Artificial Immortality

Artificial Immortality

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Seneca, the ancient philosopher, posited that the day of our death heralds the birth of eternity. The tantalizing prospect of evading death propels our exploration of immortality, now intertwined with the evolution of technology. This juncture marks a critical phase, where failure to adapt may lead to extinction. Enter the realm of transhumanism, where some envision Artificial Intelligence (AI) not merely extending human life but bestowing immortality.

The Church of Perpetual Life delves into these transhumanist convictions. Gabriel, a transhumanist philosopher, champions immortality through digitizing the soul, conceptualizing it as data rather than material. Mind files, repositories of memories, emerge as potential conduits to everlasting life. Advancements like AI avatars and mind file uploads hint at a form of artificial immortality.

Digital Deepak, an AI clone, showcases the capacity to replicate personalities and wisdom, blurring the lines between human and artificial intelligence. The Church of Perpetual Life aspires to "make eternity great again," aligning with Hussein's concept of augmented eternity - a future where digital versions perpetuate wisdom.

The endeavor to capture memories in mind files faces challenges, given the subjective and confabulated nature of human memory. While AI approximates certain aspects of the brain, true replication remains elusive. Ethical and philosophical inquiries arise regarding the digital version's ability to encapsulate an individual's essence.

Transitioning to the exploration of AI's impact on the human brain, Dr. Taufiq Valiente, a neurosurgeon, underscores the intricate relationship between our senses and memories. Brain organoids cultivated by Dr. Allison Watry hint at the potential for more human-like AI algorithms, showcasing advancements in replicating neural networks.

Japan, a juxtaposition of tradition and technology, introduces Androids like Canon and Ibuki, creations of Hiroshi Ishiguro. The existential threat of superintelligent AI, as warned by philosopher Nick Bostrom, raises concerns about flawed objectives imperiling humanity.

Douglas Rushkoff questions AI's capacity to replicate consciousness, emphasizing the need to distinguish humans from machines. Advances in AI language processing, exemplified by Facebook chatbots creating their coded language, underscore unforeseen consequences.

The essence of humanity, encompassing emotions, consciousness, and inquisitiveness, persists amid technological advances. As we navigate the blurred lines between humans and machines, ethical considerations and potential risks prompt introspection on our role in the unfolding digital future.

Directed by: Ann Shin

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Alec Loofpaak.
Alec Loofpaak.
4 months ago

Pure Bullenscheisse.
All of it..

amalgamated durables
amalgamated durables
6 months ago

Automated Incompetence