Camp FEMA: American Lockdown

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown

2009, Conspiracy  -   189 Comments
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Camp FEMA: American LockdownRecent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in.

Who are the potential domestic terrorists that will end up in these camps?

Read the documentation for yourself and hear what our experts have to say.

States rights take a front row seat in this new political thriller that is guaranteed to send shivers up your spine.

Find out where the true power of the people rests in halting these treasonous activities NOW!

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  1. Ratings: 6.66

  2. From watching this, you know, it was clear to me that there are elements in the government that just work towards law and order like they generally should. You gotta understand- if you were a righteous and found yourself in charge of something in government, if you're like me, militia groups and stuff would make you paranoid, you know, you could get threatened. Because although its really constitutional and american to be in a militia or something, something could go wrong. This, my friends, is why we need the grace of Yahshua to help mend wounds throughout our culture and aid communication between people. Look out when Satan throws a curveball of misunderstanding into situations where people are charged up and armed and such. Yeah, of course, you got your hardcore devil worshipping ppl in the government. Thank God we have the UFO's to help all of us in all of these behind the scenes brink of nuclear war situations. If you follow Yahshua, you'd probably be real excited to reach out and be really kind to your guards in the FEMA camps. You'd want them to get saved too, and experience the joy of eternal life, too. This stuff in this doc is a result of what it talks about in "Be Here Now" about how your and the other person's paranoia ramps up off of and feeds off of eachother. All you can do is smile and give away some tea and spread peace and love until the end, man. Then, someday, after a lot of turmoil, Yahshua will come back and place the cool people in power so we can have some common sense and peace and quiet on earth. He has all the power. Don't go beyond your grace and start a riot. Love your neighbor. Even if they're totally, evil, you still have to have respect. Learn to overcome the devil. The devil is going to be put away soon and we'll all have a nice prosperous time together.

  3. And what does Obama have to do with it!?! Its been going on before we even knew who he was,ignorance is not blissful!!!!

  4. I find it extremely insulting how these things go on,right in front of us,and the most basic response is,"I don't think it's true" why wouldn't it!?! Look at America,what it has done for centuries,and just because we all "co-existed" with each other with less violence from the mid 70's till now,doesn't mean America isn't about this lifestyle. They are still committing lunches,murder is at an all time high for no reason,and everyone is afraid to stand up and fight for what's right. Its sickening

    1. I dig what you're saying. We all live at our own risk, which is no way to live at all and this is supposedly the beacon of hope to millions of downtrodden in the world.

  5. FEMA is Gestapo

  6. To quote our illustrious president Barack Hussein Obama, whom I am certain you naysayers and ostrich imitates voted for, "FOLKS AIN'T BEEN READIN' THEIR BIBLES"!
    Spoiler Alert, read the last book.

  7. Well I've always been too worried about the nukes flying back and forth to think of stuff like this, but it is quite compelling. I am almost certain however, that mass detainment would only be a means of last resort to quell a general populace gone crazy out of control. And if that DID happen, all bets are off on the future of humans.
    Don't get me wrong- I do not believe in the constitutionality of the usurping and unfaithful American government- and I don't doubt for a moment it inflicts upon its own citizens the same crimes against humanity that it inflicts on foreigners (as if somehow assigning foreigners with lesser rights than U.S. citizens would be any less of a crime). I'm only pointing out that it doesn't have much to gain by imprisoning anyone and everyone without a imperiling threat as everyone is under its thumb as it is anyway. Or so it seems...
    My loyalty is to Queen Liberty alone- not whatever goofy 'country' I was born in. I love my neighbors, not my representatives. If they really want to lock me up, they'll know where to find me. For some reason I think they could care less though.

  8. Another book that gives a fair prediction of what might happen to us if we surrender our freedom in exchange for security was required reading for me in high school - "1984" Details will vary and the title is a few years off but consider the similarities depicted.

  9. The only thing that can prevent the coming apocalypse, is an apocalypse. That being said, let there be an apocalypse ....

    1. Just looking at your profile pic, I'd guess I just have to say you're never too old to be over-smoking mary jane!
      Just joking all good. Just, let's avoid an apocalypse if we can. Thanks all!

  10. 'Too much freedom is hard to control'. (Russian adage). Love is the only answer. Where love rules there is no need for strong arm tactics. Let love show us the way to peace and harmony for people and our earth. Only out of control leaders need to use surreptitious methods to achieve their notion of world peace.

  11. Another documentary that simply describes the direction, and risk of corporate control over America. If anyone doesn't believe this doc's message, ask yourself why Daniel Ellsberg won his case with the U.S supreme court regarding his leaking of 7,000 classified documents, (1971) while Jullian Assange, and Edward Snowdon, are not afforded Ellsberg's presidence of U.S law, and are instead running for their lives. Answer: The Patriot Act would never allow these guys their day in court for that presidence of law to come to their defense.

    P.S: Assange is not even a U.S citizen, and Snowdon seen what happened to Bradley Manning for his act of conscience. Rights??? The only real rights anyone in the world has is:
    1) stand for something of moral value. (and pay heavily)
    2) shut up and live with it, and fall for everything.
    The choice is yours!

  12. So let me get this straight; when it comes to natural disasters like Katrina, FEMA is incompetent, corrupt and dysfunctional, but when it comes to rounding up MILLIONS of citizens and detaining them in concentration camps they are a competent and credible force to be reckoned with?

    Likewise the target citizens of this "final solution" are right-wing, home-schooled, bigoted, gun loving, patriotic, pro-military, traditional families? So why are all these libertarian, liberal, pacifistic, anarchistic young kids watching this doc on Youtube so worried?

    And yeah, screw the dramatic background music, that's just plain annoying.

    1. Your comment is probably the most sane I have seen, regarding this FEMA and Govt issue.

      Have you seen the people in Govt lately? Like Wiener, for example. When Obama's teleprompter goes dark have you noticed how he turns into a bumbling fool?

      These guys are all old, do not understand the times and keep forgetting that technology is becoming more connective. They think the youth are all idiots, but yet they can piece together false flags like Sandy Hook in a matter of days and expose the truth.

      Governments and not just US Govt are too broad and abstract. All they know how to do is take big piles of funny money, move it here move it there and hope for the best.

      In fact, the Govt is not even in charge. The Federal Reserve prints the money AND delegates where it goes. So, really, Govts are just a puppet show. The real action is behind the scenes. CIA, Big Oil, Pharma and money printing.

      George Bush can not control his own words. He always exposes his own hidden Agenda, when ever asked about 9/11 or Weapons of Mass Destruction.

      All politicians have skeletons. Especially, the Presidents. The reason for this, is that they can be controlled and black mailed. Just look at Obama. There is are so many lies behind his real life story, that if he does not play by the Super Rich's rules, can easily get him impeached and thrown out of office.

      If you think about Govt in general. What has Govt really Governed? Do they create jobs? Are they math wizards or engineers or have ANY skills of any kind at all? NO ! Yet, they claim to be 'in charge of things'.

      Global warming gets worse. They complain about Population overload, yet can not figure out how to deal with it. They can not balance the budget let alone fix a flat tire if they had to.

      But, this is exactly what makes them so dangerous. When you put broad thinking, incompetent people in charge, IS a scary thing. Like putting a 2 year old behind the wheel of a truck.

      A lot of people say, the people are dumb, because they voted these fools into office. The problem with that argument, is when you consider the voting is rigged and a big show.

      So, that is the good news. The world is a mess. Not because it is the best we can do as the human race, but actually the WORSE we can do. That is the real hope. Once voting is real again, people are generally smart enough to vote in someone with brains.

    2. Two interesting points, and I was thinking the same thing. However, wouldn't a dehumanized fascist government like the one depicted here not care much about securing the homes of victims of a natural disaster and be concerned about hauling them off to concentration camps as free labor? I guess that's the gist. Why spend money 'on' people when you can make money 'off' them?
      If I were the Feds, I'd be scared of the right-winged rednecks too. They're the ones most like to organize into patriotic paramilitary groups and conduct guerrilla warfare. And Vets, many of whom are quite disillusioned with the military, would be an invaluable source of inside intelligence in such maneuvers. Coming soon to your neck of the woods? I sure hope not.

  13. William Ayers was never convicted of any crime, therefore, was never pardoned.

  14. Are the cops not a civilian force with the authority of the army. They shoot and abuse citizens on a daily basis and nothing is done, except to promote the offenders.

  15. Strangely Mr. Colmes I tried and it connected me straight away. Arrogant mother***er.

  16. In this election year, it’s only right that we examine the current president to measure him against the role models of our historic past presidents. What kind of example has he been to our young?
    Picture obama approaching in his jaunty, confident gait, with “membership buttons” and labels displayed on his lapels and across his chest:
    “The gay president,” “the abortion president,” “the same-sex marriage president,” “the homosexual-military president,” “the pot president,” “the illegal-alien president,” “the anti-security president,” “the secretive president,” “the $16 trillion dollar debt president,” “the Obamacare takeover president,” “the ACORN corruption president,” “the anti-Israel pro-Arab president,” “the anti-Catholic president,” “the Ground Zero mosque president,” “the White House Ramadan president,” “the U.N. gun-control president,” “the pro-Hamas president” and the recently revealed “damn flag president” (nodding agreement with Michelle’s murmured but lip-read statement). With burning our American flag in his college days ..
    My question: Comparing Barack Obama to all the presidents and what they stood for and asking ourselves if we can encourage our kids and grandkids to “be like him when you grow up” – should we Americans give him another four years to “fundamentally transform the United States of America and the presidency itself?

    1. Do you believe everything you think? You sound delusional! Certainly you don't understand how Government works.

    2. Hahahahahahahah! Wow it's like a round up of the last decade of Fox News...Even all the stuff that was proved to be absolute bullsh/t is there like the Ground Zero Mosque that wasn't a mosque and no where near ground zero!

      ACORN scandal was also a hoax.

      LOL and you blame all of the debt on him, even though it was George Bush's presidency that collapsed the economy.

  17. Bill Ayers..mentor and good friend of Obama is on record claiming that millions of Americans will need to be killed as they won't go along with communsim.And many others will go to 're education camps'. Ayers stated back in the 60's-70s that 'they would put one of their guys in the presidency'.If no one is alarmed over this then your very blind.Also every country revolting against a demacratic gov't to one of communism is on record as killing millions of their own ppl. Wake up America

    1. umm. This post above is right-wing propaganda bullshit!! First of all, everything you just said is is under the assumption Obama is a true communist, which is the same rhetoric you GOP nuts love to spout-- this has been disproved time and time again...but you know what HAS been proven? Obama's blatant pandering to Wall-street and corporations and by extension the Republican party. THIS is provable, what you said is bull****. You do not have a democratic government, the same way Tunisia,Egypt,Libya didn't...and this has been the case well before Obama. Stop drinking the conspiracy kool-aide and ****** do some real research. He cannot be both a communist and someone who encourages income disparity by making businessmen richer!!

    2. your one lost soul rudra

    3. How is he a lost soul? He sounds like he has done his homework... I will not agree completely but he has stated some facts.

    4. That's crazy. You know that's crazy right?

    5. May seem crazy but it's true. Bill Ayers, Obama's mentor was convicted of bombing 20 government buildings. He was pardoned by Clinton. Check it out, truth is stranger than fiction.

  18. Anyone who still trusts this government of ours... is a freaking id**t!

  19. why the music so loud?
    people spent hours to produce these docs for some editor to **** it up with loud music r*tards

  20. Oh WOW! I thought that those comments complaining about the music may have been exaggerated...just a bit. I apologize, I was wrong. This music is so loud & so awful that it's distracting. I keep having to rewind because I can't focus on the words being spoken. I'm done rewinding, it's friggin irritating as hell! Does leave me wondering why the huge distraction if you actually wanted us to watch your video...

  21. I feel it's safe to say--On behalf of all the Viet Nam era vets I assure you--you the "powers" that be,if you attempt to place an ID chip in or on us you in turn will get that chip placed far up your rectum and that's just for starters-BET ON IT. Have a nice day.

  22. i wonder when they will issue ans "apology" to the Indians, the African Americans in this country?
    we all may as well get ready aside from everyday life,we are all already in interment camps.
    really sick people running this country

    1. Umm... They did apologize for slavery in 2008 and to Native Americans in 2009.

  23. Dear Americans, you have The American Constitution and The Bill of Rights. It is not a republic or a democrat that it favours, it is not a black,or white , hispanic or any other ethnic group that it favours, It is The American Citizen,if you believe otherwise then you are in for a terrible shock. It truly is time to wake up and as Lynne Gordon says," Get Involved "

  24. Time is so short. Google whats happening locally regarding the globalist agenda in your city. Get involved.

    Never know. The people you meet could be your salvation before it is all over.

  25. Read "The Patriot Act" It's all right there folks and it's going to happen again and again until enough people stand up for what's right and for our rights as citizens of this country. Think about it Mr. Jesse Ventura's show "Conspiracy Theory" that show didn't last antime on tv it sure didn't take our gov't long to shut him up and this kind of a thing is happening everyday and is more widespread than most realize. Watch out!!!!!!!!!! As Earl Pitts would say "WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

  26. I have to agree with the below comment. I tried to watch this docu but the constant music made me nuts. Actually gave me a headache. Only five minutes into it and I am moving on to another movie. Thanks for nothing. We can do without the music when are are learning about important issues.

  27. Why do so many docs have such annoying music all the way through. Is it supposed to add a dramatic effect? Or is it just another part of the d*mbing down process.

  28. Why are racist fanatics held up as heroes in this documentary? "Abort Obama not the unborn"... We're supposed to side with these nutjobs?

    1. Like it or not, htose "nut jobs" also have free speech rights.

    2. there is nothing racist about "Abort Obama no the unborn" the only thing racist about it is people who make it a racist issue! thats why he's in office.. so that those who critisize him, can be labled as racist..

    3. Bravo, all things being equal one can speak of a man for what his actions are; no ref made to race or colour.

  29. I love the state sovereignty message at the end and the jab at that *****, Glenn Beck [Que. tears]

  30. We were asleep and the US got away with murder, literally, for so long. Many are waking up to atrocities on its own people (9/11, Waco, Oklahoma City, etc.). And many are seeing the atrocities we have been performing around the world under the guise of 'freedom', 'democracy' and christianity. Our will is awakening and getting stronger by the day. We have more power than we are led to believe and the worst thing that could happen to the control system is an awakening of its people. They're scared and they should be. I don't think they fear us taking up arms against them. I believe they welcome this. What they fear is our collective consciousness saying we are not going to be a part of this system any longer. We quit. Change is upon us and we have the upper hand. Peace and Blessings.

  31. And tomorrow, 11-28-11, the Senate is voting on a bill to allow detainment of citizens without any charge.

  32. Very interesting points made in this documentary. I will definitely view this again....

  33. Americans dont care they have Football & Hollywood to save them! 1776 "V"

  34. I've seen one of the camps at Ft. Devans Massachusetts while in the national gaurd. They are very real.

    1. well if you really WERE at Ft. Devens you would know its spelled DEVENS, not with an A. I know this because my father was stationed there and my sister was born there.

  35. I wanted to watch it, but the music was just too much. I find this with a lot of documentaries, and I'm deaf in one ear!

  36. Wow! What can the American people Do to save this country? Signed:very concerned!

  37. Hollywood is part of the programme to Dumb Down Americans... If you watch the film Deja Vu with Denzel Washington the enemy is The Lone Angry White Male. and the ATF is through the character Denzel Washington plays is shown as Friendly and shown as being only concerned for the safety of the American people (remember ATF at Waco)... Its a total Mind Game Film... Avatar the movie is actually programming the American people for the next 2 wars for oil Venezuela and Nigeria,, just last week a 'Supposed' Muslim suicide bomber killed themselves and a number pf people at a UN Aid programme building in Nigeria, its part of the process of creating a war between Christians and Muslims there in Nigeria and the war will be fought by Black Child Soldiers and the arms and bombs and bullets will be paid for with oil... I am Legend is programming people for the plague that will depopulate the world making it more manageable and they will blame Science and arrogant scientist.

    Just watch the Movies with a discerning eye and a challenging mind!

    1. Pretty good points. I noticed a pretty evident one also in the movie transformers 2 that no one seems to have realised. They defeated their enemy a.k.a Megatron, and droped his body in an unkown location in the ocean. hmm ring any bells? They did the same damn thing for Osama Bin Laden. after they defeated him, they droped his body in an unknown location in the ocean...not a long time after the movie was released either..

  38. Get real you nut jobs, Obama is not the problem. Bush made this country a fascist country not Obama.

    1. You're correct. Obama isn't the problem (solely), but neither is Bush, nor Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, or Carter. The problem is the chain of corruption that has been persisting since the foundation of this country. Why did America succeed from Britain? The abuse of power and taxation. What do our legislative branches do now? Tax and abuse power. Our government has been slowly whittling away at the constitution; restricting our freedoms, raising taxes, increasing national debt (without any realistic way of paying it off), and so on. This goes so far beyond black or white, republican or democrat. I'm not saying this documentary is 100% fact in any means, but it may have some truths.

    2. You're correct. Obama isn't (individually) the problem, but neither is Bush, nor Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, or Carter. The problem is the chain of corruption that has been persisting since the foundation of this country. Why did America succeed from Britain? The abuse of power and taxation. What do our legislative branches do now? Tax and abuse power. Our government has been slowly whittling away at the constitution; restricting our freedoms, raising taxes, increasing national debt (without any realistic way of paying it off), and so on. This goes so far beyond black or white, republican or democrat. I'm not saying this documentary is 100% fact in any means, but it may have some truths.

    3. You're correct. Obama isn't (solely) the problem, but neither is Bush, nor Clinton, Bush Sr., Reagan, or Carter. The problem is the chain of corruption that has been persisting since the foundation of this country. Why did America secede from Britain? The abuse of power and taxation. What do our legislative branches do now? Tax and abuse power. Our government has been slowly whittling away at the constitution; restricting our freedoms, raising taxes, increasing national debt (without any realistic way of paying it off), and so on. This goes so far beyond black or white, republican or democrat. I'm not saying this documentary is 100% fact in any means, but it may have some truths.

    4. Thank your lucky stars you aren't part of Britain any longer. Law and order is breaking down here. We have a corrupt government that wasn't voted in but cobbled together by two parties desperate to get control. And the result - systematic destruction of everything we've ever managed to fight for. Destruction of the NHS; destruction of out national school system; threats of making strikes illegal; I hate this government and wish people here would revolt. We are slow to react but we will eventually. Good luck to you. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if this evil regime in Britain is doing exactly same. We could all end up in camps.

    5. I feel that I am the only person in UK who thinks the same as you do. Its as though no one cares?? Everyone seems wrapped up in their own materialistic lifestyles!!! Fear is so widespread, oh you can't do this or you can't do that. Am I the only person not conforming to this **** hole system?? I want to shout Wake up people before its to late, but I guess if we don't unite we deserve the repercussions!!!!!!!!!

    6. face the facts. Your party is just as at fault

    7. Obama is a PUPPET. How do you think he got into that position? He was selected. Good scam using a black man! as the majority of poor Americans are Black. Just another puppet, the same as Cameron. Don't start the argument that we the people elect these idiots, because the whole election process is fixed at a higher level. Follow the flow of money!!!

    8. I think you are right. And I believe this is the single biggest reason that Obama will win again in 2012. His job is not finished until he has persuaded most of the black American population into these detention centers.

      Any prez of any color could have done what he has already accomplished... mainly to raid the treasury... but it will take a black man or woman (possibly Latino/a) to get the 2nd phase of the job done.

      And then they will be knocking on your and my front doors.

  39. The reason Governments get away with these atrocities, and all other atrocities, is because we the people allow them to get away with it. The government is supposed to promote the general welfare and secure our liberties, instead it infringes upon our God-given rights and continually shreds the constitution in order to gain more control over our lives. It is high time we stand up and mount a non-violent movement to make our voices known and demand complete transparency and limited government overall, with zero government involvement in our private daily lives. IT starts with whom we vote into these positions of leadership. We must no longer allow the corporatist interests to rig our elections, no longer can big oil and big pharma make our laws, end lobbyists, elitism, and corporatism NOW!!!

  40. Kinda funny folks actually believe theres a difference at the executive level between rep's and dem's theyre all having their strings pulled by even higher ups ... you want your vote to count vote libertarian 2 party system needs to go

  41. Most of you guys here voted for George Bush and consider yourselves "conservatives". What did you expect????. I saw this coming ALL the way from Nixon. I have NEVER voted republican since then.

    1. Republican or Democrat, doesn't mean s***. Same s***, different lies.

  42. I am losing friends on facebook due to all the postings about the things going on. People want to ignore the truth. It makes me so angry that they just do not get it. My grandchild will be born in a couple weeks and I am scared for his future, that is why I am doing everything I can to get the word out. My family is sick of me talking about it so I do not even bring it up around them anymore. I will not let them take me alive! And I will take a few of them with me. I will not be a slave or go to a fema camp. My ex husband works at Mt Weather, one of Fema's headquarters. He is scum just as the rest of them are. He knows what is going on, yet does not inform any of his family. I know what is under that mountain and you and i will not be one of the privilaged to be allowed in.
    Our government's job is not "to keep the country safe" as bush said, it is to serve the people. I will not call a judge "your honor" and police are servants of the people as well so they are not above the law. Government "officials" is wrong they are government servants. We have the power so lets stop letting them do whatever they please!! I am sovereign! I do not have to pay for health ins. I am free to choose whether or not to purchase a product on my own. I will let my state reps know this and you should too. I do not approve of what the gov is doing with my tax dollars. Like missouri every state should collect taxes into the state treasury then pass them onto the irs. If the gov is not folowing the laws of the constitution then the states have the right to hold back the taxes until the gov does what it should. Great Idea!! If you have not seen Don't Tread on Me then give it a watch. This has become my life, learning and getting as much info as possible. I will be prepared when the sh#$ hits the fan.

    1. It's almost--hell--it IS--a religion with the fools who won't listen. They actually get mad at you for trying to educate them. I haven't seen Don't Tread on Me, but I will. Thanks for the tip.. All the best.

    2. haha i've also posted alot on my FB about all this but have to hold myself back, because just like you say people get fed up and defriend you. The truth has to be found by each and every one, you can lead a cow to water but you cant make it drink

    3. really? people unfriend you when you endlessly post junk based solely on paranoia?

      who'd have thunk it?

    4. There are far worse- vastly more saddening things that can happen in life than being unfriended on Facebook.

      My conviction is the one thing you should NEVER hold back on is what you believe to be true. If you have doubts, fine, but self-censorship is nothing more than following the herd jumping off a cliff. It's a coward's act of self-destruction.

      Strong words but TRUE.

    5. Usually if a cow refuses to drink water it meant there is sh*t in the water ...

    6. Excellent rant (dont take the word rant as being negative in any way its just a word I chose). I am Canadian so this affects me too since some years back (cant remember but it was in the last 15 years) Canada, The States and Mexico signed some sort of deal/contract/whatever that basically says if all 3 countries agree and sign off on it that without anyone being able to do anything about it they would erase all borders making North America one country. I wish I remembered where I came accross this so I could pass it on to people, but the bottom line is THIS IS A SCARY FREAKING THING!!!! Maybe you already know about it as you seem very informed. Anyway I just thought I would mention this, maybe someone will read this and know about it and be able to shed some light on it.

      I actually slicked reply to your comment for a different reason than above. I have the same problem up here in the great white north getting anyone (well maybe the odd person listens but that is rare) to have a conversation about how in the U.S. Adolf Bush and his cronies are slowly (or not so slowly) taking away the rights of the American people and that the whole 9/11 disaster (do not know the right word to use to describe that terrible day) and what really happened is nothing close to what the official story says. If I mention any of this stuff people will walk away, have their eyes glaze over or call be a conspiracy nut. Since 9/11 so many things down there ie Laws, the basic tearing up of your constitution have gone on giving the Gov the ability to do to its citizens whatever it wants to and so few people question it or stand up and say hey what the hell is going on here? The dumbing down of your nation excercise that was started long ago really seems to have worked better than they thought and in fairness we are a bunch of do nothing say nothing clowns up here too. My wife gives me hell for it but my 13 year old son is aware of whats going on (well to a certain extent anyway) and while he knows I watch all these docs and have talked to him about all this he is a pretty smart kid who has his own mind and swears he isnt thinking how he is because Dad does. They talk about things like 9/11, Global warming etc in school and he says he is the only one who ever stands up and questions things. The teachers dont like it much (he says he can tell some of them think a bit the way he does but cannot say anything that disagrees with what they are told to teach without losing their jobs) and most of the other kids just take what they read in the school books as gospel and say his ideas are crazy. Luckily we have always taught him to think for himself and I personally have always said it is ok to politely question authority. So a least in my house there is some hope that there will be at least one person saying "hey whats with all this crap they are forcefeeding us and telling us to shut up and just do what we are told". He is 13 so this is not something that has taken over his life, he still (as he should) is out there making friends and socializing like he should, doing well at school and eyeing the cute girls and being a smart ass. But at times he brings up 9/11 and the wars and i listen to him and educate him on what I know about some other things that are going on and while I am proud he has his own mind and sees what is going on I dont push it and hope he continues to thinking how he does but I also have to take into consideration that while school is on (in the summer he volounteers at a day camp as a youth leader for kids ages 5 to 10, Monday to Friday from 9 am till 4 pm) he has a heavy workload during the day and homework at night and unlike far to many parents I know the importance of and make sure he takes as much time as possible to just be a kid and hang out with friends, joke, yell and laugh like h3ll.

      Sorry most of this was off topic but I tend to ramble lol

    7. The agreement was made during the Clinton era I believe...the North American Flight Trade Agreement.

    8. Free trade...FREE TRADE..

    9. It IS the security and Prosperity Agreement. Signed March 2005 by Martin, Bush and Fox.

    10. Really like what you have written and I don't think you should keep quiet either. I have educated my son as I don't want him receiving any vaccines at school behind my back!!! or implanted with a tracker!! I know I sound NUTS but trust me the real NUTS are running this Mickey mouse show and the first people they will target are our children at school. I just keep having this vision, that they will give out compulsory vaccines in schools. My son is not even allowed to drink bottled water from school. Check out jesse ventura and the water conspiracy. Enlightening, Nestle drain the lakes and bottle it selling it back to us, and it is not regulated. The company phone the police when Jesse tried to interview the company. Once you are awake, obtaining information and seeking the truth becomes more paramount than worrying about material items!!!

    11. Amen sister!

    12. Because when i need medical advice, i always go to a playboy bunny.

      to be honest, if you aren't responsible enough a parent to vaccinate your children you shouldn't have them!

      When new born babies die in hospital from whooping cough, it's because of ****** like you!

      your ignorance leads to innocent deaths!

    13. I'm in the same boat as you; my adult children think my mind is going and are worried. Let them go their own way, it seems whether we know or not the evil won't disappear.

    14. Do you think you could afford major surgery on your own? like heart lung or brain surgery? you might have to take out a loan. there is nothing wrong with insurance. It's a good product for people. It's the corruption that ruins it.

    15. Good for you. Forget Facebook- it's social media garbage-forget 90% of the people out there. They're all brainwashed and live in fear. You cannot make sense with the fearful. It doesn't we don't love them, but it is the majority of the common people that allows oppressive government and wars by doing nothing and following orders.

      To serve the people a government must protect the people, how can people who are in danger be served? How can a government be of, by, and for the people when it is full of self-serving bloated graft dealing weasels who cower and grovel for campaign contributions?

      The U.S. has had a tumultuous history. Horrible, evil slavery went on far too long in an otherwise great nation, Native Americans were pushed around and murdered, the West was ethnically cleansed and slavery conditions were allowed to continue unabated in its factories. McCarthyism ruined many people's lives, Jim Crow continued until the 60's, unjustifiable wars have been fought and stubborn hawkish attitudes toward the Soviet Union brought the world close to a nuclear holocaust.

      Yet still the ideals and noble platitudes that backed the U.S. in its conception are alive and well today and will never die. For if the nation has not lived up to the truth of the creed for which it is to stand by, that creed still stands and always will. As individual people we need to live lives insistent upon freedom for ourselves and freedom for our neighbor. We should never under any circumstance give up the fight for freedom, even if it means putting ourselves in danger. This is the Great Call, not just to the U.S., but as a universal truth to all peoples of this planet.
      And I would be very careful what product I buy.

  43. it's already been said, but I had to stop about 10 minutes in, I couldn't handle the stupid music.

    1. You are right. I don't know why they can't keep all music out of documentaries. We are looking for information, not mood. Not only that this narrator is horrible. But try to get around the terrible presentation if you can, and watch it. It's worth it.

  44. The SPLC and ADL (both operating as foreign agents of Israhell) have a seat at the table of Homland Security for policy development AND they sponsor training of our domestic police in the control of American dissidents. This training is accomplished by taking our men in blue to Israel.

    ReDiscover911. COM and the gig is up for Israhell.

    1. If you take your misguided hate of Israel and put it where it belongs, toward the humanistic globalists( some being Zionists ), you will uncover more truth. I am living proof!!!!!!!

  45. does themusic ever stop? i hate docs with music!

    1. I agree Kronag. Plus, I stopped viewing this darn documentary because I could fast forward or reverse the video. Stupid

  46. does the music ever stop? i hate docs with music!

  47. hmm at least the government knows the populace wont just sit back and let this happen.. so now this art of murder they they have displayed in other countries they are going to flex at home.. our military is not a policing core.. after all we did see what happened when they had half the job at Guantanamo bay.. so it wont be surprising if these camps turn to death camps.. what about our god given rights to have the rights of freedom and the laws associated with them..

    "in a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
    George Orwell

    other nations are already allying against us including Russia maybe they are preparing us for another entry war time draft..
    they are doing the exact same things Hitler and Germany was doing to influence and condition there populace into agreeing and supporting ideology.. the only thing we have not committed our hands to yet is genocide.. but im sure with enough time and conditioning we will label a race inferior terrorists and will find the means to end end to deal with them .. after all they did condition the civilians to out right throw there liberties in the trash.. in fact they had them begging for it after 9/11 when in fact it is a proven fact now that it was a false flag mission carried out by the USA national defense..(do not reply to this and if you do make sure to do your homework 1st to save us both time) and that also set the stage for a campaign to attack 2 other countries that had nothing to do with the attacks but rather had to do with settling future political gains and or stabilizing the future onslaught for globalization.. and i bet Saddam said um NO so they had him executed.. and then they put another in his place that would do buiz with them.. it had nothing to do directly with oil but rather a pipeline and another supporting seat filled at the UN table.. WAKE UP PPL SOMETHING IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN THAT THE USA KNOWS YOU WONT AGREE WITH AND THEY HAVE PREPARED.. OR AT LEAST MAKE THE PUBLIC AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON.. before we find our selves with no rights and a fist full of dreams

    "The only thing necessary for TYRANTS to triumph is for good men to do nothing"
    Edmund Burke

    "never stop speaking up and saying what is your nation and god given right to say even if it means that you will perish from your words it is better to live free then to die enslaved"

    regards from Canada

  48. For anyone who hasn't had the chance to do so, I strongly encourage you to read Dave Eggers' book, "Zeitoun". It talks in detail about the Camp set up at the Greyhound station in New Orleans during Katrina and the levee failures.

    As a Calif. tourist who was stuck in the Superdome I found his book especially poignant, and frightening as an American citizen.

    Paul Harris
    Author, "Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina"

  49. Great doc. Anyone ever notice that everything Bill Cooper wrote about is coming true?

  50. i got to the 14th minute but the music was too much for me
    please can we get a copy without the music

  51. It reminds of the movie Field of Dreams, not everyone could see the men playing out on the field. It takes alittle time for people to wake up, and see for themselves, no its not the jews, nor is it the nation of Islam, or Ben Ladin, or the communista's.
    It is the greateast recipient of our tax dollars going towards planning, developement, and building these beautiful resort communities, intended for only a certain specially chosen few.
    Call and see if you qualify today. You dont need an AARP card to qualify!!
    If you do get on facebook or twitter on a daily basis, you can go and visit your family and friends very soon at one of these communities.

  52. I like this documentary, unfortunately you can't move around because it won't let you so if you miss something you have to watch the whole documentary over again.

  53. 1St) I ain't no US citizen. Never was & consider this to be a gift of God.
    I was stunned to see the empty camps, whatever they may be.
    Empty all over the US, even in Louisiana. Isn't it bizarre?
    Otherwise, I wouldn't grant much credibility to all the blah-blahs in there, but, but the empty camps? Why isn't there any criminal convicts in there? If the US army wants to host civilians after a tornado, a dirty bomb or anything alike, we all know that they have inflatable housings...
    Not razor blade barb-wires for God sake?
    Those camps all over the US can house millions, not just a few thousands terrorists. Looks bhaad, very bad.

    I always have a little smile when I think to Obama who won against the odd, a US reality that teach what freedom can do.
    While baring in mind that anyhow that guy now has to pick-up the mess! HiHiHi! You want it, 'd say George, here it is!
    -Cope with it now, & try to come out of the hole! HiHiHi!
    What a joke George had on his successor!

    Hey guys... Your constitution...
    They wrote that in one night I heard? A quicky that is?
    Were they aware how it'd be some 500 years later?

    I just find bizarre that you elect sort of a dictator every once in a while. How come any division or part of your army can get involved in a war just based on the decision of one sole citizen? Worst, that citizen's family having close ties with your worst ennemy. On top of that, the closest friend of your elected clown is an known and well recognized arms sale's rep? Left aside the CIA leader who sold the chemical WMD to Saddam.

    Apart George who sunk you into that mess, how many political parties you have over there? How this (2 options) compare with the rest of the other countries on planet earth?
    Because when a "Third party" possess the rest of the "Balance" in a minority government, jokes like you guys lived through rarely, very rarely happen.

    But you ain't out of the wood yet.
    In so many countries (Occidental democracies I mean), a recognized (According to a few preriquisites) is granted enough money (Puclic funds) to support its existence.
    But in the US, the "Me Myselft & I" line of conduct overule that concept. As mentioned by the end of that documentary, the USA is not exactly a society (Baring social benifits) but rather a "Union of States" called United States.

    In the sense that being scrared of "Socialising", socialism to you is the same as Lenine communism or Mao socialism.
    No opened mind to realise that a common ordinary poor dude who don't own a house, a car living on minimal wage pays taxes anyhow on anything he consume!

    You run away from the male dog who bitten you toward its female dog. The 2 only options you have over there.
    A serious devoted third party is absolutly absent & don't see no hope far or close.
    Bare in mind the litteral (& Historical) meaning of "Third Party". Hummm... I guess its leader would get killed.
    There's always an "Oswald" somewhere, even in Arizona I heard of today.


  54. Don't believe it?

    Google the term "REX 84" and see where that leads you to.

    1. if that ever came into place i wonder how many ppl will take up arms and fight back.. i know there are a bunch of groups mostly the kkk who have prepared for that day and in fact sent most of their young to be trained in the forces.. so in the end it will most likely be the socially unacceptable powers that will actually step up.. i share no part of any conversation with them but i would die fighting beside them given the chance of last resort to civility..

  55. there not doing this because they are brave and want to fight terror, they are doing it because they are now scared of us, they know people are waking up, they are ready for the protests and any one who stands in thier way of a plan regarding a global take over. they have already inslaved the third world with debt they will never be able to repay. its the developed countries turn. they will kill you if they must. if you think its about money your wrong. they have all the money they need, its controle and power they want to hold on to. when the world knows the power of love and not the love of power, the world will know peace. by the way watch confessions of an economic hitman, on youtube or google, its one of the best eye openers youll see. john perkins helped enslave the third world but is know coming out to tell people of the subtle empire from the west.

    1. i agree and i dont ... money is power and war is both if they didnt need money they would not feel the need to keep ripping you off with unjust federal taxes.. and war for profit.. money does grow from tress but not on it.. they would do anything for more and more and more dont fool yourself they are a very greedy bunch.. in fact if you do enough research you will find most wars have to do with money or oil directly or indirectly.. anyways cheers dude

  56. Alex Jones was there a long time ago, saying the same things he says today. How he knows is a question, but his accuracy for being far, far ahead of knowing what is going on and what will happen is unnerving. Every single time I say that what he says simply can't be true, it shows up being admitted in the regular press, usually years later. Anyone who says Alex Jones doesn't know what's going on, or simply makes things up is laughable, not that he needs any more defending than what he's getting - just pointing out fact.

  57. That would be Alex Jones. You can’t trust anything what Mr. Jones says, He's the kind of guy who makes facts up on the spot and sells them for truth. Sadly the guy has his share of followers. You know the kind, the sheeple callers, thinking they are the enlightened ones. It’s pure irony I tell ya.

    1. well like other dude said not to defend him but a lot of this has been proved by whistle blowers and unclassified documents i tend to tune out of conspiracy docs and only stay watching the programs with any validity of factual evidence ether by document's or interviews.. i try not to watch groomed media or doc's.. try wiki leaks im sure it will fill your boots.. if you can read them they are a bit more for the lawyer literate anyways cheers mate :)

  58. I wanted to watch this shít just for the hell of it but the narrator's whiny, gayish intonation and the overpowering background music make it impossible. I hooked off after 5 min. Whoever made this ƒucking piece of ?rap is a ƒucking ?sshole, a real ídiot.

    so ƒuck it

  59. *disclaimer- I have not watched this video yet but will respond when I have. In the mean time let's not let little thing like ignorance stop me from opining and espousing.

    I personally know several individual who believe the constitution begins and ends with the second amendment, no more more no less. They are preparing for what to them is the inevitable need to over throw the government. I find them simultaneously sad and scary.

    Rhetoric is getting out of hand these days.

    OK off to watch the documentary.

  60. all it takes for evil men to reign, is that good men do nothing. So, while you still got whatever freedoms you got, use them to ensure a safe future for your children. Let me ask anyone who doesn't believe: would you be willing to go to those facilities ten years later and tell their inmates how your life in delusional set-up of the society was more important than their freedom. Ask yourselves which one is more important and think what your creator thinks about your course of actions if you're true to your believes. Confront your fear of acting against oppression, face your demons and you're one step closer to heaven.

    I'm no foreteller, van't say if those camps will ever be filled. But this I can say with 100 percent accuracy: people who hold to their rights and responsibilities are so much harder to oppress.

  61. Wow, great documentary, I loved it. It re-awakened the patriot in me! The NWO is going down, because the answer to 1984 is 1776!

  62. .....surprise's true. I can even admit it and we can allow information to leak out about what is coming for you that is how confident we are. You cannot stop it because it is bigger than you. It concerns forces greater than human...hidden right in front of you outside the third dimension where u navigate and exist. We see can't see us. We can control you and more importantly those around you until you give in and accept your new fate. It has been ongoing for 6000 years and will get worse for you soon. We support the creator nor universal sovereign YHWH which means He Causes To Become and the Leader of our side of the sovereignty issue has already written you a letter whereby in revelation itnsays YHWH will put in the hearts of the leaders of the nations to destroy false religion Babylon the great or all of nimrods works and planted seeds but all the true worshippers and witnesses of YHWH/JHVH will also be persecuted....but do not fear for those who die in the name of Jesus will be saved. You do not understand because you are human but realize it is happening, it's bigger than you, and it was preordained with proof that something outside of time can predict your societies future via the wordnof the Almighty, YAHWEH/JEHOVAH. Thenwordncondemns the nations and all those following them admiringly....repent, pray, read the bible and flee the church or as God has will share in her plagues.

  63. awesome video. Since not many have ever served in the military, nor are interested in recent military history, perhaps the following comment will go over your heads, though I hope not.

    I served in the Army as an Infantry Squad Leader during Operation Just Cause, Republic of Panama.

    Our company (B Co 4/17 Infantry) was tasked with sealing off the city of Colon, Panama. We were able to do it with around 120 soldiers. Through surprise, violence of action, and intimidation, we successfully sealed of the city from the rest of the country. The official reports of Panamanians killed in the country during Operation Just Cause are incorrect. We inflicted more casualties in Colon and other areas than the total number officially recognized.
    And this was in a country where they KNEW we were coming.

    The Freedom Loving American is not prepared for this level of violence. Local civilian authority will collapse in such a scenario, as it did in Colon.

    Remember this, we(The United States) had control of all major cities and transportation links within 6 hours of H-hour. And that was 21 years ago.

    We(The United States Army)had detention camps set up within days of the invasion and took everyone from military prisoners of war to civilian looters to them from the area around Colon.

    I am proud of the part my men and I took in that invasion; Panamanians shook our hands in the streets. We had freed them from a viscious dictator and restored their constitutional government.

    My fear after reading Title 10 US Code Section 333, as ammended by the 2007 National Defense Athorization Act, section 1042, is that Congress granted the President of the United States the power to deploy the US Military in the United States of America in any emergency, including civil unrest, that he deems necessary; we only need a nutbag president to come to power and suspend the Constitution during an "emergency" to have US troops doing what we did in Colon. How long before we end up with a "president for life" as we have Supreme Court justices?

    Even one incident could have US Troops patrolling the streets of America, if the President so chooses, and in the absence of troops, he can hire "contractors" to do the job.
    The last times we had such a fascist government was during the presidencies of Wilson and F. D. Roosevelt. Those transitioned peacefully but at a terrible price (two world wars). Let us hope the next transition will be peaceful and not involve a world war. (oops, too late......)

  64. I believe that this is true and that ppl need to open their eyes. On the Georgia Guide stones (made by a guy who named himself R.C. Christian) put on them to keep the population under 500,000,000. Go on youtube and look up conspiricy theories and they have one on the builderburgs. Its like 7 to 10 videos long but it touches a lot of topics that are bubbling right now.

    I couldnt see this documentary because im at school, lol.

  65. the dramatic "music" overlayed makes this almost impossible to watch many documentaries are ruined this way can barely make out what is being said over the music..totally ruined opportunity!

  66. What's funny is they spend the first quarter making this big argument about how incompetent FEMA is, and then the rest of the film fear mongering people into thinking FEMA is going to put them in internment camps, etc.. LOL, really effective argument there, guys.

  67. OMG, if this doc is true this is some scary ****. America really is planning/waiting for something big to happen in order to actually use those camps. I mean why else will they build them right. Maybe another world war in our history books. World peace my ****!

  68. This sends a message that it is the left orchestrating such conditions...When in reality I feel it is the conservative, militaristic christian right heading in such a direction-Republicans have done more to undermine civil liberties and expand government than anything else they have managed achieve.
    Both parties are beyond hope and repair and I don't know what I can do.

  69. I'm an European who's been following so called conspiracies for a number of years. Much of the information gathered from documentaries is at the very least interesting. What the filmmakers of these documentaries need to stop doing, however, is adding blatant propaganda and emo dramatization.

    This documentary suffers from both problems. I don't need Obama speeches over nazi propaganda films to get the point. I don't need a constant crescendo of music to drive home how serious these issues (potentially) are. Just give me your information and your views in a clear and clear-headed way.

    I find it amazing that the people who make these documentaries don't see the obvious irony in employing methods of dissemination of information which are used by the same 'powers that be' they are trying to fight.

    As long as you treat people like fools, they will asume YOU are the fool, and your message won't get across to any significant number of people. By stooping to the level of propaganda, you not only raise the suspicions and derision of rational, concerned people, but help your enemy to keep up the claim of 'conspiracy nuts'.

  70. Kind of hard to take this serious when all news coverage comes from fox news.

  71. Anyone interested in camping?
    Its all free & professional guide will lead you.

  72. YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYONE AND ANYTHING... especially NOT the Government-owned media!! When is the Revolution going to come? When will it all end? When are people finally going to STOP WATCHING TELEVISION AND WAKE UP?!!

  73. Watched the first 5 minutes ONLY!!!


  74. a ok with these Documentaries and for the "free section", they all help to create discussion and q&a time . job well done to all. various ages viewing , learning + processing data from all over the world , viewing opinions ..... we are all very lucky at this time to have this even within our homes. a note : perhaps pre day one "obama " (p.s.~ hi there webbots that scan net mail for key words!) the usa peoples should have demanded : his (obama ) "real birth certificate " , , all over this
    world not just the usa..... the weakly used word "Transparencey" might have more meaning. thus perhaps less ~~~! controvery !??.... " p.s. have a good read of obama "Executive Order" even view some of those ~ health while you can.. while we all don't have to get new obama type id stuff. being took never is nice nor is being offended , its ok to be involved in the next vote , best to all now matter what country we're from. .

  75. Robert, where in my post did I say everything was all good? Go ahead, take a look at my post -- tell me where I say that everything is fine. America is a total mess, you get no argument from me about that. But fear-mongering conspiracy theorists distract from the real problems and instead create false ones.

    Criticizing a flawed documentary (and I use that term extremely lightly as these films are more fiction than fact) is not even close to the same thing as saying everything is A-OK. You're creating a straw man argument and hence demeaning your own point by accusing me of saying something I never even said.

    A national ID? Really? This is what your big issue is? Having a national ID would be no different than having a passport or driver's license. I moved out of America two years ago and in the country I now reside in, I have a national ID card. It hasn't infringed on my rights in any way, shape or form. I fail to see how having identification is somehow nefarious. If it is, I hope you've burned your driver's license, birth certificate, Social Security card, passport, and any other identification documents. You need two forms of ID for many services already but you don't seem to have a problem with that. You're simply jumping on the paranoia bandwagon.

    The federal government should be involved in education, health care, and energy. Because if they don't do that, then those tasks fall to the private sector. The result is education, health care, and energy all become for-profit industries instead of for the good of the people. A corporatocracy is a far greater threat than a one world government.

    Just look at how great energy in America is under deregulated private industry -- we've got one of the greatest environmental crises in history thanks to BP's shoddy practices and America is now at the mercy of the corporations to launch wars which cost taxpayers billions of dollars and thousands of American lives.

    Now look at education in America. Interest rates for student loans have skyrocketed in recent years. The average college graduate will spend the next twenty years paying off student loans. Now imagine if that were expanded beyond college for K-12 education as well. Such a move would completely eliminate the middle class and return us to feudalism.

    The government is answerable to the American people -- one man, one vote. The corporations are answerable to the shareholders, and therefore the majority of Americans are completely cut out from the decision-making process. Why you think this is a good idea just shows how misguided you truly are.

  76. So according to pc812 all is well. I am not a fan of Alex Jones, but come on. You are intelligent enough to make comments on stuff like this, and you think 14 trillion dollar deficits are good. Running America like an empire is good? Having free speech zones is good, requiring a national ID is good? The federal government in education, health, energy, and every aspect of life is good? Yet, men being what they are, make up different conspiracies on a little bit of information and of course profit from it, that is as old as the hills. Yet you think all is well? All is just fine and dandy? God help me.

  77. Out of context? Read the patriot act. It's public information. FEMA camps are real, I have no idea what they need them for. Wake up people, this government is corrupt and secession, peaceful secession needs to happen. Put it this way, its like the U.S is the Titanic, and the individual States are 50 life boats.

  78. Here's what Canada said, only what it sounded like in the 1930s

    Ich kippe glaube, Sie denken, Sie auf Masseneinsperrungen wird gestellt bekommen, dann sind Sie mehr für Drogen und Betrug, aber diese Leute sind Verbrecher ... .. (Ich bin sicher nicht jeder teilt die Ansicht, dass sie Verbrecher sind) Nicht zu vergessen drei Streiks und ach ja Todestrakt, aber sie haben es sich verdient ... ... Vielleicht ist an der Reihe ....

    Masseneinsperrungen und Vernichtungslager wird nicht passieren, denke nicht, Ihren Nachbarn im Norden würde freundlich zu, dass noch treffen die Mehrheit der Menschen in der zivilisierten Welt. Oh, und wir haben faire Wahlen so, wenn eine Regierung unterstützt, dass sie arbeitslos werden. Ich bin ein Wahlleiter gerade deshalb jedes Mal haben wir eine Stimme.

    Wie für die meisten dieser Organisationen sind 20 Jahre alt oder mehr Americorps peacecoerps bilderboogers etc. Nur, dass es wie bereits dargestellt sollte es wurden alle voll in Betrieb, bevor Bush aus dem Amt.

  79. I really want to watch this doc but I am so frustrated as it stops every 30 - 40 seconds to re-buffer. I'm on a new fast laptop with a fast/strong internet connection. Bummer! Oh well, maybe I'll pause it for a while & try playing it later. I've watched many other videos on this site but never had this problem before. In the first 5 min it has stopped at least 8 times. Wow! This last time it has been stopped for over a minute. Hope it sorts itself out.

  80. If your gona complain about the free movie... Dont watch it. Its OK, Its not like they are trying to get out an important message or anything. So go back to your football game, go back to sleep we got this one... This movie wasnt ment for you anyhow, we only want readers here. You know, only poeple who are able to form thought bubbles qualify for comments. I for one appreciate the free vidoe with the free information.

  81. Your Right (Tony the Tiger)

    The sad thing about Sheeple is that they are GLUED to FOX News under their premise of "Fair and Balanced." Yet daily the are challenged for their accuracy of their reporting and it comes out that they only report on HALF SENTENCES and not the FULL TEXT of what is said.

    From Beck to O'Rilley it is constant Racist Remarks backed only by Murdock himself even though it cost's him 100's in Sponsors. This PROVES that FOX is working an Agenda all costs.

    I Keep thinking of the quote, "TRUTH!! You Can't Handel the Truth." People sit back and let our Government LIE and start wars like Viet Nam, and Iraq, But when the "TRUTH" is told that These Event's never happened to start these WARS. The Sheeple say, Our Government wouldn't Lie to Us? Would they??

    I can only Imagine as the USA sells it's Weapons to the WORLD that they are arming the same people we as a nation fight later. Saddam got all his Bio-Chemicals from the USA. Got his Air-force equipment Tank's from Egypt all with the backing of Good Ole' Uncle Sam. So What Kill's most is the use of our Own Weapons used against us.

    But still, The Agenda for Iraq was NOT Saddam. Today with Million upon millions of dollars in clean-up costs for depleted uranium and the still dying population of Iraq and US Soldiers. The USA has abandoned everyone.

    Yet Still, NO WAR CRIMES. This can only be Trumped by Soldiers digging Bullets out of Killed Civilians in Iraq. As if to say this person was walking down a street and suddenly died of HOLE'S DISEASE. Yep.. Not a Soldier was in sight when they died.

    We need more Wikileaks videos to wake people up. But the Worst of all is Parents TODAY buy these WAR GAMES for their Children to play for HOURS and HOURS and HOURS to TRAIN THEM, Hitler Started the Kid's off the Same way. Drip by Drip until he made Killing Machines. But in the Real world People can't say GAME OVER.

  82. sorry meant quit being a pawn

  83. "In a room full of lies, the truth is insane" - me
    i dont care if you think that the world is all roses and lillies and everything is great, you still have a RESPONSIBILITY to do the research and do your part to change things for the better. some asked if we really think that the government could lock up 2 million people? No S$%^ we have more then that in our prison system, and more and more private prisons on the way. how is it the "land of the free" can have more prisoners then communist china, which has 4 times the population. do your research!! i dont care how great things are, if this is a gov for the people by the people then the people need to know whats going on, becuase the people are the government!! learn!! quick being a pawn!!

  84. In my last comment I left out CNN.

    Anyone that would get rid of Lou Dobb's for challenging Obama on his Legal Status should be a Hero.

    Let's just hope that Obama doesn't have to go to Arizona in the Future. I could see a Cop disappearing and never being found for asking Obama that same question. And that story would not be covered on CNN either.

  85. I thought I would add my own $0.02 Cents worth.
    I don't condemn Alex for his Videos. But I do think that if he was like you say worried he would do everything in his power to open up his 2 web sites and make this stuff free to view and download and pass on. That's if it had Merit.

    Myself, I am another type of Worry Wort.
    I personally think Iraq should Open it's Hospital's for all the People in the USA to come visit just like the American's did to the German People at the END of the War II and let US see how the Depleted Uranium has DESTROYED THAT COUNTRY.

    You know, The one that the Lying War Criminal George Bush said that we were there to Liberate... If FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and PBS were really NEWS OUTLETS that did Stories on People, Why don't they look up (NBC FOX VEHICLES IN IRAQ) The NBC stands for Nuclear-Bio-Chemical.

    You can find the US Government Talley of these Vehicles on the WEB and Where they are located. From my findings I see 75 of them in IRAQ. I suppose dropping over 1 Million Tons of Depleted Uranium all over Iraq means Nothing to US. (But it is a DNA Poison.

    KOSOVO has it. Kuwait had it, Yet they made the USA dig it up (CAMP DOHA) and not 6700 Tons of SAND now sits in BOISE, IDAHO Imported from Kuwait.

    And your Worried about Alex Jones?

    Or you could read less interesting stories like US Air-Men making Sausage using their OWN BLOOD.

    The fact remains, It is now proven that DU goes from the Nasal cavity directly to the brain. Let alone the Lungs and reproductive organs. But it's resting place is in the DNA.

    Did you also know that if you have been in Europe you can't even donate Blood? Either it's cause of a FLY in Iraq or Mad Cow disease. I think it's the DU myself. But they stop you from donating blood even if the last time you were in Europe was in the 80's. Something is very Fishy.

    That is the REAL NEWS today. But Nobody cares. So my Hat's off to the USA for Liberating Iraq... OF LIFE.

  86. ToBscaredIsHuman,
    You ask alot of great questions! One of them was Who funds these productions? How do they make their money? If getting out this “urgent truth” to the public is so important, why do they charge for the DVD on their site? This is produced by Gary Franchi Productions and they make money by selling the dvds and by people like me who support them. Please look into everything you have just seen, learn about Alex Jones, Aaron Ruso, Edward Griffin, Gary Franchi, Robert Kiosaki, and you will start to see what's going on in the world. Question the government, question the media, read the constitution, learn about history, and do some serious research. I guarantee it will scare the crap out of you! If you really want answers, learn about the history of money. Then, take action because it's up to all of us to educate one another and reach out to those who are in la la land! And as far as getting their information out to the public for free, Alex Jones has told his listeners time and time again to make copies of his stuff and his videos can be watched for free on youtube and alot of other websites. Remember, it costs them to make these films, so if you can buy them, please do so. Unlike our government, the patriots I've listed above do not make money from taxes. They work hard for it!

    "its been 10 years yall have been saying its going to go down and all you is keep saying oh tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and you say oh but tomorrow"

    The reason it hasn't gone down is because alot of people have been calling and writing their reps in Washington, alot of people have been studing their history, alot of people know their rights, and alot of people are standing up so you can be free to your opinion even though you have done little research to back it up. If you only realized how hard people are working to keep this country free and how many of them there are, your heart would swell with pride for America. We have some bumpy roads ahead, but like George Washington, we will endure and like George Washington, we will continue to have faith in the people of the United States. This country's spirit is strong and the people are intelligent, honest, and brave. Please, research everything in this film yourself. Read the constitution and follow current legislation, that is how you find the truth. It takes alot of work!

    That's what I'm talking about! You've done some homework!!

    I Pay You. You Program Me.,
    Your absolutely right! So many people just take whatever someone tells them and form an opinion rather than looking into the facts!!

    If this movie is so sad, why don't you go make a better one?

    America is one of God's greatest gifts to mankind!

    Sick of Conspiracies...,
    Seriously, do some homework on this stuff.

    I'm sure someone will have something rude to say about my posting to several comments. What can I say, I like talking with people? It's good to see the majority is starting to wake up though! Good night everyone, and God bless you and this great country.

  87. my mistake Vincent Bugliosi is a former Calf state attorney that put C Manson away. not a NY state Attorney either way the man is respectable When you look at GW Bush he is the man who set the fire then helps put the fire out to try playing Hero only it partly backfired in his face the American Public should make the rest of it Back Fire in his Face and send him to State Prison wherein he belongs and do a real roundup in the State of Florida including Tampa Bay the city long known for public corruption and Murder Inc is what it really is from drug over doses booze, staged accidents to doctors killing off their thorns when they get sick or making their targets sick so the doctors can kill them meaning death pannels towards those they target boasting the ability to murder judges and their entire families even military judges if they so choose as news reports have said down there. People can stict their heads in holes and wish it all to go away or it won't effect them but get what its not going to go away until you the people demand it and wake up and yes it is going to effect you, your quickly loosing your once free Nation and your economics is only going to get worse from these sand baggers who are seling you out look up US Exports see the gap in Nations Exports Chila 4 trillion, US 14 Trillion.

  88. The job of our leadership is a job that they take a Oath which for a long time we see means nothing to all the Oath takers of our nation. The bend and twist lure entrap, entice intimidate, manufacture way to apply laws towards our poorest and weakest citizens and the violations our our rights just all keeps getting worse rather than better our nation was founded on Gods laws Gods rules they have tricked you all with phony science that amounts to pure poppy cock claiming the smartest minds and billions of your tax money wasted on their phony research projects that in the end they can actually prove nothing, they kicked God out of school, out of the court not off the money speaking of the new Gold $ nearly ever President for God knows how many past years has either lied, or been caught in some big scandel even if they didn't get impeached all of our law enforcement agenies rather than aide the people trying to protect our rights tend to find some cause to investigate them and conder some way to bust them using twisted meaning of laws or making news laws after the fact then appling them there by making EX Po Facto laws, held for same crimes twice then claiming it don't apply like 3 strike laws The founding fathers really pondered on the supreme court as well as state rights as to weather they were mistakes in the Making and they were. Even worse crooks appoint crooks and here we have had a long trail of crooks in the White House appointing crooks to the Supreme Court there for life when that to should be limited and your stuct with the same bad laws for generations until a few die off or retire and the public out cry is so long and loud they are forced to change. Party switching don't change the man/woman or their politics acountability and long state prison terms just might along with some severe relentless attacks on corrupt leadership. Clinton promised to cut Pak groups and such and give health care to all both parties are liars and long been so good cop bad cop its as simple at that with the goal in mind to entrap and imprison you the people in poverty and oppression and lives lived in fear from all sides, your being terrorized and tortured and don't even see it because its done in subtile mannors over a long time and you are kept occuppied designed to deter you from the real truth and hidden agendas.

  89. There is a man whom the people trusted year as a States Attorney he is telling you and has it laid right out in his latest book after his own independent investigation into GW Bush on how all 50 states can not only charge GW Bush and crew for murder but how to get convictions as well yet not one State ATTY Gen has files a single charge yet so that tells you what each of your state OAG's are about and who side they are on here little do they know their is no pot of Gold for most of them at the end of the rainbow for their crony work the ship is full with the select few the rest are expendable.

    Take a Good look to at Edgar's predictions so is he wrong to as well as a few other prophets and physics who have rarely been wrong or not been wrong and yeah you can twist it like many tried say the dates were wrong by a couple yrs or names wheren't spelled or pronounced the same but the fact is they were right at about the meat and jist of the subject far more times than not.

    Every Gov by the people needs to be kept in Check By the People or it will soon become the dictator and tyrant power is addictive as is money just as drugs and booze and all other addictions and when addicted people do real stupid shit as those do that have been groomed and brainwashed over time. Conspiring is easy very easy its done at nearly every job every day about something good bad or indifferent and most are gotten away with jobs like the silent type money and benefits and power do the talking secrets are made and kept every day in nearly every aspect of life including within your own families.

  90. LOL what foolishness, check your history and check some other videos that do show the construction of these camps, Durning the 2nd world war let me remind you the japs an german Nationals where in fact rounded up and held captive at Horse Race Tracks in Calf in just one area of the Nation there where old Hollywood movies made about these camps. Our Military has nonleathal/leathal either weapons already made and ready troops already trained in Urban warfare to go house to house in the middle of the night disarming and arresting any citizen who resist the NWO, who stand up for keeping our civil rights or rebel the Gov in any way. Look at the latest Supreme Court ruling refusing to hear issues of Domestic torture and terror, look at The Budget showing money spent on underground safe havens for the selective few, look how many poisons have been put in your food, water, air and soils with not one held accountable punished or clean up order, How many Kids and workers LEAD POISONED Which they Claim don't Kill you because you die of Stroke or Heart Attack Kidney Failure or Liver Failure or Lung failures. All these poison products began to Form after the People Formed UNIONS and Demanded better safety, wages, benefits and retirements, Drugs pumpped onto our street,which we paid good money to keep off the streets and their solution was chase the users/victims targets in their teens instead of dealers and suppliers because there is far more money in users than dealers, try to get HUD, EPA, OSHA to do anything when the bull dozer plows down that old lead painted home when all that dust cloud comes blowing all over your home your kids Florida a good one for that, then when you buy your new home on that lot its tracked into the home or the grass dies or gets bear spots or how in runs off the yard to nearby ponds, lakes, streams when it rains or other homes on that street and you'll never be told when you buy that new home what was on that land before. read the Laws. The Nazis put poison in the showers after we brought them here to work for use they were put in nearly everything we use. Got try to buy a Old Farm land in the US that grew Crops and try to keep horses or other livestock the soils are contaiminated with DDT. How many States are Police States, Race cars have restrictor Plates meaning the car can be restricted from driving 200mph down to 180mph speed limits are 55 to 70 depending what area of the nation you travel so why do cars do 120 to 200, even more mph, tickets/monet tempt you.florida just one state mostly retires and pros low wage slave like labor jobs that even in a good economy they withhold jobs pay wages that won't pay the bills cause your drivers license to expire or insurance to, then write you tickets then suspend you, then lay you off so the can violate you, then threatened you with jail or pay but you can't pay if you can't drive, and if you can't drive you can't work if you do take a lame bus system you will work 8 to 10 hot labor and bus rides 2 to 3 years each way, dinner, chores, shower you day is 19hrs if your lucky enough to get a job on the bus route. Then you burn out or are forced to drive illegal to get a somewhat gainful job to ppay the 1st tickets then once you drive illegal they wait a little while repeat the process all over after 2 to 3 times of that they revoke and fact was you were a target a male ages 18 to 45 little or no family in Florida blaming yourself because then you'll only get the worst of low wage labor jobs and you just been suckered and groomed into becoming slave low wage labor to the State. Florida has been taking false captive from even before the Civil war Chain gangs then. Manufactured forced crime and entrapment you where systematically setup over time, their crackers will operate as police cronies and file false charges or lure people into somthing often petty before you know it your , a prisoner to the state often without being behind bars. Sadly most fools never know they were setup. They will want to return to their home states but either the legal system has them captive or poverty has them captive. The cronies that set you up they get to drink and drive, do drugs lure fresh meat in to booze and drugs to lure street whore call girl, nude dancer lives when the get used up by that time their so addicted they become criminals but the cops let them pass because they lead to the johns often leading to drug bust or other criminal acts, which the crackers led them into thinking hey we can do this cops don't bother us yeah them, not you and when they get you the cracker is long gone or if you try calling them to court the courts or cops aren't interested. All our gov has Done is Lie for over 70 years now Lie after Lie after Lie. Why are these Camps being built People are waking Up talking change, revolution, Civil War, Rebellion, People are being threatened by the select few tyrants police that walk all over your civil rights yet few judges hold them accountable from false stops and arrests and searches to acts of civil murder often without the peoples knowledge Sorry Folks just open your Eyes and ears ask questions notice what cops are doing sitting, while crime goes on to a point you beg for something done, then it becomes legal blackmail well We can't enforce the law unless you give up more rights, Fear Tactics Every TV Ad out there puts fear in you to buy its product, buy this soap so your killing this germ or that one the other guys don't have this only we do. Buy this tooth paste it gets teeth whiter buy these tires they last longer and are safer and at every fear they install in the people notice when the product comes out its cheaper until they hook then as the claim improvements the price gets higher or as demand grows prices grow. So when you look at the Whole and Big Picture Yeah FEMIA PRISON AND DEATH CAMPS ARE REAL. The Sprinkler Systems in your Offices, Buildings, Schools Jails, Prisons so on think about the mass murder and Genocide that could take place just by replacing the water with poisons and turning a knob. When the tyrants fully take over and Terror and torture is on your door step it is to late. The People of this Country are already defeated and beaten when this gov and police turn on the people the people will loose and the biggest genocide ever will unfold. SSA Ruling in late 30's Its NOT YOUR MONEY ITS THE CONGRESSES AND THEY CAN STOP THE SAA AT ANYTIME. Supreme Court Ruling Police do not have to Protect and Serve, All major Roits in the US have Been Caused by Police, Court or Gov Abuses same in all other nations Cops are Mere Nazi Robots who abuse at will so long as its towards current targets. Many are being used thinking when NWO is in Place they will be rewarded for setting up their fellow citizens think again they are all expendable the world over populated nukes and safe holes to hide in and wait for the surface to clear. God forbid these thing be true but fact is the physical evidence says they are lies to go to war the proofs all their but all those years of that Fluroide has done made robot out of people and submissive Fact is Americans are a Beaten Down Nation by their own Government who dictates laws that are not the will of the masses the war on terror is proof Mind Control and brain washing work people willing to give up their families and lives or life in prison to go commit mass murder or attempt to for nuts hiding in a hole like ants while we fight a war like deer hunting from a tree stand rather than burning them out of the hole or just bury them alive down in it costing millions perday of your tax money they claim is theirs not yours, you can't even access the very building you paid for except by their rules many you not longer see or hear a person so when they screw you you can't face to face 3rd degree and piss them off enough to slip and admit to their mistakes or scams WAKE UP AMERICA TIME FOR NEW PEOPLE IN DC and Real Accountability and hard Punishment for poor leadership and paying back the money they waste every penny out of their personal pockets.They are MASTER you are Slave but to blind to see it, UNREAL MY GOD WHAT ELSE IS IT GOING TO TAKE FOR PEOPLE TO WAKE THE HELL UP. Then Look at the murders of those who try to expose these lies FBI investigations and police if its all foolishness talk then why they spending millions of your Tax money investigating the Churches, Groups that whhat to preserve your rights groups that fight to protect your earth yead some get to radical but they see what we don't their on the front lines of a war lots of civil wars are going on in America sure some of these people are out of line and when they kill or destroy its just as wrong PUT ROE VS WADE To the Vote of the people and all major issues lets see if the law is the will of the people.

  91. Too much FOX too much Religion, still scary.

  92. Thanks for posting this documentary, I love this site. It gives me a chance to question everything. I was left with the following questions:
    Who funds these productions? How do they make their money? If getting out this “urgent truth” to the public is so important, why do they charge for the DVD on their site?
    Why are the majority of the interviews cut scenes from Fox News? Mr. Jones and associates are afraid of the media, but Fox News is okay?
    Why are not all people being interviewed being identified by name? Could they be actors? Could they be legitimate? We can’t tell.
    Isn’t the message scary enough on it’s own? Why do you need action movie music in the background?
    Aren’t liberals also worried about this? I know they were for certain during the Bush era…now it seems like the same info is being spun to make conservatives the victims. Isn’t it possible both sides are the potential victims?
    Why doesn’t Alex Jones site have the specific documents they build these conspiracy theories on for proof? Isn’t the mark of a good journalist being able to provide proof?
    Hippies and militia men fear the same thing, loss of liberty, so why is Alex Jones focused nearly entirely on the conservative movements? Isn’t this a shared concern?
    Excellent argument is provided, don’t get me wrong, but the excessive showmanship makes more intellectual people feel this is yellow journalism.
    Who is the audience of this documentary? All people, or just Ron Paul supporters?
    What about opposing positions? Wouldn’t Mythbusting opposing viewpoints allow for a stronger argument?
    What is Alex Jone’s version of a Free America? Freedom for conservatives only or all Americans….that is the true test.
    Show us the money Alex and associates….who is paying you, what is your motivation? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and donate all the profits towards meaningful social change?
    Wouldn’t actual quotes from the founding fathers make for a more compelling argument? Tom Paine and Jefferson would give him a wealth of great sources.
    Why not try to interview Agency officials? If Alex Jones feels prosecuted, why doesn’t he look at his FBI file, available through the freedom of information act and then post it for the world to see?
    If you believe in your arguments Alex, put down the techno-esque music and pick up some journalism books. I promise you that if you make your arguments stronger with more PROOF, you’ll get a stronger response.
    I’m half way done with the documentary, I find the argument interesting, but I’m not convinced. I’m by no means perfect, but it feels good to think for myself.

  93. Interesting documentary....but why can't I skip through it?
    I accidentally closed the tab and now i have to start all over again >:

  94. I love people who come on here and type their "opinion" with out even taking the time to look up the facts.

    The truth is out there for those who choose to see it. Internet is the last form of free speach and it too will soon be shut down.

    Will it all be to late to say "We Told You So"

    You all have a brain, please use it. Stop thinking about what your TOLD and start seeing the FACTS.

  95. "It is just a speculation, but it makes more sense camps were build expecting some mass imigration from poor countries than to lock up the very people that fund the government"

    new supreme court decision that corporations have unlimited spending on campaigns... the people dont fund the govt anymore...

  96. i like how the naysayers will sit and watch this whole thing just to say "aww well, that was all taken out of context its not true" so what your telling me is, the Japanese internment camps did not happen? Its ok though, cuz when fema comes and kicks your door down to haul your sheep-ass away to the camps, I'm just gunna laugh in your faces.

    All you democratic brain washed zombies are gunna find out real quick that the government doesn't give a shit about you when you look around and all of your freedoms are gone. When something is presented to you, directly into your face, you sit there with drool coming out of your mouth asking questions? If you had a brain you would research all this yourself if you really gave a shit. Ever thought of that? Why don't you turn off the xbox and do your own research and see if any of this is true. You may be surprised to find that it is.

  97. If you ever wonder where they get the money for this then ask yourself why do they spend $600 for a hammer hammer and $2000 for a toilet seat.

  98. it is good to see that "ToBscared" did some research on this film.
    by accusing someone else of making it and saying there was no proof on his website.
    it shows that you do not visit his website, or listen to his show are you would know the answers to all of your questions.
    by the way he does offer documented proof with the bill numbers and says (don't take his word for it, look it up for yourself) if you do not believe.

  99. I have little doubt that there are things going on with the gov, FEMA, homeland security and many other gov agencies. I believe the Bible is true and 2012 is a real time when things will change for many reasons. Anyone that thinks all these things are a hoax and untrue, I feel sorry for you. I will tell you two things I know, Santa Claus is not real, God's Word is true. I'll add one more for the benifit of the readers: Do not trust the government no matter who is in office and get ready for a colapse of the ecenomic scene which will give the gov opportunity to do anything.

  100. this movie is a joke. I don't trust the government on anything, but this movie uses michelle bachman to make a point. That's sad.

  101. The SPLC and the ADL absolutely hate this movie and work to undermine the honest television stations which air this, just like the American public and the constitution.
    The more Abe Foxman screams about this film, the more important is its viewing for the American people.
    Recommend it to everyone, but not Abe. He's already seen it and is seething.

  102. While we all argue about Republican and Democrat, Capitalism and Socialism, race against race, worker against boss, conspiracy against normalcy -- the bankers are stealing the loot!!! Look up fractional reserve banking and you will see that a bank is the only enterprise that is inherently insolvent.

  103. whoops for the spelling errors on a mobile device...

  104. Sick on cons is not the type of person who would revolt if he was a jew in WW2. He would be like `Hey a nice place to go for me, awesome`. To bad for him there are people here who are waking him up to the fact that there is not such a safe place on the other side of those train tracks. No he will have to fight for his freedom instead of walking in line like to rest in confort.

    Fuck all 60.000 NSA agents who pollute the internet with `everything is oke` propaganda. Just look at skye and say `Dont tak about the weather`.

    So fun to see that people who know there have been huge conspiracy's in the past for a fact (which is assume you do since you are on this site and not a retard like sick of cons AKA then stop waching them) are always the first to see ow put in our age there are no cons `èverybody is honest` yeah right.

    Also in our time there are conspiracy's against humans just like in the past. And its going to keep happening unless we get rid of the monetary system and all its top monkeys. You may kill hitler but if you dont kill his banker AKA bush grampa who got conficted for this fact then he is just going to find a new slave to do his social works duhh..

  105. No doubt 'Sick of Conspiracies' always beaware that everyone has a hidden agenda even if they don't know themselves what it is!

    If you want to take one thing from this film, it is to 'hold on tight to your sovereignty'.

  106. I'm getting kind of tired of conspiracy movies. They remind me of my friend's mother back in the 80s, who believed that Proctor & Gamble were Satan worshipers and that puppies could rape young girls in their sleep, resulting in stillborn puppy-humans - and she believed all of this because it was published in the Weekly World News. She claimed that if it was printed in a "reputable" newspaper, it must be the truth.

    Not everything you see on the internet is the inerrant truth - especially a movie that quotes Fox News. That's enough to discredit the whole thing in my opinion.

    It's time to grow up and get off the Paranoia Train and start thinking CRITICALLY about these movies that are sprouting up like weeds all over the internet. Why is it that people are so quick to dismiss the mainstream media as being corrupt, and yet these same people seem to accept these independent movies as truth? We need to be as cynical of online content as we do about things we see on television. Everyone's got their own agenda to push forward. The people who made this movie have theirs, and usually that agenda has something to do with making an easy buck off of paranoid, gullible people.

  107. I can tell by the text and language and good grammer, that 90% of these comments were posted by CIA/ NSA or whatever pentagon run disinfo group. There many of us who can "see"
    Mr Jones is nothing but truth,you are not, and you should be afraid.Keep pushing.

  108. Note that your detention camps might be there for a less scary reason than to keep USA citizens in and kill them :p
    Detention camps are after all the must place where illegal immigrants are being held and with the new law it has been made easier to keep them there against their old rights.
    It is just a speculation, but it makes more sense camps were build expecting some mass imigration from poor countries than to lock up the very people that fund the government

  109. louiseiiid!!!! cheers to you! I've never laughed harder! ^_^

  110. funny you should say that 'me' since it's a well known fact that you won't even get your foot in the door, never mind run for office in american politics without the blessing of the knights of columbus, which is the catholic equivalent of freemasonry. they both share the exact same initiation rituals which are derived from the jesuits. also the degrees vary little or the oaths. it is hegelian diclectic thinking which is genius, setting up both sides against eachother, thesis vs antithesis, to gain your true objective, antithesis. or in their own words ordo ab chao-order out of chaos or the end justifies the means.

  111. Fascinating doc. which I wish I had watched before getting into an argument with 2 women who worked for the US gov and were trying to convince me that it's safe to travel (and study) in the US now since Obama is is there and that people make up stories about their treatment by US to hide their embarrassments of getting rejected visa or something!

    @Reb, I came across your (exhaustive yet informative) posts under the King of David documentary (and no I'm not stalking lol). I haven't been able to read all the posts so I saved the page to read your comments later. Do you by any chance blog somewhere? I'd love to read your views on almost anything since you seem pretty well informed and (although a bit blunt and crude at times) have a knack for whipping the (mostly) ignorant public!

  112. Gosh Walter, why didn't we all think to look to Fox for the 'Fair and Balanced' truth!!!!

    Fox is now owned by the same crooks who own the rest of the so-called news media. Go get yourself a fresh cup of Kool-Aid bubba.

  113. Oooohhh the evil Vatican...yes that makes so much sense, as we all know the bankers are all devoted Catholics. That's why american presidents must be approved by the Catholic lobby :)

  114. if you don't learn your history you're doomed to repeat it. this goes far deeper than simply a corrupt/facist american government. reality is america isn't run by the president. all roads lead to rome people and the pope has been declared infallible and the sovereign of the whole world in more than one papal bull. the whole point of the jesuit society was to counter the reformation which made america possible in the first place. ignatius loyola was a spanish illumbrado before he formed the jesuit order. adam weishaupt was a jesuit before he formed the bavarian illuminati.

    frederick the great was a prussian illuminist before he masterminded the infiltration and usurpation of british masonry to form continental freemasonry. freemasonry became the protestant arm of the catholic church to infiltrate and usurp the protestant nations and thereby bring them back into subjection to the pope and his jesuit general the black pope. these fema camps are being prepared for the final inquisiton or holocaust. the holocaust btw was fomented by hitler's propaganda genius who was from a jesuit family and his brother a jesuit priest and the ss was modeled after the jesuit structure and hitler himself said he saw in himmler 'our next loyola'. so, protestant america being usurped by secret society insiders, much like bush 'skull and bones-chapter 322, that is to say genesis 3 verse 22=a branch of the bavarian illuminati. the nation subject to the british royals-via 14th amendment and britain itself subject to rome via the crown corporation. now is it a coincidence that columbia district, london inner city, and vatican state are all three sovereign and distict city-states with their own constitution, law, flag, prison, guard, ect. within the countries where they lie!!! give me a fkn break. do the research and you will see this is so.

    they don't even belong to their respective countries as they hold their own sovereignty yet they dictate the policy and course of the country in which they reside!! and each holding the same flag with three pentagrams in the male position. washington the military arm, london the financial and rome the religious. yet all subject to rome and you will see all world leaders kiss the popes ring. the final phase of a two centuries plan is unfolding right under your noses and soon a revived neo holy roman empire with the whole world divided into ten kingdoms as deliniated by the club of rome on the map they published will become reality. 1the north american union 2european union 3asian union 4australian union 5indian union 6african union 7south american union 8slavic union.

    9mediterranian union 10antarctic union. the fascist \all power in one man\ government ruled by the united nations with one universal religion pagan pantheistic luciferian and revived from the ancient mysteries founded by nimrod and semiramis and propagated by their son ninyas. or if you prefer baal ashtoreth and tammuz. or osiris isis horus. or zeus athena hercules. ect ect ect. a cashless society with every tracked by gps and under complete big brother serveilance. cant buy sell or trade without taking the popes mark of authority. heretics will be shuttled into fema camps. heretic from the greek hereisis-to think or decide for oneself what one will believe or practice. hmmm. if your not gonna think for yourself now and look into these things you wont even be left an option by them. nuff said.

  115. just because there plastic coffins doesnt mean there planning to kill ppl e.g. there could be an environmental/biological disaster. Theres very little proof in this documentary, just a load of things taken out of context.

  116. I have written and called every government rep in my state with questions of the camps and coffins and have received absolutely NO reply. I have done this now for almost a year and no one is willing to speak on the subject. I live near one of these camps that has been manned for almost 4 years with no prisoners. I live 60 miles from one of the FEMA coffin storage areas, that is in plain sight from the hi-way. Again, no one will reply to inquiries. These things are there but why? Halliburton was awarded a no bid contract for 385 million to construct US detention camps, so I guess the simplest thing to do is add 2+2. Ignoring these facts will not make them go away. Wake the hell up if you love your kids. Washington already put into plans that in the event of Marial Law being enforced parents would be forbidden to go to schools to get their own children! FEMA will bus them to a secret location. What better way to control fools than to take the children? None of this is a secret and if you dumbasses would read Global 2000 and the Program for a New American Century you would at least get a clue. You owe it to your helpless children who depend on you to keep them safe. Once the government takes them, screw you! What the hell will you be able to do then?! Not one damn thing!

  117. you will never be able to afford to lock that many ppl up. over 2 million behind bars, more then ANYWHERE in the world. Come on people look how hard it is for North Korea. Is America the next North Korea?

  118. Yea, 90% of this is true... Don't you see, whats going on? The world is coming to an END... And the FBI probably tracking everyone who watched it... Huh, u think this is funny? Wait a couple of years and watch America go down... But guess what, Im not scared, because Im a child of God... And I suggest u think outside this world and give yr life to Jesus... God bless You all...

  119. al i can hear is over load badly produced irrelevant music. completly distractive suuucks

  120. I whole heartily believe in order for us to find out the truth and validate what is being said be must take it upon ourselves to actively research this topic. One fact that is undisputable is that our government wants to control all fundamental aspects of our lives and we as a people need to pay attention to the policies that are congress enact.

  121. Kim Woods

    Great points! I had just got done researching the seeds and plants issue in the artic. It is totally true and I couldn't believe it at first but then I found over 200 resources on the information.

  122. Probably a good doco but I had to turn it off. That obtrustive, repetitious background music was driving me crazy.

  123. Why have the mass graves been made,Why all the plastic fema coffin's and why the camp's.Something big/disatrous is round the corner and all you do is try to constantly debunk/laugh about the evidence.Ask yourself's this Why have they made the Doomsday world Seed bank vaults miles under ground in the artic cirle.theyv stored billions of seeds of every kind from round the world.theyv even froze the seeds more colder than it is in the artic so theyd last incase the earth became heated up by a disaster ocuring.theyv said the seeds can last in the vaults for up to 18 thousand years.But i supose people wont believe that this is true either,well it is totaly true.The people who dont research and just asume its all lie's will have a shock when something big happen's.Your all being warned,but to many people are asleep.research youl find all these things are true,and documented.Oh and ther is hundreds of underground cities that have been built in loads countrys round the world,and thats documented aswel,but people dont care to know,they prob dont care about are childrens future,like unignorant people do.

  124. Everything looks OK @charlesovery. I'm not sure why are you getting that.

  125. I cant believe you think you will get put on mass lockdown, more then you are for drugs and fraud but those people are criminals..... (I am sure not everyone shares the view that they are criminals) Lets not forget 3 strikes and oh yes Death row, but they deserve it...... Maybe its your turn....

    Mass lockdown and extermination will not happen, Don't think your neighbor to the north would take to kindly to that nor the majority of the people in the civilized world. Oh and we have fair elections so if a government supported that they would be out of a job. I am an elections officer for that very reason every time we have a vote.

    As for time most of these organizations are 20 years old or more Americorps peacecoerps bilderboogers etc. Just that it has been presented as it should have all been in full operation before bush was out of office.

  126. Hey Vlatko,

    There seems to be an issue now with this Doc. Everytime since the first time I viewed it the Doc freezes on my screen and my internet app shuts down. This causes me to reopen another eternet explorer.

  127. Canada,

    yep that would be the difference between socialized health care and our scam system. Good for you.

    Otherwise the rest of your comment is nonsense as everyone knows that things take time to implement changes and then the time to manipulate the public. Do you really think that here they would make changes immediately with a chance of a lash back? Seriously dude get some common sense!

  128. from the site
    ............ Do not post these videos to the Internet. All rights reserved.

    wow. I guess its not that important. All these docs do is raise more questions then they answer. its been 10 years yall have been saying its going to go down and all you is keep saying oh tomorrow and then tomorrow comes and you say oh but tomorrow.

    as for socialized death care you should come north our death dealers are waiting.......... GET A LIFE. I can go to any hospital I want and refuse any treatment. Free Flu shot if I WANT IT no one banging down my door to make me take it.

  129. ToBscaredishuman,

    Stop pointing the finger and asking nonsense questions and start researching the answers to your questions. Otherwise shut up cause you have no credibility in your invested arguements. Questions don't prove anything only research and answers do and that is where you have failed to share any light on your are basically doing exactly what you are accusing them of doing in your questions. Provoking ideas to falsify the information given with no proper investigation.

    I will be my own research and will watch this documentary another ten times before I comment on the subject matter.

    1. Dont you love the knee jerk reactions from the drama queens!

  130. I'm glad to see you watch Alex Jones free documentaries that are available all over the internet enough to know what one looks and sounds like!

    ToBscaredIsHuman is a pretty good statement about people today and how we are forced to live because of many lies we are told by not only our government but all those we trust to make decisions for us.

    If it weren't for the Alex Jones of the world we wouldn't hear about most of the things and people that we need protection from! Ever heard of Bill Cooper (The Hour of Our Time documentary) he told the truth about similar government/ Bilderberg group agendas and paid with his life because someone wanted to silence him.

    Appreciate freedom of speech while we still have it because when the new anti-conspiracy czar is done you will only have one point of view to listen to (THEIRS) and will have to sit and watch the show from the sidelines when you have lost a say so in what happens to you and your family.

    Not all Conspiracy Theories hold up well under close scrutiny but just as you made a mistake thinking Mr. Jones produced the aforementioned documentary so to do others make mistakes about some of the facts.

    If it weren't for the people who took the time to make these documentaries most of the population would still be gobbling up fluoride, buying into H1N1 as a real threat, eating GMO foods that cause kidney and liver failure etc.............

    I believe we need more people like Alex Jones, Bill Cooper, David Icke, Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, Richard Hoagland, Bruce Lipton maybe we'd be walking around with eyes wide open instead of tightly clinched when there's a real problem to face.

  131. My mistake, it's not produced by Alex Jones....still looks and sounds a lot like it though....Same questions apply only insert name of producer instead. :D

  132. Thanks for posting this documentary, I love this site. It gives me a chance to question everything. I was left with the following questions:

    Who funds these productions? How do they make their money? If getting out this "urgent truth" to the public is so important, why do they charge for the DVD on their site?

    Why are the majority of the interviews cut scenes from Fox News? Mr. Jones and associates are afraid of the media, but Fox News is okay?

    Why are not all people being interviewed being identified by name? Could they be actors? Could they be legitimate? We can't tell.

    Isn't the message scary enough on it's own? Why do you need action movie music in the background?

    Aren't liberals also worried about this? I know they were for certain during the Bush it seems like the same info is being spun to make conservatives the victims. Isn't it possible both sides are the potential victims?

    Why doesn't Alex Jones site have the specific documents they build these conspiracy theories on for proof? Isn't the mark of a good journalist being able to provide proof?

    Hippies and militia men fear the same thing, loss of liberty, so why is Alex Jones focused nearly entirely on the conservative movements? Isn't this a shared concern?

    Excellent argument is provided, don't get me wrong, but the excessive showmanship makes more intellectual people feel this is yellow journalism.

    Who is the audience of this documentary? All people, or just Ron Paul supporters?

    What about opposing positions? Wouldn't Mythbusting opposing viewpoints allow for a stronger argument?

    What is Alex Jone's version of a Free America? Freedom for conservatives only or all Americans....that is the true test.

    Show us the money Alex and associates....who is paying you, what is your motivation? Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is and donate all the profits towards meaningful social change?

    Wouldn't actual quotes from the founding fathers make for a more compelling argument? Tom Paine and Jefferson would give him a wealth of great sources.

    Why not try to interview Agency officials? If Alex Jones feels prosecuted, why doesn't he look at his FBI file, available through the freedom of information act and then post it for the world to see?

    If you believe in your arguments Alex, put down the techno-esque music and pick up some journalism books. I promise you that if you make your arguments stronger with more PROOF, you'll get a stronger response.

    I'm half way done with the documentary, I find the argument interesting, but I'm not convinced. I'm by no means perfect, but it feels good to think for myself.

    1. Troll

    2. Your cutting rationalism is a relief here.

  133. Wow Andrew, your incisive arguments and in depth analysis of this documentary have won me ower.

    Of course the government is made up of independent thinkers who are always on the side of the people and EVERYONE knows that all the presidents are lovely fluffy bunnies who just want us all to be free and happy.

  134. Is there any real truth to this? Maybe or maybe not, but I am certain that A LOT of it is based on out-of-context quoting; this puts a big question mark on the whole documentary.