Camp FEMA: American Lockdown

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown

2009, Conspiracy  -   190 Comments
Ratings: 6.75/10 from 122 users.

Camp FEMA: American LockdownRecent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in.

Who are the potential domestic terrorists that will end up in these camps?

Read the documentation for yourself and hear what our experts have to say.

States rights take a front row seat in this new political thriller that is guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

Find out where the true power of the people rests in halting these treasonous activities NOW!

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stuart macleod-hogan
5 months ago

Alex Jones is in this says all you needs to know about it.

2 years ago

Ratings: 6.66

Zac Tolan
7 years ago

From watching this, you know, it was clear to me that there are elements in the government that just work towards law and order like they generally should. You gotta understand- if you were a righteous and found yourself in charge of something in government, if you're like me, militia groups and stuff would make you paranoid, you know, you could get threatened. Because although its really constitutional and american to be in a militia or something, something could go wrong. This, my friends, is why we need the grace of Yahshua to help mend wounds throughout our culture and aid communication between people. Look out when Satan throws a curveball of misunderstanding into situations where people are charged up and armed and such. Yeah, of course, you got your hardcore devil worshipping ppl in the government. Thank God we have the UFO's to help all of us in all of these behind the scenes brink of nuclear war situations. If you follow Yahshua, you'd probably be real excited to reach out and be really kind to your guards in the FEMA camps. You'd want them to get saved too, and experience the joy of eternal life, too. This stuff in this doc is a result of what it talks about in "Be Here Now" about how your and the other person's paranoia ramps up off of and feeds off of eachother. All you can do is smile and give away some tea and spread peace and love until the end, man. Then, someday, after a lot of turmoil, Yahshua will come back and place the cool people in power so we can have some common sense and peace and quiet on earth. He has all the power. Don't go beyond your grace and start a riot. Love your neighbor. Even if they're totally, evil, you still have to have respect. Learn to overcome the devil. The devil is going to be put away soon and we'll all have a nice prosperous time together.

7 years ago

And what does Obama have to do with it!?! Its been going on before we even knew who he was,ignorance is not blissful!!!!

7 years ago

I find it extremely insulting how these things go on,right in front of us,and the most basic response is,"I don't think it's true" why wouldn't it!?! Look at America,what it has done for centuries,and just because we all "co-existed" with each other with less violence from the mid 70's till now,doesn't mean America isn't about this lifestyle. They are still committing lunches,murder is at an all time high for no reason,and everyone is afraid to stand up and fight for what's right. Its sickening

Mark Miretskiy
8 years ago

FEMA is Gestapo

8 years ago

To quote our illustrious president Barack Hussein Obama, whom I am certain you naysayers and ostrich imitates voted for, "FOLKS AIN'T BEEN READIN' THEIR BIBLES"!
Spoiler Alert, read the last book.

9 years ago

Well I've always been too worried about the nukes flying back and forth to think of stuff like this, but it is quite compelling. I am almost certain however, that mass detainment would only be a means of last resort to quell a general populace gone crazy out of control. And if that DID happen, all bets are off on the future of humans.
Don't get me wrong- I do not believe in the constitutionality of the usurping and unfaithful American government- and I don't doubt for a moment it inflicts upon its own citizens the same crimes against humanity that it inflicts on foreigners (as if somehow assigning foreigners with lesser rights than U.S. citizens would be any less of a crime). I'm only pointing out that it doesn't have much to gain by imprisoning anyone and everyone without a imperiling threat as everyone is under its thumb as it is anyway. Or so it seems...
My loyalty is to Queen Liberty alone- not whatever goofy 'country' I was born in. I love my neighbors, not my representatives. If they really want to lock me up, they'll know where to find me. For some reason I think they could care less though.

9 years ago

Another book that gives a fair prediction of what might happen to us if we surrender our freedom in exchange for security was required reading for me in high school - "1984" Details will vary and the title is a few years off but consider the similarities depicted.

Jim White
9 years ago

The only thing that can prevent the coming apocalypse, is an apocalypse. That being said, let there be an apocalypse ....

Carrie Channing
10 years ago

'Too much freedom is hard to control'. (Russian adage). Love is the only answer. Where love rules there is no need for strong arm tactics. Let love show us the way to peace and harmony for people and our earth. Only out of control leaders need to use surreptitious methods to achieve their notion of world peace.

10 years ago

Another documentary that simply describes the direction, and risk of corporate control over America. If anyone doesn't believe this doc's message, ask yourself why Daniel Ellsberg won his case with the U.S supreme court regarding his leaking of 7,000 classified documents, (1971) while Jullian Assange, and Edward Snowdon, are not afforded Ellsberg's presidence of U.S law, and are instead running for their lives. Answer: The Patriot Act would never allow these guys their day in court for that presidence of law to come to their defense.

P.S: Assange is not even a U.S citizen, and Snowdon seen what happened to Bradley Manning for his act of conscience. Rights??? The only real rights anyone in the world has is:
1) stand for something of moral value. (and pay heavily)
2) shut up and live with it, and fall for everything.
The choice is yours!

Theodore Dalrymple
10 years ago

So let me get this straight; when it comes to natural disasters like Katrina, FEMA is incompetent, corrupt and dysfunctional, but when it comes to rounding up MILLIONS of citizens and detaining them in concentration camps they are a competent and credible force to be reckoned with?

Likewise the target citizens of this "final solution" are right-wing, home-schooled, bigoted, gun loving, patriotic, pro-military, traditional families? So why are all these libertarian, liberal, pacifistic, anarchistic young kids watching this doc on Youtube so worried?

And yeah, screw the dramatic background music, that's just plain annoying.

10 years ago

William Ayers was never convicted of any crime, therefore, was never pardoned.

seamus watson
10 years ago

Are the cops not a civilian force with the authority of the army. They shoot and abuse citizens on a daily basis and nothing is done, except to promote the offenders.

seamus watson
10 years ago

Strangely Mr. Colmes I tried and it connected me straight away. Arrogant mother***er.

11 years ago

In this election year, it’s only right that we examine the current president to measure him against the role models of our historic past presidents. What kind of example has he been to our young?
Picture obama approaching in his jaunty, confident gait, with “membership buttons” and labels displayed on his lapels and across his chest:
“The gay president,” “the abortion president,” “the same-sex marriage president,” “the homosexual-military president,” “the pot president,” “the illegal-alien president,” “the anti-security president,” “the secretive president,” “the $16 trillion dollar debt president,” “the Obamacare takeover president,” “the ACORN corruption president,” “the anti-Israel pro-Arab president,” “the anti-Catholic president,” “the Ground Zero mosque president,” “the White House Ramadan president,” “the U.N. gun-control president,” “the pro-Hamas president” and the recently revealed “damn flag president” (nodding agreement with Michelle’s murmured but lip-read statement). With burning our American flag in his college days ..
My question: Comparing Barack Obama to all the presidents and what they stood for and asking ourselves if we can encourage our kids and grandkids to “be like him when you grow up” – should we Americans give him another four years to “fundamentally transform the United States of America and the presidency itself?

11 years ago

Bill Ayers..mentor and good friend of Obama is on record claiming that millions of Americans will need to be killed as they won't go along with communsim.And many others will go to 're education camps'. Ayers stated back in the 60's-70s that 'they would put one of their guys in the presidency'.If no one is alarmed over this then your very blind.Also every country revolting against a demacratic gov't to one of communism is on record as killing millions of their own ppl. Wake up America

11 years ago

Anyone who still trusts this government of ours... is a freaking id**t!

11 years ago

why the music so loud?
people spent hours to produce these docs for some editor to **** it up with loud music r*tards

11 years ago

Oh WOW! I thought that those comments complaining about the music may have been exaggerated...just a bit. I apologize, I was wrong. This music is so loud & so awful that it's distracting. I keep having to rewind because I can't focus on the words being spoken. I'm done rewinding, it's friggin irritating as hell! Does leave me wondering why the huge distraction if you actually wanted us to watch your video...

11 years ago

I feel it's safe to say--On behalf of all the Viet Nam era vets I assure you--you the "powers" that be,if you attempt to place an ID chip in or on us you in turn will get that chip placed far up your rectum and that's just for starters-BET ON IT. Have a nice day.

11 years ago

i wonder when they will issue ans "apology" to the Indians, the African Americans in this country?
we all may as well get ready aside from everyday life,we are all already in interment camps.
really sick people running this country

11 years ago

Dear Americans, you have The American Constitution and The Bill of Rights. It is not a republic or a democrat that it favours, it is not a black,or white , hispanic or any other ethnic group that it favours, It is The American Citizen,if you believe otherwise then you are in for a terrible shock. It truly is time to wake up and as Lynne Gordon says," Get Involved "

11 years ago

Time is so short. Google whats happening locally regarding the globalist agenda in your city. Get involved.

Never know. The people you meet could be your salvation before it is all over.

11 years ago

Read "The Patriot Act" It's all right there folks and it's going to happen again and again until enough people stand up for what's right and for our rights as citizens of this country. Think about it Mr. Jesse Ventura's show "Conspiracy Theory" that show didn't last antime on tv it sure didn't take our gov't long to shut him up and this kind of a thing is happening everyday and is more widespread than most realize. Watch out!!!!!!!!!! As Earl Pitts would say "WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

11 years ago

I have to agree with the below comment. I tried to watch this docu but the constant music made me nuts. Actually gave me a headache. Only five minutes into it and I am moving on to another movie. Thanks for nothing. We can do without the music when are are learning about important issues.

11 years ago

Why do so many docs have such annoying music all the way through. Is it supposed to add a dramatic effect? Or is it just another part of the d*mbing down process.

11 years ago

Why are racist fanatics held up as heroes in this documentary? "Abort Obama not the unborn"... We're supposed to side with these nutjobs?

11 years ago

I love the state sovereignty message at the end and the jab at that *****, Glenn Beck [Que. tears]

11 years ago

We were asleep and the US got away with murder, literally, for so long. Many are waking up to atrocities on its own people (9/11, Waco, Oklahoma City, etc.). And many are seeing the atrocities we have been performing around the world under the guise of 'freedom', 'democracy' and christianity. Our will is awakening and getting stronger by the day. We have more power than we are led to believe and the worst thing that could happen to the control system is an awakening of its people. They're scared and they should be. I don't think they fear us taking up arms against them. I believe they welcome this. What they fear is our collective consciousness saying we are not going to be a part of this system any longer. We quit. Change is upon us and we have the upper hand. Peace and Blessings.

11 years ago

And tomorrow, 11-28-11, the Senate is voting on a bill to allow detainment of citizens without any charge.

11 years ago

Very interesting points made in this documentary. I will definitely view this again....

11 years ago

Americans dont care they have Football & Hollywood to save them! 1776 "V"

12 years ago

I've seen one of the camps at Ft. Devans Massachusetts while in the national gaurd. They are very real.

12 years ago

I wanted to watch it, but the music was just too much. I find this with a lot of documentaries, and I'm deaf in one ear!

12 years ago

Wow! What can the American people Do to save this country? Signed:very concerned!

12 years ago

Hollywood is part of the programme to Dumb Down Americans... If you watch the film Deja Vu with Denzel Washington the enemy is The Lone Angry White Male. and the ATF is through the character Denzel Washington plays is shown as Friendly and shown as being only concerned for the safety of the American people (remember ATF at Waco)... Its a total Mind Game Film... Avatar the movie is actually programming the American people for the next 2 wars for oil Venezuela and Nigeria,, just last week a 'Supposed' Muslim suicide bomber killed themselves and a number pf people at a UN Aid programme building in Nigeria, its part of the process of creating a war between Christians and Muslims there in Nigeria and the war will be fought by Black Child Soldiers and the arms and bombs and bullets will be paid for with oil... I am Legend is programming people for the plague that will depopulate the world making it more manageable and they will blame Science and arrogant scientist.

Just watch the Movies with a discerning eye and a challenging mind!

12 years ago

Get real you nut jobs, Obama is not the problem. Bush made this country a fascist country not Obama.

12 years ago

The reason Governments get away with these atrocities, and all other atrocities, is because we the people allow them to get away with it. The government is supposed to promote the general welfare and secure our liberties, instead it infringes upon our God-given rights and continually shreds the constitution in order to gain more control over our lives. It is high time we stand up and mount a non-violent movement to make our voices known and demand complete transparency and limited government overall, with zero government involvement in our private daily lives. IT starts with whom we vote into these positions of leadership. We must no longer allow the corporatist interests to rig our elections, no longer can big oil and big pharma make our laws, end lobbyists, elitism, and corporatism NOW!!!

12 years ago

Kinda funny folks actually believe theres a difference at the executive level between rep's and dem's theyre all having their strings pulled by even higher ups ... you want your vote to count vote libertarian 2 party system needs to go

12 years ago

Most of you guys here voted for George Bush and consider yourselves "conservatives". What did you expect????. I saw this coming ALL the way from Nixon. I have NEVER voted republican since then.

12 years ago

I am losing friends on facebook due to all the postings about the things going on. People want to ignore the truth. It makes me so angry that they just do not get it. My grandchild will be born in a couple weeks and I am scared for his future, that is why I am doing everything I can to get the word out. My family is sick of me talking about it so I do not even bring it up around them anymore. I will not let them take me alive! And I will take a few of them with me. I will not be a slave or go to a fema camp. My ex husband works at Mt Weather, one of Fema's headquarters. He is scum just as the rest of them are. He knows what is going on, yet does not inform any of his family. I know what is under that mountain and you and i will not be one of the privilaged to be allowed in.
Our government's job is not "to keep the country safe" as bush said, it is to serve the people. I will not call a judge "your honor" and police are servants of the people as well so they are not above the law. Government "officials" is wrong they are government servants. We have the power so lets stop letting them do whatever they please!! I am sovereign! I do not have to pay for health ins. I am free to choose whether or not to purchase a product on my own. I will let my state reps know this and you should too. I do not approve of what the gov is doing with my tax dollars. Like missouri every state should collect taxes into the state treasury then pass them onto the irs. If the gov is not folowing the laws of the constitution then the states have the right to hold back the taxes until the gov does what it should. Great Idea!! If you have not seen Don't Tread on Me then give it a watch. This has become my life, learning and getting as much info as possible. I will be prepared when the sh#$ hits the fan.

12 years ago

it's already been said, but I had to stop about 10 minutes in, I couldn't handle the stupid music.

12 years ago

The SPLC and ADL (both operating as foreign agents of Israhell) have a seat at the table of Homland Security for policy development AND they sponsor training of our domestic police in the control of American dissidents. This training is accomplished by taking our men in blue to Israel.

ReDiscover911. COM and the gig is up for Israhell.

12 years ago

does themusic ever stop? i hate docs with music!

12 years ago

does the music ever stop? i hate docs with music!

12 years ago

hmm at least the government knows the populace wont just sit back and let this happen.. so now this art of murder they they have displayed in other countries they are going to flex at home.. our military is not a policing core.. after all we did see what happened when they had half the job at Guantanamo bay.. so it wont be surprising if these camps turn to death camps.. what about our god given rights to have the rights of freedom and the laws associated with them..

"in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

other nations are already allying against us including Russia maybe they are preparing us for another entry war time draft..
they are doing the exact same things Hitler and Germany was doing to influence and condition there populace into agreeing and supporting ideology.. the only thing we have not committed our hands to yet is genocide.. but im sure with enough time and conditioning we will label a race inferior terrorists and will find the means to end end to deal with them .. after all they did condition the civilians to out right throw there liberties in the trash.. in fact they had them begging for it after 9/11 when in fact it is a proven fact now that it was a false flag mission carried out by the USA national defense..(do not reply to this and if you do make sure to do your homework 1st to save us both time) and that also set the stage for a campaign to attack 2 other countries that had nothing to do with the attacks but rather had to do with settling future political gains and or stabilizing the future onslaught for globalization.. and i bet Saddam said um NO so they had him executed.. and then they put another in his place that would do buiz with them.. it had nothing to do directly with oil but rather a pipeline and another supporting seat filled at the UN table.. WAKE UP PPL SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN THAT THE USA KNOWS YOU WONT AGREE WITH AND THEY HAVE PREPARED.. OR AT LEAST MAKE THE PUBLIC AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON.. before we find our selves with no rights and a fist full of dreams

"The only thing necessary for TYRANTS to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
Edmund Burke

"never stop speaking up and saying what is your nation and god given right to say even if it means that you will perish from your words it is better to live free then to die enslaved"

regards from Canada

12 years ago

For anyone who hasn't had the chance to do so, I strongly encourage you to read Dave Eggers' book, "Zeitoun". It talks in detail about the Camp set up at the Greyhound station in New Orleans during Katrina and the levee failures.

As a Calif. tourist who was stuck in the Superdome I found his book especially poignant, and frightening as an American citizen.

Paul Harris
Author, "Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina"

12 years ago

Great doc. Anyone ever notice that everything Bill Cooper wrote about is coming true?

12 years ago

i got to the 14th minute but the music was too much for me
please can we get a copy without the music