Commando: On the Front Line

Commando: On the Front Line

2007, Military and War  -   92 Comments
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Commando: On the Front LineIn Commando: On The Front Line, director Chris Terrill embarks on a courageous 12-month journey to Afghanistan alongside Britain's most elite front line troops - the Royal Marine Commandos.

A division of the Royal Navy, the Royal Marine Commando directs the most physically and mentally challenging training regime of any military contingent in the United Kingdom, and only the cream of the crop gets through.

This eight-episode series provides fascinating insight into the experiences of the 50 new recruits of 924 Troop - following the Bootnecks through their hardcore eight-month training period, right up to their arrival on the front line and first moments wearing the illustrious green berets in combat.

The transformation of the young men is incredible, as is the footage obtained by Terrill, who got involved side-by-side with the boys at every step of the way.

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  1. Ed

    Great documentary, congrats to those who earned their Green Beret, from a US Marine about Terrel's age myself.

  2. billy bob

    For those that are antiwar, you should think twice. Wars are what we as humans have done for a long time, actually since our creation. They make the world go round financially wise. Where would we be without wars? About 20 million military jobs less, that’s where and that does not include contractors. The answer is far back technology wise then we are today. GPS, internet, space travel, radar, first computer, microwave oven, and many others were created during time of war. Things we now take for granted. I do hate wars as they usually accomplish nothing except impoverish people even further then they were and create things to make some live longer. Wars are horrible having done two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan I know what it is like to be shot at, but sadly that is part of mother nature’s plan. People protest to end wars because of so many dead, but looking at nature we are no different than a bear eating 50 fish. That is no different then a special ops guy killing 50 insurgents. It’s part of mother nature and population control which is truly sad that we live in this world or is this hell.

  3. Genreal Giap

    How did America gain its independence again? Oh right.... Is that in British textbooks too?

    Yea it is in British textbooks and unlike the yankee versions it tells of how the French, Spanish and Dutch had to bail you out. You were not so fortunate tho when you invaded Canada and the Brits smashed you all the way back to the Green House or whatever its called now.And the next time you fart around on Omaha beach you wont have the Canadians And Brits to rescue you. Or as Montgomery was overheard to say'Tell those yanks to shit or get off the pot" lol

  4. Mahi Tuna

    terrorists and radicals somehow think driving around in pickup trucks shooting guns in the air somehow intimidates these type of soldiers. not a chance..when let loose they will run thru you like shit thru a goose, mr. terrorist. Radicals believe these type of soldiers don't show up because they are afraid, no, they just follow orders from leaders and when given the go ahead these soldiers will dispatch very quickly anyone who raises arms against them

  5. Brian Walters

    As a National Service man in the 'Fifties' and 25 years on the Reserve. Called to Suez. I am disgusted with the instructors. I have never heard in all my service such disgusting swearing against recruits. We never had that or heard it on training. Pure intimidation. little encouragement. I am ashamed of the training team and ashamed of the Officers who allow the intimidation, and low encouragement whilst training.
    Ex Royal Engineers.

  6. terry

    Not much has changed in the 50 years since I passed out at Lympston. A great and compelling film.

  7. Ann

    Excellent documentary, Can now see what my Father went through

  8. catmc66

    Brilliant from start to finish...I could not stop watching it...The Best of the Best and Royal Marine,Tom Curry, know that your commanding officer, Bertie Karr, commented that he "lost a damn good Marine" but, you will never lose the Green Berat. Their is a Royal Marine, in training right now, that is placing a cross at your gravesite, just as you did when you were in training and they said that this done so that NO ONE is ever forgotten. Rest in Peace Tom Curry and all the soldeirs from around the world who have lost their lives...

  9. David Stanley

    I have worked with the UK soldiers in the past including officers and found them to be competent and decent people. This was 3 decades ago,but I think people don't change.
    I did not like all of the concentration on the little obviously gay black troop. I watch less than one hour per year of USA tv because the government requires all white men characters to be mentally deficient and any blonde haired beautiful white woman is immediately teamed up with a black male and shown kissing and having implied sex together. I find this disgusting. First is the order that 5% of our population be shown in 95 % of programing.Second is the idea that somehow I am supposed to feel that I owe something to anyone from events that happened over 100 years ago.
    I don't watch anything that tries to dump a government inspired social agenda into my house. It makes me sick. I never thought the Brits would fell the same way.Obviously there are segments in programing that do.
    Now having said that I do not think there is anything wrong with people dating or marrying anyone they want.Don;t dump it at me and act as if there is something wrong about my race or gender.Another thing is this.There are thousands of single black moms raising children by themselves.This costss this country billions of dollars.The government does nothing to help their situation by the current crap that is shown on the tube.

  10. James Robert Edwards

    This was very eye-opening but extremely sad about the world losing some great young men; I'm so very proud of them but so sad.

  11. K.Howell

    After reading the first few replies I started laughing my butt off over here. I'm a former U.S. Army Cavalry Recon Scout. When I served I looked forward to having a chance to operate with British, and Australian units. Yeah, we scouts were tough, but there's always something you can learn from the other guy to be stronger, faster, more intelligent about your profession, etc.. All this bickering about who's this, and that, and this country's military suck this, and that. It's about as useful to our ability to work together as a cock flavored lollypop. Anyone ever stop to think that maybe if we stopped worrying about how big our pricks are, and started tackling the objectives we might get something done ? Personally, with the exception of a couple of you. The rest of you have much to learn about What anyone in any Military goes through, and does just to get to where he, or she can do their job. The initial training is usually bullcrap mindgames, and programming anyway. The concept behind Soldierization is the same in any nation, any unit, any branch etc.. The regimen may be easier from anyone's point of view. The fact is that the goal of the training, and concept of the training are the same. Commando's, Seals, Pararescue, Force Recon, etc. tend to go a lot further than the basic mindcleansing, numbing, basic training that means nothing. They progress to a level far beyond that, and I don't give a rats ass who you are. You gotta have respect for that. Much respect for ALL of our allies fighting right beside us.

  12. Mike Matthews

    Watching the Royal Marines Commandos have given me much appreciation for the rough training they must go through in order to become British Royal Marines Commandos.

  13. Brendan Clarke

    Really great documentary. This is tough ass training

  14. Oliver Darcy

    at this very moment im training to become a marine officer, im am 17 and i train 5 days a week my generation are on there job, people think we are kids then you are wrong i can bet a 17 year old marine would make **** of samson yah fat b*stard, any man in the military deserves respect as he is protecting you and you're family from potential threats and for serving you're country so have respect, christian i highly doubt you've been in any military environment so you have no knowledge otherwise you wouldn't of called British army gay even tho these are not British army, they are Royal Marine commandos therefor you're post has no meaning apart from being obnoxious, last words shut up and learn how real men live

  15. Fiptastic

    Guys............... Have some respect for each other maybe? Americans did this, Brits did that, they're all out there fighting their balls off.......... Don't forget that with idiocy and squabbles. Respect to all the fighting men and women of both our Nations and all others bringing it to the enemy!

  16. Christian Imasda

    too much male nudity... British Army is Officially #gay. I know... that is normal military life... but still. I don't have to like it.

    1. kelly_warrior_princess

      oh good, more bigoted nonsense from Christian Imasda.

      Talk about being homophobic.

    2. WMDlololol

      It's all part of the training and Deprogramming of the Individual., And humiliation is the start of the process To turn you from Men to Animals to fight for the cause of Powerful and Rich People. All down through the ages it has worked like clockwork for the Elite because were all so subservient.
      Personally I preferred the Stanley Kubrik version of training
      Did you enjoy the program?

  17. Ray Stewart

    Shut it. I hate it when people like you try and defend us service men and women, when your talking out of your A-Hole. I have held a gun, I have been in war zones, missiles hitting our camp and watching people die. Have you? all military no matter what country they are from are highly professional. You sound like a student, you can not even write in English. Just shut up. Its the same with Uni students protesting against what I and others do in Iraq and elsewhere when they have no idea what we go through and what we are really doing. We are protecting you people from outsiders. Sometimes I wonder why I am protecting you at all after reading comments such as yours.

    1. Rick James

      Actually YOU, Ray, need to stfu and do your job. DON'T join up to "defend" (LMAO) my "freedoms" if my tax dollars are not good enough for you and your family! Got it! IT'S a JOB and IT DOESN'T make the man, E V E R! You don't like it, WE will train another bloke in place of you. Get the hell out of Afghanistan NOW and get your a$$ back in your own country! I don't need you "defending" me, but Bechtel and every other profiteer wants YOU to believe anything but the truth. BIG DEAL you kill people, that's the easy part in life. "HIGHLY professional"?????? You're a tool, you get used and replaced. Put effort into your brain like you do your bravado and all of this pointless dribble WOULD end in 32 weeks!

  18. Samson Sami

    elites ?? those are stupid kids that have no idea what the hell they want from life...and no wonder theres so many suicides in british and us armies...FKING IDIOTS

    1. Philip Peacock

      what a bellend you are

    2. lcplwash

      So men searching for a purpose in life are ID**TS? I guess you came out of the womb and knew exactly what you wanted to be when you grew up...smh. It is just sad that lame-o-'s like you want to hurl insults at men who are willing to die for their country.

    3. Rick James

      Agreed! Zero life experience at 19 years old for the VAST majority of teenagers. Only an id**t would believe they are "dying for their country" purely id**ts!

  19. koolaidguzzler

    I hope most of you retards are young, because that's the only excuse for all that cocky nonsense spewing out of your pieholes. All this talk about who's tougher is crap. EVERY unit mentioned here has proven itself countlessly. It is meaningless who humps further, who swims longer, who does the most chinups or who pukes the most. The ONLY thing that matters is what you do when you need to do it. When the shrapnel's flying, no one cares who swims fastest. The only thing they care about is whether you can hold your mud. So quit bickering and bragging like little girls the morning after prom night, and contain your worrying to what YOU can deliver in the cold dark chaos when your buddy needs you the most. And if you can't do that, then you can always try standing over his wheelchair and telling him how many pushups you can do in a minute.

    1. Ray Stewart

      Well said, why not read my comment and see if you agree with it. You sound like someone who has served or once served.

  20. spen4leeds

    may be so, you won your independence from a country half the size of california on your own land, england is a nation of warriors and for are size no other country can say they have a history like ours, or had an empire like we did, our boys always get called up when the sh*t gets thick, we have the most experience when it comes to needing special forces, the last rescue mission you americans did you ended up killing the hostage with one of your own hand grenades, are boys should of gone in

  21. Michael lehoczky

    AUS - SAS beats the shIt out of all your US Marines and Brit Commandos

    1. Paul Pelham

      lol yeah okay and the British-SAS shits all over the AUS-SAS.

    2. mahituna

      Marines are not special commando's. Just a branch of the armed services. but then you have divisions of rangers, airborne and then we get to at least 8 different highly trained units special forces attached to each branch of the service. The special forces point them out and then the Marines,Rangers,Airborne package it up and the Army takes the trash out

  22. Michael Owens

    and the british did get there ass kicked by us!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Darren Malin

      only with the help of the french. The US has never won a war on its own. Also the UK is the only nation to have every invaded the US mainland. We burned DC to the ground incluiding the white house. look it up.

    2. kevtheiceman

      lest our P.M's never ran away when the capital was burning ? or you forgot that little event ?

  23. Michael Owens

    the u.s. marines are not are S.F. rangers and seals and so on are so know what u are talking about before u talk!

  24. walkitoffalready

    Robby. you are ret*rted and should move to England. US Marines have to go hard from the moment they get to bootcamp. These guys hang out and do laundry for the first week they are there. OH, and they are also laughing and joking with their instructors. If a US Marine recruit did that the Drill Sergeant would rip his dumb a** to shreds.
    Yes, US Marines make hard motherf*****s in half the time. Meanwhile, Brits take 32 weeks to train a bunch of "mates" to piss their pants and call the real Marines when the s*** gets thick...
    How did America gain its independence again? Oh right.... Is that in British textbooks too?

    1. spen4leeds

      the british marines and british special forces are the hardest training courses in the world, im an ex royal marine so its fact, you dont have to do a 40 mile yomp in full kit then attack a assault course after in the american marines, and we also took the hardest province in afghanistan, we also took are objective in iraq [ basra] in half the time you american pussys took bagdad and we also dropped are troops off on the beaches of normandy and did'nt drop them 100 metres short of the beach so your tanks droped liked stones to the bottom because your navy are also pussys, and also the real story behind hurt locker is about a british bomb disposal technician and not an american. and we hav'nt ever lost a war unlike you in vietnam, for a small country like ours we still out do you american fannys in terms of honour, pride, what the f*** do you know walkitoffalready

    2. grey23

      when america gained it's independence the people were all still british!

    3. Brian Walters

      Sorry, grey23, there were as many Germans in the USA at the time, Speaking English in the USA was won by ONE vote in congress!!

    4. Darren Malin

      you got independence again because the french helped you. You have never won a war on your own.

  25. Robby Baker

    I definitely have much more respect for these guys than our Marines. These guys had the hell beat out of them for 32 weeks. Our Marines go half that time.

  26. Robby Baker

    Everyone is told that they are the worst class ever. That's part of being broken down. My class was told that at B-219 3rd and so was everyone else in combat arms.....I hope.

  27. Jake Fkthishit

    It looks great to be honest. Hopefully in a year or two when I get fitter I can join but the only thing that I think the American Marines have better is their "Battle Cry" (I call it this due to lack of what it would be actually called) their famed "Huraah" which does seem to boost morale and a sence of pride, in this series I have not seen any War cry of the Commandos and it seems odd to me that they dont.

  28. Richard Carus

    For those that don't know, in May of this year the Royal Marine officer Orlando Rogers who featured in this film was killed when the Tiger Moth plane he was flying in crashed in Dorset. Tragic waste of what was obviously a great guy and a credit to the Royal Marines. Just thought I would put this on here for info.

    1. Mike Matthews

      Orlando Rogers was a leader of men. His life was cut short due to a tragic plane accident. May he rest in peace Brother.

  29. GoughLewis

    Dear M62

    For a nation that continually congratulates itself for bowing and curtsying themselves before royalty, the British have an unhealthy interest in Americans opinion on this behavior.

    I find the whole "pledge allegiance to the Crown" absolutely unsettling, but that also goes for the United States blind patriotism. The unquestioning loyal servant are the backbones these "back-feeders" suck the marrow out of traditionally.

    Military boys and girls have my sympathy actually. They are traditionally pulled from the poor and uneducated of the citizenry, historically. I might be wrong, and England might be pulling the best and the brightest young men and woman England has to offer to go fight in "whatever" country that is designated a target of the American/Anglo enterprise. But, I doubt it.

    The British all grow up knowing that "we all bow and curtsy" in front of certain people simply because of the privilege of there bloodline. This snobbery subtly soaks out through the British society, tweaking the citizenry to be deferential to unearned, inherited, and talentless wealth & power, simply because it’s a tradition. Maybe Donald Trump should be crowned, I don't know, all sound like a racket. ... Burger King anyone?

    The Royals sitting on the throne of England are Germans. I find that amusing. Check for yourself; if that annoys your sycophantic proclivities just prove me wrong. The Royals in England are creepy eugenicists, and wield tremendous power and influence. To deny this is to join the willfully ignorant.

    I am not picking on the Brit's by the way. I am pointing out subservient behavior from anyone, including The President of The United States of America, PRESIDENT OBAMA, is disgusting act of prostration.

    President Obama practiced bowing and brushing up on courtly etiquette ahead of meeting the Queen. Traditional royal protocol dictates that men do a neck bow and women do a slight curtsy — though a handshake is considered acceptable as long as the queen offers her hand first, Politco reported.

    When the President met the Queen in a room used to stage audiences with foreign dignitaries, Obama bowed his head and quietly said to her: “Thank you so much for having us” before turning to the Duke, bowing once more and adding: “It’s a wonderful honour.”

    Michelle Obama curtsied to the Queen, however, later on she was treasonously caught inappropriately putting her hands on the glorious Monarch. The London Telegraph even issued a report on how the move was “a departure from what is considered appropriate protocol when meeting the Queen.”

    Reminds me of a joke about Ron Jeremy, the porn star, and WHY he raises his pinky when performing a money shot?'s because it's classy!

    Soldiers are used as pawns in the grand chess board of geo power politics by the ruling elite, and are expendable. My sympathy to the families of the soldiers who have fallen through history.


    Dethrone Royalty. America Presidents are puppets. Time for an information revolution. Time to truly become a constitutionalist. Time to break the social programming.

    1. M62

      I don't know where your ideas about modern Britain come from, certainly not from visiting the place. Your views on it are laughable.
      Where did you read this nonsense?

      So the Royals are German? How extraordinary - but there's that unhealthy fascination/loathing coming to the fore again. Why bother even commenting if they irritate you to a point where you have to churn out foam flecked and tiresome screeds like the above - most of which was too rabid to bother with? Silence on the subject would be the ultimate censure surely. But don't let a cynic like me spoil your fun, if it's obsessing about the protocol of kings, queens and presidents.

      The Royals creepy eugenicists? Fascinating. They've always struck most Britons as people who couldn't fathom out how a bicycle worked.

      Please don't tire yourself writing any more. It's only worth reading posts like this if they're authored by people with actual knowledge of the subject they're commenting on.

    2. GoughLewis

      Well... That touched a nerve.

      You need to read some history. Let me suggest you start with Carroll Quigley's book: Tragedy and Hope. You have no idea, your reaction shows a breathtaking ignorance of even recent history.

      They use kids as cannon fodder. Maybe you should send your kids off to war in future conflicts in the Middle East for the American/Anglo enterprise. Unfortunately, Henry Kissinger's infamous quote, "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy" should be expanded to include the unquestioning public.

      The US runs the most sophisticated propaganda state in the history of our world. Not even Josef Goebbels could have conceived such mastery. The British version of coercion of the public just has a "lisp" and a bit more of a limp wrist.


      Here is a re-cap of some of the things "HIS ROYAL VIRUS", Prince Philip has said in public concerning "culling the population"

      Reported by Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA), August, 1988.

      "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

      Prince Philip, in his Foreward to If I Were an Animal; United Kingdom, Robin Clark Ltd., 1986.

      ".... I must confess that I am tempted to ask for reincarnation as a particularly deadly virus."

      A Question of Balance by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Michael Russel (Publishing) Ltd., 1982.

      "It is curious how many philosophers from Plato to Keynes' time have believed in and advocated the control of society by ``philosopher kings.'' According to Plato, ``its kings must be those who have shown the greatest ability in philosophy,'' but--realistically--he added, ``and the greatest aptitude for war.'' Such people may exist in the imagination and occasionally someone with the necessary qualities may briefly dominate the stage of history, but it is a naive appreciation of human nature to imagine that such processed paragons can be invested with the necessary powers and not be tempted to take advantage of their situation."

    3. Mike Matthews

      The men who want to be Royal Marine Commandos was not forced to be professional fighting men. Lets cut all the blah, blah about these young men who proven to be the best trained men on earth.

  30. piratethrower

    theres no god damn way sorry but Im joining the US marines soon and I cant beilive thats there boot camp there instructor was in basketball shorts and flip flops I bet he dosent yell once the entire series. Im not insulting just in an aw and disbelief

    1. Petar Vitanovich

      it doesnt take brainwashing, violence and screaming to create a professional fighting force. its the will to die for a greater cause that makes a soldiers, just ask the taliban lol, they are a bunch of poppy farming poor people, and the only thing thats training them is a will and some elementary school jungle gym. i strongly disagree in the training methods involved in the u.s., especially when you see some of these guys after they come out, its like they are souless robots, who dont know how to turn their training off. its my theory that this is the reason its not training but brainwashing, since it gets so locked in your head that they replace the normal M.O. of a human being to some sheep, who obeys any order his shepard gives him.

    2. Matthew Maloney

      You couldn't be more wrong about the US military if you tried. We're hardly "soul-less robots", especially in the Marine Corps. We come from all walks of life and our training enforces initiative and critical thinking, as well as moral and physical courage. Intelligence is prized, and even lance corporals are asked their opinions in operational and training evaluations. A Corporal could have the responsibility of a Staff Sergeant in the US Army, and if there's any true automatic loyalty we pay to anyone it's to each other. That's hardly the actions of "sheep." And the Taliban are terrible soldiers. A platoon of 30 Marines defeated 250 Taliban in a single firefight, and a besieged platoon of Army Paratroopers fought off a Taliban attack five times their size at Wanat.

  31. Anthony Bosch

    Such an amazing series, I watched every episode without taking a break lol

  32. who_me_yeah_you

    I'm so tired of hearing people say you cant stop war, its human nature. That's the kind of gumph said by people in 1st world countries who only partake in wars by choice (on the other guys turf) rather than have them imposed on them. If China becomes the global monster that some fear you wont hear such philosophical acceptance of the treat of invasion.

    Wars take a lot of effort and input to start and even more to conduct, they do not occur like the weather.

  33. patrickcanada

    it's funny when that african guy talks about how anxious he is to kill that rabbit and eat already haha "dog eat dog world mon, im gonna rip that rabbit apart son!"

  34. Shafiq Ahmed

    During the visit to the school by the marines, when the little cute school guy showed his drawings my eyes got wet and the tears suddenly dropped. At this age this is what he could think of and draw it. No colours, no grass, no brushes but just tanks hallicopters and devestation. This is typically an afghan kid is thinking and been growing up around. That little kid would have a mother like that marine had. She must have dreams for his kid as well. She sent him to the school to fulfil her dreams but even there what he is thinking of,,,, Tanks, bullets apachies. ahhhhhh. Whoever is responsible for this but this is not fair at all.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. I was also melted by the sceen when the troops were marching on the streets and a little girl was so scared and stepping back slowly. Can you please go back and watch that instance again. Her immensely terrified face. I just watched that face once and I am sure I would never ever forget her expression of uncertainty and fear. Even, considering my self an emotionally strong person, my heart cries. These afghan kids are as beautiful as any kid anywhere in any other country.
    I wish if there was no politics, no war, no bullets all peace and the fate was fair to the afghan kid as it is fair to a kid in England.

  35. John Eacott

    20 royal marine commandos VS 100 Taliban?............. Fair fight

    1. guardian891

      too easy for the marines to be perfectly honest

    2. who_me_yeah_you

      Thats why they had the armoured landrovers, artillery support and air support eh? Its one thing to be proud of the troops another to just talk nonsense.

    3. Anthony Bosch

      Must have been why they retreated and why one of them got shot.

  36. GoughLewis

    Unfortunately, the film reminded me of Henry Kissinger's infamous quote, "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

    The quote is found in “Final Days,” a book by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Kissinger has never disputed it.

    Poor boys, no Idea who or what they are working for... war criminals like former US Secretary of Defense Henry Kissinger, or in this case the sitting British Royalty called the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.... who changed there name to the House of Windsor.

    The King was going to change the NEW name for the Germans who sit on the throne of England to "Whitehall". Instead, he changed his mind, and named the NEW and current name of the British Royal House to "Windsor" after his favorite castle in England....

    The House of Windsor was founded by King George V by royal proclamation on the 17 July 1917, when he changed the name of his family from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor, due to the anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during World War I.

    You can't even make this stuff up....

    Go Marines.... "I pledge allegiance to the Queen..." Blaa Blaa Blaa...

    America had a revolution to throw off these back feeders, called the "War of Independence".... can't even make this stuff up.

    Good luck to these kids who become Marines, god help them, because "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy."

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      Yeah well, whether one pledges allegiance to the German 'backfeeders' or the winners of the American war of independence one still fights the same wars.

    2. M62

      For a nation that continually congratulates itself of ridding themselves of royalty, Americans have an unhealthy interest in the British ones. Most people in Britain never think of the Royal family from one year to the next, but I continually come across idiotic and ill-informed postings about them by Americans on sites like this. For most British people, they represent a public holiday when a young Royal gets married. And that's about it. The Royals make no decisions in how the country is run, that's the job of an elected parliament and has been since the middle of the 17C - that's the 1600s if you're an American. British soldiers swear an oath to serve the Crown when they enlist - because the Crown and the country are indivisible. One wouldn't exist without the other. The British Army is the army of the British. And the Royal family costs the average UK taxpayer about 90 cents a year. But they turn in about seven times that in taxes to the treasury. Not a bad deal for the taxpayer then? Hardly backfeeders. How much does the President of the USA cost the American taxpayer? And how much do they get back from him?

    3. GoughLewis

      For a nation that continually congratulates itself for bowing and curtsying themselves before royalty, the British have an unhealthy interest in Americans opinion on this behavior.

      I find the whole "pledge allegiance to the Crown" absolutely unsettling, but that also goes for the United States blind patriotism. The unquestioning loyal servant are the backbones these "back-feeders" suck the marrow out of traditionally.

      Soldiers are used as pawns on the grand chess board for Royals, Globalists, and International banking families.

      I don't think these kids who join the military have any idea that they are dumb / loyal servants who's lives will be sacrificed in a millisecond by the globalist players on the grand chess board. Thats the life, be all you can be a pawn.

    4. catmc66

      If you feel you need to pick on someone, pick on the people responsible for this war, but leave the troops alone...It is not their might consider pointing the finger at GW Bush & Tony Blair. I can't think of bigger a--holes than these two...

  37. Michael Brown


  38. Jason Reek

    Tough lads..

  39. patrickt

    what happen to s01e06....can't find it

  40. Bjurne

    I despise anyone who brings a weapon over a border.

  41. rtiom

    Very cool documentary, gives you a nice idea of how much hard work goes into becoming marine.

  42. Jack Seahorse

    to end wars is like saying to end weathers. we can't stop nature.

    1. who_me_yeah_you

      I'm so tired of hearing people say you cant stop war, its human nature. That's the kind of gumph said by people in 1st world countries who only partake in wars by choice (on the other guys turf) rather than have them imposed on them. If China becomes the global monster that some fear you wont hear such philosophical acceptance of the treat of invasion.

      Wars take a lot of effort and input to start and even more to conduct, they do not occur like the weather.

  43. James del Valle


    1. Guest

      ?? either one of you

  44. 01bad2dbone

    Good doc. I dont get it they train for so long yet they dont know how fight in war where the Afghan fighter they just pick the guns and fight without any traning. They should be thankfull of AFGHANS that help the british solders they said without them they have no strength. And the british soliders are good i think they have sense of humer and a smile in their face unlike the Americans argunt stuck up. At the end day war is never good both sides someone dies they're someone is son someone brother.My thought anyway after watching this doc

  45. Guest

    You can be at the battle front to win a war, or you can be at the battle back to win peace, nothing is ever won either way. I think the best position is to end up in the middle between the two and turn sideways.
    Look at all the arguments here about religion and science. Bet you anything if we sit the most vocals about their would end up with a fight of some sort or at least if not shooting, a lot of shouting.
    Will we end wars? not as long as we create them in small scale.

    1. Gary V

      There are no winners in war only losers on both sides. Unless you have got the contracts to do all the rebuilding after, which is why they are getting started.

    2. James del Valle

      enjoy it while it lasts, when it ends you will have nothing to moan about Gary. If the Taliban choose to fight to ensure that women cannot recieve an education and so that public executions take place for those that have not grown their beard long enough then the Taliban deserve all they get and its a good job someone cares enough to stop the madness, plenty of Afghans are joining in the cause, if it was your decision Gary we would all be living under these conditions, its a good job we have these lads who are prepared to help people.

    3. Guest

      Wars are most often started to create an economic change and they do, therefore we have them.

    4. Guest

      @James Del Val
      Do you really think wars are started to help women's condition? Do you know how many innocent women are killed during wars?
      What do you think? Let's kill a few so the rest can take their burka off? The burka will come off when enough women say let's take the burka off, the same way the condition of women from the 30' has changed here.
      We want to help other nations in progressing towards freedom of being. Let's take the money we invest in wars and invest it in education instead. If the US took just 1 of the billion of dollars it cost to build warfare and fly them over there and run them around and fire them all over the place... and instead gave it to that country to build schools, sanitary water, ect.
      Life would change every where simultanously.

    5. James del Valle

      @Azilda give them money to build schools lol, they destroy schools themselves where have you been. This is proof you are not in touch with reality and not worth arguing with.

    6. Guest

      @James Del Valle
      I am not here to argue anyway....just look at my many posts.
      The cost of thousands of missiles if you include the research, the production, the transport and the destruction created by using them is equal to many many many many good things we could offer freely abroad because *if we can afford war we certainly can afford peace*.
      You don't think school works, how about if we invested the equivalent amount on building roads, water pumps, housing, farming, gardening, and yes schooling where it is welcome.
      No, instead we go to the third world to get their oil, their diamonds, their cacao, their coffee, their rubber, their labor...ect...and when it gets tough we bring our missiles in.

    7. idealpointer

      to look sideways is too ignore, which is what most people seem comfortable with doing, we cannot allow this sort of treatment to continue on either side, our soldiers dying and their children and wifes being shot, it is not a healthy cycle, and if we continue we will pass it on too the next generation.
      our children already have to live with our ignorance of global warming and mass industrialisation, now our planet is crowded and we are choking it.why not worry about this, instead of worrying about oil and terrorists, which seem to be helping us ignore the facts!! peace az :) Sean

    8. Guest

      To look sideways is not to ignore the subject, it is to ignore the fight about the subject. There is always an other way.

      If a country had as strong an army as the United States does, don't you think this other country could have done the way the US goes about abroad. Following all the propaganda about 9/11 within the US, this country could have come with warfare and offer Americans the help they think they need against their own government. Some people would see this as genuine help and many others would think *mind your own business*.
      As we well know there is always two sides to all stories even big war stories.

    9. Guest

      People all the time want the end of war, many even have ideas on how it could be stopped for others. When it is time to solve a problematic situation in our own family, with our own kids, with a best friend, at work or driving on the highway, people lose it. The ego takes over and the reactions becomes did this and you did na na.
      The world will change faster with positive reactions than positive actions, even though the latest was perhaps intended with peace in mind.
      Try it one day...anything anyone says to you...see what it does inside of yourself before you answer, measure what difference in energy you can make by answering differently than you would when pissed off.
      That's how wars vanish in small scale.

    10. james mitchell

      Been there, and proud of it......You?

    11. Guest

      @james mitchell
      I try to Be There every day.
      Small scale changes are the only way.
      Bottom up!

  46. kris sto

    For those of you that are sick and tired of death and destruction, i recommend a documentary about life and creation. Watch ''Cosmos'' and listen to Carl Sagan's voice. It will calm you down.....

    1. Gary V

      @Kris sto

      If you are concerned that there is going to be a flood of comments about the evils of war & why it should be stopped, then I'm sure that you are going to be very disappointed because more & more people are now prepared to stand up & say so, instead of just keeping quiet because of the fear of being thought of as unpatriotic due to the biased media hype about it. I for one will never be silenced, not until it stops. Thank you for the recommendation for Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" but I have already watched it. Those of us who are against war don't need to calm down, we all need to stand up & shout out about it until we finally get heard & it stops.The world is never going to change for the better if we all just sit back & do nothing to try to change it. In the words of the great Mr. Jacque Fresco "THIS $HIT HAS GOT TO GO".

    2. Robert M

      Hmm how to fight the fight without fighting, I think we will have to make it obsolete, remove the spoil of war (or in this case the "value" of it) and remove the need? Some fight to fight, but others get you to fight for them and take your taxes :p

      Az is right though, from the middle you need to lean towards the good, catch 22, rock in a hard place, lesser of two evils, etc.

    3. Gary V

      @James de Valle

      You are right about only one thing, No I do not have any appreciation for what these kids are doing. So please kids do not join up & kill or get killed in my name. The only thing that you will ever achieve is to perpetuate this senseless loss of life in a never ending circle & line the pockets of those who are profiteering from it. James could you please explain to me how that by wanting to stop wars & create a fair & just world for all of Humanity that I am being "selfish"? & If anything that I say does serve no other purpose than to destroy everything that YOU stand for, then every word that I say is worth repeating a thousand times. As for the rest of your insane little rant I'm not even going to bother to reply to it because it does not deserve the reverence of an answer. The only thing left to say is, there is no Satan or hell, so I have got no worries there.

    4. catmc66

      Perhaps you should consider watching "Cosmo's"...You sound a bit stressed dude...really....or they do prescibe Valium...PS: so glad that you didn't reply to James "little rant". You have "ranted on" enough...I'm thinking Valium...

    5. from_the_bleachers

      Silence can be as deadly as a nuclear bomb.
      Turning around and pretending nothing is wrong doesn't make the problem solve itself.
      We have become too calm, too docile, that's why people in power drive the country into these bloody conflicts with such ease.
      The way things are right now, you get enough death and destruction to either get involved or to turn around and ignore the problem until it's affecting you directly..