Thriller in Manila

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Thriller in ManilaOn October 1, 1975, World Heavyweight Boxing Champion Muhammad Ali was in the ring with his arch rival Joe Frazier for the third time.

This fight in the Philippines, which has been nicknamed Thriller in Manila, is considered one of the most dramatic boxing matches in history - in the words of the voice-over, They hated each other.

With the help of archive material and eyewitness accounts (including Imelda Marcos), this documentary not only reconstructs the match, but shows us what was happening behind the scenes as well.

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  1. Guest

    That's it i'm dizzy!...too many docs. How are we going to have a decent and intelligent conversation when too many subjects are on the table?
    I wIll never again complain that TDF has a boring day to offer me, even on rainy days. lol
    Have a good say and talk to you soon!

  2. Nathan Daniel
  3. Nathan Daniel

    Just watching this is giving me a headache.

  4. knowledgeizpower
  5. knowledgeizpower

    I think i'm mentally exhausted Az I'm going to go and take a nap knowledge overload lol

  6. tomregit
  7. tomregit

    Hey Vlatko, slow down big guy. Too many docs daily. Can't keep up. Don't listen to Az. You sure showed her!
    Seriously, this site just gets better and better. This doc is a bit different from the usual fare, but a winner nonetheless and right up my alley. An eclectic mix of subjects only broadens our horizons. Thank you, and keep in mind that for every thanks you get there are many others who feel the same, but..... we just can't stroke your ego too much, can we?
    Many clever, intelligent, well educated people comment here (wish I was one of them) and it feels like a little community I can Visit to Learn, Argue,Talk, Komment, and offer my Opinion

  8. Vlatko
  9. Vlatko


    It would last only several days. Just to "clean the house" a little bit.

  10. wheelnut53
  11. wheelnut53

    Great site , always something good

  12. GoughLewis
  13. GoughLewis

    Amazing doc. Highly recommended. Jaw dropper what these two fighters went through. 15 Rounds x 3 fights. Epic boxing doc.

  14. Mick Sexton
  15. Mick Sexton

    excellent,,,Frazier was the man with no doubt

  16. mark gaboury
  17. mark gaboury

    They both lost big, one man is disabled, the other one is bitter. Great, great, revealing documentary. One of the best, a real thrilla!

  18. mac
  19. mac

    The fact is it is not what i was thinking so far. The humble joe the man is the true heavy weight champion

  20. William Casidy
  21. William Casidy

    In the end, despite his physical condition, Ali has peace. Joe has bitterness over two loses.

  22. Joey
  23. Joey

    I like how Frazier said it's karma that Cashus " Butterfly lips" Clay now can't say anything....LOL...thats what you get for being a classless A hole....

  24. James Lenane
  25. James Lenane

    quality boxing from quality boxers,shame only one had morales and integrity,RIP Smokin Joe!

  26. Guest
  27. Guest

    Smoking Joe all the way for me, the old fights are the best :)

  28. Aaylsworth
  29. Aaylsworth

    Very good Doc! Joe is a true fighter, Ali is (was) a loud mouth classless fool....

  30. Farhan | ?????
  31. Farhan | ?????

    Sad that Joe remained bitter to the end. A true great.

  32. dken66
  33. dken66

    i think Joe needs subtitles.....

  34. dken66
  35. dken66

    Joe needs subtitles

  36. Dylan McCaffrey
  37. Dylan McCaffrey

    why was ali drafted into vietnam and not Joe frazier?

  38. Dylan McCaffrey
  39. Dylan McCaffrey

    if any1 can tell me why Joe Frazier wasnt drafted i'd greatly appreciate it i googled the question and i got the response because Joe had a wife and kids so did Ali so this answer makes no sense to me was 4F?

  40. Guest
  41. Guest

    I think Ali refused on religious grounds saying violence was against his faith, pretty sure that was before he changed his name. Nothing to do with sporting commitments, Frazier had no excuses. Might have been something to do with his eye.

  42. whitecloudboy
  43. whitecloudboy

    Facing Ali is a doco that say's maybe Joe did let his bitternes go in the end.I hope so.Ali moulded himself on "Sugar Ray Robinson" what a boxer he was larger than life with an 85 and 0 amateur record and 200 pro fights..(eat your heart out Mayweather,,although you are good!! Floyd.) Achie Moore 219 pro fights and Gorgeous Goerge the self promoting wrestler, Ali said I saw 15000 people comming to see him beat,(now that's a good idea)
    So there in lie's part of the Ali story.
    Ali far from perfect but the most significant sportman in my lifetime!!!!

  44. Jason Moran
  45. Jason Moran

    Frazier wasn't drafted because he only had one good eye - very clear in doc.

  46. ldesilva3
  47. ldesilva3

    Ali was the greatest because he fought the whole world at the time. He gave the strength and courage to the black people who are now benefiting of all sort of sports. For me I thing he was not fighting with his opponent but the system in place in America at that time. That is why we love him.

  48. kaiser12
  49. kaiser12

    These two men brought boxing into the era of Super Fights and with the third battle didn't disappoint. The period from 68' to 78' was the most amazing decade for the heavyweight division, there were so many great fighters, Foreman, Shavers, Norton, Lyle, easily the best of the best and Ali and Frazier epitomized this with the three amazing Super fights. Both men will always be remembered for their styles, their courage and for their hearts in all three fights. They were both hospitalized after the first one, with Frazier winning on points. In #2 Ali wins a narrow decision in a hard fought battle and in this fight Frazier retired on his stool the 14th round. But Ali was also close to throwing in the towel as well. You got to love them both. RIP Smokin' Joe.

  50. Randy R. CartaGena
  51. Randy R. CartaGena

    lesson learned. Fight til the death. I will take this moral to heart in court. No doubt attitude!

  52. eugenio flores
  53. eugenio flores

    That was an amazing fight. I believe Joe Frazier was the greatest fighter of those times, because he defeated Ali when he was in his best condition. Ali was so impolite and rude. Ali's style was dirty as well as tricky, however they fought as never someone could had done before. Both two were people's inspiration

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