The Cove
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The Cove

2009, Nature  -   311 Comments
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The Cove begins in Taiji, Japan, where former dolphin trainer Ric O’Barry has come to set things right after a long search for redemption. In the 1960s, it was O'Barry who captured and trained the 5 dolphins who played the title character in the international television sensation Flipper.

But his close relationship with those dolphins – the very dolphins who sparked a global fascination with trained sea mammals that continues to this day - led O’Barry to a radical change of heart. One fateful day, a heartbroken Barry came to realize that these deeply sensitive, highly intelligent and self-aware creatures so beautifully adapted to life in the open ocean must never be subjected to human captivity again. This mission has brought him to Taiji, a town that appears to be devoted to the wonders and mysteries of the sleek, playful dolphins and whales that swim off their coast.

But in a remote, glistening cove, surrounded by barbed wire and “Keep Out” signs, lies a dark reality. It is here, under cover of night, that the fishermen of Taiji, driven by a multi-billion dollar dolphin entertainment industry and an underhanded market for mercury-tainted dolphin meat, engage in an unseen hunt. The nature of what they do is so chilling - and the consequences are so dangerous to human health - they will go to great lengths to halt anyone from seeing it.

The Cove is directed by Louie Psihoyos and produced by Paula DuPre Pesman and Fisher Stevens. The film is written by Mark Monroe. The executive producer is Jim Clark and the co-producer is Olivia Ahnemann.

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311 Comments / User Reviews

  1. The documentary has proven to be full of lies and canned scenes.
    The scene of the couple watching a dolphin never happened.
    They break in local's houses and then film them cursing at them being irate.
    The 1 scientific source they cite in the whole movie sued the local distributor for editing his statements.
    The claim at the end that Moronuki was fired is a complete fabrication and the director had to do a mighty spin job when asked about that on Japanese tv.
    They deliberately choose not to translate anytime an Asian is speaking, and instead accompany every instance of locals with ominous music while giving us canned heroically recounted versions of the Caucasians. Then balk when their overt racism is questioned. You don't make those kind of editing choices by mistake.

    Fact is, the Tuna Fish in your grocery store has just as high Hg content. You probably shouldn't eat that either - but I've yet to see a protest at my local grocery store about it. It's much easier to point the finger at "The Other" and foment hate rhetoric about people who live a different - but perfectly valid - lifestyle. It gives you the excuse to think you're a better person, when in reality it turns out you're just a bigot.

    So what if they kill an abundant species of animal in the Ocean for food? How is it different from Americans hunting deer or fishing? Scientists worldwide agree that the species hunted are under no threat whatsoever from these actions.

  2. Everyone who's ideas is to help the wildlife . I am so great that you made this documentation. It open the minds of the students like me and wanting to help also those animals who needs our help.

    1. ^^
      Barney I strongly agree with u

  3. whats the other film that was created after THE COVE by the same team? I cant seem to remember.... Now I see RACING EXTINCTION is now available... but theres a film in between the cove and this latest one... thanks

  4. im misantropist. and u think about my emotions

  5. Please, do not judge the things by seeing/hearing the people's opinion from only one side. If you are interested in this issue, had any kind of idea or opinion, please watch the documentary "Behind the cove" as well. You will see what Japanese people are really doing, what we are aiming and saying. You may also see how sea shepherd are giving such a hard time to the people in Taiji, Japan. And you must google sea shepherd.
    Thanks for reading.

  6. I'm a 21 year old man and this documentary made me cry like a little bitch. I wish myself the strength to actually help the world around me rather than seek a role of self righteousness and self promotion.

  7. This documentary is the best I have ever watched. It was beyond interesting and not the least bit boring at any part in the video. Besides the entertainment factor, the documentary provided crucial information that has not been made aware to me before. Terrible killings of tens of thousands of dolphins are occurring each year in just one tiny spot. The worst part is that these killings would not be accepted if people in Japan were aware of them, so the slaughterings are kept a secret. This video makes it very evident how big of a problem dolphin killing is, and it will make you want to help the issue.

  8. You cannot have a say in this documentary, until you are seriously analyzing the problem from an object viewpoint.
    Vegetarians and vegans will, of course, have a heavy bias in favor of the slaughtered dolphins; while non-veggie's will argue that marine meat has become part of the global world's meal plan.
    Instead of ripping the branches, we all need to look at the direct root of evil here. That evil is the one that has to deal with the WAY and RATE in which these animals are being slaughtered, and how this needs to change. We also need to consider the fact that many of these fishermen do not believe they are doing anything wrong, because they have been doing it for so many years. To simply knock on their doorsteps and DEMAND they stop, is a joke.
    Fishermen must be educated and taught why this method is not working anymore (beginning w/ the fact that there is no demand for dolphin meat in the first place). We need to look at the marine entertainment industry, Sea World, etc, and think about how these places encourage these killings and give the fishermen a job.
    This issue is still relevant and extremely pressuring to everyone involved, and it is understandable that it would create such a strong tidal wave of opinions from the public, however, it is time to very seriously look at ourselves as species and evaluate what WE must sacrifice for once.

  9. It is just humans, we all do that, not just japans. It us that create it all, and it is us that are sick of greed. We are the overpopulated parasites and the life need a cure from us.

  10. The history of our planet suggests that "God" created us all to be eaten by some other creature if necessary, and until recently, eaten alive. If we were to know our own distant evolutionary past I think you'd find that humans have eaten their share of other humans, throughout all those thousands of years, just as it is stated in the Bible, where the Samarian women are discussing eating their children. (2 Kings 6:29) Makes me wonder what the 'created in God's image' means, as we seem to be the opposite of any god. You'd think He'd have had us all eating beetles, seeing how He's created 400,000 named species, and an estimated 1 million including those not yet discovered and named. Hmmmm......... I wonder why 'God' didn't create us vegetarians to start with, giving us a separate food supply. Maybe He doesn't care what we eat.......

    1. That is the most painful concept for religious people to accept about evolution. Or the hierarchy of what many people call science or understanding of the universe. Perhaps God is all energy. So he see the transformation of energy from one life form to another as one of the most beautiful things in the universe. While we see a Baboon eating a baby gazelle while still alive. If there is a God. I imagine it so powerful. That it gazes over the Universe and sees a ocean of energy pulsating back and forth. That humans are merely sub-atomic particles in one atom in a water molecule in an nearly infinite ocean. God to me is the inherent fluctuating energies of the universe. Or literally entropy. Why time moves forward and a ball rolls down a hill. Why a wave spreads. And molecules diffuse. I agree with your last sentence. But from my perspective a God would see the incredible build-up of potential energy encompassed in Animals as great in itself. That literally millions of animals and plants and bacteria gathered energy for the food chain. But even a Virus doesn't seek to completely destroy it's host. Hopefully we can learn enough about the face of god and the universe and the strategies of organisms who have been around for billions of years to survive. But it seems to me that Intelligence is sword with very sharp edges on both sides. We no longer live based upon the daily consumption of energy. I could almost relate that to the notion of Individual Struggle. A large part of many religions. And I agree with them. But we do not need to struggle in the most basic sense anymore. We must help shape humanities basic need for struggle into a notion of struggling for the greater good. Many insect's, viruses, bacteria's lives you could relate to a waterfall. Not much control of their basic lives simply due to limited sense and energy storage. We as human beings must not allow ourselves to simply flow over the waterfall. That would truly prove we are Mammalian Parasites.

    2. Thanks for your reply Andrew, but are you unaware that what you say has no referent in reality. You say "Perhaps God is all energy?", and "If there is a God, I imagine it to be......" Guesses basically with no factual evidence to tie a God to the 'real' world. In other words you are first describing what you think God is, and what He 'could do', after guessing that such a Being exists. Let's start rather with the question "What is 'God's' Being?" Our Being is muscle tissue and blood and such but what is God's Being? Without a substantial Being how could a 'God' be or do? With your imagination, you are attempting to explain a Being with reference to non-Being, producing a "God' who can do whatever you can imagine. And does this God also not require a creation? And how would we know?

      What good is it to imagine a Deity which is different from someone else's imagined Deity, but yet you agree such a creature can create a universe. It's all guesswork, and you have been brainwashed into believing that your 'God' actually exists, and all those other gods of other religions, such as the Hindus, are illusions. Just look around you, if you grew up in this country you will believe that 'your' God is real, but if you grow up in another culture then another god is said to be real. Could both be true?

      And you said "But we do not need to struggle in the basic sense anymore." Are we not struggling just as we have always been since we first evolved as genus Homo? The problem is the average person has assimilated all the myths of only their own peculiar belief system, and then believes that they are the 'Chosen People'.

      Certainly a definition and proof of a 'Creator God' is required that can be comprehended in the only language we know, through our senses. It simply is of no value to echo the guesses that this or that 'God' actually 'Exists'.....

    3. You make a mistake in the assumption of Abrahamic values of the God I was describing. To me the Universe is God. Not a Being. That encompasses every thought ever made about any other religion's gods. I wasn't imagining a God to fit our Universe. I am trying to fit the Fundamentals of Wave Properties and Thermodynamics into a philosophy of how we should view the universe. People say God is Infinite. The universe is Infinite. (Or we think anyway). So that is the basic assumption. I haven't actually written any of this down might help consolidate my thoughts more.

      So when I said God would view eating as transfer of energy from different states as great. I literally was imagining God as the Laws of Thermodynamics.

      I made that comment on the perspective of--Good and Evil as it relates to Eating. T
      "Certainly a definition and proof of a 'Creator God' is required that can be comprehended in the only language we know, through our senses. It simply is of no value to echo the guesses that this or that 'God' actually 'Exists'....."

      I am sorry I completely disagree. Almost all Science rests on basic assumptions. Einstein had problems with relativity because of the basic assumptions of Geometry. He couldn't prove relativity without proving Math has 100% logical basis in the observable. I do agree that a Proof is Required. That Proof is Science. The problem rests as you said the bias in what God is. Something like a Man or Creature? Like all Earthly religions. Then we are trying to prove that. But If we can lay the basis as God is the Universe. As the Universe is the only tangible Unbounded Infinite that has kinda been proved mathematically. Studying the Universe is the Proof of God.

      "God to me is the inherent fluctuating energies of the universe. Or literally entropy. Why time moves forward and a ball rolls down a hill. Why a wave spreads. And molecules diffuse. I agree with your last sentence"

      Think about Potential Energy and the 2nd Law of Thermo when you read this. I am not making up anything here. Just describing Laws Of Thermodynamics and Why they describe Time as moving forwards or a ball rolling down a hill. And since Entropy can be infinite and Universe is infinite. It seems these must be qualities of an Infinite thing whether we call that a God or Reality.

    4. All the ulterior motives and nonsense that have been brought together over the centuries to convince people there are supernatural beings will be seen to fail before the scientific method and reason. Religion is basically brainwashing and habit. If you get enough people to belief something, they can think it is real. If there were only some evidence for any religious ideas....... My understanding is that reality is contiguous, and an atom or a molecule is governed by the laws of physics which don't allow for a gap here or there where Jesus slips in to tell you what to do. Or when someone is 'talking' with God, what about all the other millions of people who think they have God's attention at that moment.

      Sorry, I fear religion does more harm than good.

  11. that was one of the most painful documentaries i have watched. i am vegetarian, trying to avoid all dairy & eggs (what i do eat i try to purchase from locally raised farmers). i also do things like try to not use a plastic bag if i don't have to. if you do these small things and get two people to do the same, and they get two people, etc., etc., then suddenly you can see why think globally act locally can change the world. i have multiple sclerosis, live on a disability budget in colorado, USA. it is difficult for me to do a lot of these things but i do them anyway. i do not even have children. it seems to me that if you have children and you really DO care about the world they must inherit, how come you aren't out there every weekend cleaning up litter or scouring beaches for trash and TEACH YOUR CHILDREN HOW IT IS DONE, because they are going to have to fix the planet we messed or die along with it.

    IMHO :D

  12. Excuse me, the slaughter of whales and dolphins gives jobs to over 2000 people. That's less unemployment and twice the food.

    Imagine if u were a Japanese dolphin fisher and u had to come home and tell ur wife and kids u lost ur job because some rich american green peace activists.

    Killing dolphins might just benefit us as a race. How is a dolphin being killed hurting u?

    Most who disagree with me will most likely eat pork and the only reason u don't feel for pigs is cuz you where raised on eating pork. but not whale meat.

    1. "Killing dolphins might just benefit us as a race. How is a dolphin being killed hurting u"

      How does it DIRECTLY benefit YOU that causes you to have such an interest in killing them? And no they are not the same as pigs or cows so don't go there as it is a stupid argument.

      A significant part of the Japanese economy is NOT benefited either so don't got there again. They will not economically collapse if they stop killing them.

    2. One very big flaw in your logic is the fact that we farm most of the animals that we slaughter for meat. There wouldn't be as many pigs in existence if we didn't breed them specifically to provide us with meat on down the line. This is not the case with dolphins. No one is farming dolphins.

    3. You clearly missed an important part out where every single argument was covered, it's not only wrong on a human level but on a level of health. A close friend of mine in her early twenties in the Western world of England was diagnosed with severe depression and was on anti psychotic medication. Years later it was discovered that this mental health disorder along with other things was due to mercury poisoning. She then spent months in a dark room and has a strict schedule and diet and as I'm sure you can imagine she has kept herself to herself for quite sometime and I haven't the fine details of all the trauma she had to go through to regain some health. It is not good for humans to consume Dolphins because we as a race have poluted the waters in which they roam (in the last century I might add) and therefore the Dolphins are contaminated with mercury. Even myself as a Vegan have too much mercury in my system because I used to eat fish, raw fish, sushi in fact so before you assume a point blank argument that is trying to be open minded to culture, do your research further afield like the documentary did and stated not only is it inhumane to harvest these animals but it is also inhumane to lie to a culture and buy out a culture by offering FREE food to the children in their national schools. Did you miss that part out? Stop trying to be so opinionated, no opinion is necessary. This documentary was made to expose a secret and spread the message based on fact. This slaughter is wrong beyond a moral level, it's a conspiracy and you're an idiot to argue that it's a matter of taste and cultural difference. And of course animals aren't over populating because of natural causes its because we're overpopulating and their existence gets in our way and we farm these animals to be bred for food. Also these 2000 fishermen wouldn't have jobs if the people who were buying dolphin meat knew they were buying dolphin meat. It's like suggesting its alright for some cultures to eat humans if they want to but what you're failing to understand is that the Japanese are mostly unaware that the product is in fact dolphin meat that they are consuming. Those that know it is Dolphin meat and know what the risks are would refuse to eat it because Minamata disease caused trauma to a small part of that nation for decades. Can't you see that the whole industry is based on lies and isn't actually down to a cultural choice. In regards to unemployment, one door closes another bloody opens, maybe they'll pick fruit or vegetables or maybe those unemployed fishermen will build another factory that pollutes the enviroment and humans and lie about that too.

    4. Keep in mind that it is not a few poor fishermen catching dolphins to eat . This is all about the lucrative marine park business that is driving this cruel hunt. The biggest marine park dolphin buyer is China.

    5. How could you say that when dolphin meat has dangerously high levels of Mercury and have brain capacity’s as big as - if not bigger that ours.

  13. Apart from the thought of killing intelligent animals, apart from eating mercury laden meat, the thought of capturing these animals and confining them, when in nature they travel many miles each day makes me ill beyond measure. I'll never go to Sea World or anything like it again. These slaughtering and trapping activities must be stopped.

  14. The wife and I went to Taiji with Sea Shepherd in 2010. This is still going on. It's horrible. I reccomend getting with Sea Shepherd and joining them in the fight to end this. Go, then tell everyone you know about it to put the pressure on them.

  15. This is modern day genocide and must be stopped at all costs. I have never seen anything so disturbing - I wish O Barry the very best with his activism. I urge people to stop buying Japanese products.

  16. One of the best comedies I have ever seen

  17. That is just like how slaves used to be captured.

  18. Couldn't they just google earth that cove?

  19. Mercury. Tuna. Good luck.

  20. Probably the most influential documentary I have seen and I have seen a
    lot of documentaries . It was very influential,informative and powerful
    but very depressing. Really well made documentary. I enjoyed it along
    with all my class mates. It was quite gruesome but with a purpose. I
    really hope more people view this and the slaughter is stopped.The slaughter video was hard to watch.I view this as a massive problem and extremely immoral and foolish of the Japanese.

    1. Definitely influential. My wife and I saw it, I drove to my work and took the following week off. We flew to Japan and went to Taiji with Sea Shepherd. Best/worst experience of my life.

  21. I've just watched the cove and my blood is boiling. The thing thats getting me about this is I've never heard of it. The people that made this documentary are supposed to be trying to spread the word to put an end to it. If thats the case they should be rolling this out free to every network,tv station,online,tv and any social media site they can to spread the word to bring this cruelty to an end.

    1. or they could sell it, pay the costs for making suuch a film and use the money to promote it further as well as donate to causes.... which i what they are doing... you think too simply.

  22. When we were hunter gathers like the rest of the animals we went after the ones we could catch the slow the lame the weak - now we raise animals to eat - we have to or eat veggies? And of course we have to raise those also - which produces "Factory Farming" -

    We need to stop blaming the industry's that are feeding us and providing our energy - There not the enemy - were the enemy - stop eating the meat and stop using the energy they produce - they will stop making it if we stop using it and stop raising other animals to slaughter if we stop eating them -

    Put the blame where it should be on yourself - take responsibility -

    The Devils Advocate

  23. One man's food another man's poison. How many people talking about this are truly vegetarians? Is it right to kill buffalos, cows, donkeys, monkeys, sheep for their food? The europeans extinguished most of the animal in this planet earth in the name of gaming and stuffing themselves. First clean these peoples backyard before pointing their finger at others.

  24. So I'm assuming all the people against this are vegetarians and don't eat any other animals, right?

    1. Dolphins possess a level of intelligence, self-awareness,
      and even family, that animals that wind up on your table are devoid of. They
      are too sentient and intelligent to be treated as mere fish. The documentary
      explains that, you know.

    2. Sentient is void as an argument for non consumption. We should either eat nothing, and starve, or anything and do our best to be good people during our time on this planet. Drawing moral lines anywhere between is a luxury. No other way to look at it.

      Cannibalism is proven to be a harmful practice, so that's ruled out before you raise the topic.

      Intelligence is a human concept, based on a man-made scoring system of recognisable behaviour and traits; we cannot understand the finer workings of a limpet, for it cannot play, socialise, or do maths.

    3. Sentience can be expressed on a continuum,
      and dolphins are too close to humans for the way they are treated in Taiji.
      As for you, enjoy your mercury laced meat
      if that’s what you’re after. You know where you can get lots of it now.

    4. You should know that pigs, for example, can be incredibly smart animals. Cows less so, but they're very curious and have distinct personalities. I stated to someone else that the biggest difference in the way we feel about the animals we consume has to do with whether or not we farm them specifically for food. Don't say that an animal is more deserving of survival because it's smart. That's some bulls*it people use to make themselves feel better.

      Let me point out that I have a well-balanced, omnivorous diet.

  25. My head is pounding and my blood is boiling. Am I alone in thinking that I would happily watch all of the people involved in this scandal bleed out and drown in a cove with their family and friends watching. I wish they all bloody die of mercury poisoning or something else, as long as it's painful and they don't lose their consciousness until the very last moment. I think it's time to send another nuke over, this time to that bigoted little shitty excuse for a town in a middle of nowhere.

    1. If you lived in Taijin, and needed to feed your family, Bart, what might you do with such an industry on your doorstep? i think I'd feed my family.

    2. yeah lets nuke an entire race, innocent people, including children for what is going on. You seem like lots of fun!

    3. Buddy join the fight at seashepherd. org. We joined and went to Taiji to try and end this!

  26. Horrific ............... just horrific. How can this be going on still ?

  27. Have just watched it. It's heartbreaking to witness. Why? WHY do we (humans) do this?

  28. God, what we do. The money is to be made in other ways.

  29. Some old generation Japanese thinks that they're the most superior race in the planet. Of course they'll feel more superior than aquatic species.
    Some old-gen people think that dolphins and whales are also classified as fish just because they live in the sea and look like one.
    Also, I think those fishermen are doing it because of their national pride. Also, they make a living from it.
    I'm ashamed of them tricking people to believe dolphin meat is whale meat (whaling - which is also shameful).
    To me, killing cetaceans are equivalent to killing humans. Cetaceans are probably much smarter than us humans.
    maybe, just maybe, they're in their early stage of evolution. That someday, they will all have hands or some other feats to manipulate their surroundings.

    meanwhile, I'll take my raw tuna diet to moderation. These high mercury levels are probably affecting all of us.

    1. Erika,
      It's hard to deal with it that we live upon meat. I think that whales do not have the hands to make them intelligent than us. They are in their rode on a high stage of development.
      will always live in mori.My we must learn to understand them. Then we can talk with them. Some people whales understand now.
      Communication is difficult. Neither the people among themselves nerozujmejú, understand one another.
      People lose a lot of time because you do not trust

  30. exceptionally well made film - loved the ending where the dude walks around with the TV strapped to himself.

  31. thank you Ric o Berry for making this doc, you have opened my eyes up! Changed the way i think about putting dolphins in tanks, i will never take my daughter to swim with them! I hope to one day see them swimming free :) thanks again!

  32. Oh good grief, there is so much bleeding going on here from your hearts, we will soon be flooded. Reality check, and animal is an animal is an animal. I personally do not eat dog or cat, but many cultures do. We eat beef, an animal worshiped in many countries. While I personally love dolphins and enjoy watching them, who are we to decide what another can eat. All the mercury cries is absurd, they have been eating dolphin for thousands of years and have been fine. Here in the USA, we consume tons of fish known to have higher to high mercury.

    Get over yourselves, animals are not humans and are not entitled to the same protections. Bet a bunch of you crying foul over an animal would raise your signs proclaiming the greatness of abortion, the actual killing of a human. They can eat what they want, we will eat what we want. Animals will always be food for human kind and while their death is never pleasant, it is a part of life. And if you have consumed flesh, you have no pulpit to preach from.

    1. Animals are not humans but humans are animals. An animal isn't an animal isn't an animal. You cannot compare a goldfishes suffering to that of a dolphin as sentience is everything. People don't raise signs to the greatness of abortion, they raise signs to the right to abortion. Humans are only special to the extent you make out unless you let religion cloud your mind. Who are we to decide what another can eat? We decide what others do all the time, look at the war on drugs. The ethical consumption of animals is what matters, though I am sure vegetarians would say it's never ethical. If you have consumed flesh you have no pulpit to preach from? Does that mean if you have sinned you have no pulpit to preach from therefore nullifying every christians to climb into the pulpit?
      Your arguments are flimsy at best.

    2. why do humans think they are better than animals, . no animals are not humans, but man thinks he has a more rights than animals. whoever told him, he has. animals and man live on the same planet , side by side. animals help man, save our lives. if we are in the sea and a shark is about, dolphins will save us, dogs save our lives, mountain rescue etc. animals do far more for mankind that mankind does for animals and they do not deserve to be treated like this. and no i dont like abortion, or the killing of human life either

    3. Agree with you all the way, bar the last sentence. But to each his own right?

    4. you're right.

    5. I do not find your opinion to be very forward thinking. It is as stagnant, as a Roman Catholic believing that a wafer is actually the son of God. By the way, I am both pro-life, animal advocate, and vegan. Does that entitle me to criticize the blood waters?

  33. Are we Humans? If this is who a human is and this is what they do. I AM ASHAMED TO BE ONE !!

    1. or are we dancer?

  34. What is unacceptable is that people know that they have the knowledge that they are wrong but they try to conceal the fact and they lie to win support for the legalization of cruelty and evil act.

  35. it makes u thankful ww3 has started. the world needs 2 b cleansed of the human race. god 4give me 4 saying that. the fact is its true.

  36. it makes u grateful ww3 has started. god 4give me saying that. the world needs 2 b cleansed of the human race

  37. it makes u grateful ww3 has started. the world needs 2 b cleansed of the human race

  38. Understand this people. No other wild animal would come up to you and play with you, let alone help you against a shark attack or save you in otherwise perilous situations. Other mammals would knock you out, eat you, or just bite your head off. This is a fact you cannot get around while trying to explain how hypocritical we are because we eat this or that. Suck you jap fishermen pretending to be Joe Smiths here.

    1. They would eat you if they were hungry or attack you if threatened and would never take more than they needed to sustain their life.

  39. Is sad ... I sipseumnida help.

  40. I must applaud Japan for showing an open door to those who wish to make movies even if it may show some of the local people in a negative light. Do I agree with the Dolphin Hunt personally? Not one bit. Do I agree with forcing my beliefs on others by infringing on their rights? Again No. What I do believe in is knowledge. TEACH what you learned about these lovely creatures, as you learned, so may they. Respect others and they will listen with respect, treat them with hatred and they will not hear the words or lesson.

    By the way? racist slurs are given by all races so lets not waste time nor energy on that besides pointing out that those that say any slur against another culture including "white" people should not do so.

    1. Did you like WATCH the movie? Japan didn't open its doors fot them to make this film... Rick O'Barry and his team had to make everything illegaly like Jesus...did you pay attention?

    2. I have to agree with the first reply to you- did you watch the movie, they didn't open the door and most Japanesse don't eat dolphin so it not cultural or forcing beliefs, the animals of the world are everyone's responsibility not just the country where the animals reside and marine mammals travel so they even more are world animals. If we let nations do things that we all feel is not in the benefit for all mankind then apartied, slavery, and the masacre of lions would all be going on still because people enforced their beliefs sometime the collective beliefs of a world are the majority that has the say and I say "na bother kill off the dolphins" there beautiful and have every right to live like us

    3. You must be part Japanese sticking up for them. They are probably the most racist people on the planet and can be two faced all the way across the sky! Look at what they did to the chinese and the american captives during WWII.

    4. That wasn't the Japanese people that was the Japanese government. There's only a few bad people in the world most are good but sadly manipulated.

    5. Do you have any idea what the Americans did to the citizens of Japanese decent? Educate yourself. Humans are awful to each other. It does not matter what race or ethnicity we happen to be, we are all capable of kindness or atrocity.

    6. The problem actually exists in "the right" . Is it a right to brutally and inhumanely murder another sentient being? I think rights need to be reviewed and empathy needs to be taught (if empathy is teachable - I don't know).
      Racist slurs have no business being in any argument that's for sure. Not all Japanese people are involved in this, many don't even know it exists. For sure TEACHING is key and once the others are aware they will work with us all to put an end to this forever.

  41. @Nigel, it saddens me that people still see black, white, yellow, etc.... Every human is there own person and can be responsible for horrible attrocities. Its the person(s) not thier colours. Until poeple stop dividing others into groups, we will always have division. Unfortunately it is people like you who keep fuelling it. Intentional or not, you create divisions by your words, i feel sad for you.

  42. Hi

  43. Nature will take care...
    the people are eating the meat that has mercury.... the slaughters and the consumers will get sick and if they don't kill all the dolphins in that region it will stop.... but when...
    The nature does not depend on the civilized to librate it... a natural process will be initiated.

  44. My cousin and i where saved off the coast of Florida from the jaws of a 12'-0" shark by two Dolphins.

    It is astounding to me to see such a significant and educated culture like japan's allowing such ignorant barbarianism to happen off of its coast.

    I am all about eating flesh, but not from any animal that can show the level of intelligence and compassion that a dolphin can.

    We might as well start eating each other if we allow for this.

    1. If you think that only a creature such as a dolphin can exhibit intelligence and feelings so as not to warrant being slaughtered by humans, then you should educate yourself on the complexity and levels of emotion shown by all the animals we take for granted as our dinner time staples.

    2. Then you can't eat pork, for starters. Pigs are extremely intelligent. And turkey. And squid/octopus. And tons of other commonly eaten animals.

    3. Pigs will eat their own feces. Ask the middle east. The process your people are using to slaughter these MAMMALS is inhumane. Do not confuse dolphins with fish. We differentiate. What WILD animal by the way would interact with a Human. on its first meeting. Or save his life. You eat japanese dxxx don't cha.

    4. Wow, those are some pretty silly assumptions about me. I think that the treatment of these animals is horrible and disgusting. My comment was intended to point out that ALL animals exhibiting intelligence and compassion deserve the same regard that dolphins should. My intention was not at all to say dolphins don't deserve respect and humane treatment, I was just saying that they are not alone, other animals deserve the same. In retrospect my comment could seem inflammatory without any context, but your assumptions about my character are absurd and huge jumps of logic.

    5. Actually there are documented cases of dolphins saving humans. It can go horribly too but it has happened

    6. *nod* scarcely could have said that better!!

  45. 1. If the Japanese government were really worried about Ric O'Barry and his friends, why did they give them all entry visas?
    2. The film crew were hardly inconspicuous or discrete -- not to mention the mountains of technical gear they arrived with -- the group's intentions and purposes were pretty clear. The Japanese government still allowed them entry, and EXIT. Doesn't that point to Japan's benign level of democracy?
    3. No arrests were made despite the fact that O'Barry and his crew apparently broke Japanese law by trespassing on prohibited sites. I'd like to see that happen to a foreign interloper on a European or American government site.
    3. This is NOT a film about "The Wise Western World" vs "Nasty Japan". Japan is not the only nation of the world that hunts dolphin for commercial purposes - Peru, Taiwan, the Solomon Islands, the Faroe Islands and HAWAII (i.e. USA) are others. The whaling industry is equally big in the USA and Canada, not to mention Norway, Russia, Indonesia, Iceland, Greenland and some Caribbean islands. To target one nation's industry without looking closer to home is not very objective or responsible film making.
    4. This IS a film which tries to cash in on the tear-jerk response most people have to 'cute' dolphins. I'm assuming this film wants to make money just as much as any other film, never mind all the sentimental banner waving. The film is a product and the purpose of any product is to sell. The subject of the film is almost irrelevant. It could have been about a groundbreaking cure for cancer, but if TV networks don't buy it and if no one watches it, then it has failed as a film. Therefore WE the audience are just as much a part of the product as the dolphins are. It's irrelevant whether one is against dolphin-hunting, in favour, or couldn't care either way. What is relevant is the fact that we've all felt compelled to come to this website.
    5. I thought it was a powerful film with a strong impact and message, but that doesn't make it the one and only, ultimate truth.

  46. Japan must stop this sickening and disgusting act!. They dont care about this innocent creature. :(

  47. I'm a dutch teacher. In 1993 I showt the dolphin slaugter to 38 kids, 12 years old.
    They were all crying.
    What will be in their minds now?

  48. I'm from Japan and am so overwhelmed by this film. I've lived in San Diego and currently live in UK, I understand both Japanese and activists' perspectives on this. Some may defend Japanese local industry, or may mention the fact that most Japanese people don't eat or have not eaten whale meat at all. But regardless of all the socio-cultural, economic or political conditions contributing to this situation, it's just incredibly cruel to see those fishermen stabbing innocent dolphins. They should stop the practice, the market should not be strong anyway, even if it can take away jobs from so many local people because government should be able to do something about it if they stop using the money to subsidize whale hunting, for example money to recruit support from small countries.

    But above all what makes me sad is that people who watch this film would have such hatred, anger and disgust,any feelings against Japanese people I assume. Please don't categorize the whole nation and people as the same evil,there are so many Japanese people who are and would be opposed to this,once they know the situation, yes they don't even know the situation. Please don't say Japan deserves another earthquake or Hiroshima bombing or something like that, those really can't be a joke.. :'(

    1. You can perfectly expect white people to make ridiculous racist **** like "Nuke Japan" again. I know. I grew up here. Do you have any idea how many times I've had to endure white people saying, "We should've nuked Vietnam, it would've saved human life." Yeah, only white people apparently count as humans. Or when Japan's women won the women's world cup, and suddenly there's an OVERLOAD of people stating that Japan should get nuked again. That's just how it is here, and that's what infests documentaries like these. I swear, the hypocrisy from the USA is so unbelievably stinking, but the nice thing is, if you travel to non white countries, people of color are on top of that. They know the West's stench of hypocrisy. They know it very very well.

      Again, like I've said before, economic policy dictates this more than anything else. I personally don't like whaling. I also don't eat animals. But I'm not gonna judge people's diets. I do think that if this was a free market, commercial whaling would've gone the way of the dodo a LONG time ago. It's just not sustainable, not when you measure Japan's oversupply of whale meat stocks with market demand, health risks, etc. But we don't have that. Instead we have sensationalist, racist, hypocritical documentaries.

      You know, I'd pay to see a sensationalist documentary about the Faroe Islands dolphin slaughter, or Iceland's endangered whale slaughter (Iceland kills more endangered whales than Japan.) It'd be interesting to see people's reactions when the shoe's on the other foot.

      But that would be about white people. Nope, they won't do it. Like I said, I'm waiting.

  49. haha them activists behave as children do--unable to picture any solution which doesn't satisfy their demands 115%. I recommend they grow up & understand that interests besides their own may be just as valid. Rather than playing petty games pretending to be members of a super-awesome Oceans 11 eco-team, they should do their part to work towards an agreement. A solution where both sides compromise.

    1. the demand for animals to be treated with a scrape of dignity and for japan to come clean about poisoning its own population with mercury saturated meat that they try to pass off as something its not is hardly childlike. what is childlike however is your overt simplification of the situation and the belief that an agreement in which both sides can be satisfied is at all realistic.. cunt

  50. How can we sit and think we are the most intelligent animals and are better than all other species as we supposively understand what life is, do we really want to find aliens in spaces as they may do to us what we do to the dolphins, keep us in captivity and make us perform in front of a crowd. So maybe we are not the most intelligent just the most ignorant as dolphins are killed and the numbers which are killed are hidden so nobody knows just like elephants in africa and asian or the tiger by the chinese who keep farms of tigers to use as "medicines" even though it is proven it does nothin. but cause we are ignorant we like to think the animals are recovering by putting them in reserves which are not big enough for them and as soon as they leave the reserve they get shot as humans are all around the reserve and feel indangered, so what to politicians do the make more small reserves to fool the doped up public and so the final question has to be what will the politicians do? you wouldnt be wrong to say nothin.

    This is the view of a 16 year old living in a world of lies

    1. Yo mate--by the sound of it, you be sucha mad faggot. Lucky for you, you're only just 16. Which I hope that means you're going to grow up & grow out of who the heck you are now.

      A world of lies? Really? Again, I must remind meself you're only just 16. So, God willing, you will wise up.

  51. I find it very, VERY interesting that NO ONE here has made the connection in all the factors going on here.
    Factor 1.) Japan has an over supply of whale meat.
    Factor 2.) Very VERY few people in Japan even EAT whale meat
    Factor 3.) Yet, these Government SUBSIDIZED WHALERS continue to hunt.
    Factor 4.) Japan has been in a massive deflation for almost 20 years
    Factor 5.) Japan's government followed the US Federal Reserve, World Bank, and IMF Keynesian concepts of GOVERMENT SPENDING TO STIMULATE THE ECONOMY. Whaling just being ONE of many sectors they keep trying to stimulate.

    Put all of that together, and you're realize that A.) Most Japanese don't care to eat Whale meat, therefore the market for it isn't large enough to sustain it. and B.) Because Japan's government, like all of ours, is following a Keynesian model, they're OBLIGATED TO KEEP WHALING TO KEEP SOME INDUSTRIES RUNNING AS STIMULUS.

    If this doesn't make Austrian economists of y'all, I don't know what will. I personally come from a culture that worships whales (Viets) as Gods and ancestors. I do find Whaling repugnant. However, I will never support Sea Shepard until I see some honest to goodness protesting of the WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE WHALING, aka Iceland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands with as much bad publicity that the Japanese are getting. Cause it seems y'all just LOVE to jump on the Japanese. But hey, if they're blonde and blue eyed, and murdering in particular endangered whales, like Iceland, a token protest and a mute clipping in the back page somewhere is sufficient.

    I'm waiting.

  52. who's the ******* id*ot who subtitled spanish OVER english subtitles for japanese?

  53. If money is the thing that makes us suffer, why do we create money in the first place?

    We are the ones who wanted money, why do we need to drag down innocent creatures who doesn't need it?

    It's the same meaning as some strangers got into a fierce fight, you're just a passerby and you don't want to get involve in it because you know you will ended up getting injured. Do you like someone killing you or keeping you for money?

    You wanna worship and pray to god but you banished what god created. Why the hell do you think will god create them at where they belong in the first place? For fun for scenery? Everyone feels most comfortable and safe at home. And we just take them away from their home , their comfort zone......

    I think we really deserve an end of world. Humans are crazy sickening lunatics.

    I really wish i have the power to save all the poor animals.....

  54. When he walked in front of all those world leaders at the end with the tv on his chest I wanted to start cheering. Id gladly go to jail for that.

    1. Eh, it's the action of a child. Instead he could behave like a mature adult and discuss the issue with an argument based on fact and logic.

  55. Was there any action taken to stop this kind of cruelty? i hope there was!!!!!!! Gosh!!! i was so angry at them when i saw what they did to the dolphins!!!

  56. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has a team of volunteers down there right now called The Cove Guardians.

    1. I imagine that when the lights go out in Taiji at night, all the boys of the Cove Guardians kiss and hold hands hahahahahaha

  57. Save the the Fisherman. This was a deeply moving documentary!

  58. i hope they did something about this

  59. heres what you do to stop this.
    you catch some dolfins and you inject capsuals containing somthing highly toxic to humans under their skin,the capsual stays intact untill it is ruptured by the person who kills the dolphin or the person eating it
    you do this on film and then send ia ciopy to the japanese governmernt so they cant say they wernt warned.

    1. Dennis!!!!

  60. Maybe another earthquake will teach them a lesson?

    1. but then they'll get more money to spend on whaling... which is what they used about 30 million of the relief money for

  61. i'm amazed that after watching a documentary about the infliction of cruelty on a living creature that a discussion about vegetarianism and cultural rights ensues. the world is complicated and everybody feels so vehemently about defending their personal ideals that it gets in the way of a constructive, solution oriented discussion on just how to stop unnecessary cruelty. i'm almost ashamed to have chimed in here. i find the majority of discussions on top documentary films a depressingly abysmal reflection of just how doomed we are as a species. we cannot even put aside our petty, inconsequential differences to feel something as simple as pity and allow it to rouse us to action.

  62. You know what really disgusts me?
    Americans eating rabbit meat.
    I have a pet rabbit and I know they are sociable animals.
    Why, then, do Americans perceive rabbits as food?
    Also, what about the processes that McDonalds uses for their meat?
    At least whaling and dolphin eating is kept inside Japan. McDonalds is way crueller in their methods and they are spreading their influence internationally. Why isn't that considered? Is it okay to eat rabbit meat and Big Macs because "civilized", "normal" Americans eat it on a daily basis?

    1. unless you are vegan, you have no right to say that.

    2. Watch the movie before you post a comment

    3. Most Americans do not eat rabbit or have even seen rabbit meat. I guess that is very similar to most Japanese who do not eat dolphin. Where they do eat rabbit alot is UK and France.

  63. Amazing... and very sad :(

  64. how can we take it to the next step? Let's stop arguing and join force to minimize it. I do not think we can stop it, a government is behind it and will limit us.

  65. Just like those who eat meat feel it is ok to torment,torture,bully other living beings who can't defend themselves n look up to us to help them, dolphin hunters also do the same, but with different creatures of their choice,liking, n purpose. The act is the same, of taking advantage of weaker creatures who hv the same right to live in this world wch v share Wth them..esp when they mean us no harm n cannot say tt v kill them in self defense. 
    Just cos some got close to dolphins n dogs n made them their pets, does not mean tt they only deserve to b protected by all. All animals need to b protected by all. The dolphins n dogs r just examples to show how animals r living friends n not food. How they r living, feeling beings who r capable of emotional bonding if given the chance. 
    We have to change ourselves first if we want to change the world. We have to walk the talk before others will listen to what we have to say n follow us. We can then speak with authority n touch their conscience n inspire them to do the right thing. 
    We can then choose to buy n consume the right things. If those who r doing wrong cannot profit from our money, they will stop what they r doing on their own w/o the need to tell them so. 
    If we continue buying their products while telling them not to do what they r doing, we r just showing our weakness in stopping ourselves from doing the wrong thing n wanting others to do it for us, ie stop supplying n then v vl stop buying. 

  66. Life is not fair, get use to it. One of the very few principles that I believe in. If you people are angry, blame money. Many of these problems are because of greed for money or desperateness for money. People do whatever they can to acquire money. For, money talks.

  67. How about the 100s of 1000s of other animals who are slaughtered to satisfy meat-eating people? Can those killings be justified? Are they not living creatures with feelings just like the dolphins? It is like the pot calling the kettle black? I'm a vegetarian against all killings but have come across others who are meat-eaters trying to defend the killings of select group of animals. That is hypocrasy. By the way, the human body is designed to consume and digest vegetables only(scientifically proven). Moreover with toxins in meat, nature and karma is trying to say something to mankind. It is time we listen to it.

    1. 1) Check your grammar and spelling
      2) The human body is not scientifically proven to be vegetarians. We have both canines and molars, enzymes that digest fats and proteins; we evolved to have them for a reason. Funny, humans don't actually have the enzyme to digest cellulose, the main molecular building blocks of plants.
      3) How can you justify, for example, banning an Inuit community from slaughtering seals for meat and hides? They cannot grow their own food from their environment, and the rate of poverty and diabetes is skyrocketing from the expensive canned foods they are getting shipped/flown in twice a year.
      4) Plants have more toxins in meat. More people die of ingesting toxic plants than "toxic" meats. Have you ever had shrooms?
      5) For the future, do your research before making grand, sweeping claims. You're only making a fool out of yourself.

      Animal and dolphin lover, but still a meat-eater.

    2. there is a difference. Chickens/pigs etc are being cultivated. In other words, there are a lot of them. And yes, most people find it normal to eat them. Im not saying that makes it right, but whales/dolhphins are not cultivated, they even become extinct if we let Japan and others continue to kill them. They do stand closer to humanity, thats why i think we care more about them and because they are unique gracious creatures. I just want to point out that we kill chickens/pigs and eat them, but the 900 whales that Japan wants to slaughter this season is just because they want to say to the world, "Hey, nobody tells us what to do" The Whales must Die because the Japanese must uphold their so called "pride". There should never be such a reason to destroy live in any way. "Research" my ass!

  68. hey japan, this karma is a bitch

  69. This is so f--ked up.. To all the people arguing this is racism, or that everyone is being hypocritical.. You guys are sooooo misguided and stupid it's hard for me to even talk to you. It's not like "an animal is an animal" and it doesn't matter which ones you kill. If you started killing thousands of PEOPLE for meat do you think anyone would raise an eyebrow? You wouldn't be able to just claim it's tradition and that it's no worst than killing cows.. Because humans are much more intelligent.

    Dolphins are extremely intelligent not to mention in very short supply. Cows/chickens are not intelligent nor in short supply. To try and justify this by saying "its tradition" or saying "everyones just being racist against japan" or "you guys are hypocritical because you kill animals too" is nothing but a fallacy.

  70. Japan, I thought you had enough with Hiroshima, as I see ypu may deserve another

  71. wow
    just wait for 2045
    no more fish
    damn humans!

  72. I just cant believe this is happening maybe right now in Japan and it happens every day. I wish I could help poor whales...If they continue with killing them the whales will be completely threatened soon.


  74. ...When all else fails lets put it down to "RACE", its wrong & it just so happens to be in Japan.

  75. If y'all are so upset about whaling and the dolphin slaughter in Japan, then you should at least not be hypocrites and acknowledge that Iceland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands do their fair share slaughtering too. But, oh wait, they're white. So we won't say a thing.

    Y'all are racist hypocrites. And unless you're vegetarian, you have no real legs to stand on regarding this. Cows are sacred to at least a billion people (India), etc.

    Clean up your own damn back yard before you go pissing in someone elses.

    1. We are trying to clean up our own back yard too, but that`s no good reasen to stop cleaning up in japan.

      When we talk about crime against animals, i don`t give a damn about the color of the people who commit the crime. It`s murder anyway.

      - Vegetarian from Norway

    2. good point!!
      even vegetarians eat animal products
      vegan is the way to go but all vegan food costs lots of these $$$$$$

    3. Priorities, Einstein. Japan kills a full 23,000 of the 30,000 cetaceans killed each year - Norway, Faroe and Iceland combined; 7,000.

      Rest assured we'll stop the others too, after we stop the worst offender - and we won't be swayed to relent or pull back by angry, ignorant rhetoric.

      BTW - I am white, of Norwegian, German and Russian descent. This isn't a race thing by any means.

  76. We have been to Taiji and witnessed these horrible acts. We will never stop putting pressure on the Japanese Government to stop this.

  77. Yes, anyone who still swims with dolphins at a park or goes to an aquarium show, is living in the dark...and it's their choice because the information is out there and hard to miss. ~ Thank you for this moving documentary and all the work you are doing.

  78. thanks for the documentary

  79. This made me so sad and further justified why I really dislike our species. The commercial slaughter of any animal, captive or wild, is morally wrong and unjustifiable. and there are places all over the world where human beings are indiscriminately slaughtered in front of their loved ones on a daily basis for political and economic reasons...for example for the coltan in our electronic devices we all enjoy every day, or whats true hypocrisy? Its not right for any living being on any level

  80. @crazybunni22 When you say "bred for food" do you mean they have been genetically altered so they grow faster and have more muscles or do you mean that the animals are simply unaffected by the way they are kept, grown and killed? What is it with people thinking that slaughterhouses are places where animals just peacefully drift away. Animals are being cut until they bleed out. Depending on the country, often without being tazed. They can hear the other animals during the process and they do feel terrified. Apart from that they spend their lives in miserable conditions, depraved of any conditions a wild animal or an animal kept on a farm would have. From that perspective, killing a wild animal seems much more humane to me.

  81. This documentary is certainly a tear jerker but i do hope people are realizing the big picture here. Yes the dolphins getting killed so inhumanly is horrifying and should be stopped but you also have to look at the fact that these animals are high in a poison that basically (like the movie stated) slowly takes away what it means to be human, Symptoms include ataxia (gross lack of coordination of muscle movements), numbness in the hands and feet, general muscle weakness, narrowing the field of vision and damage of hearing and speech. In some cases so extreme insanity, paralysis, coma and death follow within weeks of the onset of symptoms. If you love to eat fish, i do recommend you getting your blood check and if you still want to eat fish, keep an eye out of where your fish comes from. From what i have learned is that the fish from the arctics are the most healthy fish you can eat

  82. So much hypocrisy. How can anybody in their right mind say this kind of slaughter is worse than any modern day slaughterhouse practice. Yes it does look horrific but these animals have at least not been bred, grown and processed in an environment they were never meant to be in in the first place. And yes a cow or a pig feels just as much terrified as a dolphin. Jesus christ, so much hipocrisy.

    1. Look slaughter of anything alive, INCLUDING plants is unacceptable. If you feel really strong for cows, pigs, etc, do what these guys did and make a documentary. It is sad, but try doing this if you don't have the resources to make a documentary. Think PRO animal freedom not ANTI animal cruelty. A positive thought is 100x stronger than a negative one. =]

    2. I do not feel strong for any particular breed. However I want to emphasize that criticising Japanese fishers for slaughtering delphins is hypocrisy to the power of ten, if at the same time someone is consuming not only meat but any kind of animal products. It's the same kind of thinking that got scientists to stop using dogs during lab experiments at the beginning of the 20. century and switch over to an animal nobody had problems with being experimented on. The allmighty rat.

    3. well the difference between this and that is that at least the cows where BRED to become food, these dolphins are coming from the wild. Not to mention that most of the animals that are bred on farms are being killed instantly these dolphins are being STABBED by spears, daggers REPEATEDLY causing more pain and suffering than the average Cow till they die

    4. The difference between this slaughter and the other slaughters is that the farm animals are being bred to become food, these dolphins are coming from the wild, first being sold off for aquariums then dragged by the tail into that cove and then getting STABBED by daggers, spears, and carving knives, REPEATEDLY till they die. At least the farm animals get an instant kill

  83. watched this documentry ! cried from start to finish cant belive just how cruel people can be !! this has to stop NOW!!!!!!

  84. This film has certainly touched a nerve with me. I know that people on here compare the killing of Dolphins in a similar context of the breading and slaughter of animals. In my opinion its now where close. Its a well known fact that dolphins are probably one of the closest mammals to human you can get and been slaughted they way there are is awful and on a scale of mass murder. As this happens the Dophins sense exactly what is going on and feel exactly what is happening. At least with most registered slaughter houses the animals a killed in a humane way with for example a bolt through the head which kills then instantly. Never do these animals see another been killed or feel or understand it. Dolphins in my opinion are allot more like humans the say a cow you could never have that sort of connection with such an animal. I honestly do feel that what is happening is the same as slaughtering people in front of friends and family and this really does need to stop. Does anyone know where this goes from here is this been sorted?

    1. This has not "been sorted". Look for Facebook groups and petition sites. Sign petitions to help end this and other slaughters around the world. Participate in groups united to end this. You can email, call embassies etc. All within your power ! If we all do something or raise awareness this CAN end !

  85. I cried all the way through this... the poor poor animals. Nothing about this was humane. We HAVE to stop this!!!!

  86. This is depressing...I used to not like Japan but now I hate it.

  87. I think it's sad that humans are the only animals in existence that is destroying the habitat it actually depends so heavily on.
    Is it bad or wrong for me to picture the world as being a better place without mankind in it? But that doesn't mean I'm gonna go off and do some kind of destructive act, I'm merely making an observation that highlights a loss in faith towards humanity.

  88. oh, and to clear it up, i thought it was wonderful, the doc itself did not disgust me :)

  89. Watching this movie DISGUSTED me, this has nothing to do with "tradition" it has only to do with making money. If it is wrong to massacre millions of people, then what makes it right to massacre millions of animals as smart, if not smarter, than us?

  90. Here's the way I see it.

    1) The oceans coastal areas around industrialized nations have become cesspools. As the documentary informs, coastal areas are heavily burdened with mercury and other toxins that get into the very bottom of the food chain. As these toxins are passed up the food chain, they are amplified because the top predators are receiving the same "basic level" toxins as the plants are. Dolphins are apex predators, thus the most amount of toxins (and mercury) will be within them - to quote the film, "Dolphins are swimming toxic dump sites." Eating the meat of these marine mammals is dangerous.

    2) As has been pointed out previously - cetaceans are wild animals and farm animals are not. When you remove a wild animal from the eco-system, it damages the natural balance of nature. When you remove a farm animal from the farm, you do not upset nature's balance (as much).

    3) The solution to this problem is with law makers in Tokyo, it cannot be and will not ever be solved in Taiji. That said, most Japanese citizens are ignorant to what is happening in Taiji. 99% of Japanese industries have nothing to do with this, and as such - actions and venting need to be focused at the right sources.

    The bottom line though as it pertains to coastal dolphins is that they are a human health hazard. A few years ago, several dolphins in Taiji were blocked from live export to an island resort in the Caribbean. The Taiji fishing union were angry and called the island's government and told them if they didn't buy the live dolphins then they were going to get the dead dolphins - and that the dead dolphins would have to be buried and treated as "toxic waste" - that's their own words. They know the meat is toxic, yet they still persist to sell it and even force children to eat it in school lunches. Not only should the slaughter be immediately stopped. The fishermen doing this should be jailed for public endangerment.

    1. nicely said

  91. Well said Dianne, well said. Maybe you could help the next generation awake sooner in their life-time by telling them how you feel.

  92. In the past three days, I've made myself watch not only "The Cove," but also "Food, Inc." and "Earthlings."

    I'm 61 years old, and I'm finally waking up. I've always "known," but only in an intellectual way, not an emotional one.

    This film is heart-breaking and the killing of dolphins needs to stop, but so, too, does the slaughter of millions of innocent animals around the world in the name of human comfort.

    We here in the United States need to clean our own house before we can stand on firm ground in condemning what Japan is doing.

    It's all wrong. It all needs to change.

  93. Cattle are domestic animals. Bred to be consumed. Killing it has zero effect on the eco-system.

    Dolphins are wild animals.

    Its all about sustainability.

    Human life is valued over any animal. Hence there has to be slaughter. But we are finding out the cost of that slaughter to our diverse eco-system. There is light at the end of the tunnel because naturally deep instincts within us all are showing that the light at the end is green.

    1. Breeding cows has zero effect on our diverse eco-system? Do you have any idea how much petroleum alone goes into the breeding of cows? The fertilizer, the toxic waste that gets produced? And really, unless you're a vegetarian, you have no place to judge. 1 billion hindus and others can definitely judge Americans on all the cows we murder for our stomachs!

  94. So long and thanks for all the fish

  95. Hi everybody, the question here is how to balance human society development with nature, to make it sustainable.

    Also, I agree that killing any leaving being that has consciousness is unnecessary when we have alternatives, but my question is.

    ¿what alternatives are out there for the people in taiji? (or places similar to that)... how can activist and government can offer ALTERNATIVES for surviving, earning a living?

    People in Taiji defend their way of life because they don't see similar alternatives...

    So, we have to work on that


  96. @Joe

    I won't repeat what was already said about 'drawing the line' and 'objectivity', but I do see your point - however, look at this as a step forward. You're right, it is wrong that the USA and other countries in the west and all over kill animals in the most horrific way and similar documentaries portraying this are not winning Oscars. But I honestly believe that had a documentary been made showing a cow or sheep slaughterhouse in England and had gotten as well known, every single viewer would have at least thought about the source of ANY meat they ate before they did.

    This documentary has fortunately gotten a lot of publicity - and since dolphins or not really accepted cuisine around the world (at least not as much as pig/cow/chicken) I am forced to think that it touched people on a much deeper level. Compassion was not only felt for whales and dolphins but all members of the animal kingdom.

    However, as someone from the middle east, I can empathise only too much with anyone who feels the full reputation of their culture has been bad-mouthed by western propaganda. It's a shame, but hopefully people will take The Cove at face value and focus on the problem of that specific trade, NOT on Japan as a whole.

  97. Meat is not bad for you. We're omnivorous animals...

    If you just get meat that's not poisoned with antibiotics and other junk (Organic or Halal are save choices), then there is nothing harmful about it.

    1. Meat is bad for you. Organic meat may be marginally healthier but I would never say it is safe to eat. Read The China Study by Dr T. Colin Campbell and watch the documentary Forks Over Knives.

  98. I am vegetarian and killing animals in general is wrong to me.Japan is more in the wrong for killing dolphins and eating them because of how poisonous and harmful it is to our bodies. However, all meat is bad for you.

  99. The reason why Japan is so insistent on keeping commercial whaling alive and running is because of the huge economical role it plays. As it said in the doco, dolphin hunting is a huge revenue. Therefore, if they cut out dolphin sales, there would have to be big adjustments to the financial cycle of Japan and many other countries that have a large dolphin market.
    This is why it is so hard to resolve this issue. It is always money before anything else in this world.

    Also, a lot of people have commented on the cultural sensitivity issue and basing which animals are alright to kill depending on our emotional attachments to certain animals.
    Some have pointed out that there is a logical error in stating that dolphins shouldn't be slaughtered when other animals such as cows, pigs and chicken go into our mouths every day. Although logically this makes perfect sense and it is fair to say that it is unfair to criticize dolphin slaughter when other cultures are also slaughtering other animals... I think it's extremely insensitive to conclude based on that logic that dolphin slaughter shouldn't be banned.
    Logic sometimes fails us. Just because other animals are being killed, it doesn't mean that the rest of the species should be too. Although not perfect, I feel that it is important to eliminate as many animals from cruelty as possible regardless of which other animals are being killed. In this case I feel that it is good to provoke human emotions towards animals in order to stop at least one type of species from suffering rather than dealing with this too logically..

    I hope this made sense to those who are patient enough to read it.

  100. Japan needs to stop the Dolphin genocide, and their illegal whaling!!! GO SEA SHEPHERD!!!!

  101. Oh yeh, sorry, I forgot.
    I don't do anything for a living, I'm 17 and go to school in England.

  102. @madamebrutality: well said

    @JCarter: You never did return me the courtesy of telling me me what you did for a living...

  103. I not only enjoyed watching this wonderful document, but have also been thoroughly entertained by all of the comments, opinions and debates posted here.
    The only thing I can add to all of this is that as the Japanese people don't know and aren't aware of what is going on right under their nose, we as Americans aren't exactly being told or shown how our food is being prepared or grown, raised or fed either. It is ignorant for any of us to say one creature is better or worse that any other, worth more or more valuable, whatever. Each have their purpose on this earth!!
    The bottom line is: as long as there is a PRICE on their heads, there will be people who dont care and (in their greed) make this all about the money, regardless of the truth. Its all about supply and demand.

    *moment of silence for all fallen animals*
    Bless you

  104. Yesterday (11/15/10) the Japanese fishermen once again herded a family of dolphins and cruelly and horrifically murdered them. It is shameful, brutal and inhumane. They died an agonizing, terrifying death watching their family members writhe and scream in pain. Please go to Facebook, search Sea Shepherd for the videos. There are thousands upon thousands of members who vehemently Protest and Oppose this practice. Shame on Japan allowing a small group of fishermen to stain the reputation of Japan. I will never be able to visit and I strongly Boycott Japanese products. Japan, the oceans are not yours to pillage and rape. These defenseless innocent dolphins do not deserve the pain you are inflicting upon them. Find an alternative to mercury poisoned meat. Find an alternative to barbaric hunting methods. Find an alternative to evil, find your soul.

  105. Mmm, I think I'll go whip me up a baby dolphin burger cooked in whale oil mmm mmm that's good eatin!

    1. WOW!HEARTLESS!..>:(

  106. I think that people are missing the point. It is not so sad that they kill and eat dolphin, but that they do it so brutally. Also, dolphins are such intelligent creatures, not like cows. They are aware of what is happening to them.

    They also refuse to think strategically about how they go about their "fishing." Killing baby dolphins will slow down the reproduction of the species eventually leading to extinction. If not completely stopped, this process needs to be at least regulated!

    Then there is the issue of poisoning their own country with high levels of mercury...

  107. I'm interested to see how the guy that started the dolphin trade has turned about and is now against it. I'd like to see them do a documentary on Norma McCovey, the Jane Doe in Roe v Wade, she has completely turned against the genocide of abortion and now campaigns against it. Remarkable similarity, too bad so many animal lovers don't love humanity as much as they do the dolphins. I'm against the dolphin and whale slaughter as well but the murder of human infants is more shocking. At least the dolphins have the sense not to slaughter themselves.

  108. the doc was so effing disturbing..I was utterly disappointed in myself for not knowing wats goin on arnd me..i am pretty sure many of u felt the same way as well..and i have read almost all of your comments and i was astounded by how some people can be so callous and completely heartless in what they say about this doc..i don want to point fingers cos i reli have no interest in arguing with such ****.

    I personally know many japs and love their culture, i think the root of the problem is ignorance and greed..the government gets so much of profit from this industry that it's very reluctant to let it is amazing how humans in general can close of their conscience and do such atrocities..but i think from all these responses onli a small portion of the population r like this but the rest of us are just PLAIN IGNORANT...or we r just expecting somebody else to step up and do smt abt it! ( i m includin myself here)

    there r a lot of such atrocities goin on in so many countries..and i believe that if even just one individual like Ric 'O' Barry..there can be a change for the better across the world..

    hey and we just have one earth..its high time we started takin care of it before its too late

  109. Amazing work,we all some how need to contribute to stop this kinda of terror.

  110. Some People Really Are Heartless

  111. Hi Polar Bear. I guess you don't have much intuition either since you saw the movie, and if you didn't see it then you have no right to criticize it. John has it right, the fact is these dolphins are murdered in the cruelest of ways and this has nothing to do with twisting the minds of people.

  112. The word you are looking for is hypocrisy, Polar Bear, but that doesn't make the factual event of dolphin killing in Japan any less factual.

  113. If you have any intuition, you would know not to watch this. More hoaxed and twisted material is hard to find. Like with Michael moore and Al gore, can´t believe this can be shown to twist the minds of people.
    The teams in the movie are so arrogant, morally depraved, deceitful, untruthful, hurtful, ignorant and slanderous; it´s like hearing an American serial child killer explain why it is wrong to accidentally hurt a fly.
    But then I get, it’s all about getting money from using the most negative associations, synonyms, disinformation, half-truths, miscreditations and so forth, to get money the from narrow-sighted, and easily agitated people.

    Blessings all

  114. @JCarter

    I'm a counsellor in training, currently working/volunterring counselling young adults with a variety of issues. Also, employed as a support worker, working with people with mental health issues such as eating disorders and drug addiction.

    How about yourself JCarter?

  115. @Jcarter,

    I work in a photo studio at the moment. I'm striving to eventually become a game sprite artist.

    My interest of animals is non-professional. Although I have worked on a small farm in the past.

  116. I am an English language instructor, Canadian, living in Argentina. Also sometime journalist and unsuccessful businessman.

  117. To all respondents to this documentry, out of personal interest (and of course, in the attempt of an interesting discussion point), I was wandering if people could tell me what jobs you have or careers you are pursuing. Hope this is not too intrusive of me to ask, just want to know.

  118. Protect our beautiful dolphans, stop killing them.

  119. guys you should stop hitting the japanese now since the japanese already stop the killing of dolphins when all of this was known by the japanese public..

    but they all still do the practice of capturing the dolphin in the cove by sound wave but they already throw the killing part.. they only choose the young dolphin female then sell them the rest are freed.. but i dont know if there's a specific amount of how much they can catch and sell.. but i have known they can only sell the best breed that can preform good in some dolphin show.. and i personally hope they dont do it again, and i think they will make more money in the long term if they choose an industry that they can pass to their children and come on you've seen them yearly havent you ever dive with them? i breed dogs but im still more touch when im along with them in my ones a year dive.

    but again if this is the only thing their doing im not against it just dont eat them.. cause again its like eating a dog if japan wasnt a rich industrial nation i would understand and also their toxic/endangered and you dont breed them so you dont have any means of replenishing their population..

    so whatever it is chicken/pig/cows if this creatures become endanger and we dont have any other means to replenish the population where taking we dont have the right to do what we do to them now cause we dont have any right to make any species extinct.. i think thats the reason we choose cows/pigs/chicken as are staple food in the first place cause their the most easy to breed.

  120. @Pete Thanks for the recommendation, but all you've done with the anatomy argument is try to pretend that meat-eating is not a choice, when it is. Millions chose not to eat meat and live very healthy lives. So anatomy has nothing to do with it. As for aggression, as long as neither myself nor anyone else gets hurt, there's nothing wrong with a little aggression. Also known as passion, or a sense of injustice, or compassion depending on circumstance. I do understand why you would feel I'm raving and maybe you're right that it's a bit off topic. But, I've said my bit, so after that, unless you try to undermine my character again, I'll leave it there.

    Have a nice weekend my friend.

  121. Well, Mr. John McG, You'd better look up your anatomy. Perhaps being a vegan is what makes you a little aggressive. I think we should get back to the topic of the movie and leave these rantings behind for a while.

  122. @JCarter: So, you've seen your friends battery hens' conditions and find they meet you standards of 'cruelty free'? My arguement is that all the animals, hens and dolphins, suffer unnecessarily.

    @ Pete: Again, you makes meat-eating sound like it's not a choice, when in fact it is. Millions choose not to eat meat and are as healthy as meat eaters.

    Aside for that, gentlemen, I think I'd like to remind you that I am not trying to demand you become vegan. I am giving my opinion, and stating my choices, based on the information I've seen and reflected on. If you make different choices, who am I to say you are wrong? That is NOT what I'm trying to do here. Just so that is clear.

    I admit I state my opinion strongly, and assertively, because I am passionate about these issues, but I don't apologise for that.

    In any case, I wish ye all well. Good night.

  123. Well let's not forget that we are 'omnivorous' and need meat or insects or fish to provide, among other things, protein. It's the way we are made. Sad, but true. At the tribal level no big harm was done to the environment, but at over 6-billion hungry mouths to feed three times a day, we are throwing nature off balance. I agree that at least being humane to our animals is a priority.

  124. Also McG, it would be simple to go to one, what would they have to hide, I've seen what's done there on many documentries, would people agree to have it filmed if they were doing something wrong?? No. In fact I do have a friend who has a battery chicken farm on his land, smells god aweful when it's cleaned out (due to the strong smelling poo), but they have nothing to hide. They don't just slaughter them as dolphins are in Japan. There is almost no similarity between the two, I would love to hear one though, and let it be other than the fact all animals end up dead.
    Btw, I found it hilarious that you recommended me the PETA website for my 'facts' and answers. That website wouldn't make me "look wider" it would give an even more obscure and one sided basis. There are hundreds if infinitely better sites to go on, i wouldn't go unless I wanted some onesided opinions on how people should not touch animals let alone eat, or own them and how yoghart it cruel.

  125. @JCarter.

    I'm not a member of PETA, actually. But information is information, and that is what some of their videos offer. Hence the offered link.

    An animal;s 'job' is not to feed you, my friend. How self-serving is that arguement? And I'm the "raving vegan"?

    When you say eating meat is 'natural' you are really saying that meat eating is not a choice. Well, meat eating IS a choice. You choose to eat meat, I choose not to. Both are 'natural' is that sense, in that both are healthy.

    I am neither proposing that we force people to have less children. Nor am I proposing that everyone be vegan. I am simply making a factual claim that current population levels are incompatible with ethical meat production. You make your own choices after that. And I make mine.

    Personally, the issue with the dolphins (as meat) overlaps with the issue of animals in general (as meat), especially in relation to the cruelty and suffering involve in the process of making such creatures into meat.

  126. Are most of u from the US? Cause I'm from the UK and our are methods differ somewhat, well, quite a lot actually. So for Mc G u should gather from that I'm actually am from this planet, maybe look it up on a map. Also, of course you're a member of PETA, urgh! One could just tell from the whole raving vegan/vegatarian thing which won't solve much other than cause farmers (of animals) to loose their jobs. It's natural to eat meat, plus it tastes a whole lot better than tofu! also reduce the population size?? I know you're aware that you're playing devil's advocate somewhat but still, how on earth are u proposing to do that, we're not in China, well, I'm certainly not (which also on this planet). It would be extremely difficult to impose a law like that, it may be true but u make it sound like u wanna set off a bomb, then wait till everything cools down and the population is down until we can start farming. But of course, in not actually accusing u of actually trying to imply this, so don't take it to heart, i don't think you're a murderer (hopefully).also may I ask where u live, suburbs, city??
    I agree with wolf, it is better to live a good life and end it in not the best way, people are trying to improve the way things are killed for food.
    Anyway, I feel this has drifted somewhat away from the dolphins.

  127. @ JCarter: to be honest, I'm not sure the buy organic, free range arguement plays out, practically speaking. If everyone demanded higher standards for animals (eg. increased space, more hygienic conditions, less homonal suppliments etc) the industry would be unsustainable, from a practical, financial perspective. Costs would go through the roof, and prices would have to rise beyond affordability. In simple terms, there are far too many meat-eaters to sustain a cruelty-free, 'free range/organic' meat industry. There no enough space or resources to meet demand.

    The only solution I see, personally, is to i) reduce the human population to more sustainable levels, and ii) to be vegan, or at least vegetarian, in the mean time, until meat consumption is more ethically sustainable.

    I hope that makes sense?

    It's a radical argument, maybe, given its simplicity, but it is often ignored by people who argue, ironicly, for more 'sustainable' meat production (AKA organic, free range). Ultimately, it's just not possible (sustainable!)given the high demand (population size/number of meat-eaters) Vs resources available (eg. space and the cost of hygienic conditions necessary to avoid anti-biotic approaches to disease prevention).

    With populations size as it stands, if most of us want to eat animals (including fish) cruelty and sub-standard conditions will necessarily follow.

  128. JCarter, I agree with part of what you are saying. The methods themselves are great, and clearly devised to minimalize suffering. The only problem is, especially with the electrocution baths that are commonly used with chickens, that not all slaughterhouses use their equipment in the right way. Sometimes the voltage is not high enough, which results in a lot of pain. Also, I'm not sure about your country, but in my country and most others, CO2 gas is still used with pigs. Which is just a terrible way to go.

    I would rather see an animal get it's lungs pierced, it's throat cut or beheaded without stunning, then see it survive electrocution, or struggle to breath while it's being gassed to death...

    I personally think that the most important thing is the quality of life. Not the method of death. I would rather live a happy life and die painfully, then have a miserable life, and then die quick and painless. BUT we should not make their death more painful then necessary.

    But I have faith that, in the near future, these problems will all be solved. Research is being done to improve and replace current techniques. And what I've heard so far sounds very promising.

  129. Thanks for the reccommendation, will do.
    i) the way they kill the animals in an abatoir is not a cruel way; they people who kill the animals do so in the most effective and painless way possible. For example, with chickens even before they are taken to an abatoir (this includes non organic or free range) they often use a certain lighting which helps to calm the animals when people go in and get them for transporting. When animals are killed, they use a quick but large amount of electricity on the head which instantly makes them brain dead and not feel or be aware of anything. Then their throats are cut and so on. If u truly belive there is a better way of doing things in an abatoir I would lulove to hear it. Also if u want to try and get rid of battery farming and so on that would be virtually impossible as there will always be a huge demand for it, of course. But the only thing that thing that can be done is if more people start buying it but with the current econmic situation it is less likely as these are the sort of things people will be cutting down on. Fair point on how small a percentage organic farming makes up in the UK, but it is not too small that it doesn't make a difference.
    Anyway, the way we treat our animals (which we eat) in this country isn't that bad, as said we are far better than most countrys in the EU let alone the world. E.G. Pig farming and the amount of space thay're given to move.
    The point is, of course we can try to make a difference to our own country and we should not consider ourselves better or morally superior than others. But it is undeniable that what the Japanese did was disgusting and savage. it was therefore good that this issue was raised where it could be discussed by different countries and governments which is the whole point of international relations, so that these issues can be disgussed and (hopefully) pressure Japan to change it's slaughter of the animals and change it's animal rights laws. It doesn't mean that foreign troops are going to march in and declare how things should be run; this goes against the UN charter as that constitutes as a violation of a nation state's territorial integrity and is therefore considered an act of war.

  130. PS


    So called organic or free-range farming i) is often ends up at the same abattoir, and is killed in the same cruel, hidden manner. ii) is a very small percent of the mass produced meat market.

    I would again say we need to focus our attention
    abroad, but also, closer to home.

  131. @JCarter:

    Agree with what you say about Dolphins, but for the rest, watch..."Earthlings" here on TDF.

  132. I think some people may have forgotten the disgracefull way in which the animals are hearded and killed. We all know that we kill animals such as cattle and other animals, but the point is that we do it in one of the most humane and best possible way, without causing them huge amounts of distress and pain. what they did was disgraceful and direspectful, they made the animals suffer and panic even before they were slaughtered do horribly. If anyone has a problem with the fact that i think eating meat is a natural part of oour existence you can piss of and go feed your 8 cats.
    Also, we don't try to hide the fact that we kill our food, we don't put barbed wire fencing around the area like a kind of concentration camp and have it gaurded by the local head of Police under cover. why would they hide something if they thought it was fine? why do it at the break of dawn? though to be fair, i am mostly talking about organic or free range farming (in uk), the other types aren't so nice but better than many other countries worldwide.
    There is also the point about the poisoning of people with the high manesium content.
    Bottom line is and i dont care what u say, there is something wrong with what the Japanese were doing, they knew so themselves. But of course its not like we're going to get other countries to come in and do something about it, that would be going agint UN laws.But this kind of work does make a difference and I think their actions were inspirational, it has affected my choice of what i want to do in future.

  133. I think some people may have forgotten the disgracefull way in which the animals are hearded and killed. We all know that we kill animals such as cattle and other animals, but the point is that we do it in one of the most humane and best possible way, without causing them huge amounts of distress and pain. Also, we don't try to hide the fact that we kill our food, we don't put barbed wire fencing around the area like a kind of concentration cam[ and have it gaurded by the local head of Police under cover. why would they hide something if they thought it was fine? why do it at the break of dawn?
    There is also the point about the poisoning of people with the high manesium content.
    Bottom line is and i dont care what u say, there is something wrong with what the Japanese were doing, they knew so themselves. But of course its not like we're going to get other countries to come in and do something about it, that would be going agint UN laws.But this kind of work does make a difference and I think their actions were inspirational, it has affected my choice of what i want to do in future.

  134. @ Joe

    I do believe we should re-evaluate what creatures are and aren't food, but unlike cows and poultry, dolphins contain high levels of Mercury and are poisoning people. The Japanese government has to lie to people to get them to buy the meat. At least when we buy chicken or beef, we know what we are buying. Chicken and beef are very good for our health, while dolphin meat is like poison. Thats why we can tell the Japanese to stop what they're doing without coming across as hypocritical.

  135. oh and if i know this happen to my countries(im a multy race and citizen hongkong/phillipines/canada) and its a system not an individual act i would join an organization to stop them. im hoping the japanese would do that..

    oh and im not anti japanese "people" only goverment! since i love japanese comics and one of my life must do is to meet my favorite writer(a japanese) and give him a good some of money to say h9ow i appreciate him.. and im engage to a half japanese girl... so im definitly not a racist

  136. @John McG

    ok if thats what you really think i change the target of that message to the japanese goverment


    no man i have seen it with my own eyes when your shoot with a 38 calliber bullet pointblank on the head you'll die instantly i mean really instantly.. the way the cow fall down was really hard.. well i dont know if its really true what you say about the other barns/skaughter house.. but my aunt farm that i go to th electric stick they use instantly kill them... they actually electricute them all first then send them to the main slaughter then they the butcher's change clothes.. so all that last 20 to 30 minutes so if they were just unconsious they already have waken up by that time..

  137. @gto,

    That's not completely true. A captive bolt gun (which is used to shoot a pin into the head of large mammals) doesn't kill them. It renders them unconscious. They are then killed, often by letting them bleed to death.

    And a cattle prod (electric stick) is only used to hurt and scare animals, NOT to kill them OR render them unconscious. It's used because cows and pigs tend to "freeze" if they are scared. And the farmers and butchers don't want to waste time. So a low voltage shock is used to force them to continue walking. Another common technique in cows is breaking their tails. These techniques are outlawed in many counties, but are still legal in the U.S.

    Please don't judge other countries policies before you know what's going on in your own country.

  138. I was talking about the cattle prod, used throughout their lives and not just at slaughter.

    no, of course it's not OK. Why ask me such a rhetorical question? I don't get your approach here GTO. Do you somehow feel I condone this? I certainly do not. I find it tragic and disgusting.

    When I said, others do what they do, I mean everybiody is free to make their own choice. I can't and won't 'demand' that they change. I can offer my view, and information which I belief should be enough to change their ways, but other than that war does not end war.

  139. @John McG

    wow if you dont care what other people do why are you writing here on the first place? you must be a japanese using a western name.

    oh for your information the farmers use a pistol looking like a hammer and shoot them in the head or they use electric stick that instantly kill them when it touch them( cow, pig ). they dont repeatedly stab them with a spear while laughing.

    let me ask you is it ok to feed your citizen's toxic food without them knowing their eating one, harvest(atleast breed them you j@rk) an endanger and good nature animal(its like eating/killing a dog) , and rampantly killing protected endangered species in international water cause does species is already depleted in their waters(they should be arrested)...?

  140. Dear "a little lost",

    Please do remember that the consumer will always have a lot more to say then those who do not buy or use the product. If a couple of people go vegan and try to convince the companies to treat their animals better, it won't really change anything. Because they are not the target audience. It's us meat eaters that decide what hits the selves.

    If you truly want the meat industry to change, the best approach would be to buy products from small farmers who still care for their animals. So that they have a fighting change against the bio-industry.

    You make a choice every time you buy an animal product (or any other product for that matter). If the public primarily buy free-range, biological eggs, cheese and meat. Then those products will be produced. And companies producing those products will flourish.

  141. no longer part of the problem*

  142. Well, if you're a vegan

    i) at the very least you're no longer not part of the problem.

    ii) You take a stand on principle, which is exactly what the industry lacks - principles.

    iii) you represent what you want to see.

    iv) when criticising the food industry you don't leave yourself vulnerable to such replies as "Well, you eat meat, or wear leather, so what right have you to say..." And I think that if buy it, you condone it.

    v) change has to start with the self. Only then will more activist possibilities make sense...

    At least, that's what my view on it is. That being said, I do not judge people who eat meat. Nor do I 'pity' them as some patronising vegans do. I just get on with what I choose to do, and leave others to their own choices.

  143. i agree with you john mcG- the majority of animals breed for food consumption- are built and breed for meat- and therefore from the day of birth are considered to be meat- not animals- just short term lives ( food inc- is a rather easy doco to watch on this)
    sadly i have only just come to realise this-

    however i am lost at what to do- do you think being a vegan has a significant impact?

  144. *Japanese*

  145. So, if hunting whales was banned in '86, and the Japs are still doing it, aren't they breaking the law, and therefore, should be "arrested" in some way?

  146. This is chick-flick :)

  147. saw this movie in the plane,
    wonderful that it is available to the public!

  148. A very amazing documentary, if you happened to stumble upon this and read this comment, I highly suggest you watch. You will not be disappointed.

  149. I think we're missing the point. It's not about just about the Japanese saying "Don't tell us what to do." It's more than that. Yes, cows are eating in America more than everywhere else, slaughtered by the thousands every-day to make our hamburgers at McD's. But we do it humanely, we don't trap them all in a corral and start jabbing them in the back until they bleed to death.

    Just like the documentary says, dolphin meat is full of mercury, so why eat it? Why does the Japanese government not inform the population that does eat it? Like the film says, They have a miss placed sense of patriotism. And when I mean "they" I mean the government, because clearly only a small portion of Japan even eats dolphin meat. The Japanese also have a self-imposed quota on whales. Why is that, it goes back to their "patriotism".

    I don't see the point in killing an intelligent animal when it's a known fact that eating them is harmful to you, -this I blame on the Japanese government.

    I understand how the Japanese fisherman must feel to have a bunch of foreigners coming to you workplace and putting cameras in your face, but it's a product of their ignorance thanks to their own government. If your going to sell dolphin meat for a living follow quotas, their there so we don't run the species to the brink of extinction. Device a humane process to (For lack of a better word) killing them.

    I'm no expert, I'm not a scientist, this is just my opinion. Is it wrong to eat intelligent animals? No. Is it wrong to Kill them inhumanely? Hell yes.

    Man is rated the highest animal, at least among all animals who returned the questionnaire. ~Robert Brault

  150. Pete:

    I'm Asian and not American, but I live in America. I don't agree with some of things that goes around here either. Animal cruelty is my main concern. Those people who kill this poor Dolphins are just terrible. Yes! I do understand that this fisherman needs money to live, but then the way they kill this creatures are horrible! I would probably be ok if they kill them faster and let them die fast. But they are just bad and couldn't do that. Killing baby Dolphins are not cool! Those people are so dumb that they don't understand that if they keep on doing this, eventually, there's nothing left. And I wouldn't be surprise if they start eating full grown man. Not just fetus.


  152. Johanna, I think you shouldn't generalize quite that much. Americans are hated for their capitalistic viewpoint etc etc but most Americans are very nice people.

  153. Well, Japanese are just messed up in the head in GENERAL! They eat anything! you name it! Even fetus! What everyone can say about that?! Yes, they can eat whatever they want, but damn! They are way overboard! and the way they kill this Dolphins is so brutal! They stabbed them and let them swim in the water while they bleed to death! If they want to kill them, make it quick! And its so cruel, the laugh while they make this Dolphins suffer. So sad and the same time, makes me so mad. That’s evil right there! or more so SATAN!

  154. Well, Japanese are just messed up in the head in GENERAL! They anything! you name it! Even fetus! What everyone can say about that?! Yes, they can eat whatever they want, but damn! They are way overboard! and the way they kill this Dolphins is so brutal! They stabbed them and let them swim in the water while they bleed to death! If they want to kill them, make it quick! And its so cruel, the laugh while they make this Dolphins suffer. So sad and the same time, makes me so mad. That's evil right there! or more so SATAN!

  155. the thing is that we need the dolphins for our environment ok thats the thing there who cares about tradition back then they didn't even now what important these animals are and since money is the main key here well who cares if we destroy the world even more right? well i do't agree. there creatures that are not easy to breed....cows, pig and chickens well come on easy to freaking breed etc.

  156. Right on John,

    I just have a passion for documentaries so I like to see them at least make an attempt to be balanced. Because when people find out they've been lied to or mislead they will tend to dismiss any information they receive from that source hereafter. Therefore, this, and earthlings may actually do more harm than good. Earthlings much more so. This film has sparked a huge debate, if they had of given the opposite side some airtime in the film I think it would have taken the wind out of there sales. Here in Canada we gave parliamentary seats to Quebec separatists on the theory that if we try and oppress them that it will actually only make them stronger. I think the same theory should be applied here.

    As for this receiving the Oscar that really grinds my gears. The academy of motion picture arts and sciences is supposed to be some kind of authority when it comes to film. They should know the difference between reality TV and a documentary. Ones edited for entertainment, the others edited for education.

  157. Trust is incredibly elusive - there can often be more "truth" in a surrealist painting than any hour of TV from any major news network.

    What you seem to be saying is that the way this movie/documentary (and it is a fantasticly grey area, my friend, there are no clear delineations between the two) was presented has affected the way the Japanese have responded to the outrage. Frankly, I don't think it would have made much of a difference either way. They're simply not going to change their ways over some external pressure. So, I guess I feel it's a very big, foggy "MAYBE" we're talking about here.

    That being said, I hear what you are saying. But, I personally feel all documentaries are propaganda - no matter how hard we try, our biases will always dictate what we edit out, or in.


  158. John you asked me who's side I'm on, and as always, I'm on the truths side. The difference is that is pretends to be a factual documentary but it's actual a piece of propaganda following the Hollywood format not the proper documentation format that is needed to make a proper documentary film. MAYBE, if they had of done that, you wouldn't have saw such a harsh backlash from the opposition as your seeing now and maybe something actually would have gotten done. That's what difference it makes.

  159. @ young

    In terms of whether or not this act of cruelty should be stopped or not, what difference does that make?


  160. JOhn

    Good movie. Not a documentary.

  161. @ Young

    I think the point was that the government didn't 'say' anything. They kept silent.

    And to dismiss the rest because of this silence, be it real, or due to biased editing, is throwing the baby out with the bath water. It seems clear to me what side you want to be on, before you even think about this issue.


  162. So they had a two day conference... and didn't show a single thing the government had to say? Yeah, great "documentary", they really know how to document the process and give both sides equal say. After that, I dismissed the rest.

  163. @Pete, I wouldn't say that there aren't different levels and forms of intelligence in different animals.

    I keep frogs, snails and shrimp but also mammals, like rats, rabbits and a cat.

    The frogs, snails and shrimp are very well adapted, and I believe they ARE capable of feeling pain. Even though the shrimp and snail might have a different perception of pain then mammals, reptiles and birds (seeing as they have a very different brain and nervous system then us). So I believe that precautions should be made to prevent suffering in these animals, and any other animal.

    But they are not very aware of their surroundings. They search for food, and they eat it. But that's about it. They don't get bored, they don't interact (other then mating, purely for reproduction) and they don't have clear individual personalities. They also don't care if a member of their species dies, not even if it happens right in front of them. But they don't really need any higher level of intelligence, because they can function very well without it.

    The mammals on the other hand, especially the rats, can get bored, have very different personalities, interact socially, etc. I've actually seen the rabbits mourn one another, and the rats are able to open their own cages. Cats are not social animals, and she is also not very capable of problem solving. But she does seem to be very aware of her surroundings, and can be manipulative to get what she wants.

    So I would say that most mammals seem to possess a higher form of intelligence then what is most commonly attributed to them. But some do seem to be smarter then others. The rats are certainly the most intelligent animals I have kept as pets. The pigs seemed even more intelligent, but it's hard to judge their full potential when they are locked in a cage and made to be pregnant continuously.

    I bet that your cousin was able to see his pet's true intelligence. And I understand your family's grief over his lose. I was also very sad when a large breeder sow I took care of died. She was so kind towards humans... even though we treat them so poorly.

  164. I have a cousin who had a pig as a pet. He had a large garden so the pig had plenty of room to roam. He was more intelligent than any dog I have ever seen. He answered to his name, liked to be petted, went to the kitchen door at meal time and banged on it if he was ignored, etc. Eventually the pig passed away at a ripe old age and the entire family mourned his loss for years. I agree with wolf in that probably no animal (even insects) is "more" or "less" intelligent and that each one has the intelligence it needs to survive as a species. We, apparently, are beginning to become less and less intelligent what with wars, destruction of resources and what have you.

  165. Those who are saying that eating dolphin is wrong because they are intelligent and self-aware, you might want to read up on pig intelligence...

    Pigs are self-aware, sensitive and smart animals. I worked with pigs for a while. And I can't bring myself to eat them any more. I don't judge other people if they do want to eat them. But I do find it a bit hypocritical to get angry about dolphin slaughter "because they're smart", and tolerate the mass-breeding, castration, teeth-clipping, tail-docking and slaughter of pigs in our own countries. Piglets suffer immensely before they are killed. And they fully understand their suffering.

    I remember an experiment where they gave pigs collars. The collars activated a feeding machine if they entered it. The pigs quickly realized that it was the collars that activated the machine. Which made some pigs steal the collars of others, and carry it in their mouths, to get twice the amount of feed. This proves their ability to understand cause and effect. They also pass mirror test, and can play video games.

    They react very strongly if they see one of their own species get killed. They seem to understand that they are next. (Unlike cows, sheep, goats and chickens. They barely react, and don't seem to understand death very well.)

    What is happening to these dolphins is terrible. But don't forget that in most of your own countries, intelligent, self-aware animals are also forced to suffer. And most of you eat their meat on a regular basis.

  166. I thought the film was VERY interesting, Made me see the japanese in a completely different light. The fact that they were hiding the slaughtering of dolphins just showed that they knew what they were doing was wrong. I don't see why the Japanese insist on eating everything in sight anyway, they proved to be very ignorant and sly in this film, and I personally don't know how they can go home and sleep at night.
    A dolphin is a LOT different to a... cow. Cows do not do anything.. at all, and yes at least we kill cows quick. A blow to the dolphins spine would kill them instantly.. those japanese were stabbing a dolphin 5 times, probably missing the spine each time. A horrible suffering death. They were also laughing whilst they did it,and I find that very disturbing.

  167. *against* people and the environment

  168. @ gto

    I got incredibly angry myself, but I got angry at "us", humans, and not a race of people, the Japanese. All powerful nations, (The UK, the US, the Chinese etc) have committed terrible acts of cruelty again people and the environment.

  169. @ john

    well its hard not to get angry when you see how they kill the dolphins. it has an erie similarity in how they kill the chinese and disame as the dolphins they've been regarded as a pest too.

    but with all said im still repentant and embarrass at my emotional outburst.. im just human

  170. @ Crunky

    In all fairness crunky. Unlike the chinese, the Japanese have full access to the internet. They are free to ask questions and find answers. They do not ask, they do not question. That is an individuals choice. That being said, the cultural silence is most definitely a major part of the mass ignorance.

    @ Gto

    I sense underlying racism in your comment, which is the very attitude that leads to this kind of atrocity.

  171. I lived in Japan for 10 years and while I can understand/appreciate the cultural differences and attitudes to food, this film shocked me to the core.

    There is absolutely no justification for the cruel way these self-aware and intelligent creatures are murdered for pure greed.

    Japan is a nation unaware on so many levels to so many issues on this planet - a fault not of the individuals (my wife included),bur of a greedy and power hungry government which deliberately keeps it's masses out of the loop as it were.

  172. but i shouldnt be surprase!
    since as a half chinese i should know japanese men will not care about the IQ of that animal.
    watch or read massacre of nanking!

  173. wow! the past comments are so hate to say it "d#mb"!

    its not about western thing or the thing of any culture. its about not killing or worst eating species like us who have a higher brain function(self awareness) and worst endanger.

    culture pfft! the japanese dont even know their eating dolphins. did you guys watch the doc??

  174. after reading all your comments i don't even wanna watch this shit! i say we slaughter who slaughters!

  175. @country girl:

    "Trawled the world for the worst case examples"?? I think not country girl, visit some slaughter house in your own back yard.

    Don't get me wrong, agree with you 100% on what you said on Dolphins.

    But by refusing to watch "Earthlings" you are keeping your head buried in the sand, therefore allowing these atrocities to happen.

    Also, check out "Wegmans Cruelty" here on TDF.

  176. I live on a farm and I assure you, on that farm, animals live a long and happy life until they go off for slaughter. The only contact I have had with slaughter houses (and I have no intention of watching that documentary in which lets face it, they will have trawled the world for worst case examples) has been that the animals are fairly indifferent... they make a hell of a racket - yes, but they do when they come in for feeding in the winter where they are thoroughly enjoying themselves and come in of their own free will.

    As far as I'm concerned, the biggest point here about the dolphins, is that they are not bog standard animals (if there is such a thing), they are incredibly intelligent and therefore feel things very differently from your average chicken or tup.

    This is barbaric and cruel. There is no need for it and as for people who are saying we shouldn't interfere... seriously - should we let people be poisoned who don't know what is happening when we are aware of the effects? Centuries ago people lived in squalor in which they died of disease - we know better now, should we go back to the old ways just because of tradition, or should we learn from what we are told about things that are bad for us?

    I get cross with some animal rights activists as I feel there are many that just jump on band wagons for the sake of it when they don’t know anything about it; this however, is probably the most horrendous documentary I have ever seen - bring on change!!

  177. @etj:

    Cows and pigs killed instantly?? watch "Earthlings" on TDF.

  178. i only seen the last part of this documentary, and i was nearly crying! this so wrong, someone said about the west killing cows etc. cows and pigs are killed instantly, those dolphins are wild animals who are stabbed over and over again till they are eventually dead! some of the dolphins werent even properly dead. its horrible and should be stopped!!!

  179. THE BEST DOCUMENTARY EVER! Warning to all super sensitive people,grab your tissues this is real reality!

  180. we should start the cove of people in Taiji, Japan. a life for a life an eye for an eye !!!!!!!

  181. I live in Southern Chilean Patagonia, where we have what we call "Toninas", local dolphins. They are caught by fishermen here who slit their throats, hang them from a hook bleeding and drag them that way into the water, so that the blood will attract "centollas",or king crabs. If anyone is interested in coming here and make a documentary about this barbaric method... whales and all sorts of animals are being slaughtered for dumb reasons all over the world. Although I mnust say what happens in Japan is beyong comments...

  182. The problem I have with the "whale/dolphin hunt" versus farm animal is that not only are many species of whale and dolphin endangered or close to because of over fishing but they are not farmed animals for the purpose of eating.

    The method by which they are slaughtered is not an 'issue' as such because farm animals are slaughtered in equally brutal ways and none of those methods are fair to animals. Animals of all species have proven to be intelligent creatures in one way or another (some more than others) but that is due to the way species evolved from the beginning by adaptation.

    It is true that in every country or 'culture' of the world there is a different luxury or specialty food but the difference in the case of whaling and dolphin slaughtering is that these animals are not bred for a food market. They are wild animals that are part of a greater ecosystem. The argument may even work to a lesser extent for Fish although it is perhaps easier to exempt fish from it because of their breeding patterns. Dolphins and whales (and the rest of the family) are mammals that breed slowly and singularly like humans. There are not enough of them in the ocean to provide a meat market and still sustain themselves in their own ecosystem. Even Fish, who produce thousands of offspring during any one breeding season, populations are depleting - and it is not because of the predators in the ocean that are eating them all, it is due to OVER FISHING plain and simple. This is not even mentioning the high level of mercury contained in dolphins that is dangerous to human health anyway. Farm animals (and even with the case of dogs in south Korea) are farmed and Bred for consumption - the ways they are slaughter are brutal and horrific and should be protested but they are nevertheless bred for that purpose - right or wrong that is the truth. Dolphins and Whales are not in the same category which is why it should be banned.

    This documentary, although heart breaking to watch, did a splendid job of depicting exactly what is going on in these small towns that usually move completely under the radar( even their own people are oblivious!) It is a necessary movement to not only save the dolphins but to make people around the world aware of the dangers of the meat they are being sold, as well as generating public interest in other animals too - what if it wasn't just dolphin meat containing harmful chemicals?) It will hopefully generate action to stop or at least lessen these pointless slaughter missions.

    I wish there was some way to be directly involved in these campaigns, but I will be sure to tell EVERYONE I know about this documentary and this horrendous story.

  183. This a story that must be told along with many others where we as human beings are depleting the earth of all its "balances" and in turn wondering, why this, why that.
    I commend all those involve in the production in particular those who risk their lives to expose this atrocity.
    I am committed at this point and intend to become directly involved in an activity which protects the environment and its contents from tomorrow June 7 2010.
    Thank you

  184. I can't believe human is capable to do so much harm to this world... we are ALL gonna have to pay this, ALL OF US... people who do this f*cking things, people who are aware of this like all of us that already watched this and the people that consume fish, that consume meat... lets all be vegetarians for a year or even more... one year of your life won't harm you and this industry won't survive for more than 6 months... please, just start doing some sacrifice, stop eating fish and we're all going to help somehow...
    how can you just watch this movie and still ignore what's really going on everyday with slutter houses in every country of this world? its not just dolphins but thousands of animals being killed everyday for you to have a warm dish and feel just an instant happiness about the flavor?... that vanishes in minutes and doesn't gives you any further feedback about your life, spiritual evolution or any other kind of growing? this is not meant to be like this F*UCKING DO SOMETHING FOR THIS WORLD TODAY!

  185. May God have mercy on those souls who shed the blood of innocent animals for material gain and human consumption. For no sin goes unpaid and time and history shall hold you accountable for the trials and atrocities against the lives of innocent animals. And to all of those who try to justify the eating of the flesh of animals you are just as guilty as those who shed their blood.
    Your Truely,
    a peaceful Rasta Man

  186. This documentary is very sad! I cried! So many terrible things happen in our world. I just wish people could see the damage we all do. I truly believe we are destroying this great place, when we should be nurishing the home that gives us so much. I would definitely recommend watching this video!

  187. This is great documentary film! It has the story from so many angels. It's a must see movie.
    Who is donna protect people when there will be no dolphyns?

  188. Yes! I absolutly agree! :)But this group of activists cannot make an entire country change thier beliefs and behaviors just so they can advise another country to do the same. All they can do is practice what they preach and spread the word...
    BTW...was it you who recommended we watch "Earthlings"? Yeah...well...thanks for the visual! I already knew what was happening in the slaughter houses, I didn't need to see

    OMG! I couldn't watch the entire documentary and will never get the images out of my mind. I was horrified! But basically, the documentary proved MY point about this one. :)Both are equally the same in my eyes, because they are both inhumane ways to kill animals. It really is sad that the world was taught to eat meat and ignore how they get it on thier plates in the first place. I am not a vegetarian, but I wish I was. :( I've tried it and it's sad that my body craves it..I guess I'll have to try harder. I feel so awful for making my kids eat thier meat when they didn't want to..I think we all need to re-evaluate the way we feed our children so they won't grow up with the same cravings and desires and won't be morally conflicted, the way so many people are and the way I am. I do realize that if I decide not to eat meat anymore and do the same with my children, it really isn't going to make a huge impact. Just like racism...we know it's wrong, we teach our children that all people are the same BUT there are always going to be those people who teach thier children to's a never ending matter how many people decide not to be meat eaters, there will always be people who think there is nothing wrong with the way the animals are being slaughtered...:( I KNOW people who would do that job with no problems...

  189. rhonda

    I pretty much agree with the points you make, accept when it comes to interference, that's just where we differ I guess. Its caused major problems but has obviously been beneficial as well. But the example of the Japanese in the dark doesn't do it for me because I'm from the eastern part of Canada and have heard the same said about the seal hunt here. They take credit for awareness of something we were already quite aware of. I'm not trying to argue because I got that point clearly without the example. Just wanted to point it out.

    But would you agree that we have to set a certain standard here first before we can advise another country to make effective policy changes?

  190. Me saying that I think it is a selfish viewpoint pertains to this statement: Young- If dolphins were fished to extinction it would have no affect on me personally, my environment or my country. It really has absolutely nothing to do with me.

    I'm sorry, but I see that statement as a selfish statement..

    I just don't understand how we got off topic here...(myself included) my whole point was how inhumane it is to slaughter these beautiful, intelligent creatures the way they are. Just let the fricken' dolphins alone! If they want dolphins for thier entertainment, then they can breed them from the stock they already have. This works very well in America, so why can't it work for other countries? There is NO excuse to kill these dolphins for "food" or because they are "pests", which I feel is only an excuse. Then they claim to "LOVE" dolphins and have overstated it all over thier town because they don't want thier citizens knowing what really happens. In MY opinion, these people are cruel and haven't a decent bone in thier bodies. They only care about thier fat wallets.
    No matter what anyone says, it is wrong! Killing these creatures for food is poisoning thier own people and capturing them for entertainment is pointless when they can breed them. My argument is:
    1) It's NOT humane
    2) The meat is poisonous
    3) They are misrepresenting themselves as dolphin "lovers" and clearly they aren't
    4) It's all about GREED.


    I have NO problems with another country's diets. If dolphin meat was a staple in thier diets, I'd say nothing except that they should kill them in a more humane way. As far as staying out of it if it isn't in our country...I just don't agree. If it wasn't for the people who interfered, the citizens of Japan would still be in the dark. As activists, they are there for the doesn't matter where it is and has NOTHING to do with the actual country. No one told anyone what they could or couldn't eat, all they did was let it be known that dolphin meat contains mercury. They never implied that they shouldn't eat dolphins. Thier fight is with the needless captures and the inhumane way they are being killed. This guy, Ric, feels a certain responsibiliy for showing the public how entertaining dolphins are. He just wants to fix what he feels he did wrong and do what he can for the dolphins by educating the people of Japan. As far as I can tell, he hasn't done anything to the people of Japan to cause them or thier country any harm, excluding the people who are making money from the slaughter of the dolphins. They are the only ones that seem to care...

  191. @SMM

    In regards to us surviving I'll say this, I don't believe our species will be around forever. I'm the guy standing on the edge of the cliff with arms wide open when the giant tidal wave comes not the guy hidden in a concrete bunker with 6 months worth of canned food. I try my hardest to make sure fear of death doesn't affect my actions in life but at the same time I am not ignorant to my own need for self preservation and personal progression.

    I also believe that my view is very rare and don't expect many people to feel the same way and I will not impose it on anyone, but I'll share it with people.

    Check out George Carlins bit called "Saving the planet". He pretty much sums it up.

  192. @young

    Good points, I merely wanted to make sure that you had considered that we'd not survive in certain ecosystems.

    You have interesting world views as well, ones I disagree with but see merit in. I have a very poor opinion in the intelligence of the majority of people and so believe that science should have a much stronger hold on the future of humanity. But my views have a slippery slope that's almost scary to look down...

  193. @SMM

    Good point but I actual did consider it. The ecosystem is so remarkably complex with so many different variables affecting it that predicting its behaviour falls into the realm of chaos theory.

    Trying to preserve the planet to suit our needs is just as arrogant as the apathetic destruction of it. If we are to take the animals rights approach of "let nature take its course" by letting all the animals be free without any interference from humans then we are not letting nature take it's course because we are a part of the nature and therefor MUST affect it.

    The disregard and disrespect of animals is something I am personally opposed to, so I'll speak out and stand up for it when it's happening within my nation. Be the change you want to see in the world, but don't force others to be, this can't be done without a massive backlash.

    If everyone only spoke out for and stood up for issues affecting themselves and the people they know and the nation they live in, then every issue would get the attention which is proportional to that which it deserves. Interfering in other cultures is the number one biggest problem the world has IMO.

  194. @young

    I agree with most of your statement but I'd like to point out a couple things.

    First, we are more responsible for extinctions than any other species as far as we know.

    And second, the ecosystem is not only not weak but immensely strong. Keep in mind though that survival of it does not mean survival of the human race. The ecosystem could change in a way drastically against the best interests of the human race.

    As for dolphins, they are poisonous to eat so I'm all against that but, more importantly, they are a uniquely intelligent creature (as far as we know) and should be studied more. There is no defense for the slaughter of Dolphins as they are not good for us to eat. Would be interesting to see the actual stats on the Dolphins as pests idea.

  195. allan & young are the same person BTW. Different PC's. Their wish their was an TDF was formatted for edits.

  196. @Epicurus

    I definitely see a parallel between your view and religious missionary work. And I don't consider the ecosystem to be as weak as most. It's a self correcting system, it's phased hundred's of thousands if not millions of extinctions. Many of which were caused by animals and insects directly.

  197. @Rhonda

    Well I disagree. I think leaving someone or state to make their own choices is the most selfless thing you could do. If they ask for assistance then that is a different story. If they want to stop it then it's up to them to do so and if so good for them, but imposing your will causes resentment (which is evident by the reactions to the film) and you make actually do your own cause harm in the process.

  198. I didn't mean that they literally BELONG to us..what I meant was, as humans, I feel we have a responsibility to our wildlife and ocean life...that's all. The WORLD belongs to us and by that I mean, it is our responsibility to take care of, for our future and the futures of those who come after us. I completly agree that this could have a drastic affect on our eco system...also, I wanted to say to the people talking about cows being sacred in some countries...or whatever...rats are considered sacred in should we let disease infested rats overrun our country, risking ours and the health of our children, because of ONE country's beliefs? I don't think the fact that we eat cow has anything to do with what this documentary is trying to say...I disagree with Young and think it's an incredibly selfish may not affect you personally, but who are we to say that it will not affect anyone in the future? That's just a really selfish attitude...(in MY opinion) :)I just think that the people who are capturing and killing the dolphins in this manner are all has to do with money and greed...that is a huge point of the documentary and well as the inhumanity...just sayin'...

  199. animals dont belong to all of us or any of us. however as moral agents we ought to take care not to be the cause of the extinction of an entire species. not just because i dont see any utility in it but also because it hurts the gene pool of life and it can have drastic effects on the ecosystem.

    i have to disagree with you on this one young. many things dont personally affect me however being aware of something that were i close enough to stop it i would, is enough to make me speak out against it.

  200. @Rhonda

    The way I see it is that it actually IS about one country against another because when people from one nation impose their will and morals onto another how could it be anything but that?

    I don't believe that the animals belong to all of us. I am of Scottish and Bulgarian heritage and am a second generation east coast Canadian. If dolphins were fished to extinction it would have no affect on me personally, my environment or my country. It really has absolutely nothing to do with me. And if the Japanese did this 200 years ago it would have never affected the lives of my ancestors.

    If I were living in Japan and planned on staying their for my life than I would try and do something about this. If I were born and raised in Japan I wouldn't be so naive to say I would do the same, who knows maybe I would even participate in this practice. My morals are a reflection of the culture in which I am raised.

  201. This was incredibly painful for me to watch. I think that a lot of posters are not getting the point of the documentary. This isn't about one country against another or telling people what they can or can't eat. This is about the inhumane killing of a species of animal, that truly belongs to all of us. The people who are involved in this are saying they LOVE dolphins and they have made it clear all over the town...WE LOVE DOLPHINS! But they are saying one thing and doing another. The citizens have NO clue what is happening. This is not about a "food source". It is about money. Like they said, they get 150k for live dolphins and only $600 for the dead ones. I have a strange feeling that most of the meat they have for sale gets thrown out, because most people don't want to eat mercury laden dolphin meat. The excuse that the whales and dolphins are depleting the fish supply, is just excuse. They are surely going to deplete our oceans of the most intelligent species and our great grandchildren may never know what a dolphin is except from text books and water parks. Why can't the Japanese breed thier own dolphins from the stock they already have, for entertaining them? Why don't they have fish farms for feeding the country instead of just relying on the ocean (since they are blaming the dolphin for eating all the fish)? BTW...I think that's BS...these animals live in the ocean and as far as I am concerned, they have more rights to the food in the ocean than humans do. We have so many other food sources. All of this is just wrong...watching those dolphins die was just heartbreaking. I'm sorry, but other countries DO have the right to have a say in this...these ocean animals belong to the world, not just one country. I think some of the posters need to watch the documentary again because they just didn't get the point.

  202. the fact isn't what Japan likes to eat or has nothing to do with that at all. From my perspective all this is about is the great and almighty dollar. This whole operation is nothing more than the outcome of capitlism an corporation power. This is the world you live in and if you wnat to make a change then stand up for it.

    There is no reason that the Japanese should be eating Dolphins and whales in that much of an abundance. Here shortly they will be extinct if this kind of act continues. It has nothing to do with the west trying to control the world or anything like that. We don't eat dogs and cats like some other countries do so that is not a reliable arguement.

  203. @Bluesmanwalking

    It's very hard to grasp sarcasim when it's in text.

  204. Yes Mr Bollini, thank you. At least 1 mature person here. I promise i won't wrinkle anyones delicate little feathers ; ) lolololoooolol.

  205. OK hold on here. 2 "John" 1 "Joe" 1 "Joe NYC". Ok so i'm a little confused. And my comment of April 5th as been censured ??? For Joe NYC,it explained why i was standing on my point. For John 1 "john
    April 3rd, 2010 at 05:21
    Meh… this documentary was ok, but it seemed like your typical ’save the trees’ doc to me. Not sure why it got so many awards, unless the competition was weak. Still an entertaining doc tho… probably 6.75/10 from me. The night time scenes where they almost got caught looked pretty embellished, btw."
    It explained my humor, witch is very often "sarcastic" and can get me in trouble often with strangers (friends know me....) i guess putting LOLOOLOLOLOL at the end of a comment is not enough, my bad.
    Now come on Vlatko give me a break with the censuring already, there was no foul writing, you should know my style of writing, i'm very opinionated and like to have good conversations but i also respect other's opinion. So i can't argue or converse like a University professor, big deal.

  206. Hey guys, I think we are straying away from the purpose of the documentary which is to show the world one aspect of what we shouldn't do irregardless of the variety of cultures involved. The Japanese can do a similar one on cows if they so wish. Arguing about the details takes us nowhere.

  207. Oh and i forgot to mention the intelligent level of a dolphin compared to a f****** cow. DOLPHINS ARE CONSCIOUS of themselves and there surroundings. they are mentally and physically capable of performing tasks. They clearly have emotions as well. have you ever seen a cow or chicken be trained like a dolphin is trained? I THINK NOT.

  208. there is a difference between a cow and a dolphin. if you cant see that you may as well go work in taiji. there are so many reasons but yet some people always try to start a argument. quote " we kill cows, chickens and pigs" okay but do we breed those animals like dolphins? NO. do cows pigs and chickens contain large amounts of mercury which is threatening everyones lives? NO. Pull your head out of your ass and stop being so ignorant.

    now the real question... is anything going to be done about what is happening? Or i take it everyone is going to say this is so sad and should be stoppped. But is anyone truly taking measures in preventing this?

  209. @bluesmanwalkin

    If you cannot even change an ignorant point of view how can you expect others to change their way of living?

  210. right there are two JOhn's posting right now. So, I',m John 2. I only posted the comment with points i) to iv) on why I think we have a right to speak out about this. All other comments by 'john' should be considered to be John 1. and not me, John 2

    John 2

  211. @bluesmanwalking: would you like to enlighten me on why i sound like an imbecile? or would you prefer to just ramble on with baseless insults, as a third grader might do?

  212. Its impossible to say that one thing is more important then the other. Cows are sacred in India. They even bath in cow piss. You might be disgusted but its true.

    The problem is the whole world is completely f--ked up. Everything in it. From dolphins to logging trees. Everything affects us. So in this sick and twisted world, last thing we need is cultural conflict guys. Don't matter if your Japanese or American or whatever. If the air tomorrow is too polluted to breath, both American, Japanese, and every other race will die. Period. So stop arguing. I highly doubt this video is about Japanese people being cruel. We are all conditioned in the society we are raised in. If you were born in India and raised as a Hindu and saw cows as sacred, you too would bathe in cow piss. So don't point fingers. Put your self in other people's shoes, from start to finish.

    As for The Cove, it was truely horrifying. No words can discribe my disgust and sadness. And this is happening to many different species of animal across the world. So lets work together, regardless of culture or nationality, and do whatever we can to stop this. Otherwise, your doing exactly what the sick and twisted system wants you to do, point the finger at someone to blame all the problems on. That way, the system can continue while we fight each other.

  213. @joe nyc: Here i found what i was looking for. What is the point of this killing ? First isolated from the puffer fish, tetrodotoxin is among the most potent toxins known. It is 100 times as toxic by weight as potassium cyanide — two milligrams can kill an adult human — and it is not destroyed by cooking. Just half an ounce of the fish liver, known as fugu kimo in Japan and eaten by daring connoisseurs, can be lethal. When ingested, the toxin paralyzes nerves and muscles, which leads to respiratory failure and, in some cases each year, death.

    It's just killing for killing, let's kill everything and see what comes out of it, start a new "Fab" and export it and see how many moronic people would actually buy this fish for a 1000 $ a 100 grams. What do think Joe? How about "Fertilized Duck Eggs" you know what that is? Bats, Nut Sacs, i could go on & on. Geisha tradition, and lets not forget those animations of little school girls. Ya ok Joe. So excuse me 'bout Japanese. Where did you live in Japan ? At the airport like Tom Hanks in Terminal? (being sarcastic, nothing else, it's my type of humor) Dude come on, you know all this. You said it yourself, they don’t really distinguish between creatures".

  214. That's it that's all. "Wild" species is sufficient to not kill.
    Species with extremely intelligent.

    But personally that it be Dolphins or Tasmanian Devils, "cruelty killing" is the issues, yes ?
    Check out "Earthlings" here on TopDocFilms. And as far as Japan's National Pride, check out "The Rape of Rape of Nanking" also here on TDF. Maybe some will understand... Don't get me wrong now, Japan is not the only Country... .
    I've been to Japan, Tokyo citizens is one thing, like N Y citizens is one thing, but US citizens in Towns / villages is another, same thing in Japan.

  215. To counter the you eat cattle, we eat dolphins, so who are you to say... arguement I would say this:

    i) I'm vegan. Cruelty is cruelty, no matter what animal...

    ii) Doplhins and Whales (not to mention the fish the feed on) are infintely more indangered than cattle and chickens.

    iii) Cattle and chickens are domesticated, bred animals (something I disagree with in principle also) while dolphins and whales are wild animals.

    iv) As the doc says, they continue their pratcise as a matter or national pride. That's just stupidity right there, as they are literally poisoning themselves... such a blind sense of pride is nonsense. A mature nation, like a mature individual, listens to feedback when enough people offer criticism.

  216. @joe nyc: i don't think so mate.

  217. One thing I haven't seen mentioned in the comments yet is that most Japanese people didn't know this was going on (I hope many more do now) and that their own government is deceiving its citizens with mercury laden meat, serving it to their children in schools.

    The dolphin slaughter practice is bad enough due to its cruel and sickening nature. Add on top of that, that it is poisoning the people of Japan. There is no reason at all this should continue. The "fisherman" need to find something better to do with their lives.

  218. @john: you sound like imbecile. Go run around naked drunk in the forest with a tree branch up your ass and shoot everything that moves.
    Please, don't respond, you're only gonna make a fool of yourself again. LOLOLOLOL.

  219. @ben: excellent point.

  220. Meh... this documentary was ok, but it seemed like your typical 'save the trees' doc to me. Not sure why it got so many awards, unless the competition was weak. Still an entertaining doc tho... probably 6.75/10 from me. The night time scenes where they almost got caught looked pretty embellished, btw.

  221. Cows are farmed by people. They are replaced. In fact, there are more cows on the earth now than there would be otherwise. Same with chickens. Dolphins are not farmed, they are just taken.

    Dolphins experience pain and suffering on a much higher level than cows and chickens. All animals should be treated with respect for their rights, which should be granted in accordance with their ability to perceive the pain which results from the violation of such rights.

    These are just two quick counters to the borderline-retarded japanese argument that westerners should not tell them what to do with their food. They might as well be siphoning their water supply into outer space and torturing small children in their basements. These things seem outrageous, but air fairly equivalent to what they are doing to dolphins. They are killing highly intelligent animals inhumanely and brutalizing a species. Then they feed poisoned meat to school kids and blame their problems on whales. Japans policy on whales is like Bush's policy on the middle east. Japan needs to eat fish and they are depleting their supply, so they blame it on the whales so they can feel justified in killing them too.

  222. I just spent about 20 minutes writing ten or so paragraphs of what I consider very relevant and insightful philosophical hibbeldibooger and then my computer shut off because Mac sent out a whole line of computers with batteries that blow up like balloons. I bumped my power cord and it shut off immediately. Oh well, at least now the world is safe from my thoughts and feelings...until next time..

  223. Rick seems to have been and still is, tortured by having caused today's situation of the dolphins. I understand this. I admire how he is doing something so positive with his suffering. The film itself was extremely well done and I admire the courage and hard work of all those involved with its making. I have never been so moved in my life (I am 74 years old and have been through a lot of tough experiences). My very humble congratulations to Rick and all those who believe in his cause.

  224. Mmmmmmm... Dolphin.

  225. Bluesmanstalking

    "But Japan & China just love to eat everything on this planet...."

    You should retract this moronic statement. Passion shouldn't be an excuse for ignorance.

  226. Did any of you guys see what happened today on Anti-Whaling activities ? Japan doesn't care. Commercial whaling was banned under a 1986 moratorium, but Japan still hunts whales for what it says are scientific research purposes. What is needed is an International Law, for Dolphins also. But Japan & China just love to eat everything on this planet, and when they're not eating they're still killing animals because of some Dark Age belief in special powers and bs like that.

  227. my apologies!

    thanks for the doc suggestion by the way - i had never heard of it before now

  228. @ LET:

    I know what you are saying!

    See my posts on "Wegmans Cruelty" here on TDF. about chickens.

  229. It takes special people to become priest, etc. It takes special people to be able to slaughter animals or be simply cruel to them.
    I personally don't think the level of intelligence of these latter people reaches the average IQ, as a matter of fact if you ratio animal IQ vs theirs, i'd put my money on the animals. For the religious and esoteric people out there, i'm saying these unemotional killers are "young souls".
    Things can be done with consciousness but they obviously lack in that department.
    Let ask you people here, you know with out a doubt that your pet is suffering extremely, nothing can be done, live & suffers or dies to put him out of its misery. I would assume you would put him down thanks to a vet. But if you had no vet available, could you put him down and if yes thanks to what ?

  230. @Joe

    I couldn't agree more with you, I think that is a hidden message behind the documentary as well (besides the horrors of the dolphin slaughter), that we should question our own inherent specism when it comes to animals...


    If you read any study on barnyard animals you'll see that they show a great amount of intelligence just like any other animal in the human world. Chickens when left to live in a community actually have shown tendencies to come up with recreational activities to pass the time, pigs have shown a creative side when given the Joe and I are saying, humans are endowed with a ridiculous sense of specism, that makes us treat animals a certain way just because they do not have a certain level of a chicken can't save you, but that's because it does not have the size nor the physical strength to save your life, but that doesn't mean it should be subject to the life that is traditionally given to a chicken in a chicken mill. What I am saying is "Can it save a human life" is not a suitable criterion for determining the treatment of animals

    If you read any of Peter Singer's work on human specism and the world of animals, he gives some great examples!

  231. oops, Being a vege... not Behind. lol.

  232. I think it's normal to have a reaction of disgust and sadness after watching this Doc. But i think we need to take a big breath and count to 100. The reality is, pretty much all countries around the World have some kind of delicatessen or a unconceivable food to other countries made with an animal. Since the beginning of time when ever something was introduced to the people they took it and wanted more. Like it or not, money is the road of all evil. Yes, Pink Floyd is my favorite band. Behind a vegetarian is nice but it won't even get close to fixing the problem of animal slaughter, not even in 100 years, sad but true. What an ugly word and even worst pronouncing it "slauuughter" it' like "carnage". Anyways, my point is, the consumer as the power. It's actually the only time the people have true power, simply because it's concerning money, profit to the Corps. People are not going to become vegetarians until they have no choice. So what needs to be done i think, for now, is to go all in the same direction and demand to stop the way these animals are being killed. The way the killing is done is the problem, the life these animals live before getting kill is the problem, the horrible feeling of petrification right before they get killed is the problem. New solution slows down production, no problem, double, triple the price of meat, the Corps will make the same if not more money. Let it be a luxury, taxes the F**k out of it, like cigarettes, there's a lot less smokers in the US & Canada nowadays. People are still buying SUV's, don't worry there's still plenty of money around.
    Even Japanese would have a nasty reaction after watching this Doc. But it was censured in Japan ! No country likes to be told something from an other and even less from countries that aren't any better.
    Or my personal favorite way of getting things done... Check out my buddy Steve at That will put a smile on your face.

  233. The reason this doc. makes me sad and angry that no one has mentioned, is because Dolphins are intelligent creatures, as the doc. says maybe more intelligent than humans? Well...more intelligent than some I know.

    There are instances where Dolphins have saved Human lives, have any cows, pigs etc: saved anybody lately?

  234. @LET,

    Thank you for your thoughtful observations on the topic. The way we think of animals as food and the impact it has on the environment and quality of life really does have to change worldwide I believe.

    I feel their is a lot of cultural relativism in a movie like the Cove due to the emotional attachment to certain animals. For example, in Korea, dog is eaten regularly. Raw horse is also eaten in Japan and other Asian countries. I wouldn't eat either, but it starts to question my own beliefs about my own diet. Do your emotional attachments to animals constitute what should and shouldn't be killed?

    I think its easier to come to a foreign country, denounce their killing of dolphins, then have a whole coalition of people band together and agree it has to stop (which it does). But when you look at your own society and the sick practices inside it, its more uncomfortable and likely harder to address the hipocracies inside it. For example, a Hindu director making a documentary of our slaughter of cows in America may incite horror in India and even win an award in that country. If that country had purchasing power equal to the US, they could probably pressure the US to make changes through shame and economic sanctions, etc.

    The horror of watching the dolphins be killed is shocking, I agree. But the Japanese almost every creature in the ocean as potential food, they don't really distinguish between creatures. This can change through education, but then so do our practices as well. Japanese people don't handle confrontation well, but they think the hipocracy in this situation is astounding.

  235. damn nice docu !!!!
    pffft this sh^t brakes my heart
    why do people learn the hard way ?
    i will never take my kids to a zoo
    or think it is normal to see animals in that condition

    im al fore nature parks and stuf
    but i think it is horrible to lock any animals
    in any way
    i only eat meat from farms that have their animals running around free

  236. @Joe

    I can understand where you are coming from, but here's another example for you. If we are going to take your stance and say "Well they do have a certain value in their culture for the fishing of dolphins, and we eat cow and chicken, and so on." We would also have to say things like: "Well, I think that its not fair for modern Judeo-Christian believers to impose their values on everyone else, so we should leave the Fundamentalist Church of the Latter Day Saints alone because its inherent in their beliefs and culture to have 13-16 year old girls ready and willing to marry older men."

    Or maybe: "We shouldn't tell tribes in other parts of the world to practice female genital mutation, because how come we in the West are allowed plastic surgery (changing our bodies), and the women in societies around the world who are embedded with ideas for self-mutilation are not allowed to practice it..."

    I know that morality and values have been argued as being subjective all around the world, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. There has to be some objectivity no?

    And as reflection as ourselves here in "the West", we need to consider too that our own practices are no better and it shouldn't serve as an excuse for other cultures to follow suit, but should hold a mirror that causes us to fix our own flawed practices.

    As a vegan I know how the animal slaughter system works, and its the most horrific system of torture for an animal (especially for one that is about to die). So I say the Japanese should not be doing what they are doing, but we should also reflect on our own culture and understand that what we do here is a system that needs a turn around, and soon!

    That's just my stance though, but I understand Joe that it is hard to watch a video about animal slaughter somewhere else and reproach yourself and say: "well wait, I eat chickens and cows and pigs here..."

  237. Im not going to get into a bantering match, but heres a few things to think about. I dont consider the "western culture" my culture at all. I dont condone any practice that's unsustainable. I dont eat cow, and rarely eat pig or foul. Yeah, it kinda sucks knowing that im growing up in a world where the previous generation polluted our planet more than any other. Im not telling you what eat at all. You can eat whatever you want for all i care.

    Just so you know, Im very multicultural. Im part Irish, Native American, Spaniard, Danish, etc. Whatever blend of culture came from my bloodline is long forgotten. A feeling of "Detachment" hardly does it justice.

  238. You know, this is sad, but after living in Japan for quite a long time now, I can see the Japanese point of view on this as well. Namely, what right does your culture, which kills thousands of cattle and fowl and pollutes the environment while doing so, have to tell us what we can and cannot eat? Are dolphins more sacred than cows? Why can the west kill cows, pigs, birds and any fish it chooses but Japan cannot?

    This is the Japanese point of view. Anyone care to counter?

  239. It actually Won "Best Doc" in 46 Festivals (2009). A little connection can go a very long way. That being said, it definitely and absolutely doesn't take anything away from the Doc. I just think if every honest Documentary would be backed up the same way, maybe somethings would not exist anymore on our Planet.
    Interesting enough, Joaquin Phoenix's "Earthling" as not received anything compared to the "Cove". It's easy to see how Hollywood are hypocrite everywhere down the line. They're basically treating Phoenix like they did "Mickey Rourke" 30 years ago.

  240. I can't believe there is something like this.this is truly awful

  241. I heard this was the 2009 Best Documentary of the year. But, wow!!! I had no idea..... ignorance is no excuse though. I will be telling everyone about this. This one was very good. Very sad, but the truth needs to be told. I can see why this won awards.