North Korean Labor Camps

North Korean Labor Camps

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North Korean Labor CampsFounder of VICE Shane Smith spends an eternity on a train and hops out at the end of the line in Siberia to investigate logging camps that use North Korean slave labor.

While on his way to uncover labor camps setup by Kim Jong Il and North Korea as a way to bring in hard currency for their impoverished nation, Shane Smith gets re-accustomed with how to handle Russian alcoholics aboard the trans-Siberian railway.

After many days on trains and much vodka Shane arrives in Tynda but has to dodge the Russian secret police - the FSB. After sidestepping the authorities and boarding a single carriage train to the middle of nowhere Shane arrives at a Nortth Korean labor camp.

Accompanied by the former chief of police Shane and Simon break into a disbanded North Korean labor camp to explore the propaganda and the "Laboratory of Kim Jong Il". On their way out with their arms full of "memorabilia" Shane and Simon fear that they've been caught but end up being introduced to a real North Korean labor worker by two Russian scrap metal dealers.

Shane and Simon head off to Tataul and link up with a member of the local mafia known as "The Fish". From there they drive out into the forest and into an active North Korean labor camp in the middle of Siberia where they meet North Korean workers who inadvertently admit that living conditions back in their homeland were tough- something that would never of be mentioned back in their police-state.

More adventures in the middle of nowhere; Shane and Simon are introduced to more North Korean workers by their gold-teethed guide. Here they find out that many workers are being stationed in the camps for upto 10 years but the conversation halts when the managers or the logging camp arrive.

The FSB (Russian secret police), North Korean secret police and the local militia all decide to find out what Shane has been getting upto, so the only logical thing to do is make a run for the border.

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4 years ago

North Korea - Hell on earth.

5 years ago

So inaccurate makes it hard to take it seriously. Incorrect geographic locations and names of cities.

Warren Lauzon
8 years ago

When a Siberian labor camp is better than your home country, you might suspect that North Korea has issues.

Alexandru Matei
9 years ago

Same s*it happened in Romania for decades on end under the communist regime.

The funny thing is that under Ceausescu (the communist leader), every single worker in Romania had a house, had a job, and afforded to raise as many as 3 - 4 kids or even more. The communism offered security, life was more secure.

Now in democracy, with a salary of under $300 you afford nothing as a young college graduate that's looking to make his own life.

10 years ago

Do you call this a documentary? Such an important subject and this guy only brings shame to his fellow Americans by his contribution to this video. What a pity.

HeySuze Christ
10 years ago

(aside from the sad stuff)

10 years ago

Great Doc. Hope to See More on This. I Have to Admit I Admire how Dedicated North Koreans are to Their Country, I Also Love how Much they Despise Us. To Me it's a type of Loyalty like No other and They Pride Themselves on That. Therefore It's Almost Pointless for Us to Relate but it's Was Worth a Shot.

11 years ago

I am cursed. I like north korean topics and have to end up watching anti NK propaganda. This is not a documentary about NK, is one about the whole ******* world. NK was jus taken as an example.

11 years ago

so smotri means look?

11 years ago

Great little doc - part 3 missed but good anyway.

11 years ago

Has anyone here ever been in the bush for any length of time when it was cold and pissed rain for a week? Arisen in darkness; felt cold, mud, fog, mud, rain, and more mud? Your bones hurt and your joints ache. Your job is dull, dirty, and dangerous. Forget your wife and family, your girlfriend and your best friend, Quit your whining and get to work. Camp life stripped to it's basics. Technically it's not slavery, but words fail me. My heart goes out to these men.

11 years ago

it skipped a couple of parts 4 me. did this happen to anyone else? think me laptop is on the blink

11 years ago

''WE make democracies !'' -george bush

11 years ago

How funny how you all seem to forget about death row, Gunatanamo, Abu Graib, the abduction of people by US special forces in foreighn country's...
O I remember now: we call our system democracy, that makes it all legal.

11 years ago

i love these one man documentaries

11 years ago

Very difficult to document something about North Korea.
I'd like to know more about this country.
I'm open to suggestions.

11 years ago

Poor bastwrds, let down by Humanity itself.

11 years ago

And here we thought the days of Auschwitz and 731 were behind us.

Well, so we like to think, anyways. Look up Camp 22.

11 years ago

Those guys get a sniff at freedom and can't take it because their families will suffer. Still must be seriously tempting to disappear into the Woods.

11 years ago

Forgot to say, thought this was ace but can't get part 7. Watch it anyway and guess the end, you'll know where it's going ;)

11 years ago

I blame America and oil. It's always them, even when it's about North Korean labour camps in Siberia its their fault. In fact I think an American crept into my house last night and stole my olive oil.

11 years ago

the US can learn something here for future exploitation when martial law will be implemented !no more high security prisons entwined with high costs....what more, can a nation with massive numbers of rejects ask for ?but just keep those pesky journalists out....they have a hang to stick their noses in inhumane private buisness,which spoils the party............bohooooo!gag them & everything will be hunky-dory.oh, already have !

11 years ago

Amazing how you can take such a serious subject and give it such great entertainment value. Wonderful.

11 years ago

hmm.. this documentary was ****. I felt THIS was propaganda... I agree with the North Koreans, the US are poking their nose where it doesn't belong (as usual) They aren't invading and bombing people by the millions everyday for oil and power not to mention the US have the largest military in the world. I find the US more of a threat to the world then these guys.

11 years ago

I like how they take all this madness as "part" of the job lol...I would go through these lengths too to find actually North Korean civilians to talk to.

11 years ago

perfect doc. funny, and sad.