Architects of Control: Mass Control and The Future of Mankind

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Architects of Control - Mass Control & The Future of MankindProduced by Michael Tsarion and Blue Fire Film, Architects of Control: Program One, explores humankind’s future and the posthuman world.

Will the “perfect” human be a dumbed down, regimented inhabitant of a cyber purgatory created by unseen elites? Will the children of tomorrow be smiling depressives of a technocratic dystopia?

Subjects Include: Jim Keith, Mass Control, Mind Control and its History, Radiotronic Weaponry, Psychic Dictatorship, Mass Ritual Killings, The Men in White, Operation Cointelpro, Operation Chaos, Teen Rage, School Shootings, Media Manipulation, Sleeper Assassins, Project Monarch and MK Ultra, Operation Paperclip, Sorcery and Magic, The Cult of Dionysus, People’s Champions, Astro-Theology, The Anatomy of Thought, Tragedy: Catalyst of Change, Global Awakening, The Myth of Progress, The Global Village, The Inauthentic Life, Drugged, Medicated, and Under Control, The Deconstruction Cycle, The Rise and Fall of Civilizations, The Death of Emotion, The Posthuman World Initiated, 2012: The Age of Revealing, Civilization: Rise and Fall, Psychic Hygiene, The Sane and the Unsane.

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  1. wide awake

    Tsarion may come across to some as arrogant—but If you look beyond that and keep an open mind—you will find that you can learn a lot from him. He is very knowledgable and has put considerable years into researching and pondering upon some pretty heavy topics. Interestingly, in one of his talks he actually mentions that you should study people who you don't necessarily agree with, that way we can gain insights into the thinking of these individuals and in turn gain fresh perspectives. (in one talk he mentions Albert Pike as being an individual who was a monster in many ways, but was also incredibly knowledgable and had a lot of interesting things to say at the same time)

    For those of you who do take great offence to arrogant individuals, can I suggest avoiding mainstream media all together? as there you will find a never ending stream of arrogant, superficial, shallow, plastic personalities driven by lust for fame, finance and fiction.

    I have been listening to Tsarion for some time and I can say he has shared a treasure chest of knowledge, some of his ideas are taken from other great thinkers that have come before him, but these ideas need to be re-emphasised so they wont be lost in the abyss of our watered down, manufactured and controlled way of thinking today.

    Some one had mentioned the documentary The Century of the Self, I am not sure if Freud and Bernays were actually that close, there are many examples of family members who clash, so just because you are from the same family, does not necessarily mean you gel or agree on all ideas. I encourage all to watch The Century of the Self and pay particular attention to the section on the formation of the public relations industry, its very disturbing—but might make some folks view the mainstream media in a very different light!

    All in all a very interesting documentary...I agreed with most points, but also disagreed with a few points too. I think Tsarion is a great teacher and the fact that he seems to agitate the status quo—can only be a good thing.

  2. Rew

    This Guy is Allister Crowley author of the Satanic Bible let that be known he's sick and demented

  3. Brian

    I don't comment on anything that I see on the internet, but in this case I felt that I had to. There is a type of control of all human's going on today BUT ITS NOT MIND control as you describe it here! People are controlled by the structure of society today, ie: Government , large corporation, the money system, these are the methods used to enslave all people of the world today! I find that outrageous claims that you make in this documentary take away from the real and very dangerous problem of human control by means that I mentioned earlier. SO STOP MAKING THEM!

    1. Wissam

      Now we all know you should be commenting on stuff a lot more often

  4. Jacek Walker

    Excellent documentary;
    For those commentators here who may find this guy "arrogant", I am sure it is not the case. His style of speaking is a spontaneous flow of words of someone who is merely self-confident and unpretentious.

    We live in a world full of buffoons and actors who are never themselves, with their fake smiles and pretentious gestures. And when once in a while an authentic person appears amongst the stupid crowd then the crowd gets scared and starts shouting "Who is that arrogant man who dares speak so confidently?" "Let's ridicule him so not to show our own ignorance " .
    This is how the crowd always reacts. Remember, what did they do with Jesus or Socrates?

  5. MuchMoreToLearn

    I was on board with this until @ 11:50 when this ranting jerk said we need to quarantine anyone who isn't in agreement with him. I can't agree with this even if it's mostly valuable info if this arrogant POS is declaring a return to concentration camps for those who are less enlightened than himself. That view basically makes all the rest of your points invalid and devalues the parts that need to be examined.

    1. william sims

      we are all in concentration camps already you are told what to eat what to wear you don't even know you are brain washed every day so don't be so amazed by the truth I follow no man but I am intelligent enough to take in information and evaluate it and learn that's what its all about seeing the truth when its in front of your face

    2. Jam

      You took a figurative statement and made it out to be his unshaken sentiment. He was not to be taken literally on that point. When you have researched his work for many years he starts to become understood as prior to that the depth of his knowledge is lost on most people...don't hasten to judge him on one statement after 11 minutes of his perspective.

  6. awful_truth

    An excellent documentary of opinion that expresses the need for people to actually think for themselves, and consider the possibilities of the potentiality of life, and what it has to offer. Deep as it may be, it is not difficult once the tools we have all been given are actually used.

  7. David Hawkins

    Our capacity for conscious, rational thought is 'moral'. It's how we can conceive the future and deduce that it's better to get along in the long run. But consciousness is over-ruled by instinct (immoral and selfish) - you really think Mother Nature is going to lose her grip on us? Figurative of course, but without instincts we wouldn't have a clue what to do with ourselves.

  8. mike miyasaki

    I would say he is deservedly pompous. This guy just opened up concepts that I've had for all my life but could not articulate. He's brilliant.

  9. Tun

    He says it all right here: "We don't really think that man is that immoral, we don't think that man of his own nature would run around...fighting wars and building napalm maybe there's something else going on" -Michael Tsarion

    When you accept that man actually is that immoral (morality being highly subjective) and that there exists the potential for violence and destruction inside all of us, the whole conspiracy aspect seems rather pointless. We do not require manipulation in order to do bad things. If that were the case, manipulators would never manifest.

    1. bob

      your presumption is that all people are cut from the same cloth. that may not be the case

  10. dwdraeger

    This guy is a pompous a**! Not every person is as simple minded and naïve as he portrays. Some of us have had this knowledge long before he made this documentary and don't need to be belittled by this redundant, so called "psychologist/philosopher" who made this documentary simply to hear his own voice. I agree with the content of the documentary.... if only I could make him stop talking?????? This is a regurgitation of ideas already expressed by original thinkers of our past.

    1. chosenbytheplanet

      You hit the nail on the head! He made some very valid points, but a good documentary shows a broad spectrum of ideas and arguments. I'm sure his message will help wake some people up though. Good info is good info, regardless of who's mouth it's coming from.

  11. lcmokoto .

    I think it is funny that the fans of this man are just as arrogant as he is. Saying things like, the ideas in this film are over the heads of most people, or those that don't recognize certain opinions are lacking brain cells. It is simply one mans ideology, and every word that comes out of his mouth has a counterpoint. I am not saying that I don't agree with much of what he says, but it is just as closed minded to discount those who feel that working as part of the machine to accomplish a common goal isn't the correct coarse of action, and these people who feel this way are inferior. Isn't researching these ideas, and following this video letting a mass of people influence your opinions and actions? Interesting stuff, but I feel more people need to consider all variables.

  12. bluefoot

    The rise of consciousness he speaks of most likely has happened, or is very close, and that is the rise of machines. The very basics of robotics is just starting, the next age will be that of machines, one where humans are lesser than the robots.

    1. Jeff N.

      I suspect the robots will do much better than we have. I can't imagine them doing worse. I hope they give me a better job too.

  13. john lee

    well done to this documentary. bot who of you going to see it? yes none of you. who cares?

  14. J00EE

    you portray Oswald as a killer;where you been? He evidently never fired a shot:he was the scapegoat,sitting in the depository lunchroom on the ground floor drinking coffee,six floors away from the rifle and the window,3 minutes after the event.

  15. Hawkeyes

    Michael Tsarion is the best, and his films are top notch with a lot of information for those who care to learn.

    1. Achems_Razor

      You can run, but you cannot hide, we are all still waiting for you to discharge your claims by showing your proofs on "Symbolism in Logos" doc.,

    2. Hawkeyes

      Ohhh, so what you are saying is that you are like a kitten on a tit! Should I get a "baby on board" sign?

    3. Achems_Razor

      Right, not Just I, we all have our eye on you. don't forget, "burden of proof" lol

    4. rickdot4321

      That's cool you said that about Michael! I remastered a VHS of Tsarion speaking. The Topic was Atlantis. I am C half of the BEAT4RENZIX along with ET. A hip hop twist to Michael's speech was a huge catapult for awake people to understand. I know Michael personally and I can say with all my soul that he is the most amazing self taught Psychologists to ever open a mouth!!!! I talked to him one night for 2 hours on the subject of woman and natures twists to a womans complaxity in every way. Amazing!!! I would pay to hear it again or have it on tape!
      thnx, C

    5. MuchMoreToLearn

      He is a "self-taught" psychologist? That may explain his arrogant self righteous babble and frankly his views on what we need to "do" with uninformed people, who by all accounts seem to be anyone other than him, is to lock them up. Are you kidding me? This dude is giving the movement towards a new culture a dangerous new attitude. If he represented the "movement" you can bet your ass Fox News would have a field day with his statements about "quarantining" people who are religious. He sounds more like a militant Mullah screaming for jihad and that, frankly, is a dangerous spokesperson. I don't want him speaking for me.

  16. SonofPlato

    It's a brave person who begins to realise these things; to break free from the pervading delusion and step into the light of realism.

  17. afishtrust

    This guy is half-baked that is certain. He lacks tranquility and serenity which comes from true understanding. He appears toxic and overwhelmed. If he sees the plan to devitalize us through mind-control why does he willingly eat their poison "food" (which is crucial to their domination).
    I was astounded to hear that he would reference Freud as someone who understood consciousness and a reference. He pasted in an excerpt from a BBC documentary called Century of the Self dealing with psychiatry and drugs but did he forget that that documentary vilified Freud and his nephew Bernays and depicted them as architects of the current mind-controlled consumer society we live in. It was Freud who illustrated the unconscious desires of man, whom he considered debased and sub-animal and it was his nephew who took those principles and took them mainstream, consulting companies on how to market their brands to those unconscious desires.
    Freud did not understand consciousness. He knew nothing of direct experience. The fact that this videos writer would consider Freuds babblings as mystical explains why you see a obese, toxic, condescending, judgmental, paranoid, terrified man narrating what the age of aquarius means.
    This fellow is right about a lot of topics but falls terribly short in what to do now. And his attitude that we should let our sleeping brothers and sisters be slain is primitive and selfish. If that is his attitude it is then the perfect reaction that he should remain ignorant to direct experience which transcends thought and be so pleased with his very rudimentary understanding of the world.

    1. Ratedape

      i do agree with some of ur points, it does intrigue that you would, what seems to be, hammer the man. I found this doccie very helpful. Disc1 is a bit loaded but Disc2 really gave it a settling tone. i just applied my filter and guess what ...i walked away feeling less weighted. Admittedly, if one is buying what he is selling, i can deffo agree that one wud feel a little lost as to 'what to do now'. i think that he's intent was to shake up rather than to provide a path ... as, that is up to oneself to navigate. <- see what i did there
      Absorb what reinforces one's own delutions and disregard all other information ...hehe i just love our cognitive bias.

      all-in-all you make insightful did the doccie, i would really like to absorb your world views also, it feels as though i can learn from it. I do mean that sincerely.


    The title was fascinating. Unfortunately, the film itself consisted mainly of endless innuendo couched in a barrage of unfinished sentences. While I might agree with the major premise, no new facts are introduced, no new conclusions, and not a hint at any solutions. I felt like I was at a cocktail party of one, or a dumb-downed version of some guy finally starting to wake up.

    1. Joey Dice

      1. you are on an endless quest if you are always demanding new facts and answers delivered to you.
      2. oops. your ego is showing... so tell me again how much more spiritually advanced you are for this beginner stuff.
      3. your perspective of "finally starting to wake up" speaks volumes on your understanding of the subject. what if, perhaps, this is all a "happening" and not some infinitely divided thing with starts and stops as part of it. also you should remember that not everyone is at the same place or has drawn thoughts together like this before and this could make some new neural connections for some viewers.
      4. but what do I know...?

  19. Domenico Cusumano

    alot of this is interesting but seems very far fetched. Most of it is seems true. The guy being doumented on, at first is is a little too paranoid for me and can be that person. Basically what it comes down to dude is that there are a good and bad people and taking away the spiritual aspect of life and eliminating these things will not do away with good or bad people. What is good to gain from this is the way the digital future can implement your beliefs which is scary but I dont believe that all these poeple who died were part of some organized plan to get rid of them like Hendrix and Elvis.
    However, After watching the second part it is really enlightning to see everything he is talking about and how you can find yourself I like the second part alot better

  20. Xercès Des Stèles

    awesome at about 21 min we see an excerp from the oldschool sci-fi movie They Live. if yoou havent seen it do so NOW, obey!


    excellent program. you may need some prerequisite info before you can appreciate the information provided in this doc. without it this doc will make very little sense, and he does touch on a variety of topics. in general though, it is what you could expect from a introduction to any series and i will be patiently awaiting program two :)

  22. Liz

    Yes, this is a very general type of introduction to these sorts of topics. He doesn't toss names, dates and events at you in chronological order to prove a point, because I think the director feels he will lose you in a sea of data (i.e: bore you to tears). He instead gives an overview in his interview of the general concepts and, like @starphlo said, he gives you enough specifics so you can research individual concepts on your won.

    As a counterpoint to this methodology, David Wilcock is someone who presents his logical theses by referencing historical facts along the way (he's clearly very much accustomed to intellectual discussion and scientific method), however, his tone and approach might seem a bit pedantic to newcomers, but he does deal in facts, and then makes arguments to connect these seemingly disparaging ideas. Mr. Wilcock would be the cool, young, if awkward science teacher in high school, wheras this guy would be the eccentric philosophy teacher who consistently shows up late to class, talks in generalities, references obscure facts, but diligently keeps his office hours for curious students to wander in and start a discussion.

    Also, keep in mind that there are other people with different methodologies who seek to implicate certain individuals complicit in nefarious bits of history, but from what I've seen, when anyone starts going down that road of testimonials and names and dates, they are just asking for various rebuttals to surface on all those specifics, and possible character defamation and perhaps mysterious disappearance.

    I overall enjoyed the central metaphor, which to me is that if you are a person who has been severely traumatized--either physically and mentally by ritual child abuse, or by feeling betrayed by the society you live in once you start to awaken to the ways you've been manipulated--you can disassociate or "fragment" your personality into sections that can be compartmentalized as a defense mechanism that allows you to stay as a physical human but keep your sanity too.

    Another thing I felt was hinted at was that the more you depend on others for guidance, the less you feel secure in your own abilities to know what's best for you, and then you will be a much easier target for those people who prey on insecurity to act out their fantasies. The less you buy into these people who claim to have all the "external answers," the more you will discover the truth you're looking for by feeling if it makes sense to you on a deeper level. Obviously if you're a programmed multiple this will be difficult, but I generally like the idea of trusting your instincts instead of blindly being swayed by the media's stories of fear and divisiveness to further their bosses' agendas.

    Nice general overview of what's going on currently, and I only hit on a few points that I felt were relevant here. Staying centered and connected to love is definitely the way for happiness, and yes, we can totally be awesome journalists on this ride.

    Practice meditation, pet your pet, go for a run in the woods, swim in a fancy hotel pool, take a friend out for chocolate truffles, etc etc.

    Bill Hicks said, "The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it's real, because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round, and it has thrills and chills and is very brightly colored, and it's very loud. And it's fun, for a while...

    ... It's just a ride.

    And we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. A choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love, instead see all of us as one....

    Take all that money we spent on weapons and defense each year and instead spend it feeding, clothing, and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and WE CAN EXPLORE SPACE, TOGETHER, BOTH INNER AND OUTER, forever ... in peace."


    1. oQ

      Haven't read a piece that captivating in a while on these threads.

    2. MuchMoreToLearn

      Liz, you are my new hero. You said it succinctly and poignantly. Then, you quoted Bill Hicks, and that basically sealed the deal. Will you marry me? :)

  23. lamed

    It is true,
    without understanding the workings
    of the 'inner man', the nature
    of good and evil; answers are difficult
    to come by.

    So, where is this 'knowledge and understanding' found?
    The firm foundation as a 'truth' to
    the well 'being' of man?

    One thing he said -
    that this 'knowledge' would fall into
    the wrong hands...
    Daniel 8:23 refers to this
    along the same lines...
    understanding dark sentences

  24. poopsquat

    Ok, ive been studying M.T. for a little while now. He covers a wide variety of topics; conspiracy,philosophy,psychology,astrology,the occult,mysticism,alternative history... whew! this guy has done his home work. Its not for every one,so ignore the bashing. Either it's for you; or it's not. I'm grateful to have found him. M.T. Rocks!
    Two quotes,if i may?
    "It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society"~Krishnamurti
    "We can accept god becoming man to save man;but not man becoming god to save himself"~Vernan Howard
    Hope this helps! Take Care.

  25. poopsquat

    Ok, have been studying M.T. for a little while now. He covers a wide variety of info, from Carl jung, Nietzsche,Krishnamurti just to name a few. He covers conspiracy, philosophy,psychology, the occult,mysticism,astrology....whew! this guy has done his home work. He's not for every one so ignore the bashing. Either it's for you or its' not. Glad i found him. M.T. Rocks! Two Quotes,if i may?
    "It is no measure of mental health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" ~Krishnamurti
    "We can accept god becoming man to save man; but not man becoming god to save himself"~Vernan howard
    Hope this helps!
    -Take Care.

  26. oddsrhuge

    Wow lots of people don't get his point.

    Someone even mentioned that he provided no proof of his concept. (You are either thoughtful and aware of your own surroundings or brain dead to any contrary information. If you are in the latter group, all the proof in the world couldn't convince you of anything that you have chosen as personal truth)

    Never heard of this guy before today.

    He talks truth and spirituality within our own individual idiom. Concepts that need to be seized by all humanity, (IMO) assuming that the individual human, even cares about his environment or his own psyche. There were famous philosophers, scientists and inventors who were actually tortured and killed for voicing their personal discoveries about the world around them. Many of these same radicals are considered brilliant thinkers in today's world. It's very sad that many people who are ahead of their own time are only recognized as thoughful and progressive, after they are gone.

    But, maybe thats the point of this documentary. If people really are looking for a way to be truly content (happy, if you like) then lets stop living in the later and concentrate on where we are today. Is it really the Nirvana that is within our ability as intelligent beings to create? Or is it a society built around the illusion of success and wealth as the only way to that ultimate happiness?

  27. starphlo

    Mr. Tsarion isn't trying to convince anyone of anything. He presents information and leaves it to you to continue researching. If the statements seem strange, I challenge anyone to prove him wrong. Also, don't take one piece of information that you don't agree with and discredit the whole film. His messages go much deeper than the scope of this film, which was meant for people who are new to this information. I grant you that some of it seems far-fetched, but if you do the research, you are most likely to be surprised at what you find. I have learned a tremendous amount from this fellow (and the numerous books/teachers he has led me to). He has a great website with tons of audios, videos, and links. Much of it, however, will probably be over the heads of most people who are used to watching brain-numbing tv or are too lazy to ever read a book or try to do any work for themselves.

  28. Ronsfi

    Weapons grade stupidity.

  29. Dawit Sami

    A total waste of time. Silly documentary.

  30. Pete Macumber

    His argument is that we have no control over our world due to our perception being influenced by government agencies, media, big business etc (the usual suspects). Surrounded by a mish-mash of disconnected events explained through mind control with no proof. Such a grandiose claim should have equally grandiose proof to give it any sort of credence. The eerie make-you-wonder overtone is laughable, whilst editing the video in a more factually based give and take, or subjectivity would completely dismantle it (hence the former). This "documentary" would make the non-sceptics sceptical, and the sceptical hysterical.

  31. commenturion

    I prefer a more structured argument and less throwing together of interesting images....

  32. TransSurreal_Studios

    Finally a person that has a balanced view of conspiracy theories. I haven't researched CTs since circa 1993 .... it has taken me weeks to find a balanced view of 21st Century Conspiracy Theory.....I thought I was going to pull my own hair out and find a reptoid under my own scalp, having to wade through the sillyness out there.
    Thank you Tsarion!

  33. TransSurreal_Studios

    Finally a person that has a balanced view of conspiracy theories. I haven't researched CTs since circa 1993 .... it has taken me weeks to find a balanced view of 21st Century Conspiracy Theory.....I thought I was going to pull my own hair out and find a reptoid under my own scalp, having to wade through the sillyness out there.
    Thank you Tsarion!

  34. Yanis Vergos

    Well ok, he doesnt know much about drugs. Or maybe we dont know exactly what kind of hash the assassins have used. Probably full of opium ;)

  35. Avii

    Why all the hating on tha Ganja man? Weed is a pacifist drug...he must have missed that part...

    1. Yanis Vergos

      it is pacifist, yes, cause it is turning u into a vegetable -like state that resembles sleep.

    2. Yanis Vergos

      or not. It depends how you use it.

    3. David Foster

      Hasn't had that effect on me in 36 years.

  36. kiki

    I wonder if the son of Sam meant "Uncle Sam made me do it", and that Uncle Sam was the devil. Perhaps that is what he was trying to communicate quite plainly but we only hear what we want to.

  37. momentarily

    why do u watch this kind of film if you dont want it... that is what he is saying... do what u like but THINK! try to get your history straightened... maybe u too will know of our future

  38. M

    This guy is a total i@#$% and totally lost. Who can really give credit to this huge amount of mixed up bullsh*t?!! Wow. Hard to beat!

  39. phantom

    i feel for those who are so deeply drowned in stupidity.
    how sad it is that we share the world with those who are entirely incapable of thinking a single thought for themselves.

    propaganda or not, the truth is most prefer to live their little simple lives doing exactly what they "should"
    according to the media, government, etc.

    dont be pathetic people, stop walking around with yours heads up your buddies' .....
    dont be sheep. THINK FOR YOURSELVES.

  40. philip

    to those demonizing or against those like Michael Tsarion, Jesse Ventura, David ike, Alex Jones, and now wikileaks, whom stick their life and their head at stake, only provide the info to the public, but not twist you around to believe or not believe. Knowledge is power. if we are walking dead, our children will not in any position to protect themselves but computer chipped slavery for the elites. the education system designed in 1903 and run by Rockefellers are to mesmerizing the mass to submergences. by then our descendants will not be equipped to defend themselves, they are the next generation computer chipped baby designed to serve their masters as ancient time, only class are king, queen and slaveries. We are not fighting for ourselves but also, our children and theirs to have a livable, healthier world.

  41. Hakatai

    Interesting comments considering the content of this film.
    This film is loaded with amazing, eye opening info. If you are having trouble with it, keep watching, watch again. It will start to seep in. Full of profound truths.

  42. Devin

    I stopped watching at the part where he talks about the Islamic assasins during the crusade being 'on the bong' and hopped up on hashish before battle (and other mind altering substances).

    Hah, crazy Islamists and their hash running around killing folks. That or the really pure heroin, we all know how enraged folks get when they use one or the other. Some other misinfo tagged in the doc within the first 2 parts also before I stopped.

    This documentary brings nothing new to the table, and is a mess of information tossed around and not very well organized.

  43. Ubik

    I think Michael Tsarion did a great work on this/ My opiniois that 2 hrs worth watching with lots lots info.

  44. peter


  45. crtc

    Why is there a clip of Allan Greenspans guru Ayn Rand when he talks about reason?

    Ayn Rand is the quasi philosopher of the elite.

  46. Nero88

    Yes, I must say Haroon that you are hooked into the martix and loving it. This film depicts the true nature of our reality. All it takes is an intelligent person with reason and a lack of interest in our social media system to see that this is the real deal...


  47. just1truth

    Wow I don't know where to start. There is truth in some of it but there is absolute incoherent c*** in it as well. In his view no one can emerge as a leader to help humanity. "Well we had live aid, did the world get any better?" So we shouldn't try to help anyone. He expects things like live aid to fix the entire world right then and there when that was never the goal. The goal was to help some people. In this guys view we all should just swallow the barrel and pull the trigger. Did this documentary change anything, no! So what was the point? There are truths here but he is also the type of person that doesn't truly understand half of the things he talk about. To him any leader that may emerge to help the people is going to be part of the conspiracy. God I don't know what else to say about this doc. Just use your brain when you listen to him. Use your brain when you listen to anyone.

    1. SonofPlato

      He specifically said it's not our responsibility to change the world or even other individuals, just pointed out that we have the ability to change ourselves. In so doing, he may have actually changed the lives or at least perspectives of some of the viewers, the whole point.

  48. Philosophocles

    This doc is not a conspiracy theory. He is simply stating the facts and his main argument is that the media has control over your whole life. This is not a theory but a fact. They put you in groups (punk, jock, thug, rocker, etc) and you choose from those, you dont make your own group and if you do, they label that, and you are trapped again. Every advertisement you see is geared towards making you buy things. Ask the advertising degree students, they study the human mind in great detail. How to manipulate all the senses and brain. If they dont manipulate you and sell MORE they are fired. So it is their job to manipulate you. Are you doomed? Are we all doomed because they control our If we keep our minds clear by use of meditation and other techniques as Tsarion described we will keep our minds clear and decisions our own. I found it surprising and refreshing how indifferent Tsarion was in this doc, he truly presented the facts and even pointed out how conspiracy theories are a waste of time. This is a doc about the human mind, not conspiracy theories! Skeptics should use their own judgement when watching this doc and try not to be biased Tsarion was not biased he is not trying to convince you of anything, just trying to open your mind to new ideas. Great Doc. Thanks a million for the great website Vlatko. It's my new favorite hangout.

  49. Randy

    I haven't watched this yet, but I am about to...

    I have a feeling, I will be chuckling and shaking my head alot... alot!

    But Vlatko's indroduction makes it sound very interesting. I love a good "fantasy" documentary as much as the next guy.

    And, I love conspiracy theories and secret society stuff, even as I don't beleive any of it. I am something of an expert, I declare with all modesty and humility.

    (I've been on the "inside" and there is nothing there except self-important fools and charlatans!)

  50. Tim Osman

    my comment was @ Michael.

  51. Tim Osman

    Calling the kettle black^^^^

  52. Phil

    Interesting, but incorrectly categorized. This is a conspiracy documentary, not a psychology documentary.

  53. Michael

    This is terrible. Clips from Hollywood movies spliced with some guy making random assertions. People who are impressed with this sort of thing embody every self-deceiving quality that they accuse others of having. Everyone else is deluded -but it cannot possibly be they themselves that are the ones who have allowed their subjective preferences to lead them to believe what is convenient for them to believe.They accuse anyone who does not share their point of view of being close minded, brainwashed or ignorant of the "truth" -yet they never question their own certainty. Nor do they seem to be at all aware that in order to apprehend any degree of truth, one has to make a conscious effort to isolate those subjective preferences from the process of understanding - even to actively look for validity in the contrary point of view. Otherwise, one cannot claim to be capable of distinguishing between "truth" and what could simply be the mind telling itself stories.

    1. SonofPlato

      How do you know that he hasn't done this?

  54. Chris

    A great starting point for anyone suspicious that the world around them may be other than it has been presented. Michael Tsarion offers a vast amount of information, history, and personal philosophy to examine and attempt an interpretation of why Man is here, in specific terms. I don't think I agree with everything, I should do more research... His tone seems personal yet not clouded with bias, which is a bad smell that can be immediately detected by one who actually looks for it. I suggest giving this guy a chance and taking some notes for follow up. I personally wrote down 13 pieces that I intend to test. After watching a lot of documentaries, I would rate this documentary, considering the quality of information and personal reflection he obviously put into it, pretty high at 8/10.

    1. SonofPlato

      I personally liked the quote from Vernon Linwood Howard. What a visionary.

  55. ill

    haroon chill out this is a top quality documentary you noob smoke a spliff open your mind and understand reality

    1. SonofPlato

      As someone who has had a break from reality I recommend go easy on the spliff.

  56. Tom

    How can I download this?

  57. CMcF

    I wish people would watch the the whole documentary before adding their opinions.

    If you do not realize that we are being controlled on a mass scale in how we think and act then you have not been paying attention to the rise of marketing and advertising over the last 50 years.

  58. Paddy

    If you've seen the matrix you've seen this

  59. Howard Lee

    Visually well done and interesting. However not very convincing. Obviously something designed or fashioned for the conspiracy minded. A lot of rambling speculation and assorted facts that really have no connection whatsoever.

    It's stretching one's imagination to think that Jim Jones, Son of Sam and the Columbine shootings are all part of some Mk Ultra mind control program.
    This is definitely appealing to the hysteria of conspiranoia.
    A term mentioned in the film.
    I will use it here to refer to those who believe the paranoid conspiracy theories, that this narrator seems to believe or subscribe to.
    Maybe that's what the term originally meant.

  60. Gary

    some fantastic visuals on this; Tsarion is a masterful speaker. Glad that it was posted on youtube. Props for linking.

  61. damien

    I know this is indoctrination. but this is not forcing it on you. it is saying read every once in a while, and believe what you think is right. Anyone who is naïve would believe this story. I in fact read opun allot of documents that are to be speculated about, but also things that cannot be denied. he's just saying not to just read what's thought in schools today. he's saying to make up youre own mind, and i see that as a good thing. he is not witholding you from certain rights, he's actually letting you take a gander at his range of doors he sees as the truth. this movie is not to hypnotise you, its showing the poeple who make up their own minds to make something of it. poeple who are sensitive for manipulation will always be there because they are indeed too lazy to look for theirselves. its like made on mtv. they actually thank mtv, when in fact the poeple in the show are perfectly capable of doing that. being against the idea of seeking knowledge about yourself is very evil. poeple that believe the media and the politicians are the ones to listen to are the ones who are saying not to be yourself. what a sceem is it not?

  62. Calvin

    Another very good Tsarion film, alot of great things to contemplate on

  63. Haroon

    THIS in itself is the perfect example of propaganda/manipulation....mixing truth with lies to give off intended meaning.. ridiculous..