Churchill's Traitors

Churchill's Traitors

2012, Military and War  -   9 Comments
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Our understanding of key events throughout history continues to evolve as new evidence comes to light. The documentary Churchill's Traitors takes on a series of historically significant events - the raid at Pearl Harbor, the fall of Singapore, and the consequent demise of the British Empire - and forces us to reconsider them in an altogether new context.

Calling upon archived records that have remained hidden for nearly three quarters of a century, the filmmakers reveal a secret ingredient to Japan's success during this tumultuous period in history: high-ranking officials in the British government. This shocking allegation indicates that British and American forces were betrayed by members of their own team, and one figure who was a close confidant to Prime Minister Winston Churchill himself.

Britain and Japan were allies throughout World War I, during which time a number of relationships were forged between high ranking military officials from both nations. One such official was Lord Bill Forbes-Sempill, a highly experienced British officer and one of the country's finest fighter pilots. Sempill's bond with the Japanese was so profound that he assisted them in the construction of fighter planes and aircraft carriers in the lead-up to the Second World War. This, of course, empowered the Japanese in their victories in Pearl Harbor and Singapore.

The film features interviews with a series of historians who have crafted a narrative from careful examination of archived records. The revelations they offer are numerous and startling. Viewers will learn about the investigation of Sempill by the United Kingdom's counter-intelligence agency MI5, which began as early as 1923. We're provided insights into Churchill's own reaction to the betrayal, and how it created within him a conflict between procuring justice and salvaging his own reputation. The film also offers anecdotes on the suspicions of United States military forces prior to Pearl Harbor, and how the Mitsubishi company was cleverly used a cover for Japan's wartime ambitions.

This is high stakes espionage, and it ultimately determined the outcome of some of the most consequential events of the 20th century. Churchill's Traitors weaves a tale that is every bit as gripping as a John le Carre novel.

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5 years ago

Can anybody tell me when the US will be brought to justice for the wanton slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians in the bombing of Nagasaki and Hieroshima?

6 years ago

Semple shudda been stood against a wall & shot. Why dud General MacArthur not send his USAAF the Japanese in Vietnam & Kota Buru in Malaysia? Keeping the Code Breaking info was important. We always fight the previous war.

Roger Andout
6 years ago

Excellent exposé.
It's significant the lengths politicians will go to to protect themselves, ie. Churchill's blocking of the inquiry into the 'secret for sale' debaclé on his watch in the Admiralty.
Recommended viewing.

6 years ago

Unfortunately no one really cares. It's all going to happen again and again as long as humans roam the earth or stars.

6 years ago

*the BAD war by M.S. King

6 years ago

this is total zionist BS.

everyone should read "the good war" by MS King (written in a very easy to digest format for those uninitiated in realist history, and then follow that up with "tell the truth and shame the devil" by gerard menuhin.

the greatest traitors in these times were not traitors to their respective nations - they were traitors to the entirety of humanity and civilization.