Assault In the Ring
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Assault In the Ring

2008, Sports  -   11 Comments
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Assault In the RingAssault In the Ring revisits a boxing scandal considered one of the sport's darkest hours, and traces a man's despairing journey following his alleged involvement in a criminal plot. The documentary examines new evidence about this boxing match turned 30-minute assault, and reveals much more about the pre-fight activities of Luis Resto, his trainer Panama Lewis and the athletic commission representatives.

On June 16, 1983, undefeated prizefighter Billy Collins Jr. set out to fulfill every boxer's dream of fighting in the world's most famous arena - Madison Square Garden. Collins' opponent, Luis Resto of the Bronx, moving up from welterweight, had his own dream of rising to the occasion in front of hometown fans. But what began as a match that Nashville native Collins was favored to win changed both athletes' lives - ending Collins' career dreams and landing Resto in prison.

Resto seemingly reached a fighter's ultimate goal by upsetting Collins, but his post-fight victory celebration was short-lived when it was discovered that the padding had been illegally removed from Resto's gloves by his trainer, Panama Lewis, before the fight. Resto was subsequently incarcerated and banned from the sport, while the brutally beaten Collins went into a tragic downward spiral.

Resto gives his account of the story in the documentary. Lewis, whose official career as a trainer came to an end that night, was also subsequently banned, and speaks for the first time in Assault In The Ring about the events of the fight and their impact. (Excerpt from

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Jaster King
7 years ago

This movie is a great metaphor for life. Some people play by the rules & some dont. Those who dont are flawed & karma ALWAYS sorts them out. I feel sad for the boxer. Its his trainer who clearly is dog **** & a sad excuse for a human being.

12 years ago

I have watched this doc/movie in it's entirety.
This was a disgusting display of cowardness for a sport I love.Panama Lewis is a straight out punk. By the way, the Billie Collins Jr. fight(that involved Collins getting his a$$ kicked by Resto, who had plaster in his gloves as well in his hand tape) was not the only one Lewis's cowarldy a$$ was involved with.
There was another famous fight(I remember watching when I was a teenager) that had Lewis's signature labled to it. Aaron Pryor vs. Alexis Arguello. Panama ,in this fight as well as the Resto fight, put a pill in the water bottle that fueled his fighters. In the last round of the Pryor/Arguello fight ,Pryor came out high and pumbled Arguello and won with a TKO.
There are many famous fighters that are not in the movie/doc that Lewis trained as well.
1) Roberto Duran
2)Vito Antuoferno
3)Mike McCall
4)Livingston Bramble

Don King hired Luis after he got out of jail and was thinking of training Tyson after HE got out of jail. He's still thrived in this sport.The only thing is he's not aloud to be in the corner.

Panama Lewis and Luis Resto only did two f^cking years for their actions and Lewis still makes a living at boxing. Resto finally came clean after being harrased by the jounalist. Resto would have went to the grave with this secret if it were'nt for him getting scared.

This got to me because I have great respect for this sport. This just puts a huge stain on it.

excelent watch!

13 years ago

Sorry just saw the name of this preview and couldnt stop laughing.

'Assault in the ring'-from the makers of broke back mountain...

13 years ago

I cant find the link to the full documentary

13 years ago

How can I view this entire film?

13 years ago

please fix this,there is no video. thnaks!

13 years ago

I am sorry to say, that this film is missing the 9th, and final part.

13 years ago

Powerful and sad. Excellent film.