Charlie Brooker's Gameswipe

2009, Comedy  -   26 Comments
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Charlie Brooker sets his caustic sights on video games. Expect acerbic comment as he looks at the various genres, how they have changed since their early conception and how the media represents games and gamers. Features interviews with Dara O'Briain, sitcom scribe Graham Linehan and Rab and Ryan from Consolevania.

The one-off special was very similar to its predecessors, in that Brooker, along with a camera and various games consoles, reviewed and previewed video games in the same style as Screenwipe.

Brooker claimed that it would attempt to prove that video games can be just as engaging as television and just as dumb. He said to Expect pixels, joypads, some of the world's weirdest games, celebrity cameos and the occasional sound effect.

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  1. fonbindelhofas

    Fair enough

  2. Imightberiding
  3. Imightberiding

    Note to producers of film/doc: Hire game experts who happen to be Scotsmen who can actually speak English or else provide subtitles. I'm of Scottish descent but these boys were a bit over the top. Perhaps a wee dram or a pint would have helped clear things up. Not!

  4. BuzzBeak
  5. BuzzBeak

    fantastic! refeshing a view on gaming pitched at adults. Dara's bit on Gears Of War is hilarious.

  6. BuzzBeak
  7. BuzzBeak

    Over the top? don't think they're putting it on, Are you American?

  8. fonbindelhofas
  9. fonbindelhofas

    i figure scottish... "I'm of Scottish descent"

  10. BuzzBeak
  11. BuzzBeak

    Yes I can read. DESCENT is the key word. A lot of Americans say that when they have a Scottish Great Great Grandfather! I'm not knocking anyone, just saying scots/english wont struggle with these accents.-

  12. kara k
  13. kara k

    Ok the boy Milo game is creepy....

  14. Yavanna
  15. Yavanna

    A proper doc about gaming. My only complaint is it is too short

  16. fonbindelhofas
  17. fonbindelhofas

    ya hope we get some more

  18. Earthwinger
  19. Earthwinger

    They sounded like perfectly normal Glaswegian type guys to my English ears, and I understood them perfectly well.

  20. q_bit
  21. q_bit

    I'm Australian. I understood them perfectly. Nothing over-the-top about those accents.

  22. Imightberiding
  23. Imightberiding

    O.K., O.K. Everyone who has taken issue with my silly comment, please accept my apologies. I am second generation born in Canada from mostly Scottish ancestry. I have nothing but fond memories of my grandfather & his wonderful thick gutteral brogue. I love the different scottish accents that I have heard over the years. It was late when I watched the film & my sense of humour was perhaps a bit on the dark, dry side at the time. I was just taking the piss out of them & the many viewers who have commented in the past about subtitles needed for benign English or French accents in previous docs. Of course I had no problem understanding them. Even if they were speaking from the bottom of a peat bog! Oh come on! It's a joke!

  24. Imightberiding
  25. Imightberiding

    please see above amended comment...
    Don't worry, I love you American's as well. I have several relatives south of my border & have also lived for many years in the past in that fine country. I am at present living on an Island in the Pacific & a proud (well at least happy) Canadian.

  26. Richard Troiano
  27. Richard Troiano

    Damn you Canadians and your constant kindness! It makes it very hard to hate you! I hate that there is not a good way to express sarcasm in comments... There should be some sort of font styling. sigh..

  28. Remco Gerritsen
  29. Remco Gerritsen

    All good docu's always are xD

  30. Remco Gerritsen
  31. Remco Gerritsen

    So, that was a hour xD You really got the feeling someone just wanted to talk all the time xD Where I think British are good in because all there docu's have this kind of guy xD Games stay awesome:)

    I MISS BATTLEFIELD! Way better then those other games, certainly with Battlefield 3 now xD

  32. Imightberiding
  33. Imightberiding

    @Richard Troiano

    Have no fear my friend. Even as i write this, I am recalling some of my survival tactics that were indispensable for living in the U.S.A. I suspect with but a short review of the aforementioned tactics I will have brushed up enough on my obnoxious self that you should have no problem hating me just as much as you hate everyone else. This is not to say that you could also offer any pointers or suggestions as to how I can become more of an a$$h@le.

    Warmest regards...

  34. Teresa Schlenz
  35. Teresa Schlenz

    I'm an American, and I understood every word they said. I never quite understand why people simply refuse to accept any accent that doesn't come from their particular neck of the woods.

  36. Celidus Firebrand
  37. Celidus Firebrand

    "It's alright he's a Nazi." LOL

  38. mase
  39. mase

    we all live in a yellow red blue green XD

  40. B-Rock
  41. B-Rock

    That was awesome, very funny doco. Thanks for sharing and great job to the creators!

  42. Kim
  43. Kim

    Hilarious, and thought-provoking.

    Highly recommended!

  44. Sally Horwill
  45. Sally Horwill

    I was sad they glazed over the RPG's :( I love my sandbox rpgs!!!

  46. Sam
  47. Sam

    Funny as hell enjoyed it immensely. (hope I spelled that right)

  48. cyberfrank
  49. cyberfrank

    It s easy to understand why this Charlie character is so popular, he s so sarcastic and nasty, it s almost impossible not to laugh at his comments, which are mostly severe, but, true as well, very funny! having played my share of videogames, I came to the conclusion that great games are far and between, that explains why retro gaming exists, a more powerful machine does nt absolutely translate into a better game, especially when reliability is risky, or poor....

  50. Bryan
  51. Bryan

    Why is this listed as being 50 minutes long, but in reality lasts 2 minutes? That isn't a documentary, it's a f*cking trailer?

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