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The scourge of racial inequality in America has become more visible than in any period since the Civil Rights Movement five decades ago. This enhanced public awareness is largely the product of a new movement of concerned and exasperated Americans known as Black Lives Matter, and the attention they've shed on the insidious racial divides which continue to drive poverty, incarceration rates and social injustice. The new documentary #BlackLivesMatter, (one of the most popular Twitter hashtags of 2015) energetically produced by ABC, explores the origins of this influential movement and profiles many of its members who protest for profound change.

The film begins in Baltimore, a city burdened by a lack of opportunity and support for the poor. Over 1/3 of black men from the area will spend some portion of their lives in the penal system. The poorest neighborhoods are in despair, and it falls on the shoulders of volunteer community organizers to try to create a better reality in these sections of their beloved city. Hundreds of properties are shuttered and listed as uninhabitable while homelessness continues to ravage the streets. Residents view law enforcement as an oppressive force rather than a supportive one.

To a large extent, Americans had remained unaware of the plight currently seizing one of their largest cities. That was until May of 2015 when Freddie Gray was detained and brutalized by police officers in plain view, and died shortly thereafter from severe spinal injuries attained during his arrest. Thanks to the accessibility of amateur video, incidents like this and many others have seared the public consciousness, and intensified the rallying cry for change. The organizing principle behind that cry is the Black Lives Matter movement.

With great urgency and sensitivity, #BlackLivesMatter examines this epidemic from its roots and finds a corrupt system that refuses to correct itself without the proper motivation from the outside. This motivation has come from the Black Lives Matter movement, and all Americans who work to turn their grief into positive action. From the murder of Treyvon Martin in Florida to the shooting of an unarmed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, all Americans have been forced to recognize this deep-seated cancer which continues to exist in the marrow of the nation. The film shows that real change has only been made possible by the efforts of everyday citizens who exert peaceful and persuasive pressure on those in power.

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  1. Ad

    racism isn't as big of a problem as people make it out to be, people playing victim 24/7 man lol

  2. La

    Somethings just goes without saying, of course all lives mater. However, all lives are not priveledged with equal justice. All lives are not being snuffed from a diabolical, sociopathic, system of bigotry, which allows it's so called law enforcement system the power to slaughter black lives at alarming rates. BLACK LIVES HAS ALWAYS MATTERED. Police brutality is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Movements will protest, march, voice and fight until eqaulity is legislated and practiced!!!!

  3. cyberdog

    @hernanday oleary
    "Who is designing this to destabilize America and for what reason?" - Just follow the money of the people funding these organisations. Once you get to see who they are, their agenda's become more clear.

    "african americans who are America's canary in the coal mine" - Everything that black lives matter has done so far (including all their rioting) has hurt them far more than anyone else has. No they are not the canary, they are their own worst enemy. Another example of them being their own worst enemies is the burning down of all the education facilities in South Africa in the aim to get free education. Yeah, it does not take much reasoning to figure out why that will not work, rather than voting out the incompetent governement. The real irony here when talking about racism, is that these majority black voters will still vote every single time for the same black leader(s), despite the outcome, rather than vote for any other color president, for no other reason than he (or she) is not black.

    "You did have multiple black lives matter type groups in Africa and they fought the colonial invaders." - Complete load of crap. You are welcome to back that up with facts.
    Out of curiosity, what makes someone a colonialist? Being white, right? Yeah, let us talk about racism, why don't we?

    "The black leaders who systematically destroy millions of black lives are most often sadly white puppets" - By all means back this up with facts. The ones that have done the most damage to their own people are racist, anti-white bigots. It would be amusing for you to try point out how they are puppets for white people. Let us start with an arbitrary example like Robert Mugabe.

    "he is typically killed by either french, american or British special forces" - Yeah, that is usually some really underhanded politics going on there by corrupt and deceitful politicians, the same groups that are funding black lives matter. Once again, clearly an agenda there, would that be a general racist anti-black agenda with the general support of all white people? No, I doubt it. That makes no sense. If that was the case, why so they even bother wasting everyone's time with a defunct black government.
    Black lives matter, much like your claimed puppet groups, are doing nothing more than dancing to the puppet masters. There is an abundance of evidence showing that groups like black lives matter are being funded by some shady organisations more so than there is evidence for the black governments, unless you want to lump in charity organisations. Then it would be a bit more convincing. However that is on another level, and a complete different discussion.

    And an even bigger irony in this bizarre discussion is that Obama as well as most African Americans would not even pass as a black person in a country Like Zimbabwe or South Africa. So when you say black people in Africa, this is an entirely different ethnic group than when referring to the same term in America.

    "The skin of the leader might be black, but he is playing for the white team." - What does that even mean? When you say white, are you including Egypt, Jews, Middle easterners, Chinese, Japanese and Latin Americans. Does this really include America that is run by a black president? Does it also include the "white" Countries that are at war with America like Syria. Who exactly is the white team? You are going to have to be a bit more clear. Your racist view is so distorted that you are unable to even see the forest any more, never mind the trees. And your incoherent rambling reflects that.

  4. John

    After I hear or read someone declaring that racism is worse than it has ever been or its as bad as its ever been. I like to make a point and observe interracial couples. The more people try to exploit hate the more love is bringing the races together. The ones who promote the hate are the one who really hate when a interracial couple comes together. Going to be real hard to declare racism when we all have a little color. I understand people that push that all lives matter. All lives do matter. But I like the black lives matter movement. Not because of what it is now. But because of what it could evolve into. It is a good thing if the black youth come to love themselves and love one another.

  5. Mart

    There are huge issues within AA society, that they are making a mess of moving from second class citizens to equal rights. This is entirely down to them, they are a big problem in the US and is not the cause of white folk. The BLM movement is just a bunch of those who want a free ride and to cause a social breakdown, they will want compensation for ever and will never make the most of opportunity. They need to treated like trouble makerds, coz they ain't anything but, dumb trouble makers.

  6. Kym

    I am a 58 year old white woman. My family immigrated from both Ireland and France before the civil war, were prisoners of war after fighting for the north, and moved to the Midwest to make a living for their families. They weren't rich farmers, barely eaking out enough to make ends meet. I was taught by my grandparents, and great grandparents to work hard, do your best, and always be kind to others. I have black friends, Indian friends, gay friends, (gasp) white friends. But I grow weary of reading in the news about how racist I am. I've never judged a person by the color of their skin, nor their religion. I don't think it's too much to ask the same of others. But I do feel like I'm being targeted when I see postings like this about Black life's matter. ALL life matters, but people need to be held accountable.

  7. Caustic


    One thing is comstant in America when blacks ossues enter the picture whites become uncivil and defensive real quick.The commenters here represent the more thinking ,liberal,rational of whites ,..EXCEPT when blacks re injected in the mix..

    Then they become just as uncouth,victim-blaming and racist as thier Jim Crow forefathers

    Yep the real racial divide in America os betwenn the white American and the black American.Solve the problems between these two groups and the problem of race is largely solved in America

  8. The Kid that isn

    You guys got programmed to be racist which is why movements like Black Lives Matter had to be made. Too many false narratives, programming, and dumb silver spooned cowards who can't think for themselves is why racism still exists. Unbelievable.

  9. Nicole

    Does anyone know where I could get this documentary?\

  10. eddy

    just as Cyberdog said..socially-engineered to destabilize

  11. Adam

    Maybe if they would for once get off there *ss and make a difference they wouldn't be getting slaughtered in the streets.

  12. M

    Racism will never cease to exist until EVERYONE realizes that ALL LIVES MATTER. We need to stop pointing fingers, move on from the past, and accept everyone for the way that they are in order to peacefully coexist. If everyone cooperated and worked together, we could solve so many global problems...the possibilities are truly endless.

  13. Terry Cerata

    Yes, black people abuse black people far more than others abuse black people. As do whites to whites, Asians to Asians, Latinos to Latinos, and so forth. These remarks however suggests this is exclusively true of the black African peoples. No doubt the bigoted comments so predictably posted on topics such as this have a far greater need to make their insipid point of the obvious: that crime and harm to others is primarily intraracial, and not interracial. Sadly, most of the comments on the subjects of this film prove the same is true of compassion and understanding.

  14. Psyintz

    What a joke. People campaigning for this slogan really need to consider taking a step outside. Make some friends. Socialize with REAL people. Stop becoming obsessed with internet trends. For the record, #AllLivesMatter and #BlackPeopleAren'tAnyMoreImportantThanOtherPeople.

    Hopefully that last one catches wind and becomes viral. Who's with me?

  15. Reality Check

    Why are Blacks usually over-represented in unemployment and poverty?
    -If you don't value education, drop out of school, or get into legal trouble (break the law, go to prison, etc) it becomes difficult to earn money. If you are 18 and are convicted of a felony, you can pretty much give up on any job (above min wage) for at least 10 years.

    Now, is that "white society's" fault? Is that racism? Or maybe it is about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!

    Do Black lives matter. I think they do if they are productive members of society. Unfortunately, it seems that many other black people don't think the same way...
    Mississippi murder rate is 8.6/1000 Population is 2.9 million, 37% Black
    compared to Iowa murder rate is 1.9/1000 Population is 3.1 million, 1% Black
    If you say POVERTY is the cause of violence, what about this...
    Two of the poorest states are Louisiana and Kentucky.
    Louisiana 4.6 Million population, 31% Black, 10.3/1000 murder rate
    Kentucky 4.4 Million population, 7% Black, 3.6/1000 murder rate

    Of course, most murders are INTRA-racial, therefore it seems Black Lives DONT matter to other black people

  16. Reality is

    Why should any other race care about a race of people that cares no more for themselves than to kill each other off in record numbers, that they do not want to recognize as a fact simply because that doesn't fit the agenda of the movement itself. Which is to type cast all other races as racist and to garner sympathy from the world. The fact remains that the black race was first enslaved by the black race itself then sold. If you want to blame anyone blame your own race. If you want anyone make anyone responsible for retribution for the mistakes of the past start with your own race. Look in the mirror and take a good long look at who is really to blame and take responsibility for that first. And don't say is there was not a market for it them there is would not have happened. It still goes on today and your own race still turns a blind eye to your own people and their problems in what is so proudly referenced to as the motherland. If you are so proud then change things there in the motherland for the good. And stop being racist against all other races because you think your race is superior to all others. White and black power sound a lot alike if you listen to them.

  17. Linda

    This film PROVES the need for the #blacklivesmatter movement! The pathetic racists comments posted continue to show that some have not yet learned what it means to take birth as Human Beings! (John Trudell 1946-2015)

  18. Terry

    All lives matter. We can find this problem with every ethnic group in America. I don't want to sound unsympathetic but everyone should matter, not just blacks. What about the unborn? Do they matter anymore? Where is the outcry for those who get no chance at all?

  19. partisan

    First off, to the other posters in this thread: this movement is not "socially engineered". In fact, I'd say the opposite is occurring. The structural dysfunction of the movement and discrediting within the media is a socially engineered continuation of COINTELPRO, an FBI operation recently declassified by the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

  20. red

    The blacks kill there own colored people every day but when one wight cop defends himself and they have to protest

  21. Christina

    #BlackLivesMatter movement is important and will continue to exist because this world has not moved past racism at all. To be fair, the #BlackLivesMatter movement is not to merely to say black people are treated unequally, and it is a social rights movement at its very core. The purpose of this movement is not to highlight the fact that other lives do not matter, rather to show to the world at large that there are attitudes, micro aggressions and subtle racism that is practiced today toward people of color. @Cyberdog, what a load of crap? The education we received have not taught us to look at one another as humans, rather as embodiments of cultures and stereotypes. People of color, or of other cultures matter as much as white people. Maybe you should read more. Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed is one to begin with. His theories explains why the oppressed, even when they have gain some form of freedom continues to maintain the overarching structure and narrative of racism. Look around, and find out why is in that people of color are usually found in the poverty bracket. They work hard just like everyone else, however democracy in education has only served to widen the democratic inequality between people.
    Fix the problem you have in your own country before you move over Africa and try to interfere with theirs.

  22. Norman Scott

    They don't care about their lives, why should anyone else?

  23. vanessa

    #Blacklivesmatter a must watch

  24. Norman Scott

    For the last 50 years Baltimore was a Democratic strong hold. Billions were poured into the city to improve their lot in lie. The Democrats has nothing to show for except creating a dependence of the blacks on the local government for regular monthly handout. In essence the Democrats have create a plantation mentality. Those "Slaves" will vote for their masters to continue the free hand outs. Their inbred mentality has caused many businesses to shut down due to their looting and violent nature. Those who were working in that community are now without jobs. So what has been accomplished? Nothing. Nothing of improved major significance.

  25. hernanday oleary

    @Cyber dog. Who is designing this to destabilize America and for what reason? If America is destabilized economically or legally the main group who will be hurt is african americans who are America's canary in the coal mine. Actually, if I recall correctly, you did have multiple black lives matter type groups in Africa and they fought the colonial invaders. The black leaders who systematically destroy millions of black lives are most often sadly white puppets. Put their usually by the former European colonial master who maintains airforces, military bases and economic and military control of most of these countries. If a leader who is elected who is good and has good intentions democratically and tries to improve anything, like Patrice Lumumba, he is typically killed by either french, american or British special forces or spying agencies and a puppet like mubuto sese seko who worked for france and cia is installed to protect Western interest. The skin of the leader might be black, but he is playing for the white team.

  26. Capn Canard

    Not bad. The neighborhoods do look familiar and that reminds me of the summer of 1990 when I spent some of my time on the Southside of Chicago.

    As the former Policeman Michael Wood mentioned with regard to money spent on imprisoning men versus employing them. Some say booking and jailing black men is just a jobs program for the Prison Industrial Complex, who hire only white men from the burbs.

    BTW, blacks lives matter.

  27. Tony Sculli

    Stupid,slanted and totally without merit.

  28. Cyberdog

    #BlackLivesMatter is nothing more or less than a socially engineered campaign designed to destabilize America. If black lives matter so much, wouldn't it make more sense to have started this campaign in Africa where the black leaders are systematically destroying millions of black lives? What a load of crap.