Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight

Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark Knight

2008, Psychology  -   58 Comments
Ratings: 8.12/10 from 67 users.

Batman Unmasked: The Psychology of the Dark KnightBatman Begins and The Dark Knight are both excellent sources of entertainment, but they also offer a complex and interesting dissection of a man who learned to use his own fear against criminals.

Delve into the world of Batman and the vigilante justice that he brought to the city of Gotham. Batman is a man who, after experiencing great tragedy, devotes his life to an ideal - but what happens when one man takes on the evil underworld alone?

Examine why Batman is who he is - and explore how a boy scarred by tragedy becomes a symbol of hope to everyone else.

Not only does this documentary investigate the mental attitude of the mysterious caped crusader along with selective interviews from various expert, but also put some brilliant resemblances between the Batman and Theodore Roosevelt.

Additionally, the filmmakers shows how spiritual iconography greatly influenced the development of the Batman character.

Aside from that, it includes a short insight inside the motivating force that drives other infamous figures such as the Catwoman and the Joker. Explore why the history of the Cape Crusader and discover how a kid scarred by traumatic event turns into a symbol of hope for City of Gotham.

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9 years ago

Oh so everyones a psychiatrist here? Hes a great character built on classical literary themes. Best superhero in my humble opinion. Whoever is posting negative comments on a FICTIONAL character doesnt get the whole point to start with. Bob kane is deceased so he cant read your jealousy laced pitiful qualms anyway.

9 years ago

You know Batman is a cartoon, right?

10 years ago

I'm a huge batman fan, and am often intrigued by the psychological background woven into the story. In the last few years I have read the entire series, watched the shows and movies. The intro of this documentary no were near correct, but the professionals hit some key points although the doc as a whole stays very superficial. If you are interested I suggest picking up some books instead of watching this

Nancy Corner
10 years ago

I don't like superheroes, but I can't say so about the film.
Interesting documentary, though it reveals nothing new.

Hanif Ballard
10 years ago

Kaito kid is a narcissist?

Mixalis G
11 years ago

Due to lack of history and tradition Americans have invented imaginary cartoon heroes... Its not bad as long as they're not taken seriously.

11 years ago

supress your inner self, become like batman, dont get angry, hide it all, dont stand up against injustice unless you are in disguise...

11 years ago

The more i watch of this the more i dislike it the schizophrenic nature of batman is not treated as disturbing but as though we are all conflicted millionaires at heart and split personality is some kind of norm...

11 years ago

from the "documentary" (and i use the term very loosely here)
"What drives a billionaire to become a crime fighting vigilante?"
erm ..nothing?
there arent any real batmen are there?
So the entire supposed "psychology" of such an individual is pure hypothetical rubbish, the term is "characterisation", the "psychology" of which is merely created by his writers.
Therefore he is an imaginary character without a real world analogue and hence he has nothing to teach us except that billionaires need really good, and very expensive PR to convince folks they arent all totally f&&king evil.
Next week: An in depth look at the psychology of sponge bob squarepants.
Why does a talking sponge persist in his kindness to his evil neighbour squidwort in the face of such animosity. Is it because of his imagined sexual orientation and a darker subtext?
Is his love for sandy squirrel girl just a show?

11 years ago

What a load of nonsensical psychobabble, the psychology of a fictional character -(one that used to be only children would read! or watch!) and has been recently wheeled out to adults (again) because it features a millionaire businessman who is actually a hero.
To make as much money as the fictional bruce wayne in the first place you have to be a total c++t, just like tony stark.
Are you seeing a pattern here?
Lets idolise this fictional hero with his "special ability" of a vault full of gold why dont we?
In a real world climate where men with vaults full of money are in reality shady fraudsters with their hands in your pockets nicking your change who build new ways of killing people in factories with the output set to death.
Lets paint the wealthy as mysterious, conflicted and full of good intent shall we?
Lets give the impression that if only you were rich- you too could be like batman!
A monied, violent, psychotic, vengeance fuelled bloke in an s and m gimpsuit, fighting preposterous enemies to maintain his role in an oligarchy and protect a city at the head of a great and terrifying empire of avarice.
The one real, worthy, philosophical point batman could actually make to his audience is one made by Nietzsche
"Do not go seeking monsters lest you become one"
but no, batmans "good side" always prevails doesnt it?
Whats far more interesting is the psychology of batmans "fans", devoted to a character they were trained as children to love and admire, carrying this adulation through to adulthood and how this is achieved through perpetual, lifelong incremental periodic marketing and propaganda and the sale of the toys and merchandise to grown men. Usually made in factories by the economic slaves of the owners of warner brothers and sold at a vast profit to promote a figure who serves "justice" in an imaginary world whilst conveniently leaving the real world well alone to get on with its bombmaking.
You couldnt make this **** up
...oh you could...and they bad...

11 years ago

Great documentary. I watched this last week because I really like batman. I like how he became a hero by exposing himself to his fears. I kind of lost respect for Catwoman after learning that. Why would you be scared of cats all they do is sleep and chase birds.

11 years ago

the only person who official had that title was rusputin,waych doc.

11 years ago

copy paste the title of this doc on youtube and you'll find it ;) IMHO it's a nice docu :)

11 years ago

copy paste the title of this doc on youtube and you'll find it ;) IMHO it's a nice docu :)

Martin Hoevenaar
11 years ago

It's removed.

11 years ago

Its one big advert for the film. Its a little creepy how they mix fantasy and reality; going on about these characters like they're real.

11 years ago

good doc comics are not just fictional stories someone made up but a lot of them touch on very real issues humans deal with from deep within the psyche of a person

12 years ago

Really more of an advertisement for the newer movies.

12 years ago

Interesting Doc. Watch it or the Joker will come after you!

12 years ago

I'm guilty of liking this.

12 years ago

Please comapre Christian Bale to David de Rothschild.

You can say that David de Rothschild looks like Batman dressed up like Jesus. (He is also the current 'front man' for the family.)

Batman character is recently used to sell Rothschilds as good people, heroes and saviours. This is blatant propaganda in popular culture.

That is also why you get a film about Batman on television ;]

12 years ago

Christian Bale is definitely my favorite Batman! Love the Roosevelt-batman comparison

12 years ago

The bat man dissected on a film strip.
I agree with Sertsis, a good ad. I, on the other hand will not rent it.

12 years ago

one of the history channels better docs.

12 years ago

This one's a little shallow and dull. Despite the fact that I love comics and that this doc has a very short duration, I was losing interest toward the end. It's not bad, but there are much better documentaries about psychology out there, and much better docs about comics (not just superheroes) as well.

12 years ago

batman is the ish

the only super hero that actually worked for his powers..
i always hate how superman never did shlt for his powers... batman gotta work out and excercise he cant dodge or eat bullets.. he a regular guy and he's in justice league with a buncha fre@k mutants whose power jus landed in their lap..

props to batman.. the only self-made superhero.

12 years ago

From what i learned from the doc is the understanding of Ego. Just using the character Batman as a good example basically breaking down the personalities. pretty good documentary

12 years ago

"Superman is the way America sees itself. Batman is the way the rest of the world sees America." - Michael Caine.

12 years ago

Batman thinking: Nice rack.

12 years ago

- if you're paying games with kids, let 'em win eh?

12 years ago

HOLY SH*T. A documentary about Batman?! YES. I'm sorry, but I can't hide my inner fanboy. All hail the Bat
And I actually do think it's an interesting documentary...touching on ideas comic book fans have discussed for years, but at least nicely putting them together.

I've always loved the psychological nature of Batman...the complex conflict between Batman and the Joker summarizes why he's my favourite hero.
Really, no other character comes close.

12 years ago

not a good one....all these ideas could have been said in 10 minutes...only for batman lovers