Charles Manson Superstar

1989, Crime  -   70 Comments

Charles Manson SuperstarFor forty years, Charles Manson has survived most of his life in what he calls 'the hallways of the all ways,' the reform schools, jails and prisons that have been his home and tomb. His thought was born in the hole of solitary confinement, apart from time and beyond the grasp of society.

In his cell, he created his own world and speaks his own language: he has concluded that there is only the mind. This DVD will relinquish to you the extreme story of the killer of all killers: Charles Manson. From convincing his followers to move into the desert to train for the apocalypse, to leading a murderous crew through a string of devilish murders, you will see and hear from Manson himself of how he created a preconceived terror based on his philosophy of life.

Manson claims that the so-called 'straight' world outside of prison is but an inverted reflection of the underworld in which he has lived. To him, the reality that presidents and law-abiding citizens accept begins in the hermetic alternate universe of criminals, cons and outlaws.

Much as simplistic historians have dismissed Hitler's 3rd Reich as the overcompensation of a failed artist, Manson's vision of a holy war has been generally categorized as nothing more than the jealous rage of a spurned musician.

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  1. Kristopher Woodside

    the upload has not made this video available in you're country... seriously i am in the UK not some 3rd world hole

  2. papppie

    Was anyone able to watch the full version? Right above the video screen, there's a message saying 'Watch the full documentary now', but when watching it, it cuts off abruptly and states 'You must rent this video to watch to full version. What's up?

  3. Cathy White

    It is apparent to me that most of the people commenting on this documentary were not alive, or not paying attention, at the time these murders took place. These were horrible, brutal murders committed by disillusioned young people who were looking for answers and found a con man instead. History teaches us that people can be led to do terrible things by those who possess no conscience and relish having power over others, i.e., Hitler, Jim Jones, etc., etc., etc. As a society today, we have become inured to violence, but it was not always so. I was a teenager when these killings occurred, and we were frightened and appalled. Unfortunately, some people are just born evil (not in a "Satanic" sense), but without one of the main qualities that make us human: empathy, the ability to understand the feelings of others. Charles Manson is one of those. In my opinion, these people cannot be helped by medication or psychiatry; society just needs to be protected from them. And for those who think he should be set free, maybe you should consider the feelings of the victims' families in this case, listen to Sharon Tate's sisters and how THEY feel.

    1. Question Culture

      Had I been around and seen the news coverage, I would have thought the same thing. But consider the fact that both government and media needed a bad guy. Because those 2 organizations work hand in glove, Manson was painted as the boogeyman before the trial commenced.

      Think about the context of the killings, the late 1960s...Nixon had an axe to grind with the free love/hippie movement, as it was highly threatening to corporate, government and other power structures. Manson was the quintessential hippy, and he did speak to Tate's murderers. But Manson murdered no one. He was a fall guy for the movement. Nixon won and news media had a killer story, but the people who stood to be freed by the 60's movement lost. Manson, Oswald, Holmes...each a patsy, used to coverup or push the interest of the true owners of this country.

      Open any history book to find that in the moment, people are often duped by a false narrative pushed by the media (Gulf of Tonkin, Lockerbie, WMDs, Pat Tilman). I don't understand Manson either, but I would hesitate to call him a murderer based on the coverage supplied by this circus we call "news media".

    2. jen167

      I can't believe you just said that. He gave them the order to kill, so he may have well held the knife and did the stabbing himself. Without his influence maybe these people would still be alive today. So please don't make out that he so innocent, he is every bit as guilty if not more.

    3. Ben Weaver

      I'm no psychologist, but in the interviews I've seen the disjointed character of Manson's statements, his refusal to answer questions directly, his use of what sounds like metaphorical language strike me as nothing less than schizophrenic. (I have to wonder if what sounds like philosophical metaphor to us isn't actually quite literal in his mind.) I don't know that I would slap him with the label of "evil" because I seriously doubt that he has the ability to comprehend the word like we do.

      I do agree that he appears to be utterly lacking in empathy or conscience and in that sense he definitely qualifies as a psychopath. If by some chance he were actually paroled he would have to go straight from prison to a mental institution because he is still far too dangerous to simply set free.

  4. Ron Danielson

    you are one st*pid id**t Christ did live on earth at one time but it was morans like you that does not have any sense or faith

    1. Matt

      Do you have proof besides an archaic book that has been copied over and over again and has lost 95% of its original contents to history? I didn't think so. By the way before you call someone a "st*pid id**t" you should learn how to spell. YOU have no sense, and your "faith" is just some weak attempt at grasping for meaning in a chaotic, meaningless existence. It's become pretty clear to me that there are two types of humans on this earth. People like you, the slow witted, sheep-like neanderthal who should be all be round up and used for mass slave labour, and logical, intelligent beings who can see through illusory methods of mass control such as religion, and therefore cannot be used for slave labour. You are a slave to your church. They say jump, you ask how high.

  5. Ron Danielson

    i think that they should of gave him charlie some real upstairs help maybe then Sharon Tate and the others might haved lived this goes for the 3 girls and the ***hole tex Watson too


    Have to admit this is getting better.


    Hitler gave the order,Manson gave the order.


    Hate the narration and voice overs and the tone of the whole thing. Better off with Ed Sanders The Family,John Gilmore's The Garbage People,even The Manson Files and Manson In His Own Words


    Almost 10 minutes in and I'm interested in almost anything Manson and this is really terrible

  10. BellsNwhistles

    So he never killed anyone himself, he is in jail because the jury was led to believe charlie could control other peoples minds?

  11. williambanzai7

    He's not a shaman or wise man, but he warrants careful examination if you want to understand the dark depths of humanity.

  12. Mistymoo

    how is this monster seen as a hero?

  13. Scott Starr

    What a nut. People actually think this guy is a shaman or wise man? And yes, g isaac, that's exactly how its done.

  14. g isaac

    There are little nuggets of truth in between his madness. I wonder if that's how the devil works.

  15. the555hit

    i get the feeling people hate him for reasons akin to why they hated Bin Laden --- they see some big thing in him which is entirely reasonable and worthy of love and respect, whatever he's done or is thought to have done. e call that bog standard denial. When people are s*** scared he might be very right on certain painful truths --- lock him up and churn out the same old blind justifications -- like a parent to a child " can't do it --- BECAUSE!!" Post modern critical times, fokes, and that old cr*p no longer holds, the authorities know it, and they let a doc like this get made, shooting themselves in the foot and placing it all coyly with the public to decide, maybe who knows, this side of Charlie actually popping it. When they think he's too old to 'mass hypnotise' us all i guess they'll let him go. JC had to happen. Adolph had to, as did CM --- so did you, and old George Bush, and so did I and so did the psychopath just down the road there. All of us had to happen. And the devil too. You leave rocks and water in the sun you get life, in all its forms. Morality and blame are the heart and lung, and around we go. Too fkkn boring. The man didn't kill anyone and he appears to possess more sense plain fkkn honesty than most people i ever met -- half crazy or whatever you want to call him. So let him go. At last. One time.

    And thanks for a flat and understated doc.

  16. Edward Smith

    Pro Manson shyte? Interesting interview though.

  17. Cariad Louise Culver

    alright he is insane but why is he serving all this time for just being insane, Like said by someone else he needs to be in an institution for the mentally ill, But he did not even commit the murders so why in Jail..very strange man indeed.

  18. oddsrhuge

    I do not have the education to understand the potential and or identified "personality disorder(s)" here.

    Clearly he developed a grand illusion around himself and his place in it...

    He wanted FAME. He could have written a book, painted or drawn a decent picture, his music sucked and he couldn't sing (too bad American Idol ,wasn't an option)... so he dabbled in using his concepts loosely wrapped around a veil of self aggrandizing manipulation.

    The people who followed blindly behind his insanity need to be studied much more intensely. Was it merely drug use?

    His mind is beyond the grasp of someone who can balance emotional response with social conformity. This is the "brain" currently accepted as "normal", in our currently evolving world. And I guess I have one...hope that there isn't a soon to be announced "New Brain of the Millennia. "

    I will have to download the new program by interfacing with my microwave.

  19. Stephanie Boyer

    Don't they have access to antipsychotics in prison? You dig?

  20. Morsie

    I'm so glad I can't understand this, otherwise I'd be like Manson. He needed to be in a mental institution, seeing he wasn't charged of killing anybody. What a waste of 1.5 hours.

  21. GodmanEnki

    What a nut-job Charley is! He "thinks" he's making sense. That's what he gets for thinking.

  22. gomares

    Interesting character, a serious case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The reason why Mason is still in jail is because of ultra conservative narrow minded pettiness within the USA judicial system. He should have been put in psychiatric treatment, as it is very obvious that he took far too much acid, speed etc. Is he responsible for the killings?! No, he is a very sick man. Is he entertaining? Yes. He has become the drunk, making a fool of himself for our amusement, tottering with our own intimate NPDs.
    He has spent too long in solitary confinement to be able to recover and gain some grounded sense of reality. Manson is after all the result of an over moralistic society, thirsty to advocate punishment in order to indoctrinate the masses. Well, in this case the overzealous “right wingarism” shot on its own foot. Manson became what they desperately wanted to wipe off. The messiah for the lost and the “ joker” for the bored.

  23. gomares

    Interesting character, a serious case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. The reason why Mason is still in jail is because of ultra conservative narrow minded pettiness within the USA judicial system. He should have been put in psychiatric treatment, as it is very obvious that he took far too much acid, speed etc. Is he responsible for the killings?! No, he is a very sick man. Is he entertaining? Yes. He has become the drunk, making a fool of himself for our amusement, tottering with our own intimate NPDs.
    He has spent too long in solitary confinement to be able to recover and gain some grounded sense of reality. Manson is after all the result of an over moralistic society, thirsty to advocate punishment in order to indoctrinate the masses. Well, in this case the overzealous “right wingarism” shot on its own foot. Manson became what they desperately wanted to wipe off. The messiah for the lost and the “ joker” for the bored.

  24. Ella Silver

    This is the longest unbroken nonsequitur ever.

  25. smugg

    what's this disquis thing vlatko??? i don't want to have a profile and i don't want them to share my activities with others.... and i don't have a facebook and i don't want it. is there a way to leave a comment or watch a video without having to submit to them???

    1. Vlatko


      Don't post totally unrelated questions on a documentary thread. Email me if you have any concerns.

      You don't need to use any of the services like FB, Yahoo, etc. Just sign up with disqus (as you did) to leave comments.

      And for watching the videos you don't need to do anything.

    2. smugg

      ye i know, but the fact of sharing activities.... i don't get it.

  26. Giu

    1st, he s not a killer, he never killed anyone.
    2nd, he s more clever and lucid then most of the people who freely walk the earth.
    3rd, people are full of shit.

    1. Niketana

      It's pretty certain he killed Shorty Shea, and convincing evidence suggests that he had a hand directly in killing another. Beyond that, he ordered others to kill.

    2. GodmanEnki

      that includes you

    3. Greg_Mc

      4th, Giu is not smart enough to be posting his/her opinion in a public forum. Charles Manson is more Lucid then (thAn) most of the people ....

      He is and always has been about as lucid as someone suffering from severe head trauma, who just smoked a bunch of crack and drank a case of beer.

  27. Man Son

    Charlie is Christ

    1. GodmanEnki

      Christ never existed, Charley does.

  28. donttrustthemedia

    here's a question..what is a psychopath? all of you talk from already made up opinions...i think there's much more to this guy than most think

    1. David Foster

      A psychopath is anyone whom the fearful do not wish to understand.

    2. GodmanEnki

      And YOUR "opinion" is supposed to matter?

  29. Bethany Dean

    Ohh it's not working, video not available :(

    1. Vlatko

      Fixed that @Bethany. Enjoy.

  30. holmes

    people are facinated with manson because he is unusually charasmatic. its the simple case of being able to sell a frezer to an eskimo. he has the same talents as jim jones and many other cult leaders the only difference is manson was jail smart which is a double ended sword but it made him able to pick people more subseptible to influence from him and drugs. many say he never took drugs when his followers did to control them better anyone who knows anything about heavy drug users knows they know how much to take and to give to another to recive certin results. the argument about wether he specificaly said to kill anyone is less irrelivent concidering he willing lead neive adults into an isolated paranoid drug induced atmosphhere (like you cant see that going bad) and didnt stop these young adults from killing.
    our correctional facilites world over arent about rehabilitating prisoners they are detention centers. they are there to stop the 'bad' from hurting the 'good' that is all they do. having someone like manson spending so long in jails and other facilites causes them to see the world 'out there' differently. they also have to learn certin charasmatic traits, acting and anything else they believe wil help them survive. one of the main rules in jail is forget about life out side because its not going to help you make it in and itll only send you crazy.
    manson isnt that different from most criminals in jail if you want to see for yourself google women who have set up sites to support and help other women who have fallen for men in jails. they are not stupid women some are at the hight of success and had husbands and what not. if your interested in manson i would suggest looking into jim jones but also the women who have done interviews who were involved with manson and the mass murder to be brainwashed is horrible but it becomes a living hell once your free of it and have to live with the guilt forever.

  31. Elon Ethan Hall

    The comments on this video displaying sympathy for Manson are certainly interesting.

    They would be quite funny, but the ignorance of history/paranoid delusions required to make such comments strikes me as disturbing.

  32. InedibleHulk

    I think Manson sent a crew to this video. It's dead as a doorknob. And several people seem to have plastered the walls with graffiti...

  33. berto

    did you know that manson was not allowed to present a case to the jury because his Bugliosi claimed his 'demonic powers' would influence their decision? I don't know if manson told his friends to kill, but I do know that he didn't kill anyone and was the victim of a gross infringement of basic human rights

  34. ical

    The guy is nuts. He read enough books, thats true.

  35. TrouserBrown

    couldn't finish it the narrator is a clown

  36. Stan

    I am SO sick of this narrator's voice. I would be fine with reading subtitles instead and just listening to Manson's banter. More interviews and less narrator commentary, I say. I've watched half of this and I'm turning it off. There are much better fact-ridden documentaries on Manson than what this film student and his editing software chucked together.

  37. Gage

    Manson may not have actullay killed any of the Tate/LaBianca victims but he is a killer he ordered the killings have you heard of some missing hickers think who could be the man of interest... 4:03 to 4:07 best mug shot of Manson period.

  38. tracy

    what year was this made?

  39. gui

    JGH, i am sorry for whatever happend to you, but what u claim is absurd... of course manson is a product of circumstance, we all are, using a example such as "you could put 100 ppl in the same situation" is childish, the situation is not the same because its not the same person. and for saying we can read books but we will never understate what it really means is discrediting every form of empirical study, the base of modern thought.
    and in regrades to all of you who keep telling ppl to read books about manson, or even one of you how called manson a genius(all he did was read some books), plz, go read a real book, if u really want to comment on social behavior or cult or fabs, go read real authors such as Michel Foucault, Theodor W. Adorno, Walter Benjamin or Sigmund Freud... all of this talk about what is a psycho or what is not is making u all look like little kids.
    we are all products of are environment and there is no right or wrong, just a established norm that is bound to change.

  40. Circle

    The narrator could have livened up a bit. Made for a boring watch while he was talking.

  41. Eli

    Every one of us is a psycho in the shadows. what keeps us labeled sane is our compliance with social norms that break us away from nature even more so. Like Desade, the Beghards, and others Manson is simply going against the world around us and anyone who does that is labeled as a psycho. Today's laws and discrimination that would put a person behind bars for another's actions reveals itself no different then the inquisition before it. Manson is not a hero or villain, but a regular human like the rest of us: confused, threatened, weak, controlled, ignorant,etc. At least he is intelligent enough to be what others deny everyday: an animal and nothing more.

  42. Maddoc

    sorry but most of you people are wrong.
    Manson in a way is a psychopath because he wants to posses total power and control over people, and has no bad feeling about manipulating to get this done; he is just that smart that he doesn't need to kill to obtain this sense of power.
    On the other hand he never did kill anybody so i think the punishment they gave him is exaggerated, and i think he should be set free. nonetheless to weak minded people he can pose a threat. But i do like Mansons philosophies and the guy really is a genius. All i can say is that everyone needs to make up their own mind and is responsible for their own account. Just dont start by bringing up Bugliosi 's book cuz that's full of s***. listen to the man himself and make up your own mind.

    1. David Foster

      What you describe is a "sociopath". A candidate for world leader. I'm sure Manson couldn't have done any worse than Hitler or Pol Pott... Or G. W. B.

  43. jammer

    one crazy man, delusional to the highest order.. psychopaths are held to the same standards as we are.Hence manson being in prison. he should have been hung, saved a lot of money

  44. popo

    I thought the video was interesting I thought that Mason would be a monster but then again psychopaths are manipulative. Im still trying to wonder why he does all those karate chops and dances?Is it to make the people nervous cause he dosent have handcuffs or is it really psychological.

  45. jgh

    what i meant to say is: you can try to understand what it is like to be intertwined with a psychopath, you can read books on it and watch movies, etc. etc. but, you can't understand until you live through an experience with a psychopath. i thought i understood the word, i had a loose grasp of it, like most people but it all changed when it actually happened to me.

  46. uhhhhddddd

    i agree with devin. although i do blame charles manson for all the crimes committed i have to take into consideration how horrible and disruptive his childhood and upbringing was. i think he is complete a victim of circumstance. im not excusing his behavior but do understand and sympathize with him in some way.

  47. Achems Razor

    Lisa O:

    Manson was convicted of conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca, murders carried out by members of the group at his instructions.

    Manson was found guilty of the murders themselves through the joint-responsibility rule, which makes each member of a conspiracy guilty of crimes the fellow conspirators commit in furtherance of the conspiracy's object.

  48. Lisa O

    Absolutely fascinating! This is my favorite thing I have seen on Manson. I don't think Devin W is scary at all. I have read Vincent Bugliosi's Helter Skelter. It's one of my favorite books. I cannot say I remember the details, but Bugliosi did present a good case.

    Manson was not found guilty based on the "joint responsibility rule". People are not sentenced to prison based on rules - but based on laws. Conspiracy to commit murder is illegal, meaning you do not have to commit the murder, but if you help plan it, you may be convicted of a serious offense.

    I am open to the possibility Manson did not order the murders. Bugliosi had a lot to gain by writing that book. That is for sure! Regardless of whether he told people to commit those murders or not, I think he is very insightful. In addition, if he did order the murders it is a clear indication of the failure of our society and our criminal justice system. He was raised in it.

    We as a society should look to ourselves when horrible crimes are committed. They are reflections of us. Why is it that Manson is still a legend? There is something within us all. I agree with a lot of Manson's philosophies. His behavior is a little odd, but he has not been socialized normally. You must remember, he spent most of his life in prison. I think we can learn a lot from him, if we keep an open mind.

  49. Devin W

    maybe Im putting too much weight in this doc I'll look into it abit.

  50. Achems Razor

    Devin W:

    Almost not worth commenting on! I agree with Dahlia!!

    Read Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi!

    He was found guilty of the murders through the joint-responsibility rule.

  51. Devin W

    Manson never killed anyone, manson never ordered any of his followers to kill anyone, he ran a commune that was psychedelic, and he has to spend his whole life in prison?!?! to me I always assumed by the way his image is paraded around as the ultimate evil he musta killed someone. I guess the bottom line is Manson is content living and dieing in prison. I was just so shocked at how different the real man is from what I've always thought. I also don't believe he's some kinda of psychopath or sociopath as from everything I've learned of them they are apologetic speak of changing or tailor their speech for the listener manson does none of this.

  52. john

    uncanny how his facial features and movements reminded me of someone else.... George W. Bush know what I'm sayin?

  53. Devin W

    I'm under no illusion that the media as well as government won't misrepresent facts or manipulate the fears and insecurities of the masses to further their own agendas but watching this has shocked me as to the extent the mainstream can skew the reality of the matter. This man has been grossly demonized and misunderstood and anyone who has thought to judge another based on preconceptions givin to them by the mainstream would do well to watch this film.