Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble

2018, Technology  -   15 Comments
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If the notion of bitcoin intrigues you, yet you find yourself intimidated by the complicated techno-jargon surrounding it, then the documentary "Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble" is for you. This incisive overview explains the intricacies of the cryptocurrency in an engrossing and easily digestible manner.

The film begins with an examination of popular currencies throughout history, including our long-time reliance on precious metals like gold and silver as well as the system of the U.S. dollar that is most commonly employed today. Bitcoin is viewed by many as the next logical evolution from these currencies, and a highly desirable one at that.

Bitcoin, coupled with an interface known as blockchain, is a completely decentralized network that eliminates all intermediaries from the currency exchange process. This is one of the major factors that set it apart from dealings with traditional banks or credit card companies, and it's a significant reason why these firmly established institutions are threatened by the growing popularity of the cryptocurrency.

The network is especially useful for those who are not active members of the banking system, but its benefits transcend the needs of the individual. As detailed in the film, currency insecure countries are using bitcoin to avoid dealing with corrupt governments and greed-infested central banking systems. Many of the world's wealthiest regions are hesitant to engage in financial transactions with third world countries due to rampant credit card fraud. Bitcoin eliminates this risk, and thereby opens up a new realm of revitalization for these impoverished nations. Incredibly, it can also be used to enhance privacy standards, protect the integrity of national elections, and help struggling families across the globe in procuring property rights.

The film dives headfirst into answering bitcoin's most ardent critics, including on issues related to the endurance of the technology if it should grow far beyond expectations in the near future, and the securities that are in place to prevent widespread fraud.

Featuring insightful testimonies from prominent leaders and prognosticators on the global financial stage, "Bitcoin: Beyond the Bubble" paints an optimistic impression of an empowering future where everyone can be in charge of their own money.

Directed by: Tim Delmastro

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Not Me
1 month ago

This will be an interesting watch in 2023, at the cusp of CBDC's being implemented en masse.

2 years ago

haha. The centralized banks and governments are already adopting blockchain tech... watching the revolution unfold right in front of my eyes is amazing.

2 years ago

haha "real dollars". as if endless printed paper was more real.

4 years ago

Enjoyed their perspective, explaining that digital currency is nothing new. Dollars have been transferred digitally for years. It is the transaction ledger blockchain that replaces the need for a 3rd party bank account ledger.

It is nice that they claim that you can instantly trust the transaction, unlike a credit card which may be fraud. Even bank check/cashier's checks have been faked/fraud.

But they didn't discuss how people's bitcoin accounts and/or bitcoin exchanges have been ripped off to the tune of millions, by hackers. I would like to know how that happens, if the individual bitcoin holder is at risk from that, how to protect from it, if possible, before obtaining any bitcoin.

Further, it seems only a matter of time, if you read govt documents, that they MAY simply outlaw bitcoin in favor of their own pseudo Ecurrency, once they get it established.

If the financial system collapses from too much debt before sheeple adopt govt/bankster Ecurrency, that would be a great boon to Bitcoin. Then there will be two currencies: precious metals(gold and silver) and bitcoin(and bitcoin like digital blockchain currencies such as Etherium, etc.) Presumably some exchange houses, if not the current bitcoin exchange houses, would sprout up to facilitate exchange between those two currencies, for a fee, as they do now for fiat currencies and bitcoin.

Shubham Tembhurkar
4 years ago

Presently,Most people still don't have a proper access to the internet.
And there's this major concern of what if we run out of energy in future?What then?

4 years ago

Well get back to gold.

5 years ago

I am working with cryptos since 2013 or 2014 i think and all i can say it's changing the world. Literally. Cryptocurrencies are not going go replace banks, even if it can be done easily because they are just better, banks won't allow that, they will evolve and most likely they will develop their own centralized crypto currency(i guess there will be one that will be world wide adopted). What bitcoin and cryptos are is the great alternative that we will always have. We didn't had something like that never so this is a powerful thing. Bitcoin isnt a get rich scheme, even if most people are using it just for that and probably we won't see this transition to cryptos for some time but when people start seeing 1 BTC as a 1 BTC and not XXXX dollars, that would be a sign of a new financial system.

5 years ago

John Payne> Crypto is challenging the banking cartel's ability to steal purchasing power, through inflation, and lend it out at interest - legally. It's theft, plain and simple - except it legal. No-one donates more to political parties than the banks. There's a reason for that. Of course they will fight for this, and use the considerable political power they have. This is a battle that has to be won by crypto. Everyone knows this. One thing is for sure though - laws CANNOT stop crypto. This is a war. The peoples right to their purchasing power versus the elites who think they have a right to decide what money is worth, and will exploit that right. Bitcoin is pretty open at the moment, but technology is already on the way, to make it more anonymous. I personally believe crypto will win in the end, and give the power of money back to the people - where it belongs. Seems to me, you're rooting for the banks. Maybe you're just ignorant, like most people are about crypto, or maybe you're a banker. You should be part of it. It's your children's future too.

5 years ago

Bitcoin offers some potential yet it is fully traceable, which in the hands of authoritarian governments is very dangerous. Anonymous decentralized systems that act like cash offer the public more protections. Some say these cryptos can be used by criminals, but already the US dollar is the most used anonymous currency in the world for weapons, war, and drugs so what's the difference? The issue of "Whales" needs to be addressed since they can manipulate the market...oh wait, that's right the 1% that has most of the world's wealth already do that with the economies of the world today.

John Payne
5 years ago

Very soon, before the end of the year the Central banks in conjuction with the governments of the G20 will act to outlaw 99.99% of all crypto "currencies" and they will overnight become worthless and eventually each nation (some have already done this) will have a National Crypto Card and you will need one of these to buy or sell anything and the taxman will really become public enemy number oneand all privacy will vanish virtually over night...per haps as early as July 21 2018 when the G 20 are scheduled to meet in Argentina.

5 years ago

There is never enough documentaries for new people to understand more about Bitcoin and Blockchain tech.

5 years ago

Joe nobull is nothing but bull, unless you know the serial number on my bills my cash is much more safe secure and non trackable then any crypto currency

5 years ago

joe nobull - you are out of your mind

joe nobull
5 years ago

bitcoin the most secure network known to mankind,and todays best chance at uniting the world