Cosmos: A Personal Voyage
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Cosmos: A Personal Voyage

1980, Science  -   197 Comments
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With Cosmos, Carl Sagan and his wife and co-writer, Ann Druyan, brilliantly illustrated the underlying science of his same-titled book, placing the human species within a space-and-time context that brought the infinite into stunningly clear view. The series, which originally aired in 1980 on PBS, has been seen by more than 700 million people worldwide and remains a high-water mark in miniseries history.

Sagan lucidly explains such topics as Einstein's theory of relativity, Darwin's theory of evolution, and the greenhouse effect, bringing the mysteries of the universe down to a layman’s level of understanding. The footage in these remastered, seven-DVD or seven-VHS sets is as fresh and riveting as it was two decades ago and is certain to fire the imaginations of a whole new generation of viewers. This is THE GREATEST television series ever.

This documentary inspired me to a love of science, learning, and freedom of inquiry that have shaped both my interests and intellectual curiosity. Of the hundreds of high-quality science doc series released in the interim, none approach the majesty and depth of this one. An elegant and artistic enterprise for a well-organized, self-correcting way of reasoning and thinking about the universe/time we occupy. After a quarter of a century, this series is as captivating as it is an education.

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197 Comments / User Reviews

  1. it's a shame Carl Sagan didn't have a "religious" experience, his life would have complete, IMO

  2. Just brilliant - thank you so much. I've been saying for a while, that I am the cosmos - as are all beings. When we realize this will we not be awestruck - and love life more?

  3. i seen it when i was young .this is a fantastic documentary from the cosmos i like his voise an love al it was so wonderful a journey to the cosmos together in a fantasy schip with Carel Sagan seen this powerful stars and the wonderful planets.

  4. for the doubters...............
    to understand science we study science
    to understand God we study religion
    Sagan studied science. That was a start.

    1. And for understanding Lord Dumbledore, we need to study Harry Potter

  5. Doesn't matter how many times I watch this, I am in awe of Carl.
    He is one of me lifelong mentors and science teacher.
    Carl impacted the lives of so many millions of people and 'Cosmos' is the doubtless best documentary ever produced.

  6. was..was sublime :)
    I enjoyed it very much
    ♥ :)

  7. I remember watching these from time to time in one of my astronomy classes. I'll never forget Mr. Pohl and how he showed this universe to us. Sagan explains it all in the best way I could ever imagine. He opened my mind at a younger age, when most people around me were just wanting to play video games and that was about the extent of their depth of thought. Watching it again now, I gain an even more deep understanding of the message. Truly profound and absolutely beautiful this creation is. By no means is this all random.

  8. No sound for me.

  9. Hi, episode 8 is not in the playlist. I wanted to see this one especially because of speed of light. But I have watched them all since friday only to discover after the last episode that episode 8 is missing haha.

  10. SCIENCE SHOWS THAT THE UNIVERSE CANNOT BE ETERNAL because it could not have sustained itself eternally due to the law of entropy (increasing and irreversible net energy decay, even in an open system). Even a hypothetical oscillating universe could not continue to oscillate eternally! Einstein showed that space, matter, and time all are physical and all had a beginning. Space even produces particles because it’s actually something, not nothing. Even time had a beginning! Time is not eternal.

    The law of entropy doesn't allow the universe to be eternal. If the universe were eternal, everything, including time (which modern science has shown is as physical as mass and space), would have become totally entropied by now and the entire universe would have ended in a uniform heat death a long, long time ago. The fact that this hasn't happened already is powerful evidence for a beginning to the universe.

    Popular atheistic scientist Stephen Hawking admits that the universe had a beginning and came from nothing but he believes that nothing became something by a natural process yet to be discovered. That's not rational thinking at all, and it also would be making the effect greater than its cause to say that nothing created something. The beginning had to be of supernatural origin because natural laws and processes do not have the ability to bring something into existence from nothing. What about the Higgs boson (the so-called “God Particle”)? The Higgs boson does not create mass from nothing, but rather it converts energy into mass. Einstein showed that all matter is some form of energy.

    The supernatural origin of the universe cannot be proved by science but science points to a supernatural intelligence and power for the origin and order of the universe. Where did God come from? Obviously, unlike the universe, God’s nature doesn’t require a beginning.

    EXPLAINING HOW AN AIRPLANE WORKS doesn't mean no one made the airplane. Explaining how life or the universe works doesn't mean there was no Maker behind them. Natural laws may explain how the order in the universe works and operates, but mere undirected natural laws cannot explain the origin of that order. Once you have a complete and living cell then the genetic code and biological machinery exist to direct the formation of more cells, but how could life or the cell have naturally originated when no directing code and mechanisms existed in nature? Read my Internet article: HOW FORENSIC SCIENCE REFUTES ATHEISM.

    Even the father of Chaos theory admitted that the "mechanisms" existing in the non-living world allow for only very rudimentary levels of order to arise spontaneously (by chance), but not the kind or level of order we find in the structures of DNA, RNA, and proteins. Yes, individual amino acids have been shown to come into existence by chance but not protein molecules which require that the various amino acids be in a precise sequence just like the letters found in a sentence.

    The disorder in the universe can be explained because of chance and random processes, but the order can be explained only because of intelligence and design.

    WHAT IS SCIENCE? Science simply is knowledge based on observation. No human observed the universe coming by chance or by design, by creation or by evolution. These are positions of faith. The issue is which faith the scientific evidence best supports.

    Some things don’t need experiment or scientific proof. In law there is a dictum called prima facie evidence. It means “evidence that speaks for itself.”

    An example of a true prima facie would be if you discovered an elaborate sand castle on the beach. You don’t have to experiment to know that it came by design and not by the chance forces of wind and water.

    If you discovered a romantic letter or message written in the sand, you don’t have to experiment to know that it was by design and not because a stick randomly carried by wind put it there. You naturally assume that an intelligent and rational being was responsible.

  11. I just watched half an hour of this while I was waiting for the series to download. I said to myself I'd be fair and watch the original again (15 years later) before starting the new series ... I'm gonna at least give Neil deGrasse Tyson the benefit of the doubt, and I think the only way to really do that is to shake off the fond memories I have of Carl or at the very least have a clean set of memories to compare against.

    Here's hoping Mr (deGrasse) Tyson does half as good a job as my memory. Science for the win!!

    Edit: For anyone that hasn't watched this I highly recommend it. It's one of the best science docs you could ever watch and probably the most educational thing you could ever show your kids.

    1. Comparing often leads to judgement and seeing one series as better or worse. Please look at the goal. Neil is trying to educate the masses and demystify many historical mile stones and technologies.

  12. One day a group of scientists got together and decided that man had
    come a long way and no longer needed God. So they picked one scientist to go and tell Him that they were done with Him.

    The scientist walked up to God and said, "God, we've decided that
    we no longer need you. We're to the point that we can clone people and do many miraculous things, so why don't you just go on and get lost."

    God listened very patiently and kindly to the man and after the
    scientist was done talking, God said, "Very well, how about this, let's
    say we have a man making contest." To which the scientist replied, "OK, great!"

    But God added, "Now, we're going to do this just like I did back in the old days with Adam."

    The scientist said, "Sure, no problem" and bent down and grabbed himself a handful of dirt.

    God just looked at him and said, "No, no, no. You go get your own dirt!"

    1. You obviously haven't watched this.

    2. I feel sorry for your empty head.

    3. I'll give him a couple points for attempting humor, but nothing for content.

    4. You're being too kind altogether docoman. I'm all for humour but it has to be funny.

    5. G'day mate,
      I did say attempting... not doing. lol.

    6. D'oh!

    7. Maybe someday soon humour will show up in religion ...

    8. It'll be a cold day in hell...

    9. All we can do is live in hope, it's the best we have.

    10. You may find Arron Rah intriguing as well.
      I'm sure he would love that story ;)

    11. No, you got that wrong, the story actually goes like this:

      One day a group of scientists got together and decided that man had come a long way and no longer needed a God to exapain gaps in knowledge. So they picked one scientist to go and tell him... That scientist started to look, he started to walk, he kept walking, kept looking... he is still looking and will probably be looking forever. The other scientists laugh at him behind his back.

  13. A virulent pox on the wankers who keep taking it down from youtube or flagging unavailable in this country. If there's one bit of media that could uplift the human condition by being freely available to all, it's Cosmos. MJ's We Are the World aint got crap.

    1. x2...

  14. I discovered this site and the wonders of Carl Sagan's genius and fantastic presenting only in December - he leaves his own great legacy to the world and we should thank him for that and cherish it.
    Cosmos - A truly wonderful work

    1. Well said, Keith H!!!!

  15. I loves all of Carl Sagan films. He was an inspiration to my education.

    1. AMEN to THAT, my friend!!!!

  16. Carl Sagan, the guy that introduced the Magic of science with poetic precision.

  17. does anyone know if there is by chance a book of his exact narration from this series? I know there is a book that he wrote, but it is not an exact narration. anyone?

    1. Yes, I own a book by Carl Sagan, "Cosmos" Random House, New York, 365 pages hardcover. Written from these 13 series.
      Found it in discards from local library. Try your libraries.

    2. You can also download it off the internet for free in .PDF version.

    3. Hi, thank you very much, however I was basically looking for a transcript based on the show. The book is very similar, yes, but I think he improvises in the actual film, or it was edited later for the book. Maybe it just isn't possible to get a transcript since a book was published based on the series?

    4. I did a quick search for a transcript on the internet available in .PDF format or any other downloadable format. I didn't find anything for such a thing. Maybe you could contact PBS directly to get that information? I'm sure there may be an archive available for production of the actual transcript. Good luck in your quest!

  18. A masterpiece of inspiration and import about mankind's journey of discovery, which is accessible to all. The work of Sagan and crew will no doubt remain an evergreen archive for humanity for many more years to come.

    1. I whole-heartedly agree with all that!

  19. this is one of my all time favourite series, ive watched it many times, i intend to buy it one day so i can enjoy it high quality, if you have not watched it i recomend it, might have already commented saying roughly the same, ive watched each episode more than ten times, and also i used it too help me drift off to sleep, carl, you the man yo!

    1. im about to watch it again after having browsed the website and not found anything of interest ^-^ yay

  20. it reminds me why i love live and all it diversites

  21. I never get tired of watching this video

  22. Hello, I've downloaded this movie successfully, but unfortunately I can't see the English subtitle, so can you help me, please?

  23. where does history fit into science?

  24. I could have done without the producer's "creation versus evolution" axe to grind, although, that's probably the key to receiving funding; I mean, what is a documentary if it doesn't take its swipes at the dreaded "faith community."
    Truth is, no one knows for sure exactly how it happened, but that is irrelevent. The point is that the liberal academic establishment wants to keep a tight grip on all the action, be it scientific or otherwise.
    The first hour was fantastic. Everyone has to love it. When it got political, though, charmed as I was, I bailed on it.

    1. Read: "When it started to cause me to think about things in a perspective other than my own personal bias, I, like many other Ostrich personalities, bailed and continued living in my self-induced ignorance."

  25. Sagan had such a relaxing voice. I find it so, anyway. Maybe because I watched these growing up or because they were among the early influences that led to a lifelong love affair with science. Sagan was an enlightened man. Oh that men of his caliber could run the world. This series will always remain relevant. Though the introduction by the woman suggesting the world is any less dangerous today than it was during the 'cold war,' is mistaken.

    1. "The woman" was Anne Druyan, actualy...

  26. For What It's Worth, Carl Sagan was inspired to begin work on "Cosmos" after having watched Jacob Bronowski's wonderful series "The Ascent of Man".

    I highly recommend the latter program to anyone who enjoyed "Cosmos". A book was later produced using the text from the video series -- much like Joseph Cambell's (with Bill Moyers) "The Power of Myth".

  27. There are three words that describe a learned person. I don't know. All of us are ignorant for none of us can know everything. An arrogant intellect is a fool for even a feeble minded can befuddle him.

  28. anyone wanna start a 'troll' fight? I'm game but, just for warning. I'll disarm you first with my vocabulary. Then I'll use the very foundations of science to fold your words around you like a junk yard automobile compactor watching and waiting feverishly for you to return, put on spot and perplexed to the point of bumbling confusion. Where I jump through the shadows like a sci-ninja
    (I call science ninjas like sensi Sagan) swiftly leaping through all the blind spots high lighted in the high school text books you failed to take any notice of. poised to attack than with a steel through butter slice like my superior intellect if not a side effect or possibly a protruding growth that would explain my neck caste. Heads will roll! ha ha ha - ha ha ha - ha ha ha - ha ha ha ha!

    1. u sir are an arrogant buffoon of magnanimous proportion. . . . i like the way think !

    2. i remember reading this a while ago and laughing, lol

  29. I need some door to be open.To search for peace I have tried many things..(silva mind control,rosicrucian,scientology,etc,etc,etc...What is real,please help me.

    1. Science my friend. Science is the key to understanding and freedom.

    2. try psychedelics :)

    3. What is real... in your search for peace here's a start;
      1) The pursuit of happiness is the goal of life and
      2) treating others the way you'd like to be treated, since you're not the only one looking for the good life!
      There are finer details, but master the above 2 points first and I can't see how you'd get lost. Good luck!

    4. Hey Jesus, is your question "what is real?" or is something else bothering you

    5. @Jesus Rivera: I personally believe in Gravity -- but very little else.

      Also, i "believe" or "have faith" in myself just as well -- even though i know that i am far from perfect. I may let myself down from time to time, but truth be told there is no one else i can honestly rely upon. (My wife or my pets might not always be there to help me! ;-) )

      I'm not sure if this addresses your question exactly; am just trying to be helpful.

    6. Try reading medical science journals to find the answers to your problems. ...Just a suggestion.

  30. He was more ingenious than known,,in this film,,he explains in different dimensions if you know how to watch for it,,especially of when,,and how we were doomed and totally enslaved for eternity,,when they intentionally destroyed,(took and hid for the crown),,all intelligence up to that point,,and many had to wait 1500-2000 yrs to openly re-discover it,,over and over.,,bless sagen,,amen---stop

    1. Not those pesky aliens again is it? They have a lot to answer for! ;)

  31. Fantastic Sagan

    1. Too right! I just wish there were a lot more people like him on our precious Earth!!!!

  32. I remember watching this as a kid, and watching it again after Sagan's death. One of the most inspiring people I've ever seen.

  33. i used to watch this as a kid and it changed my life. am so gald to stumble on it now. i'll watch and wacth and watch again, thank god i can now understand every word

  34. now i know where morphious's voice pitch comes from....

  35. I would like to see a documentary like this that includes the lost Kingdoms of Africa, Asia and the America's because those people contributed a great deal of knowledge to our learning. When Europe was in the Dark ages Africa was in its third Golden Age and who kows what else was going on in the World.

    1. ha ha! What a load of crap!

  36. Mr Sagan I am now watching this series once again. And I wonder if we will be watching this with admiration BILLIONS of years into the future. :) This is the most incredible series for anyone who would like to make understandings from the people, planet, and cosmos. Thank you Thank you Thank you. You are the best teacher I ever had.

    1. Although Carl Sagan, and his Cosmos series, will always have a special and unique place in history, you may be delighted to know that Seth McFarlane is producing an update/remake in Sagan's honor narrated/hosted/written by Neil DeGrasse Tyson (the Carl Sagan of the modern era). It will air hopefully in 2013, but more likely 2014. The longer it takes the better the content will be, in this mans opinion.

    2. thanks for the info Brian. Considering when Carl did this series and the awesome visuals etc I am hopeful that we will be amazed at what presentations of the cosmos that will be in the spirit of the original. I look forward to the day when I can watch the series with my son.

  37. Carl Sagan is such an inspiring teacher. His passion and curiosity and knowledge is addictive.

  38. I remember watching Cosmos on TV in the 80's
    R.I.P Carl

  39. WOW it's daunting to weigh your knowledge of the cosmos after 30 years :) If you pay attention there are images and he says things that have long been answered (the giant elliptical galaxies in the center of some clusters, they may be the home to what astronomers call a "quasar"... talking of supermassive black holes... :)...)

  40. R.I.P Carl

  41. Very good material here. I however find that with most documentaries of this nature, the author never deals with the fact that Matter is conscious and entire universe is one consciousness. Is this a step too far?

    1. It almost sounds like as though you've fallen for the claims by new agers/quantum quackery.

    2. Wow, it's quite unfortunate that so many people (who are mostly scientifically illiterate, no offense) fall for such claims. No actual credible physicist entertain these ideas, not to mention the evidence that backs this up is not there, nor does it fit into our current understanding of the universe. It's only new age conspiracy theorists like David Icke and plenty of others who use speculation, misrepresentation of scientific findings and flat out pseudoscience to convince others that humans beings and their "consciousness" were responsible for the creation of the universe. It's best if you get your science from credible scientific authorities and not people who use the term 'spirituality' in a non-poetic sense.

    3. WOW BIG BIG WORDS,, ill watch the video and try and comprehend what you said

    4. No, I'm sorry that was actually a reply to someone else -- not the video itself. This series is incredible and I would certainly recommend watching it. This video has nothing to do with spirituality. Someone else mentioned it and I was replying to them.

    5. It's good to see your "One with the Force" but Star Wars was just a movie (not real).

    6. Carl did mention that we are made of star dust :P

    7. This is actual science, not pseudoscience. Dr. Sagan was well known to be a skeptic and what you're suggesting, that inanimate matter is conscious, is the astronomical equivalent to patent medicines or homeopathy.

      So, in other words: bulls*it.

  42. ive seen so many documentaries over the years, but this one is the most fascinating. (and its like 30 years old!) STRAP YOURSELF IN FOR A 13 Hour RRIDE

  43. Classic!!! The best man in science popularization... More Carl Sagans in today world must grow up... There is something eternal in this film!!!

  44. That well organized plan you see now has been perfected over billions and billions of year. And it is not really well organized though, comets and planets still colliding with each other, you are just too small and go out too quickly to see it. The serene, peaceful Earth you are living in now has been changing for more than 4 billion years... Consider your life of only mere 100 years, I doubt that you will see any big change of the Earth, ever.

  45. when I look at the universe, i see a well organized plan. everythings seems to be exactly where it needs to be. but thats just me.

    1. If things weren't exactly how they are, they'd be different.

  46. just finished watching a few nights ago... i am now constantly thinking about things that Sagan went over such as life, death, history of science, and the environment. i am 26 yrs old and an environmental scientist, and it still drives me crazy how many people i run into (even around my age) that don't believe in any earth science... it's like they just want to be more masculine or act more tough by denying problems that exist. HOW CAN PEOPLE DOUBT SCIENCE? CARL SAGAN IS THE MAN! R.I.P.

    1. word, but try and be more positive. You doubt humanity, remember there will always be the a--holes out there. But there are believers in science out there in the masses! They are just in unexpected places, keep looking. Long live planet earth. "It takes one single crack in the dam, to progress into an explosion of mass action"

  47. Carl Sagan was a great man, the world did loose an important voice in 1996.

    1. The only thing that will keep that voice alive is us, my friend.

    2. interesting how agent smith from matrix has the same kind of voice, and he apeared in the same year!

  48. I believe that these series are great. Looking forward to watch them. Thank you for the post. I would recommend everyone to see BBC "Human Animal" series which concentrate on the human nature from a zoologist's perspective.

  49. I grew up on this, and still enjoy it now as much as i did then. Carl and cosmos inspired me to become who i am today. Still the best science doco series ever made.

    1. Jacob Bonowski, The Ascent of Man was very, very good too. The Ascent of Man was the main inspiration for professor Sagan to produce Cosmos..

  50. @ nachomonkey

    Thanks man...this is awesome :)

    I was such a dumbass trying to watch 14 episodes at the same time. It makes way more sense now.

  51. Try watching it one episode at a time pan thor. It's well worth it.

  52. 13 hours???

    lol no thanks

  53. I should start by saying I really don't know much about the universe (much that is known, that is) So when I say that I enjoyed this a lot, it is coming from someone uneducated.

    The only part I did -not- enjoy was Ann tilting her head a lot during the introduction.

    1. bahahahaha me too!!!! stupid head tilting haha

  54. great man with an great effort to change our P.O.V to the universe

  55. I think that above and beyond everything else, Mr. Sagan is very likely one of the greatest teachers the world has ever seen. I also think its safe to say that he had more students than any other teacher. And just from looking at some of the comments here, his students continue to attend, and there are new ones enrolling. When you consider that this is taking place right now in real time, and he's not even here with us, then the reality of what I just said begins to have truly cosmic implications. (I promise that no pun was intended there, but you can take it like one if you want. it won't hurt anyone.)

    And look at what his students are saying about him. How many other teachers do you know whose students rave about them the way Sagan's do about him? I really do not like using the word "miracle" especially of all places on a page that has one of his vids posted. But that's the word that comes to mind.

    There are comments here that mention his style and point out how he had the ability to make complex issues seem easy, and at the same time he always appeared to be a friend. Someone you would be happy to have over to to your house for dinner. Without ever coming into contact with him, people instinctively know he is also a great friend.

    This is above and beyond his accomplishments as a scientist, which were also very notable. And I am sad to say this makes his passing even more tragic. because the world lost a really great humanitarian person who came with a lot of dignity and intelligence. Something that seems to be missing in our current condition .

  56. I love this guy, I remember watching Cosmos Sunday evenings on PBS as a boy, it was my introduction to the wonders of the universe.

  57. Carl was also glaringly wrong about some thing. He believed that the cannabis that he enjoyed smoking would be sold in shops to adults long before he would die

    1. @ bud_oracle - He was pretty much right lol, 1996 he died and was also the year Prop 215 was passed in CA. I would not call that glaringly wrong.

  58. The rich holding back evolution since, idk they had all the books burned

    1. It makes it easier to keep people tuned into religion by misleading them about evolution. Why would the rich be interested in more people believing in religion than evolution?

      For one thing, the last thing in the world the power establishment wants is a conscious and informed public who is capable of critical thinking. This is why there is a constant flow of bs being thrown at us via the education, religious, media, government, and other institutions. Just evoking the word evolution sends all kinds of tremors into the religious community because by its very nature, evolution contradicts every thing they ever taught you in church.

      But none of that answers the question why. However there is a quote. I believe it was Napolean who said it. Its very popular in power circles, but rarely ever quoted by the middle class...

      'Religion is the thing that keeps the poor from murdering the rich"

  59. Actually, James Irvine, I agree the beginning of the documentary when he is in that space ship is a bit silly but the rest O.K... O and forgive me - I sure you do have some inspiring thoughts from time to time LOL.

  60. thank you Carl, u rescued my from darkness

  61. Just beautiful.

  62. very silly documentary, if we fly over the cosmos it wont look like how we see it from earth

    1. O so you base your judgement on this single view of yours - Lets not forget when they made this documentary it was before they had the technology of today, and so for it's time this documentary was quite factually educational. Bet you could not do any better at the time because 1. You were not born. 2. even if you were born I believe it doubtful weather a T.V production company would of felt inspired enough by your comments of "silly" to employ you! - Carl Sagan is a man of great intellectual influence which is more than I can say of you, indeed who are you anyway? - I have never heard of you? -Perhaps this is because there is nothing much interesting going on in your head at the moment.! Goodbye

  63. Greatest show ever! Seriously! Stop your internal dialogue and accept this as fact! If you can't watch this show again and you'll come to this conclusion.

    1. Let it be my pleasure to welcome a hyppie on board.
      llmaam ol

  64. Epic intro, change the hostage situation to the economic crisis and it's still very actual. Carl Sagan was a pioneer of truth in our age. I will remember him.

  65. Love this! Thanks so much for posting Vlatko.

    R.I.P Carl, wherever you may be....

  66. Carl Sagan was one of the earlier scientists that had a vastly profound effect on my life! He was genius in everything he did and we lost this great man much too soon at the mere age of 62. We deeply miss you Carl . . .

  67. This is truly a wonder fully series! It is interesting to see how much more we know (now today) and how much he know (I think he was gem ahead of his time).

  68. There is only ever going to be one Carl Sagan,but we have his prodigy.....Brian Cox.It has taken 30years but the successor has arrived.Both explain the beauty ad complexity of nature like no others,and with enthusiasm which is both infectious and inspiring

  69. I am fascinated by way Carl Sagan brilianly puts up the ideas about the universe and beyond..... in such a lucid and comprehensible way.

  70. I do enjoy the completeness of the series, but as a non-American I never quite understand what the fascination with the Cosmos series is. Personally, I can't stand the memorial tone. Conversely, BBC Horizon is always full of anticipation. I also don't like having all of science tied to a particular personality. When it comes to topic outside his own area he makes mistakes. His explanation of the evolution of crabs with faces through human selection seems ridiculous given the tiny amount of food these crabs would provide, the fact that they live in the wild, and the irrational selection process. Sagan's skepticism seems to have abandoned him there. It's just a case of pareidolia.

    1. You have deeply misunderstood artificial selection and the manifestation of genetic mutation.

    2. Pareidolia..hmm.. and I suppose most of our domesticated farm animals and crops have just just fluked their way into the forms that they have become today..wake up Jack.
      As for Carl's memorial tone,it's a pity a lot more orators don't take a leaf from his book.Over the top,rambunctious,in your face,seems to be the order of the day now.
      It was and always will be a cornerstone on how a good educational and entertaining documentary series should be done.
      R.I.P Carl loved your style man.

    3. I too am from Europe, what's more interesting from ex-Yugoslavia but I grew up with Cosmos... it was broadcasted in ht e 80s, even though we were a communist country...

      And loved Carl Sagan then as a kid and later... I actually just called my mum to tell that I found a great site where they have whole series online...

      I don't get what's not to like about this kind and humane person or his style of presenting things...

      As for accuracy of certain statements... it's good to know that this was made in 70s and we didn't know what we know today.

    4. Try putting yourself in the shoes of one of these Americans and then realize that many of them were subjected to a dumbed down education system that deprived them of many of the things we take for granted in our European schools.

      I attended an American public school once for about 3 months. The subject of history was purposely and intentionally made boring and tedious. They took the study of history and made it a matter of memorizing dates.

      You know as well as I that history is anything but boring and has nothing to do with memorizing dates. Now put a man like Mr Sagan as the teacher, and it becomes very obvious what the fascination is.

    5. You haven't understood the concepts, and do you *really* think you are capable of outsmarting Carl Sagan on knowledge of the basic foundations of Evolution and artificial/natural selection...?

      None of your arguments make any sense *at all* and I assure you that Sagan's skepticism hasn't abandoned him, and your 'skepticism', far from outshining Sagan, is actually non-existent when you are so unbelievably mis-informed about the fundamental basics of what he's talking about.

      Find a high school biology textbook and learn what evolution, natural selection, and artificial selection *actually* are. When you have sufficiently educated yourself, go back to the documentary and you will see that Carl Sagan's explanation is perfectly accurate and you have not just discovered a major flaw with the documentary that Carl himself missed, along with everyone else since the early 1980's when it was released.

  71. Simply my favourite documentary series of all time...Carl Sagan is a hero

  72. this documentary helped me to see clearly the world and the universe and also feel so much sorry for future of earth and our lives.

  73. Our species has accomplished so many scientific feats. There are still many unanswered questions, and the ones we have now may be laughed at generations from now.
    It is unfortunate that we see nothing like this on television anymore. It is very sad, and says a lot about our modern society. If this trend continues, what will our offspring be watching three generations from today?

  74. Timeless.

    I had ˜8 y/o but I can clearly remember my anxiety to get close to a TV the friday nights when it was broadcasted for the first time in Buenos Aires in the 80's (heh, no VCR at hand!)

    It was a life changer.

    I, as many others, have Carl in my hart and mind.

    Whenever you need to put things in perspective, Cosmos or his "A Pale Blue Dot" will do.

  75. Hooray for Carl Sagan! His was the greatest of scientific minds: loving, rational, patient, and reverent towards the awe of which we are participants in. Earth needs another couple million of people like him.

  76. Carl Sagan is a true legend, R.I.P

  77. A fine look at how far we've come, and how great our potential. Gives me hope that one day we might shed our politics, money, and wars, and for the first time truly live. We've billions of years of inheritance, and abundant, clean, renewable energy. The question has never been "what will it cost" for it has only been, and only ever will be "Can we, with what we have?" And that answer is yes.

  78. Not for nothin but Ann's opening about how things are so much better today
    because the Cold war is over is just completely incorrect. USSR military capabilities were routinely inflated in the 70s & 80s (Watch the doc, New American Century on this site) because there was, and still is, so much profit for the corporate elite in bomb-making. Then we had the phony war (Vietnam) as an extension of the cold war.. and now these terrible wars (over a million dead) and phony 'War on Terror'. in reality, a War of Terror - ALL in the name of profit

    1. Winston is correct. Sadly, the people of Earth suffer from the same maladies as ever; greed, theft, lust, and the like sin, sins which give birth to endless wars, murders and cruelty. To the extent that men have abandoned their Creator, and His fair and simple laws, we drift ever more toward Armaggeddon. Man has never changed.

    2. His fair n simple laws?
      Incest, Genesis 4 9:1 19:30-38 20:11-12,
      Slavery Numbers 31:31-35, leviticus 25:44-45, Exodus 21:2-7, Ephesians 6:5, 1 Timothy 6:1-2,
      Abuse of slaves Exodus 21:7 20-21, Luke 12:47-48,
      Spousal Abuse Numbers 5:5-31 Deutoronomy 22:13-21 28-29 1Peter 3:17
      Child abuse Genesis 22 Deutoronomy 21:18-21 23:2 Proverbs 13:10 20:30 22:15 23:13-14
      Child Molestation Numbers 31:17-18 + italmud, Sanhedrin, Yebamoth, Niddah.
      And Abortion, Pillage, Murder, snakes n donkey talking, Incantations, blood sacrifices, human sacrifices, ritual spells and on and on...

    3. Be more pointlessly malicious ay kjv1611

  79. great series, love the perspective.

  80. truely an amazing human

    although - he sort of looks like spock... O_o
    spock = clearly based on carl sagan,

    it's only logical....

  81. The greatest series ever made to intrigue man into wanting to go visit the stars!

  82. Thank you for putting this up! This made me cry with tears of joy, and want o hug Carl Sagan.

    1. I'm so glad that others cry with joy when they read or watch philosophy.

    2. yes it was philosophy that built the after burners and the command modules that launched the Apollo programme. Your level of incredibly dubious oratory which no doubt is the greatest testament herein of the confusion inherent in pockets of humanity which makes it all too obvious that empirical reconciling of logical sequencing of cause and effect and those of a more ethereal nature. But I guess you would know that because obviously you were trying for the DARWIN award. CONGRATULATIONS you WON!!!

    3. we don't come form the ocean!

  83. Why does Carl Sagan keep leaning on things all the time. Like, go watch the episode where he goes back to New York. The dude just leans on everything. Funny as hell.

    Plus, any british people here think that Carl Sagan is almost a double of Alan Partridge?

  84. This is really good stuff, my first time watching it.

    I can not believe that some school districts in the US are essentially banning the teaching of evolution....totally insane.

    Like Carl said even back then....evolution is fact, not theory.

  85. Wow, how fantastic was and will always be Mr. Carl Sagan.

  86. Truly THE Groundbreaking documentary of it's time. Remember waiting with bated breath every week for the next episode on PBS.Inspiring to say the least.Probably the reason I lurk on this site constantly looking for science and astronomy doc's. We all miss you Carl.

  87. Wow!!! this brings back memories from watching it on PBS quite a few years ago. Carl Sagan is probaly one of the most influential people of the 20th century. I thing I most enjoyed is his child like wonderment of our exsistence in the universe. RIP Carl and may your ideas live on with us for a very long time.

  88. namaste mr sagan i need not comment on ur work. flawless id say and an inspiration to us all who have the will to think outside the box an 1 day hopefully rid this planet of greed an control i believe its possible but 2 many of us are brainwashed an what makes it worse is its from our own kind. vlatco you the man u have opened my eyes through your work thanks pal.

  89. I've got something in my hand... what is it?.......

    It's the Carl Sagan box set and Im buying it right now!! Everyone in the world should be forced to watch this at least once a year!! I hope someone somwhere saved some of this guys DNA so someday in the future we can fuse it with a dandelion and an apple,and create Carl-Sapple-lion=GOD! I love this man, with his funky eyebrows and cordurouy jackets!!

  90. lol @ el-duderino. you are in a sad state of affairs if you cant listen to one of the most brilliant lucid men in history explain to you the intricacies of the cosmos, just because it lacks modern music and modern forms of filming.

    maybe you could focus more on the information than the entertainment and you will find a whole new world open up to you.

  91. This is truly dreadful. I managed to endure a whole 9mins of it before the music and the saccharin grandiloquence had me reaching for a bucket. How did anyone ever take this guy seriously?

    1. umm... because we have the good sense and taste not to name ourselves 'el-duderino''?

    2. actually that's a question I would be asking myself if I was you the guy a girlo, el-duderino. You seriously have no credibility with a name like that.

  92. I just watched the whole thing for the first time, and I am truly awed. Even though I generally am not a fan of "older" TV broadcasts and videos, Cosmos is truly amazing. This must be one of the greatest documentaries ever made, I am having a hard time finding words for it. Hopefully I can share this with my children when the time comes.

    Mr. Carl Sagan, I truly admire and miss you.

  93. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets nostalgic, weepy and chills when I see this again - reaching for the tissues...what is it that does it to us? Thank you Mr. Sagan, I wish that you were not 'gone too soon'.

  94. michelle
    If you can say everything in that doc should be known you did not watch it. Way too many topics, Theories, concepts etc etc to say one should be able to know it all and not need Sagan to tell us about it. If we all knew it dear you would see the difference in your world when you stepped out your front door.

    1. Actually ron, that's what study does. It allows you to impart upon yourself all this info and more too. This is nothing bin terms of knowledge in terms of a Phd.

  95. ends at Episode 8 part 5 of 7. Hope to see the rest one day as this is brilliantly done considering the time he produced it. Can hardly wait until my son is old enough to grasp it to share it with him.

    1. @Ron, just click on the links above the player and watch the rest of the episodes.

  96. Carl Sagan is my hero. he seems to me the first truly modern scientist in the way he thinks and the areas he focuses his atention. i am only 17, so i never saw these when they first came out, but ive still made a point of watching every Carl Sagan video i could find. R.I.P.

  97. Just about to rewatch this absolute classic. Thanks so much for posting this and reminding me of it. This should be required viewing for everyone capable of understanding it (and that's most people I think, it's very approachable).

    Carl Sagan is definitely one of my heroes.

  98. The uniqueness of Carl Sagan is in making intricate problems look simple, trivial. Do not underestimate the greatness of his mind. Try explaining to your three years kid not to pour water in your laptop, and why. Then you'll understand Sagan's work.

  99. I miss him!
    I used to watch this program as a kid, and have recently re
    -discovered it. AWESOME! :)

  100. "I REALLY did try to find him aww inspiring, but I just didnt see anything great, just a guy talking about the universe....."

    Amazing on so many levels.

    1. The portion of your comment in quotes is a fair call. There are many inspiration figures in many aspects of life, knowledge, endeavour etc., because everyone is different. Its just the facts and knowledge he is imparting is very informative in as much as taking someone from 0 to 100 in just 13 hrs.

  101. I would guess there are many children of the eighties who went on to careers in science or at a minimum with a life long interest in it as a result of this masterpiece.

  102. @michelle

    Ok then, kitten , tell me the rules of Newton and its relation to Eienstein and universal law , how does that work?

    Simple? Its a free course for the younger and is all about basics. Have to know where you stand , ID maybe?

    Please respond to my question , for I am awating your explanations of the simple rules of mechanics , and the origins of the universe_ being the one of all things physical.

    1. I know, I know, pick me pick me (hand up lol) we start getting into the quantum realm if we are talking about Newton and Einstein. The best starting point is time/space, although time is technically a 4th dimension, on the Planck scale they are inseparable.....oh ok sorry Michelle's turn. You actually gotta know this stuff before you go spouting off at the mouth Michelle.

  103. I'm going to watch this series based on Vlatko's raving suggestion/review he mentioned on another docs comment section. That and it just seems like a great way to expand a 3lb lump of matter.

    One of the first links on a Google query for "Carl Sagan" lead to brainy quotes. The first quote listed hints that Carl and I could be connected... Not that we all aren't connected.

    "A celibate clergy is an especially good idea, because it tends to suppress any hereditary propensity toward fanaticism. "

  104. All the stuff he's been tlaking about in those documentaries is really simple, im surprised most people didnt know it and needed an "easy talking" guy to do it for them. People seem to be in love with this guy because of his simplicity, i tried, I REALLY did try to find him aww inspiring, but I just didnt see anything great, just a guy talking about the universe and otehr things, maybe people like his voice? Just my opinion, i dont need a reply coz i never come back and check my comments.

    1. could be because he can write better than you and knows how to spell. Know a lot about biochemistry, astrophysics, molecular biology, genetics, epigenetics etc do you. I'm not really sure that you would even know what they all mean or exactly what they refer to. Silly girl, where's your Phd? Where did you study?

  105. The guy is great but all the stuff he's talking about is simple and

  106. this is great. can't thank topdoc enough for uploading this. gotta download all the episodes. :p

  107. I never did much researh into Carl Sagan's work and ideas until very recently . I did some reading and watched about 4 hours worth of this and have to say that he has exceeded expectations for me. I will continue to dig further into the knowledge presented to us from Sagan and others like him.

    " Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works." - Carl Sagan

  108. @pheldespat

    I've bought the 7 disc special edition, best investment ever.
    I was pleasantly surprised by how much my country and it's people have contributed to astronomy/cosmology simply by being open-minded and not repressed by religion (I'm dutch).

    I've been looking around for the book to see if it contains any info that was ommitted from the dvd's, but judging by the amount of content on the discs, it seems unlikely. I'll still take a copy if I come across it though.

    Michio Kaku and Ray Kurzweil, while charismatic and knowledgeable in their own right, simply can't hold a candle to Carl Sagan in terms of delivering excitement for their respective passions.

  109. @D-K

    In YouTube you can find the series with the updates. But, if you find it on DVD/Blue Ray, buy it. We need to buy billions and billions of them.

    Carl Sagan - You are greatly missed.

  110. Tip for all fans, The special edition dvd-boxset includes 7 discs and some episodes feature "updates" in which a noticably older Carl Sagan explains how certain projections were either off or right on the money.

    Cost me €25 and was totally worth it.

    His novel "Contact" spawned the blockbuster of the same name as well, even his name chimes with wisdom.

  111. i agree with all the previous comments.

    What a likeable follow this Sagan chap is. He could tell me that the Earth was rhombic dodecahdron shaped and i would want to believe it.

    Great visuals and dreamy commentary. Surprising how well this doc has aged.

    Thank you Carl.

  112. Easily the best thing I ever saw on Nigerian TV. My Mom used to videotape Cosmos whenever it came on (I was 12 at the time). Carl Sagan was a bigger hero to me than Michael Jackson!

    ...and that was saying a lot for a kid. He was the reason I became a math geek and felt no shame about it then!

    recently, I found a poor transfer to DVD and saw the whole series again... and again... I get a lump in the throat when I hear him say the words "billions and billions...".
    Wish we still had him with us.

    1. I first saw these about 20 years ago, and Ive made it my business to study and accumulate knowledge of the underlying reality of physics, genetics of humans, but maths is still a big scary monster under the bed. Just for your info there is a documentary about infinity and the talk about Grahams number, just thought you would like to know. It opened my mind when I realised there is infinity between 1 and 2, or between any 2 consecutive numbers.

  113. I saw this series when I was a kid... it shaped my life and I was in tears watching it again... Amazing. Carl Sagen... thanks so much. It is still so relevant too... I wish there was a new version for the coming generation. The narrativeis so non condascending, so pure... i love this. thans TopDocs. this has trully touched me.

  114. cool! thanks a ton vlatko

  115. vlatko you rock!
    thanks for the egypt doc recommendation, most interesting thing ive seen in ages-

  116. Ok, all episodes are in one playlist now.

  117. I'm having trouble with first video. The play button doesn't do anything and when I mouseover the frame none of the controls show up. Anyone have a suggestion?

  118. Still great after all these years. A source of enlightenment many years ago on television in Ireland and still so valid (mostly).

  119. Yes. He is my hero, also. I still miss him. he made these things attainable for eveyone. He put it in our hands and our hearts. I sign all my emails: Carl Sagan - weather is fine. WIsh you were here. So does Stephen(Hawking)

    1. I agree.

      Billions a d billions of times.

  120. This is a great series. Carl Sagan is my hero. Wish he was still around. Thanks Vlatko!

  121. yo vladko keep going! i'm proud of you boy;P i luv cosmic and stuff movies...maby some alex filippenko lectures ? they are wicked as well...greet's m8

  122. Carl Sagan was my dad's man for knowledge of the cosmos and I didn't understand why,but now I see how he explains micro-biology to the most massive things in the universe with an elegant ease to the normal everyday 40 hr. worker.Pass your knowledge down to your children and watch your bloodline bloom.PEACE

  123. One of the greatest works of TV.

    I first watched this series nearly 30 years ago when I was 12 years old. It still has a profound quality that gives the veiwer a sense of 'what its all about'.

    Carl Sagan always seamed at ease with everything.