Back to Eden

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When you look at the incredible landscape on planet Earth, all the different terrains, the varying soil conditions, the awesome water features, oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, the waterfalls, the different climates, the huge amounts of plants and groundcovers, the requirements are so varied. Can one fathom how big project that is? When God "designed" the landscape project for planet Earth he was so genius, he "designed" it in such a way that he would never have to show up at work. It is completely self sustained.

After years of back-breaking toil in ground ravaged by the effects of man-made growing systems, Paul Gautschi has discovered a taste of what God intended for mankind in the Garden of Eden. Some of the vital issues facing agriculture today include soil preparation, fertilization, irrigation, weed control, pest control, crop rotation, and PH issues. None of these issues exist in the unaltered state of nature or in Paul's gardens and orchards.

Paul says that the ground is a living organism, and as all living organisms the ground too has some sort of protection cover. We have skin to protect us, the animals have fur, fish have scales, birds have feathers, and the soil most of the time is covered with something. If you take the cover off the soil becomes vulnerable and it gets lost. Now the ground in the midwest looks almost scary. It's parched, cracked, hard, and almost looks like desert. There is no topsoil there because it's all blown or washed away. We're losing topsoil, and in nature it takes 100 years to build an inch of it.

Apparently it's OK to lose around four tons of soil, per acre, per year, but is the soil forming at that rate? When the soil erodes the organic matter erodes and all the nutrients that were in the soil erode and that's a resource that's not there anymore.

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44 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Anti

    excellent ,and all so easily possible.

  2. dekay49
  3. dekay49

    Way too many gods per minute for my taste, three minutes was enough for me to move on to something a bit more based in reality.

  4. Pepe Alvarado
  5. Pepe Alvarado

    This is VERY based in reality... You're letting the "god issue" have all your focus. Although you probably don't believe in God, you certainly give the concept a lot of attention, and you let it make decisions for you. If you don't care about the deity, you shouldn't let the mention of it stop you from watching and learning from the other 99% of the content. By "god's creation" you should substitute with "The perfect organization of Nature through Billions of years of work"... And it should sound nice and crispy for you.

  6. Harry Nutzack
  7. Harry Nutzack

    had he said "observation of the flourishing natural system in situ led me to this method", or even "the flourishing system that (insert favorite deity here) provided in the form of nature led me to this method", i probably would have watched the entire doc. when he attributes to CONVERSATION with a deity, i have to bow to my experience that the "logical" conclusions of schizoids are suspect at best. i neither garden, nor farm. i gave up on UFOTV based docs because i don't find the concept of "media based endurance testing" appealing. the combo of POV i don't share, along with a subject i find marginally interesting at best pretty much dooms my potential interest in his effort. by no means am i saying "nobody should watch this!!", if you find it interesting, or share his POV, have at it.

  8. Janeen Clark
  9. Janeen Clark

    it isnt based on money so no one cares if we murder the planet's top soil and in return go extinct

  10. Michael Jay Burns
  11. Michael Jay Burns

    God created All This with such genius as to leave no evidence whatsoever that He had anything to do with it at all or that He even exists.

  12. Achems_Razor
  13. Achems_Razor

    Right, what god/gods are you referring too, be more specific, there are a myriad of gods, gardening deities forever, seems that there is a god for everything.

    Funny religee's.

  14. satan
  15. satan

    Ya know, this is a doc on gardening and the likes. Not a doc on what god says!I rate this a 6 because of the over used religious remarks that does not help.

  16. 802.sam
  17. 802.sam

    Way too much religious talk turned me off after about 10 minutes.

  18. all.recyclable
  19. all.recyclable

    :) I can relate, but get over it, it's worth watching all the way through.

  20. Dami Akomolafe
  21. Dami Akomolafe

    my lord....isn't this quite a simple view

  22. alex
  23. alex

    Yes all, agreed, the "god spoke to me" rhetoric was a tad off putting. However, after getting through the first 10 minutes, I found the religious theme intertwined quite poetically with the gardening and sustainability advice. That dude is totally angelic. Also lol'd when he was like, "I'm out here, just grazin'" and there's a shot of him munching down some greens. Hilarious for some reason. Also, WHY IS HE NOT GROWING MARIJUANA?

  24. hisxmark
  25. hisxmark

    The ground is not a living organism. It may have living organisms in it. Nature has provided us with waterfalls and butterflies, but also with typhus and tornadoes.

    You want to wax poetic, write poetry. The wonderfully designed world came with smallpox and earthquakes.
    Because some of us are intelligent we can discern useful order amid the chaotic reality. That talent promotes survival. Mysticism does not.

  26. Rebecca
  27. Rebecca

    People, the reason why these men mention God so much is because He is the most important thing! He is the one who gave us the soil and everything that comes from it. He supplies us everything we need so He needs to be glorified properly. I commend these men for giving Him the glory he deserves. We need more people like them in the famring industry.

  28. Guest
  29. Guest

    firstly, 'the ground is a living organism' is a metaphor, secondly the world never came with smallpox, thats the product of human bad behaviour, and finally even smallpox have a purpose in the wonderfully designed world, created not by god, but by something yet to be missed the point completely, i mean to say that nature provides typhus... no comment

  30. hisxmark
  31. hisxmark

    An omniscient, omnipotent, benevolent super-being allows children to starve, plagues to rage, and his worshipers to murder, rape, steal and torture in his name, and he does nothing about it. He even forgives it all if you believe nonsense, grovel, beg, flatter, and, most importantly, fill the collection plate. You'll have to bear with me if I don't like him and don't respect him.

    Exactly what bad behavior produced smallpox? All the babies and children it killed and scarred must have been extremely wicked.
    OK! Religion comforts you and relieves your pain enough so that you don't have to deal with your real problems. You are still deluding yourself.

  32. Kansas Devil
  33. Kansas Devil

    Intermixed with the religious references is some really good farming advice. Wood chip farming has some really good science behind it if you look.

  34. Michael Jay Burns
  35. Michael Jay Burns

    Reminds me of the Rumsfield pitch for a Big Buck contract to GE for anti-submarine warfare. Somehow no evidence at all = supporting evidence for whatever it is that you are selling.

  36. a_no_n
  37. a_no_n

    except he didn't.

  38. a_no_n
  39. a_no_n

    so God just by another name...

  40. a_no_n
  41. a_no_n

    that's how they get you.

  42. Gabriel Celea
  43. Gabriel Celea

    While I don't consider myself religious, and was initially reluctant when bible versus started cropping up, there is some very good information in this documentary. I could have gone without the "worship music" montage right at the beginning, but the wood chipping montage was actually very enjoyable. When Paul starts speaking to other people using the same enthusiastic but overtly religious tone, it starts to feel like a very clever and enjoyable character study. I have watched similar farming documentaries that take a Zen Buddhist perspective, and I find them entertaining and informative in the same way. If not for the bible-memorization, Paul would actually seem more like a Deist than a Christian, which I feel like I can relate to. He seems like a very genuine and sincere person, and the religious qualities of this film are not outright evangelical - except for, unfortunately, the very beginning. As someone who considered changing channels after the first 10 minutes, I'm glad I stuck with it.

  44. Saydi
  45. Saydi

    Your RIGHT Rebecca, it is not Mother Nature, it is Father God who made the earth. For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God. HE is the most important thing.

  46. Mark Raymond MacDonald
  47. Mark Raymond MacDonald

    I'm confused, one guy says plant in the woodchips not the soil
    then later on another guy says you have to plant in the soil beneath the woodchips?

  48. Cody
  49. Cody

    You clearly lack the understanding (as do most organized religions) that the Bible offers. If you actually read the Bible and studied it thoroughly, you would know why the things are so terrible across the planet currently, why there is corruption in and outside of religion and why we destroy the earth and our fellow man.

    2 Corinthians If, in fact, the good news we declare is veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, 4 among whom the god of this system of things*+ has blinded the minds of the unbelievers,+ so that the illumination* of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God,+ might not shine through.+

    Believe it or not but there is a religion out there that refuses to involve themselves in political affairs, go to war, enforce any kind of collections, does not steal, teaches Bible truths free of charge, respects the marriage arrangement - the list goes on. Once again research it.

    Its never logical to form an opinion on a subject until you have researched it fully.
    However I do understand your harsh opinions as this system is designed to discourage individuals from forming a personal relationship with our Grand Creator.

  50. hisxmark
  51. hisxmark

    As a matter of fact, I have read the bible. I even took a couple of courses on it in college. If there is an omnipotent, omnipotent, benevolent god, then religion is unnecessary. He won't need or want anyone begging, whining, flattering, and making sacrifices to cajole him into doing the right thing.

  52. Laura
  53. Laura

    Reading the Bible and understanding it are very different and you clearly have not understood even the basic premise of the truth it contains.

  54. Laura
  55. Laura

    God doesn't need to trick you into believing in Him. You either do or you don''s your choice. Trickery and lies are the enemy's tool.

  56. Laura
  57. Laura

    The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

  58. docoman
  59. docoman

    You are right, reading and understanding it are very different. You mention the 'truth' it contains, how about mentioning the lies it also contains? Or the even bigger problem of the changes, contradictions and additions within it.
    Or did those parts elude you? Read it with your 'religious blinkers' on did you?

  60. Laura
  61. Laura

    Obviously another person who clearly doesn't understand the Bible. Life's too short to go into all the so-called contradictions, etc. people claim that the Bible has - it merely wastes time and there's very little point explaining to those who don't want to know the truth! Only when someone really wants to understand God's word will the truth be revealed.

  62. over the edge
  63. over the edge

    "Obviously another person who clearly doesn't understand the Bible" the same can be said to you. " Life's too short to go into all the so-called contradictions, etc. people claim that the Bible has" they are not "so called" or just "claimed" they are only unnoticeable to the willfully blind. same goes for the hate, discrimination, phobias and just plain despicable behavior committed, condoned and commanded by this book "very little point explaining to those who don't want to know the truth!" again this can also apply to you.

  64. docoman
  65. docoman

    If you want to look at truth, I'll gladly show you some of what you call 'so-called' contradictions. Care to get honest Laura, or do you wish to stay in your little make-believe world with your fingers in your ears, eyes closed yelling 'the bible is true, the bible is true' ?
    A very easy question for you, how many of the other 2 on crosses that day mocked Jesus, 1 or both? Which one is correct, Mathew or Luke? Your bible says both, check it yourself. Matt 27:39-44, Luke 23:36-43.
    I'd really like to know, but can't get a straight answer from one of you bible pushers.

  66. Michael Jay Burns
  67. Michael Jay Burns

    fools say many things Laura. some of which are true. The question is which test of truth do you apply. I opt for evidence and you opt for magic. Your way is older but has a very poor track record.

  68. hisxmark
  69. hisxmark

    I have read the Bible and have understood that the "God" of the "Bible" is stupid and malicious or criminally insane. This is hardly suprprising, since he was manufactured in the image of the worshippers who grovel and beg before him.
    The premise is proved false by reductio ad absurdum.

  70. joe
  71. joe

    Mycorrhizae and all the different nitrogen-fixing bacteria? I'm pretty sure good quality of soil is teeming with all sorts of life...

  72. Jerry L. Cook
  73. Jerry L. Cook

    Cody, Grace & Peace be to your is nice you have an understanding of the veil. We should share portions some time.

  74. Ayshea
  75. Ayshea

    Just will never understand why so many people are so sensitive and become hugely offended towards individuals right to believe in what ever they like to believe in. If you celebrate science it's all good, if you celebrate the creator, all good.. who cares. Enjoy the knowledge and the learning to be had from the inspirational message contained in this video, that's if you can allow yourself to stop being so judgmental towards your fellow man. PeaCE!

  76. VChristine
  77. VChristine

    Paul Gautschi is a modern day George Washington Carver.
    GWC's contribution to mankind ALSO through Botany revolutionized the economy of the -then - '1-crop South', by supplying hundreds upon hundreds of new products to generate from crops they were able to grow! This fact about Carver is well known. What few know though is HOW he got his incredibly detailed information about the peanut, sweet potato, pecan etc...

    The answer is by doing the same thing that Paul Gautschi does,.. talking to the creator. (To learn about GWC's relationship with God, read the book 'The Man Who Talked To Flowers'.)

    For 18 years now I have a school where I teach artists things that permit them to go out and start careers, and earn a very good living! I routinely get students from all over the world. Everything I teach, no man taught me. I learned by listening to God.

    For those of you who sincerely wish to do that, talk to God, it starts with a wish to know Him. Jesus is standing at all of your doors... knocking. He says that anyone who opens up that door, he'll come in and sup with. Have you ever had a supper with someone with no conversation? The Lord is a wonderful man to talk to. Once you strike up a friendship with him, life will never be the same.

  78. Eric
  79. Eric

    Never use woodchips in a garden , first off , the wood may contain a list of hazardous chemical , Arsenic , etc

    As an organic gardener , we use hay and straw as a mulch , wood chips take alot and i mean ALOT of nitrogen to decompose , while stealing it from your plants , Use shredded leaves , hary and straw , it is the best !

  80. Dennis Chastain
  81. Dennis Chastain

    Hixmark I agree the ground is not a living org. But the soil is. If there are no living things it is just ground up rock. As a person who is not religious I think you are as bound by your religion as others. "science" has as many contradictions as religion ad has been totally off base so often it's teachings can not be trusted at any given time. As an example the "Theory of evolution can no more be proved than intelligent design". Both sides are only basing their belief on " Faith". No objective proof on either.

  82. Lucia GOLINSKA
  83. Lucia GOLINSKA

    Thank you so much.amazing, love it. lord God bless you :)

  84. Shaylyx
  85. Shaylyx

    Although, as an atheist, I could have done without the "God" references every five seconds, there is absolutely value in what is being presented in this video. As an avid gardener and student of science, our current agricultural practices and disconnection with the natural world is a detriment to our species. Get outside, learn how to grow your own food, involve the community, and apply modern technology within reason.

  86. Dickard Rawkins
  87. Dickard Rawkins

    So many people believe in god it makes me so angry ! Why cant people understand that life came from nothing, without any cause whatsoever, only by chance , no intellegence whatsoever. We come from that lightening hitting a cingle amoeba some billion years ago and made our way through fish and frogs into whales and monkeys and eventually became homo sapiens. This was proven by darwin 200 years ago in his brilliant book where he stated something like: if my theory is correct we will find millions of examples in the fossil layers of one specie evolving into another within the next 40-50 years. And as we all know today , everyone who has a working brain knows this is true. From piltdown man to ida the missing link we have decades of proof. And its all true, because the biology books and professors all say its true! Why would they lie to us!!!??? How anyone can believe that life was created by intelligence is preposterous blasphemy. We should make a law who prohibit the belief in higher intelligence and or intelligent design because we need to protect these stupid m*ron who cant think for themselves! We come from nothing, just like everything else in the universe. Its plain as day. Like if you see a big marble statue or a boeing 747 your first thought would not be: wow , who made that thing? But wOw what a marvellous piece of chance and evolution. It really isnt that hard!! Grow a brain and buy some logic pathetic ID /God sheeple. Btw richard Dawkins proved god dont exist and that jesus was a fairy tale!

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