The Choice is Ours

The Choice is Ours

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Throughout our history, humanity has set its sights on seemingly impossible goals, and found a way to realize those goals against all obstacles. This awe-inspiring potential is on full display in the opening moments of the new documentary The Choice is Ours, as retired NASA astronaut and professional astronomer Jeff Hoffman testifies to the glories of space travel.

With unparalleled willpower and ingenuity, we crafted the tools and technologies to explore what was once limited to the fabrications of Hollywood myth makers. But even from atmospheres beyond our own, the earthbound challenges we have yet to conquer remain in full view. Having manned multiple space flights over the course of many years, this reality became apparent to Professor Hoffman as he gazed upon the surfaces of our planet from his capsule. "There's a view of the impact that humans have had on our planet, and that can be pretty scary," he reflects.

The most pressing issues facing humankind today - from climate change to widespread crime to financial calamity to the rapidly depleting natural resources of our planet - take center stage in The Choice is Ours, but they're approached from a refreshingly unique perspective. This elegantly produced film promotes our capacity to invoke positive change in the world, and considers the behavioral and cultural shifts which must take place to make this possible.

The Choice is Ours is a production of The Venus Project, an organization devoted to uncovering innovative new approaches to problem solving. The organization's founder, 97-year old futurist Jacques Fresco, serves as the principal guide throughout the film's narrative. With convincing and articulate insight, Fresco argues for a reconsideration of what is possible in each of us, and by extension, the world at large. In examining whether our behaviors are determined by human nature, or by absorbing the environment which surrounds us, the film offers clues as to how we can begin to rebuild the reality of our planet from the ground up.

If defeating self-doubt and apathy were the rules which governed our species decades ago, would we have ever invented the technology to venture into outer space? By applying the same intensity of positive focus to global pursuits, we can improve the view of our planet, even from the stars.

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Angus Young
11 months ago

There's always a few who will question the validity of even the most prominent theorists. Why would Chem Trails be any different, then the usual routes of
Environmental disasters. Oil cartel has made such a mess of this planet and
Gotten away with it . Exorbitant prices , taxation , cost of living , everything
Is unaffordable or unatainanle . Enslaved indebted , we keep silicone valley
Running smoothly. What we don't have , we take . Countless invasions and
Endless wars . Corruption greed and families of deceit. And its only gonna
Get worse

Angus Young
11 months ago

Almost accurate. The US does incarcerate on a industrial scale . However other countries, deal with crime and punishment far more severe. Slightest infractions
Could mean torture, hard labor, or death. China has executions , right down to a
Science. Gone are the days of waiting ( 10years ) before given a lethal injection.
Slide em into a nondescript vehicle, 10 minutes later its all done .

4 years ago

No one likes pollution except major corporate ceo's and their politicos and bureaucrats who take their bribes/campaign donations.

If you've been indoctrinated to believe those evil ones are only republicans, you have been duped by the evil marxists who currently control the media and the schools.

Do at least a minimum of independent homework to discover those you think should have been president may be some of the worst offenders.

NASA is total BS. Apparently Obama, the 97% liar that he was, figured that out and had them doing something totally unrelated that he thought worthwhile, siding with the muslims as he stated in his book, directed NASA to "reach out to the muslims."

Hoffman must consider anything over 300 miles out from earth, to be "outer" space. So when his "capsule" was 320 mi or so out... anyway, the only people from NASA that you ever hear from, are those willing to bald face lie to the public who pay for them doing little to nothing.

Any discussion of man made global warming that doesn't attribute most of it to GeoEngineering - Chemtrails is more BS.

You are being played in order to give up your rights, your freedoms, your will, your self. Do independent homework, wake up.

4 years ago

Do you there will be Unicorns in the sequel?

Cheryl Anne
5 years ago

To name but a few examples, regardless of good intent, our species does not have the technology to get the plastic out of the oceans and endocrine systems, resolve what to do with spent nuclear fuel (besides making bombs), get ionizing radiation out of ...everything, restore our badly abused atmosphere, and most important of all - get our heads out of our Selfies and Self-Importantness to start caring about the well-being of the life-forms and things around them, instead of eyeing everything with avarice; predatory consumers narrowly focused on the getting of bigger and better stuff, shaped by predatory corporations narrowly focused on getting endlessly ever more profit. Now we have a toxic for-profit monstrosity of a food chain fattening cows for slaughter and witless humans for the pharm industry to fleece. By the way...cows don't eat corn unless they're force-fed - enjoy your steak. Enjoy your Keurig. The kids can fix the future. We love our children. All lies. Civilization is. all. lies.

Brad Haaf
6 years ago

Transition is simply done by creating communities off grid that can help support basic needs when civilization collapses. How to do this is easily attained by anyone who wishes to through developed technologies Earthships, Permaculture, Renewable energy, Aquaponics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Automation and so on.. if you truly want to make a better world the easiest way would be to develop a sustainable business model leveraging these technologies so you can minimize the suffering when civilization collapses. With exponential technologies expanding the areas of life they affect almost as fast as their developing time is short yet they are also making off grid living dirt cheap.

8 years ago

Getting fed up with Jew media

Ralph Walker
8 years ago

The guy never said that all violence would be gone. He just said that there is a better way. To me the RBE system is better and would have LESS crime and LESS of other issue. He never said perfection or heaven on earth. Any argument should then be, can we can do better? If so, can it be done in the current system? If it cannot be done in the current system , what other system would be suitable for us and the world environment? Thats it! I think we all know this system is broken. If you don't think so then just remember there are 7 billion people on this planet and we produce enough food for 11 billion. 17000 children starve to death each day.

8 years ago

Global warming. Is this something which many blindly accept now without questioning the observable facts? Better snuggle up for another cold winter! Looking forward to a nice hot summer too! Enjoy everyone, the Earth's weather is just fine. Smile

8 years ago

This documentary is a wind-up.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

lets imagine some type of way of stepping forward into the future establishing some common ground building a new type of system that is designed for humanity ,life, and earth not profit or domination it does not need a name or brand just people organizing a new start and intelligently putting a foot forward in any area we have the concrete knowledge to do so, a key factor to consider is to implement as part of the rule-set of the new system checks and balances in the sense of what we call corruption and domination, we make them obsolete by making them impossible. who can argue with a step like this?

8 years ago

Want to see the most amazing talk by someone who knows and cares, then check this out on youtube:

Abby Martin, ZDay 2015, Berlin Germany | March 14th | The Zeitgeist Movement

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

I have seen a lot of what i can only fathom as misunderstandings of a RBE and TVP so im hoping i can help in some way by trying to make it clearer, hopefully enough so those people can research the topic in depth where any misunderstanding would def be cleared up in all areas and subsets of a RBE. So i would like to begin with a RBE in general before moving on to the specifics of TVP . A RBE 's concept begins with a reality check, and that is literally that mother nature the laws of physics etc. a dictatorship we will never be free from unless we someday invent some serious tech to alter this reality. this statement is a reflection on how things actually work instead of peoples ideas of what should be . humans require things to survive our organs work a certain way our ideas must match up with how things are in reality. a patch of land can provide for so many living creatures , a electronic device works the way its totality of parts function. everywhere we turn and look we see this reality, yet somehow government, politics,religion, money systems etc. are completely disconnected from reality in every way they are identical to what we knew 3000 years ago when the last time these systems where updated in any form right around ancient greece and rome times. the rules of these systems are not compatible with reality . and when we try to fight the dictatorship of mother nature we fail . we can create all these human concepts and ideas that ONLY exist in our fragile minds like god and money, but they are a failure of taking care of what is REAL humans are REAL the EARTH and its very limited fruits are REAL the fact we have been abusing this with the rules of these systems like government and money is REAL and undeniable. this is REALITY . a RBE begins with bringing our focus on what is real. you want to have a system that deals with humans and their needs? then actually do that. and use what is so well tested and understood it cannot fail whenever possible we are not even 1 percent of the way doing this with money and government because they are mental constructs of domination and power . not meeting humanity and the planets needs for the long term. now coming to TVP they are advocating a RBE exactly the same. also jacque has come up with blueprints and designs and inventions and extras which provide an idea in these areas abd when you look at the designs you see the implications regarding that specific field the design is for and you can see a direct comparison with what we have today THAT is the purpose of all these things he has done and made to connect with your mind to understand what is achievable not to put them specifically in place that he has made. he is showing you what one man can do when thinking about humanity the point is imagine what can be done when EVERYONE works together about solving REAL problems, we have been so busy playing board games callled money and government , any switch to a reality based approach IS proof that some ask about. the proof is that your working in reality not fantasy like money or government. your making a specific point to solve problems and doing that the only way problems have been solved so far on earth. the scientific method. look at our lives now and then 5000 or 500 or 50 years ago. it is scientific method alone that has changed our lives now we apply this concept to every other area it can be to create a world and a humanity that has a chance at surviving there is no alternative to scientific method for problem solving a RBE is the answer anything less is laziness and has no way to success because reality works the way IT does not what our imagination dictates.

8 years ago

On reading through some comments. again - sad huh!
The real issue really is 'mindset' and a complete lack of vision from many. I'll just tackle property/ownership concerns, as if awareness, which is a challenge in itself and the potential of a long transition process with all minds contributing - people will be just thrown out in the streets, have their homes, their 'stuff' taken, moving everyone into TVP cities over night whether they like it or not! Please! Get any idea of TVP cities out of your head, that is many years off, how many. who knows! The best minds may go down a different route.
People would be excited, talking about the possibilities - deniers/selfishness, petty wants gradually being eroded away.
The point is 'if' enough awareness is reached, transition is ever to start, life would carry on as normal for most of us all in the main, with some business, some buildings, money, etc, gradually becoming obsolete, more and more people involved, realising the potential!
There would be problem solvers out there trying to resolve all concerns worldwide, we would work it out some how!
If not, then to all you doubters - I have a couple of questions:
Do you truly believe, our current 'mindset' will solve the ever mounting problems the world is facing, if so - how?
Not hearing any suggestions, just ridicule of a great vision!
Consider the decline in 'life-systems' - do you truly believe that the market can solve these problems alone and really give us the required tools to not only reduce & eliminate our impact but also repair the mess we've created - when profit is the name of the game?

8 years ago

War is where the young man with a prosperous future is "nationalized" by the state and sent to die so his children can pay the bill for years to come. Want to see an end to war? Begin by nationalizing the very companies that profit from it next time they want to make one.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

when we gwt sick of being manipulated and controlled by the very rules of the system, when we decide freedom is going to happen we will gather together and let violence and force and all ignorance go in the vaults of history and unite to create a world with only citizens of earth and no domination structures this is a resource based economy and its going to happen the day we wake up and make it reality.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

thanks pete!

8 years ago

How to tackle the issue of decision making, I'll start with discussions on sites like this, some of us are for, some against, it doesn't matter how many times we reply and present information, pointing out flaws in each others thinking, our minds, or as I realise our conditioning, will not concede and agree, that's ego, that's the way we are, I would argue experience only can change our thinking, which goes into environmental conditions, the system itself (values).
So this is how politics goes, they argue like children (talking uk parliament for the record), wasting a hell of time and really, in my opinion achieve nothing or very little, when it finally comes to a decision or law or policy, which can drag on for days, weeks or months, there's never an overwhelming majority agreement,
how the hell can we decide on something with no full agreement, with little refernce to facts, in politics decisions or campaigns are made just to win votes, their decision if implemented may benefit one group but not another (inequality) and a lot of what they deciding on is because of the monetary system, in my opinion, no logic, no facts, no reference to those who benefit or not, should I go on about the reality of this process?
This could apply to business as well, maybe their goals are different, decisions are made with reference to costs, ie manufacturing/distribution, which can't be decided on the most efficient means, only the most cost effective (competition) or sales, they must make profit so services or products can't be made in the most effiicent way possible (intrinsic and planned obsolescence).
Now in RBE, but only and I repeat only when we are there and improving our thinking along the way, as we phase out money, etc , we will have computers systems in place, we've completed surveys/research, with input from the best people in all areas, having worked on the logistics of it all, we run this programme, we realise we're running low on a certain material for example, which flags up on computers, maybe everywhere or just to particular volunteers, to be decided in transition, this recommends the best alternative if required and best method to produce more if required, taking into account the actual use/demand for it, any environmental or outside restrictions, etc, basically any info we have programmed this system with, we have arrived at a decision, now if someone disputes this decision, they will have to present actual evidence and facts and run it in the program, here you go a truly scientific method, which as society emerges and more knowledge comes to surface we continually update programmes, upgrading any infrastructue, mannufacturing, distribution, energy use, education facilities, hospitals, etc, etc, any thing we need or want, again keeping tabs on all resource and environment restictions, people constantly providing ideas therefore contributing as and when they want, worldwide - why would we need people to make an irrational decision, the only decisions necessary, really would be done with the use of ever improving technology, over time, less and less people would be involed in any labour too, maybe on ocaasion we may need to have proper informed debate on a certain subject, say the computer can't decide if it's in our interest to pursue a space programme or something, or change an educational method, then on world forums, again with best computer system in place, people contribute their thoughts, we way up votes and we decide,
(still decisions then I'm guessing some will comments on), but having become a civilised society at last, ego, bias, etc will not really come into the equation, can't decide we don't do it, until more data is available.
This is how it works in my simplistic terms any way, I'm sure if you really want to understand you could look further into what's actually possible and apply some logic, the info is out there,
I'm sure, on the way to RBE there will be many arguments and some one may possibly have to make a decision but it is made by the person/group most qualified, not and I repeat not by some group of politicians who know nothing about a technical issue.
our problems today are caused through our primitive thinking, we make decisions with no reference to science,
actually even scientific debates of today are hindered because of ego, funding,the interest of a business, ie pharmaceutical, this way of thinking can't go on, we need evolution, a grown up approach to all our problems with the technology we have.
Imagine how things would improve for every one with this type of logic, well I can hope, that's what I'm doing. raising awareness first, hope explained like this can help some of you,
Maybe this is wrong and TVP have no idea, I however believe technology proves otherwise and you can't dispute a scientific method. it's just our thinking that has to change, a system for us all & the planet...

8 years ago

As promised in other replies, the next post will try to explain decision making in RBE, bare in mind this will take some explaining in my terms, I'm not an expert and have no claim to be, will give overview and example of what I learned, To understand you will need to realise that it's outside of current system, ONLY if and when, RBE concept is agreed & applied and transition process begins/achieved. It might be worth reading post on transition first.
I am only trying to raise awareness so please do your own research, don't take my word for anything, I do understand the usual comments on this and the fear, after all we have been controlled and had decisions made for us for a long, long time, and these decisions have not been for the betterment of humanity or environment, we have ever improving technology to do a lot better than current system,

8 years ago

On the transition point people, the honest answer can only be that TVP or no one knows how to do this yet.
I'll try to explain my thoughts on this, and to re-iterate some of the excellent points made by Janeen, I'm not all that academic so bare with me - how do we get there?
The first step of transition is this, awareness, waking people up, with a solution as the end goal, videos like this, or TZM, the wisdom of great minds from past and present, what can be achieved with the most efficient use of technology, discussions on this site and others, more and more people coming together and realising the possibility or the concept of RBE.
So, what then, what do we do? Well firstly, I'd like to point out that our current system has never really been explained, has it?
Hell, if we can't explain how things work now (or not work very well), then how can we explain transitioning into a system that would be completely new to us?
How do we get from A to B. Well, there are so many problems today and we are so divided across the world that thinking of getting from A-B is impossible, more like A-Z.
We are not going into an RBE just like that, we have a long way to go and many steps to overcome.
It would have to come from the governments of the world, after the concept is out there. TVP and us supporters are trying to do this, we need masses of people demanding it - AWARENESS.
So, lets call this step A, if and when achieved, now over to everyone who wants to get involved and contribute (which would probably be second nature to all, once we're actually in or on our way to an RBE - in my opinion).
Now, using the media, all the knowledge we have, the best people (scientists & engineers), the best technology, we work on a plan of achieving the next steps.
This can't be answered here and now, will take research, lots of work and programming, arriving at the right decision by the qualified people in their particular fields.
it will take many years I would imagine until we are finally ready for the final step into RBE, or dare I say, an actual civilised society.
Phasing out the use of money, etc along the way, every step is arrived at using scientific method, not biased opinion.
Example of how the best minds can implement something that they had no idea of - how about The Manhattan Project!
So after all the problems are overcome and we reach the final step, there will still be many problems in the world to work on because, this is important -
IT IS NOT A UTOPIA - it is an emerging society, not established, that continually improves. Utopia as so many like to throw out there to debunk is impossible, you see there's this universal law that could not allow it - NATURE.
It may take many generations for us to completely rid ourselves of the deep rooted, selfish ignorance we live in today, maybe many people will be be unable/unwilling to adjust, but how would that be different from the bs we deal with today?
Somehow though, I believe that when money no longer exists, then most people (if not all) will think very differently indeed.
Those that don't will be helped to the best of our scientific ability, not be killed as others throw out there, again to debunk.
If anything, to keep this current system going, we should be more worried what might happen than transitioning to RBE!
To those born in an RBE, they would be properly educated, guided, with all needs met, with true freedom, with individual potential recognised, with real goals to aim for, told about our failings of the past, told the truth, not have the truth pulled over our eyes like we have today.
Is this not worth the struggle to get there?
Step A first though, then we talk about real transition, then maybe all the other steps might not be as difficult as many of you question, maybe with government, media and the majority on board,
the next steps will become easier and easier as time goes on, maybe we would realise that truly working together is the way forward.
Personally I am not very optimistic of even getting past step A, so messed up is this world, our primitive thinking will probably endure, but I can hope...
Maybe this hope is delusional, maybe to hope for a better world is too much to realise, or maybe it's more delusional to oppose TVP and defend the status quo, to keep this cancerous system going -
or maybe, just maybe TVP is the way forward, but that is down to humanity as a whole.
In short, transition can only happen with awareness.
Or as I fear, business as usual will carry on to the bitter end.
As the video entitles - The Choice is Ours...
Thanks Janeen, you have inspired me.

8 years ago

187 comments in 4 days, yet Top Documentary moderators have yet to show a single post; figures, this site is getting more and more co-opted;

(comes back to edit post)

So, I just viewed "The Choice is Ours" 10 stars!!!!!

The TRUTH does not get any better than this;

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

imagine for a moment removing any names and associations from this particular discussion. imagine simply removing money as a barrier between humans and the things they need, removing any obsolete structures that accomplish nothing but human domination . say we remove money as a barrier and people access what they need directly with no reward or punishment. next we remove politics government police laws and restrictions. next we take a look at models of efficiency related to manufacturing and distribution , we optimize by first combing all individual companies and industry from previous world into working together in a identical fields. we remove copyrights and property so anyone can help improve a design or product if they can show with science and blueprints etc. a superior model (working in large groups of people in each field instead of competing. we create a internet of global resources with real time monitoring. and then take all these subsets into work redesigning the world with everyones direct contributions and everyone that has a good idea has a right to say. we all directly create the world we want with no obstacles. who could argue this new system? who could possibly deny it unless misunderstanding it? who could argue with it or be against it? with what justification?

8 years ago

I've thought about this a lot. There is only one way of bringing a RBE to the world. We start by investment - into the poorest community, we spend money on self sustaining technology and build something that works. It will take real cash to get started .. but, starting like this will be two things. 1: it will prove we can do it to the 85% of the population who need it. 2: it will spread, like wildfire into neighbouring countries and communities, getting stronger every second. There will become a point, in the very near future when the old capitalistic ways will seem so primitive we will laugh at our stupidity. This WILL happen. It is a question of time and I suppose the biggest question of them all will be a personal one. Are you ready?

8 years ago

We need to try SOMETHING. As others point out, this does not give the most clear and concise blueprint. Whether it is 'worth' it to put in the work that it would require? I say... Whats the worst that can happen? More people dying and starving... ????

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

tvp is like evolution and deniers are the young earth creationists.

Suzy Spellcheck
8 years ago

great news!! today tvp will feed, clothe and provide shelter for hundreds of people today!! and just today are submitting all the factual science based data for rbe to peer review publications. no wait they won't do any of that. what they will do is beg for more money this time for their monthly magazine.

8 years ago

The problem with the Venus project is that they still after all these years don't have a plan on how specifically they are going to take us from present day to futuristic utopia society. Every film is them ranting for 60min about how things should change but nobody has a detailed strategy to get us from here to there. It's always just 60min of complaining about society and then 10min of cg future cities and robots harvesting corn or sum ****. Venus project is pathetic they have no strategy to get to where they want everyone to go.

8 years ago

I never understood (until reading ALL Janeen's mantra comments) why the West was so worried/concerned that communism (extreme socialism) would try to take over / infect the world. She'll say it isn't communism, hey ho, but the Cold War (from the West's perspective) always seemed more like a convenient excuse to build up a vast military industry... now I get it, thanks to Janeen. The two systems can NOT co-exist without a massive wall between them. It's virtually self evident why (I'll take all that free stuff, thanks very much, and use it to trade or sell and acquire wealth).

No-one will be allowed to privately own anything (despite Janeen assuring us otherwise - 'nothing will be taken away from you'). Say someone decides to grow their own super weed or make moonshine and, worse, then begins using it as a means of exchange... exchange for sex with the neighbor's wife for example (whose husband is not best pleased). What happens then?... RULES.

Codes of Conduct (laws are outlawed) are required, and before long rumors appear of secret 'gulag cities' and trouble-makers disappearing - the free fair open system claiming to be INCLUSIVE of all, suddenly becomes EXCLUSIVE. Incentive disappears (like it ever existed as anything more than a promised hope) and whispers of dissent grow stronger. The system starts to fall apart, because it was broken from the outset and propped up with lies.

Corruption, exclusivity, apathy and lack of incentive, far from being absent from the model, kill TVP and TZM stone dead, and they know it. That's why there's no experimental cities, only talk and fund raising.

The shame of it all (really) is that the weaker our current system gets through all its burgeoning problems, the more easily these deluded ideas gain traction, and worse, the more ready and enabled they become to pounce.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

here is a simple test to get evidence of your freedom, write down on a
sheet of paper as many things as you can that in this current world
your NOT restricted in any way , that your FREE with and not controlled
by wealthy and government and business. how big of a list can you come
up with? now do the reverse.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

you dont need tvp to do anything other than what have , we can join up by the millions and understand reality design from scratch a free world optimized just like the newest computers we don't need 3000 year old superstition controlling our world with no good reason for it.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

the choice is ours what does that mean?think about that sentence they are telling us to join together work together create a new world dont let humanity go extinct like we are on right now. make a world of freedom make inventions open and fee to constantly advance on t he best thing we know of make things free for people because all negative behavior comes form restrictions and retaliations of domination and control we either do his or we wont be around long enough to regret not doing it.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

digiwonadude, think about say youtube it is evolution to have free access and anyone can put up videos we all can access like a public library this comes from advancements . a rbe does this very same thing but with all the world and society . just imagine if yotube or google or top doc films site charged money for everything little thing it easy to see why that would be worse. now just expand these concepts out to everything that is a rbe a free society on earth for the first time it is a evolution of martin Luther king ghandi etc and an evolution like we seen with public libraries and free websites. when you create free access you enrich people lives , this is evolution, intelligently designed by us.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

classes arise from values and mindset set by the systems that govern humans. in a monetary system the richer people are sought after and envy. in a RBE people dont even have to live in the same house all the time they not restricted like this world they could live in the city structure for a week then go to a small cabin in the woods for a week then go to a city on the ocean to study wildlife then go to a forest city etc. it is only failure of comprehension of the values of a RBE that leads to these riduculs thoughts you guys have.

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

They say in the video problems stem from classes yet in the city concept showed at the end, you clearly see a class disproportion with multiple lodging in high-rises surrounded by mansions in nature around the city.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

i think we be better off working together and voicing concerns and what are needs are than to be against any group wanting to better mankind

8 years ago

ahh,the venus project (also known as the 'penus ' eject &/or
the venus-trap)......the 'feel-good' variation of the much feared 'new
world order'.always smirk when this option is used as a
rhetorical alternative in online debates to the 'impending' NWO as the
former reads like a sugar-coated version of the latter ( all being
pursued with the accompanying dictator-dvd with its extras coming in the
form of the intellectual narrative by americas sweetheart:alex
jones!)....i'll meet you all at the next 'hunger games',could do with a
camping trip...its more fun than being 'camped';you know,less 'gulag-ly' more 'gestapo-ly'!
-the durutti column-

Fabien L'Amour
8 years ago

"By applying the same intensity of positive focus to global pursuits, we can improve the view of our planet, even from the stars." Wow, did they invent telescopes that could directly see the earth in detail from other stars? TVP, Stop working on your earth project and contact SETI a.s.a.p.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

funny how (previous supporters)people complain about repeated material being presented for years and yet in the way they communicate and extract information and their behavior (the previous supporters) they have not used any of this previous materail on themselves so big surprise when it gets repeated again it will until you actually don't need to hear it anymore until you advance and evolve yourself to the next level where you have worked at it and now your ready for the next level.

Janeen Clark
8 years ago

i cant believe the things people are saying. it was never tvp job to transform the entire planet into a place where we can actually survive and advance humanity. because it hasn't happened your giving up? its your job and everyone's job to transform the entire planet , you throw the responsibility on them to do everything. if you don't want it to happen continue to do nothing we will live in slavery some more until we use up all resources collapse civilization and go extinct from abusing the planet . then you wont have nothing to whine and moan about.

Todd Morrow
8 years ago

I volunteered to do computer programming for this project. Never heard back. That was in 2011. They only want media and web people to build more promotional websites and make more movies. They are not interested in solving any actual problems. Sad.

Suzy Spellcheck
8 years ago

tvp and tzm

there is very little that the projects do aside from
talk. their work solely revolves around producing materials that
further the ideas

you won’t hear of the projects partnering with
any cause or organization that feeds or educates people, or that
develops technologies that solve human problems. they exist like
religions to control people and take their money while offering nothing
of real value.

You won’t see any of their own lifesaving solutions and designs they
claim to have produced released under a not-for-profit licence such as Creative Commons so that they could be utilized by humanitarian

fresco does not and cannot cite scientific sources to support his conclusions as there are none.

the complete article is available on my blog.

commenting there is closed

8 years ago

Excellent documentary. Good man Jacques, 97 years of age and going strong. Respect.

8 years ago

More fast food for the political left, and gently poking the inspirational creative brain hemisphere of the political right.

Okay cutting to chase here (lots to say). I've been watching TVP since early 2007 - and I bit... hook, line and sinker: like many I felt that eureka moment was about to hit the masses.

I heard mumbling rebuttals like "Utopian ideology" - "pessimists!" I'd retort.

I'd find a crack here or there and paper over it, as would the many other people in our corner - "Sure it may not be perfect, but it's a better system than we have today", I'd defend.

Here we are, eight years later, with a new two part release regurgitating the same old setup and the promise of that elusive upcoming next part which actually lays out the plan/final solution (Hence I called this fast food - full of promise, but no real substance or satisfaction). EIGHT YEARS AND I ARRIVED LATE! Am I saying they (TVP) have no plan? No. The plan is "raise money" (oh what a croc!) in order to: make films and create a platform for further hot air, I mean discussion. Don't believe me? Look it up, it was on their website since day one.

I decided, 3-4 years ago, enough was enough. Fresco is a self proclaimed social engineer wannabee (like that's never gone tits-up). So should we BELIEVE this guy? Could he at the very least be a 'good' social engineer? Well let's have a look at JUST that...

"Resource-based Economy" - Fresco tried (and failed) to trademark that phrase, but was rejected on grounds it was too generic a term.

A crucial, initial step in a resource based economy is to measure the available resources (the central plan). Ludwig von Mises Institute scholar Robert P. Murphy has raised the "calculation problem" against a resource-based economy.

He wants 'us' (whoever that is) "to own the world's resources", (by removing ownership? Irony anyone?).

Asked why he has such difficulty actualizing his many ideas, Fresco responded, "Because I can't get to anybody." Oh but he's trying (pun intended).

Fresco's delightful speeches and word play come no better than "Man can not think or reason" - look it up on Youtube (7 minutes long, perhaps jump to 1m10s) ...Now before I get my nickers in a twist over this one, I remind you that he claims this (and many things like it) because he wants people to get mad! He says so himself. He wants people to engage so he can use analogies and the philosophical approach to get his 'ideas' across. (I say) ideas are easy and useless; actions are what count. But let's not digress, Mr Fresco swaps the word 'invent' or 'create' and substitutes the word 'think' (i.e. we can not 'think' of anything). Nor then, he would say, can we 'reason'.

But this is of course, disingenuous. How about the proof behind the Pythagoras Theorem? Einstein pondering travelling on a photon of light? SMH. Our ability to use abstraction? To make tools? Art and music? Disingenuous is being generous.

Many of his stories, too, are dubious at best. For example, in his discussion as a child with Einstein, in the above clip (!!??), he claims Einstein '...pinned me down. He wouldn't let me get away with language". Pfff, but Fresco (if not fibbing about the whole affair) would have us afford him that luxury? Putz.

But okay, let me give him some benefit of the doubt and suggest to you he actually says all these things to shake us up; to speak to us in a way we might understand, so as to get us to "begin to question" our preconceived, incorrect notions of how things are and how the world works. Good for you Mr Fresco.

But, to me, and this is crucial, he carefully hides his disdain for our gullibility / stupidity, and THAT makes him a TERRIBLE self proclaimed social engineer wannabee, who talks a lot and needs more money (because that's the system we live in).

TZM has been corrupted, to a large degree, why would TVP be immune? It wouldn't and it isn't. Corruption - leading to greed, addiction, crime and more leaks out of this model just as it does in every other. The "transition" can not be made gradually (we would have seen SOME evidence of it so far if it could). So the "transition" has to happen globally and virtually overnight. In other words TVP is about a revolution implementing central planning. Sigh, no fear there then huh?

As far as I can tell, TVP is a form of advanced technological global socialism, that uses / needs / absolutely must have, all the world's resources to create some form of creative diversity/innovation that promises to outperform capitalism. Unfortunately, as it's a nice idea, the vast majority are not prepared to tear down the entire existing system completely, including private property, just to see if it might work this time on a global scale, through a loosely defined notion of a "transition". (imo)

8 years ago

glad to see so many positive reviews for this doc, and others of its kind. I never post, but I feel compelled to today, if only in unity with other like minded individuals interested in preserving the beauty of life on this planet. Let us all be the change in the world we want to see.

8 years ago

More of this same-old conspiracy crap. They peel apart the system like an onion, and pull out the core. They say "This is the bad part" and toss away the rest.
Debt is bad when you can't pay your loans. Corporations are bad when you feel guilty for buying their products. The party system is bad when the candidate you like didn't win.
But they completely ignore how that next layer of the Onion impacts the core. Or the layer after that, and after that.
We demand loans, we demand cars and cheap gasoline and energy, we demand a president that can talk gracefully in public.

It's a system of self-entitlement, where people want more than they can have and will do anything to get it.

~Oliver B Koslik Esq
8 years ago

Most excellent doc!


Rodrigo Rodrigues Pereira
8 years ago

Comparing behaviour to mechanical systems is completely ridiculous.
How can these people put so much thought into something and continue to make the same mistakes that put all mankind in the situation it is now. It's an inability to understand that the mechanization of reality is just an old failure of imagination. Time to think broader and accept that there are other aspects at stake here besides science.