China's Vanishing Muslims

China's Vanishing Muslims

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From VICE News comes China's Vanishing Muslims, a hard-hitting probe into a hidden system of injustice and suffering sanctioned by the Chinese government.

The subjects of this abuse are the Uyghurs, a minority population of Chinese Muslims who have lived in the region of Xinjiang, China for centuries. They are enduring a systematic removal from society. Massive detainment facilities have been constructed to house over one million of the Uyghur people. Once incarcerated, they're placed under a regimen of strict indoctrination and conditioned to adhere to more "traditional" Han Chinese customs and beliefs.

The Chinese call these facilities vocational centers, but the United Nations has rightfully characterized them as concentration camps. Yet the Chinese have kept their system heavily guarded from prying eyes. Journalists are forbidden from leaking information.

This poses a unique challenge to the filmmakers. Even though they are posing as tourists instead of journalists, they can sense an ominous tension from the moment of their arrival in this ethnically charged region. The city is strewn with armed police, a constant parade of security checkpoints and surveillance cameras, and expressions of suspicion toward outsiders. Even in the most populated tourism spots, few people are willing to acknowledge the filmmakers, much less provide them with responses to their sensitive lines of questioning. Some claim ignorance to the mass persecution of the Uyghur people while others will only speak in hushed tones out of the view of their cameras.

They find better luck outside of China when they meet with a group of former detainees who managed to escape the confines of the camps. They testify to the brutality of their captors. They are detained under the cover of darkness in the dead of night. If a female detainee is pregnant, they are forced to undergo an abortion. Others are forced to undergo torture and falsely confess to acts of terrorism. "They don't care if people die," one former detainee explains. "Their main purpose is creating communist robots."

China's Vanishing Muslims is an exceptional work of journalism that shines a spotlight on atrocities that have been kept obscured from public view for far too long.

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  1. billy

    ceci the difference is Australians have admitted to the horrible things we've done in the past and are repentant and while not perfect aboriginals and torres strait islands (or native Australian) have been accepted and and legally recognised as equal members of Australia and don't have a government that actively seeks out and attempts to destroy them admiteddly we did things almost as bad as the chinenese did in the past in the lost generation and more but we admit to our wrongdoings china has never apologized about sh*t and still does this to this day they do this not only to minorities but any Chinese citizen who doesn't agree with them, freedom of speech doesn't exist in their country and I think it says something when a country lacks a basic human right but hey I could be wrong misunderstanding all of this and I'm open to a conversation

  2. Curtis

    The PM of Canada is beholding to China. He has stated " He admires their basic dictatorship." He sends 100s of $ millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars to China's Infrastructure Bank while Canadian indigenous communities don't even have fresh drinking water and he tells Canada's wounded veterans " You are asking for more than we can give."
    Don't expect Canada to make the slightest attempt to help these innocent, persecuted people until PM Justin Trudeau is gone. All Canadians are shamed by him and his governments actions.

  3. Ann

    I have read all you comments and you all have missed the message behind the video and the danger they encounter while doing it. Maybe you should re-view it with the message in mind. I'm sadden and sick to my stomach at the ethnic cleansing that is happening, they are playing God.

  4. Daniel

    Great documentary. It’s a shame people criticize it. Let’s forget about opinions of surveillance and the number of police etc. I think what everyone should agree is that its not ok to put away hundreds of thousands of parents and separate them from their children for “re-education”. I think its hard to find anyone who really thinks such actions are acceptable. If this documentary doesn’t suffice as evidence, there are plenty of others. The BBC and that tried to go to these schools and do thinks “officially” as Yuri suggested, but the police basically shut them down, and they were only allowed to interview individuals nominated by the local government! Clearly that is not an acceptable way to conduct a documentary and is very good evidence that they are trying to hide the reality.

  5. rick

    diversity..a lovely word in a lovely world...butttttt in reality it will never work..i am all for go to any country respect and adhere to rules and there way of life but im not for ANY religion or countryman to settle in a country and start dictating i dont like this i want that you insult me by doing that..its not rules its a simple respect of that country and its history.

  6. Rudi

    Terrorists are terrorists only when the US says so. Such hypocrisy. At least China is doing something positive while the US all of a sudden pretends to care for Muslims.

  7. Yuri

    This documentation is full of prejudice. You don't need to care about the policeman in the street if you are not the bad guy or terrorist they are searching for. Those cameras will be helpful if normal social security problems happened, if your wallet was stolen, you will be lucky if it happens to happened in a cctv area. And of course someone told you some "answer",but they are not the one or their family who killed by terrorist, please do a official and equitable survey in advance if you want to prove something. Please be responsible for this world.

    1. hanz

      oh Yuri, not everyone wants to wake up in a police state. Thats what china has become. For chinese people it may be not be a problem because they never experienced freedom. so they dont mind to be monitored and watched by police all the time. we in the west treasure our freedom and will always interfere when human rights are in danger. China became a horrible place to live in and you know it.

  8. Ron Munro

    Love it. WELL DONE CHINA... We got a few here in Australia that are unwanted by many. Especially when our government allows jihad mongrels back into the country from syria. This is inviting terrorism here for my grandchildren. Also well done that man in NZ .. 51 was a good total - to start with.

    1. Lynn Fux

      Wow, what a sad comment Mr. Munro , I am the Mom of a Jewish Israeli daughter who married a wonderful Palestinian man and converted to religious Islam. He/ they are the kindest most charitable people I know who thru being both a Doctor and Principal respectively contribute so much good in the world. If an Israel Jewish Mom can be happy with her child's choices any one can. Just takes an open intelligent mind, compassion and dialogue to understand "the jihad mongrels" You have no idea how much your words hurt and do nothing to improve the situation.

    2. Stuart

      I think you're being slightly bigoted and ignorant. I'm not sure - perhaps through my own ignorance - how Australia or New Zealand generally view Islam, but I think you're being unfair. I'm from Britain, and we have our fair share of differing religions, including Muslims, Sikhs, Jews, and so on. Sorry, don't get me wrong, I love you Ausies, but I just don't agree with your opinion.

    3. Stuart

      ... And I'm being diplomatic. I've read again your comment and others, including Lynn's and Greg's, and your own opinion, but I truly don't understand how you feel this way. We're all human after all, and we should all integrate, and look out for one another, whatever our background.

    4. True Life

      I totally agree with what China is doing. EVERYWHERE Muslims go, they bring trouble with them. Remember how loudly the Muzzies objected to the 911 terrorist attacks? You don't? Well you aren't alone. I invite any of you to take a walk through the town of Dearborn, Michigan and see just how "welcome" you and your little liberal ideals are there. Time to wake up. They hate you and everything about you.

    5. Ceci

      Consider that native Australians were and are terrorized by you and your spawn.... now. Still want them to have you in a military state? Funny how one never looks at his own reflection or footprints

  9. Greg speller

    This is good but I don't other countries should be nosing around in others affairs America itself tries to whitewash people with religion and politics also look how they to destroy us Native indigenous people of this land wow you people has some nerve