The Big Reset 2.0

The Big Reset 2.0

2020, Technology  -   7 Comments
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With the advent of self-driving cars, smart home networks and machines that can replace our workers in factories across the globe, artificial intelligence has made its presence known in most of our lives. What are the capabilities and limitations of these technologies? Leading experts in AI design and manufacturing chime in during the DW Documentary production The Big Reset 2.0.

In one warehouse in Germany, we witness a mechanical arm struggling to pick up and transport a pair of pliers from one bin to the next. Unfamiliar with the shape, weight and proper grip required to perform this exercise, the machine's AI functions help it refine and relearn the task until it's completed successfully. This is an example of a technology in its early stages of development - a self-learning machine that can function on its own database of programmed reasoning.

For more delicate tasks requiring a high degree of precision or repetition, these technologies are already surpassing their human counterparts. But they're a long way off from mastering the complex sensory capabilities of our species.

The film presents the development and use of AI as an ongoing balance between rewards and risks.

Driven by a tragic climbing accident that cost him his legs, a developer in New Hampshire has crafted artificial limbs that function intuitively courtesy of AI. These systems help to empower the disabled as they work to regain an active quality of life.

On the other hand, information technology companies utilize AI to tailor content around our browsing habits. This impressive functionality is a double-edged sword; it offers a greater degree of convenience for users, but it can also be employed to propagate fake news.

Even given the current limitations of AI technologies, it's crucial to consider where it might lead in the future. After all, the evolution of smarter and more versatile AI is moving at a record pace. That's the primary theme of the film. At what point might AI replace humans altogether? When should we step in to place restrictions on this progression? The Big Reset 2.0 warns that if we don't take action now, we might lose our value in society before we even realize it.

Directed by: Tilman Wolff, Ranga Jogeshwar

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john smith
2 years ago

I fear where all this is going, I don't think it's smart at all.Just increasing surveillance over human beings who are not smart but stupid and naive to encourage this technology.We know where it's gong so why do we keep doing it?

Devil Travels
2 years ago

It looks like the US is going to lose the technology race. US government and business no longer enables innovation and innovators.
Well, we had a good run. I guess Chinese terminologies will be invading the language and culture.
This appears to be the direction the universe is heading.

jim carousel
3 years ago

there have been so many reasons 7.5 billion reasons as the trumpet would say all hail AI boy that what real men are dollar signs lets hole up and hide in them thar mountains $ like real men and significant others
whos to blame they all say not me so i guess the AI will to

Hakikomori Sng
3 years ago

Which is more threatening - AI or China?

3 years ago

It's like the terminator movies arn't so far fetched now are they๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜ž๐Ÿ˜ฒ