Being James Bond

Being James Bond

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One of the most iconic figures in pop culture is the British globe-trotting super-spy, James Bond. When the first Bond novel was published in 1952, the world was hooked. Moviegoers soon followed when the first Bond film, "Casino Royale", was an instant hit when it premiered in 1962.

Sixty years, 25 movies and seven actors playing Bond later, it has never looked back and is still going strong. It is currently the longest-running movie franchise, scoring box office success with every installment. The Bond films set the standard for all spy films to follow, originating many of the genre's classic tropes. These include the evil mastermind, the quirky henchmen, the shadowy international crime empire, exotic locations, luxury vehicles, the fantastic array of weapons and, of course, the fantastic array of women.

"Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story" is an honest and joyful retrospective of Craig as 007. Over 16 years (he is also the longest actor to play Bond) and five movies, Craig's version reinvigorated the series, making him the most successful Bond (box office wise). He is also widely praised for portraying the character of how writer Ian Fleming envisioned and created him to be.

He candidly looks back at his journey as Bond, from his very controversial casting to his emotional and bittersweet departure after wrapping up filming on "No Time To Die", his last Bond film, which came out in early 2022. While in conversation with Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson, Craig shares behind the scenes footage and behind-the-scenes stories and anecdotes from each of the five films.

When he was cast as James Bond in 2005, Daniel Craig was not considered leading man material at all. He also looked nothing like the previous Bonds. The media frenzy was relentless, with everyone judging the film before even seeing any footage. But when "Casino Royale" premiered in 2006, it was a critical and box-office success. It shut his detractors up faster than you can say, "Shaken, not stirred." Craig was a new Bond, yes, but also a modern Bond with an emotional depth never portrayed on the screen before. He was not the slick, suave pretty boy armed with over the top gadgets and witty one-liners but a gritty, intense and complex killer with a sense of style and dark humor, unafraid to show his vulnerability.

They also touch on the many difficulties making "Quantum of Solace", the triumph that was "Skyfall", and the tribute and throwback to old-school Bond that was "Spectre".
It was a shock to hear about the physical toll playing Bond took on Craig's body, receiving numerous injuries from crazy stunts. There was also the emotional toll of being suddenly thrust into the limelight, and how after "Spectre", disillusionment set in, brought about by feeling exhaustion - and his advancing age.

"No Time To Die" is the last movie to feature Daniel Craig, considered the best 007 ever, as James Bond. He will surely be missed and leaves mighty big shoes to fill by whoever they cast as Bond #8.

Directed by: Baillie Walsh

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James Allen
James Allen
1 year ago

Daniel was the first Bond in a LONG time to make me "want" to BE James Bond again. I am truly thankful to him for bringing that back to the character for me.

1 year ago

...nobody ever equaled Sean Connery, in my opinion...he had "something" that was hard (but not impossible) to explain...
There was one actor I felt could have been a great alternative after Connery and that was Alan Bates...but he died...

1 year ago

Wakey .. Wakey! The first James Bond movie was Dr No.