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FastwalkersMankind's most carefully guarded secret revealed! For the first time.... information that you were never meant to know. A documentary that offers amazing UFO photos and video footage you were never meant to see. Never before has there been such a disclosure of the web of lies and disinformation that the Governments of the world do not want you to know, hear contactees, experiencers and abductees share their amazing testimonies! Discover the truth about extraterrestrial contact.

At last astounding revelations by the world's foremost authorities including: Dr. Steven M. Greer, Steve Bassett, Jim Marrs, Robert O. Dean, Dr. Michael Salla, Stanton T. Friedman, Alfred L. Webre, John Greenwald Jr., Dr. Len Horowitz, Dr. Richard Boylan, Jaime Maussan, Paola Harris, Jerry Pippin, Dr. Bruce Maccabee, A. J. Gevaerd, Sean David Morton, Graham E. Bethune, Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, Monsignor Corrado Balducci, James W. Deardorff, Phd., Robert M. Wood PhD, Charles Hall, Richard Dolan, Steven Jones, Rob Simone, Don Ware, Richard Giordano, James Courant, Dolores Cannon, Maurice Osborn, David Coote, Stoyan Cheresharov, Daniel Munioz, Lisa Davis, Bruce Jessop, Robert Miles, Alan G.Toleman, Jutta Savill. Hosted by Erika Jessop.

For nearly 60 years, denial has been the only official position of the government of the world, relative to UFOs, alien abductions, and extraterrestrial contactee reports. And this debate has reached over the thousands of documented cases that have been brought forward without official recognition. Some have been monumental incidences involving hundreds or even thousands of people.

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  1. this has nothing to do with any imaginary thing men call god so get over it.

    1. What?

      You have trouble keeping up, don't you?

  2. Jupiter, as we know it, is a shell housing/hiding a mini universe. The area we can see is large enough to encompass roughly 1,300 planets the size of Earth. There are beings living inside it, if you want to call it life... they have been suffering the same things we've been suffering but for much, much longer (you know - war, violence, disease, famine, corruption).

  3. completely fake guys. this video was pretty lame. found it hard not to laugh at times.

  4. Video has been set to "private" can delete it now ☺

  5. i think its down to us to go out there and explore the galaxy, UFO means unidentified flying object, that could mean anything. technically if something appears on some ones radar they don't identify themselves...its a UFO, because its unidentified. UFO doesn't mean 'driven' by extraterrestrials all the time. Also would.t they have the technology to stay 'hidden' on radar ALL THE TIME? But i do believe there 'may' be life outside our planet, like insects, animals and even birds. But to believe that grays or green men come down and abduct people, without obviously have the technology to properly sedate (put to sleep) their abductees ALL THE TIME (some people say the see themselves lying on a table i white room etc meaning they are awake) but they somehow arrive here through worm holes, black holes, star gates, time travel, taxi (joke) , come on. Funny how they ALL have 2 ARMS, 2 LEGS, 2 EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, people might say, so does an ape. monkey, gorilla, but we supposed to be evolved from them right? i not saying for 1 second that there's no life out there, as I've already stated earlier, but until there's physical undeniable proof that there are extraterrestrials, on camera and makes national news world wide, then to me the UFO's are UFO'S because they don't identify themselves when asked to do so or not recocnised by radar controller, and so they are HUMAN made spy, planes, maybe even hologram technology some people say it passes right over them, with no noise and looks fuzzy, is that so hard to believe the hologram theory? think what the tech was during world war 2 until now, then think of what they might have created without telling us and want to keep secret. so for now I'll stick to the insects, animals & birds theory on different planets.

    1. Most UFO's are simply natural phenomena.

  6. .....The biggest and most important question of all ...”Why are governments covering this up still?” This to me is more shocking then the actual alien intervention that has, and still is taking place in our world!

    1. What alien intervention would that be, as I can't find any news or current affair reports on your said "Alien intervention" how do you know such things to make such big claims?

  7. The video with the rock opening like a garage door is hilarious, but putting obvious fakery in the doc instead of the genuine images and videos only provides ammunition people who want to laugh and ridicule the UFO researchers.

  8. I think it will ultimately be easier for the catholic church to disclose than any national state government. I like how they have the Vatican priest in this doc. I'm not religious, but I understand the sheep.

  9. If the aliens had any designs on destroying us, they would have done it by now, this leaves two possibilities. Either they are helping us, or are simple observers..perhaps surveying our planet simply seeking knowledge.

    1. There's a third option, they are parasitical and want us to thrive. I don't believe there are any actively demonstrating this behavior, but it's a option, at least in theory.

  10. The thing I find weird is these aliens are so advanced and all, yet they still dont know how to keep people unconscious when sticking a probe up their nose. Seriously people, time to calm down and try to become normal. They dont visit here and I should know cos I am one! Ssssspppooookkkyyyyy!!!!

  11. When talking about aliens and so forth, one must keep an open mind to spiritual realities; Primarily, the biblical account of demonology and its role in the manipulation of humankind.

    1. Having studied Christian theology, primarily last days prophecies, for the past 14 years in conjunction with alien visitation, abduction, attempts to tamper with the human gene pool and dabbling in the affairs of man from the very beginning (see ancient aliens on the history channel)...I am 100% convinced that this will be the great lie the enemy has told, the delusion so many will embrace because they prefer it to God's Truth.

    2. [faintly]'re citing a pseudo-science tv show as a source...

    3. I'm aware that it is a pseudo-science tv show, on the History Channel and presented as truth no less...but I present it as evidence of "delusion" and "preferring a lie". It is a lie, and folks are eating it up.

    4. So is God's word, yet people are eating it up.

    5. God's truth... now that is a joke. You mean the war mongering prude gibberish that's contradicting from beginning to start and only makes sense to ancient desert folk?

    6. Spiritual realities... yeah you are watching the right media for you.

  12. As an abductee I can tell you we are, and have been, visited by extra terrestrials for many, many years. I don't expect everyone to believe, but at least keep an open mind. The truth always, eventually, makes itself known.

    1. you are nuts

  13. aliens do come in peace or we wouldv been wiped out already anyone who thinks diff is just ignant

    1. aliens dont come. anyone who thinks they do is a mor*n

    2. Every mor*n (as you call them) realizes that one day we (our present civilisation) may become aliens to the inhabitants of future earth and by that same token allows the possibility that past generation may have succeeded in leaving the earth in a way not understood at the present time.
      Infinity says it's possible.
      As for me, i prefer not to call people mor*ns.

    3. well some people are m*rons. people who insist that aliens visit earth are m*rons. they are making m*ronic claims.

      sorry if that bothers you.

    4. Ancient Aliens is bogus, agreed, however stating that anyone who insists alienst visit earth are i*iots is absolutely 100% incorrect.

      I have never had ANY belief for the m*rons that claim to have been abducted, or those that telepathically (lmao) communicate and have kids with aliens.

      I have, however, seen something in my life that science and logic has yet to explain, it was not a hallucionation, it was not a distant planet, it was very real and it was very unbelievable, I understand skeptics, but claiming you know there aren't any is JUST as bad as the i*iots claiming they mate with them.

      In my mind either they are AI controlled research vessels that occasionally stop by, or they are actually alien controlled and most likely researching us or the galaxy in general, or... the aeronautics community has kept the most insane flying machines EVER completely under wraps for over a decade.

      For a detailed explanation of what I saw, search the "out of the blue" doc on this site, my comment should be near the top still. It's no bulls*it, I have no reason to lie, I have never attempted to profit via a book or attempting to mislead or convince people that it was anything other than "unknown"

    5. The universe is a large think that we are the only ones; would make US moron's...People are ignorant...they would much rather believe in artificial, man made ideas, of an almighty GOD, than believe that there is other life in another galaxy....You are just a sheep who is stupified by the Government and the is sad to me...

    6. no one said we were the only life in the universe. I said if you think that life is flying spaceships here and watching us or abducting us you are a moron.

      YOU are the sheep stupefied by the media because you believe these stupid stories.

      it is likely that life has evolved elsewhere in the universe, there is nothing likely about that life creating intergalactic travel and then get spotted by random rednecks.

    7. If you claim that anyone that don't believe your ideas is ignorant then guess what you are (besides intolerant)?

  14. microchip is alien though

    1. prove it

  15. we dont know how to fully operate the tech yet? just a thought

    1. That's not a taught, that's idiotic gibberish based on nothing and besides that it's also incorrect.

  16. If we started to undertake manned travel to other planets the first thing the general public will say is "where did you find the technology to do this" Even a layperson with limited knowledge of space technology would know that in order to do this, outside influences would of had to come into play, questions would be asked. In order to maintain the pretence, billions are spent on pointless missions to mars or some obscure asteroid to uphold the perception than we are not in possession of alien technology.
    We have to look at the bigger picture, to spend 50 billion on a project to send a probe to a moon near Saturn is pennies when compared to the revenue lost over a lifetime to the elite who control the worlds wealth and resources should it be made public that free energy is available and has been since the early 40s.
    The worlds Elite have everything to lose and nothing to gain by full disclosure>

    1. Nice to hear a logical approach. If Aliens were revealed then It would disprove every religion in the world and people would demand access to this 'alien' technology that would end hunger and poverty and the social order as we know it. So ask the president...if it was confirmed that governments are aware and in contact with ETs, would they let us know? Mmm I think not somehow, of course there is a cover up, we are nothing but cattle to governments who want to milk us.
      Also, isnt it fascinating the technology jump from after WWII. For 2,000 years there had been no real significant tech advances, If you were born around the early 1900s you would have gone from using a horse and cart to seeing a ******* spaceship go to the moon! One theory is that aliens became extremely active after the first nuke was dropped on Hiroshima. This makes sense seeing the radioactivity can be picked up from great distances through space. It is around this time we start using micro chips and comps and POW...a few decades later you have the mac book. To go a bit deeper, theres also the theory that there are many 'tribes' of aliens and some of them want us to flourish and succeed. That is why they were alarmed by the nukes. If you were a highly aware intelligent life form...wouldnt you want to support the progress of other intelligence? THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE THEMSELVES KNOWEN TO US! And the blinding obvious is routinely denied...this should raise questions amongst the ordinary folk of this world.

    2. Your all over it! you have hit the nail on the head, how true it that they wont use all the technology now not until the oil and other resources run out, and how long would that be. In relation to religion yes it would change over night, but how do we or don't know that they are part of it as well, do they not seem passive, there seems to be no threat from them, I think there trying to stop us from shooting ourselves in both feet there understanding about nuclear, o s*** the kids found the matches how true is this. This planet is in deep s*** because of the supper powers who are not prepared to tell the puppets what is going on, as much as the sun rises in the morning we will always be kept in the dark. WE NEED SAVING FROM OURSELVES THATS HOW CLEVER WE ARE.

  17. There is more out there than what we've been led to believe...

  18. Everybody's comments regarding technological advancements of potential Alien species are made in relation to Human intelligence, as if we are the definitive bench mark of intellect, knowledge, skill and intelligence. It's this arrogance that has become our undoing. There is absolutely no reason to suggest that an Alien species from wherever in the Universe couldn't possess an intelligence that outshines our own. With those apparently oversized heads, maybe it's the case that they use 100% of their brain capacity insteady of a portion of it like we do. I am not sold on the idea that we are living amongst alien life forms, but I'm not so unimaginative as to believe that we are the be all and end all. We can only measure so much scientifically; we can only assume so much within scientific templates of reason and patterns. We do not have a monopoly on power, control and intelligence. There is every possibility that a life form has evolved way beyond our capabilities at an elevated speed. And hey, we're not that smart - we are destroying our planet at an enormous rate in the name of greed. NASA's technology may be that advanced, Gloriousbastrd. In fact, they may be out and about in Space gathering information, building compounds, liasing with Aliens - how would you know? The absence of evidence is NOT evidence of absence.

  19. I have watched several of these ufo documentaries and seen where they talk about Roswell and the crash. They also talk about how our Gov reverse engineered these space craft and that's why our technology the last 50 yrs has became so advanced. Plus if we did have a alien space craft do you know how advanced their energy source would have been to travel millions of light yrs just to visit another planet. But my question is this...If that is true and with that kind of technology why isn't NASA more advanced and why aren't we traveling and visiting other planets with that kind of technology. So I kind of skeptical to all these stories. And if that where true obviously their technology can't that advanced where we can't reverse engineer it cause their not perfect or they wouldn't have crashed on earth. I would like to believe but I am a little bet skeptical. Let me know if you think I might be wrong.

    1. While I haven't seen this video yet, I am an educated individual. Now, The only thing I'd like to argue a bit is that we have people from the entire world still arguing the theories building of the great pyramids at Giza. To me, that sets the tome for what we know and what we aim to know. If our government aims to hide the existence of alien lifeforms and their technology, it's probably because they, themselves have failed to grasp the true concept AND/OR what we perceive to be extra-terrestrial, could be extra-dimensional, or some other inconceivable notion... I believe there is too much box, and not enough thinking outside of it.

    2. I can argue with this: "If that is true and with that kind of technology why isn't NASA more advanced and why aren't we traveling and visiting other planets with that kind of technology".
      Maybe we just don't know of what kind of technology NASA and other circles of power use today. Maybe all the UFOs we see today are just our technology wich was gained from other civilisations. If you did't till now, you have to read or watch about William Cooper. Eventually he was murdered for tlking about secret stuff.

      But if I consider the lack of phisical evidence about alien visitors, I must agree with your skepticism. I am actualy a believer. For now. More and more every day my extensive research seems to be a religion and less science. This is disapointing.

    3. Good point Peter

  20. I can't say for sure that I believe in ET, as I can not say for sure I believe in what I see sometimes. But I saw very strange things in my life that I could not explain to myself. The first time I was exposed to what is so called UFO - 38 years ago. I was a kid in a famous international pioneer camp "Orlyonok"on the Black Sea coast, in Russia. It is a humangous camp for about 10,000 kids, hosting children from Russia and other countries all year round, just a city for youth with their own public schools, space training grounds, aquatic research center, observatory, marine school, theaters etc. It was September. We, about 1000 kids of the same camp ground, together with our counsellers were taken to the big amphitheater for once a week movie show. Everything was just like usual. We were sitting on the benches under the dusk sky, watching the movie, until someone shouted:' Look in the sky!" What I saw, I still can not explain to myself, as well as back then we could not get a definite explanations from the adults who were present there. A gigantic silver cloud was hanging above us in the already dark sky, shaped in a perfect round form. There was no noise or lights from it. Just a shining silver disk-like cloud of enormous size. The counsellers, though feeling very uncomfortable and scared, tried to calm us down trying to get into long explanations of possibility of unusual formation of clouds in southern areas because of some unusual magnetic forces or storms happening close to Equator. And though some of the kids got back to watching the movie, most of us could not take our eyes off the fantastic view. The Thing was hanging above us absolutely unchanged for about 10 minutes and then slowly started melting away, though keeping in the same absolutely perfect round form, just very slowly changing in its density and becoming more transparent and finally becoming less and less visual. Just by chance in that camp I was taking astronomy classes 2 times a week in the observatory where the instructor was a PHD physisist. So during next class I, as well as some other kids who were at the movie, rushed to him for explanations, and though he was not present there, obviously had heard about this from his coleagues. But strangely enough he refused to discuss this, immediately having changed the subject to some other topic and claiming that he did not have extra time for topics out of regular curricula. It was very strange for us to hear this from him, as this was something so close connected to what we were studying there about other planets and universes. Had he been instructed already how to behave in this case? Back then it did not down on me, a 13year old innocent girl... Later in life I saw even more unusual things, once even took some pictures, but was never exposed to that so close... Do I believe in this - I, honestly, don't know. But what I know is that it should be talked about and discussed and made research on, otherwise we will be like that PHD scientist, trying to hide our heads in the sand.

  21. To say we are the only intelligent life out here is ignorant. We live in an ever expanding infinite universe comprised of hundreds of galaxies. Out of those trillions of miles where the only ones? Religious beliefs should never be involved of course, why? Because the bible has been re-written so many times and is the interpretation of the person writing it. Example: William Shakespeare was hired by the pope to re-write an edition. He only agreed as long as he could put his parts in. Another.......has a unicorn in it. Also there is no visual confirmation on god. At least Sumerian's had art with depictions of extraterrestrials. God creates logic.......demands faith. Dumb.

  22. This makes a bunch of sense. Sham with the Government and power for stealing the dollar. makes me feel little. This would be the best thing that could happen to change full circle the way we treat each other. And yes we are very un-attatched as the masses and lost with no real leadership of common wealth/health. Go war!Stupid-for what?- ohhhh yah greed.

  23. I remain sceptical. No evidence to be seen, no references. Just hearsay stories. I am not saying that people did not see something, i am just not convinced by the explanations about what it was they saw. Just the facts please, i like to form my own opinion. Keep religion out of the discussion, it confuses even more and makes it less believable. saying that you believe in ufo´s is ridiculous, that is the same as saying i believe in god. Knowing is not the same as believing. I would like to see references that can be checked.

    1. In the story of Noah's ark, the skeptics who wanted concrete evidence and ridiculed him about the prediction and preparations for the great flood, all died as a result of their 2 dimensional perception and belief system.
      Your response is proof that you would be one of the mass left behind.

      " The absence of concrete evidence is not evidence of absence."

      Life and proof does not follow our man-made legal and scientific standard. Sometimes you have to allow the truth in by being open to seeing things differently.
      As human beings, we cannot thrive if we do not believe each other eventually. Faith very often times does not require hard evidence.
      Furthermore with the mammoth amount of worldwide circumstantial evidence on this phenomena. I think it's pure foolishness to ignore it
      and simply dismiss it.
      What you are missing is that this documentary only presents hardcore material that has been checked.

    2. Get out a town more and look up. Repeat 100 times or more and you might get see something, unfortunately you still won't know jack.


  25. @Vlatko: Thank you for posting this MUCH better version!
    I wish I would have found this site when you started it - fantastic work!
    Keep it up!

  26. @Vlatko: I will try to find a better version of this documentary. This one is impossible to watch.

  27. WTF?! It's translated with the text all over the screen!!

    How am I supposed to watch this?!?!?

  28. There may well be a secrecy... However that secrecy may be relating to a global hoax presented as a situation requiring one world government.. A perceived global worry would be very convenient of course for that aim.
    It may well be possible that we could or have been visited but that senario really doesn't require secrecy.. especially if a visitor is very advanced technologically.. I'm now going to watch this doc.. I hope there is some compelling evidence to help ease these questions.

  29. There may well be a secrecy... However that secrecy may be relating to a global hoax presented as a situation requiring one world government.. A perceived global worry would be very convenient of course for that aim.
    It may well be possible that we could or have been visited but that senario really doesn't require secrecy.. especially if a visitor is very advanced technologically.. I'm now going to watch this doc.. I hope there is some compelling evidence to help ease these questions.

    1. there is a secrecy...these so called aliens are actually demons. Look into how the U.N. is involved in satanism and how they are calling forth these demons in order to control the world. Also look into how the U.N. "peacekeepers" slaughter people on a global scale. The u.n. is always called in when there is a disaster. They become the authority and won't let anyone else in. They kill people or deny food and water. Look up agenda 21

    2. This comment is total bullshit.

  30. Great documentary and a free spanish lesson!!

  31. Not only are the presenters in this documentary on the correct path, there is MUCH more to the story. Some of it would scare the daylights out of you or make you angry enough to march on Washington. That information is on it's way out to us as well. Expect those pieces to begin leaking very soon. Your jaws will drop.

  32. and don't get me wrong i myself had an experience when i was about 13 yrs old.and the actual ship that i saw is clearly depicted in the video.but im saying that i don't think that a race so advanced would even consider talking or giving technological advatages to a race so savage and ignorant like us.and i don't believe any goverment even the US would be able to buy their technology i mean how?they would pay in dollars?what use can dollars be to an alien race?if they do exist the best way would be to just show up everywhere at the same time and say hi we are your neighbours from outer space.we want to help you find a cure for cancer we want to help you stop killing each other we want to help you understand what's going on in the universe we want to help you become as advanced us we are to help you understand how foolish is to kill each just saying.excuse my english im not american nor english.

  33. if we say that indeed aliens do exist and that they have this advanced technology that allows them to travel thousands of miles even lightyears in just seconds i have one question to ask...wouldn't they have figured a way not to crash their ships on earth.and even we say that they were clumpsy somehow and they did crush.wouldn't they have figured a way not to be captured by such an inferior race as human kind?and even if they were indeed captured by human race because of the crush.wouldn't they have successfully escaped?i mean they can communicate telepatheticaly but they cant control human thought and they were captured alive by the army?an army that could easily be terminated by the press of a button from outer space...just some food for thought

    1. Maybe you missed the recall notice for spaceship #4592 to #8402 concerning steering problems.................cheers......

  34. Fascinating documentary, I must say @17:08 it took my breath away! I had an encounter here in Mesa, AZ a few months ago and was trying to describe to my family and friends what I say. That picture was identical to what I saw, but the one I saw was not large as has been described here in AZ. I made a joke referring to it as a "mini-me" version. Unfortunately there were no other sightings around my area that I could find for that day. I have to say I was in such a shock, it was so surreal! Thanks for your video, love it!

  35. I have two questions:
    1. So what?
    2. Why the non-stop background 'music'?

  36. I beleive in U.F.O'S and E.T.'s.The sad thing is if the story about the Tall Whites is true all of our hope that the E.T.'s will enlighten us is out the window.Evidentaly they are bigger ass-holes then we are...

  37. Tim: i agree! i actually think we should be offended by aliens, because they disguise themselves and are hard to track. no matter what this is our planet.

  38. Finally, a genuinely well put forth,informative ,honest piece!
    I think this subject is of the utmost importance to humanity as a whole and has fascinated me for many years for a number of reasons.
    Despite my burning interest I all ways find it hard to bring myself to sit and watch yet another conspiracy theory documentary or the quirky ,lighter side of the news, type report on ufo's.
    This one is ,in my opinion, by far the most sincere and least, lighter side of the news, I've
    seen and well worth recommending if what you're looking for is an insight into the reality of our world !

  39. These visitors in their star skippers come here and leave with everything from microbes to whales, to maybe seed another evolving planet. They periodically most likely have been busy doing that for some time. This planet is being protected from us by them, because this is perhaps the greatest gene pool this side of the Milky Way. They won't allow us to destroy what they waited millions of years for. I'm not so scared and don't fear any of them visitors who skip around so effortlessly. While humanity struggles in our sky void of any technology to leave here. It's for our own good not to know the certain secrets of the Universe, it's kept away from us for good reason. They wouldn't in any way allow us to leave here using our present leadership and beliefs, to leave here and spoil other worlds with religiou$ hate, monitary greed, and how aweful careless of this environment humans are, to mess up other worlds, nope, never. Mankinds created government and various branches which don't even know that one another exists I fear wAy more then anything. For the simple reason most our leaders are not acting so human nore environmental whatsoever. I'm no expert, but religion and money have to be non existent to highly evolve like what our visitors have definately become, without us.
    Good documentary indeed.

  40. I think Alien lifeforms visit this planet because of the sheer beauty of it and it's similarity to the Garden of Eden or heaven. Earth is the most beautiful planet in the Universe.

  41. Love this Documentary very well done.

    They finally get a religious point of view.

    Yes I too believe humanity it the lowest of all spiritual beings.
    Aliens are closer to God; the closer to God you get the more intelligent you become that's why they have such developed technology.

    1. this has nothing to do whatsoever with religion, which is absolute poison

  42. Oops! Extraterristrials should be: extraterrestrials.

  43. @ Skye-hook | "BTW, PS- “Fastwalkers” doesn’t seem to have anything to do with this documentary. I wonder why it’s called that."

    What? The film presents a discussion of [only] two subjects (for the most part), one of which is: "Fastwalkers" The film presents evidence of and discussions pertaining to Aliens/Extraterristrials and their spacecrafts/vehichles aka unidentified flying objects or "fastwalkers." So named because of their great speed (as opposed to "slowwalkers" also known as satellites).

  44. Take this off and find one that hasnt been vandalised,
    TOOOOOO MANY TIMES I come here only to have to go find a clean copy after getting my interest,#

  45. How nice is the music at the end :-)

  46. Okay then....
    Watched the rest of it. Great testimony. Very few pictures that I haven't seen before.... no video, either hoax, real or questionable. Would love to have seen some video.
    One person mentioned that if we wait until we have identifiable proof of alien existence we will far behind in the game... what do have to do but wait? Supposedly, there is no absolute proof other than mostly poorly grained video, blurry snapshots or good interesting video with NO irrefutable definition or explanation. In short, we are at the end of this documentary where we were at the beginning... still looking at the looking skies.

    1. You miss the point.
      Isn't it better to know than being kept from knowing?
      This documentary is informational and educational.
      It is also a voice of protest.
      Those who learn and are enlightened will not say "So what?"

  47. I gotta stop watching things with Stanton Friedman. I'm beginning to think he IS a alien sent here to prove the existence of his race. You can't watch a doc on UFO's without his opinion greatly expressed. Yet, like Ron Wyatt, not too many people seem to take him seriously.
    That said, I gotta go try to watch it again. First 30 minutes was so boring I fell asleep. Hope it's as good as you all say...

  48. Great doc but there is one problem. Actually there are a few but the biggest one that made me laugh was the guy that said he went to Jupiter. Unfortunately Jupiter is a gas giant. There is no surface to land on and have a briefing. You would literally continue to fall through the planet if somehow you avoided being crushed by the gravity. Abduction to Jupiter = big fail.

    1. I am not questioning whether this guy did or did not go to Jupiter.
      But if we're dealing the possibility that we've been visited by extremely advanced beings, wouldn't the possibility that there's more to Jupiter than our backwards science has been telling us be worth looking into.
      It wouldn't be the first time that we've been misinformed would it?

  49. Great doc! Not only talks about aliens, but also the big picture of it all. Definitely checking out HBCC UFO.

  50. These are not aliens flyin these wheels!!! The are Gods Angels flying them. And I don't mean angels with wings. Human Beings of color!!

  51. Absolutely the most important information to hit the country; the world. Interesting that I've been reading that on October 20, 2010, thats only a few weeks from today, there's supposed to be world wide appearances on a grand scale. This is apparently something that was passed to us in the form of information given by entities from another system. We'll see won't we..

  52. I was so impressed with this documentary. It is timely, to the point, and encourages us to find the truth because, as we all know, its out there.
    It seemed the more I read, the more the commenting disintegrated. I do think this area is one that many people will disagree on, until we are enlightened, one way or the other.
    I would like to point out that angels are actually "extra-terrestrial".

    Also, I certainly believe that whoever "they" are they come from another dimensionality. Their ships defy the laws of physics. We see, over and over how people are so amazed at the speeds these things can attain, and how quickly they can maneuver. If they had no mass here, they would be able to do that. Just a thought, or two.

  53. The unidentified must be identified.
    The undisclosed must be disclosed.
    Lies must be replaced with truth.
    With the worlds current political and Social climate I'm not holding my breath.

  54. Haha, I'm not a denier. Yea I believe in UFO weather government made or alien remains debatable. I don't think I am nuts so yea not all believers are nuts but that one guy who appears in so many of these docs is a total loon. Honestly he is on regular speaking terms with not one but four alien races? Come on people that is nuttier than squirrel poo.

  55. meh, i remember reading the statements made by the mexican government. And i do remember that there are "terran" UFO's lol. I mean look at the hanebu project that the nazis worked on. Its amazing what people will believe in ..i mean look at the load of bs that religion is lololol...but life on other planets THATS the real lunacy lolololol...

  56. Ooooups, sorry about that :-)

  57. Hi, WTC7:

    Yes, it does seem that Ezekiel went on a trip in a type of "Alien" flying machine.

    Oh, Oh, me thinks we have invited the religee's again, oh well.

  58. The Americans must have built a fleet of thousands of those craft by now. The funny thing is that they are even using them to render their own nuclear warheads inoperable. Besides, I'm quite sure that it's one of those who took Ezekiel on his trip... lol

  59. lol the mexican government admitted that UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS exist...meaning an object appears on their radar or to a pilot that they dont recognize...THAT DOESNT MEAN ALIEN.

    if mexico is seeing lots of odd flying things the MOST OBVIOUS EXPLANATION would be american military oriented.

    come on guys. use your heads.

    not one government has ever said these objects are driven by aliens.

    1. Ummmm actually the Canadian Minister of Defense (not the current one) held a news conference admitting just that. Google it.

    2. ur lame

    3. dont be mad at me bro because im smarter than you.

  60. i dont think this is crazy. humanity has had contact with alien species since the beginning. Why is it crazy to believe in the evidence at hand? its more crazy to deny the reality that exists lol. Btw the mexican airforce has offically declared that ufos exist due to the overwhelming evidence. In bermuda and puerto rico both governments have offficially declared that aliens exist. The same in brazil lol. I suppose you would say that these governments are run by lunatics also?

  61. I will say this much. I believe in UFOs I saw one when I was a Kid (look up UFO Dutchess County NY). However The majority of the commentators in this film are absolutely nuts. I find that regrettable because in invalidates the more rational claims. The first half of this film was great but then it just degenerated into each speaker spouting his/her own brand of trail mix (nuts and fruits). After the guys talking about the four different species that he has apparently just chilled with on a regular basis, I essentially tuned out. If that were true and he was on just hangin' having a beer terms with alien races maybe he could ask them to say hi to the rest of us.

  62. yeah i always go walking my dog in the middle of the night with a camcorder

  63. Loved this documentary! Very informative. Kept my interest. Love the EDB's. Very cute.

  64. They talk disclosure but then again they would be out of a job if it was disclosed.They have a hidden agenda as well.

  65. How come these ufo experts never talk about Billie Meier.Oh because he talks about spiritual aspect of it all.And of course they know it all as well.

  66. I'm not saying he is a fraud, but in Mexico, Jaime Maussan is usually not taken seriously, he's more of a punchline. He doesn't have a "60 minutes" program! he used to be part of a 60 minutes mexican variation but that was in the 60's or 70's! (the show is LONG gone now) and as I have heard, he was sacked because of his UFO reports. Maussan has a program called "mysteries of the new millennium" and it's not so popular as the narrator of this film claims. Just making that clear. I actually believe in ufos but I hope the rest of the facts in this film isn't as inaccurate as this!

  67. Fairies!!! No seriously, aliens are fairies. Or fairies are aliens. Abductions, missing time, energy fields, short skinny bodies with big heads and huge slanted eyes. I'm just saying, things that were once perceived as magic can be more accurately described by more advanced people as technology. Totally plausible.

  68. BTW, PS- "Fastwalkers" doesn't seem to have anything to do with this documentary. I wonder why it's called that.

  69. I think most people in the USA pretty much know there have been UFOs seen by many, many people, even if they haven't seen one personally. I myself know 5 very trustworthy people who have seen at least 1. Just the vehicles. It seems stranger now when someone says they don't believe it. With so much knowledge of it all being so publicly well-known, it seems rather stupid for governments not to admit it. And useless. They wouldn't have to let us know all they know, & I'm sure they won't when the time comes. I have seen much that points to 1 group of them seeming to want to keep a different group away from us, as if protecting us. It also seems USA government DOESN'T WANT to be protected from that group. Maybe that's why they don't tell us. Their own agenda. Of course other countries go along with it, for reasons more than economic. Check out all you can online & in libraries, etc. & see what you think. And BEWARE in the future that you don't believe the bad guys are the good guys. Some are both good & bad like us, but 1 group seems...not so good. And you can bet when they make themselves totally publicly know, they won't tell us they aren't on the side of normal people, they'll present themselves as wonderfully helpful & protective, our saviors. Until they aren't. What do you suppose the Powers that Be need them for in the future that makes it best for the government if we don't know they exist? Because they are going to help us save the Earth? Does that make sense to you? Naw, that wouldn't be a good reason. WHAT else could it be? They don't want us to believe "conspiracy theories", but then they do stuff like this. Gees. Know what would be actually funny? If our governments had all this info & didn't believe it. That would be ROFL funny.

  70. A MUST SEE

  71. I better start watching this doc... all this "Chariots of the Gods" talk between Charlie Brown and Bill Seach has me in great anticipation. But first...

    @Chuck: Does this Sid "Vicious" Roth programming dissect Ezekiel's chariot vision, explain Elijah's ascent into the sky, or theorize on how Moses and Elijah met with Jesus at his Transfiguration despite living some 1400 and 800 years, respectively, before his birth? I guess I can just check it out...

    @Bill: Do you think Mr. William of Ockham applied his own principle to the world being flat? Just a thought... I find his KISS system to work just fine for me when contemplating our modern day "world is flat" mentality on ufos or when studying religious texts from a technological point-of-view and an information age understanding.

    And now your featured presentation...

  72. I must say that the link Charles B: gave on UFO's...

    is really interesting. All you have to do is get past the religious spin, which is easy, and come to your own conclusions.

    Yes our peanut butter man, Chuck Missler is the guest, he actually holds a degree in physics and is a firm believer in UFO's and the Government cover-up.

  73. Charles B:

    You asked about Bigfoot.

    I really do not know any answers to that. They are about as elusive as U.F.O's.

    You could Google, "meet the Sasquatch by john green, 1969"
    I lived close to that area at one time.

  74. Ok. Fair enough Mr. Razor. I like the Sid Roth episodes very much, but that angel lady is a bit odd even by my standards. Granted. I'd like to meet her in person; I'm usually a very discerning person in person, but I suspect I'd like her very much if she is who she says she is. I've had many an odd friend, both Christian and non-Christian. Odd is fine; deceptive, not so.

    The only thing is that I've never personally seen an angel excpet "spiritually" in my mind's eye when I was praying, so I'm a bit envious of her. I'm slow but steady. Sometimes I feel like the older brother in the story of the prodigal son (the forgotten one) where his wild little brother gets all the attention from the dad when he returns and the eldest is upset. The dad says, "All I have it yours, son, but your brother was lost but now is found."

    This lady, according to her own story, was diligently sought after by God and shown supernatural things even while she was not yet living her life for God. I've never been a prodagal. I've seen answered prayers (many times), but never an angel or anything completely tangible such as that. I've never met Jesus (except again by faith). Such is not needed for my faith, but boy oh boy, would I love a ride in one of those charriots if they are real (and I do believe)! :-) I suppose slow and stead wins the race, however. I'm a very patient man.

    I've yet to make a decision about U.F.O's and "fastwalkers" in particular. There seems to bee too many people of credible backgrounds to dismiss them all as hoaxes or something easily explainable, so I'm unsure what to make of the many accounts presented. I'm willing to live with the mystery, however, until proof positive is found that is 100% undeniable.

    Do you really think that bigfoot is an interdimentional being?

    I've always believed in them, and I've often hoped we'd find one and it would turn out to be some wonderfully intelligent North American Ape (fully formed and perfect according to God's creation of course). ;-)

  75. i agree with all the comments of Achems Razor....that link i think is just another internet scam..."buy my product and it will change your entire life".....mmmmm...i dont think so...i like it just the way it is..also with my money on my pocket....thanks anyway for your interest in changing my life.. :-)

  76. OK, Charles B:

    I watched the rest of your link, since you went to some effort to put it on.

    Again your link has nothing to do with the Doc. Fastwalkers.
    It personally seems to me that the woman is deranged, and is either on drugs, or completely lost it. Or maybe this is normal for Religious people? I do not know. I am not including you Per. Se: of course.

    As Spock would put it, "It is not Logical"

    I wish other people would view the link you put on, and give there viewpoints.

    Would WTC7, have anything to add on this?

    Regards: :D

  77. Mr. Razor: Thanks for trying, but I don't think you gave the topic a far shake. Yes, Sid Roth makes his living from his show (I've watched enough to know when to skip ahead and avoid the advertisements). Everyone has to make a living--you watch an episode of "Frinds" you're gonna get commercials. It's a necessary evil. Nonetheless, he has wonderful guests. I tend to believe what they say.

    I think you missed the part I was most interested in. Near the end of the episode they talked about Angels and those who had been transported in visible "charriots" to other parts of the world. Unless they're all a bunch of lowlife lying piles of horse crap only after a buck by selling thier books (I suppose it's possible), then it's interesting to contemplate the possibility that at least some of the "fastwalker" sightings could be angelic and/or demonic in nature. I'm just looking for anwers, like everyone I suppose.

    I know you believe in E.T.'s from other planets (or dimentions), but who are angels? I've personally met many more peole that have physically seen and talked to "Angels" but I've yet to meet anyone (that I know of) that has had a UFO experience. How do you respond to a person that's talked with an "angel" face to face? I wanted to see if you thought they too were ET's. I've not yet met either so far with whom I could communicate with.

    Anyway, I appearently enjoy Sid Roth a lot more than I guess you do! In his all the episodes I've watched, he's yet to have a bonafied Atheist (well, at least a current one) on his show! LOL. ;-)

    Thanks again for trying.

  78. I wonder if the interdimensional beings have anything to do with the Illuminati and their Satanic rituals involving young boys and infant sacrifices. No, I didn't just make that up, it is a real conspiracy theory. But now I'm not sure which secret organizations are really controlling the world.

  79. what a fantastic documentary!

    i have read dr steven greers books and was elated to see him in this doc.

    very thorough commentary, very eye-opening.

    there are so many questions that arise throughout the entirety of this...but the most relevant to me is how or why is it that the power-elite are able to do what they do. why are the interdimensional beings only making deals and having convo's with the military and power elite?!?! it is just so they realize the control that is being placed upon the general population regarding these issues??? will there finally be a time in which these 'beings' say "NO MORE!" and intervene with the way the world is being controlled and run?! dear god i hope so. i see no other avenue in which the world is going to change. so many questions so many concerns but only time will give us answers and understandings. till then, the only thing i can do in my opinion is to keep an open mind and to also live in the NOW, meditate, and know that all is well.


  80. Those alien kids better stop flying their newfangled spacecraft over our planet or I'm gonna call the cops.

  81. Charles B:

    I could only watch about 10 min. of your link. It is religious propaganda. When they tried to hit me up for $30. Canadian, for a CD course about angels and how to get into Heaven I bowed out of there childish discussion. Charles, this is just not my bag, I am sorry!

    Thanks for trying.

    P.S. Your link has nothing to do with Fastwalkers!


  82. Astounding Doc!

    This Doc should be watched in its entirety. It goes beyond any prevalent archaic conspiracy theories!

    Due to the overwhelming information and evidence presented, and how it is presented, it is exceedingly hard, not to be a believer!

  83. Very thorough documentary. Interesting.

  84. i think the documentary was awsome, very interesting, congratulations to the makers of the film, and the subtitles in spanish, no problem with me, i'm happy that people that dont speak english can learn more about the ufo issue, im not a selfish person...share, is good for everyone

  85. Those Spanish Subtitles is a real disturbance.