Chile Rising

Chile Rising

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Chile RisingChilean students have taken over schools and city streets in the largest protests the country has seen in decades.

The students are demanding free education, and an end to the privatisation of their schools and universities. The free-market based approach to education was implemented by the military dictator Augusto Pinochet in his last days in power.

The protests are causing a political crisis for Sebastian Pinera, the country's president. But what are the underlying issues driving the anger?

As the demonstrations in Chile coincide with protests erupting globally, Fault Lines follows the Chilean student movement during their fight in a country plagued by economic inequality.

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  1. Aldo Gomez

    SORRY, I forget to mention, I am from Chile. I moved to the USA 6 years ago. I am not veteran FROM HERE, I am not communist, I am not ignorant. I think the Mario Salazar's comment show us the worst of the ignorant people in this world. People with not information and not knowledge. I hope in the military forces you has the opportunity to learn about the world. WAS IN THE AIR FORCE, I WAS LEARNING ABOUT DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND TOLERANCE TO DIFFERENT IDEAS.

  2. Aldo Gomez

    I am so happy people show my country and his real problem. Others in this section are talking about analysis very poor. They are not communists, they are not ignorants, they are normal people with not chance to speak in a different way. The government doesn't offer a channel of communication and they are protesting by Pinochet's educational policy. 25 years later we have the same educational system from the dictatorship. The educational system is a product, and people need to pay for having access. The public educational system is designed to lost student every year and try to transform the educational public system to private system. Education is not a human right in Chile, that is the problem, the education is a product on the open market.

  3. emory neer

    These are HIGH SCHOOL aged students students wanting free education! In the begining at least. Something so basic in The States (where I am from). Yes we pay for college and university level education, not for basic general education. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorant and ungrateful the american people are. Also just because we pay for it in America doesn't mean people should be paying for education. Not to mention education can be so easily paid for. Costa Rica has no military and therefore can put money that other people put towards wars toward education. Also all alcohol is manufactured by the government and they use money earned from alcohol sale to also pay for education.

  4. Casey Sanders

    Yea I'm in debt up to my ass so I can have a better life and a better job. Get used to it hipsters. Spend money to make money.. its the way of the world.

    1. ranii02

      and your reality check is..? missing? because last I, or anyone has checked, going to school means jack shit now. its not enough. everyone needs job experience, that undergrad paper doesnt cut it anymore. so much for spending money to making money.

      people who dont know much of any theory should be careful of what they say.

  5. Cathy McCollester

    I am from the USA and guess what??? We PAY for our own education, books, a place to live and if you cannot afford higher education, you don't go, so a FREE education...WTF

    1. emory neer

      The Government also gives us a ton of financial aid and scholarships.

  6. Mariosalazar

    Coming from a country where the public schools were very few, this is reality. Education in that type of a system is very expensive and mostly only the rich can educate their children. This perpetuates the plutocracies all over Latin America.

  7. Gloriazb

    Excellent doc it has be Aljazera documenting the rise of popular concerns.They demand new constitution, termination of the bimodal political system, equality to all, starting withfree education , that is the way to achieve this.

  8. Serve

    I'm a Chilean American, born in Chile and raised in the United States and served 2 tours in Afghanistan for my real country USA. Am living in Chile now about 3 years, and I seen all of these protest and I can say they are all a small group of ignorant and communist people, that the only reason why they protest, is because we have a Right wing government elected by the Chilean people. Since the left wing government have been in power for almost 20 years and they haven't done anything to fix this. Police here are not even brutal, they don't have power to do ****...and the justice in Chile is a joke......T

    1. Dvergaralira

      Im Chilean, professional and teacher too, but the difference is I´m concern of that, this small group of ignorant, you call in a pejorative way, are people who want to embrace quality education...this is ignorant people?....

      Chile is a rich country, rich in resources (Hidro, Copper, Salmon, wood, and so on..), but the problem we are still colony....
      Our country had more than 200 years of independence, but not real independence...

      Unfortunately the political system in Chile is govern by a oligarchy group and not a Democracy, from Greek d?mokratia, from d?mos ‘the people’ + -kratia ‘power, rule.’......

      So please don't talk like that, and please inform your self before post...

    2. Mariosalazar

      I am also a US veteran. I have travelled and worked professionally in Latin America, including Chile.
      Your conclusion that the protestors are a small group of ignorant and communist people is typical. You believe that only a few should have all the rights and if you don't like it you are a "resentido" (envious of those that have what you don't have).
      I would have tought that seeing the horrors of combat and the hand of the oligarchies in it would have made you more emphatic. It did that to me.
      I guess you can't change the stripes in a tiger.

    3. Erin Edlow

      seeing it is either going to make u rethink what you've come to believe or it's going to reinforce that belief

  9. mfdp mfdp


  10. princeton

    free education?... who wants to teach little spoiled brats... for free at that? lulz.. oh i forgot.. theyre talking about other people's money taken by threat of violence... not really free then is it?

    is the library not enough?

  11. drinker69

    I worked on the post-production for this and since I did such a bang up job I'm now involved in writing the sequel! This is the break I've been waiting for! It's going to be called, Chili Rising: Turn Down the Heat.

  12. PalTonk

    I do have to say though, that the police in Chile are horrible, very violent.

  13. PalTonk

    This is kinda bullshit, it's a reason why Chile is doing so much better than rest of South America, it's a reason why Chile is the richest country in South America. It didn't follow the socialistic way as the rest of the continent did. The protesters are a very small number compared to rest of Chiles students..

    1. dmxi

      i bet that the small numbered students are of poor families,which have S(t)A(r)VED every penny & have taken up loans,to give at least
      one child a true chance at life!the education of today is the hope of tomorrows chile!your comment is very superficial.

    2. drinker69

      I don't know very much about Chileans. Are they like other people?

    3. theodd1

      Apparently not.

    4. Acious Thor

      what kind of question is this??? no - they are some hybrid of south american spider wolf and a modern Australopithecus.... are you like other people?

    5. dmxi

      it's a good question with an obvious sarcastic note.

    6. drinker69

      Im one of a kind believe me. Good answer by the way.

    7. ???????? ????????

      then why is scandinavia doing much better even?

    8. PalTonk

      Please get a map, look how far Chile is from other developed countries, So Sweden, it were built on the free market, You think Volvo IKEA, Saab, SKF, Securitas etc etc(there's MANY more) were built after 1970's when the "Socialistic way" started in Sweden? No those companies were built when Sweden had very low taxes.

      You know it's thanks to the Social democrats that Sweden went into a reccesion, thanks to a housing bubble, just like you see in USA today. And of course they just did the same **** and bailed out the banks that didn't deserve it.

      Norway = oil.

      Don't tell me Sweden got it's wealth thanks to the Social Democrats, because that's just false.

    9. Bjurne

      You are very misinformed.
      First of all: a rich country does not equal a prosperous country.

      You can not compare Sweden to Chile. Sweden has been indoctrinated with "western" culture for a very long time. Voting for Social Demokraterna was a way to try to slow down the way our society was evolving into a insatiable profit beast. Sadly voting for the lesser of two evils didn't help much, and now we are steadily marching to the banksters drums again. The gap between the normal family income and the income of the richest few percent are mind boggling. (remember that money is supposed to be able to buy absolutely anything in a "free market")

      Chile was a setting that provided a golden opportunity for the Chicago Boys to implement a radical "western" society, where banks and corporations exercise total dominance with the help of politicians, media and government (all of them bought and paid for, in the form of debt).

      Both are examples of how a malignant virus is spreading across the planet. A virus that goes under many names. "Western society", "Consumerism", "Capitalism". And if you ask in the middle east it would be "Democracy" or "freedom" at gun point.

      Dont accept the evil world they are building.
      Love and power to the people, each and every individual.

    10. Mariosalazar

      You are completely correct. I worked professionally in Chile after Pinochet partly gave up power. While Chile is still one of the better economically positioned countries, the wounds of the so called "new liberalism" were obvious. Thousands of college educated persons were trown out of work with the privatization of para governmental industries. You could meet them driving taxis. I saw the same in Peru and Colombia. The apparent better economic position of these countries is a mirage. Colombia for example has about 20,000,000 living under the poverty level. That is almost 50% of the population. Giving more money to the corporations makes for a good bottom line, but it doesn't help the working man. International agreements have been a bonanza for the multinationals and a pit for the working people everywhere.