Culture in Decline: What Democracy?

Culture in Decline: What Democracy?From the creator of the zeitgeist film series, Peter Joseph, comes the worst reality show of all time: the real one. This opening show addresses the coming 2012 US Presidential Election and the subject of what we perceive as "Democracy" in the world today.

The well known advocate of the scientific thought Carl Sagan once invited the question: If we are visited by a superior species from another part of the galaxy and forced to explain to them our stewardship of our planet, not to mention the state of the human affairs today, would we be proud of what we describe?

How do we frame our explanation that almost half of the world, over 3 billion people, are either barely surviving in abject poverty and sickness, or are simply dying off unnecessarily at a rate of about one person every couple of seconds, all occurring in the wake of an advanced technological realities.

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  1. Consider this: both elites and poor people die and are trapped on Earth. In the future, that statement may not be entirely accurate anymore. An enormous consolidation of power is currently underway, science and technology are forming a perfect union, and only the ultra-intelligent surpass the basic understanding of what it all means while the rest of us live off their designs--or suffer by them. Their version of saving humanity might be to shuttle the best and brightest to safety while the rest perish.

  2. Good stuff! To this eye the most realistic chance at sustainable growth and intelligent transformation of society is Consciousness-Based Education. If at least some kids are allowed to awaken their brains in an evidence-based way, then there is hope. The David Lynch Foundation is trying. They are to be commended.

  3. He's afraid of "herd mentality" but he wants to make all of humanity into one giant herd. Interesting.

    1. He's advocating one society, not herd. It's two different things

    2. he wasn't necessarily mentioning a fear of "herd mentality", he was
      stating how herd mentalities are ideal for the proliferation of
      submissive behavior, because a herd with the same ideals holds great
      power. if this were to be reversed, say this "herd" adopts a
      progressive, analytical approach to the issues at hand, then this group
      would be more powerful than ever, maybe even more powerful than the
      bureaucratic powers that be.

  4. I defy anyone to find fault with the premise, or the information presented in this short documentary. While it may be far easier to define a problem than to solve one, the masses as a whole must first acknowledge that the individuals they are composed of, are too selfish, weak, and ignorant to address it. (to err is human)
    The scariest thought for anyone to accept, is that those who will do anything to bring the system down, may be the strongest, and best of us all, regardless of how evil their choice of actions. To reconcile this, morality is best defined not by one's actions, but by what motivated them, and whether or not those on the receiving end deserved them. (equity) This is the discerning difference between good and evil. (this position is not incongruent with the greater good)
    So, I ask all of you, is humanity worth saving, or is it best left for the evolutionary culdesac it is heading? Is life itself truly evil? (exploitation of inequity)
    P.S: ( a clue) Since greed is not an act of survival, it's sole purpose is simple: If we didn't feel the sting of evil, we would never develope the tools to combat it. (morality) Of course, the alternative is join Richard Cheney on the dark side. (quicker, easier, more seductive - Yoda) This choice has profound implications regarding one's own existance! (soul) Decide now, or forever risk your peace. (anything of real value does not come easy)

  5. Agreed and also enjoyed your movie but as a student of criminology I still think there isn't that light

    in human rights - what are your thoughts on the study of utopia?

  6. It's terrifying how many people buy into this guys nonsense. Dunning-Kruger effect compounds it all. Conspiretards will ignore rational discussion, evidence, and scientific proof but accept wholesale "I saw a YouTube video on it." and "I know a guy who's the 86th level of the super illuminati reptile overlord division of the shadow government." without batting an eyelid at how batcrap crazy to do so is.

    You cannot educate people who do not comprehend the very basis of scientific principal, falsifiability of claims, empirical evidence, etc. as it is attempting to teach literature to the illiterate. Sadly these people are a majority given that common sense is no longer common and more people are dropping out of high school than are completing university, not to mention that in the US (where most of these crazies live, usually new age christ-cultists (born again's, evangelicals, aog, pentecostals)) the average IQ is 91-94 depending on source. When you consider one IQ point difference is a huge drop that is terrifying.

    1. I will balance this with a quote from a letter I sent to Peter J back in the day:

      "I would like to let you know that your words and actions are, quite simply 'changing how humanity thinks'. You sir, and all that help you in these endeavors, are f--king amazing. Every broadcast you have made is pulsing around the planet in an echo that will last beyond the internet as future-philosophy.

      I am crying now as I type this because I know it is an ultimate
      good that you do. As I type this on a keyboard I know was
      made by far away hands, hands that probably made thousands of other keyboards that day. And how truly wrong that is, that this is our reality. I guess what I am trying to say is - the nature of your work will be known after all the screens go dark. That the reality of our collective future is guided by the actions that you do today. You and
      yours are shaking the world, please don't stop - we are beginning to wake.

      Remember, your attack on idiocy is making a difference to those that hear clearly and think deeply. And that is so cool."

    2. I will balance this with a quote from a letter I sent to Peter J back in the day:

      "I would like to let you know that your words and actions are, quite simply 'changing how humanity thinks'. You sir, and all that help you in these endeavors, are amazing. Every broadcast you have made is pulsing around the planet in an echo that will last beyond the internet as future-philosophy.

      I am crying now as I type this because I know it is an ultimate
      good that you do. As I type this on a keyboard I know was
      made by far away hands, hands that probably made thousands of other keyboards that day. And how truly wrong that is, that this is our reality. I guess what I am trying to say is - the nature of your work will be known after all the screens go dark. That the reality of our collective future is guided by the actions that you do today. You and
      yours are shaking the world, please don't stop - we are beginning to wake.

      Remember, your attack on idiocy is making a difference to those that hear clearly and think deeply. And that is so cool."

    3. Your point was invalidated the moment you typed "Conspiretards" in your second sentence.

    4. Cool speech... So where is your rational discussion, your evidence, your scientific proof and empirical evidence that all of this is nonsense? . . . . . . . What a hypocrite

  7. You are still in the box, Mr. Joseph. I suggest you check out John Taylor Gatto's stuff, you're not near the fundamentals yet.

  8. I feel a tremendous relief when I listen to Peter Joseph, it's like finding a kindred soul when you were sure there were none.

    I have what I feel is one piece of the puzzle that's missing here, though. It has to do with the psychology of the plutocrat. For some people, being born with so much power, privilege and money it's boring leads to pathological competition. "Winning" the "game" is all that's really left when you already have everything else. Have you ever stood between two honor students trying to out-do each other and totally ignoring you? The world of the plutocrats is something like that, except that the game isn't knowledge, it's domination. Ordinary people simply don't register. Unfortunately, whether we register or not our world is being destroyed as these golden children play for keepsies with the resources of the whole world.

    I'd say the majority of the super rich are not pathological competitors, they're just sheep in designer clothing, but even if there are 1000 people on earth who are both super rich and sociopathic, they hold more or less everything, and they have absolutely no intention of letting go.

  9. youtube non-violent communication a select a video over hour long this will change your life

  10. America is a Republic. it is NOT a democracy. Review the Pledge of Alliegence: I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    1. The pledge of allegiance has no legal or binding elements to it. That's like saying a countries motto is of legal relevance. The constitution is what you're thinking of as far as importance goes; also a republic is a form of democracy. What you basically just said is:

      "It's not a dog, it's a German Shepherd. Review Metallica's Enter Sandman. Exit light, enter night, take my hand, off to never never land."

      Except pretend I included an emphasis on something added a few hundred years later, such as 'one nation under god' was added in the 60's to earn votes in the new age christ cults of the south.

      Make sense? Not really, right. Of course the kind of demographic this article draws are those who haven't finished high school, and definitely lack critical thinking skills and thus 3 people voted this up without even realizing it's batcrap crazy.

      A republic is literally a form of government in which affairs of state are a "public matter" coming from the Latin res publica, not the private concern of the rulers, thus it is the most mainstream and earliest form of democracy.

      America IS a democracy. America is ALSO a republic. You would have learnt this in primary school, had you been paying attention and put in the effort to develop your education.

      Thus ends the lesson for the day.

    2. "The pledge of allegiance has no legal or binding elements to it. " -
      Wrong. Yes it does. It is the basis on which you can be brought on charges of treason when holding many public offices.
      Furthermore, the principle of Democracy on which the socio-political systems of many countries today are built, is eroded. There has never been a "true Democracy" in the sense that many a free young heart think of it, ever in human history. Even in ancient Greece where it all started, the vast majority of the population, did not have a say in how their City-Estates were run. The privilege belonged to an elite and don't forget they still had a monarchy (and a priest class) in place who had the last say. In Ancient Rome, you had to be a citizen AND a land owner to vote. This left the vast majority of poor romans out of the picture. In today's democracies, in theory we are granted basic rights to influence how our countries are run. However, we all as THE PEOPLE, voluntarily DELEGATE (or in other words "waive") those rights and leave the decisions in the hands of an elite of politicians. It is these people who run for office, who are the puppets (and in many cases the actual offspring) of the major burgess families of our time. These families, (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc...) made their fortunes on the bones and backs of the working man (THE PEOPLE) during the industrial revolution, to the detriment of life for all as a whole. Their only motivation, was not to make a more healthy, just or better society. It was and still is, GREED. These elites, are the monarchy in countries like the US, where there isn't supposed to be one. And ironically, where people fought and gave their lives to get rid of monarchy in the first place. They own the corporations, and they own government. That's your Democracy in your Republic.
      Finally, I do not believe in Peter Joseph. His films are loaded with assumptions and subliminal techniques. Many things that are presented as facts, have actually no basis in reality, neither scientifically nor even philosophically. He tries to appeal to the discontent of the viewer and the emotive side of the brain in order to make you swallow anything he portrays as facts. Is a bit like using the Bible to form your own sect and convince everyone that you should have 15 wives and everyone should call you messiah. But he does expose some truths. The guy has an agenda, what it is and what is he getting out of it (possibly money) is still to be seen.
      All I know is, every time someone takes a true fact and tampers with it, it only adds to the confusion. And that is bad. In the end, use your own brain.

  11. Except from an excelent content and a really hitting points as always, I couldn´t stop laughing :D He made it so funny. Of course, what´s happening is no fun, but a bit of humor to uplift the topic slightly is never bad.

  12. This really is old news and I used to be obsessed with these troubling issues in society as a whole, but there will be no change, and there is nothing you can do. Stupidity has spread like the black plague and no one is slowing down their pursuit of material possessions anytime soon. In fact demand has, and will only increase. The buck will stop when the already rapidly depleting essential resources we depend on have evaporated. Unless there is violent revolt on those at the top of the food chain (which will probably come when the water runs out and we no longer have the energy to operate these desal plants) things will continue as they have done. So really, relax! All you can do is watch these doco's, piss and moan and maybe find a cute girl to plow like a snow field.

    Oh, and as the dude below me said, all this is is an elevated more sophisticated and technology advanced version of the animal kingdom. A spider catches a fly, a lion chases down gazelle, a crocodile finger bangs a hippo.... It's all the same, same same.

    1. LOL way to be a downer otto, keep telling yourself you have no power...and then sit back and wonder why you have no power.. Lol wake up dude change is all around.

    2. A negative view of people has shut off your care machine. Yes a
      lot of stupid people exist but that doesn't mean their holding back
      intelligent people from making a difference. I think by freeing yourself
      of your compassion for humanity allows you to become comfortable
      in this messed up world we find ourselves in. You've let them beat you,
      don't despair as you can redeem yourself. Come back into the field of
      battle and get involved in the debate, we will win its just a matter of
      time. As we get more intelligent compassion will find its way into the world, survival is now more about working as one unit than fighting over resources. We are still evolving, we are not restricted by our origins. Ours fathers do not decide us and even less will carry to our children, we will win. We have an ever growing group, do not sacrifice your hope or your reason. Never give up a fight worth fighting for, we are societies only hope and weakness is best left at the door.

    3. A negative view of people has shut off your care machine. Yes a lot of stupid people exist but that doesn't mean their holding back intelligent people from making a difference. I think by freeing yourself of your compassion for humanity allows you to become comfortable in this messed up world we find ourselves in. You've let them beat you, don't despair as you can redeem yourself. Come back into the field of battle and get involved in the debate, we will win its just a matter of time.

      As we get more intelligent, compassion will find its way into the world,
      survival is now more about working as one unit than fighting over
      resources. We are still evolving, we are not restricted by our origins.
      Ours fathers do not decide us and even less will carry to our children,
      we will win. We have an ever growing group, do not sacrifice your hope
      or your reason. Never give up a fight worth fighting for, we are
      societies only hope and weakness is best left at the door. WE WILL WIN!

    4. A negative view of the world and people has shut mine off as well. But can it be that simple? I went through a series of epiphanies, world and life changing, It's like I am an entirely different person! My world was changed more than once, the first was when I saw unconditional love and trust, truth set my mind free, semantics words and a change in perception of language refined it etc... My perception and entire being changed! But I lost a lot of it...especially the true self, the love and compassion, Everyone is the same it seems...every ones fake! It's like we all just regurgitate information.

    5. There is this book, it's called a general theory of love. Read it if you can, we need to track, calculate and figure out this thing from the inside out and make waking up people a science. Isn't this obvious?

    6. “Ignorance is bliss” is a common statement when applied to knowing about something but not worrying about it. This mentality can sometimes be helpful in stress reduction, but what if it is applied to social injustice? In the short passage titled, White Moderate from the “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” Martin Luther King, Jr. blatantly expresses that this kind of mentality hinders the progress of freedom and equality. The white moderate being criticized here is one who acknowledges the victimized and unjust treatment of the African American by society, yet they confide and constrain themselves in their unperturbed world, not wanting to upset the flow of peace that is unfairly attributed to them.
      Though King’s claims are harsh, they invoke action for they call awareness to the complacent predicament that upsets the progress of equality for all men and women of color. King confesses that the Negro’s greatest setback “is not the White Citizen’s Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice; who prefers a negative peace, which is the absence of tension, to positive peace of justice." At first glance, one may be appalled that King compares the terrorizing white supremacist KKK to the white moderate who doesn’t want trouble. But at an analytical stance of what King is trying to accomplish (freedom and equality), this statement  illustrates that these white moderates are people who have the ability to contribute to this revolution, catapulting the desired result more effectively and in a shorter time. This acts as a sort of tease and mockery to King’s desired progress.
      In closing, King conspicuously demonstrates his disappointment in the white moderate for their ignorance is bliss stance on a fair and just society when they have the ability to make a positive impact, which King so honestly brings to their attention. So as King elegantly puts it, “Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection” (Abel 488). This depicts his struggle for the white moderate to come to their senses and stand up for what is right and just rather than simply accept and ignore the turmoil around them for the sake of their personal order.
      So too we can be compared to the white moderate. The change has been initiated and the awareness has come to mind. All we have to do is share the knowledge. Power lies in numbers.

  13. Generation Jihad ahhh? Like as in Al-CIA-duhhhh??? Those gee haaa deee's???

  14. we are still in an animal kingdom all be it complex and full of modern technology it is in our very genetics to reproduce despite lack of resources or lack of the ability to attain said resources human action and generosity or golden ideals set into action will only serve to offset this equlibrium one way or the other its not worth the worry

  15. This hit the nail on the head! Excellent video.

  16. Thank you for helping to spread the word about corporate domination and consumerist seduction. I agree with almost everything that you say, including the 'blind' submission to authority (even with respect to religion).

    The protest in Seattle in 1999 against the WTO has clearly shown us the value of sticking together on the issues despite our individual differences and beliefs.

    To this end, I would like to take the opportunity to make the point that not all Christians or adherents to various other religions support the status quo. Please have a look at Christian Aid in the UK and others like them for an alternative viewpoint.

    We need to band together for the cause, not be further divided because one group (religious followers of all stripes) are unfairly critiqued.

    It would be detrimental to the cause to lump all Christians together as anti-rational zealots who support the status quo, and may make it difficult for the members of this vast group to get on board with your message.

    I do recognise that many abuses and falsehoods have been spread in the name of religion, but we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater and risk alienating a very large group of people (potential supporters).

    Finally, it is important to recognise that not all religious folk are of the narrow right wing stripe of American Christianity. As a graduate student of Theology and Religious Studies, I am aware of vastly differing views and influences from those, and I invite you to recognise this as well, both personally and publically.

    As for myself, my ambition is to show how Christianity can and should support ideas found in the Eco-Socialist movement (for example) and how it should not support corporate rule, greed, or plutocracy. Please know that I will be one among many who are working hard to be the change in religion without the need to abandon it or alienate those who hold different beliefs or views.

  17. .

  18. I thought it was a good watch. I like the comment below ... words are a terrible way to communicate. I agree. One thing I took from this is that we should all stop talking and start doing! Actions speak louder than words!! But then I thought what would happen if 7 billion people all did at the same time. Maybe the world would bounce out of orbit or something!!

  19. PJ. . .I've loved you from afar for 4 years, since I first found your Zeitgeist message. I try, whenever possible, to be a disciple. I encounter many closed minds and fear and abhorrence, more often than not. Listen up. . .it's for ALL of us.

  20. Welcome to humanity, some men you just can't reach. It takes all kinds to make this funky world go round, and for the most of it people generally don't care about the other person. 51 years of life on the planet has taught me this lesson. Sure there are good, decent, kind people in the world where empathy and chivalry is not dead, a whole lot of them. Unfortunately the rest of the people in the world feel the universe revolves around them and they fight and step on anyone to gain what they want.

    I'm probably off topic and just babbling but It was a good watch.

    Since you and I both know people are dying from starvation which is probably the worst imaginable way to die I can think of, we aren't doing much to help are we? We're watching documentaries on the internet giving our opinions and going about our way looking after ourselves. It's in each and every one of us whether we know it or not. )

    1. I have a small pension and volunteer at a food bank.
      I cannot possibly change the world.
      But its so wonderful to go on sites like this, read what everyone else has to contribute; and know that I am not alone in my thoughts.
      Discussing most of the subjects we watch here, with the people in my world, only earns me quizzicle looks and bovine eyes.

    2. You are right my friend.
      But if you want to do more than watching and commenting as you said, do something, it´s so simple.
      To help end world starvation, go vegan ( look it up)
      Do not consume unnecessarily, reuse, recycle and spread the word. That´s what you and everyone can easily do and it has great impact.
      So try :)

  21. It always amazes me that a dozen people can watch the same thing and each one have a different interpretation. Fresco is right, words are a terrible way to communicate.

    I did not get the interpretation that Peter was saying that this is the end of humanity or even that human nature is necessarily bad. I thought that he was saying that our pattern of behavior must / will change and we should be active participants in the process.

    Did I get it wrong?

    1. Me thinks Peter was saying that as long as the world is run by the richest powers, and everything boils down to money-nothing will ever change.
      That's what I got out of this doc.

  22. O.K. Concerning my earlier posts, I must admit, I may have been a little strong in the language dept. That said, and to defend MY beliefs, I will re-state the obvious. We humans are destroying the planet. Yes, we've been here for a long time ( I don't want to go off on some creation vs. evo. crap) and yes, not until recently has the planet become so "over-worked". But, that's what I'm trying to get at! With the AMAZING technology we have at our disposal, with the Nutritional knowlege and farming, shelter, and fuel alternatives we really CAN save alot of what's left. And even repair, replace or replenish some of these things. Are we doing that? NO. Why? Greed. To survive? NO. To prosper? NO. To control? YES. Let me say this also and this will be all, I was in the military and saw things I just can't explain or even describe. I know what's at their disposal. I know what it would take to start the healing process. Will they do it? Hell no.

    1. Hence, I drink my wine, smoke my cigarettes, batton down the hatches and hope for the end to come as painlessly as possible

  23. I have to disagree with Mr. Joseph's opinion on education. Education does more than just "prepare people for a job" in the present environment - it indoctrinates them. I'm always suspicious of those who call for education to do more than impart job skills. Because I think the dumbing down happens in that "more", not in its lack. People, when they're not being indoctrinated, grasp critical thought readily. When you ask education to produce people who are more ... politically astute, what ends up happening is that it tends to impart doctrinaire politics, because this is what the majority believes is astute. It's a problem of having the cart before the horse: if the society is doctrinaire and non-skeptical, it simply doesn't have the capability to do education any other way, and therefore it is society that must change before education can ... rendering the idea of doing it the other way around a moot point.
    I would be most happy if education really was geared to only job skills. But that's not the case at all, it's not geared merely to producing workers, but to producing confused, ideologically conventional workers.

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed your comment, Devon. I would distinguish "education" from schooling, though, simply because education is really the only way that society can change, and it happens on an individual level through education and personal responsibility. *Schooling* does exactly what you wrote, and because our society presently relies on it and other irrelevant institutional entities to herd the youngest minds, we have a crisis of inability to think, feel, and experience reality as self-evident. Non-institutionalized children have a very different perspective on life, and witnessing this convinces me that without the "junior jails" we call "schools, there would be more young, brilliant, creative minds available to first cope with the mess, and then to do something much better. So, I'm in agreement with you, but I view education and schooling as distinct from one another, and in most cases, utterly opposite.

  24. Who said anything about you and your ignorance? I'm stating fact. If the people who inhabit this planet don't take better acre of it, then what will happen? It will end. What is so "doom and gloom" about that? It's true. All level headed and sane people know this. What's your excuse? This post is for my lovely friend, Devon "andy" Griffiths.

    1. Javier, I was replying to an individual who stated: "because we are human and all that fact implies, the world and all of it's inhabitants are doomed."

      So tell me ... what *isn't* doom and gloom about that?

      Giving you the benefit of the doubt - I can only guess that you're confused and did not realize what I was responding to ... check the post, at the bottom it will say "in reply to smackme420" you can click on that and see what I was addressing, which is quite clearly all doom and gloom, no hope so don't bother. There is nothing in that post about taking better care of the planet, just the raw despair of a quitter.

  25. I think Peter Joseph doesn't really care about the world, he just wants his name in history books. No matter how right he is saying this world needs to change, if his intentions are not right then he will never succeed. By watching his interviews it just seems like hes one of those guys with a big ego looking for fame and no matter how hard we try this world will never change because we don't want it to. We are too used to this world, the way it is and there are babies being born as you are reading this and they are being conditioned to live in THIS society. I think Peter Joseph already knows that so he should probably stop trying because what he wants is a perfect world and there is no such thing as a "perfect world" and never will be.

    1. It's people like you that are the reason a "perfect world" will never exist for us. Thanks a******.

  26. We have one problem and one problem ONLY! We are Human. If it were not for this fact, the Earth would be a truly wonderful place to live. But, because we are human and all that fact implies, the world and all of it's inhabitants are doomed. Just fact, not trying to be cute or unique. Not trying to scare anyone into or out of anything as I really don't care about you but, your kids and pets and the wildlife where you live.

    1. What a wonderful cop-out. The classic "humans are inherently evil and will always destroy the world" argument. Sort of frees us from all responsibility in a way, doesn't it?

      I think you could benefit from reading some of Daniel Quinn's work. His novel "Ishmael" is a good place to start.

    2. Cop out? Are you s***** or something? Of course WE are destroying the planet. It's not any other force, life, or event that has us where we are. Don't be a f****** c***, you know what I mean, I am NOT gonna make excuses for little b****** like you and your selfish needs. I am responsible for me and me only. I don't care what you think, do, say, etc. because I will never meet you nor do I care to. My issue is with people like yourself who get insulted like babies when faced with even a remote possibility. Guess it was a little more than remote and a little more than a possibility. I don't need to live off of someone else's idea of what life should be, I am here for a certain length of time and I will live my life as I see fit. I don't need some author to show me how. I am a Veteran, a life long Patriot who has seen enough of humanity to know who is responsible for what. I have been here for 54 yrs. What have you done to improve the world?

    3. You seem to have misunderstood what I was saying. If you would have at least looked up the book I mentioned you would have understood the point I was making. I never said that we weren't destroying the planet, in fact I 100% agree that we are destroying it at an ever-increasing rate. I also believe that each individual is responsible for him/herself, and that de-emphasizing personal responsibility has major role to play in the issues we face today.

      You lose me when you say that human nature is "bad" and we will always be "bad" no matter how hard some people try to change us. You believe that we are somehow "flawed", and therefore doomed to only two possible outcomes: destroying the planet, or extinction.

      But the fact is, humans existed for tens of thousands of years (50k to 200k) before the agricultural revolution and in fact did NOT destroy the planet, or themselves, because lo and behold, we are here! Do you really believe that evolution has not provided humans with a fundamental lifestyle that works, when it has provided one for every other animal in existence today? Is human nature really to blame, or is it something else?

      So when I say "cop-out", I am referring to your implication, which is, "humans are evil, have always been evil, and always will be evil, and there is no hope for change. So we might as well just give up." It's this attitude that is entirely unproductive, and really quite depressing. (And to cater to the conspiracy lovers out there, it's just the attitude that the rulers would want us to have, isn't it? Learned helplessness.)

      To be sure, the way we're living in 2012 is totally unsustainable and needs to be changed. I believe a better future is entirely possible, and it begins with ditching this weird concept of "original sin", so to speak. Seriously, read the book, or at least read its Wikipedia entry.

      To answer the question of "what have I done to improve the world?", I would say that I try not to be a belligerent a**hole in the comments section. Because incendiary comments are hurtful and never helpful.

    4. We've existed for a long, long time. If, all of a sudden, we're doomed - what changed? Are you a Luddite?

    5. *If I have to be screened every time I respond to someone, do NOT pass their comments to me. Just let them be, delete them or whatever. If I have to read other people's crap, then allow me to respond accordingly.*

    6. smackme420
      read and follow the comment policy and there will be no need for moderation.

    7. The sky is falling! It's hopeless! Let's just give up.

      What a cop-out.

  27. Hi John...

    Good posts. So are you a guitarist for a metal band...? Let's have a talk some time...

  28. This show is awesome.

  29. what method of extracting valuable information do you have? how do you keep track of your psychological, emotional and intellectual development? what methods do you have for advancement and efficient communication with people?

  30. in a monetary system it is impossible to solve problems correctly because of the highest value to make profit. this control mechanism makes it impossible to co-operate in any meaningful way with the false concept of competition.human nature is to do adapt to what society rewards. and in this case profit, we are taught to look at every bodies differences , we are taught to not question the status quo we are taught that we are free and we have rights however do we have to right to not participate in the monetary system and take what we need from stores while doing our work for free in return? we are free to follow the establishment specifically. we have the rights to earn money, buy things ,be in debt and sometimes protest in the according zones about specific topics we are allowed to talk about. we can't leave the house without multiple identifications and tracing numbers that are demanded at every establishment. how is this entire planet not one big prison? what can we REALLY do? anything we are allowed to do directly profits the top corporations and individuals on the planet. there is nothing WITHIN this system that can be done when every mechanism established is designed to keep things the same. we are taught to be specialists so we do not understand the entirety of reality because we would question the practices set by society today. we even are taught to put people down if that do not dress, look like, think ,behave in the way of the status quo. how can we be a one humanity family under this paradigm? we can't. to any nay sayers i ask you this. if we scientifically examine any living organism , we notice all the cells co-operate all the organs co-operate, in fact when this does not happen the organism is self destructing and dies. why do we think operate any differently? when will humanity psychologically be developed to the point of understanding this very basic value? will we have enough time? or will it be too late and we'll parish by our own demise.

  31. can you guys stop thinking with your right side of the brain and a little more with your left side. that's is if any of you know what that is? we need facts, evidence, links, charts and objectivity! Anybody can say anything they want to but can they prove it? or do they just talk out of how they feel? This TJ ling guy seems to be talking out of anger. This is a state well described in physiology. Don't let the ego talk. Instead advocate the rational objective thinking. before we start giving our opinions about a subject we should get educate about it, provide evidence to subtend your claims. This is why we are how we are. Everyone feels they have the right to talk and express their opinions about subjects that they aren't well informed about. people who aren't well informed shouldn't be allowed to participate in Democratic processes not relevant to their aria of expertise. Therefor we shouldn't have a democracy. There is not such thing as democracy in biology or physics. this system is feeding and relaying on those uninformed people to stay in power and perpetual their agenda.

  32. Joseph says some intelligent things, but I believe that the overarching idea that we as a species can fundamentally alter our "system" of thinking presupposes that it is not simply human nature to seek advantage over others.

    In his conclusion Joseph states that, "sure we'll solve a few problems with our in-the-box thinking but until the whole system is addressed at its core, unfortunately it is all mostly a waste of time." Joseph seems to ignore the fact that there is no evidence in the entire course of human history that humanity is capable of a total and sudden shift to our way of thinking and value structure. In fact human values haven't really changed all that much in the entire history of mankind. Many of our firmly held beliefs and values are similar or identical to the beliefs and values of humans thousands of years ago. Humanity doesn't suddenly shift its way of thinking. We "solve a few problems" at a time, we slowly advance. Updating our laws and regulations, exposing corruption - Joseph writes these things off as "naive" but they often do result in small, positive changes.

    He seems to think that our social values and social psychology dictate nearly everything, but much of what he hopes to change is simply human nature (e.g. seeking advantage over others rather than co-operating). Joseph wants everyone to suddenly "wake up" and change our very nature but human nature doesn't work that way. We change slowly, if at all.

    1. question. if human nature is objective besides the behavior of people in accordance with their specific environment, then it comes down to genes. that what be the only way human nature exist. if that is the case when we examine the activation of genes that lead to a propensity for certain behavior? they are only activated if the environment presents that situation. what other mechanism could human nature exist through? and if what i am saying is correct then it is the environment at work.that environment would vary from cell receptors activation from it's outside environment (back to chemicals and nutrients outside work) or organs or value systems and rest outside world we have to evidence to support human nature in the traditional way. only in the way re-actions take place when a situation arises. now if that is true than we have to create the environment to reward what we want to? be like, the current systems in place create negative behavior by the very rules of those games.herefore if we realistically want to be a certain way we start by creating our personal environment then expand it? outward through development of communication values and a symbiotic understanding that can fathom the entirety of reality so that we can make sure we are successful with those endeavors.

    2. John Jacquard

      I think that what you are saying is possible. However I think that if mankind is to alter our environment to reward more co-operative and altruistic behaviour and thus change our value-system for the better it would be a slow process that would take place over the course of many generations. It would not be a sudden shift like Joseph seems to believe is possible. In fact I think such a process is already happening - it is just too slow for Joseph to appreciate. As I pointed out in my earlier comment Joseph thinks that trying to promote change from within the system is naive and fruitless. I disagree. I think it is the only way that mankind can change as a whole. There will always be free-thinkers that are ahead of the rest, but an entire shift in values for all of mankind takes time.

    3. i like your methodology. however i think a frame of reference may be helpful here. look at the way our cell phones laptops and technology advances so fast when we allow the evolution to naturally take place.I think it is important to ask ourselves why are other areas such as society ,traditions, and customs not allowed to evolve in the same way? we have automobiles a hundred years old we have traditions and beliefs and customs like the monetary system thousands of years old, guess what ? we are not letting these things evolve evenly with others . example. imagine a situation- you are a human being who's job it is to advance your emotional ,psychological, and intellectual development equally to the highest level possible, however a individual may have the psychological development of a 12 year old, emotional of a 17 year old and intelligence of a 40 year old. you see it is important to understand the whole system and the parts it is made up of each step of the way. people that do not pay attention to their development may be stunted in one or two areas. by developing them all to say a 40 year old level that person now has the skills to take more advanced endeavors. the slow evolution you talk about can be as quick as we want look at moor's law after all if that process was adapted to everything every 13 months we could advance our society to the highest symbiotic level of understanding possible from their the sly is the limit. we simply need to address the problems with solutions.

  33. Not so much a documentary, but an opinion that strikes a direct bullseye on the root problem that the human collective not only faces today, but has dealt with from day one. Definitely not something you will ever see presented on FOX, CNN, etc. (good reality check for everyone!)

  34. It's crypotcommunist propaganda, nothing more, nothing less. For those in doubt, watch the last part of the Zeigeist series. It envisions a global society without dissidents (anyone who sticks to the old ways and values, that is), no money, no jobs for the vast majority of people and there's no freedom to move outside your home district in a hypyertechnological dystopian city, since all other districts are exactly the same and apparently there's no need for you to go anywhere, as pointed out in the docu ... the fate of the entire globe will be put in the hands of technocrats with ecologist leanings. It's the eco-marxist's wet dream. Unbelievable how Joseph dares to mention democracy in the title for this particular documentary. Also, do your research on the man. Sadly, Joseph is not just a dangerous extremist who has no followers or influence, his documentaries have been watched by tens of millions and he has his own cult following and projects. He is linked to Lucis Trust, a Luciferian organisation no less, which has consultative status in the United Nations Economic and Social Council. It's very telling. P. Joseph might in fact be the last nail in the coffin of Western civilization. I'm annoyed with how he pretends to be neither left nor right, which is ridiculous given all of his ultra-progressive ideology, but he's in fact selling the vision of the future the establishment believes in, especially the international elite, financial or otherwise, they don't care about the nations they orginated in. It's also useful to point out that the communautarian ideas Joseph believes in have already been put into practice from the sixties until the nineties through social experiments, all of them failed and they are now discredited in the eyes of academics. Yet it doesn't stop post-hippies such as Joseph to keep on pushing their agenda on a massive scale. I find Joseph's work very, very disturbing and frightening, especially because of all the exposure he and his cult receive, without as much as a single critical question ever being asked. Although it's no surprise he is hyped by our corrupt media, I must say. A good question would be: who is paying Joseph to indoctrinate the impressionable masses to prepare them for what's coming?

    1. I would like to answered you in a short paragraph without rhetoric. I would like to answer your "Cult" proposition. I as a law school Graduate, i'm not someone who follows blindly any idea. The idea that this is "society" is in dire need of a "reform," is not only rational but the only conclusion. Our system need an "update." I will agree that such an "update" will take decades, and may be hundred of years. But i applaud Joseph for at least exposing some of whats wrong with this society.
      As to "Democracy," it is the idea that we are all equal. However, we are led to believe that "Capitalism" and "Democracy" are one and the same. that is far from the truth. Capitalism is an Economic system, "Democracy" is the "principle" or "utopian idea" that we are all equal. What you do with such a principle differs, meaning, what rights and responsibilities each person has since we are all equal.
      My conclusion is that in order to become more "democratic" we need to keep keep updating our economic system. Just like we updated the "monarchy" through the "Carta Magna." we have updated our "economic" structure from "monarchy" to "Feudalism" to "Capitalism." the next natural step is "socialism." But it will take many years for society as a whole to be ready to move from socialism to a much better system. It is a gradual Progression. Take for example "democracy," it is clear that what "democracy" was 2000 years ago to the greeks, or even 200 years ago when the US was founded, IS very different then what Democracy is now. Our Understanding of Democracy has evolve, so must our economic system so that both correlate with each other.

    2. "It's crypotcommunist propaganda, nothing more, nothing less."

      You write as if Communism and Capitalism are somehow largely different. Things compete because they're the same, not different. If you break down both economic systems, they are nearly identical, aside from a few superficial differences. Both have a centrally-planned economy, both replaced monarchy and feudalism, both rely on a non-transparent ruling class in decision making, both market themselves to the working class, and both's economic decision-makers decide public policy.

      Those are just a handful of the differences. Why would two completely different systems compete? That doesn't make any sense.

    3. that's weird because i have researched TVP RBE TZM for years and have not found any of what your saying throughout that time can you reference your source please if thats true i want to know the truth thanks

    4. You are a brainwashed fool if this is really what you believe. Maybe try watching the films again WITHOUT your opinionistic bias. If you payed attention you would see he and others are not advocating any sort of -ism's.

      As for society in the hands of a few technocrats and ecologists, (which is NOT what is being advocated), how could that be ANY worse than the current system where $$ is the master of all decisions made ?? Feed the hungry ? No profit! House the homeless ? No profit! Do whats right and ethical ? No profit! etc etc etc

      BTW, how can you link PJ to some clandestine, manipulative societies when Peter Joseph is NOT his real name? Why didnt you post your links backing up your false claims. Oh, but you cant, because youre just making shit up to discredit a message that explains THERE IS ANOTHER WAY.

      You and people like you are what continues to hold back any REAL progress of the human race. YOU are the extremist!!

      His documentaries have helped to awaken the masses. Many of us KNOW that cooperation is better than competition, but you and the institutuions that currently run society would have us believe there is something wrong with US, not the system.

      Go climb back under your rock and go back to sleep. You apparently are quite happy being just another cog in the current profit motive machine.

      People like you make me literally sick !!!

  35. Stalin and Ho Chi Minh thought the same thing. Problem is, the system we have is ingrained in us. You can't just change the DNA as much as you'd like. A lot of people are basically programmed humatons. Try to get them to think critically of what is real to them and you're asking for a genocide or some crazy ****. People are far dumber than you think. Sorry.

  36. Lame American humour but still, interesting content. In all honesty, you couldn't take any of it seriously because it does seem (to me) like a big conspiracy theory - however it screams 'ontological insecurity'.

    This idea that, since modernity, we have become obsessed with classifying, researching, understanding and changing everything and consequently this means we feel existentially insecure. We don't know what our identity means anymore, and this is why we have begun to question our western society.
    However, how can we expect a traditional, idealistic, traditional democracy to work in a place as BIG and populated as America? In fear of sounding like a communist, greeny, lefty - democracy can be very inefficient at the best of times. Yet nonetheless, this doesn't excuse the lack of values - education and health should always be top of the list, and not national defence.

  37. WOW. A lot of big words for saying we are f--ked, but look on the bright side, at least we have a wonder social well fair system to fall back on, right?

  38. Is there going to be more episodes?

  39. keep up the good work peter

  40. A visitor from outer space confronts a couple guys on a street corner. The guy from space asks these two dudes "I wish to speak to the highest power on the planet". One guy lights a cigarette, says the highest power is God and God is invisible. Drawing smoke senselessly into the lung blows out the exhaust stench. Just what logic displayed evaluates this situation? Were not off planet in space because money and God doesn't exist anywhere off this planet. ]
    Both money and religions are involved with dictatorship, which is simply not allowed off the crust of this planet. And with so many Gods earth cannot or may never speak with one voice. Unless a one world (planet) order is in place, and religion and money is void.. Which the leaders of this planet set these situations to vastly work against us.

  41. Imagine no money, no gods, just a focus on our race and each other. Gods and money do nothing but seperate humanity away from humanity by applying thier detailed methods. Definately a plan subject to fail. What we need cannot be obtained, exposed truth just isn't enough. Only the alien threat will bring nations together as one. Their next plan will become powerful enough to bring in the one world power or order. A better then Hollywood performance is intended to display what shock these nations will under go by a joint alien and select government superpower contstructing a massive worldly play on humanity to obtain their next result. 911 is a pimple on this next plan they have for us. There is no way out, there's only the way through. Living within any large city? You will hear it first. I'm no expert, it's just a thought every mind should know and be aware of.
    Modern man pays no attention to frequent UFO sightings, but a supprise is about to unfold using unexplained technology that may force man to do what these so called leaders insist need to be done, that's to bring the one world power structures into play, which then everyone will graciously allow.
    Another tip I have is for dinner, blend in two egg yokes into your spagetti sause, (it melts in and dissapears) you'll honestly love the flavor. Yawnn, goodnite..

  42. wait...did you say, money should have been dispersed for household debt?? To pay for irresponsible household who charge for things they shouldn't buy and cant afford to own. RIGHT!!!!

  43. Good doc. Nothing I haven't been able to derive for myself but it's good that someone's putting the truth out there and with style.

    @N Hello planet, please tell me some of your other opinions. We're the dinosaurs as cool as they seem?

  44. Hey, great Documentary.
    But just wondering.... why do i need to be on Twitter/Facebook of G+ to like this(as above)? I feel like i'm being ostracized because I'm not "living in the Pale" and have happily lived outside the realm of social networking. I see this in many places where your opingion only seems to count if ur on a network site, like wtf!!
    Come on Top Doc:)

    1. @Libcon26:

      You do not have to be on any facebook, twitter, etc: if you do not want. If you like a doc just say so, if you like a comment from someone, click "like" beside the reply button.

    2. Hi RAZOR,

      Thanks for pointing that out. I do know i can "like" things in other ways but its just lately, i've noticed that many sites, especially online newspapers, when i try to leave a comment, or "like " something, you have to verify yourself through one of your social network sites. Its just an observation really but can be kind of annoying:)

  45. We are but ponds in the global picture but they wouldn't have profits if we didn't all consume like we do. Break the chains and buy local. Live your life for yourself and not a government or corporation. Be creative!

  46. It really doesnt matter. This planet will be better off without us !

  47. Smart people win, dumb people lose. Is that not evolution?

    1. So how do you explain humans...?

    2. not in a monetary system the man that exploits the most wins

  48. Weird credits.
    "This broadcast was made possible by generous grants from the Rockefeller Foundation... The Bilderberg Group, The Council on Foreign Relations, The New World Order, Alex Jones, and the satanic cult known as the Zeitgeist Movement."
    Really? Sponsored by the "New World Order?" Um, right, good one...

    Anyway, good watch for any Zeitgeist fan.

    1. If you can not see that Peter Joseph tend to be sarcastic at times. It is fun. It is a test if you can tell the difference between a joke and facts. Some things in life are obvious to others, while not to most.

    2. The New World Order , Alex jones etc are disinformation pure and simple. Disinfo works by coupling good, science-based, information with nonsense, so most reasonable people look at it and dismiss the lot. Hr put that there as a joke. It is everything he is not about, aka sarcasm.

    3. Wow, you are a brick in the wall

    4. I seem to remember there being a "just kidding!" right after that statement lol. Pay attention?

  49. To all of you saying look who funded m*****.... the video probally didnt cost more than 2000 to make. If you watch the whole film to the very end it was shot in a basement. wow

  50. Alot of people are....Wait till you cant afford food like people in other places in the world, i bet all all of you will be crying like little girls.

    1. nail on the head

  51. @skibee
    U are in denial.... its ok...but u are.

  52. Why is this id**t eating while he's presenting his video?

    1. I didn't like it either, well I wouldn't have mind if it wasn't for the smacking. Of course a minor detail that shouldn't detract from the message as a whole which is spot on.

    2. You suddenly got hungry?

    3. It was taken from an interview he had with a music teacher a long time ago. He felt that it was a way to casually induce a mode of comfort in the listeners because that's what it did to him. He was obviously wrong.

    4. he was hungry

  53. Closed Caption is incorrect. Must be addressed at once. ALERT! ALERT!

  54. Check closed caption. When Peter says "millions killed" closed caption reads millions fueled. etc etc.

  55. Shit is right on. Well done vid, great questions are asked here and Im now wondering if the tide is turning and they see the collapse coming. people are waking up and they will retaliate, this is what scares me.

    1. I agree with you when it comes to people waking up and the system collapse.I believe it will happen in our lifetime.The only scary thing to me is military might that backs all of the democratic systems in the world today.Nothing defeats change like good old fashioned military might.

  56. soro, rockefellar, CFR, etc. credited for the
    grant money for this film.....chit on that ~

    1. @skibee,

      Do you seriously believe in that. Those credits are parody. The ACTUAL credits appear after the fake ones. The show is made in a basement.

  57. Always worth watching Peter Joseph's films

  58. The House is burning, watch it burn...hmmm... some analogy. Hard not to agree with the conclusions, and every day (in every way) more 'sheep' are taking a vacay from the comfort zone and doing some research and self-education of their own. Personally, I don't think we have the option letting it burn, so to speak, and starting over from scratch. That we (some of us 'we') are, in generally unbiased ways looking at our nature as humans, factoring in the human population peak (estimated about 10 billion) and exploring the potential of 'other' ways to live fairly, and together, on this small globe, is, maybe a harbor of hope, or maybe, too little too late. What I do know is an old and tried and true principle of inspiring change is "the vision needs to match the heart". Visionaries must needs learn how to speak 'to' not 'at' people, and then provide environments where 'we' can connect... The massive dis-connect between corporate persons, the governments they control, the games (often war-games) they play, and the mostly kind to your neighbour, modestly evolved human - is an ocean of distance. 'We' think they are crazy - megalomaniacal crazy, and they think we are sheep, have little worth, and need strong leaders to 'guide' us... The ONLY trend/movement/inspired idea I have seen that IMO might, might begin to build a bridge (sorry bad song reference :) is the fact-truth- indisputable evidence (to many) that the earth is not so big after all, that we are all related, that, maybe, we are not so different - One Earth - One People. To survive we will need to lift each other up,rather then tell everyone else what 'they' must do. Good luck out there -peace

  59. Well, if you have no power to control the system, you either submit to it's control (the herd psychology mentioned) or you blithly live your life even if doing so doesn't change anything.

  60. I like Peter Joseph's work but disagree with the statement "Culture in Decline". For something to be in "decline" does it not also have to have been in an improved or better state prior to the decline? Humanity's culture/existence (base on any information that seems to be available on this issue) to me has always been basically violent and dirty. When was this awesome time where humanity did anything without violence to each other/the land/etc. or trashing the environment in a really nasty manner? Not really finding that epic part of human history in any source and it certainly does not exist in the present. From an objective perspective - humanity as a species is pretty nasty as a collective whole.

    1. Haha, I really like your point here, but I don't think his intention is that we once were that great, but I can see that he meant like, a hundred yrs ago, sure we've always been one the same destructive rout, it's just that it hasn't always been this much destruction, which is accelerating, and tearing down the culture..

    2. Very true, and a good point, but that doesn't mean we're not in decline. We just never rose that high in the first place.....

    3. no. you are miss understanding what the word 'culture' means

  61. First, I want to say that I really liked the Zeitgeist film trilogy. I appreciated its idealistic perspective because it encourages us to think about what might be possible (someday ... maybe). Nonetheless, I have to admit that I'm happy to finally see a Peter Joseph film that embraces a somewhat more realistic view of society, and of the human condition in general. In this film, he appears to distance himself from many of the "blue-sky" solutions that were proclaimed or inferred in the earlier Zeitgeist films as well as in The Venus Project's publications. He still insists that the theories of government and economics currently being forced on us are complete nonsense, and I couldn't agree more. But in this film he has largely refrained from proposing any solutions for civilization's problems. He is content to simply call attention to these problems without offering any concrete solutions. Some may think that this is an irresponsible position, but I actually think it's pretty reasonable. In fact, I think its an indication of intellectual growth and insight on Peter Joseph's part. The reason I think this is two-fold. First of all, even though his previously published theories of government were very attractive on an emotional level, they were sorely lacking in a practical sense. This point has been addressed by several others in earlier comments, so I won't waste time repeating their arguments. Secondly, I can't blame him for not proposing any workable resolutions to the injustices of today's government because, frankly, I can't think of any solutions either.

    And please, before anybody feels the need to refer me to the web sites for The Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project, don't bother. I've read their material and I have found it lacking from a practical perspective. Don't get me wrong, I realize that there are terrible problems with society and I realize that governments are inherently corrupt. Really, I do. I just can't think of any way to prevent this sort of behavior. And neither can The Zeitgeist Movement or The Venus Project, from what I've seen so far.

    1. of course there's no solution mentioned here....

      the elite are paying for this doc.

      watch the credits after the film....g. soro !$#@!!

    2. Yes indeed sir, I concur. it appears too late to set things in modern perspective like these more logical projects point out. If only these projects existed to enlightened the societies back in the crusade era. I see your point. It's a kick in the ass all right, thanks for your sence of modern understanding.

  62. Its a shame that this will not been seen by a whole lot more people then the minority who will.
    This is what should be shown and discussed in our schools.... Educate our children
    :( but it won't be

  63. You're preaching to the choir... but U R still preaching... when does the film start? What an egoistic d*ck... he talks with a mouth full of sandwich...

    If voting made any difference, they wouldn't let us do it.
    Mark Twain

  64. Did he say intelligent and Michael Moore.

  65. Anybody that claims God is complicit in the wholesale murder of people, is a m*ron. Religion is an invention of man, therefore all their corruption is also man made. Don't blame God because you cant follow your own contradictory rules. We can feed the whole world and we don't, that's the biggest sin of all and we are all involved. 95% to 98% of aid money collected by the likes of Bono doesn't reach the poor countries. Research who you are donating to. Make sure you can track where the money goes. It's not enough to simply give and walk away.

    1. I would like you to really think hard about this "Sambo1",.....”One abducted person (abduction by extraterrestrial beings) presented a question to the aliens..."Do you believe in God, which is in the image of man?" The alien replied in English with a confused look..."The universe is God" "We don't understand why you think God is in human form, we are confused." ...Makes a whole lot of sense to me, does that answer. I believe “nature” is God, God is nature! Ok, now you feel sad or angry about me, is God, not just a God to humans only, but to all creatures in universes, a one God we can’t see and never will?!

      ....It really does make sense, when you think about the above, your mind will slowly, (can be quickly too, for some people) realize that this is so.

    2. absent from the body,
      in the presence of GOD.....

    3. That passage (Man was made in the image of god) is meant to denote that the true form of man is spiritual/mental (as opposed to physical) and that s/he is fundamentally creative. For where is the physical/material outside of a mind to perceive it? No one can say. It is like the world before you were born into it Consider also, that contrary to immediate perceptions the world and universe are not outside of you, Nothing is, Everything is with in you. For where else will you ever experience any thing except within the confines of your mind, the seat on consciousnesses? No where. So even though it all seems like it's out there' it's not; it is all inside each of us.

  66. fear driven cultures are never forms of democaracy and we are.. fear driven.

  67. People that cannot afford to have children and they do nothing to prevent having one are the problem! Stop depending on your fellow man to support your choices! Which is what are government has been advocating. With food stamps WIC and many other programs. There are 7 billion people on the planet, fine, but that's my doing. People do need to be more responsible. If you can afford 20 children by all means do so. I personally know no one that can support educate and deal with that number, or even half! I love all people we are all brothers and sisters but counting on the government to take care of them whether it be food stamps, medicare, social security or general education, is just ignorance. People need to be responsible for themselves, without this help. So we may flourish and have the pursuit of happiness.

    1. Yeah, you love everybody, sure. Your a regular Gandhi.

    2. but welfare/snap etc. make up less than 10% of our federal budget....

    3. ok. so can i not pay income tax or federal? since i'm just going to be "helping myself" right?

  68. Don't make God the evil one just because these people are ignorant! God is good, who are you to be his judge? Please do not blame God for peoples ignorance! Evil is of the devil not God!

  69. Just because someone in politics references God does not mean they know God in the true sense. Religious or not you should read Irresistible Revolution and The Shack! God is not what the "church" makes him out to be! Do not believe what people say but believe but what you feel in your heart is true!!!

  70. Good documentary, short, sweet and on the money,,,

  71. This film would have us THINK too much. The problem with democracy is if you gave the people what they really wanted the world would be destroyed in a week. Most of the electorate are fools or foolishly unrealistic. (Homer Simpson comes to mind, when his long lost twin voiced by Danny DeVito asked him to design the perfect car)This is why true democracy would be a disaster and why we should fear China as they develop their industrial machine without the distractions of having to fight each other over who to elect every 2 and 4 years.
    One thing that puzzles me about the description, which in the same sentence laments how people are dying off unnecessarily in the wake of technologies as it also mentions poverty and starvation- of course related to overpopulation.
    We want cake. We want to eat it too.

    This is what I meant by "foolishly unrealistic" and the same mindset has us trying to reverse climate change while improving the lives of third world masses by industrializing them. I hope I needn't have to explain why the two are mutually exclusive and actually counterproductive if both are pursued.

    1. So you're suggesting that the ONLY options are either destroy the planet by industrializing the poor, or make sure the poor don't develop.

      The richest 10% account for 60% of consumption. I think that presents a possibility..equitable distribution? That would deal with poverty while still allowing options to curb climate change.

  72. Did you ever notice how the media (all media) couch the Election process in such violent and military language. "Obama SLAMS Romney over such and such. Romney FIRES BACK over this and that. Obama COMES OUT SWINGING in regards to something or other. So and so MAKES AN ATTACK,TAKES A SHOT AT, FIRES A SHOT ACROSS THE BOW, ARE IN ATTACK MODE, at so and so. And did you notice how the 'numbers and statistics' of the race are so obsessivly covered to the detriment of the competing ideas and visions (as if they really differ that much). They want to engage your emotions while avoiding any thoughful discussion of the real issues. So do they do it because it simply sells more soap, or because it sells more bullshit. I don't know for sure, but the whole thing gets more intense every Election. If 'they' control it all and our choices are illusuons, then why upset the redneck half of the country with a black President. 'They' must have known what the result of it would be, socially speaking. If it's 'their' doing, then it's for the purposes of civil cohesion and their eye is on the long goal. That means he will be the next President of the United States and will leave office as a succesful role model for the disaffected, as intended.

    1. yay for positivity! i'm on board

    2. did u not see the things he wrote on the blackboard ??

      ur answer to 'why they upset the whole country' is in there...

  73. I was about to watch this, but then I noticed the Zeitgeist guy was the host.

    1. Stay asleep!

  74. please don't eat and talk

  75. Sounds convincing. More so then any Zeitgeist. I subcribe to this vision, even though as I do it I am high and drunk and depressed

  76. CHECK Closed Caption! When Peter says "millions killed" closed caption reads
    "millions fueled.

  77. Did you look at who financed this thing? Go back and check it out

    1. That's a joke.

    2. That financing paragraph was a joke. God people.

    3. i did ! and i don't like it one bit !

  78. I love it look at all the people here talking about the problem and agreeing on the problem lol WAKE UP PEOPLE That is the problem stop talking and do something about it when are we going to stand up and do something lol never we are too comfortable sitting and watching a video and waiting for someone else to come and save us all......never going to happen

  79. ZM & PJ adress the problem quite well,even superb...but i have a problem with their/it's deliverence....snobbish & elitist to the core which gives the
    average audience a feel of displacement & not the feeling of concern ,growth
    & unity!not everyone has had the enjoyment of private schooling & especially
    this percentage should've been adressed with tactile information!still,i enjoyed the show..............................................

  80. Great show, gets right to the point without all the wierd conspiracy fluff..!! Exactly right about the basic fundamentals of our system designed to fail through the creation of money through debt without consideration for interest..! Many points here are 100% dead on right..!! We live in a modern time of science & technological development, however we are stuck in arcaic old world philosophies such as Religion, which in fact need to be put to rest as an age past. And the future of "Intelligent Thought" brought in.. In summary unless we just simply burn it all down, we won't be able to build it perfectly as it should be, due to the inferior structure currently standing..!! Great show KEEP THEM COMING...!!

    1. I get what your saying and agree with the show but "without all the weird conspiracy fluff". If someone like Alex Jones tells you that there is no real democracy, the parties are the same, we live in a dictatorship, its a conspiracy but if you hear it from Peter Joseph its not? And religion... fair enough you don't believe in God. I don't either but I know its not the problem. If you have 4 land owners (lo's)
      lo#1 wants the land that lo#2 owns and lo#3 wants the land that lo#4 owns. The difference being that lo#1 believes in a deity what would you use to explain the behavior of lo#3?

      As Peter Joseph states its the way people think that is the problem. 6mins 40-50secs we see Richard Fuld being addressed. His family owns paintings that are worth around a million each. That is the problem. Its the way people value trinkets over morality that's the problem... Materialism, caviar and champagne both foul tasting crap but its expensive because a load of rich people value it that's what need to be addressed.

    2. LOL, caviar, some rich people pay stupid money to eat fish poop (eggs) because other rich people tell them it's good. Champagne, well I have had a glass of $150/bottle Dom Perignon in one hand and a glass of $12 a bottle Korbel in the other and I could see and taste the difference but it was very abstract, subjective. I could be happy with either.
      Here's a better one... high end audiophile stereo equipment, the most outrageous being the accessories like RCA cables-$10,000 for a pair of 3-6 ft long cables with no measurable electrical difference from a $20 pair, and if you can't tell the difference it's because you lack the taste or ability to appreciate them that only true audiophiles can.
      At least a Ferrari Enzo or F40 has an intrinsic value you can assess like performance. Caviar?

      Wonder what a starving Ethiopian kid would think of a $5,000 tin of caviar. Probably wouldn't like it and his mother would have to tell him how all the starving kids in mansions in Monaco would love to have that caviar he didn't finish.

  81. Peter Jospeph is back with a strong message. The doc is well made, direct and short. It's hard to deny the point he makes.
    An i opener.
    I smiled at Mark Twain's quote.

  82. People ask the question, "if there are other intelligent species in this universe, why don't they reveal themselves to us?"
    I like to answer that we are good at making things but we don't even have the insight needed to stop these things from harming us or making us miserable. And that we are inherantly cruel, unfair, dirty and shallow.
    We stand in a pile of disposable chinese plastic, half of us on prozac or oxy, and the other half simply deranged with the stress and futility of it all. We look up from a wildly overpopulated planet, we peer through a haze of smog, and we wonder "are there any other intelligent lifeforms out there?"
    I really hope not...

  83. I agree, waxonron, quality stuff. No easy task to survey our current state of affairs and then offer a comprehensive and pragmatically realistic viewpoint. I'm sorry (to all those who have a brighter viewpoint on the state of the globe) but I'm convinced we have allowed ourselves to become entrapped and helplessly dictated to on a daily basis. We've lost our society, nation and planet to a handful of dollar-hungry and psychotic puppeteers who ravage our world and gain whatever it can from our mindless existence which is best compared to the mouse or rat on the treadmill or spinning wheel. Our fault; we're to blame. The only question remaining is whether, as the Peter Joseph's of the world try to enlighten us (in their imperfection and defective humanity) we will continue to be owned, or whether or not we will begin to take a collective stand and wrest back our lives, our freedom and our worth as human beings.

  84. A good summary of some of the important issues, but the sarcasm might be lost on the unconscious, repel the uncaring, and it certainly won't help the stupid learn any more. Perhaps Peter needs to make a video game version that teaches in a subliminal manner, because he seems to have no faith in humans learning on their own and without noise, and silly insults. Good stuff otherwise.

  85. Not a bad little film... keep 'em coming! The human animal has a difficult time with the mild complexity of things like Social Sciences and other things more subjective, loose, fluid and hard to pin down. Maybe that is why people need that security blanket of Quantum Physics to reassure ourselves that we are smart. We are smart, right? a little help please...

  86. Interesting stuff. However, it always strikes my how Americans seem to go to great lengths to avoid the single-most important issue for the understanding of their own country: multi-culturalism. The US is the most - if not only truly - multi cultural society on the planet and this has great advantages. As a european who has lived in the US for several years (and liked it!) I know how multi-culturalism is embedded in the US society. However! Multi-culturalism does in my opinion also pose a significant problem for a democracy. The constant influx of poor people at the bottom creates a strong economic preassure on the middle-class and secondly can in some cases work against the people willingness to organize and "fight the power". The capatilism in the US is as far as I can understand closely associated with the country being multi-cultural. I dont mean to be cynical - but shouldn't it be part of the story also?

    1. This is just the first episode. I'm sure that issue will come up in coming episode.

  87. ohaaa super docu ...

  88. Weird, i have fully understood this and i came to the same conclusion.

    I'm just going to continue to learn how things work and don't work. In a universe where every action causes a equal and opposite reaction, you can say no action is the best solution.

    But who cares, I only get to exist one brief moment in what people call eternity, so naturally ill combine as much stuff as i learn into a awesome way of looking at things.

    Knowing reality and not letting it bring me down. :3


    ~Humans, Humans, we all the same, but we also insane~ :D

  89. Humans have trouble grasping reality period. Aliens do not exist. We just suck at how we treat each other. As long as there are people who like to sing songs and roast s'mores around the campfire there will be deranged psychopaths who want to kill for whatever reasons. If aliens existed they would simply wonder why the heck that is and probably laugh. I know I do.
    Bonus Space Fact (BSF)- There are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on Earth.

    1. Aliens do not exist? just like that, what a scientific explanation! Do you know anything about astronomy? I seriously doubt it. We just suck at how we treat each other? so, for you the environment in which we develop has nothing to do with our behaviour? Do you know anything about human psychology? I don't think so... Do some research, inform yourself.

    2. I don't think Aliens exist is that such a big deal. I guess it is. Why take things so serious sheesh.

    3. You didn't offend me! So what if there ARE aliens? In the whole scheme of things, what does it matter any way?

    4. How does your absolute statement "Aliens do not exist" and your BSF on the # of stars in the universe mesh?

    5. With the aid of the bend in space/time continuum.

  90. To answer Sagans question, Politics and greed and the "need to be right" for self validation explains everything we do on this planet". To assume Sagan's aliens would not be burdened by the same "baggage" is to assume they are of a different "ilk" than humans. If these aliens have a higher ethical/moral standard it must come from something we didnt receive from our "stardust" or our creator.

    1. We ourselves have a higher standard inherent in our nature. We just don't acknowledge it because of our lack of understanding, and therefore control over, our own psychology. Problems with politics, greed, war, crime, or whatever else can be reduced to that understanding of human nature, and we can be free from it if we choose. Any higher intelligence would very likely recognize this, and watch for us to evolve, which is actually a common narrative in the whole alien arena.

    2. Hmmm...does that require them to stop evolving so we can "catch up"?

    3. lol.. Nah, by now they've probably said "f--k em" and moved on to a planet with better odds.

    4. Really good point but look at the differences in levels of violence and cooperation between different ape species, and even between different human societies...which are all made of the same stardust. The thing I suspect, is that actual intelligent beings, should they have a higher or ethical standard, are so content that they simply exist and don't feel the need to develop technology to manipulate the envionment so as to be unrecognizable. However, that being said, the most belicose and dangerous ape troope in the jungle will tend to make their genes spread better, especially in times of crisis, but this is not always so. Other circumstances may encourage the evolutionary benefit of cooperation more than aggression. I sure hope so anyway, although I suspect you may be right, and "the scum always rises to the top"..

  91. quality stuff