The Day before Disclosure

The Day before Disclosure

2010, Mystery  -   204 Comments
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The Day before DisclosureA documentary about the UFO/Extra Terrestrial presence on earth. Evidence gathered the last 60 years, from all over the globe, and in numbers by hundred thousands, point to the undeniable fact that we are not alone and never have been alone.

The Extra Terrestrial presence in our world is no longer a question of IF, but rather a question of WHO, WHY and FROM WHERE. Air pilots, astronauts, radar personnel, flight controllers, military officials, security personnel and thousands upon thousands of eyewitnesses confirm that the ET and UFO phenomena are real.

A look upon remains from our ancient history tells the same. And the new sciences within quantum physics and cosmology defines a new concept of reality where intelligent life in the universe is most likely predominant, appearing in abundance, - a reality where space travel between stars and galaxies has no theoretical barriers.

But the Greatest Story in Human History is still keep a secret by those in power. Could it be that this system of secrecy now has grown to a size where it can no longer be contained? There is a growing notion that the bubble is about to burst, and that we are now in fact living the last days of the old world! The implications of a falling curtain are beyond everything humankind has ever experienced!

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  1. speculation and articles of faith. no evidence whatsoever. skip. go watch "Unacknowledged", a superior film.

  2. 16.16 , typical yanks, see something you dont understand, shoot them.

  3. "The so-called hybrids, a blend of humans and grey aliens are being reported in the majority of cases."
    "They don't seem to have the emotions that we have. It was as if they wanted to learn our range of emotions somehow. It seems as if, in a strange way, we're teaching them!...without being asked to. It's involuntary teaching, but we're being examples, as if they want the richness of the human spirit and emotional life to be blended with their own incredible technological gifts."

    "I really understood that they covet and envy the emotional makeup of humanity. They can't find it in their testing. They're trying to find it like we do on this planet, -in studying animal behaviors as we watch how animals react in a maze. They're doing the same thing to us, trying to find out what motivates us. What motivates motherly love? What is this intangible thing? They can't find it, and they want it.
    Their frightened of it and that's why they subdue us because they realize, on one hand, that it's a volatile thing, and unpredictable. But on the other hand, I believe that they covet it in this particular experience that came out...that they want what we have.

    This is what's got the species so fascinated with us. We are so incredibly different. In this instant I realized that we may be on the forefront of something that other species are not. So what if emotions are one of the highest evolutions possible? ...and perhaps as humans we are on the forefront of this, and we're clumsy with it, and don't know what to do with it in our evolution, but instead of being behind these other species who have none, or almost no development, maybe we're ahead of the game.

    Why would so many species be interested in Earth? Why would so many species be interested in humanity in this way? Why? If we're only one of a million or a billion planets that could be sustaining life, why this little, tiny, tiny planet, why would we be having this activity is there wasn't something special here? I believe that may be it."

    Our emotional capacity is as high above the grays as our spiritual consciousness capacity is above our emotional capacity. They are capable of neither because they are not human, nor hominid, nor primate, nor terrestrial mammal. They are like the Borg, with hive-minds.

    They are asexual genderless cloned drones grown in bio-pods, without fathers or mothers. They are raised without emotion, only intellect, but are probably 'birthed' at an advanced stage, like wild mammals generally are, whether terrestrial or aquatic, perhaps as mature as a four or five-year old.
    They are like Vulcans with Vulcan mothers, colder than Spartans with Spartan mothers. Their cerebral development is not programed for feelings, no sense of vulnerability, or need, or insecurity, or fear. They literally are like androids.

  4. Cool doc. A lot of the same accounts as out of the blue and I know what I saw. Be cool to see some actual footage of actual beings.

  5. They are not aliens. They are Earthlings. They have been Earthlings far longer than humans.

  6. I think Dick Cheney is an alien. A 'Conehead' to be exact. He just has a little, short cone-head because there's no brain in it.

  7. There was (is a theory) that the preponderance of 'Alien's' in popular media in everything from films like 'Close Encounters' to TV shows such as 'The X Files' was (is) a conditioning exercise to help prepare the general populace for what will be the undoubted shock that we are not alone. I don't subscribe to this theory myself but am entertained by the notion nevertheless.

  8. Hello brothers and sisters,
    please read this comment and think about it.

    Your curiosity to find out whether there indeed is inteligent extraterrestrial life got you here and I would like to make some logical points to help you consider it.

    So let´s start about what we know. Scientists estimate that there are a hundred bilion ( 100 000 000 000) galaxies and the same amount of stars in each one of them. Do you really think that life can be a rare phenomenon in this number? Yes, inteligent life will be a bit scarcer than that, but it still needs to be a constant throughout the universe.
    Even Stephen Hawking sais it is nearly a certainty from a mathematical point of view.

    Now imagine that some inteligent life form has reached our point of development just a hundred thousand years ago. Can you imagine where we will be in that time (if we are still around) given the progress we have made in the last hundred years? We will be flying through the whole universe.
    And what is a hundred thousand years in cosmic time? Not that much.

    Now imagine that you are a member of this race that has reached stability, prosperity and peace and has such technological advances that we can hardly imagine. What would you do from this position when you have literally reached the point of having everything you want? Freedom, prosperity, high moral standards and peace. You would naturally try to help the civilisations that are struggling to reach the same goal. You would act like a wise parent or a teacher to the developing and immature species.
    And that´s what we as humanity are. A species in it´s puberty. Discovering our power through nuclear bombs, genetic ingeneering, nano science. But we need to mature and start becomming responsible in using this power. So far it doesn´t look like that.
    We are behaving just like a teenager, totaly irresponsibly towards everything and everybody.
    Everybody who thinks a bit realises that this is the most crucial time in a species history, that we are standing on a crossroad with one road going to self-destruction and the other leading to peacefull and prosperous coexistance.
    So what more important time for help and guidance than this?

    Many of you ask the question why they do not contact us directly and officially? Why they alegedly have contact with the governments but will not land officially?
    Think about it. Ask yourself how many percent of your family and friends believe that aliens even exist, not to mention visit us?
    Now imagine they have landed. Just imagine the world´s reaction.
    Total chaos and disillusionment.
    If they told you how it truly was with spirituality and your own history.
    Most religions would fall apart, governments lies would be exposed.
    Absolute chaos.
    Is that good or would it be better to wait a bit until the species has more understanding and more open minds and would not be so terribly shocked by our arrival?

    What can we do until that happens?
    We can send messages to those who are already there and know.
    Many wise people have already decoded what some crop circles mean and a person who investigates it with open mind will most probably come to the same conclusion as many of them have and that is that they are there to help our understanding and technological advancement.

    Why do you think the number of ufo sightings have increased so much in the 20th century? They are letting themselves to be visible to prepare us for our contact.
    I have been lucky to have seen ufo many times in my life and yes I am a critical person and yes we dont have technology like this.
    If the last sentence takes my credibility away for you than wait untill you see one yourself and will have a different outlook on things.

    Lastly. If a brain implant from an abductee is anonymously sent to the best metalurgic lab in the US and the lab´s findings are that the metals (or the alloy) are not of this Earth and they´ve never seen anything like this is not the physical proof than what is???
    Or the strange magnetic paricles or radioactive isotopes found in the soil where a crop circle was created also not naturally occuring on Earth than what is?
    Or millions of people of all backgrounds around the world seeing them than what is?

    The reason I´m writing this lengthy comment is that I believe it is very important for us to wake up to this reality, because these civilisations can help us greatly in our evolution, because they have already been there a long time ago, went through all the turmoil we are going through, probably faced their extinction too, maybe several times and can give us proper guidance, like a wise old man would give to a man reaching adulthood because they see much bigger picture than we do.

    So please my fellow earthlings keep an open mind, keep it open to the possibilities and try to live in peace. This way everybody can be happy :)

    With great love

    1. I think I agree with everything you said, but I had to quit reading at page 127. :-) Good stuff though.

    2. Thank you. I could not have said it better. Yes we are behaving childishly in all matters.....we seem to be going in reverse. Some of us have had experiences with aliens. It seems ones that are needed have become part of the unknown knowledge of our planet. We have become extinct before here on earth. I believe they say we are in our 6th extinction. I do not know the answers. I however am open to whatever knowlege I receive on this topic.

  9. the government has probably been told by aliens the the world economy must collapse because of overpopulation

  10. what a bunch of bs

  11. The aliens don't care if we destroy ourselves, they don't want us to destroy the planet. As long as they're around, we'll never have a nuclear holocaust.

  12. After the Roswell crash we discovered t.v., microwaves, fiber optics, etc... coincidence??? Or reverse engineering??? Hmmmm

    1. And without Roswell, we would have discovered nothing? That seems far more unlikely. What about nuclear energy and nuclear bombs, those were much bigger discoveries than microwaves or TV, and they were BEFORE Roswell.

      Some even suggest that the aliens decided to visit earth because they were so shocked that we had already discovered the nuclear bomb - the explosions from which the aliens had somehow sensed remotely.

  13. Watch the Tether incident, we're not alone and it's not space debris or ice crystals, they can't turn 180 degrees.

  14. love the music!!!!
    and yep the ufo concept does need to explained by the authorities. they can't debunk every experience that doesn't fit their agenda. The possibility surely exists, as for the implications, they are yet to be fully understood

    1. Do you know who did the closing song?? Love it!!

    2. The name of the closing song is called
      Realign - the artist is called Rover. Check it out on YouTube

  15. Humanity really sucks , hatered , poverty , wars , sickness , evil , infidelity , drugs , crime , goverment lies , and worst of all , no light on the end of the tunel ..

    1. Your the light my brother, the more you understand the brighter you shine. When the number of people shining light, awakening, reach whats called critical mass, the entire population will immediately, automatically turn on as well. Keep the faith brother, and don’t distract yourself with that which causes you to doubt this truth.

  16. Why should we be afraid of this knowledge? We are not stupid. I think the Governments of the world are playing a very dangerous game of Intergalactic Politics. Our politicians aren't bright enough to run politics here on one little planet, do you really want these idiots to represent use to other more advanced Civilizations???

    1. If aliens were in contact with the human race, they, being as advanced as they would have to be to get here would know how corrupt our leaders are. Why would they be in secret contact with our corrupt leaders leaving the rest of us in the dark? If they were as corrupt as our leaders they would not have survived themselves to become advanced enough to get here. Thoughts to the contrary are the stuff of science fiction. There are many inconsistencies in the ufo phenomena.

    2. Simple, because the world is not ready yet...Just imagine the global catastrophe and riots and panic if they landed now, not possible yet.
      That's why they are slowly preparing us for our contact by letting themselves to be visible, through crop circles and so on...
      We are on the brinks of our contact but there is still time to go...I think our generation will witness it though.
      Just think about the matter more and deeper and you will see.

    3. Aliens may start appearing in a conceptualized and fabricated embodiment made on earth by human.

  17. There is nothing new under the sun, what was is and will be..we are just learning what is out there beside humans in the "right now". It is just cycles and everything comes and goes and then comes back again, nothing really "went away".

  18. Terje has compiled some of the best material the UFO topic has to offer here, and should be applauded for his hard work and dedication. Although he could be criticised for being one sided, there is a great deal to ponder in this film.

  19. No wonder Aliens don't want to stop and chat or share tec ,look at all the lies and conspiracies! our own goverments (US AND UK) can't tell it's own people the truth about anything.
    look at how we treat the planet and each other all the wars and pointless suffering!
    Goverments letting people starve to death when a simple corse of treatment/pills could have saved thousands of lives or help with farming so they can produce there own food or lay pipes and give them clean water! (If it was a pipe for oil to the USA or UK it would be laid fast than any one could believe)
    or is this how they play god and reduce the population by letting people die for no good reason.
    If they had oil or gas or something else the goverments wanted it wouldn't happen they would fall over them self offering help!
    Were all screwed as long as the 10 percent with all the money keep pulling the strings the rest of us will suffer.
    When the resorces of a country run out the USA or UK move to the next and start another war killing inosent people until they get what they want.
    I say get rid of Money that would be a good start!
    Down with all the Bastards in Goverment and let the people decide!
    Lets hope that all Humans go extinct and let the animals have the planet!
    They would do a better job than us!
    (I like a rant sorry about jumping from one thing to another I have watched so much stuff on here I don't no whats true or false anymore and Im sorry for any bad spelling the program went on for so long and Im tired)
    Im off to bed :0)

  20. why would anyone think they are here to be friendly? has any abductee ever had a wonderful, fun, delightful, beautiful experience? no no no, none. they are fallen angels here to deceive, destroy and to cause pain and suffering, their delight as shown to their abductees!

  21. I want a spaceship!

  22. for the past 25 years i have been into UFO's i have read Thousands of Theories about Alien Bases, Abductions, Helping Ancient peoples, Hybrid Programs, Aliens preperaring us for interstellar war, Want to bring us to a higher form of Existence the list is endless and also POINTLESS.

    You know if a lot of people got their head out of their backsides for 5 minutes and start focusing on WHAT these objects are flying around in a serious manner, things would have moved on in Knowledge but no its as if we know without question they are Aliens and their motives and are answering questions and fears WE are creating.

    Statements like 'Ike made an agreement with the genetically deficient greys that they would leave us alone' ridicule us who would study the subject and who are looking for TANGIBLE REAL Evidence.

    There is so much to this subject that gets ignored or left out as is the way with ANY Media.

    1. I agree, have always thought anthropomorphizing this mysterious phenomena doesn't lend it any credibility yah wat u think of that then?

  23. When they (the government) finally had proof they could not ignore we were just coming out of WWII and the public, who had just defeated the Third Reich and the Imperial Japanese Empire, were not ready for a potential enemy against which we had no defense. Hell, we weren't even ready for Korea. Ike made an agreement with the genetically deficient greys that they would leave us alone, as a planet, in exchange for humans they could experiment on. I'm just regurgitating what I've learned.
    Now we are apparently at a threshold which they, and the others, cannot ignore. From what I understand we are not to be left alone for much longer and we are living in the last days of Ancient Earth. The Govenment has extended this period for us (by sixty years), and we should be grateful. I hope this is all wrong, but so many reliable sources have corroborated these claims (military officers, govenment officials of several disparate countries, lawyers, doctors, people whose testimony would stand up in any court) that I have no choice but to suspect that the world is run by madmen (and women) or that this world, as we know it, is about to drastically change. From what I understand, Captain Cooke is about to land in Hawaii.

    1. 'we are not to be left alone for much longer and we are living in the last days of Ancient Earth. The Govenment has extended this period for us (by sixty years), and we should be grateful'

      'but so many reliable sources have corroborated these claims (military officers, govenment officials of several disparate countries, lawyers, doctors, people whose testimony would stand up in any court)'

      The only thing i have found that can come close to what we really know with Evidence is this -

      Unidentified Flying Obects are just that. Fighters do not scramble to chase flocks of geese or reflections of Venus and Radar does not pick up Mass Hysteria.

      Hmm you have never studied Law have you could i please have a list of Names and REAL NON Verbal Evidence that PROVES without question that the Government ( whoever they are or where they are from) has extended what your saying by 60 years?.
      Water is H2o - 1xHydrogen 2xOxygen i can prove that in many ways.

      There are thousands of very clever people out there ( Scientists of various disciplines, Polititions , Military etc) who believe in Intelligent design and God and can prove it, it does not make it so because they say it.

      Of course Testimonials are important they are only a small part of the jigsaw.

      I am NOT saying Alien Craft are not flying around but we must be real and not jump on anything and get carried away.

      Statements like -

      'Ike made an agreement with the genetically deficient greys that they would leave us alone'

      are what give the study of UFO's a bad name.

      Finally UFO DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY MEAN ALIEN and vice versa.

    2. okay then

  24. ok people here it is,how we have terrorism with simple household items , is the reason why congrees or the responsible ones dont want you to create weapens of mas destruction with toothpaste. the longer were here in earth the smarter were getting for our own good . if we had the power to get from point a to point b faster then meets the eye. imagine the shit we could do to become invisible and and conquer the world . when they were kings they were alians; dont forget that the greatest story ever told was the bible , it tells flying objects and aleians that were here before. and how they were here in the pass send and the famous one of all was jesus , he was send to us to tell us that we could go back in time to meet the creator by going back in time with our thoughts when we were able to communicate by mind reasons but we have become so humannoid by eating of this earth that now we only hold 10 percent of our creater, there is a way that we can focus on getting therefaster by training your brain to believe . by the way the word bible stands for; basic- instruction- before- leaving- earth. want to know more ask me

    1. I'll have some of what you're on.

  25. Who are the 'Fools' that keep all the info under their control? It amazes me their complete control over "ALL" people and their agencies except their own. WHO ARE THEY!?

    1. so right, all the Conspiracy Theorists are withholding all this information and ignore Human nature and Individuality.

      When asked for proof of names and proof millions of people called 'they' are being 'controlled' and testimonials from these millions of people 'they' are different to Conspiracy Theorists, no one ever gives evidence, odd that.

      Puts the Study of true UFOs into a bad light, it is sad.

  26. What if its like this xD
    We humans KNOW that if you travel fast enough.. Faster than the speed of light you will go back in time.. Right?

    What if theese "Aliens" are life from this planet?
    From the time when the people here on earth are all kind and no wars are known etc..
    And that we have flied back to see what we were and what we were doing? ^^

    I know this is nonsence :P Its just a thaught that came up watching this.

  27. I honestly think the government is hiding something - they have to be. If they weren't, they would put people's paranoid ranting to rest by de-classifying roswell and releasing the tapes from the Apollo missions. In the videos off the shuttle, broadcast live, the astronaut says 'We have a UFO trailing' - then swiches off the live channel, how do you explain things like that?

    This is a clear example of how taking these conspiracy theories to extremes makes people laugh in your face, half these programs I turn off before the first minute because I can tell it's a bunch of nonsense. It will be interesting to see if any of these predictions come about in the coming future..

    1. The Gov have been declassifying though. I would say the only thing the gov is hiding are in respect to matters of national security. To quote something from the classic publication 'extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds' - Even when believers are offered rational explanations which are 100% fullproof, they will still look for fault behind those explanations or attempt to discredit the source. You cannot convince people who don't want to be convinced.

    2. 'the astronaut says 'We have a UFO trailing' - then swiches off the live channel, how do you explain things like that? '

      Considering we know hardly anything about 'Space' and what we do know we have found thousands of things we did not know exist, UFO could mean anything. The way the media works as has been seen it would probably portray it as

      ' UFO Chases NASA Craft'

      now that does not conjure an image of something completely natural that we have never seen before does it?
      Not saying it is BUT it COULD be just as likely, more likely even.

  28. As soon as i saw the presenter i turned off. I saw him on another prog once when he described this ''Sophisticated laboratory'' .......Turned out to be a shed!

  29. ''What if?''What if?''What if?....If my aunt was born with a penis she would be my uncle.

  30. There is a distinct possibility that some of these people are have either developed pseudologia or are seeking publicity or monetary gain. "Cosmic Top Secret Clearance" for example is a dead giveaway. This wouldn't account for all of them though.

    1. I think it's more than 'distinct' personally.

  31. Well, it's certainly live here lol. As I understand the UFO situation at present, yes it's true there is no hard scientific evidence, BUT, given the circumstantial evidence & the reliability of a lot of witnesses a ruling in a court of law would be in favour of UFOs. What exactly UFOs are is another matter, but to deny this phenomena's existence would be akin to the ostrich with it's head in the sand.

    1. Yep agreed. And to conclude this phenomena must be extra-terrestrials visiting or suggest that gov incapable of even planting WMD (in order to justify an illegal invasion) are somehow capable of a disinformation campaign - spanning 60 years with successive gov, is akin to a lunatics ramblings, scrawled in faeces on a hospital wall.

  32. the message is clear..we are getting cosmic in a bit ;)

  33. Puppets who leave conspiracy doc links, then tell others to "go research", do they ever consider the irony behind spamming a board full of people already familiar? Like giving someone wearing soiled underwear ANOTHER pair of soiled underwear. Ughh I have to leave this board...

    1. The primary reason why the extraterrestrial phenomena is not accepted is primarily due to a successful disinformation campaign waged since the 1950s.
      Did you know that Carl Sagan was hired by the air force to help debunk this phenomena during his younger days?
      I respect some of his contributions. But don't expect me to praise him as the scientific savior that you apparently think him to be.
      Mainstream science and the egos therein, NASA and its behind the scene contributors are largely responsible for the secrecy and truth embargo behind this phenomena.
      Most people have been systematically condition to ridicule this phenomena hardly because it isn't real. It has been so mostly because it would show that we're helpless as a nation to stop the infiltration of these crafts.
      If you think that the unidentified aerial phenomena is like dragons, unicorns etc than I may be wasting my timehav

    2. '' The primary reason why the extraterrestrial phenomena is not accepted is primarily due to a successful disinformation campaign waged since the 1950s''. WELL ISN'T THAT JUST CONVENIENT ! That's why there's no real evidence then, because gov in every respective country have been covering it up since the 1950's !? Listen, the reason extra-terrestrial visitation is not accepted is because most people have an education, or at least access to one ... those who don't at least bother to take their meds in the morning.

    3. You, are the closed minded puppet in this forum:
      You are like the mob who wants to burn the poor old lady because you fear her to be a witch. The tragedy is that you are willing to kill an innocent old lady to make your fear of the unknown go away.
      You are like the establishment and the church who wants to place Galileo under house arrest because his idea threatens the current framework of the establishment. You are ancient;but not wise and progressive. Silly analogies about soiled underwear doesn't make a case here. This comment did not challenge my arguments with much intelligence.
      Your skepticism represents the sheep, not the shepherd.

      Read Leslie Kean's book: "UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record" It delineates your skeptic type in there.

      See France's "The COMETA" report. Their scientific community has taken this subject very seriously.
      The evidence for scientific investigation to find out what this phenomena is, is simply off the chart!
      And, no! Official scientific investigation in the USA has not been conducted.
      Like many posting here, mainstream science have vehemently ignored the evidence; and yet simply concluded there's nothing there because they don't want this extraordinary phenomena to be true.
      When science becomes this irrational, we're in trouble as an evolving race of beings.

  34. human arrogance is what keeps people believing lie that we are alone

    1. Not many people with half a brain dispute the possibilty of life in the cosmos, it's life visiting earth in spaceships they dispute. Seperate topics , focus now ! Pftttt

    2. also time, space etc.
      if you imagine a number 1 followed by a trillion 0 as a percentage representing a TINY fraction of time, Humans have been around 0. followed by a trillion 0 then 1 % long, now the chance of lots of Interstellar Civ's living at that exact point in time over Distances we HAVE NO IDEA about (we can not even concieve how big space is) are not great.

      Not saying No or Yes about Aliens just adding something else that is not usually mentioned.

  35. In court if evidence is presented by someone who wasn't there it's hearsay. There is a LOT of hearsay in this doc. Also unexplained objects are not proof of aliens, they are proof of unexplained objects.

    I'm not saying there are no aliens in the universe, just that most of this stuff is bunk and damages the credibility of what might be real evidence.

  36. @eze60
    so your evidence for saying Sagan believing as you do is off the record hearsay? and you are right you don't have to prove anything to me or anyone, but you have made 10 posts in the last 7 hours (10 of 11) and they contain no hard facts at all. now you are either trying to convince others you are right or you enjoy reading your own text? if it is the former then yes proof is required if it is the latter then that is sad. your evidence boils down to it exists but is hidden from us by people/organizations, people have seen or claimed to see things that they cannot explain and you cannot debunk every claim so some are true. you say "mainstream science" like it is a branch of science. it is either science or it isn't. if you have non mainstream facts that qualify as science (you know peer reviewed, testable,repeatable, ....) then i am all ears. if by non mainstream you mean non scientific then say so.

    1. Over the edge, I understand science and its parameters. I simply believe that when it comes to the complexities of our existence, we are a mystery even to science and its current methods as we know it.
      This condition leaves open many other possibilities including how evidence can come forth.
      I don't buy this hard evidence nonsense. If you aren't blinded by the limitations of science, there has been mountains of circumstantial evidence presented here by so many highly respectful professionals and from so many documentary sources that simply requires a reasonable deduction to accept that a phenomena exists that reasonable scientists should be investigating further.
      With the varied pieces of repeated "human evidence", it is more ridiculous and silly today to put on blinders and pretend that they have not pointed to the fact that something riveting has been going on here on earth.

      If you're not wired to see the whole picture, that is your problem and not my burden to prove anything to you.
      Your skepticism represents a devolutionary clog in the system that has perpetuated a lie and profound ignorance for more than 60 years.
      So the one dimensional proof that you perceive is the problem as opposed to the solution.
      Let's just simply agree to disagree.
      FYI, see:
      "The new twirled order" (Scientifically researched)
      "The Hessdalen lights" The full presentation(Scientifically researched)
      "NASA's secret transmissions, the smoking gun" Very strictly scrutinized
      by researchers in an attempt to eliminate other possibilities.
      "The Phoenix lights" - (Still unknown and reasonable explanations ignored by the government).
      "The greatest story ever denied".
      And oh by the way, you might want to see "The day before disclosure" again because it seems like you've ignored a huge amount of information presented therein.

      The list goes on and on....

      About my post, I just saw the documentary and read the posts here. I did not intend to respond so many times. But I was shocked by the rigid views and bombastic skepticism expressed on this forum. Most of the skepticism simply ignored the information on this documentary.

    2. i agree that we should maybe agree to disagree but it is statements like "a phenomena exists that reasonable scientists should be investigating further" but they have and when looked at scientifically they don't hold water.that doesn't mean that they are not true, only not scientifically verifiable. now if you are asking science to change it's perimeters for testing because you want them to you are arrogant. why do you demand that science look into it then dismiss the findings of science?

    3. You are too trusting of science's conclusions while ignoring the politics behind the scene in the scientific community.
      This is not about me edge. My passion here is to promote an open mind. As far as I am concerned, you are just text and so am I.
      The whole Condon report was a biased farce. He was a skeptic scientist hired to present an objective report on UFOs. This bias report still today is regarded as the conclusive bible on the UFO phenomena. The result was disputed by many of his fellow scientists who were part of the investigation. This is the case in point. Unless objective scientists whom i truly respect, are on the scene, you don't know whether the motivation is bias or not. Behind a large percentage of our scientific community are big egos, politics for funding and possible ulterior motives as well as human beliefs.
      I tried to ad a link for you to read here about Carl Sagan. But it's under review.
      I have respect for Sagan because he truly believed that the UFO phenomena deserved scientific investigation albeit not because he then believed. But based on my reading, he did come around behind the scene in believing that we have a serious mystery on our hands. He still was not willing to risk his reputation and ridicule associated with openly believing in such a government imposed taboo on the phenomena.
      This fear still exists today with some very serious professionals who may want to come clean pro this issue.

    4. This person doesn't know what they are talking about, would suggest ignoring.

    5. You are flat out wrong!!! Mainstream science in the USA has not investigated this phenomena since the Condon report. And it is no secret that this report was absolutely bias! Since this phony skeptic scientist's 1969 controversial conclusion, science has flat-out ignored the previous and additional evidence. The reasons for this "non-scientific" behavior has been due to fear of ridicule and losing credibility in the field. Only scientists from France and other countries have given this phenomena the attention that it deserves. Their conclusion has legitimized this phenomena. Look up the COMETA report. Also, read Leslie Kean's book: UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record-
      It is very well researched and covers it all.
      Forget this character "over the edge"! Anyone interested in a very strong case should read Leslie Kean's book.

  37. Got to say this is the best Documentary of its kind. Many of the people speaking on here held respectful positions previously and listening to their accounts and also what they have found out within the 'establishment' is quite astonishing. Especially what Robert Dean had to say, that was jaw dropping. Not even the biggest skeptics can really trash talk this guy. He's been in the highest levels of security within U.S Army and Nato, hes wore the t-shirt, I am going to dig out his interview!

  38. Let me first just appologize for my statement, i intend no disrespect. I seriously could not listen to the narrators voice for any longer that 10 minutes, he sounded computer generated and annoyed the hell out of me.

    1. Sorry, but this superficial deduction is your problem. It does not diminish the message presented in this documentary.

  39. amazing documentry loved it totally...i must say nasa sucks totally...

  40. Why do these 'experts' always express these anthropomorphic type theories for aliens motives too? Give them human characteristics? That’s hilarious, really doesn’t lend the topic any more credibility. Using supposed off-world species as some kind of conduit to express their own personal ideology (eg, disarm all nuclear weapons). Because these beings would really give a crap, and of course utilise the same psychology as humans regardless of physiology. Does a hive minded colony of bees care? Do jellyfish empathise with the human condition? NO. - Daft

    1. Funny, your comment is doing exactly as you've accused the experts of doing... At least their opinion has bases. Yours is simply your projected opinion without any references to truly debunk their analyses.

    2. '' Funny, your comment is doing exactly as you've accused the experts of doing... At least their opinion has bases. Yours is simply your projected opinion without any references to truly debunk their analyses''.

      ^ This is coming from someone who quotes others links and apparently likes to invent their own reality (in broken english). I don't need to debunk anything, I'm not the one making sensationalist claims about beings visiting earth ! These "experts" need to back up their "analysis" as you call it - with actual proof, or give the public their money back. Does it amuse you to generate content on this board for a topic that you know is a lie?

      " if you've evolved and able to think 3 dimensionally and beyond " -

      ^ erm... I think you mean 'make rubbish up about 'astral travelling
      and other tripe don't you? Bedtime stories for kids chap. If my opinion is so baseless, why didn't you contest it with anything factual yourself? Is it perhaps because you're incapable of thinking for yourself without Abovetopsecret on your browser ?

      ' It really is easier for you to believe that all of these people are lying?! '

      I did not state anywhere they were all lying? I used the words "misinterpretation" and the term "prone to flights of fancy". I believe these people genuinely thought they saw aliens or wanted to - that doesn’t make it so in reality! Please don't reply or I will bury your moronic paranoid spluttering in facts, troll.

  41. * Subsequent, excuse me

  42. OH FOR GODSAKE !? WHAT SUBSEQUENT EVIDENCE? There has never been any concrete evidence of e.t visitation in mankinds entire history. When there's even a suggestion of real physical evidence, it's always cover-up ! How convenient. This subject is crap and these sensationalist docs are always the same – old timers with witness accounts blah blah blah

  43. shame that all the abduction evidence is provided by hypnosis - so-called regression therapy. This is why the stories told are so similar, because the hypnotherapist always take the subject towards archetypes. good movie, but I was irritated by the quasi religious stuff at the end, but you have got to expect that with Americans. Don't believe a word any 'astronaut' has to say. 57 varieties of alien? surely there are many more than that in our galaxy alone. I don't need alien genetic intervention as the evolutionary reason, ramapithecus to homo sapiens satisfies me as a reasonable story, I don't need 'angels from the heavens' to intervene by planting seed in virgin women which seems to be the virgin Mary/Leda and the swan archetypal story the regressionists are going for. Good luck with disclosure, but don't expect governments to tell you the truth.

    1. i dont expect anything from anyone. But i do keep trying to communicate with most. As some are obviously trying not to communicate at all.

  44. over 4000 years ago someone figured out, if you can heard sheep you can heard people. It takes 3 things: #1 control of energy distribution i.e. food #2 control of information. #3 control of violence to disapline them to do what you want.

  45. heres a short cut, eduard albert meier

  46. If they have been here since the beginning....and have to keep returning to fix things....they are not all that smart! (stay outa my inbox you aliens! i am onto you!)

  47. Billionaires are created everyday using alien technology-how sick. Give credit where credit is due.

  48. what a great film, i love this website! hehe sucking my hours away! can you really doubt life outside of this earth? its proof enough for me just to look up at the night sky, how can you deny that feeling? really loved the part on consciousness the singular driving force behind all things in the universe. i believe consciousness is all that really exists in this universe, the ultimate creative force of all things, buddha had it right! i think everyone should watch the film the quantum activist, all that you are arises with your thoughts:) what more do you need? spread love and understanding to all beings that we share this amazing existence with! love you all!!

    1. Consciiousness guides the universe? I don't think so. Physics maybe. Before sentient beings evolved on this planet in the last little part of it's existence....there ws no consciousness....for billions upon billions of years.

    2. That does not mean that the fundamental purpose of the creation event was not to produce consciousness or that consciousness did not produce the creation event.

      The mathematical order of the complex nature of physical existence (physics) is a necessary characteristic to facilitate the deceptive nature of a motivation in diametric opposition to the creating force. It provides intelligent beings with an alternate path of understanding, a mechanical one,until the time of evolutionary change from a base-level convicting conscience, (leaving us to be most influenced by our intellectual reasoning) to a convicting conscience of increased motivation causing our intellectual reasoning to ponder the nature of our convicting consciences and discover that physical existence it perfectly designed to motivate us to depart from the inconvenient influence of our base-level consciences. As all of the motivating force that we call "love", in all of the hearts of the human race draws back to the single point of perspective from which it expanded in the creation event 13.7 billion years ago, It automatically produces, along the way, a human race of increased sensitivity conscience which spawns the discovery of this ultimate, fundamental pattern. Inasmuch as we can understand that love is not only a binding motivation, but also an illuminating one, we can understand that when all the love that exists in the human race condenses into a single point of perspective, that this may form an intelligence best described as "sensitivity without boundary". Such an intelligence could dictate everything that would happen from the beginning of the universe to the end. Existing outside time, such an intelligence would know all it does simultaneously. The unfolding, in the medium we call time, of the universe from beginning to end is the bank of knowledge contained in the creating intelligence. This same knowledge is contained in the singularity that expanded in the creation event.

      Love, as a drawing force could not function as such without something to draw against. Intellectual reasoning engaging the fear producing motivation of the individual perspective of the physical bodies to which it is anchored is a perfect version of that necessary something. This is experienced by all members of the human race as the "war" between our hearts and our heads.

      Inasmuch as we can understand that love is not only a binding motivation, but also an illuminating one, we can understand that a necessary diametrically opposed motivation would not only be division justifying, but it would also have to be deceiving.

      The inability of mechanical reasoning to be driven to this discovery while outside the influence of a powerful convicting conscience is the proof of that deceptive nature.

  49. This doc has presented more groundbreaking ideas, not facts but ideas, that make it much more than a documentary about the aliens. And to share my opinion, the day of disclosure will not by decided by us, but by them, they know when we are ready and also what may happen if we are not. It may be close as we are nearing the boarder of our self-destruction, in which case they would intervene, or a shift in our consciousness, in which case we might be ready for our contact. One or the other, I think that the point of this doc is at
    1:33:40. Greetings :)

    1. I agree with this, but I believe world goverments know this day is rapidly approaching and i believe they are subconsciously preparing us.

    2. Ideas based on facts beyond the parameters of mainstream science.
      Science computes. It doesn't always present facts that revolve around all of the complexities of the human experience. This is where many here are two dimensional in their thinking in terms of wanting evidence.

  50. By far the best UFO Doc I have ever seen. It is a grown up version of any other ufo Doc.

    1. If you liked this, perhaps you would like the Out of the Blue. If you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it

  51. Regarding the JAL encounter with a UFO; my father is a commercial airline pilot and said that he's spoken to retired JAL crew that have spoken to the crew members that were involved. Apparently they were spirited away from the job and flying for over a year. Presumably so they couldn't discuss it. Bizarre.

    1. yeah yeah, my fathers cousins brothers sisters aunt once saw a flying pig with jesus riding him. I know it's factual because he told me so.

  52. It's all about your personal mindset.
    What i really dont understand about our human race is that we all being pushed to think "logical".
    Everything has to been explained in a way its all logic and normal for our understanding. But the most logical thing for us being a race on a planet being part of billions of other planets is to accept and understand that w're not alone.
    Its the biggest illusion on earth and goverments try to keep that illusion as real as they possible can that we are alone.
    I just hope our race will accept the fact that wre not alone and that its truely possible we will encounter with alien lifeforms.

    They need to stop pretend that their living in the real world, as long as they dont accept the fact of not being alone in this universe their world is just as a fake as any manmade hollywood movie.

    1. For people who desire "understanding" the support of "logic" is necessary. "
      "Belief systems" are engaged for very logical reasons that can be "understood". But the related details of a belief system itself do not have to be supported by logic to function in response to a need that arises from what can ultimately be understood as a personal psychological agenda. When we understand this we discard our "belief system" for the "understanding" which made it obsolete. I believe this is the aim of psycho-analysis but I am not sure.

      I respect your conclusion, supported by logic that we are not alone in the universe. It relates to the famous "Drake equation". Since there are so many planets in the universe, surely there are other examples of intelligent life. This makes sense to me also but we must all admit that it assumes that The universe is as large as it is for this reason.

      If we knew nothing about Red tailed hawks we may think, upon discovering a nesting pair in a tree that since the 10 acre woods has 1000 trees that there are surely more red tailed hawks in the 10 acre stand of trees. We associate the birds with the trees the same way we associate intelligence with the planet.

      Of course we know that while a single pair of red tailed hawks may use only one tree to nest in, they require the additional territory to function in their nature.

      If the function of consciousness is to evolve in understanding, and the information for this is contained in our environment, isn't it possible that the environment could be billions of light years across? If the purpose of the universe is to produce consciousness then it would only be necessary for one example to arise. I am not saying that your reasoning (or Drakes) is unsound but we can understand that the "belief" that we are not alone does facilitate a psychological need in response to our fear. If we cannot solve our problems ourselves, maybe there is someone out there to help us. It is significant to note that we may find this help much closer to home in the form of an evolutionary movement from a base-level convicting conscience to a convicting conscience of much greater influence and this process would be consistent with our current understanding of evolution. If consciousness is to survive the initial motivation of fear that was necessary when we lived in caves it may now be in need of a powerful motivation to overcome that fear. Back then we had clubs and land stretching in every direction. Now there are 7 billion of us and we have atomic weapons.

      The world we have today is a projection of fear generating mechanical reasoning or the engagement of individual perspective. To stabilize it may require the unifying perspective of an increased conviction of conscience. Perhaps we will meet the aliens AND ourselves. But if we can only meet one we will not need the other.

  53. I have seen 2 UFO's. Wierd, obvious ones.

    1. under your bed?
      come on tell us the story...

    2. When I was 12, I saw what I later thought was a remote control "zepplin" in the sky? It was maybe 8-12ft long, and looked to be "in trouble" (smoking?). I was in the middle of nowhere in central victoria (country -30km from a town). I turned and ran to get some adults, tripped an fell and smashed my face to pieces.

      When I was 20 I was driving through the desert with 2 friends. A green light appeared beside us travelling parallel, maybe 1km away. It started dropping smaller green lights behind it - maybe 6-8. Theses smaller lights travelled with it at a fixed distance. The girl in the car started screaming, and I pulled over. We all got out and watched it - until it blinked and was gone. Shook us up real bad.

  54. I really do not know what to think: on the one hand, credible, inexplicable reports have been filed in great abundance; on the other hand, I personally have seen not the slightest shred of evidence that extraterrestrial craft of any kind are here or ever have been. BEFORE having 'seen the light', many of those making these extraordinary claims most probably felt just as I do now. I am confused.

    1. You're confused. But I think the ones making these claims from first hand experiences are not confused. I think that they're resolved. Most of them were hardcore skeptics who became believers once they experienced the incredible, their lives changed forever.
      Often times, evidence will not come from a scientific lab. One has to have an open mind to accept this.
      Eventually we have to trust and believe in someone's words. This is the intangibility of being human. Science cannot measure this. Otherwise, we will forever dwell on the negative notion that someone's always out to fool us or may be too stupid to know what they
      see. This is the ultimate state of cynicism and negativity.

    2. @eze60
      i wasn't going to reply but one of your claims forced me to. Carl Sagan was a brilliant scientist,presenter and human being and if you are going to kidnap his good name to further your claims you better have evidence. and yes he believed (like most scientists) that the probability of other life in the universe is overwhelming. you are making the claim he thinks they visited earth can you prove it? also science has no problem with extraterrestrial life and has been openly searching for it for years. the fact that UFO's aren't accepted is because there is no scientific evidence. people believe or have believed in dragons,unicorns, leprechauns and elvis is still alive. they have all claimed to have seen them. eyewitness testimony along with grainy photographs and accusations of coverup add up to no evidence at all. now i cannot prove you wrong but thankfully for me people like you are making the claims so the onus is on you to prove it.

    3. Sorry, the onus is not on me to prove anything to those who believe that proof
      Can only be presented by way of our limited scientific knowledge and physics.
      As stated in a previous reply, in the complex realms of the human experience,
      I am certain that evidence of certain puzzles will not only be proven from a scientific lab. If you believe otherwise, I will not accept the burden of proving something to you if your brand of reasoning is limited.
      J Allan Hynek, in an off the records conversation was told by Carl Sagan that based on the information that was available, he believed. I don't mean that he just believed that we're not alone in the universe. That general hypothesis is believed by most scientists. To me saying this is like saying if I seek a corn in a corn field, I will find one. There's no risk in a scientist thinking that there's life out there in the
      Universe or our galaxy for that matter. The risk truly lies with the daredevil scientists who dare to investigate this phenomena because they dare to accept the possibility that our laws of physics was shattered by beings who may be a million years more advanced than us enough to be able to manipulate space and time to get here and observe us.

    4. The reason why the extraterrestrial phenomena is not accepted is primarily due to a successful disinformation campaign waged since the 1950s.
      Did you know that Carl Sagan was hired by the air force to help debunk this phenomena during his younger days?
      I respect some of his contributions. But don't expect me to praise him as the scientific savior that you apparently think him to be.
      Mainstream science and the egos therein, NASA and its behind the scene contributors are largely responsible for the secrecy and truth embargo behind this phenomena.
      Most people have been systematically condition to ridicule this phenomena hardly because it isn't real. It has been so mostly because it would show that we're helpless as a nation to stop the infiltration of these crafts.
      If you think that the unidentified aerial phenomena is like unicorns and dragons, then I think my exchange with you ends right now.

  55. I have always kept an open mind, this Documentary is truly worth watching over and over again.mind you this is my 9th time watching it

  56. I have always kept an open mind, this Documentary is truly worth watching over and over again.

  57. Dam good documentary i, was scheptic at first but this is a good one.
    Jeez how long till we wake from this illusion,the truth always comes out......

  58. UfOs nonfiction; God fiction.
    The Sky nonfiction; heaven fiction.
    underground caverins nonfiction; hell fiction.
    I believe it's all coming together now. What makes the newspaper is real, and what doesn't is simply what society makes up out of imagionation. Repeting of an untruth so much these brainwash methods are now welcome truths. (Most likely envolked by darker forces we just are not aware of, but I'm no expert). Why did I believe all the silly deceptions so long? dang, they caught us when we were really young, time to let go of all the fictional clutter and become one with all truths and withheald ones.

  59. UfOs make the newspaper, Gods don't. Hey, maybe I caught on to something...

  60. @ ez2be12

    WOW. What an amazing experience. I have had 3 of my own, but nothing that extraordinary. I have photos of my second encounter, but the quality of it is c@#$.

  61. I was a sceptic all my life until last January when i seen 6 orange lights flying over Dublin city at lightning speed changing formation as they done so. There wasnt a sound either!!Needless to say my whole outlook has changed since no crackpot either, i am a practising surgeon and have always been a staunch sceptic all my life. Open your eyes people, most the footage and photos are fake, but all it takes is one small experience......and now im obsessed with this subject.

  62. OOPS..... I have seen two UFO's, one I believe may have actually been a test flight of our own. The other one I saw in the sky in daylight and it rather slowly flew behind a building and out of sight here in Mission BC. I talked to a neighbour friend and he has lived here a long time and when his 2 sons were young they came running into the house one day jumping and yelling that they had seen a flying saucer so he immediately put them in separate rooms with paper and pencil and asked them to just quietly draw what they had seen. Just about identical drawings down to what could have been a window. They were preschoolers. I asked if they got a treat for that, he said "heck no, they raced back out as fast as they could". I got to see the drawings and I would say they saw what they said. I would love to see one!

  63. I don't know how much time I have left to try and improve our planet. I firmly believe that positive/light/love is one heck of a good step in that direction. I have been around long enough to know that literally anything can be possible and with the odds the chances of us being alone are 0. I have seen abuse in many countries and to me this means we are still in the dark ages and have a long way to go. Bless you all for your differences and aren't we lucky we can speak our minds and maybe even agree to disagree?

  64. Good stuff!

  65. The USA is a corporation. And us dummies pretend to vote for people to get positions that give them influence, but give us nothing. The illusion of government is just that. When is the last time u nominated someone or wrote a law or bill? And when has a politician done something we asked instead of lying about what they are doing?

  66. I read that those star skippers run on a nuclear powered magnet. Jumprooms are quicker I also hear. Those earth to space elevator string things you can haul some ass on too. If they told everyone about these secrets of the universe, we'd all be slung up someplace else, then what? You could be food for some other creature, a Christian eater or something. Then? A thee a thee a thats all folks! So lets all just go in the yard and have a BBQ and forget a bout it until we all can own our own UFO's...

  67. Upon Feb. 3, 1884, M. Staevert, of the Brussels Observatory, saw, upon the disc of Venus, an extremely brilliant point (Ciel et Terre, 5-127). Nine days later, Niesten saw just such a point of light as this, but at a distance from the planet. If no one had ever heard that such things cannot be, one might think that these two observations were upon something that had been seen leaving Venus and had then been seen farther along. Upon the 3rd of July, 1884, a luminous object was seen moving slowly in the sky of Norwood, N. Y. It had features that suggest the structural: a globe the size of the moon, surrounded by a ring; two dark lines crossing the nucleus (Science Monthly, 2-136). Upon the 26th of July, a luminous globe, size of the moon, was seen at Cologne; it seemed to be moving upward from this earth, then was stationary "some minutes," and then continued upward until it disappeared (Nature, 30-360). And in the English Mechanic, 40-130), it is not said that a luminous vessel that had sailed out from Venus, in February, visiting this earth, where it was seen in several places, was seen upon its return to the planet, but it is said that an observer in Rochester, N. Y., had, upon August 17, seen a brilliant point upon Venus. As Randy takes two steps back, in woe.

  68. @habler who wrote:

    "...just to examine my willy..."

    I almost fell off of the chair on that one! Funny as hell!


    We have been round and round, but I like you and respect you.

    Where is my money you owe me!!! Don't make me come looking for it! I will leave you where ever I find you!

  69. I don't believe any of the alien abductee's they are just attention seekers of various kinds. These people have some kind of operating theatre fetish.

    I highly doubt an advanced civilisation would travel through millions of light years, space and time just to examine my willy.

    Part 3 was a bit of a waste of time , enjoyed the rest though.

  70. After all those Aeriel events- cylinders, boomerangs, disks, lights, explosions and weird goings on way back then Fort mentions,(before flight). Ya'd think they'd also must have wanted some sort of disclosure in those days on all that too... I'm in "New Lands" I'm not done yet- but It's really fun reading that guys stuff, sounds like a cool dude, but didn't know he gets personally irate and wants ta slap ya if ya own em'.. Randy you crack me up every time man. Anyway he kinda looks like Teddy Roosevelt . . . respectfully.

  71. @Kurrrt

    Yes, I have all of Charles Forts works. I am really not that impressed. A good writer, but also a very good con-man.

    Where is that money you owe me?

    Don't make me come looking for it... I will slap you like a Jersey-boy does when he is owed money!

  72. That transitional flute thing was so god damn annoying! Other than that, this was an excellent movie with great insight on the mysteries of interstellar travel made by beings unknown to our earth.

  73. The books that "Charles Fort" wrote (in 1919-33), stated from journals as far back as the 1600's then 1700's and 1800's of all kinds of anomaly's in the sky, & on earths surface, has dated documents stating such things in records. (Best book out there, and look how old it is) When astronomers looked in the sky's with their primitive telescopes hundreds of years ago and once seen an object trailing in the sky visibly crossing the path of the sun. Cylinders, claims of bent shaped objects in the sky, disks, etc. On earth's surface there were claims of what hundreds of people thought to be cannon fire going on for days but couldn't find a location, at the same time seen unusual lights in the sky's. The movie documentary "Moon Rising" shows large UFO's on the moon, crushed domes, structures, plain as day. Project Camelot has Mr Dean showing 3 UFO's astronauts took pictures of, massive UFO's on the way to the moon. One was 5 miles long. And another one in which made that one look tiny. This is a seeded planet, they come here using earths resources to seed other planets. And their purposes of minerals here. Truth is- We are all just visitors here. And this is the biggest gene pool in this part of this solar system. Sharing this information is no ones job in any government. The president & staff don't even have a high enough clearance to share any information, they simply are not involved. There is 2 Governments, the one on TV, and the other one with branches like a tree. Kindly enjoy your life here everyday as much as you can.

  74. Why can't this get settled. With all the cameras and technology out there today, why don't we have better photos/video?

    I believe there's been some stuff out there. I'm definitely intrigued by the videos from space station.

  75. Dumb f@#$%^& Americans.

  76. I personally don't watch many documentaries on aliens, I've seen 'Ancient Aliens' as well as this doc and maybe one other. I'm somewhat intrigued, but like many, am a bit skeptical that they have in fact visited Earth. I believe with 99.99% certainty that life in some equally intelligent or superior form to ours is out there.

    To suggest, like David has, that we should 'focus on stuff that really is going on' makes sense, but goes against everything that makes us human; the search for the unknown. Scientists laughed at other Scientists who were searching for planets around stars just 20 years ago, accepted ideas and science progresses quite rapidly. We need to at least keep an open-mind and encourage governments to release all the facts so we can produce a clearer picture of the Universe we live in.

  77. Well, that was disappointing. It's just a trailor unless I can't figure out how to see the full doc.

  78. Nonsense. Sorry peeps, its all nonsense. Stop wasting your time tinking about aliens and focus on stuff that really is going on.

  79. Wish the makers had sprung for a real actor to do the narration voice over. That is my one, major complaint. (Email me if you want to redo it, filmmakers; we have an actor in the family who knows some very good VO artists. Maybe some who would do it free as a public service. The funky computer voice is a serious mistake.)

    The rest of it is what I would have done myself, and have been considering as a means to get this information to a mainstream audience. I'm glad this was done, and is being shared freely. Soccer-moms need to know this stuff. Imagine the ire once most recognize they haven't needed to buy gasoline for over 60 years? If you have a Tea-Party granny who isn't computer-savvy, burn her a copy (if it's legal...get permission first) and play it for her on her VHS or DVD. Ask her how she feels about our government "protecting" her in the name of the almighty dollar bill, and in direct opposition to The Constitution of the United States of America?

    Wish I could afford to broadcast this on network primetime to every station at once. I posted it on my FB page, and encourage you all do the same. I've decided to stop fearing ridicule. My encounter happened over fifty years ago. It may be time for me to finally talk about it.

    To the poster who claimed not to believe any of the eyewitnesses~just wait until YOU'RE one of them. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing this stuff is true, and not being able to discuss it with anyone normal.

    Also, in a court of law, people have been found guilty of murder from the mouth of one witness. I don't understand how the guy (a paid Dis-man?) can listen to the testimony of Astronaut Gordon Cooper or a few of those air traffic controllers, military security or police officers and not believe it, especially when so many cases have had MULTIPLE witnesses who were interviewed separately, and told the same matter-of-fact, point-by-point story.

    I thought I was an expert on the subject, but I learned some new things. The Scandinavian studies were amazing! I know it was real footage, because I've seen similar myself. The Chernobyl part brought me to tears, as I knew in my gut something must have prevented a complete China Syndrome Event. Do any of us really believe the cement the Russians poured into the hole magically stopped the meltdown? Hearing of extraterrestrial help gave me more hope than just about anything else I've heard. Perhaps we are being protected from our own insanity.

    I'm still not on board with all the abduction stuff, but who am I to judge? I'm going to listen politely until it is proven otherwise.

    I have friends who still swear we have no radar evidence, because they believe the BS our country's leaders have told them. Shame on these brain-dead numb-skulls! One day they will stand accountable. May that day be soon.

  80. @ez2b12 Oh sorry man I hadn't read your story well (Im at the office hehe I had to take just a quick glimpse..) I see now that these green orbs you talk about also matched the same speed as your car!! wow!! I already mentioned this to my friend via twitter, I think he's gonna be surprised!
    If he's interested i'll give him your email he can tell you his story way better than I did

  81. @ez2b12

    Wow! something extremely similar happened to a friend of mine. He was very young and traveling on a car with his mother and aunt, suddenly they saw orbs of light much like the ones you describe...only that they would mimic the speed in which my friend's car rode..when they slowed down, the orbs would do so..they could see them at a distance..and (I don't remember this clearly, i'll have to ask my friend again)eventually I think the orbs started to get closer to the point where they were on top of my friends car (if I remember correctly) what I do recall is that his mum and aunt started praying because they were terrified and suddenly, they got to a point where they were approaching to the nearest was at this point where the orbs, apparently at the sight of the towns' lights- decided to take off into the sky. I was impressed by this as my friend is a very concrete minded person..he is into science and math a lot and he's not a liar..but I was doubly impressed when I saw you had a very similar experience!!

  82. @Liudas
    Wonder what the reason was, but Yes it does Capture ones intrest -on what our world holds in store for us. The "Project Camelot" has some very informative information like this also. (Look at the video interviews)... There's one thing controlling governments around the planet don't want us all to know: Truth.
    * Have a good day, everyday.

  83. Hey guys. This video isn't full? It says REMOVED BY THE USER. I was really getting into that.

  84. @ coyote03 OK, I was wrong regarding the farthest satellite traveled from earth. The "Voyager probe" has surpassed our solar system and not the milky way galaxy, my bad. I was wrong.

    As for when the craft was "very" close to the ground, the craft was so close to the tree tops that if you were 1/20 of a mile away from the craft you wouldn't have the proper angle to see the craft through or above the trees. Think of it in this way: the next time you are driving your car on the road, pull up 5 feet from the back end of a tractor traitor, your vision of the road is severely decreased, if there were another tractor trailer in the other lane to the left or the right just 10 feet ahead of your car you would be unable to see this tractor trailer.. SO hmmmmmm, a large object ( tractor trailer} only 10 ft. in front of you and several feet to the left or right And you wouldn't be able to see it. (blind spot) A huge object directly in front of you 10 degrees to the left or right and you cant even see it. So It was hiding in plain sight....

    Also Most likely someone else did see the object, but how am I going to know. Not like someone whom witnessed the same object is going to report it and if they did how would I know. No reports in the newspaper that I am aware of. Also this was a daylight sighting, most people don't look directly up at the sky....... At night it would be easier for someone to notice a strange light.

    As to the buffalo airport, I did leave a small piece of information out of my encounter. First, There was not a single airplane sighting in the hour that I witnessed this object. This was weird cause we usually see at least 3-10 airplanes per hour at this time of day. I actually believe the buffalo airport was fully aware of this object and rerouted the planes for safety precautions. Just a guess!

    Just saying most people will not believe me, but this was not a goverment black project air craft. This in my opinion and belief was a (E.S.C.) and not a UFO.

    When most people here the acronym U.F.O. They think and believe people are referring to An extraterrestrial space craft (E.S.C) and aliens. the Acronym for U.F.O. Is well You know what it is. Unidentified flying object. This could be so many things that are terrestrial. Hot air balloons, Chinese lanterns, led lights on an rc copter, swamp gas, ball lightning, airplanes, government black projects. hang gliders and many, many more. These objects are flying and unidentified in the eyes of the beholder hence the acronym UFO's.

    I know for a fact that even the government's black projects are not as advanced as the object I witnessed. This very large object could move from one location to another by other means then we do in this world....

    And once again If Someone told me this happened to them I wouldn't believe them in a million years. It is something you have to see with your own eyes. (They are here.)

    Quick note: When all races and all religions on earth can coexist(ET)will make them selves known to us. If we cant get along with people of other races and religions on planet earth how could we ever deal with am extraterrestrial species from another planet or galaxy....

  85. Hey, a few things bugged me bout Coexists posts so I figured I'd respond.

    I'll begin by refuting a random point Coexist made, we have not sent satellites outside of our galaxy, we have barely been able to get close to the outer reaches of our own solar system!!! The first satellite to actually reach Pluto and then on to the Khyber Belt beyond, won't get their til 2015.

    Now here is where this alien encounter just confuses me, at 7pm when the craft was behind your store, 50-100 feet off the ground, 3 miles from the Buffalo International airport you state that "This craft could only be seen from my view point or by someone whom was very close." The craft then moves further away and you seem to spot it easily from a distance, as do the other customers. With this being a residential area and the Buffalo International airport being 4 miles away, an event such as this at that time would have thousands and thousands of witnesses as other high profile UFO sightings have, as well as documented radar of the area around the airport from Air traffic control. Are we to believe that you three were the only individuals to see this at that time of day?

    Also, if the craft was above the trees 50-100 feet in a residential area, what made it only visible from 'your point of view' or 'someone whom was very close' as you stated in your first encounter? The low buildings, especially around an airport and in a residential area would guarantee great line of sight for miles, especially since its a 100 yard long cylindrical shaped object in the sky. Your story just doesn't really make any sense. While I believe in aliens and the possibility they have visited us, your story doesn't add up as many other UFO sightings do. Thanks for sharing it with us though! Please feel free to respond, I'm always interested in hearing more :)

  86. @ WTC7

    Wow, I was really sleepy when I read your post and I somehow totally missed the part about oligarchies. You said pretty much the same thing as me, I just spelled it out a little further. It's good to see others see the truth of the situation.
    What has me concerned right now is that i see stale mate forming for the next three years because the republicans will probably take back congress this Nov. They will block everything that comes along no matter what it is. In fact the more good it will do us the more apt they are to block it. Why, because they do not want things to get better under Obama. I just saw an interview with two of the heads of two of the biggest wall street companies and they pretty much came right and said, "Yes we have the capitol to start moving forward and hiring. But Obama is anti business so we are not going to do so." Now what they are really saying is, "If we can't have the record breaking profits coupled with absolutedly no regulation and keep the Bush tax cuts, then we will just stop hiring or investing until the economy fails so badly and Obama looks so ineffectual that everyone will vote republican again." They know the second a republican gets in- no more regulation, huge tax cuts for the rich and powerful, and power is thiers again.
    The republicans seem to think if they take care of the guy who has the business that he will take care of the rest of us. Bull, they take what the governmaent gives them and give us the crumbs, just enough to keep our heads above water.If it were up to the republicans business would not even be made to offer insurance. I get so sick of hearing them talk about how this or that regulation will hurt small businesses. If they cared about small businesses why did the tax cuts only apply to the stinking rich or large companies in the end. If they care about small bussiness why wouldn't they help regulate the price of insurance so that small bussinesses can afford to offer it to employees. Insted they say, "Well if it cost too much just don't offer it to them at all." This leaves the burden on our backs once again and do they try and regulate the price of this health care that we are now expected to pay for, nope. They would have you morgage your home for the third time and borrow from the bank until your in debt for the rest of your life, what ever it takes- or you could just die for all they care really.
    I don't mean to pick on the republicans (maggots) as the democrats are almost as bad. Its the system itself, politics in general that is corrupted. The fractional banking system is a joke that breeds debt and is much like musical chairs- when the music stops every so often, someone has to go broke. Couple this with our meadia outlets and lobbying practices and other disfunctional policies and procedures and viola- you have an America that I would have told you twenty-five years ago was impossible. It makes me sick literally, I'm not joking around. However I am trying to remember, "thier is no they, only us- and since thier is only us- we have to fix it not them."

  87. ... sorry, ..."much better thaN I would

  88. @ ez2b12,

    Hi! Thank you very much for the post and thank you for speaking off the topic yourself! Your assertions are absolutely right and I couldn't agree more with what you stated. In the post you refer to, I responded from a purely theoretical point of view to the link provided as it linked different concepts in a rather incorrect way. I thought that I was quite clear in what I think is actually going on around us (against that theoretical background) in the paragraph before the last one of that post.

    You certainly elaborated well on the realities of the world we live in and I wouldn't argue with a single point. You said it all (and much better that I would :-))

  89. ez2b12,
    i'm glad to see you're "off topic". i think many of these kind of "doc's" are disinformation. the powers that be would much rather we discuss aliens than the valid points/topics you raise.

  90. @ WTC7

    I wish democracy where the underlying principle to the organization of society, unfortunately this is simply not the case. Yes we do practice a very indirect perverted form of democracy as far our represenative government is concerned. However our society and culture are almost directly dictated to us by the corporations that controll media, spend millions on advertising, and hold as thier main concern profit. Capitolism has run amuck and created such a significant gap between those that controll and dominate and those that consume and serve that our country is in real danger. The definition of a republic is a state in which the primary power rest with the body of citizens that elect others to represent them. Let me repeat that first part, .. the primary power rest with the body of citizens. In my opinion we can no longer call this a republic and keep a straight face. The primary power in this country lies with the upper 1 % the rest of us are powerless. Sure we get a vote, but who do we have to choose from. Whom ever they, the upper 1 %, decide they will let us choose from. What kills me is that we hold the key to our own cells. They only get away with this because we let them. All we have to do is unite as a people and demand more. This will never happen though as long as they make sure and keep certain issues that devide us in the for front- religion, abortion, gay marriage, creationism versus evolution, etc, etc... These are issues with some seriouse social significants. But they have absolutedly nothing to do with wether we have jobs, what the national debt is, how our economic system sustains itself, what type of energy sources we use, etc, etc. If we do not address these issues thier will be no society to worry about. But they keep us successfully devided over these moral issues so we will not unite and actually do something about what matters first. Sorry to stay off topic but this is an area I am passionate about myself.

  91. i want to believe

  92. @ Coexist,

    I certainly trust you :-), and I could say I envy you a bit on the experience... I myself on two occasions saw 'something' that was not supposed to be where it was and not behave and look the way it did, but in both instances the environment was not helping - it was dark, too many surrounding light sources (once in the city, the second time on the lit highway) - so I can't be sure enough to make any claims (although the first time I took a photo with my phone and what I got when enlarged was really not making sense). So I'll just drop it... :-(.

    But your experience, with so many details, at such proximity, and other (skeptical at the beginning) witnesses is something else! In the end, you don't really need the approval or verification of what you saw from other people.

    Many 'experts' in the field will 'explain' to you very quickly what is it that you actually saw (probably some Chinese lanterns, hold me, I'm about to vomit) although they were not there. But, what the heck, the 'experts' know best and by the nature of their higher intellect they know with 100% certainty that it must have been some Chinese celebrating in the vicinity. Oh, no, hold on, there is another 'expert', he says that it is 'obviously' a secret US military craft (the fact that it is supposed to be secret and not seen by people is not of relevance to the 'experts'). Or, let's see, no, it was probably the planet Venus, you just don't know that Venus can be seen only shortly following the sunset or shortly before the sunrise. Oh, yes, now I'm enlightened, it is a satellite that just by some unexplained mistake got so close to the surface of the Earth.

    Don't worry, not everybody is an expert of that sort, and there are people who know that, with all our science and achievements, we still don't know much about everything our Universe holds.

  93. @ Coexist

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I believe you 100 %. I have seen things myself and my dad says he has seen something very similiar to what you describe. My dad is xnavy and 100 % honest, a very grounded person. No one that knows him would say he is lying and what he saw was so unambigouse, much like your experience, that it can not be dismissed as a mistake or swamp gas. Besides he has a pilots license, expired now as he seventy-seven and can not fly, and knows all about aircraft. This was no weather balloon nor was what you describe, and it dang sure was not a satelite. Before people start attributing it too his old age know that he witnessed this when he was about thirty.

    He describes the same cylindrical shape and was about the same distance away. We lived in a rural area and the craft was hovering over our barn. I did not see it as I was not born yet but dad has described it over and over to me. He said he saw windows, he thinks they where windows. Light was coming out of them but he could not see inside the craft. They where lined up down the side he could see, he says he tried to count them but he was so scared he forgot the total by the time he talked to anyone. He thinks there where about ten windows all circular in shape. It hung thier for several minutes and then faded out of existance and reappeared about a half a mile away over a ridge. He says at one point you could see like a ghost image of the craft. In other words it turned transparent almost and then just dissapeared all together before reappearing over the ridge. Then he said he turned to come get my mother to mwitness this and thought, "What if it leaves." He turned back and it was gone. He never saw it again.

  94. pppffffffffttttttt
    think about it.

    500 years ago anybody who lived more than 100km or miles away was an alien.

  95. @ Atrophy,

    You are absolutely right that all governments must be systematically scrutinized and their decisions questioned by the people since the former is supposed to represent the will of the latter (well, at least in theory and at least in societies that pride themselves with democracy).

    But please, beware, the link you provided gives a rather distorted picture of things - it basically equalizes democracy with the rule of the mob and presents it as a form of government. I'd rather call democracy the organizational principle of a society. Yes, there is a lot of discussion among political theorists about the limitations of democracy, and the majority rule certainly presents a potential danger. However, societies have foreseen remedies for this danger, principally through the instrument of the law.

    Furthermore, the republican form of government does not exclude democracy. These two concepts have been presented here as 'either one or the other' and at the same time it was made clear that democracy is dangerous and would lead to oligarchy. It is said that the US Constitution does not mention democracy (which is true) but it establishes a republic (which is also true). But it does not explain that the Founding Fathers wanted a republican form of government as opposed to monarchy and not because they did not want it to be democratic. They did everything in their power to make sure that any one particular group would not gain too much power and set instruments to the best of their abilities to prevent that from happening. One of those instruments is the separation of powers, which is a model applied in democratic states en general (including constitutional monarchies, e.g.). But there is so much there that it is impossible to put it all here :-).

    Of course, that's all theory and in practice we see (mostly informal) oligarchies holding actual power everywhere and these are usually elites with a lot of money in their pockets...

    Now, I must apologize for such a long post and absolutely unrelated to the topic at hand, but this is one of my fields of interest and I couldn't resist.

    Thank you for the link, though :-)

  96. Total not true Icnivad We are now creating space crafts that can travel to Mars and satellite's that have already left our galaxy. We are being watched closely because we as a species are a danger to ourselves and who knows some day a danger to an extraterrestrial species whom are far behind us in evolution and technology. Also There are animal and insect species who have evolved to the point where they now prefer to live around humans and they know the benefits of living with humans and the disadvantage of living with humans. It's called evolution.

  97. Alien that can travel between dimensions or at the speed of light and somehow always manage to fly and land in middle of nowhere ? Reality check, If they possessed such technologies we would be no more than ants for them and they wouldn't worry about us seeing them just like we don't care if ants sees us.

  98. To everyone responding to my post concerning distances hard to judge. If you read the beginning of my post I stated the object was approx 100 feet away from me and at the tree tops. So you are telling me if the Goodyear blimp landed on your neighbors lawn you could confuse it with your neighbors car, bouncy castle, party balloons, etc. This object was 2x the size of the Goodyear blimp. It would be like landing 2 Goodyear blimps on any NFL football field and saying hmmmm, hard to tell the size of that object. The object was so close I could have hit it by throwing a rock at it.

  99. Personalty I and 3 other people witnessed a cylindrical shaped UFO in Buffalo NY July 9th 2002. This craft was approx 100 yards long. It was a one hour sighting. It was approx 7pm, beautiful weather, clear blue sky as far as the eye could see. It was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed.

    This is going to sound unbelievable to most people. I personally wouldn't believe it if anyone told me this happened to them.

    I was working the time this occurred. At approx 7pm I walked out back of my place of employment (NOCO) for a quick smoke break. Lit my smoke and turned to the right I was shocked at what I witnessed. This is the part where everyone is going to say (man those must have been some good drugs), But I swear on my mothers life this is true.

    So I turn to my right, see a huge cylindrical shaped UFO approx. 100 feet away from where I was standing, hovering completely silently 2-3 feet above the tree line 50-100 feet off the ground. Hard to comprehend, but the area it was hovering over was a small wooded area, 1oo acres. Was very close to a residential area on all 4 sides and 3 miles from the Buffalo international airport This craft could only be seen from my view point or by someone whom was very close. Well as I was looking at this object in awe the front of this craft lit up in a white light what seemed to be a few seconds, maybe a minute and then the craft just disappeared. I was completely shocked and amazed at what I had just witnessed. I Thought damn where is a camera when you need one. Then I thought hmmm, maybe if I scan the sky, maybe I could locate it somewhere else in the sky. To my amazement the object moved maybe 3000 feet north and 2000 feet upward. At that point I knew I had to find another person to confirm what I was seeing. After 1-2 minutes of convince a customer to come outside and confirm what I was seeing he finally agreed even though I could see he was aggravated by my begging of him to see something very strange.

    I was let down when we got outside to see the craft which was gone. I begged of him to wait at least one minuet. He was nice enough to wait as I scanned the sky. *Found it*!!! the craft had moved again. I pointed to the craft he says "that's cool", it's some sort of large silver air balloon, customer says "Big deal". The customer turns around to walk back into the store and once again I begged him to stay and watch for just a few min. He agreed to watch the sliver craft for a min. This craft was just hovering silently, the customer was sure it was some sort of new hot air balloon, (customer) "cool, but no real big deal." Then as we both were watching to his and my amazement it just disappeared/vanished before our eyes. Now the customer was in aww... He says "wow what the hell was that" I said wait a min. I think it's still here, I had just watched this craft do this two times before. Again I said: "just hang out and look around and see if we can find it again." Well after 20-30 seconds later we found it again, about 1/2 mile away. The craft just hung in the air in the same spot for about 10 min. Then once again disappeared/vanished. We had now convinced another customer to join us in searching the sky. This new witness thought we were both crazy. He didn't have to wait long. There's the craft once again. Well as I had mentioned earlier it was day light and a clear blue sky. It was a clear blue sky but for one small cloud that was almost directly above us. There's the craft once again sticking half way out of the cloud and slowly moving in and out of the cloud. Once again after about 5 min. this craft disappeared/vanished again. We search the sky once again, this time the craft was very high in the sky, but was definitely the same craft as we had been watching for a while. Again this craft was hovering 6-10,000 thousand feet up. We once again convinced another person to look at the silver object in the sky. He says "that is a satellite, no big deal" walks into the store, I had to follow him, cause I was the cashier. He pays for his scratch off lotto tickets and a pack of smokes and drives away. (what a fool I thought to my self, he just passed up an amazing thing) Once again we saw the craft about 1 mile away. It was the last time we saw it, just disappeared and we never saw it again... I will never forget this day!!! Just Amazing how this craft traveled. It either accelerated from 0-10,000 miles per second or it has the ability in some way to warp through space. The only words I can think of how this craft travels is wince out and wince back in another area of space/destination instantly. ((Crazy extraterrestrial technology))

    Eyes wide open.

  100. Anything the govt' releases isn't going to be enough to 'prove' anything really. After 60 years we still have no more concrete evidence than we need to make an educated guess.
    Its to easy to fake this stuff to dilute any legitimate information and cast doubt on the entire thing.

    I myself saw something once, Ive been told it was a satellite. I was stargazing and noticed a 'star' moving and suddenly made a 90 degree turn and continued moving in the new direction. I was unaware satellites could do this.

  101. @ Mesuma,

    I gather than that you were reading, watching and hearing about a different Randlesham Forest incident to that one I have researched

  102. what do you mean 'evil politicians of the day'?

    they are permanently evil! every day.

  103. Sam,, your kind of ignorance is always worth a good laugh

  104. Has anyone that read my first post on this thread ever seen anything like what I described? The reason I ask is after I saw these things many others said they had seen them too. Some people I have heard talk about them did not even know I had seen anything, that eliminates the chance they are just patronizing me or trying to jump on the band wagoon for attention.

    My mom told me about seeing them when she was just a girl and lived about fifty miles east of here. My dad had already told me of seeing something sort of similiar one night while he was out hunting, also fifty miles east of here. My uncle says he saw them the very night I did about three miles from where I was at and maybe two hours before I saw them, he did not know I had seen anything when he told us about it. Then I get online and I have had several people tell me they saw them too, at differnet times and places. Some of these folks I think may be full of it, but some seemed very sincere.

    I usually can tell by the level of facination that the subject holds for someone weather they have really seen something or not. Basically it is very hard to get on with life and not be consumed by what you saw. If someone brings it up and you hear them you can't help but be interested and want to know all about it. When someone mentions it like it had no impact on thier life, they are usualy full of it. It has a huge impact on you, no matter who you are or how hard you try to remain uneffected. How could it not. You know what you have seen and thier is no logical explanation, that isn't earth shattering, to explain it. For some one like me; control freak, math lover, strong believer in the scientific method, athiest, and above all rational and logical, it turns your world upside down for a long time. Then you constantly have these nagging questions in your mind, "What was that thing, who controlled it, am I going nuts, will people laugh at me, should they, AHHHHHH!!!"

    Any way, if anyone has seen anything similiar please let me know. If you do not want to discuss it here, I understand completely, you can email me at ez2b12 @ No spaces of course I just did not want the system to think i had put in a URL or something, comment goes straight to moderation then. This is a email I have set up for just this purpose, so people can share thier experiences with me if they like. I use it for other things as well but mostly for ufo stuff. You guys should read some of the emails I get. I would share a few but that would be a breach of trust as I told people I would keep it between them and myself. I should write a book though, I get some really wild stuff. Thier are some great sci-fi plots in thier.

  105. Alien/UFO 101.
    It's the dark side of these visitors who are in question. The friendly ET's have renagades who are caught by even darker forces who control our controllers -is the issue of mankinds future of slavery, with no immediate way to resolve. No answers here, only a circle of questions. To step ahead- our thought within consciousness is our only way out of this evil madness.
    Thanks to all those who kindly apply help and good will-power of consciousness towards a greatful outcome that does wait for us and will be the end peaceful result.

  106. @ RoachinKansas

    I love that album, behind The Final Cut it is my favorite Floyd of all time. If you are not familiar wit The Final Cut you should check that one out. Most Floyd fans seemed to have missed it for some reason. It's almost a part two of The Wall album but, even better I think. Waters obviousely didn't get all his "Daddy died in the war" issues out on The Wall so he wrote The Final Cut as well. Pay close attention to The Gunners Dream, last cut side B I think. Listen to that sax swell out of no where into a warm solo that takes your breath away, juxtapose this over the cold brittle imagery of the funeral of the gunner and viola- another mater piece. Not to mention The Fletcher Memorial, cut one side A, a fitting end to the evil politicians of the day. Trust me you will not be dissapointed.

  107. Hold on? Out of all the things i've watched, read and heard about Rendelsham, at no point has anyone evet mentioned aliens. I smell a rat,

  108. It appears that only Thomas M noticed that the doc ends abruptly after part 8, which leads me to conclusion that of all the commentators only he watched the whole doc... and me...

    I admit, there is not much new in this one, especially for those who have some interest in the issue. I have seen, I'd say, probably everything that covers this topic, and this particular doc, and some of the ensuing comments (combined with those I've heard over the years), reinforced my belief that there is generally something wrong with our capability to accept the reality (whatever that may be).

    How many witnesses of UFO phenomena do we need? How 'credible' do they have to be? And what does credibility in this instance mean? There are accounts from scientists who dared talking of this anathematized subject. There are military and air force personnel (usually retired, and that should be saying something). There are police officers. There are professional pilots, civil and military. If we can't trust the judgement of these people (whom we entrusted with our safety), whom can we really trust and rely on? The politicians in the governments? And there is a host of common, simple people. All these witnesses saw something they could not explain within the frame of their acquired knowledge of the world and environment as they know it.

    They ALL see weather balloons? Swamp gas? Planets, meteors, satellites...? Absolutely NONE of them is able to make distinction between the known phenomena and the unusual ones?

    While I myself would readily admit that most "normal" people I know in my surrounding (normal - as perceived by the wider community they live in) have rather limited understanding of science and unusual events that nature occasionally presents to us, I still trust their, human, feeling of common sense. If humans were so prone to misidentify what they are seeing and to succumb to all sorts of psychological challenges they face, we would be an extinct species by now.

    I also think it would be statistically impossible that just about ALL the witnesses of these unusual events, people from all walks of life, in every single case, were simply ALL under influence of some psychological effect, or were under influence of some drug, or were absolutely ignorant of the possible explanations and took the natural phenomena as an alien object.

    In case these strange objects were some secret military craft that no one, save the chosen circle, knows about, and especially since the Cold War is over, would be a different issue that would bring the whole idea of democracy (many of us believe in) into question. Consequently, that would bring into question our idea of what we know, or what we are allowed to know, about our own world's affairs and how much are we, the people, controlling our governments. But that would be a subject of a different discussion.

  109. Maybe I reacted a little harshly but, you were being a little condescending and snobby. I enjoy this site because for the most part everyone is inclusive and friendly. We often disagree and it gets heated but in the end I think we are all very tolerable, accepting, and professional- for the most part. i just do not want people to feel like they can not post because someone will make fun of what they said or how they said it. This is a place of learning and exploration were we should all feel free, within the bounds of the moderators rules, to express our ideas new or old. If you did not mean to come off as presumptiouse and condescending I apologize and welcome you aboard.
    Now lets get to the many extraterestrial aliens you have met. How did you know they were aliens? Where were they from? How did they get here? What is thier plan? How did they communicate with home or do they? Why have you not tried to expose this phenom? Do you think they could explain cold fusion to us dummies? What do they think about our way of life? How did they find us? How long have they been here and how long do they live? Do they look like us? If so how do they accomplish this? How did they get past the viruses and germs that must have been alien to them when they arrived? Why are the rich and powerful trying to cover this up, in what way would this knowledge empower the average citizen? In your opinion who are the rich and powerful that are covering this up and how did you find out they knew? I have many more questions but that will do for now.

  110. To ez2b12: Guess it is. Who pushed your buttons?? It's not just me!

  111. Basically the aliens witnessed Hiroshima and were like "wtf is going down there! Keep it down!"

  112. @ SJIS

    Who exactly do you think you are. Telling people wheather they are drunk or not/ insulting people's spelling and consequently thier intelligence. We do not worry much about spelling and grammar on this site, content is what matters. I totally agree with you that we have a lot of stupid conceded poele here in America. I have a degree in theology and many others that frequent this site hold degrees and deep interests in science and math. Often we make spelling mistakes or speak with incorrect grammar. We simply enjoy a relaxed environment where we can talk and not worry about structure or spelling. We also respect each other enough to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they are telling the truth, unless it some outlandish fairytale. If RoachinKansas says he is drunk, then he is drunk. Actually he posts in this state quite often and is usually very entertaining in the process.

  113. @ blackev
    Or there may have been a herbal substance involved!

    I was just having a laugh! Sorry!

  114. @BJ
    Coming home late after a party,
    3 figures on the road that skipped off as you approached.
    Sounds like ET to me.
    Your first had account PROVES there IS Extraterrestrial life...
    Or it could have been a deer.

  115. I too have witnessed aliens. My friend and I were driving home one night from a party and 3 strange figures came wandering out onto the road. My friend slowed down but when we got closer they sort of ran/skipped away into the trees.

    I will always remember that day, for as long as I live.

  116. To Kansas Roach: You're not drunk. Don't use it as an excuse. You're just being clever, which is good!

  117. Think I'd like the game 'dark side of the moon'. Wouldn't mind playing 'ring around Saturn', 'smokey night on Venus', or 'hot times on Mercury.' Like the last one best. Also, 'far out on Pluto' and 'zooming through the Oort Cloud.'

  118. I wouldn't mind partying with some aliens from the great beyond. Beats sitting here typing on the computer @ 12:48AM.

  119. To Kevin Costner: "....toO silly to listen tO." The use of "too" meaning "very" requires a double 'o' as in 'too silly'. The remainder of the phrase ' listen tO" requires a single 'o' as in to..............So, you should have written "...this dudes voice was TOO silly to listen TO." .....I rest my case, and support my original statement as listed above. By the way Kevin, too bad "Waterworld" was such a financial bust for you. But you should have researched the cost of the film compared with possible losses (LOL)!

  120. Right off the bat, this dudes voice was to silly to listen too.

  121. So what else is new. I always knew there was intelligent life outside this planet. And, I've come across many extraterrestial aliens. Nothing is (ha,ha) funny about this. This is true and known to most. One thing for sure, there's a lack of intelligent life on Earth. And, of course, the extraordinarily wealthy & powerful are covering this up. Who wants to empower the masses (according to them.) Also, UFOs and ETs should not be shocking. Just as meeting new peoples in the times of the explorers should have natural consequences.

  122. Rofl is the narrator George Takia (spelling) from star trek?

  123. this program isn't completed, please add rest of this program.

  124. yeah the ending is missing from this, just ended at a good bit too, lol

  125. the first part is pretty good, a lot of things to consider, and a lot of interviews. the second part throws it self into a fantasy land with people just saying what ever came to mind.

  126. P.S. sorry for shouting

  127. Doc was out of sync.
    Reminds me of 'Unsolved Mysteries' from when I was younger (with its eerie soundtrack and echoing commentary).
    Don't believe in visiting ET's and would not normally watch something like this, but after reading the comments I was intrigued, suffice to say, I was disappointed.

    In my opinion witnesses are not very reliable as the mind is prone to make many errors when recalling events, and this doc relies a lot on witnesses.

    Regarding most of the secret documents, just because the documents say UFOs does not necessarily mean ET's, again more "evidence" the doc uses heavily.

    Personally I don't buy into the image evidence, there are far more rational explanations than ET's.

    In saying all this, it was quite nice to see the whole ET UFO's reemerge its head after hearing nothing on them for some years, although it would have been much NICER if the doc was BETTER!!

  128. "c2belive"...

    I can think of many reasons to question the assertions made here. BUT, the sound of the narrator's voice is not top of the list.

  129. did it end by the girl talking with the long brown hair who was abducted ?

  130. @ mathew

    How many of the little red pills did you say you took again? Just kiddin man, I'm sure your ligit. Could you elaborate a little though? I'm interested in this phenom, mostly in the fact that everyone seems to see the same creature or being or alien or whatever. What where you doing at the time of the sighting, where were you, what exactly did you see and for how long- give us the skinny please.

    i saw something once. I was driving back from a friends that is about three miles away and I noticed that two green lights about the size of beach balls. They where about twenty yards off the side of the road and moving at the same rate as my car in a clearing made by a timber company that had clear cut the area. i slowed and they slowed, I sped up and so did they- staying almost perfectly aligned so that i could only see the one nearest to me most of the time. When i sped up or slowed down i would get a short glimpse of the other ball of light on the outside, so to speak. I decided to roll down my window and make sure it was not some reflection in the glass. The balls remained visible as I came to a complete stop in the road.

    This is a rural road mind you, no tradfic after about ten and it was I say two in the morning or so. The two balls stop even with me and now i can see the one behind the one nearest me as they are on a hill and it is a little higher than the one I have been seeing. Oh I guess i should have mentioned that i heard absolutedly nothing even after i shut my car off and had my window down. These two balls had now followed beside me for about a third of a mile at about 8-10 feet of the ground I would say, perfectly matching my speed and never seeming to hit a bump or experience a spec of turbulance. They simply glided very gracefully in perfect syncronicity staying locked to me in some way, I could feel it almost.

    I started to get out but fear took hold and I just could not bring myself to do it. Then all at once these two beach ball sized green lights turned, the fartherest staying stationary and the nearest swinging around in a counter clockwise motion until the where paralell to me insted of perpindicular, and shot off at an amazing speed up a hill- splitting thier formation at the last moment befor each entered the remaining forest and slowly blinked out of sight. I sat dazed and confused and scared out of mind for I do not how long, until someone finally came up behind. Then i came to my sences enough to drive the half a mile or so on to the house. this was about seven years ago and it still haunts me today.

    What was those things and where did they come from. It is hard to carry on with a normal life once you have seen something like this. I am an emperical evidence freak- a scientifically minded person-a math lover- this does not compute. I have never told anyone except people on line as i know i will never really meet them and it makes no difference if they think I am a total loon- and my dad, because he has seen something very similar and i knew he would take me seriouse. I still go back at least once a month and sit and wait- I want to see them again but I do not want to feel that connection with them. it was very cold and calculaed, not pleasant.

  131. I have seen grey aliens in the trees and in the sky. They were not there physically but projecting themselves to me and others.

  132. The sound of the narrators voice simply destroys all credibility that the documentary may have.

  133. I was once a non believer in this phenomenon but I have actively searched the day and nighttime sky to find my own evidence and have witnessed 4 ufos' 1 of which I have recorded on film.

  134. i agree with frank, its not anything i haven't seen before, but i could watch absolutely anything involving this phenomenon. DEFINITELY worth a watch...or two!

  135. This was a very good documentary on the subject of ufo disclosure and exopolitics in general. While I suspect some viewers might dismiss this one as slow, derivative, and irrelevant, I think that, to the contrary, its rehashing of much of the history of ufo sightings, interviews, etc., have been rendered in a very authentic, no-frills documentary analysis of the ufo phenomenon. Much of the documentary seems to glean its inspiration from the Disclosure Project, and the Norwegian Director's own independent production company is used, say, instead of the usual History Channel, BBC, Discovery, or sensationalist hollywood eye candy.

  136. its a pretty good doc..nothing new though.

  137. Haha, this kind of doc is always a great laugh. Thx Vlatko.