The Bloody History of Communism

The Bloody History of Communism

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The Bloody History of CommunismCommunism was the bloodiest ideology that caused more than 120 million innocent deaths in the 20th century.

It was a nightmare which promised equality and justice, but which brought only bloodshed, death, torture and fear.

This three-volume documentary displays the terrible savagery of communism and its underlying philosophy.

From Marx to Lenin, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot, discover how the materialist philosophy transforms humans into theorists of violence and masters of cruelty.

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  1. Darwin was a sick a SOB! He believed all people originated from apes and that black people are the closest decscendants to apes as all other races had evolved!!

  2. Wow. Some rhetoric it has. Had to stop at 20-30 minutes-ish and came to check the comments section. Projecting Darwin as some war guru and explanations of materialism, dialectics etc. WTF…

    Anyways, despite the correctness of actual historical facts, i find the documentary's commentary and explanations terribly opinionated for it to be true. Violence and tyrants come in all kinds of shape, religion and ideology and that does not necessarily make a religion, nation nor an idea itself evil.

    There are just people who commits violent actions to others; saying what they are doing is because they follow this and that values, and make others believe it, through various means, that there is something greatly just to their faulted actions in order to prevail. In many cases, those arguments has less to do with the original values they claim to associate with(e.g., this god’s saying, that god’s rules, communism, nationalism whatever). Rather its their version of it, borrowing themes from whatever theories or ideology that suits them best.

    1. So, just because every bad person and group in history wasn’t communist, communism is just fine? That’s a silly way to discredit what you don’t want to hear.

      All tyrants are not communist, but all communist leaders are tyrants.

  3. Hello. History, math. The number of innocent men, women and children murdered under communist/ totalitarian regimes in the twentieth century alone is 100,000,000 + by rational estimates. It’s history stupid. The reason is. If you don’t allow someone to reap the rewards of their labor they will cease to labor except at the point of a gun. It’s called “human nature “

  4. The fallacious argument about "real communism" never seems to die. The fact is that according to Marx, communism was supposed to come about through an evolutionary process. So basically, all revolutionaries who ever "attempt" to make it happen, are by their nature, not practicing real communism.

    Tocqueville pointed out the essence of communism/socialism before Marx ever sat to think about writing about Capitalism, he understood, and was prescient in pointing out that socialism was about either reducing or completely eliminating the concept of "private property" or wealth.

    Marx talked about a difference between personal property and private property for example. And that personal property was things like clothes, shoes, cars etc (by our standards) however, if you follow his arguments, he's basically saying that anything you can sell or trade for profit, is owned by the government, in other words, yeah, wealth.

    So yeah, socialism and communism isn't that complicated, it's just the people who advocate for them usually, think they can outsmart reality, by redefining terms, or constantly rationalizing their own failures.

  5. Those who are saying the Bolsheviks, Stalinist and Maoists did not practice 'real communism' and even that it is really 'moral' are sadly deluded. From the beginning, particularly in the case of Mark himself, it has been fanatically revolutionary in character, advocating conflict as opposed to cooperation and more or less strongly arguing that violence, tyranny and terror were legitimate means of struggle, even inevitable and necessary, of course justified by the dimly outlined utopia that was supposed to be created thereby. It is like a nightmarish, inverted reflection of the worst of religion, capitalism and imperialism than a genuine opponent or deliverer. The likes of Stalin and Mao were committed Marxist revolutionaries who consistently justified their horrendous crimes and tremendous administrative blunders with direct reference to Marxist dogma, there is no doubt about that. Marxist theory and the far-left generally have been utterly discredited both in theory and practice. None of their predictions came true and wherever they have been allowed to get their claws around power they have torn societies to pieces, usually ending up caked in gore and reeking of blood.

    1. Totally agree

  6. Communism, Socialism and many of the 19th's ideologies compose the most monumental LIE in Human history - materialist, technicist, rationalist, messianic... a SWINDLE. But Man doesn't seem to LEARN - specially in our times of "Übermenschen".

  7. communism was found by jesus, not by man

  8. I am a communist and I think what they showed is not really communism. Its more like a dictator killing people, like Hitler. They twisted the real meaning of communism.

    1. Nonsense Isaac. Please look at statistics Communism killed more people than any other political group

    2. You pos! I see you. Jesus has nothing to do with communism. Real communism is the essence of Judaism.

  9. For all of you who crave communism and turn up your nose at capitalism...
    Please tell me does communism or capitalism offer you individual freedom?
    Under communism you cannot criticize your government. You can have NO views your government does not approve. You can not have faith OF ANY KIND your government does not allow. Almost 100 million people have been murdered under communism since it began and still ignorant fools strive for that philosophical idealism that would destroy every human being on earth. Man is SELFISH so communism can never work. What part of that is so hard to understand?

    1. Absolutely correct it can never work

  10. And just how many people have been slaughtered in the name of religion? In the name of Christianity?

  11. bunch or totally brainwashed dunderheads here...This video tells the truth.

  12. This is one of the most important films and I highly endorse it. Read The Curse of Canaan. The Jews were the inventors of communism in their jealous rage to control the world. It's not rocket science.

    1. Good comment and this is the truth of the matter communism is Jewish and they’re trying to rule the world. Now it’s being relabeled and called globalism. “The international clique”

    2. Woah whats up w the nazis in the comments😳

  13. I'd say what a load of rot but that would be redundant. Oh well. Workers of the world unite!

  14. They were all Jews too! This is what the Jews want for America too and we are almost to this point and when the dollar falls we will have the same revolution!

    1. Dang another nazi comment

  15. oh my god what is this anti-Darwin crap? a good history lesson on communism yes... but you can't blame Darwin on it, and say that you shouldn't teach it in schools just in case everyone turns into evil Communists. That's just ridiculous. give me a break.

    1. Your understanding is darkened because you are filled with ignorance. Stalin told Lenin that Darwinism was the scientific basis of communism. If you do not understand these things it is because your brainwashing was so effective. It is not an insult; the system is designed to brainwash and indoctrinate. Time to "wake up" and begin unlearning all the lies they taught you in school.

    2. yes, that's STALIN'S point of view.

    3. So people who care about workers enough to consider communism admire Stalin? I can see nationalists admiring him, they still do actually! Putin and many right-wing nationalists look fondly on his legacy, of course you may not realize that's a pretty good indication he stopped going with the program...and did his own thing. He hated the real marxists so much, he sent the KGB to kill trotsky with an Ice pick to the skull. You wan't to know what actual communists believed, post-soviet history? Study trotsky's analysis on how the soviet system screwed everything up, if you want to demonize communists as monster.s... then just keep believing they admire Stalin, it keeps your world view much simpler. O and BTW, regardless of what the wingnuts keep spewing, Marxism isn't taught in US academic environments in a positive light. They pass off feckless post-modernism as some sort of leftism, it's extremely Liberal but not Leftist.... and in reality anti-Marxist. But like I said, you're the one with the hard line ideology, of which you definitely didn't get through self-study... unless you count fox news, breitbart and the blaze's comment section as political study. You want to really understand what people said they believed, and compare that to what they did, and most importantly why? You need to study the ideology as properly understood, as they understood it, and then their historical record.... you do all that, and you'll agree with my correction. I study things I despise, but unlike you wingnuts I don't do that on comment boards.

    4. Most of the successful communist leaders like Stalin, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Pol Pot, Putin, etc., degenerated into Criminal Gang Leaders. Almost all became multi billionaires with the exception of Pol Pot. As for Castro ... he personally owns many Multi Million USD Houses; while leading his peons thru poverty.

    5. It's actually a purposeful political conflation, playing on right-wing anti-scientific sentiments. They hate what they fear, and fear what they don't understand. The real connection to both Darwin and Communism, other than practically nothing at all, they are both political tools for wingnuts. Neither carries their actual meaning in their world, you have to understand their disturbing world to see how they use language to mislead people. They are used to evoke feelings, derived from what they already believe. I'm a radical leftist, so I can't help but study their nonsense. That one is a gem for sure.

    6. anyone who "studies nonsense" needs help.

    7. You can keep believing you came from slime and evolved through a course of what would have to be trillions of accidents coming together at the exact time to form a living organism. You can believe monkeys were your ancestors for all I care.

    8. This film was created by a Muslim. The Muslims have a very legitimate take on the underbelly of jewish bolshevism. The Arrivals on youtube was also created by a muslim and painstakingly addresses all of the **** going on in America, 99% perpetrated by Jewish thought. I can absolutely see how Darwinism would attract someone put off by moral principles. The Talmud is a concoction of satanic lies and the destruction of morals for mankind. Any id**t can see how Darwinism would draw in people who would rather take the short route of evolution than be drawn to the beauty and mystique of creation by design.

  16. Jewish Bolsheviks were the greatest mass-murderers the world had ever known. Under the banner of 'Communism' they systematically massacred millions of Orthodox Christian Europeans in the gulags, and forced starvations like the Holodomor in Ukraine. Karl Mark was a Jew, Lenin was a Jew, Trotsky was a Jew. This fact is never told in your education systems, yet we are engrained with the so-called 'fact' that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

    1. Yea see what I'm saying, you comparing Communism to Nazism is your method of legitimizing Nationalism. It's an evil ideology at it's core, and Marxism isn't.... you need to understand this point. O and BTW, Marxists don't call themselves "jewish" if they don't practice judaism. Why? Because they reject your notion of nationality. Now Israel on the other hand, they ironically share your sentiments. None of those you listed would do a damn thing for someone if they considered themselves jewish, they didn't identify with such a label. If they were part of a scheme, they would have had to have done so while rejecting its very premise. The premise that a jewish people exist to benefit at all, to Marxists there is only one people... of which they are concerned with it's workers, it's anti-nationalist. You nationalists think the same, but you must understand actual leftists don't feel that way about each other. BTW Marx was around before the modern notion of jewish nationalism was even around, he was pre-zionist, so he wouldn't even be exposed to such concepts. Lenin had one Jewish grandparent, and was raised christian... I mean obviously it's in the blood right? Your ideology is sick, you actually make Marxism look downright heroic in comparison.

  17. Religion is also an ideology. What about the crusades and all of the religious wars which killed many in the name of "God"? I was hoping for something educational and neutral but got a propaganda film instead. That's why I love science because it has no ego, just pure truth. 1+1 will always =2 and a great society should be engineered in more of a scientific approach rather then a religious or political one. You can tell someone not the steel or kill, but if they don't have access to food because of a technical/ system disorder problem then telling people what is right doesn't really stop them from doing it now does it.

    1. Jason, I invite you to investigate the history of Islam, from its gestation in the Byzantine empire to its 1,400 year bloody history of conquest across the middle east and europe. The crusades were a response, finally, to muslim aggression. Now, I imagine what you were taught in school is that the crusades were about conquest and forced conversion to Christianity. Islam is the religion of peace. Nothing is further from the truth. If you want to know, there is great documentary called why we fear islam on youtube. Some people are honest and want to know things. Others just believe their indoctrination and what they were programmed with. I hope you will take the time to understand true history, as it will enrich your life and make you a fountain of knowledge to your friends.

    2. Oh yea in the name of religion like those Aztecs and Mayans who often carried out mass murder and human sacrifice against apposing tribes in the America's so they could give praise to their sun god and extend the reach of their empires?

    3. What about the crusades? The Mohammedans invaded,butchered and terrorized Christian lands and the crusades were launched to recover those lands. It continues to this day except this time around Islam will loose once and for all. Islam is a barbaric and deceptive cult, ow for all the world to see.

  18. Somehow this "documentary" fails to make the obvious link between totalitarian systems. Communism isn't the problem, it's the redefining of doctrine as inherently good regardless of the impact on the people. Obedience is the moral imperative in such authoritarian systems, and individual autonomy holds no sway. This is exactly what religious fundamentalists espouse. Ironically it's atheists that are most skeptical of authoritarian rule of every kind, and typically promote vesting power in the individual.

  19. So whitechildren: "The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them" ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Look, first your notions of geography and demography, etnography and sociology are below zero.

    The Netherlands have 16 million people, Japan 120 million.

    Belgium has 11 million people, Taiwan 23 million.

    In fact, Belgium and Holland are two of the most mixed-race populations in the world and they don't complaint.

    To "solve the race problem"?!?!?!?!?! What problem is that (YOU F*****G RACIST)???


    Not having seen this film I can only say:

    MARX was a visionaire. A man stripped of financial ambitions that was able to foreseen what the notion of CAPITAL could do to the human species.

    Don't go with the massive propaganda. COMMUNISM has never seen the light...

    What we (like to) call communism was nothing but totalitarian and collectivists dictatorships.

    When one is to find about the philosofical and economic fundaments of the communist doctrine, it must be done by reading, reflecting and observing. Not by watching what the department of defense of the United States government want you to see.

    Anyway, its definitively the time to turn the page and look for a new economic superstructure, far from CAPITAL rullings, financial slavery, and the perpetual hunger for growth...
    Probably not with the participation of ignorants like this whitechild!

  20. I can't finish watching this. This is Creationism meets Right-wing Conservatism. Read Marx and you'll see there is nothing evil about it. It's a sociological study of this political structure. The human race corrupts everything it touches. Maybe the best philosophy is to feed the poor, tend to the sick, and the rich won't get into heaven. But, that sounds like that evil communist, Jesus Christ!!

    1. Yes but not enforced on you at the barrel of a gun. Anyone promoting any ism of govt is basically trying to slide authoritarianism through the cracks on your blindside

  21. Very weird documentary - screwy logic. Linking Darwin with Communism does not make Darwin wrong or evil. There is some interesting info.... shame the thick propaganda throws doubt on everything said.

  22. This film is so biased and riddled with agenda I had to turn it off.

    I was hoping for something neutral and educational, instead I get shameless propaganda riddled with opinion and assertion.


    If the above isn't what you want from an educational film then I suggest finding something else.

    1. It's only propaganda if you disagree with the opinion put forth?

  23. Who runs America ?

  24. I watched the whole thing atheist communism marxism all link all fail,and will continue to fail. ohhh bloodthirsty see how linen look before death. terrible legacy

  25. Africa
    for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

    Annihilation by Assimilation

    white country on earth is supposed to become multicultural and multiracial.
    EVERY white country is expected to end its own race and end its own culture. No
    one asks that of ANY non-white country.

    Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan,
    but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in
    millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

    says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY
    white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

    tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

    this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white

    is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only
    one race, the white race. The real aim of anti-racism is to wipe out the white
    race or make it a minority anywhere it exists.

    It is genocide.

    1. whats the white race? NASCAR!!! for pinko liberalized albinos, only leaded fuels and no helmets. WHITE RACE THIS SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY (no heebs) fallowed ritual structure burning at 3:00am just in time before the 4:20am burners burning burning man epitaphs

  26. I love America and the way we use and take the worlds resources for our own good. We can kill babies, women, cultures and even whole governments for our own selfish ways there is nothing wring with taking from the poor and using it for a better society and culture. Dont hate the top predator in a world we just make better choices and better society than these poor waste of life cultures and societies like Colombia and Afganistan . Long live AMERICA greatest country

  27. It is only the ignorance of humanity that keeps us from utopia.

  28. don't waste your time, this is a cheap capitalist propaganda.

  29. This is nothing but straight American anti-socialist propaganda in a time where the USA is really scared of change. The USA is far more dangerous to the human race in general than communism ever was. If you disagree that's fine. If you are going to call me wrong with some facts to back-up your arguments then I welcome the debate. If you are going to name-call then just shut the hell up. I have no time for you.

    1. This is "documentary" is not "American" - whatever language the moderator is speaking is dubbed-over in American-English! America may have it's faults, but this film is not one of them!!

  30. The second last episode in this documentary is narrated by a chipmunk!

  31. Only when materialism and darwinism is abolished and we live by gods rules can we live in morality!!!! Bull****! Yes communism is terrible, so is Fascism and even democracy has killed may people. But what this documentary says is that Communism was brought about by the influence of Charles darwin, what a load of ****. Theist ****........

  32. This was REALLY bad. Done by religious nut. Just too bad

    1. This was more than religious, because most of the communist were atheist.
      It's more like Sociopaths trying to rule the world.

  33. I'm sorry, but anyone who supports Communism of their own free will is a lazy-assed patsy, with no original thoughts of his own.

    1. lol classic. Typical rhetoric from a mindless drone. Yeah, everyone who supports true democracy, equality and freedom must be a "lazyassed patsy." Many who support the ideas of Communism, or at least aspects of those ideas tend to be well educated and hard working individuals.

      You keep chasing them dollar dollar bills yal

  34. Who inveted it?
    Mordechai Mose Levi?
    Who implemented it?
    The grandson of Israel Blank, born Uljanov, and died as Lenin.
    Who financed it? Kuhn& Loed, Jacob Schiff from rotschild, etc.
    Whom to blame? Russians?

  35. "Comrade Stalin, having become Secretary-General, has unlimited authority concentrated in his hands, and I am not sure whether he will always be capable of using that authority with sufficient caution." -Lenin 1922

  36. "Stalin is too rough, and this lack, quite tolerable in the surroundings and association with us, communists, becomes intolerable on the post of general secretary. That is why I suggest comrades to think over the way of replacing Stalin from his post and appointing another man on the post of general secretary, the man that differs from comrade Stalin by his traits: he should be more tolerant, more loyal, more polite and more considerate towards comrades, he also should have less capricious and uncertain."-Lenin

  37. Horrible documentary, by the way. One of the worst in this website (which is awesome).
    Americans and other right-wingers: Please, instead of wasting your time of propagandist documentaries and forums, just read the original books. Marx, engels, lenin, etc. Just the books. That way you might become somehow educated.

  38. This is right wing propaganda which is obvious in the first 5 minutes of the documentary. For the first 3 minutes it is scary music and pictures. Then the first error is made by saying that Marx and Engles were German philosophers when Engles actually came from Manchester!

    The soviet union was a state capitalist system. They did not abolish private property and workers did not control their workplaces, the state did. Marx actually said that the state would wither away rather than run a centralised economy. Stalin persecuted and killed the genuine socialists, just like the CIA did throughout the world.

    Russia was a agricultural society that had never experienced democracy and what the soviet union did was industrialise very quickly. Anyone who has studied history would know that there were great social costs to the industrial revolution in capitalist countries. Capitalism has killed many more people and continues to do so every day. Brutal dictatorships have existed and continue to exist in capitalist societies. There are political and economic forms of government. Capitalism doesn't automatically mean democracy nor does communism automatically mean dictatorship. The problem with capitalism is that in theory and practice it is a system that generates massive inequalities and exploits the workers who create the wealth. We cannot continue this way. Poverty, disease, war and the psychological effects of this insane society kill people every day. Hitler's fascism is just one political form that capitalism can take but nobody uses this example to illustrate what is wrong with capitalism. However capitalism doesn't work and you don't need propaganda to prove that but you need a hell of a lot of propaganda to scare people into thinking that capitalism is great and there is no alternative. This film is one example of this.
    Read Marx yourself if you are intelligent enough and decide for yourself if his writings are to blame for the cruelty of the dictatorship that was only communism in name but in fact was another form of capitalism that involved state planning and closed borders- two things that have actually benefited many poor countries rather than US multinationals

    1. Oops, I meant statues of Lenin.

  39. Ive reached the conclusion that Socialism in general and Communisim in particular , cannot exist without a population imbued with the morals of Christianity. There is nothing as fraudulent ,empty and worthless as postmodern atheist "socialism". If man evolves to the point where a scientific material dialectic can coeexist peacefully with a theological,spiritual diacletic, then we may have a chance to implement successful Socialist societies. The rub is that, if dont, we are DOOOOOMED, DOOMED DOOMED, doomed. Maybe this is what "Gods Plan" REALLY is for you. Maybe 'Gods plan for you" dosent ivolve some hilarious fantasy wherein you get that cushy job, a doublewide with a boat 5 ATV's and settle down with a pretty lil'underwear model who cooks and washed your underwear for you and never has another thought on her mind but new ways to **** you off.

  40. There were technical issues with this doc. I couldn't watch the whole thing.

  41. you mean we have to evolve that capacity...

  42. I started watching this playlist with interest but it soon became apparent it has been produced with a narrow agenda to paint communism in the worst possible light, then blame Darwin and atheism for it while at the same time promote religion. Despite the title, I was expecting it to be a more objective impartial overview of the communist era.

  43. One of the worst documentaries I have ever seen. Could only watch 25 min of it.

    1. That's because you have a small brain, that hasn't reached the level of social savagery portrayed in this film.

    2. Hey Steve, Don't hold back now! I see you are working hard to develop your own "social savagery". Well done!

  44. ???
    presented atroceties r not ideas of marx & engels or communism.

    Therefore we could use the same tehnique n say that religion is a sponsor for pedofiles...

  45. to shaun zemke . you are clearly pre biased. sorry for not reading what you answered to, but seems to be pre biased, they talk about the evil socialist, and link it with Darwinism. wich is clearly fundamentalist Christian bias.
    i've recently saw a doc like this ( narrator and style like ) about how it was te English responsible for the cold war and other than that, blamed anarchist for the 1 world war. sorry for posting before watching but.... you know....

  46. So, I decided to watch the whole thing, even though it was bs 10 minutes in, to anyone thinking of watching it, here is it's basic message:

    Communism requires the removal for Religion from man, which therefore makes it evil. End of story.

    Not accurate at all. Neither statement is true, yet that is what this Doc is selling, beware, do not use this as your basis for the understanding of political systems.

  47. Not to mention, this is PURE religious propaganda, the facts are fine, but the logic is completely missing.

  48. I find documentaries should be impartial, this one is obviously not.
    A shame that I've had to watch 15 minutes to come to this conclusion.

    To all the people who are discussing in the comments:
    Have You thought about the fact that it might not be the 'system' witch is good or evil? Maybe a certain kind of people always take advantage of a ideology/religion to do evil and gain in property or power?
    But unfortunately most 'civilized' groups of people hide behind their ideology to justify their ethnocentric and often xenophobic frame of mind.

    1. And you plan to remove evil people from the equation .... how exactly?

  49. Having lived in a communist country and seen the misery and cruelty, I agree with the documentry. WHAT I do not agree with is putting the blame on Darwinism AND the religous rantling that religon (God) is the salvation.
    How many people has not been murdered in the name of God?
    I agree with Marx on one subject : religon is opium to the masses.

  50. This Documentary shows negative view of drawin's ideas and stresses on god
    it compares god and communism
    not a neutral documentary

  51. "You folks that think the USA is the bug's nuts and the be all, end all of freedom have either never lived here or have never been poor or a minority while living here."

    Show me a poor minority in the US and I'll show you a minority whose made some really bad decisions in their life. "Free market ideology" is that which is closest reward based on merit as opposed to want. To eradicate poverty is to eradicate laziness, irresponsibility and relative intellectual incapacity. That will never happen and so poverty will go nowhere.

    Equalitarianism is an sophomoric fetish.

  52. VERY BIASED! Surreptitious religious propaganda. This is made by some very poorly researched and highly biased team. Terribly sad that such insincere people have the power to make such documentary and post it here. Darwin's theory is a fact and proven beyond doubt.

    1. sorry but darwins theories only prove evolution within the species, not from one species to another.

    2. Wrong! more recent discoveries of DNA and consequently sequencing, have proved Darwins evolution happens as he thought from species to species. Eventually the offspring is so different from its ancestor it cannot interbreed, and is therefore considered a new species.

      Regards, Sam.

    3. No evidence whatsoever that phyllae were of common origin within DNA sequencing research. Interbreeding has nothing to do with it, either. The term species itself is purely subjective based on often subtle morphological differences. No evidence of postive genetic mutations, and the full genome of each phyllae is fully present and only partially expressed in each phenome...lest negative mutations have destroyed that genome. In other words, adaptation brings forth permutations of pre-existing info, not new info. Entropy only brings de-evolution...i.e.- genetic drifting, disease, 6-legged cows, siamese X-Men...sorry.

    4. "Darwin's theory is a fact and proven beyond doubt.", you say dogmatically. Science only deems facts law through statistical analysis, analysis that is constantly ongoing and capable of falsification...two scientific requirements that Darwinism does not meet....Darwin himself expressed as much in "Origin"....a caveat he included to future scientists in the event that they would find the sheer complexity and necessary single-step changes had insufficient time to occur accidentally.

  53. You folks that think the USA is the bug's nuts and the be all, end all of freedom have either never lived here or have never been poor or a minority while living here. Furthermore, I'd venture a guess that you're not so well acquainted with our history. Somebody could easily make a documentary about the horrors resultant from the policies based on the "free market" ideology that is worshiped here that is every bit as damning and sensational as this supposed history of Communism. For every streets-paved-in-gold fantasy of freedom you might entertain in America's favor there is at least one dirty, frightening, disgusting fact waiting to wreck your day. Money is the only thing that matters here and anything is justifiable if the sums are large enough.

    For anybody that really doesn't know the difference, please allow me to say quite plainly and directly that this "documentary" is NOT a history of Communism, but is instead a history of people and organizations that have perverted the ideology of Communism and done terrible things in the process. Furthermore, one can't honestly refer to what is contained herein as "history" because the information is presented with a narrative that belies an agenda - thereby making this propaganda. The film makers are also confused as to what Communism even is. It is important to note that Communism and Socialism are NOT synonyms that can be freely interchanged without effecting the meaning of statements and questions which contain them. Communism is a kind of Socialism, but not all Socialism is Communism. Indeed, there are even myriad forms of Communism itself, all of which are politically distinct from one another and impart lifestyles and qualities of life to their denizens which vary significantly from each other.

    This film presents itself as an unabashed indictment of Communism as evil and violent. To interpret the situations presented honestly one must take into consideration that the indictment deserves not to be aimed at an ideology, a philosophy, but instead at the people which instituted such nightmarish and perverted versions of what that ideology could be.

  54. Whatever you guys say or think but I strongly believe in God. God has created all the creatures. Those who do not believe in God, can kindly tell me with a more logical way that how the universe have been come to existence and how the universe is so well controlled, if there is no God? If you believe in Darwin theory, then can you kindly tell me that Who made the evolution possible, because every action must have a doer/subject? Those who don't believe in God, are in fact worse than animals coz they are not loyal to their creature. Then how can they be loyal to the creatures????

    1. May i ask you one tiny little question that has buggered my lesser mind for awhile. How did your God came to be? Did he or she came to be out of nowhere? Did another God create your God? If so who created that God? I would be glad if you atleast try to give me a locical explanation or maybe even some ''facts''. Altough I'm not holding my hopes up, because everytime I ask those questions to a religious person they tend to get very agressive, and call me things my lesser mind can't understand. Oh and by the way, I can genetically prove that your ancestors (way way back in time) where apes, simple and cute little monkeys. As was mine but they where way inferior to your ancestors, because they didn't have a God watching over them.

    2. It is absolutely a matter of logical reasoning that there has to be something that has always existed, or what philosophers refer to as the "first cause." Life does not spontaneously generate as any biologist can attest; but must be created. However the universe and matter must have always existed according to science; otherwise it would have to have had created itself, which is illogical. That being said, a theist merely posits that the eternal "thing of existence" is what man calls God. The only difference in these two ideas is that one is intelligent and one is inanimate. The reasoning you provide show little if any thought, and I suspect comes from a place of anger and not from a true spirit of inquiry.

    3. Childish question, metaphysically speaking....Time is linear as is your line of questions...This is a categorical error to ask where something or Someone comes from that is not restricted to linear time, a dimension or property of being within the universe. And I call this childish not out of aggression but anecdotally, since I asked the same questions as a child.

  55. Wow this is so biased. Not just on communism but they had like this crazy Halloween music while talking about Darwin lmao. Keep the lights on tonight and lock the doors or Darwin will come to eat your soul!

  56. no no no!!!! what propaganda!! aaaaarrgghhh my head can't take all the lies!!!!

    Huh.. Okay seriously, don't listen to this c***, all thease lies have nothing to do with marxism og socialism, but maybe stalinism. But then again, the accusations on this so called "documentary" are so rediculous that its hard to put an ideology on this false c***

    1. Please read about the wonderful Marxist country of Cambodia under the benevolent rule of Pol Pot. Im sure you would have loved the Utopia he created by returning the whole country to serfdom with his year zero plan. if this is your dream I would suggest you move to that other communist utopia they call north Korea

  57. wow that was weird I saw the first 3 pts then it just quit saying terms of use violation

  58. Yes, the "Darwin deception" will steer you away from the only truth of the world - god.

    The scientific way of looking at world will necessarily lead you to communism and wrong-doing in opposition to religion which will bring you good as it did in our whole glorious history before Darwin.

    The only true art is one that comes from god.
    This leads us to conclusion that no atheist artist has ever product a single piece of art despite how classic he is considered to be.

    Come on people! Who buys this crap?

    1. Ah, the classic science versus religion false choice. Just ignore the actually history of scientific scholasticism embedded within a theistic assumption of order and teleology....nevermind that the scientific method itself presumes mind and purpose.

  59. the communism (as described in theory) is the next step in human evolution. The documentary , however, is bs.

  60. I had to quit watching this. It seemed a bit off at first, but when he claimed the existence of a god as a fact, I knew this was nonsense. I had high hopes for this documentary too, but obviously I'm not going to continue watching religious dogma pretending to be a history documentary. Honestly, this film is an insult to my history degree sitting somewhere in the back of my closet...

    1. Though I would agree with you that a doc oughtn't assume all of its watchers believe in God's existence, if God does exist, then it is fact. The burden, then, falls on those who religiously and dogmatically deny the existence of God.

  61. why was it stopped in mid video? youtube censorship?

  62. made my kiddo sit down and watch this...awesome

    1. I feel sorry for your kid and hope he or she will soon realize how stupid and narrow minded person you are and how important it is for human to exercise independent thinking instead of choke on every piece of information despite how ridiculous or inconsistent it is.

      Yes, I know that your ego is now telling you that you are not stupid and so I have to be wrong. However, since we are talking about your child future here why don't you just for a moment consider that there is a remote chance that what I am saying is true and you are an ignorant person.

      Look at my other post if you have any interest in what I mean.

    2. Dude, you wrote a freaking essay replying to someone who just made a one-sentence statement that she watched this with her kid.

      Did it hit some nerve? Do you dislike people learning this story? She never said that it's the only thing her kid will ever learn (your projected all that stuff).

      You accuse her of being ignorant and narrow-minded, but you're admonishing her for having watched something. WTF? She said nothing more than that.

      Everything else was projected out of your insecurities. Do you dislike people watching documentaries on your communist gods?

      YOU FREAKING called someone "narrow-minded" for **watching** something. Pull out a dictionary commie. Narrow-minded is not reading and not watching and not learning stuff.

      All she said was she watched this. Or would you rather go Mao on her and ban her from watching stuff?

  63. What a load of f'n bollocks!! I couldn't continue watching any longer. What kind of Islamo-centric garbage is this? This is, without a doubt the most blatant religious propaganda I have ever seen. I had to just quit about half way through part 3 seeing as how all they did was play part 15 of the Cold War documentary (China) and narrate their bull$hit over it.

    Never once did they try to maintain a position of objectivity, never once did they try to present their "facts" in the aforementioned manner. Never once did they try to stop pushing their Islamo-fascist religious agenda. As Marco mentioned, blaming evolution and saying art is a gift from "God".

    They're smart too. They probably had every westerner suckered in since the whole feeling of the film had "American Right" smeared all over it, right down to the narator. That is until they started quoting the Koran and talking about how millions of muslims were killed, funny they didn't mention the holocaust which took place within the same time period often discussed in the film.

    And Vivian please, with your self righteous pro western drivel. Stop acting as if we don't waver over on the "socialist" side everyday here in the west. We have what's called a mixed economy, it is not completely capitalist. Everytime somebody receives a welfare check or food-stamps or medicare, guess what that is? That's socialism.

    As said best by another poster below: "I dont advocate any one "ism" but you may want to research for yourself before regurgitating anlgo-american doctrine!"

  64. this documentary is high caliber bullshit, despite the facts that it presents, trying to blame evolution and saying that art is a gift of god... is totally bullshit.

  65. hey its da men of bad lives who take over and do krazy kareful its kummin 2 a town new u....watz yo plan

  66. if stalinism & maoism is socialism, then johndrockefellerism & miltonfriedmanism & ronanldreaganism and georgewbushneoconservatism is capitalism. which, in terms of providing an equitable distribution of wealth and uplift for the poor and working people, has performed extremely poorly.

    there are shades of gray in the world. the ideal for human organization will always be temporary and have aspects of both the proprietary and the communitarian values.

    1. "which, in terms of providing an equitable distribution of wealth and uplift for the poor and working people, has performed extremely poorly."

      You mean people aren't living equally crappy lives as one another?

      The average "poor person" in america live better than most brain surgeons and constitutional judges in most countries of the world.

      THE ONLY way to allow to have "equitable distribution" is to lower things to the lowest-common-denominator, which always happens in socialist countries.

      In countries where people are allowed to thrive, it pulls EVERYONE up. This is why the so-called "poor" in america live as kings compared to most people on planet earth.

    2. the implication of your argument is that the US, with more 'laissez-faire capitalism' should be out-performing the more socialized countries of w. europe, such as the scandinavian countries, germany & france, which are more 'communistic', in terms of quality of life, for the average person.

      is that the case? i think not. my argument was not that all private property should be dropped, which is an interpretation i think you are presumptively pushing upon my remarks. it is more subtle then that. it is that there should be both private-enterprise and socialization. there should be freedom, opportunity - there should also be large-scale protection for people, in terms of education, access to suitable employment opportunities, human & worker rights, and health care.

      this is simply a defensible ideal to which a reasonable people might aspire for their society, and against which existing regimes might be judged.

      the real question, then, would be how comparable a large, diverse society such as the US could be in comparison to a Sweden. but the condemnations of approaches which the US might consider, and which have been taken successfully BY a Sweden, provide a reason to challenge the condemnation, and provoke such comparisons.

      in any case, promoting a mileau wherein everyone ought run after whatever they can get, however they get it, is not, in my book, a superior notion or goal.

      comparing consumption volume tells us something, but i'm not entirely sure what, and am entirely sure it is an 'over-sold' measure of merit.

    3. I'm in europe BTW. I grew up in socialist country (until 1992)

      " there should also be large-scale protection for people, in terms of education, access to suitable employment opportunities, human & worker rights, and health care. "

      Please pray tell me what country in the world protects its citizens better than the USA and offers better rights? Are you deluded and blind or just spoiled by not having had to truly live anywhere else? The USA leads in all those things. IN FACT the one thing the USA also leads in, is people always whining about not getting enough, despite having everything.

      Or maybe what you're saying is that protection should be formal, even if it's crappy, right?

      Because right now the USA has the most people helping people in need. It's not formalized, it's not on paper, but it works. Please ask a person in a country with formalized crappy "guaranteed care". The only thing that's guaranteed is that it's going to SUCK!

      I have socialized healthcare in my screwed up country. I had a lump in my chest, went to get it checked out, they put me on a 13 MONTH FREAKING waiting list. And I come from a family of two elite and famous scientists and I work 16 hours a day because I want to be successful and create jobs.

      Are you happy that I get equally crappy care as even parasites who contributed nothing to society?

      In the USA even a freaking burger-flipper gets better care than a neuro-surgeon gets here.

      Does that please you? Knowing that everyone gets equally crappy care in socialized systems?

    4. Alex,

      continuing a long-standing policy of abstaining from jabbering with tedious, truculent jerks, I wish you a long, happy life.

      I've worked in Germany and Spain, which will come doubtless as a revelation to you, since you already knew in advance the intimate details of my life.

      Go bother somebody else. I'm done.

    5. Typical commie wuss.

      Any challenging information, and it's automatically threatening to your commie psyche, and in fact, constitutes the other to be a "jerk".

      "I've worked in Germany and Spain"

      Yes, passing through europe makes you an expert on europe. I'm sure if you watch enough porn you'll become a urologist too.

    6. You have obviously never been to good ol US of A, be happy that you can afford you healthcare, alot of people in america cannot even receive care because the deductibles are too high for low income people. Im from a different country as well, and i can tell you neither is perfect but everything in america is about money, the doctors see you as a dollar bill not as a sick patient.

    7. You obivously read socialist propaganda. I've been to the USA and I work for a US business (I'm in Makedonija, working for a US business, you sound Macedonian too btw).

      If you are from Makedonija, how ******** gullible are you? Have you ever seen the waiting lists in drzavna bolnica?!?!?!? That's what so-called "free healthcare" is. You die before you get it. "free healthcare" is a LIE. You never get it. They put you on waiting lists that are so long, that you die before you ever get your so called phantom free healthcare.

      Ask the people in drzavna how much money it takes to get over the waiting list. It's actually MORE expensive than in the USA.

    8. Have you tried calling up a an american clinic, first thing they ask is if you have insurance without it they do not even speak to you, Skopje is not perfect but look at other 'socialist' healthcare systems like France germany, the Dutch, and Scandanavians. They pay less than half of what americans pay on healthcare. You can spread your lies to someone who doesnt know better, not me.

    9. Which is also why all of Europe is hitting an insurmountable wall of debt. There's no free lunch....and definitely no free health care. Insurance subsidizes what would otherwise be full price care. No surprise that the best care in the world is also the most expensive. Though, the costs would go down across the board if we actually encouraged competition and rewarded innovators in medicine just like every other market category. Government is strictly responsible for protecting people from fraud and harm, not prices and producers. The statism in this doc is precisely the same brand of statism that will bankrupt the world.

    10. AlekNovy does not has his facts straight. There are plenty of countries who protect their citizens better than the USA. It is the richest country in the world yet people die and suffer because they have no access to healthcare (Sicko Micheal Moore- Brilliant documentary). I just read the other day that an average of 85 people a day are killed by gun crime (The Nation-Gary Young). The free market capitalist system doesn't work- People are dying of hunger yet there is food to feed the world. Wars are never ending, usually because of the US, who have made the world a more dangerous place through the war on terror and now are funding the biggest private mercenary army in the world (Read Blackwater-Jeremy Schahill).

      I have experienced state healthcare in both Britain and Spain. In fact my sister wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for the NHS. There are waiting lists but this is because of the move towards privatisation since the 1980s. Less privatisation=better healthcare
      Cuts in funding + part privatisation+competition= closing of hospitals, having to pay for services that were previously free and longer waiting lists!!!

      Your last point is the worst. You are basically saying that your life is worth more than others and because you have the MONEY you deserve better healthcare.
      What would you do without teachers, nurses, care workers, firefighters, farmers etc? These people do valuable jobs but the capitalist system does not often reward them with generous salaries but some how you think that ordinary working people deserve to die because they are not rich enough to afford healthcare?
      Please get some morals and humanity. Then do some genuine research!

    11. In an attempt to remain civil, I'll refrain from personal ridicule, and just briefly suggest that the author of the previous remarks should read the history of Communism before making false statements that can easily be refuted. For instance, Friedrich Engels (note the correct spelling), was not from Manchester; he was born in Prussia, and went to work in Manchester in his mid-twenties. He lived there for a grand total of two years. I could go on, but I’m not here to hurt anybody.

      There also seems to be a bit of confusion about what capitalism really means. In truth, the term "State capitalism" is an oxymoron, and has more elements in common with feudalism than with capitalism. For those of you who seem to be arguing about a subject you apparently don't understand, I'll help you out a little: capitalism is an economic system defined by private ownership, free markets, a paid labour force, competition and control over the means of production. While it should not be necessary to point out the contradictions, there are some here who seem to need things spelled out in black and white. First of all, if the state owns the property, there is no private ownership. If the state controls the market, there are no free markets. If the state has implemented "economic equality," there is no competition, and no motivation for the worker to work. If the state controls the means of production, then the people are dependent on the state, and have no control over their own livelihood. This is not State capitalism, this is totalitarianism, this is oppression.

      I would be interested to know where you found the information behind the comment:" capitalism has killed many more people and continues to do so today." Many more people than what? Communism? In recent estimates, Communist governments have ruthlessly and carelessly slaughtered approximately 110 million people--apart from casualties of war. Two examples of this are: Stalin's purge of over 40 million people in Russia, and Kim Jong Il's genocide of over 10 million of his own people via starvation. As this count began at the start of the 20th century, one would be hard-pressed to find documented evidence that business owners and their paid workers are malevolently stalking the globe for innocent victims to kill, and have already murdered more than 110 million people. Should I be afraid to go shopping? If that sounds ridiculous, it's because it is ridiculous.

      The reason Communism has failed miserably is not because it hasn't been implemented properly, it's because the very structure itself is based on a means to control--not liberate. For example, Communism seeks to destroy Christianity by abolishing religion, and in turn offers the state and its dictator as a substitute for God; just look at the huge spectacles in honour of Mao Tse Tung and Kim Jong Il. As well, there are still people who will bow and pray at the feet of one of the many statues of in the former USSR (don't take my word for it, you can find pictures of this online). That's just one of many instances of how Communism violates the rights of the individual.

      What I find so irritating is that Marx is still being taught at colleges and universities in a positive manner, when in fact, most of his numerous theories are no longer relevant to our present society. The capitalism that Marx wrote about in the 19th century is a vastly different system than the capitalism of today, and his dire predictions of its downfall did not occur. In fact, the development of capitalism in republic or democratic nations served to improve the standard of living for most people as well as protect their rights as citizens.

    12. First of all I would like to congratulate you on the development and support of a valid point of view. Yes you are correct, in my opinion, in what you suggest, but I believe that it is an opinion developed by the study of only one side of the coin..

      The concept of scarcity has been the seed for the development of economic systems and political systems alike. It has been the effort to regulate the scarcity of resources that led to the development of states throughout the human history. The difference with capitalism and all other systems is defined in the subtle point that it does not provide a solid, identifiable “government”, or “oligarchy”, or any other regulatory body that defines the livelihood of the citizens. Also the “economic” system of capitalism is not a system implemented in the confinements of a country, but a global one.

      Since there is certain to be an allocation of the resources from the beginning, making the participation in a capitalist economy as advantageous as ones starting capital is, it is a system that delivers the form of classes amongst the societies it is implemented, thus actually resulting in the forming of the society = a political system. I am sorry, but all people who believe otherwise are lazy-**sed patsies conformed in their quiet and unintriguing middle-class lives……

      In regards to the “State Capitalism”, it is indeed an inappropriate term, but as I understand it, is ?ne used to state the existence of a state as a regulator in the free market. It is a concept that should lead towards the elimination of the above said handicap (regulating monopolies for example). Instead up till now the state is the supporter if not the actual means of establishment of the undeniable power in the capitalist economy of those that, in our times, control the means (money and resources). Not to mention that a state with a capitalist economy (name any west world “democracy”) mostly plays the role of the tax collector/ bouncer / Mafiosi - it collects taxes from the lower incomes to sponsor the already high ones (see the cycle of distribution of the state’s money in any capitalist country).

      Lastly, in regards to the death toll attributed to capitalism.. Really, what the f***!!!!!!!!!!
      In my mind comes examples of colonies, promoted coups, the encouragement (if not development) of civil or otherwise wars, the dissection of Africa (the only continent on which borders are straight lines in their majority…)and many many other bloody situations, all derived and promoted by capitalism, an "economic" system. If you are an American please take a minute to consider how many years you country has been at piece since its creation….
      And as for the starvation of people, the numbers don’t lie. All around the world.

      It is the indefinable nature of the oppressor in the capitalistic political system that has allowed its dominance worldwide and the lack of a better, applicable in the world as it is formed by capitalism today, alternative.

      Smith, Marx, Pericles, Kropotkin and even Hitler and his ridiculous views based on social Darwinism and race, should all be studied if for anything, to lead to their falsification and “deposition” in peoples eyes.

      Read people and argue

      And of course, to conclude my opinion, capitalism in the form it was implemented in the 19th century really has not such vast differences from today…

    13. your full of c*** im in usa. i got laid off then got sick you gotta beg to get any care in america

  67. It's hard to believe most of the comments I've read here , Are people so ignorant? Communism/Socialism is made to work for the "dictators" not the people whom it dictates ! Over 40 Million people , not animals , But people , just like yourself and myself were murdered by starvation and and bullets and pure evil in Stalins' Russia , If those people were able to stand before you now, do you think they would hail Communism/Socialism ? Do you know how many would hail as so wonderful ? I'll tell you how many, ZERO! Zero of that 40 Million plus would hail it as a wondrous thing. They'd give account to just how evil and how bad it TRULY is/was! The same goes for Hitler , If every woman, man and child , could stand before you all now and give account to the trueness of His Holocaust, would you still hail it's praises? And it continues even until today just look at North Korea , I'll bet NOT ONE OF THE PEOPLE THAT COMMENTED so ignorantly would TRADE places with any North Korean person. I know I wouldn't , I know people will deny history each and every day, But can you deny what is so real and true and apparent today in "SOCIALIST NORTH KOREA" There you and I can see the real truth of Communism/Socialism in 2011. They starve, They eat their kinsmen and children to survive,They are rotting from the inside to the outside, from starvation. If you feel so prideful for such "Communism/Socialism" please feel free to trade your place in the world with any one from North Korea. I'll bet your Pride for such would wain VERY QUICKLY!

    1. er, you left out of your rant "capitalist democracy" USA and the 40 countries it has bombed, and the millions of recorded civilian deaths it has directly caused militarily. and u left out the 1.5 billion people in hunger right now caused by the long progressive, exploitative arm of global capitalism. now i dont advocate any one "ism" but you may want to research for yourself before regurgitating anlgo-american doctrine! i will take a punt and say you have never even read Marx directly? if you were well studied you would be aware communism has never truly existed on earth in modern history. sheesh we need a new school system if its turning out drones like this. if there were a god he'd have left earth a long time ago. "democracy" haha im yet to see it

    2. If America became communist, it would be the first true communist country. Like Star Trek!! But not as cool.

    3. So true. No sane government would apply a "pure democratic" ideology. Most countries are basically stuck in between democracy and dictatorship.

    4. Well said Vivian.

      Isn't it strange that communism ceases its evolution the moment a powerful autocratic government is established. Once that happens any thoughts of creating utopia dissolve rather quickly. Resources and privileges tend to flow uphill at the expense of the proletariat..always.

    5. I know you're comment is over a year old... But seriously... Before you make such emotional comments, it's generally best to understand what it is that's getting you so worked up.

      1) Russia, China and North Korea have never been Communist. You would know this If you had any knowledge as to what Communism is.

      2) Jumping from Communism to Fascism is another silly mistake. Hitler and the Nazi's hated Communism. Hence why Communists suffered the worst when Hitler first gained political power.

      3) Communism and Socialism are two completely different things. Your over use of "Communism/Socialism" really shows how ignorant you are on the matter.

    6. You lost all credibility at the incorrect usage of "your." Frankly, your arguments are typical of the current brand of ghetto Marxism spreading across America--popular with the irresponsible and entitled--so I guess it makes sense that you can neither spell OR think for yourself.

    7. lol sorry but a simple grammatical error doesn't discredit a person’s argument. The fact you assume I'm American (which I'm not) however does discredit yours, as your entire point is built on your own subjective ideas and not any sort of objective truth.

    8. Methinks the pot calleth the kettle black; I believe you are the one who is presumptuous, suggesting that I'm greedy by value of my political philosophy, and a "mindless drone." If you had actually read the comments before passing judgment, you would realize that I said you possessed a mindset LIKE the current brand of ghetto Marxism spreading across America: I did not say you were American.

  68. This documentary is pure bs. How can you trust a documentary who denies Darwin's evolution and clings on God?

  69. This documentary is pure bulls***! I was so excited to watch a documentary on the history of communism but when I heard the narrator and that idiot preacher's comments, I stopped watching it. F*** whoever the stupid person who has created this.

  70. I think darwinisum has nothing to do with communisum. This documentary is a religious influenced view on this topic.

  71. @Vasilek46 I'm sure life for you was great under the soviet regiem, but you must remember everything you were handed by the the state was stolen from someone else who was murdered and cast aside like dead chicken carcasses. You live in Britain, but it seems you brought the soviet brainwash with you.

    1. unlike the states of the UK / USA / Australia / Canada et al. who also all stole everything they have and continue to steal from countries all over the world, and killing hundreds of thousands of people while theyre at it ??? everything developed countries have today is owed to exploitation. we dont need propagandised history documentaries to know this cos its happening NOW !!! i aint on any side and deliberatley try not to be bias upon any of the "isms" (theyre all flawed) but if we are going to be critical we have the responsibility to critique ourselves in the anti-democratic capitalist system in equal measure. humanity needs to go beyond all this BS we learn in school and in our culture. we all need to realise we are indoctrinated and to break free of that and find the truth for ourselves, not from a teacher or a TV or a history channel.

    2. I have to admit that my government is out of controll. The average American is not the fat, greedy, stupid arrogant slob that the rest of the world sees. Most of us are very generous and compassionate people that want to help the world. I admit that most of us are kept in the dark, while the cia conducts secret wars around the world using drug profits,and rich bankers buy off our leaders, But I can assure you, many patriots are starting to take notice now. If the world wants the U.S. to change and start following our principles again, they should support Ron Paul in our election in 2012. He is the next Thomas Jefferson if we can get him in, but the media keeps him out of the spot light, because they are owned by the same international bankers that own the central banks. You see, he wants to get rid of the privately owned central bank, and they don't like that. Incidentally the last two presidents to try and stand up against the central bank were Abraham Lincoln and JFK. So if Ron Paul wins, we'll have to get him a pope bubble. America can be the light of freedom and opportunity again, if we can throw off the corporate shackles. Our government is SUPPOSED to be run by the PEOPLE and not bankers and ceo's. I guess my point is, Americans are not all bad, when we hear the news about the exploitation we our government and corporations are commiting, we are angry, but what can we do? Our constitution says it is our right and our DUTY to replace this government, by force if necessary, but we know there is no way that could happen now. The military industrial complex is not something that a citizen uprising could overcome.

  72. i personally believe that both communism and capitalism gave more bloods on the streets. Privatization as well as Collectivization led to clashes and turned to be a killing fields. I think that late 18th and early 20th century was a Battle Era and all the leaders were powerful and cunning (as propagandas were part of there rules) over each other...filled with Egos....Powers...Greed....Grandeur. They hardly had the idea of the society and planning. They believed in display of power by killing the betrayer..whether correct or incorrect. The killing art was linked to various theories to gather masses in support and the attachment to the theory ended when self interest is fulfilled...Che was left alone by Fidel during Bolivia journey. Even today they bore same attachment to the theory. I often feel how the shape of society would be when only either of Communism or Capitalism would be in existence. That's the question that shaped history.

  73. and ur pro capitalism so tell me upto now much humans died only due to lack of food? lenin and stalin punish those who were fighting with them and was criminals... were punished

  74. You are all young, brainwashed lot. I was brought up in the Soviet Union and it was the best time in my life. The society was different, you wouldn't be able to understand it. People were helpful, friendly, lived their lives to the full. They never vorried about what tomorrow brings, never worried about losing their children to the street gangs or to narcotics.Somebody said Soviet Union looked the same as Britain in the 50's - traditional, well behaved, content. Our daily lives were just like yours, but better - people went to work, met their friends at the family table afterwards, women looked fashionable, kids had the best education and free afterschool activities. We went to discos, theatres, we had our holidays in hot parts of the country. At work there was cooperation instead of competition, everyone felt that they are doing work for the same people as themselves, and not for the exploiting private company. There was a nice feeling of "togetherness", feeling of "shoulder" in the society. My factory provided me with medical service, with kindergarden for my son and my family was given a new spacious apartment. My factory was like second home to me. Now it is empty, ruined. Workers lives are ruined too. Latvia now is the poorest country in the European Union, pensioners dig in rubbish bins, there are beggars on the streets. Education at schools got worse, production stopped and shops are flooded with foreign foods nobody can afford to buy anyway.People could not imagine that their government could betray them like they did in the 90's. Tiny spoilt elite felt antisoviet, they thought they would have better life under capitalism. Now they moan, that society used to be more cultured, sophisticated, but it is too late to turn clock back and majority of people will never have good and peacful life again. There were some problems in the Soviet society, but it didn't justify ruining the entire country. Former Soviet republics are now poor, their economies are heavily in debt, science and production are nonexistent. Their political elite is subservient to the world capital - one can't call it freedom. To be honest, I have never felt exploited in the Soviet Union as I feel now in todays Britain. I was never spied on like I am spyed on now - cameras everywhere, management follows your every step, reduces your salary, doesn't recognise Unions. Government promises one thing and breaks its promise the next day, privatises services and profiteers from it.

    Only now do I understand what opportunity we have lost. We didn't understand our society, how it worked, how fragile was the working class victory. Society became complacent and lost its vigilance. I hope in the future this should be a lesson to those who wants better and fairer life.

  75. You are all stupid and brainwashed lot. I was brought up in the Soviet Union and it was the best time in my life. There was not one person I used to know who would complain about their life there. We all had a good life, never worried about losing our jobs or our children to the gangs or narcotics. It is
    enough to see what is going on

  76. Communism is one of the worst thing that has happened to mankind.

    Though I am not a complete believer of Drawin's theory (well, I will just say I don't know how life started), I disagree with the thoughts against Drawin's theroy in this documentary.
    I don't think Lenin, Stalin or any of the communist ******* were stupid enough to think they found a scientific proof for their immoral ideas, but I think its the greed and quest for power that caused this disaster

  77. i think communism is stupid! xD

  78. lol this documentary sucks, always tries to blame atheism for everything...

  79. Charles B.

    You might as well look at it this way: an atheist doesnt believe in an afterlife and therfore puts more value into a human life than a christian...

    The most logical conclussion of Christianity is acctually communism, Jesus hated rich people, who also hates rich people? communists...
    Christianity teaches that you should give away everything you own and that you have to follow your dictator(god) no matter what he does..

    See it works to compare christianity with communism to.

  80. // proud atheist capitalist who loves darwin

  81. This is so biased not because it critizes communism but because it attempts to link communism with darwin, evolution and atheism.
    Communism has nothing to do with atheism, communism is practically its own religion so you can call it an atheistic ideology, look at north korea their religion is practically worshipping the Kim family

  82. I don't know why Top Documentaries doesn't cull out amateurs. This is gimmicky, shoddy, poorly written, and annoying.It's like a couple of guys from a Baptist high school made it.
    I have nothing against the diagnosis of a disease, but it better be accurate, and prescriptions are also fine, if anyone knows the cure to human madness. But this is simply a right wing piece of Christian/Nationalistic propaganda without argument or direction. Shame on you for lying about your agenda, and shame on your deception.
    Jesus said, to shout his whispers from the rooftops. You guys distort the cruelest tragedies of history and don't even have the guts to profess your faith. In whatever you do, do it with passion!

  83. Liberalism is a mental disorder. As I lived under communist regime, I could only wish all the left-wing loonies would pack up their bags and build their dream, non-corporate, non-monetary, not-for-profit dream society on some uninhabitable island.
    In USSR there were common joke among the intelligentsia:

    This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: “Is it possible to build socialism in Switzerland?”
    We’re answering: “It's possible, but why? Did Switzerland really do something wrong to you?”

    This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: “What is the difference between Russian and English fairy tales?”
    We’re answering: “The English fairy tale start with ‘Once upon a time…’, and ours with ‘It will be soon…’”

    This is Armenian Radio; our listeners asked us: “We are told that the communism is already seen at the horizon.” Then, what is a horizon?”
    We’re answering: “Horizon is an imaginary line which moves away each time you approach it.”

  84. In the name of terrorism, people are willing to hand over
    their freedom for security and get neither, In the fear
    of global warming they are willing to hand over their
    property and resources, in the fear of disease they are
    willing to hand over their own being.. GW's grandfather
    supported hitler, Bush Sr. but Saddam in political power
    to begin with, yet to destroy them and take over their
    resources etc.. Capitalism has been just as destructive,
    just like religions have been just as destructive as

  85. Re: those last two photos of Lenin. Super freaky. I heard somewhere that in his last two years he was just the figure head while Trotsky, Stalin, and another chap whose name escapes me jostled as the main contenders for heir. To keep the masses spirits up and let the capitalist world "know" he was still alive and capable they would have him doped with all sorts of stuff to bloat and perk him up for the photo op. If so, no wonder he looks so odd. Frightening even.

  86. Deny Me now and I will deny You later.

  87. Yes, the fact that millions of species were made in one week makes perfect sense...?i don't think so. During USSR millions of people had bread to eat, now they became victims of cruel capitalism.

  88. @Marge

    I really disagree. Capitalism is just as destructive. The profit motive prevents homelessness, diseases like cancer and AIDS, efficient, clean energy, and more than 50% of crime from ever seeing a solution, cause it's more profitable to treat problems than to solve them. I have to work everyday at a job that does nothing for anyone and destroys the Earth, rather than using my human potential for good. Capitalism's structural violence is more destructive than ANY war or revolution, as well as the main cause of behavioural violence. "The state" doesn't need to murder. Hunger, disease, and the stress alone of being poor kills enough. I hope my comment doesn't read as angry or contentious, as that's not my aim. But simply because Capitalism ahs worked for you is not enuogh, one must see the whole Earth as one. There are no countries or nationalities, and no problems for the rich, the poor, men or women. There are only humans, and human problems.

  89. Anyone who says that capitalism is no better cannot or will not shed their illusions. My family for generations have lived with capitalism and have thrived and not one has been murdered by the state. So far the only disagreement I have with this video is the statement that humans are not animals -- they are, but have large brains and are able to use logic (well, at least most of them).

  90. Guys. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and proof-reading. Learn 'en, love 'em. I am not trying to be rude, I literally cannot understand some of the things written here. I mean, honestly, has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

  91. The Bloody History of opposed to the Non-Bloody History of Capitalism??? Sorry couldn't even bare to watch this one yet

  92. choas therory abd communism go together

  93. @temy; fully agree with your statement that a true model of the communist state has never really been created. Unfortunately the model has always been used as the framework for dictatorships.
    As I have said before this documentary is pure creationist propoganda and has absolutely nothing to do with history or politics. By discussing things here we are just elevating it to some sort of acceptance.
    Vlatko should delete it or rewrite the description.

  94. There never has been a communist or socialist state. People who think places like Russia, China, North Korea, etc, are either communist or socialist are complete fools.

  95. Communism is not a bad ideology but people like Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot who use it to get powerfull are contemptible. The guy in the documentary who is talking about how people should live voor god and denies Darwinism is not trustable and objective at all. Ofcourse many people got killed by leaders who call themselves communist but you can't blame the ideology for that.

  96. If it wasn't for capitalism & globalisation, none of you would be having this discussion here because computers,internet and hundreds of other progresses of mankind would never have seen the light of day.

    Socialism may be a decent way for taking care of our most basic needs but can we really be happy in long term with just basics?

  97. This is THE worst documentary ever. It lacks all understanding of Marxist theory, the description of Dialectical Materialism is laughable

  98. The U.S.A. is not Capitalist.pure capitalism lets the market controll how businessis done. Not in America. Our finances are controlled by a private bank called theFederal reserve, and our own government substidizes and saves failing bussinesses with taxes paid by the citizens without thier consent. true capitalism ithe same as Darwinism....survival of the fitist. if a copany fails its because they where running a bad biz....and out of the ashes let the better biz rise to the top. so all those praising the American capitalism......get your ignorant facts straight.....This isnt capitalism. For good reads on such look up Ayn Rand. PEACE TO ALL!

  99. So Stalin and Mao are the natural results of Darwin's theories. It's strange then that evolution is still accepted but communism has all but died out. I would guess then that capitalism is just another result of Darwin's ideas. Or is that democracy. Is democracy and capitalism the same thing? Democracy does allows corporate corruption to flourish which has also brought a lot of suffering to the third world. Maybe that will be the next project for the producers of this work.

    This film does expose the terrible excesses of communism. Sadly, the producers have their own Islamic agenda. Harun Yahya has a website that shows where this film is coming from. Yahya is just as stringent as Stalin in his beliefs and is quite happy to see all non Muslims in hell. It has always amazed me that religions who claim to be based on peace and love can't wait for the coming of the Messiah so all non believers can finally be punished in the most severe way - and because God is the punisher the believer does not have to be the merciless brute. The Christian, Jew or Muslim (depending whose dogma is correct) is then the noblest of men. (sorry ladies).

    I'm glad this film was posted. It was informative and it also demonstrates that just a person criticizes a bloody regime doesn't make that person less dangerous. We have to know that people like that exist and we can be thankful that we have an open forum to discuss all ideas.

  100. Apramit,

    Your points are well taken.

    Interesting, too, is the fact that the very word 'Capitalism' is of Marxist terminology: the seven stages of economic development, Capitalism being the 5th in line on the road to Communism.

    It is a great pity that in the former Soviet Union the Marxist experiment was never really tried. Had there been a genuine and sincere effort to implement the philosophy only to see it fail, we should nonetheless be richer in knowledge for the attempt. Marxism as it was claimed to have been instituted in the Soviet Union was, in reality, never given even the slightest chance. From day one, it was plain, old dictatorship (and not that of The Proletariat!). From the get-go, the Soviet Union adopted the oldest form of government there is: 'do what I say or I kill you'.

    On another note, so-called 'Capitalism' in today's economies is actually, in essence, Corporatism, having nothing whatever to do with Liberal Free Enterprise under the governance of a representative democracy.

    “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power.”
    ~ Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini (29 July 1883 – 28 April 1945)

  101. WOW, sooo apparently I've been completely misinformed my entire life and Charles Darwin was basically responsible for communism....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm............ DONT BOTHER! This documentary is a waste of time, although I did watch the whole thing. Terribly biased and misleading information, no experts are really consulted and the facts paraphrased from books are chopped up to make the point they want. Really terrible documentary...

  102. Poor propaganda film to support Creationism using the communism
    story. Very poorly done.

  103. Wow, I watched part one and decided that there was no need to proceed any further. They start out good and then they go in for the kill, I guess I should have realized when they were trying to vilify Darwin in the beginning. This is nothing more than a bunch of religious propaganda!

    The worst part of it is that they aren't even good at it! It's a not so subtle attempt to shove creationism nonsense down people's throats. You figure they would try to be more subtle about it, but I think religious indoctrination has long lost it's subtlety. These people made very clear exactly what their agendas were. If you are not of the "sheepish" mentality.... Don't waste your time!

  104. If you project communism as an evil theory than capitalism is also no better. Everybody in the world knows what America is doing by virtue of its strong economy. More people have been killed under capitalism then communism and more democratically elected governments are overthrown because of them not carrying out the American interest. The most glowing example of Americas double standards is visible in the context of Iran. It pressurizes Iran to change its policies and promote democracy which is already present there and on the other hand America has helped in overthrowing the elected and democratic government of Salvador Allende in Chile. what a contrast. America and its allies has no right to criticize others.

  105. Holy hell this is biased. Set up the documentary with scary music and clip after clip of marx and engals juxtaposed over mass executions. Propaganda 101.

    This doc says the following
    Communism = Evolutionism = The Most evil 2 things ever

    Having taken a philosophy class, its pretty easy to shoot down this bullshit "creationist" doc 3 minutes into it. Who is going to respect a doc so skewing the scientific communities reception of darwin? No scientists of his era took him seriously because he didn't use science? Whatever kentucky text book this dummy read to make this doc should be burned.

  106. This one won't make the dopey liberal leftists very happy.

  107. All forms of government are evil to different degrees. I totally agree that Communism is among the most brutal forms of government ever practiced. Capitalism is simply the natural state of peaceful free trade among free individuals. Communism is the theft of individual private property and the enslavement of the working class all for the benefit of unelected officials who live in opulent luxury while the masses subsist on the bare essentials at best (at worst I refer the reader to North Korea).

  108. How disappointing! This so-called 'documentary' is bit a transparent attempt by a religious fanatic to bend & distort the history of Communism to suit his own purposes. I don't know which would be worse: a world run by deceitful propagandists like this guy or one run by a Communist dictator.

    No matter how deliberately & pathetically this nut tries to 'ape' the attitudes, gestures & behaviours of an Oxford scholar, no matter how staid & 'academic'-looking a setting he selects or how many books he surrounds himself with (come to think of it, I wonder if he's ever actually opened & read any of them?), he is but a sham religious fanatic spouting his fatiguing dogma under the false guise of academic legitimacy. This is not a commentary on his religious beliefs or their so-called validity; I couldn't care less if he were trying to persuade viewers to become Amish. My objection is based upon his deceitfulness. Why not just throw it all in the air & make a documentary entitled : "What I believe & why I believe it". This is NOT an historical documentary at all, despite the inclusion of some authentic footage. It should be classified under RELIGION & the synopsis should tell viewers that it is a 'infomercial' by a person seeking to convert viewers to Islam by juxtaposing it as the opposite & a panacea for the dreaded excesses of the 'evil wicked' Communists.

    This man would do well to recall the many horrors & excesses which have been perpetrated & continue to be perpetrated by adherents to (& authorities in) virtually every religion (including HIS) or every political faction.

    I do hope that he was able to hurry his entire crew out of that office before the 'real' professor returned: I'd hate to see a genuine old scholar die of a heart attack due to the shock of discovering these dreadful impostors!

  109. Ok well I thought this film would be educational, and present an interesting point of view. But with all of the religious connotations, and views against Darwinism is just crazy. They justify their position by saying that Darwin's theory was not readily accepted when it was first published. Well people of Columbus' including the church, didn't believe that the earth was round! So what kind of point is that to make? Especially since the theory of evolution is what is taught now, and not creationism. I'm leary to watch the rest of the miss information in this movie.

  110. Capitalism is the only system that can make an ordinary person exraordinary

  111. Love to learn and I learned a lot of new things here and it prompted me to go further with some additional research. The longer it played however, I couldn't help but wonder if this wasn't some strange parallel world and I was watching an adaptation of The 700 Club.

  112. I agree with Eli, capitalism is the same.

  113. In Yugoslavia communism was not so bloody...

  114. This video is so skewed!!! Half of this footage is not even real! If it was not for Stalin's Red Army, Nazi Germany would have attained dominance of Europe. Look at Poland, the Nazis stomped through Poland in 3 days without firing a shot. This video is misleading and an attempt to associate Communism with Darwinism, mind you, by a religious freak who is trying to convert the people who watch. Anything that has passaged from the Quran as empirical evidence? PLEASE! What a joke. The Soviet Union was the strongest most powerfull empire on earth that competed with the US. If it wasnt for Gorbachev, and his ridiculous perestroika, life would have been peachy. These "facts" are misleading. End of Story.

  115. I think to use the brutalities of communism to sway to argument over to god is pretty disgusting.

  116. karl marx was a british agent who in Capital spends most of the time defending Adam Smith against the great American system economists like Henry Carey and Friedrich list.
    The reason communism fails as a system is because it is rooted in materialism and places no value in the human creative potential.

  117. Good to see such a good documentary.

    It brings up just the most important information. It is time to move on and stop brainwashing people with the old-never-scientific, unbeneficial (Darwinian) theory of evolution, which has only had the most hurtful consequences. And take a look at the real Fathers of science, who all believed in God.

    Also, some of the music is from chrono cross, lol. Wouldn’t recommend it however, it has a bad entrainment effect; I used to listen to it when I was younger, as with Metallica (just some) and the like, it can put people in hopeless situations. But without it, we will live happy for no seeming reason.


  118. This "documentary" is just terrible, pure propaganda. I had to stop watching after half of the second part. Documentaries should be as neutral as possible imo. Maybe it would be helpful for future viewers to flag this video as "possibly not neutral"?

  119. @ Young. How so? As to percentage. The total population of either Christians or Muslims is much higher than say the total population of Soviet Russia or even Maoist China so if your saying per capita your assumption would be a reversal of the truth.
    @ Vilhelmo. I am not proclaiming capitalism as superior here just stating that communism has not worked. Your examples may well be true it takes time to build a solid capitalistic base that supports inferstructure well. As to life expectancy a great deal of that is likely due to diet but not sure having no study to go by. Yes Americans are fat that is because we eat over rich foods and work desk jobs and our health sucks. You will live longer if you struggle a bit. Man was made to struggle and exert himself . Living to cushy a life has major health draw backs.

  120. If capitalism is so great why has life expectancy fallen by more than 10 years in Russia? Look at the situation today in the post soviet economies. For example, Latvia, housing prices down 70%, life expectancy falling, people emigrating, no more ambulance service. Capitalism can't even match the results of Soviet Communism (which I am certainly no fan of).

  121. I grant you that like most documentaries, like this one should be taken with a grain of salt, however,those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. I lived in europe when the berlin wall came down. What a party. Lenin, wanted to use Pavlov's theory and train humans to obey absolutly. although evolution has it's merrits, man has the ability to reason. this and oposible thumbs are what seperate mankind from "lower" animals.

  122. @reasons voice

    If your playing a pure numbers game your right in saying that no ideology has come close. BUT, if you break it into percentage of the population then you'll realize the amount killed in socialist and communist states is actually much much lower than that of christianity and islam.

  123. @all comunism supporters
    Well I will grant you that the greed withing unrestrained capitalism has led to some deplorable actions. Also I will grant that Religions (all religions) have also led to war and oppression. However The tendency of communist leaders being absolutely insane egomaniac warmongers is a bit off putting to say the least. Honestly if you can tell me that you would stand behind men like Mao, Stalin, Lennin, or more recently Castro, Guevara, Kim Jong-il.etc.

    And lets not forget the great socialist leaders such as Hitler and Mussolini. You tell me you would stand behind any of these leaders and I will tell you I will be there to face you with weapon drawn. No Ideology has ever come close to the atrocities commuted against man as was done in the name of either communism or socialism. You can tell me the ideal has been hijacked by evil men all you want. My response to that is that if that is the case then communists and socialist have proven them selves to be complete rubes taken in by mad men each and every time.

  124. A bloody history of religion would be a nice little sequel to this doc. It would be interesting to see how the numbers compare.

  125. I expected a history video about communism, and what i got were a bunch of creationists praising the lord and calling communists savages...............

  126. Modern, totalitarian, communist regimes have indeed been responsible for an awful lot of injustice, misery and atrocity, but I very quickly lost any confidence in the objectivity and honesty of the producers of this series early in episode one, when the narrator flatly asserted that Darwin had no scientific basis for his theory of "Origin of Species" and tried to maintain that the evils and abuses of modern, communist dictatorships were a direct and inevitable consequence of belief in biological evolution.

  127. The creator of this documentary is Harun Yahya. A nickname of Adnan Oktar, a Turk with an infamous background in the turkish censorship, Anti-zionism, Islamic creationism and Turkish nationalism.
    Only the fact that he produces a documentary under a "pen name" makes me uncomfortable.

    Here we have a very well elaborated presentation of historical facts, yes the Bolsheviks and the USSR have a lot of blood in their hands, BUT the target of this documentary is not communism.
    Darwin, a scientist, is portrayed as an ideologist and philosopher of atheism and nothing else. And by engaging his name ever so often in this documentary is stigmatizing him as communist ideologist.

    This only serves the point of the Islamic Creationists that Allah has created the world and the man exactly and only as described in the Quran.

    And we don't need any fool that believes in myths and legends written by monks, priests and fortune tellers, telling us that communism and the USSR governments have committed atrocities. I don't know if the genocides committed by of the Ottoman Empire, the Seljuq Empire, Modern Turkey and all these god feared Sultans who ruled the world from Spain to Romania ( the long way around) can ever be compared with the 70 years of USSR.

  128. Communism, fascism, American imperialism, it all looks the same after a while. I do agree, however, that blaming Charles Darwin for what's always been human evil (see the three labels in the first sentence), is quite ludicrous. The paradox of evolution is that we got smarter and more sophisticated as a species but yet we never improved on any level that could be construed as moral or spiritual. Blaming Darwin for giving the disease a name is stupid. Lest there be any confusion the disease is us. Political regimes and ideologies are merely the superficially different strains of the same cancer. Like psychopaths we can't learn from our moral failures hence we're doomed to repeat these travesties. This documentary is just one of the many sad comedies out there and should be seen as such. It has nothing to teach about the shortcomings of one specific ideology. It's nothing more than another reminder that after 30-50 milleniums we should stop pretending that we're moving forward as a species. If there is a divine intelligence out there I can't imagine what incentive would motivate it to take responsibility for creating us. If there is no divine intelligence then we are Chaos Theory's greatest joke and evolution is the vehicle that makes our ruthlessness God-like in its complexity. This documentary almost makes anarchy attractive. Enjoy.

  129. @elishaShemuel

    It is clear that you know nothing of your claims and that Koran is in no way linked to Communism. Hell, it even mentions how Muslims are put to genocide in the documentary. I have to agree, however, that the host is not neutral in his narrative. Yet, he puts facts that are clear and con size.

    Your name Shemuel is clearly hebrew, thus I'm assuming that you are jewish. No wonder your hate towards the Koran and its followers. I obviously won't go really far in this blatant efight since I'm am merely but a Goy to you. Thus whatever I write is completely false and irrelevant to your say. Yet, I have to say that the lack of logic in your insults show much of a low human being you are.

  130. let's add the torah and the bible to that list.

  131. One lie, telling of another lie, deception upon deception, Koran and Communism, Vanity of Vanities, madness.

  132. The Koran teachings are false, watered down truths, empty, leading to death and destruction and will lead you all to the same fate as Communism's brain washing does Communists. All of them have been blinded and deceived.

  133. I lived in communist country for 20 years and to anyone who wants to bring back communism....I will NUKE YOU!!!!!

  134. The copyrighted music throughout this doc is distracting. Predator, Metal Gear Solid and Shindler's List to name a few. Can't take it seriously...

  135. Dialectic means two things that simotaneously create, affect and change one another. Crime and crime control, rich and poor, and my favorite, Individual Identity and Group Identity, are good examples.

    Conflict was Darwin's thing and a whole other theory.

    Dialectic materialism in "social"ism means that social structure is a by-product of any INTERACTIONS within these dialectics, not conflict in itself. In fact, the idea was to resolve social conflict by resolving inner conflicts through deliberate and consious manipulation of the material world, ie, the market.

    Marx's observation that when rich people get too rich, the poor in the area have a tendency to overthrow and try to kill the leaders, seems a social observation that was and is obvious with a good deal of historical precident. I wonder that, by his day and age, that he ever had to bother to point that out, and how people can deny the truth of it.

    Im checking out something else,,, could at least get the stupid theory right.

  136. this is not a documentry. it is some kind of religous propaganda. don't watch ! a waste of time.

  137. every one spouts off the best systems communism no capitalism no socialism ....
    any way in the usa kids we have a democratic republic ( a load of B.S. until we get rid of the electorial college) The wiseist political system in my opinion is true democracy. If i have a matter that needs to be addressed i bring it to the people as a whole and they vote on it.
    what wait you say it can't work
    our nations are to large
    welll look at the banking system... 'too large to fail' ... is that what you want for the whole world? where is our modren day socrates too put people in their place?

  138. This documentary is absolute nonsense from start to finish. Avoid at all costs.

  139. 'if my German relatives weren’t such a lovable pain in the arse'

    Yes, we sure can be :-D

  140. In addition, it's also biased towards religion and capitalism. As if Capitalist Christians had never conducted racial genocides to steal the lands of natives and expand their empire.

  141. This docu is very informative but terribly one sided.It basiclly states that communist(and also darwinist) are the bad guys in history .While in reality, it's way way more complex than that.
    It claims Darwin's theory had no scientific basis. Well, I guess creationism sounds more scientific then.
    And also, Darwin's ideas can also be applied to Capitalism.Namely, survival of the fittest,natural selection and adaptation.

  142. @Hardy

    'Finally somebody who doesn’t see things black and white.'

    I am pretty convinced that a mixed system is the best way forward(i can almost hear the clenching of US nuckles and grinding of teeth), and that Germany is one of the few places with enough independant thinkers and will to make it happen.

    'I recommend everybody to live in Germany for a year. We aren’t perfect, but on a good way to the a balance between moneymaking capitalism and fair socialism,'

    That is really encouraging to hear. England seems to be going the other way. Cuts to health and education and to much arse kissing to the US system.

    'it’s a lot nicer than most other countries, in my experience.'

    One of my favorite countries and if my German relatives weren't such a lovable pain in the arse i would be on the next plane over. Even though my German sucks.

    Thanks. and sorry about the delay in replying. I only just saw your post.

  143. Modern politics - the greatest comedy around :-D

  144. I believe it may be more than that, Hardy.

  145. AFAIK, doesn't China 'own' 1/3 of America, debtwise?

  146. China is experiencing something political scientists are lightly referring to as "Communism-Lite"

    People can now own their own business, own American cars, etc... in China.

    So, China has been, over the last few decades, lightening up on it's Maoist doctrine.

    It still has a long way to go, obviously, but, keep this in mind: if the average Chinese person makes 3000 US dollars a year, he will SAVE 1000.

    Think about that. The Chinese have always been great savers. That is why we (the USA) have been going to them for money over the last few years. And, why we are all afraid that they will someday soon, "call in our debt".

  147. what a mind manipulation....
    lie and more lie.
    oh, So scary communist bustards.
    And Communist China nos so bad????

  148. And, look... people have to work on their political science classes...

    Communism and Socialism are two seperate political/economic theories. Communism can't exist without a socialist state, but SOCIALISM can exist without Communism...

    I mean... you have to read the books... I mean...

    Oh whatever, I am old and tired, I can't save you. Maybe the younger big brains can bring the world around.

  149. @Hardy

    *applauds* Yes, sir! I applaud your whole statement!

  150. Thank you Epicurean_Logic. Finally somebody who doesn't see things black and white.

    Extremes of any sort never work out in the end. Liberal-capitalism creates the situation we have today (poor countries getting poorer, wealthy countries benefiting from the poor countries and getting richer themselves), communism leads to societies collapsing (it ignores the basic human trait: greed).

    I recommend everybody to live in Germany for a year. We aren't perfect, but on a good way to the a balance between moneymaking capitalism and fair socialism, it's a lot nicer than most other countries, in my experience.

  151. this isnt communism, communism wouldnt need 12ft high walls or death squads.
    funny how everyone associates marx&lennin with stalin - that guy they didnt like (lennin, because stalin insulted his wife) that had them put up against a wall and shot...

  152. As can be witnessed by the pro-communist remarks, we can see why it is such a miserable failure throughout the history of humanity: its followers are uneducated, bloodthirsty, knuckle-dragging, m*****.

    Anti-evolution commentary aside, the critique of Communism still stands unscathed.

    Fact: Communist governments have killed more people than all others combined.

    Fact: Communism is a socio political machine, which abides by an economic philosophy called socialism.

    Capitalism is an economic theory, not a socio-political system.

    the Nazis (National SOCIALIST German Worker's Party) abided by a socialist economic system

    Canadian's comment proves why his/her country is completely insignificant.

    If the pro Communist comments on this board are a representation of humanity's future, we deserve to go extinct.

  153. what an outrageous and ridiculous documentary. Even the Nazis would have hidden their biased agenda better than this c***. But dangerous all the same.

  154. Capitalism doesn't work, socialism doesn't work, so what is the answer? simple. a combination of both! in england we have a socialistic health health service,school system and tv network and capitalistic wealth creating areas like banking ( which could probably do with a socialist makeover) and various private enterprise.A mixed system can reject the worst and take the best of both systems as required.

    Please let me be clear i am not saying that we have the perfect system, far from it. i am saying that the middle ground is best.

  155. Is this video a joke! I couldn't get past the Darwin bit, what a shame. Crummy propoganda

  156. What a load of creationist cr*p.

  157. To Eli, grow up in a former Soviet state, then you can bash Capitalism all you want. While I do admit this documentary is outrageous in some respects, to state that capitalism is no better than communism is just plain ignorant.

  158. Stalin and Mao, hijacked the communism as a critique of Marxist critique of capitalism to help themselves gain power. The way they organized society have little resemblance to communism as Marx written. For all of you who is interested in Marxism. Read "the making of the english working class" by Thompson. A great read that bring the struggle between classes away from Stalin-ism's high minded theories back into the life of the working class people.

    If you want a example Capitalism's evil deeds, Look no further than CIA lead overthrow the democratically elected president of Iran, simply because he challenged oil company interest in his country. The raise of Hitler was also funded by major capitalist,because they liked his view on efficiency and conformity. USA had no problem propping up the monarchy in Saudi Arabia, for oil interests, all while fighting in iraq for the sake of democracy.

  159. This is a video made and sponsored by the creationist / Fetullahist cult led by the Turkish Adnan Oktar who uses the pen name Harun Yahya for his publications. If you want to know more about this criminal just take a look at wikipedia and see the list of his activities. You will be shocked I can assure you. This is the same group that got a court order to block the web site of Richard Dawkins in Turkey on the grounds that Dawkins insulted him. (Dawkins pointed out that one of the pieces of anti-evolutionary "evidence" in Yahya's book was not a real fly but a fish hook - the hook had been overlooked by the author and was published). Much to the discredit of the Turkish courts the web site remained blocked for over a year, leading to criticism worldwide about Turkey's backwardness. I don't know where you find these videos but I would advise you to check the source and also the objectives of the makers before posting as a "History" of anything. This is not history this is unadulterated creationist propaganda of the most dangerous kind.

  160. Do you need an education to produce this kind of slanted history made only for xenophobic American minority? Unbelievable. Bigoted wing nuts who try to write this kind of history are just as guilty as the people they attack in this ridiculous diatribe feigning historiography. The music prefacing the onslaught of Marx and Engles was my favorite.

  161. P.S. Gee, I apologize for mentioning the ZG, got mixed up in which thread I was :-D

  162. Dear tifranci,

    I have my own doubts on how this proposed society would work in reality myself, at least at this stage. In my opinion there are quite a few (legitimate) questions that require a better answer. Still, there is nothing wrong in allowing for the possibility that a society based on the propositions put forth in ZG is actually feasible.

    I won't get here into the debate about communism, but I'll just say that Marx' critique of capitalism has contributed a lot to understanding of the functioning of the capitalist system, and be sure it's as exploitative today as it was when he wrote about it. But to understand that, it would mean that you need to learn much about how really "America helps others in other countries..... because it is free and has capitalism". I almost can't believe that anyone, who has a basic grasp of the world affairs today, could actually say that.

    As to being jealous of Christians because they have hope, if hope is all Christianity has to offer then there is nothing to be jealous about.

  163. tifranci, you have obviously never read "The Communist Manifesto" by Marx. I wish you had, because in that case, we could actually discuss about it. In this case, it would be like banging my head against a wall.

  164. tis documentary is completely fake and false....very unreliable.

  165. I've never seen so many people who would defend communism and its effects. Those that say that this film is biased are deluded about the facts of history. These people spouted marx, used it to gain power and killed millions, there is no bias. I dare those same people to name the same level of loss of life in any religious conflict. The communists who see people as animals to be controlled by the state for the greater good have the record when it comes to random slaughter, it came from lenin's own mouth. In a free society in a free democracy, society flourishes. America helps others in other countries and in its own because it is free and has capitalism. Jesus did not tell his followers to not make a living. He was not talking about true communism, he was talking about loving your neighbor and helping them. You are alive watching this video because someone made the technology (capitalism). You are allowed to watch this video because you live in a democracy. China, Cuba, Venesuela, North Korea, Iran, other parts of central and south america would not allow you this. You are even allowed to be ignorant and say that atheism and communism are wonderful and yell insults at people who believe in something or made something of themselves saying that they are deluded and greedy. But in reality it is your own impotence in life that makes makes you jealous. You hate Christians out of jealousy, because they have hope. You hate the successful because of your own greed and jealousy of not obtaining it yourself. Get off the drugs and go to work. You will be more reasonable and think more clearly.

  166. Hey Mark, is that short for marxist.

  167. I've never seen so many people who would defend communism and its effects. They say that this film is biased are deluded about the facts of history. These people spouted Marx, used it to gain power and killed millions, there is no bias.

    I dare those same people to name the same level of loss of life in any religious conflict. The communists who see people as animals to be controlled by the state for the greater good have the record when it comes to random slaughter, it came from Lenin's own mouth. In a free society in a free democracy, society flourishes. America helps others in other countries and in its own because it is free and has capitalism.

    Jesus did not tell his followers to not make a living. He was not talking about true communism, he was talking about loving your neighbor and helping them. You are alive watching this video because someone made the technology (capitalism). You are allowed to watch this video because you live in a democracy. China, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Iran, other parts of central and south America would not allow you this.

    You are even allowed to be stupid and say that atheism and communism are wonderful and yell insults at people who believe in something or made something of themselves saying that they are deluded and greedy. But in reality it is your own impotence in life that makes makes you jealous. You hate Christians out of jealousy, because they have hope. You hate the successful because of your own greed and jealousy of not obtaining it yourself. Get off the drugs and go to work. You will be more reasonable and think more clearly.

  168. All out there who believe that Communism or capitalism can make people "equal"
    or work in the best interest of people are very ignorant of history. PEOPLE LOVE POWER; Its that frikin simple, no matter what form of government abuse of power will arise.

    Quite acting like self-righteous prophets thinking that communism is ideal equality, it will never work. Centralized power and monetary policy means that it is the central government not the people that will always benefit from Communism. Capitalism is no better as it allows corporate wealth to control political systems and again deprive people of freedom and equality.

    One secret many may not have caught on to is that the US is already built around centralized monetary policy and in this sence is already socialist in nature. In truth the only solution is constant vigilance of organized people against established power, free speech and freedoms are only possible so long as people are willing to fight for them.


  169. I would agree with you that Communism is a bad idea - it has a wrong assumption concerning the nature of human beings.

    But I would disagree that the Capitalism we have today is better. On the one side, we in the west are living off of the poverty of people in poor countries. We could analyze the example of Africa, but that would take too long. On the other side, huge corporations virtually OWN the governments: nothing occurs for the benefit of the population, only for the benefit of the richest. Less than 10% (or was it 1%?) of the world's population own more than 90% of the world's money.

    In my opinion, both theories have to be "combined" for it to work out, otherwise there are always winners and losers.

  170. @ Charles B.
    I will name three Countries that has caused countless thousands of deaths through Policy, Britain, Israel and America!

  171. Well, Yes. To be honest. Have you ever lived in a Communist country? I have. A bit scary, actually. Name one Capitalist country in the past century that has mass murdered a million plus people--not in war even, but though policy and cruelty. My close friend when I was in China told me first hand about the cruelties of Communist China and how he barely survived it. It left me speachless. He was nearly shot in the head when caught reading English during the Cultural Revolution. Had it not been for an extremely rare and brave teacher that said, "Shoot me, but let my student live!" he would have died on the playground.

    Have you watched clip number three? Just ignore the religious overtones if you don't like them, but really take a good look at what Mao did and why he did it. Then ask me the same question later. No where in the world has Communism not brought death and destruction.


  172. Is Capitalism any better in your opinion?

  173. I really am glad Communism is currently in decline. I hope we keep it that way.

  174. So far, this has been a really very good documentary. Cold hard facts are cold hard facts. Very insightful. I will watch part 3 tomorrow. I'm learning a lot about the early history of Communism. So far it's a "10" from me.

    Thanks, Vlatko!

  175. don't blame communism. blame those who fear equality.

  176. Spot On! Excellent Movie! So many people are imprisoned in their lust and they can't see! This movie is spot on!

  177. What a load of cr^p, I stopped watching half way through.
    The religious undertones just got under my skin

    All religions should be banned PERIOD!

  178. I am not a communist but this piece is junk. The guy could not hide his religious tendencies behind his argument. It might only appeal to people who their understanding of ideologies is limited to "capitalism = houses, cars, vacations, prosperity", "Socialism = everything is shared even your wife" and "Communism = totalitarian system = fascism = Nazism".

  179. i thought i could smell a rat when he said that dialectics were about seeing the past in terms of conflict, this documentary is misleading and its pretty scary that stuff like this still gets made and put out there. Darwins theory based on no scientific facts? It makes out darwin to be some kind of instigator of communism with marx. uninformative, religious propoganda. the only thing i hate more than being preached to is being lied to. Please remove this nonsense before it corrupts young minds

  180. we ended as mistreated in capitalism as if the communism had ruled the world, the mayor institutions govern in favor of corporations and banks, meanwhile the people starves, live as slaves and believe in god

  181. clearly a manipulating ending !

  182. @Charles B
    It's strange that someone would think it is okay to push this religious agenda during the documentary. I simply wanted to see a documentary about the history of communism, but instead I get preached at. You can see how this is annoying, yes? Not to say that religion is wrong, I just don't want to hear it, and it adds nothing except for propagandist dribble.

    I understand that you watch dino docs and it talks about evolution, but that is because dinosaurs are important evidence of the theory of evolution. The difference between those docs and this one, is that at no point will a dinosaur documentary even -mention- religion and say it is -wrong-. Most logical people would say that it is an impossible argument to make, and it would be pointless and unrelated! Just like what's going on in this one! =P

  183. @Jota

    I guess those who can really grasp science become scientists... Those who don't become science journalists - or philosophers of science - or posters in this thread ;-)

    There is a distinction to be made between philosophizing scientists (like Einstein and Bohr) and "scientizing" philosophers (guys like Bruno Latour or Thomas Kuhn, for example). The latter belong into the embarassing category whose only achievement is to pour words, words, words and maybe manage to confuse their esteemed colleagues in the process.

    Geniuses might be remembered by the general public based on their eloquency, image or eccentric personality. But their real contributions are cold hard facts that they have discovered and accurate prediction models that they have developed using those facts. Yet, being right consistently on arcane matters is not a very exciting topic for a lay person, so journalists and the like have to dig up anecdotes and invent illustrative stories that seem to make sense (often introducing errors as they go along). Likewise, Marx did not contribute anything to science. He just put his and other people's misleading opinions into believable words.

    The discussion also reminds me of a great paper by Feynman titled "Cargo cult science" (recommended).

  184. I suggest that the slave trade is directly tied to capitalism and to suggest that capitalism is benign is bunk. Want to know the greatest observer of captitalism? Read Marx.

  185. Charles B

    And you expect rational logical people to believe that God created it all in 7 days? Evolutionists are not intollerant. They look for answers that make sense and have support beyond faith. And to think that morality is some how a trait only gained through religion or from the teachings of the bible is a bit over the top as well. I have read quite a few stories of so called religious people who don't appear to have too many morals at all. Human have evolved to have to care for a family and to work together in groups to survive. Could we not have evolved with compassion and caring for everyone as a whole in order for our species to live on...without religion?

  186. Science shows and proves too much.

    Evolution is a theory yes but logical thought and analysis leads one to think that the bible is a story written by people ignorant of science trying to understand the world and how it all became. Does the bible speak of the big bang? Does it explain the true vastness of the universe? It doesn't even explain anything beyond 4500 years of the earths timeline and we all know it is much older than that because science has told us so. And without religion would there be that much need for conflict other than boundaries for cultures and peoples? But with religion you have the ultimate... Faith can lead you to believe in just about anything. Rev Jim Jones proved that.

    And as for communism and everyone being equal well history has shown us the only way to do that is to scare the crap out of people and control them. Doesn't sound very free and equal to me.

    Science will one day prove religion for what it is.

  187. @Stevie

    I’ve read all the books and articles written by Marx, including, of course, the most famous Communist Manifesto (for me the less interesting of them all, since it lacks major background and justifications for what it states – but the intention was to be a short “manifesto”).

    I’ll repeat what I’ve said before: to fully understand Marx, you have to read the full works of him. Has a thinker, he’s too important to not be seriously considered and studied. Yes, it’s difficult to read some books of him, but… no pain no game :P

    In some countries Marxism is viewed in a very biased way, because it goes against the main ideology that sustains some elites in the power. The result is that many Marxist ideas are distorted. When a lie is repeated too many times, in the end it becomes “true”.

    The way Karl Marx tracks the ascent of capitalism (since feudalism till the expropriation of who lived in the communal properties, in UK), and how he analyses capitalism inner forces, contradictions, and degenerations – in short: all the mechanic of capitalism – was a true master piece of thought. But I must also confess that some of the solutions he gives (some parts of the communist ideology) to substitute capitalism, have short-term practical problems, that must be corrected in the future.

    Even Lenin, after the Soviet Revolution, knew very well those problems. The NEP (New Economic Policy) was his way to solve them. There are some good books about NEP, but you can go search some info in Internet to confirm what NEP was. It’s quicker this way :)

    But the earlier death of Lenin and the rise to power of Stalin, ruined any chances for NEP. Stalin was a very (too much) pragmatic man, and short-minded. He wanted to prove that communism, “unchangeable with is hard dogmas”, was capable of become a substitute to Capitalism. He was stubborn, idiot and had a dangerous mentality of a computer – only seeing numbers and not persons –, that’s why so many people die unnecessary :(. Stalin created a bureaucratic monster machine in Soviet Union, and what he has done must not be confused with Marxism or communism.

    Democracy, in the beginning of the XXth century, was viewed as the ultimate goal of liberty, but the fact is that in Europe, before WWII, many countries became tired of the inner problems and contradictions related with democracy, and so, changed into Totalitarian/Authoritarian/Fascist regimes. Was that the end of democracy? Of course not :P The same for Marxism and Communism.

  188. @silkop

    Einstein and Niels Bohr loved to talk about philosophy and other matters beside science.

    Those kinds of scientists are very rare nowadays. It’s a pity! It makes all the difference between a genius and a excellent scientist or researcher.

  189. @silkop

    I'm a journalist! :)
    And guess what... science journalist. I love science... and facts. And till now haven’t received any kind of complains about the articles I write :P

    To be science journalist implies to know a large range of knowledge, not only about science. I think Einstein and Niels Bohr would agree with me :)

  190. Manifesto... By Engles, yeah you already said him. Just testing.

  191. Jota, may I suggest a full reading of the manifesto aswell, as this is lays out in specifics what "Das Kapital" theorizes about, which is the complete & permanent abolition of personal and or, private property as a means to a brutal & uncompromising domination of mankind by a small minority, the Industrial proletariat.

    Marx theorized that as the state "becomes" more & more communist the class struggle ( murders, exproperiations, executions of whole segments of the populace) will intensify. The marxists dream of a clasless society was in fact a dream of a society where all classes other than the industrial proletariat are eliminated or absorbed.

    Any notion that the populace becomes free and loving to all as gpvernment structures wither away is complete nonsense.

  192. @ Charles B:

    Okay, it is all good. "No Harm, no Foul"


  193. @Charles: "Communism is Atheism at it’s most logical conclusion: genecide of the masses by the ones who have the most power to do it, because there is no moral reason not to. No God; no accountability."

    The ignorant approach to both atheism/agnosticism and communism makes me sad. It shows so much ignorance and indoctrination, I hope your son grows up to have an open mind.

  194. Mr. Razor: Ok. Granted. I was mostly just thinking of the docs.

    The Mormons are very persistent people indeed. I run too when I see them and don't have time to "chat." My lovely family is a prime target for the Jehovah's Witnesses too in the market (they have limited English copies of their stuff and I'm the one that gets it from multiple sources). I suppose if you lump fundamentalist Christians in with all the others, I can see how it can be a bit daunting for you.

    However, I like them, think I have the answer for the most important matters in the universe and out of love, more than compution, I share it. You guys are a much harder sell than the little old ladies at church, I must tell you that. ;-)

  195. @Jota: I think that if you want to learn something true about people and society, the right sources to pick are 1) game theorists 2) neuroscientists 3) empirical psychologists (e.g. Kahneman/Tversky), NOT journalists, sociologists, philosophers and other such wannabes (unless you want just anecdotes).

  196. @Jota: I agree that Marx ideas are of another caliber than those of creationists. Basically, he had solid reasons for being upset about social injustice at his time, but his conclusions are going too far or are founded on wacky assumptions that he did not care to or could not examine emprically.

    I also agree that this is a disease to which many (most?) political/social/economic "scientists" succumb (actually, a better word for them might be "scholars", as their procedures very much resemble those of medieval monks). They like to pull theories and oh-so-convincing stories out of their ass and then smooth-talk their colleagues and unwary public into believing they are onto something. However, with basic training in real science or engineering you know that spinning theories (even apparently self-consistent ones) is by itself NOT an achievement. It's just the first (and often easy) step, after which experimental data MUST be examined carefully and without cherry-picking before going any further.

    What people like Marx or creationists prefer to do is to put forward some postulates and then seek confirmation for them, while totally ignoring all and any contradictory evidence (or when it appears, incorporating it as into their model as "an exception to the rule"). It's ok to start your reasoning with a personal hunch/bias, but it's not ok to remain in this position for substantial time.

  197. I believe in God the intentions of God will always be a mystery, while the intentions of man can be changed i don't think Lenin or Stalin wanted people to suffer i think greed and power are human traits. Conflict does not need to be violent but we make it so, they say violence makes room for peace but when have we ever been peaceful. The human is naturally savage but were not animals so don't blame religion or politics blame are human traits.

  198. @ Charles B:

    Sorry if I ruffled your feathers a bit Charles, it was nothing personal, as they say, it was only business. And I was referring to all religions in general.

    I don't believe in evolution 100% either Charles, but I'm sorry to say, I do "not" believe in Religion 100%.

    What I said was the truth, so now you know how Atheists feel when they are constantly questioned and harrased by religion. Just a case in point, even though has nothing to do with your religion, I can hardly even go for a bike ride where I live, because of Mormons literally running after me down the road.

    And than, do us Atheists come pounding on every-ones doors to try to convert them to Atheism??? I have all kinds of religions pounding on my doors always!!

    And Christians themselves said, it is there duty to try to convert non-believers. Are you going to deny that Charles?

    Peace, I hope! :D

  199. P.S. I apologize for being so upset, but Mr. Razor's comment about Christians' opinions like a disease was heinous! That one made me mad.

  200. You guys make me so upset!

    I have to tollerate hours and hours and and hours HOURS of evolutionary crap just to watch a few "dino" movies with my son. Evolution is crammed down my throat in almost very nature documentary without even a let up or offering any other "options" or opinions. As Razor should have said, "[evolutionee's] try to sneak in everywhere! to spread [their] word, almost like a disease."

    SURELY this documentary can be THAT bad if it leans a little towards a positive attitude towards Christians. Get over it! I have to stomach your Christian-hating dribble nearly on every other documentary on this site.

    If Stalin read Darwin's works before he became a blood thristy ATHEIST mass murdering dictator, then PERHAPS there might be a connection when you no longer think that there is value in the human soul. Communism is Atheism at it's most logical conclusion: genecide of the masses by the ones who have the most power to do it, because there is no moral reason not to. No God; no accountability.

    I look forward to watching at least one documentary without the ultra-liberal slant that I disdain so greatly lately. Atheists are the most intollerant people I know (as a whole); everything's ok except faith in God. Pretty sad in my opinion. :-(

  201. Part 2: WTF?


    "Stalin had been brought up in a religious household and had been religiously educated in a church school. Yet, just as he was preparing to become a priest he read a summary of Darwin's Origin of Species and his life suddenly changed.

    Stalin was easily deceived by the superficial claims of Darwinism and became an atheist. In that state of ignorance he promptly joined the ranks of the Bolsheviks."

    wow. this is definitely propaganda.

  202. LOL @23:40 of video 2. Part of the score from Predator (Arnold). My favorite movie. Sorry, just had to post that. If you know the movie, you'll get it.

  203. @silkop

    I agree with you, it’s a little “heavy” to read the entire “Das Kapital”, but you have to remember that it was written about 150 years ago (!!!), along almost 30 years of Marx’s life. For an XXIth century person some of that stuff may seem a little odd or confuse… but I must disagree with you in the point that it’s absurd. In the XIXth century it made all the sense, and great part of its statements still make a great sense today. Try to find a book where you can find the principal statements and arguments of Marx in “Das Kapital”. I’m sure you’ll change your mind after read them ? Want to give the shot? Come on… ?

    Also, in my opinion we cannot compare Marx with a “creationist wacko”. Marx is too much relevant and important to not be studied. He was the “great volcano” that shacked the XIXth century thinking.

    About contradiction: from the many books and ideas that I studied, all their authors (from Montesquieu, to Adam Smith, Marx, Freud, Foucault or Slavoj Zizek) contradicted themselves. The economists and politicians are the worse ones :P It’s in human nature to be like that, nobody can escape it, despite our efforts ?

    Just one question… I’m European, but in the USA you have a huge (incredible) problem with creationism. Can somebody tell me how the hell they gain so much power in so short time? I need the real opinions from Americans, and not the ones that I read in some books. In Europe we don’t have that kind of problems… but we can never know what the future can bring us. Better to be prepared.

  204. Leaned towards religion in a rather biased way and intelligent design also.

    Then he wants to add that Darwin somehow holds blame also for the bloodshed? This guy takes one dogma and substitutes another dogma as a solution. How many people have died over religious wars? How brutal were the deaths in religious wars?

    There are many good documentaries on this site that show that much of what is written in the bible as far as the stories of certain people, events and the entire timeline of humanity on earth is just simply dreamt up story telling. Science has a far better chance of creating peace on the earth than religion.

    And to put blame on Darwin for Communist Bloodshed is about as ignorant as one can get.

  205. @Jota: Your argument ("read before you criticize") might be valid in general, but it is difficult to apply in practice. I just don't have the time to read the works of any crank whom I disagree with, be it a creationist wacko or be it Marx. In fact, I started reading "Das Kapital" once, but gave it up after encountering some absurd ideas about how good prices are supposedly fixed in relation to each other within the first chapters.

    It is a normal procedure that I apply during reading: once I catch an author badly contradicting himself or some well-established facts, I disagree AND then stop reading in the name of efficiency. The same goes for reading a mathematical proof or a computer program - once you find an error, there's little reason to continue reading. But of course, paying attention to efficiency might itself be an inhumane capitalist sin which is alien to Marxian scholars. ;-)

  206. Communism was (as stated above) hijact by totalitairian dictators,and the whole idea of communism was portrayed as an enemy to the West's democracy through propaganda and threats from Russia ect.(It was really only a threat to capitalism)Communism needs to be taken back to its original state for it to work.My view however,is that communism will never take hold as long as people are caught up in the consumerism of our age.Capitalistic profit holds sway accross the whole world.More or less. This is a religious driven propaganda film.However it was highly entertaining and kept me interested.

  207. Its creationism from TURKEY cr^p.

  208. What is this doc. about? Creationism?

    Religee's try to sneak in everywhere! to spread there word, almost like a disease.

    The narrator sounds like a religee.
    I am actually getting tired of listening to religee's. So quit watching halfway through the first part.

  209. WOOW What a hater of the Evolution theory. This Docs purpose is so disgusting. And on top of that screws up the was Russian history is interprited.

  210. People with no understanding are the ones who destroy this world by their emotional outbursts.

  211. @Jota
    Here, Here.
    Religious carnage has no equal.
    @Anyone who said this documentary is biased.

    This Documentary is weak propaganda communism was an abused form of government not the wrong form, same goes for ALL forms of government so all you democratic, God fearing, ignorant, creapers stay tuned.

    People who make comments just out of outrage and without any understanding of the matter should just stay out.

  212. @justin n il
    I beg to differ. Global carnage propagating capitalism and the energy needs to sustain said economies exceeds the carnage of communism.
    All ism's fail because some humans are deplorable, predatory, self serving animals (code for lawyers, politicians, banking magnates, goldman sachs, etc...)

  213. This is capitalist propaganda! But very bad propaganda, in did. Even the Nazis were capable of doing better.

    Clearly, the vast majority of who claims to be against communism never read a single book written by Karl Marx, Engels or Lenin. Shame… shame yourself for praising ignorance!

    How can a person be against an idea if he doesn’t understand it? Do you think you can understand a idea by simply listening to their critics, or viewing a documentary in the Internet?? Don’t you know how to read? Don’t you have libraries at you hometowns? Go get some books written by the founder fathers of communism, their main works. Read them with great interest. And if in the end you say, “I’ve read them, I understand their ideas and motives, but I don’t agree with them”, then I will accept your criticisms against communism and enter in a debate with you.

    Until then… please stop making ignorant commentaries.

    As for the historical claims that communism is the same than a totalitarian regime, I must use one powerful argument: the recent history of my country.

    I was born in Portugal, a European country that was ruled by a dictatorship between 1928 and 1974. Almost half a century with no democracy, no liberties, no social justice or any kind of rights, with censorship and arbitrary arrests of whoever was against the authoritarian regime.

    But guess what… the regime wasn’t communist!!! There wasn’t a single one in the inner circles of the regime, because they hated communists and persecuted, tortured and arrested them all. The communists fiercely resisted against the dictatorship, and tried to defend the return of liberty and social justice to my country.

    I must say that I’m not communist (despite the big reverence I give to Marx and his astonishing analysis of Capitalism), but I thank them for all they have done for the return of liberty to my country, and for the opportunity that I had to born and grow up in a place where no dictator says what I must think or do.

    People can have many reasons to agree or disagree with communism – because of ideology or past experiences –, but to criticize an idea without knowing what it defends, and why, is to be in some way… intellectually dishonest.

    I can negatively criticize and abominate Nazism, because the mass murders and other atrocities, but my criticism can only be fully powerful if I read the Mein Kamp and say that I’m also completely against the ideas that It claims.

    Biased documentaries like this one doesn’t make us more saviours, only stupid.

  214. Actually, Christianity in its truest from would be communism. Jesus says to His followers sell everything you own and give it to those without. Lucian Samasota (ancient Greek satirist) or Tacitus (Roman historian) stated that Christians were taking care of each other financially and providing for their every need. This would be communism in its truest form.

    So any "Christian" who says communism is atheistic, really is delusional.

    Communism can't work, because humans are too greedy. Someone always wants to be in power, and control everything.

  215. Capitalism is no better? You are delusional. Capitalism has many short falls. But the carnage of Communism has no equal. PERIOD

  216. Saying capitalism is NO better than communism is completely absurd. I'm not sure where Eli lives, but I would challenge him to find someone older who has experienced life in a communist state & compare it to their current political environment

    Otherwise pretty interesting, I think it lays the blame on a little thick on evolution.

  217. It seems this is a Religious video which attempts to connect Communism and Evolution. The host flat out states Humans are not animals, but instead "are noble beings, created by God, and possessing his soul".

  218. Haha, this piece of cr^p seems to come from creationists. Laughable diatribe, as always. Darwin was a communist!?

  219. The first and most important premise of socialism is that workers control their work places and take charge of production. When did thats ever happen apart from Catalonia for brief period before they got crashed by fascists and capitalists. Never..thus the terms communism and socialism were hijacked by totalitarian regimes...such biased stupid documentary

  220. capitalism is no better.