Ancient Mysteries: Bigfoot

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Ancient Mysteries - BigfootThis A&E documentary uncovers hidden facts and reveals possible explanations for the controversial ape-like legend known as Bigfoot.

Listen to experts who have researched the beast the American Indians called "Sasquatch" and who have found new perspectives on this centuries-old mystery.

With all of the supposed sightings of this creature and of the commercialization of keeping the mystery alive, it is hard to tell what is fact and what is fiction.

This documentary, narrated by Leonard Nimoy, sets out to find the truth through the use of archival footage, eyewitness videotape, and computer analysis, which has made it possible to learn more about this legend than ever before.

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  1. cajunbeau

    Wasn't the mountain gorilla regarded as a hoax by mainstream science until a cadaver was finally produced in the early 1900s?

  2. Falcon
  3. Falcon

    This means ManBearPig can be real...I've heard he's paid by the oil companies to start forest fires. Evil b*******.

  4. Yavanna
  5. Yavanna

    I`ve seen much better docs than this, not on TDF though. One was on TV recently I think. It was about a very remote cabin in Canada. A team of scientists camped there for a couple of days. They also put down a nail board near the door to the cabin. (The cabin was getting repeatedly smashed to bits when unoccupied) The nail board later showed traces of blood and hair and the foot print was huge.

    I remember one of the things that was discussed was why no serious effort is ever put into BF and one of the conclusions was that it would destroy the logging industry. A comparison was made to an area in the US (I think it was Oregon) where certain rare birds were found and whole swathes of forest were declared off limits to loggers to protect the nests. So if the BFs do exist, obviously it would follow that huge areas would probably be declared of scientific interest and the $$$ loss would be massive. Not to mention the loss of jobs.

  6. Achems Razor
  7. Achems Razor

    Ah! The good old Bigfoot days!

    Have lived close to and around Bigfoot areas, in British Columbia Canada. Know the areas well, of Bigfoot sightings, Harrison Hot Springs, Yale, Agassiz, the Pitt river, Pitt lake area, There is also a true Pitt lake legend about a lost gold mine in the mountains, that would make a good Doc.

    Supposed to be worth untold millions, lot of people died trying to find it.
    Maybe killed by Bigfoot?
    An interesting story, "Google lost gold mine of Pitt lake."

  8. infomonger
  9. infomonger

    Not the best. Somewhat outdated. It still uses the Patterson film which has since been shown to be faked.

  10. M
  11. M

    Yavanna: do you recall the name of the TV show?

  12. Rheves
  13. Rheves

    The patterson film has not been proven to be a hoax. I saw a whole documentary about a scientist trying to re create the walk of the bigfoot and its impossible to do within the human gate of stride.

  14. Darin
  15. Darin

    The documentary Yavanna is talking about is on MonsterQuest. It's on YouTube. I think it's called "Bigfoot Attack".

  16. truth
  17. truth

    Rheves: patterson admitted on his deathbed that it was a hoax and that the bigfoot was really a man in a costume. do your research before saying other people are wrong.

  18. truth
  19. truth

    correction: patterson was the cameraman and never admitted it, however his accomplice (man in suit) confessed shortly after patterson died and wrote about it in his book.

  20. mike s
  21. mike s

    poor guys. after 30 years they must get pretty tired of hearing "false alarm. no worries though, we'll get 'em next time." over the walkie-talkies. :/

  22. Carl Hendershot
  23. Carl Hendershot

    BigFoot for sale to highest bidder.

  24. Hugh
  25. Hugh

    infomonger,the Patterson film has NEVER been proven fake,several men have came forward claiming to be a part of the hoax aka the man in the suit but the most famous,Bob H changes his story with every re-telling and has pretty much been labeled an attention seeker. Patterson film has withstood microscopic digitial scrutiny and still most who take the time to scientifically investigate the film come away with the same way could that have been a suit..just not possible in that time. These creatures exist but I do fear they are fast becoming extinct. Hopefully,we can get proof before they vanish altogether.

  26. Whatalotofhoohaa
  27. Whatalotofhoohaa

    Hugh you have to be kidding.. bigfoot still exists lolololol. Then so does the tooth fairy and easter bunny, give us a break..what next you will tell us that terrorists brought down the twin towers and not the us govt. far out.

    one look at that footage and you can see it is an ape suit..probably the one used in abbott and costello movies..and the walk looked exactly like a human because ummmm it was a human.. let me guess you believe in the moon landing too right? no need to answer of course you do.

  28. Miigi
  29. Miigi

    HEHEH...Samsquanch...<3 Bubbles ;P

  30. Charles B.
  31. Charles B.

    Truth: Might the person who claimed to be in the Bigfoot "suit" be a liar? It's a convenient fact that this "came out" after Patterson's death.

  32. toddy
  33. toddy

    to yavanna i saw the one you were talking about and that one was kind of freaky, espically when the rocks were tossed back at the cabin. My question is why they didn't stay there , since they seemed to have some form of proof showing up. Perhaps they could have obtained permission condidering what happened and they are supposed to be scientist and being a scientist you shouldn't go running every time something goes bump in the night. I guiess the only reason i watched this one because of memories of lenoard nimoy doing a series back during the 1970's, lenoard nimoy did a series i think it was called mysteries of the unexplained. this one was very similiar some of the same footage as i recall on the one about big foot. I just think he has the right voice for it.

  34. ufo truth
  35. ufo truth

    why is it so hard to belive for some people !?
    if u never seen an elephant and somebody told u about one, u would never believe it , an elephant is a way more fantastic creature then big foot !!

  36. ufo lies
  37. ufo lies

    how ridiculous.. if you havn't seen an elephant how would you know its a more fantastic creature than something that nobody has ever seen anywhere.

    Bigfoot is just mumbo jumbo aliens from outerspace and moon landings and moslim terrorists doing 911.. get real.

  38. matt g
  39. matt g

    You hoax guys are funny.

    Sure MAYBE Patterson's film was a hoax (I do not think so) but how do you hoax 50+ years of footprints across a wide area with similarities that would fool the world's most prestigious fingerprint experts (Jimmy Chilcutt, for example, google is your friend)? The answer is, you don't, you can't and it counts as valid evidence that something created them.

    The other side of the coin ,the one hoaxers support, suggest that there was at least a country wide conspiracy, of over 50+ years, to plant footprints of such high quality (with similar characteristics that exclude known species) that modern science can't ascribe them to any known living mammal. All have the same cross cut dermal ridge patterns that are similar to humans as well as apes, but not an exact match to either.

    As for "Patty" being a guy in a suit... look up 'gastrocnemius muscle' and then watch the film. After that, look up the type of fake fur that was available in 1967 (not the flexible kind available today) and get back to me.

    Better yet, don't.

  40. R M
  41. R M

    Okay, Okay, Ooooooooooooookay. I admit it. I have to tell the truth. I AM BIGFOOT. Sorry for fooling you all for so long. Just having a little fun. I'm sure you understand, right? Anybody up for a game of LAWN DARTS??? :D

  42. R M
  43. R M

    Hello? Anyone? :-/

  44. tentam
  45. tentam

    I believe that Bigfoot are inter-dimensional creatures who come through into our dimension, just as I believe UFO's and aliens are. I also believe that Bigfoot may possibly be guardians who guard the dimensional doorways that appear sometimes and they try to make sure people don't wander into their dimension. Could be wrong, but it explains why we never have managed to capture one, find one's grave or body, and why they seem to appear and disappear so suddenly from time to time in the same remote locations. As far as skeptics go, many sightings are hoaxes, but a percentage of sightings are made by reputable people, Native Elders, Teddy Roosevelt, as well as numerous witnesses and the sightings can't be explained. And, as Jacques Valle said about aliens and UFO's, where are they when we don't see them?

  46. tentam
  47. tentam

    The coolest thing I think about the Patterson film is that the experts who digitized the film and examined it, said the because you could see muscle movement in the arm and legs and buttocks of the creature makes them believe the creature was real. The type of suits they have even in Hollywood today would not have allowed for any muscle tone, let alone movement. Plus, primate experts say the fact the creature turned her whole upper body to look towards him, as opposed to just turning her head, also casts favor in the creature being real. I think it's really cool.

  48. tentam
  49. tentam

    another cool thing is the areas of the creature's body where the fur/hair was wearing thin, primate specialists say these areas are consistent with primates and many other fur bearing creatures. and they are not manufactured in to the design of monkey suits one can rent. I want to believe! I want to believe!

  50. tentam
  51. tentam

    another possibility, or theory that has yet to be explored is the fallen angel theory. Some believe that the days of Noah, when the angels corrupted the race of mankind and giants were on the earth, resulting in the flood, and also afterwards as history and biblical records show accounts of, all the way into King David's era; What if the Bigfoot are possibly a type of inter-dimensional creature, genetically made by alien/fallen angle technology, and they wander into our dimension from time to time? I love theorizing. wish I was a scientists and all I had to do was study and explore mysterious theories.

  52. Timmy Jimmy
  53. Timmy Jimmy

    This comment is total Bullshit.....

  54. patriotbill
  55. patriotbill

    Their is all ready hair,blood,tissue,fecal matter and DNA of an "unknown primate" that has been found in Canada,a country that has no indigenous primates,so their is your irrefutable proof that a bigfoot type creature does exist their...

  56. Timmy Suckmeister
  57. Timmy Suckmeister

    Perhaps they are the unwanted offspring of Rosie O'Donnell and Danny DeVito...the unholiest of unions.

  58. Raptor jones
  59. Raptor jones

    Too pixelated, not worth watching if you cant see what presenters are referring to. 'Ahh 240p my old friend, we meet again'

  60. Werd
  61. Werd

    It's Muslim. Luddite

  62. Wanda LeDrew
  63. Wanda LeDrew

    back in the 60's my family used to take us to a small community in the time we were there one of the locals wanted to show us something .he told us that a body had washed up on shore ;he said that he had hair all over his body plus webbed hands and feet wearing a strange uniform.they contacted the rcmp and were told to bury him. where he was buried you could see the shape of a body.about seven years ago i wanted to show my hubby and son the grave. we went there but it was getting dark so we stayed at a campground. while there we went to sit on the bench it was a clear night then i saw a orb that seemed to come out of the water and moved up and down back and forth .i was about to say something when my boys noticed it we watched it for what seemed hours. it was directly over the place where the grave was located. the next morning we arrived and i went to where he was buried only to discover it looked disturbed. i then went to the family who's father found the body .the daughter told me that the church told them to dig him up and bury him in the small graveyard where other shipwreck victims are buried. i don't know if it was connected but it was around the same time frame of the shag harbor incident. it would be interesting to find out more but don't know how or where to start .after watching your program i just had to get this off my chest .ty

  64. r t
  65. r t

    "congratulations, I think you saw a squatch!"

  66. Heywood JM
  67. Heywood JM

    that "dna" evidence has already been disproven, so no you do NOT have proof

  68. Heywood JM
  69. Heywood JM

    You lose all credibility when you start to say EVERYTHING is fake. You truthers are real id**ts.

  70. Eddy
  71. Eddy

    with your name "truth", your 1st comment, and the follow up definitely win the prize

  72. stormwatch
  73. stormwatch

    I wish you none believers had been on that mountainside with me when I was in the Air Force when something huge started breaking trees and sounding like a bulldozer going through the woods. Happened at a nuclear missile site, 3 am, in december. whatever it was was trying to scare us away. I thought at the time it was a bear or something. Until years later I realized bears are not nocturnal and are hibernating in Dec.

  74. Lil
  75. Lil

    Can't stand all the background music!!! Really off putting! There's no need!

  76. Joe
  77. Joe

    Anyone who thinks 911 wasn't done by terrorist should have their head examined. Disbelieving in bigfoot is your own choice but as a hunter and a witness. I know they exist. It was within fifty yards of me in Missouri. Believe what u want but the truth is they are real...

  78. lloyd
  79. lloyd

    they are real. my uncle is a private detective and saw one with his own eyes up close. what they are he said is the question.

  80. John
  81. John

    Yes they do exist. Anyone who doesn't believe in UFO,s, the Sasquatch, and that there is life on other planets is a fool. These topics are always covered up by the government because the same people that are denying their existence, are the same people that would freak out if the were to ever learn the truth. Because they are weak individuals.

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