Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the World

Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the World

2008, Biography  -   34 Comments
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Bill Gates: How a Geek Changed the WorldThe Money Programme's Fiona Bruce gains exclusive access to Bill Gates as he prepares to step down from full-time involvement with Microsoft, the company he helped found.

Gates's company has changed the world, but he's a controversial figure, with his ruthless business leadership contributing to Microsoft being sued by the US government.

In a special one-hour edition of the Money Programme, Fiona Bruce presents the definitive profile of Bill Gates as he embarks on his latest challenge: giving away the billions he's amassed.

She examines the fortunes of Microsoft as it faces up to competition from Internet-based companies, and the programme asks an array of well-known friends, colleagues and rivals what the future holds for the company in a post-Gates world.

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34 Comments / User Reviews

  1. Wake Up

    He is one of the most dangerous people on the planet and should be in jail for the rest of his life.

  2. k

    if he was going to kill us he would have done it longtime ago

  3. k

    wow stop hating

  4. Sid

    The fact is and some of you kind of touched on it, Gates himself didn't do much of anything except become the luckiest man of the 20th century. And he certainly didn't 'change the world.' First of all he never created the interactive desktop, he stole that from Apple. (Mac) The federal courts we equally ignorant of small user software and awarded him the rights, (and every other manuf.) saying essentially that such a thing wasn't copy-write protected or patent-able. Now they know otherwise.

    Zerox Labs thought there was no future value to the mouse, he and everybody got that too.

    Then he got real lucky when he licensed (first time ever IBM went outside the co. for software) software he didn't own and then purchased what was Seattle software's operation system, renamed it MSDOS...and licensed to IBM. (IBM even had to work some bugs out) IBM was in way too much of a hurry to compete with the Mac and proceeded to establish MSDOS (then Windows as THE PC platform. (along with Intel motherboard) All of which GAVE MS (Gates) a monopoly with the DOS format and Windows OS that IBM sold for him. That's why IBM is now out of the PC business too. Agreed by many analysts that IBM's was the worst corporate decision of the 20th century.

    The courts remain ignorant when the refused to hear any appeal. Compare it to the case that the DOJ had against IBM with Cobalt and Fortran. (mainframe) software that got a consent sell it. The courts with the MS ruling cost the users untold billion$ and the country probably millions of jobs. (I was at IBM at the time and saw all of this coming)

  5. Lee Shafer

    i prefer the current 21221 over godsclaws

  6. Godsclaws

    Still a much bigger fan of Apple than microsoft....

    1. 21221

      if it wasn't for microsoft apple would never recovered after s jobs took over so...know the history before commenting.

    2. Godsclaws

      I don't need to know the history before commenting you fool. I was merely expressing my preference for the current apple computers as opposed to the current Microsoft computers so... think before you speak.

    3. Mayank

      Microsoft Computers !!!

    4. Kirra McDowell

      Well, carry on in your ignorance and using your precious Apple products that are made specifically for people like you who have an IQ of 30 and not willing to move to something more complex and with more than just 3 functions.

      I am going to be sitting back in the meantime and watch Apple go down because I don't see Microsoft helping Apple rise again, specially since Jobs is unfortunately gone. And just for your own culture and all, Apple had 90 days till it became bankrupt when Microsoft lend it a helping hand.

    5. Random

      If there would be Steve Jobs,apple wouldn't be absolute crap.
      but well...
      IMO windows>apple
      But basically Steve Jobs has created first Phone with OS.

  7. Remco Gerritsen

    Seen the docu, the first one, now. Must say, it gives a new perspective. Kinda like this men. So much determination, nobody can stop him:) And even with all that money, he still goes on and on and on, he's even wanting to give it all the way, to just WIN! I love that:D

  8. Remco Gerritsen

    Microsoft started it all and now will be taken (partly not happy with it) by Apple (pc market)/Google (internet market). Microsoft though will be the PC I will use. I love it:D Actually a huge lot is working on it. The only sad thing is the virusses.

  9. Grisha Chugh

    nice and inspirng... hard work always pays..

  10. anuragawasthi

    Social philanthropy is giving back to the victim a little of what the philanthropist has ruthlessly got out of him. You first exploit him, make him work innumerable hours and all the rest of it, and amass a great deal of
    wealth by cunning, cheating, and then come around magnanimously and give a little to the poor victim

  11. Jack1952

    I liked the film. The success of Microsoft in such a short time is incredible and has had a profound effect on our lives. Even my 80 plus father is plunking away at a computer keyboard and complaining how he can't get high speed internet on the farm. This change in lifestyles demonstrates how quickly things can change and that our society may not be where we expect it to be twenty years from now.

  12. Yavanna

    I`m confused - If his only remaining ambition is to get a Nobel peace prize then all he has to do is buy the next presidency........... Duhh Billy!

  13. Daryl Walters

    Wow, I watched the first doc and thought it was great. Was then very dissapointed with the second "doc"

  14. Guest

    Watch out Africa, money is after your ass.ests.

  15. VilleKoskinen

    What a load of crap!

    Or... hmm... perhaps I was wrong. I thought this was a doc, but perhaps this is a add. So yeah... great job! :D

    I wonder how much did this add cost to Bill the Great. The "true philanthropist". (Yeah right)

  16. Matt Kukowski

    The BORG!!! hehe Oh and MS spent 5.5 BILLION on BING which has become a failure. Even if MS spiders Google's Index and cheats... wont work. Google has the Internet search by the Balls.

  17. Guest


  18. Placeboaddict

    Pretty nice doc, if u liked it look up "Fire in the valley" for more about ruthlessness.

    2nd that Daryl.. TY Vlatko, for making my TV redundant.

  19. PavolvsBitch

    Never fails to amaze me looking at this Kermit like figure and reconciling the fact that he considers himself one of the masterclass and whilst his palid form pontificates on the evils of overpopulation and the media hypes him as a true philanthropist, he is killing millions of innocents and plans the extinction of all. He's nothing more than a throwback genetically, a psychopath, a killer.

    1. Anthony Williams

      wow! he is perhaps an accidental success... I think the ubiquitous nature of his companies product says more about human psychology than anything else.

      seriously though I really don't think he plans to kill us all? unless its with boring user interfaces that keep us transfixed in our seats until we slowly loose the will to live...

    2. anne brackett

      thanks for the smile anthony. i relate.

    3. Kile Davedson

      He's not planning to kill us all, just 15% of africa, it'll be ok, no one will notice.

    4. Greg_Mc

      Wow some pretty harsh words there, did it all come from watching the doc or is this something that has been building for years? I havent seen the doc yet and on a personal level I don't pay any attention to what he does, in fact I tend to ignore anything to do with the guy. There is no reason for this, I basically just don't care about the guy.

    5. Placeboaddict

      This guy is so win it hurts. Haters make him famous, money makes him matter. But yea.. do see the freaky Kermit resemblance, killer psycho nerd on the prowl XD

    6. Sieben Stern

      same with steve jobs in china. go harp on him too. (killing people, that is)

    7. Yavanna

      Name just ONE of the millions he has killed. I`m no fan of Billy robber baron Gates but you have just caused unnecessary wear on your keyboard with your comment. Not to mention a small decrease in our bandwidth.

    8. Remco Gerritsen

      Maybe your right. But you can't blame him for this. If you wanna blame someone. Blame everyone who has ever gotten more then 1 million euro. Try to get your mind into: I love humans. When you got that money. It's as easy as that. You never should attack 1. Basically certainly now he isn't the richest anymore. You should attack all!

      Someone that has this determination. Wouldn't even have the time to murder someone. Otherwise the news was already full of it.

    9. Epicurus

      lol what are you TALKING about? how does he plan the extinction of all? or killing millions?

      my goodness you are hilarious.

  20. Daryl Walters

    I gather that this doc was made in 2008. Still very interesting. Thankyou Vlatko. I just love this site!