentalist Protestant primary school for eight years and I was taught that the universe was created in six days and that Jesus died for my sins. I don't believe it. I do have a mind of my own. I like to think I use it in a rational manner and gather all information possible on a given subject. That rational mind, thus far, has led me to say that the show Ancient Aliens is speculative nonsense with not one iota of fact to back it up. If evidence is uncovered that shows that there could be truth to this nonsense, I will revisit and re-evaluate.

    12. i am sorry that you do not have judgement when you are watching things.. i fortunatly do.. so i never felt like that watching AA.. i think that they pose good questions about things...if your gonna nit pick this stones wieght or weather a stone was machine cut or not thats on you.. ... FYI the news disseminates lots of bad info all the time.. one needs to reasearch, ask questions, and not assume

    13. I don't think calling out someone who makes claims that he must know are false is nitpicking. These people lied and I showed you how and you still defend them. Your news example doesn't wash either. The news covers so many topics by so many different sources we are bound to have conflicting stories and perspectives...and maybe even lies. I am talking about a specific historical perspective that knowingly uses blatant falsehoods to back up their claims. A person would only use falsified evidence to back up a claim if his claim has no merit. Your logic actually defies all logic.

    14. i agree some of the things they say are bizzar and i do believe they are continuing for ratings and exaggerating many things..
      but thats like life.. my grandfather was a chief detective and always said "believe half of what you read and less of what you hear"

    15. and jack.. some of the things like the blocks and stones i questiond too.. like how do they know that.. then again i question how they can really know anything past documented history..
      questioning is not the same as believeing in which it seems to be inturrprited as

  185. I would love to see a documentary made called "Ancient Aliens Debunked...Debunked"

    1. why wait? Just imagine it ! ... you dont need to prove anything anyway. maybe you can write a book from it.

  186. It is amazing how people fall for the "ridicule" method of making people believe what you want or prevent them from knowing the truth . It is also amazing that there are people out there (after millions and millions of witnesses of UFOs and USOs) that still believe humans on earth could be the only intelligent life in any universe. Just a couple of hundred years ago no one thought mankind would be flying through the skies on a regular basis.

    1. The guy's voice sounds like it's just begging people to believe him. Ridicule and insults is all this is made up of, plus a lot of opinion. I cannot say every single thing in the ancient aliens series was correct but at least it was not made as an argument against people due to jealousy or whatever. I'd like to analyze the voice on of the narrator in this documentary.

    2. I'm really enjoying this show, as it gives very clear explanations that don't stretch credulity to the snapping point. As in, why do people have such a poor opinion of their ancestors' intelligence?

    3. you are making a pathetic argument here.

      you are saying that because of his voice you dont trust him.....but you trust the claims made in ancient aliens even though every single academic dismisses it as nonsense?

      think about that logic.

    4. "Jealousy or whatever" ?

      I love watching people's ideologies crumble.

    5. The explanations were not 'ridicule,' they were the actual science that explains how each AA claim is wrong or deceitful.

      As far as UFO's go, well, unidentified means unidentified. It doesn't mean 'therefore alien.'

      Just because someone doesn't believe aliens are responsible for human endeavors doesn't necessarily therefore mean they also don't believe in the possibility that intelligent life can't or doesn't exist elsewhere in the universe. It probably could and hopefully does. Not that I'll ever know.

      But still, have a little faith in your ancestors' intelligence. They weren't actually stupid, you know.

    6. It is also amazing how people trust writers who are trying to make money over real archaeologists, geologists, and mathematicians - who are trying to document facts.

      Personally, I believe that the truth is way more interesting than the bull.

  187. OMG is that georgios at 1:06?

  188. I'm a fan of Ancient Aliens and will always be one. It being debunked made me become an even bigger fan. Thanks H channel. You know your audience. well.

    1. what do you mean? why are you a fan of something that is a lie?

    2. ...

    3. ......?

    4. If her stance is one of the typical online free thinker than I would assume she feels that the makers of "Debunked" are shills and if Ancient aliens has drawn the attention of the shills it acts counter to their plan in her enlightened mind. One can find the same mental process in history where a priest (who up until three months ago was a Shepard who enjoyed sneaking about with his land lords daughter) Would claim that evidence against his theory that red headed women are devils are the lies of those enslaved by that land lords redheaded daughters satanic lust. Thus proof of her power and evidence supporting the priest himself.

    5. lol thanks.

      and good to see you are still around.

    6. I remain in the shadows . I usually just laugh now though. Good to see you as well.

  189. Just finished watching the whole thing - and it is pretty darn good. I guess it'll only make sense for those who are already familiar with Ancient Aliens.
    But it is worth watching for more reasons than the debunking. The information shared in this video is great.. and the guy presenting is seems to have done an amazing job on the research.

  190. Id still watch ancient aliens because I think the aliens did something to Georgios hair lol I love his hair :o)

    1. He is an alien??

  191. The internet NEEDED this.

    1. germ theory is not fact . louis pasteur the man who came up with the idea said he was wrong on his deathbed. just a theory that mainstream, lamestream science promotes

    2. This is an old topic but in case anyone is monitoring... Decades of research and self-education has led me to one inescapable conclusion. That when you see two sides of an argument in this case the Ancient Aliens Theory versus the debunkers, is that both sides are always wrong and usually both sides are simply controlled narratives
      In the abortion vs. Pro-life debate, both sides are wrong.
      In the anthropogenic versus non anthropogenic global warming debate, both sides are wrong.
      In the ridiculous Democrat vs Republican narrative, both sides are wrong.
      Because human beings have a bisected brain we have great difficulty seeing anything besides left or right, up or down black or white. And any ability we might have had to critically think is quickly removed in compulsory education.
      The Ancient Aliens theory is intended to mislead because it is part of the mainstream media if you see it on TV it's wrong.
      The news because it is part of the mainstream media and you see it on TV it's wrong.
      When you hear the mistranslation of the Bible bias through Calvinism and other nonsense, it also is wrong.
      One of the hardest things for everyone who takes a side to accept and realize is that both sides might be inherently wrong and that both sides might be part of a controlled narrative designed to mislead and control everything you think whether you think it's side a or side B they control both sides.

      True truth will not be found in a church or on television.