The Day before Disclosure

The Day before Disclosure

2010, Mystery  -   204 Comments
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The Day before DisclosureA documentary about the UFO/Extra Terrestrial presence on earth. Evidence gathered the last 60 years, from all over the globe, and in numbers by hundred thousands, point to the undeniable fact that we are not alone and never have been alone.

The Extra Terrestrial presence in our world is no longer a question of IF, but rather a question of WHO, WHY and FROM WHERE. Air pilots, astronauts, radar personnel, flight controllers, military officials, security personnel and thousands upon thousands of eyewitnesses confirm that the ET and UFO phenomena are real.

A look upon remains from our ancient history tells the same. And the new sciences within quantum physics and cosmology defines a new concept of reality where intelligent life in the universe is most likely predominant, appearing in abundance, - a reality where space travel between stars and galaxies has no theoretical barriers.

But the Greatest Story in Human History is still keep a secret by those in power. Could it be that this system of secrecy now has grown to a size where it can no longer be contained? There is a growing notion that the bubble is about to burst, and that we are now in fact living the last days of the old world! The implications of a falling curtain are beyond everything humankind has ever experienced!

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Caspian Smith
2 years ago

speculation and articles of faith. no evidence whatsoever. skip. go watch "Unacknowledged", a superior film.

peruda hudson
2 years ago

16.16 , typical yanks, see something you dont understand, shoot them.

Adrien Nash
4 years ago

"The so-called hybrids, a blend of humans and grey aliens are being reported in the majority of cases."
"They don't seem to have the emotions that we have. It was as if they wanted to learn our range of emotions somehow. It seems as if, in a strange way, we're teaching them!...without being asked to. It's involuntary teaching, but we're being examples, as if they want the richness of the human spirit and emotional life to be blended with their own incredible technological gifts."

"I really understood that they covet and envy the emotional makeup of humanity. They can't find it in their testing. They're trying to find it like we do on this planet, -in studying animal behaviors as we watch how animals react in a maze. They're doing the same thing to us, trying to find out what motivates us. What motivates motherly love? What is this intangible thing? They can't find it, and they want it.
Their frightened of it and that's why they subdue us because they realize, on one hand, that it's a volatile thing, and unpredictable. But on the other hand, I believe that they covet it in this particular experience that came out...that they want what we have.

This is what's got the species so fascinated with us. We are so incredibly different. In this instant I realized that we may be on the forefront of something that other species are not. So what if emotions are one of the highest evolutions possible? ...and perhaps as humans we are on the forefront of this, and we're clumsy with it, and don't know what to do with it in our evolution, but instead of being behind these other species who have none, or almost no development, maybe we're ahead of the game.

Why would so many species be interested in Earth? Why would so many species be interested in humanity in this way? Why? If we're only one of a million or a billion planets that could be sustaining life, why this little, tiny, tiny planet, why would we be having this activity is there wasn't something special here? I believe that may be it."

Our emotional capacity is as high above the grays as our spiritual consciousness capacity is above our emotional capacity. They are capable of neither because they are not human, nor hominid, nor primate, nor terrestrial mammal. They are like the Borg, with hive-minds.

They are asexual genderless cloned drones grown in bio-pods, without fathers or mothers. They are raised without emotion, only intellect, but are probably 'birthed' at an advanced stage, like wild mammals generally are, whether terrestrial or aquatic, perhaps as mature as a four or five-year old.
They are like Vulcans with Vulcan mothers, colder than Spartans with Spartan mothers. Their cerebral development is not programed for feelings, no sense of vulnerability, or need, or insecurity, or fear. They literally are like androids.

5 years ago

Cool doc. A lot of the same accounts as out of the blue and I know what I saw. Be cool to see some actual footage of actual beings.

7 years ago

They are not aliens. They are Earthlings. They have been Earthlings far longer than humans.

8 years ago

I think Dick Cheney is an alien. A 'Conehead' to be exact. He just has a little, short cone-head because there's no brain in it.

8 years ago

There was (is a theory) that the preponderance of 'Alien's' in popular media in everything from films like 'Close Encounters' to TV shows such as 'The X Files' was (is) a conditioning exercise to help prepare the general populace for what will be the undoubted shock that we are not alone. I don't subscribe to this theory myself but am entertained by the notion nevertheless.

8 years ago

Hello brothers and sisters,
please read this comment and think about it.

Your curiosity to find out whether there indeed is inteligent extraterrestrial life got you here and I would like to make some logical points to help you consider it.

So let´s start about what we know. Scientists estimate that there are a hundred bilion ( 100 000 000 000) galaxies and the same amount of stars in each one of them. Do you really think that life can be a rare phenomenon in this number? Yes, inteligent life will be a bit scarcer than that, but it still needs to be a constant throughout the universe.
Even Stephen Hawking sais it is nearly a certainty from a mathematical point of view.

Now imagine that some inteligent life form has reached our point of development just a hundred thousand years ago. Can you imagine where we will be in that time (if we are still around) given the progress we have made in the last hundred years? We will be flying through the whole universe.
And what is a hundred thousand years in cosmic time? Not that much.

Now imagine that you are a member of this race that has reached stability, prosperity and peace and has such technological advances that we can hardly imagine. What would you do from this position when you have literally reached the point of having everything you want? Freedom, prosperity, high moral standards and peace. You would naturally try to help the civilisations that are struggling to reach the same goal. You would act like a wise parent or a teacher to the developing and immature species.
And that´s what we as humanity are. A species in it´s puberty. Discovering our power through nuclear bombs, genetic ingeneering, nano science. But we need to mature and start becomming responsible in using this power. So far it doesn´t look like that.
We are behaving just like a teenager, totaly irresponsibly towards everything and everybody.
Everybody who thinks a bit realises that this is the most crucial time in a species history, that we are standing on a crossroad with one road going to self-destruction and the other leading to peacefull and prosperous coexistance.
So what more important time for help and guidance than this?

Many of you ask the question why they do not contact us directly and officially? Why they alegedly have contact with the governments but will not land officially?
Think about it. Ask yourself how many percent of your family and friends believe that aliens even exist, not to mention visit us?
Now imagine they have landed. Just imagine the world´s reaction.
Total chaos and disillusionment.
If they told you how it truly was with spirituality and your own history.
Most religions would fall apart, governments lies would be exposed.
Absolute chaos.
Is that good or would it be better to wait a bit until the species has more understanding and more open minds and would not be so terribly shocked by our arrival?

What can we do until that happens?
We can send messages to those who are already there and know.
Many wise people have already decoded what some crop circles mean and a person who investigates it with open mind will most probably come to the same conclusion as many of them have and that is that they are there to help our understanding and technological advancement.

Why do you think the number of ufo sightings have increased so much in the 20th century? They are letting themselves to be visible to prepare us for our contact.
I have been lucky to have seen ufo many times in my life and yes I am a critical person and yes we dont have technology like this.
If the last sentence takes my credibility away for you than wait untill you see one yourself and will have a different outlook on things.

Lastly. If a brain implant from an abductee is anonymously sent to the best metalurgic lab in the US and the lab´s findings are that the metals (or the alloy) are not of this Earth and they´ve never seen anything like this is not the physical proof than what is???
Or the strange magnetic paricles or radioactive isotopes found in the soil where a crop circle was created also not naturally occuring on Earth than what is?
Or millions of people of all backgrounds around the world seeing them than what is?

The reason I´m writing this lengthy comment is that I believe it is very important for us to wake up to this reality, because these civilisations can help us greatly in our evolution, because they have already been there a long time ago, went through all the turmoil we are going through, probably faced their extinction too, maybe several times and can give us proper guidance, like a wise old man would give to a man reaching adulthood because they see much bigger picture than we do.

So please my fellow earthlings keep an open mind, keep it open to the possibilities and try to live in peace. This way everybody can be happy :)

With great love

John Fulton
10 years ago

the government has probably been told by aliens the the world economy must collapse because of overpopulation

10 years ago

what a bunch of bs

10 years ago

The aliens don't care if we destroy ourselves, they don't want us to destroy the planet. As long as they're around, we'll never have a nuclear holocaust.

10 years ago

After the Roswell crash we discovered t.v., microwaves, fiber optics, etc... coincidence??? Or reverse engineering??? Hmmmm

10 years ago

Watch the Tether incident, we're not alone and it's not space debris or ice crystals, they can't turn 180 degrees.

10 years ago

love the music!!!!
and yep the ufo concept does need to explained by the authorities. they can't debunk every experience that doesn't fit their agenda. The possibility surely exists, as for the implications, they are yet to be fully understood

11 years ago

Humanity really sucks , hatered , poverty , wars , sickness , evil , infidelity , drugs , crime , goverment lies , and worst of all , no light on the end of the tunel ..

11 years ago

Why should we be afraid of this knowledge? We are not stupid. I think the Governments of the world are playing a very dangerous game of Intergalactic Politics. Our politicians aren't bright enough to run politics here on one little planet, do you really want these idiots to represent use to other more advanced Civilizations???

11 years ago

There is nothing new under the sun, what was is and will be..we are just learning what is out there beside humans in the "right now". It is just cycles and everything comes and goes and then comes back again, nothing really "went away".

11 years ago

Terje has compiled some of the best material the UFO topic has to offer here, and should be applauded for his hard work and dedication. Although he could be criticised for being one sided, there is a great deal to ponder in this film.

11 years ago

No wonder Aliens don't want to stop and chat or share tec ,look at all the lies and conspiracies! our own goverments (US AND UK) can't tell it's own people the truth about anything.
look at how we treat the planet and each other all the wars and pointless suffering!
Goverments letting people starve to death when a simple corse of treatment/pills could have saved thousands of lives or help with farming so they can produce there own food or lay pipes and give them clean water! (If it was a pipe for oil to the USA or UK it would be laid fast than any one could believe)
or is this how they play god and reduce the population by letting people die for no good reason.
If they had oil or gas or something else the goverments wanted it wouldn't happen they would fall over them self offering help!
Were all screwed as long as the 10 percent with all the money keep pulling the strings the rest of us will suffer.
When the resorces of a country run out the USA or UK move to the next and start another war killing inosent people until they get what they want.
I say get rid of Money that would be a good start!
Down with all the Bastards in Goverment and let the people decide!
Lets hope that all Humans go extinct and let the animals have the planet!
They would do a better job than us!
(I like a rant sorry about jumping from one thing to another I have watched so much stuff on here I don't no whats true or false anymore and Im sorry for any bad spelling the program went on for so long and Im tired)
Im off to bed :0)

11 years ago

why would anyone think they are here to be friendly? has any abductee ever had a wonderful, fun, delightful, beautiful experience? no no no, none. they are fallen angels here to deceive, destroy and to cause pain and suffering, their delight as shown to their abductees!

11 years ago

I want a spaceship!

urban deadite
11 years ago

for the past 25 years i have been into UFO's i have read Thousands of Theories about Alien Bases, Abductions, Helping Ancient peoples, Hybrid Programs, Aliens preperaring us for interstellar war, Want to bring us to a higher form of Existence the list is endless and also POINTLESS.

You know if a lot of people got their head out of their backsides for 5 minutes and start focusing on WHAT these objects are flying around in a serious manner, things would have moved on in Knowledge but no its as if we know without question they are Aliens and their motives and are answering questions and fears WE are creating.

Statements like 'Ike made an agreement with the genetically deficient greys that they would leave us alone' ridicule us who would study the subject and who are looking for TANGIBLE REAL Evidence.

There is so much to this subject that gets ignored or left out as is the way with ANY Media.

11 years ago

When they (the government) finally had proof they could not ignore we were just coming out of WWII and the public, who had just defeated the Third Reich and the Imperial Japanese Empire, were not ready for a potential enemy against which we had no defense. Hell, we weren't even ready for Korea. Ike made an agreement with the genetically deficient greys that they would leave us alone, as a planet, in exchange for humans they could experiment on. I'm just regurgitating what I've learned.
Now we are apparently at a threshold which they, and the others, cannot ignore. From what I understand we are not to be left alone for much longer and we are living in the last days of Ancient Earth. The Govenment has extended this period for us (by sixty years), and we should be grateful. I hope this is all wrong, but so many reliable sources have corroborated these claims (military officers, govenment officials of several disparate countries, lawyers, doctors, people whose testimony would stand up in any court) that I have no choice but to suspect that the world is run by madmen (and women) or that this world, as we know it, is about to drastically change. From what I understand, Captain Cooke is about to land in Hawaii.

11 years ago

ok people here it is,how we have terrorism with simple household items , is the reason why congrees or the responsible ones dont want you to create weapens of mas destruction with toothpaste. the longer were here in earth the smarter were getting for our own good . if we had the power to get from point a to point b faster then meets the eye. imagine the shit we could do to become invisible and and conquer the world . when they were kings they were alians; dont forget that the greatest story ever told was the bible , it tells flying objects and aleians that were here before. and how they were here in the pass send and the famous one of all was jesus , he was send to us to tell us that we could go back in time to meet the creator by going back in time with our thoughts when we were able to communicate by mind reasons but we have become so humannoid by eating of this earth that now we only hold 10 percent of our creater, there is a way that we can focus on getting therefaster by training your brain to believe . by the way the word bible stands for; basic- instruction- before- leaving- earth. want to know more ask me

11 years ago

Who are the 'Fools' that keep all the info under their control? It amazes me their complete control over "ALL" people and their agencies except their own. WHO ARE THEY!?

11 years ago

What if its like this xD
We humans KNOW that if you travel fast enough.. Faster than the speed of light you will go back in time.. Right?

What if theese "Aliens" are life from this planet?
From the time when the people here on earth are all kind and no wars are known etc..
And that we have flied back to see what we were and what we were doing? ^^

I know this is nonsence :P Its just a thaught that came up watching this.

11 years ago

I honestly think the government is hiding something - they have to be. If they weren't, they would put people's paranoid ranting to rest by de-classifying roswell and releasing the tapes from the Apollo missions. In the videos off the shuttle, broadcast live, the astronaut says 'We have a UFO trailing' - then swiches off the live channel, how do you explain things like that?

This is a clear example of how taking these conspiracy theories to extremes makes people laugh in your face, half these programs I turn off before the first minute because I can tell it's a bunch of nonsense. It will be interesting to see if any of these predictions come about in the coming future..

11 years ago

As soon as i saw the presenter i turned off. I saw him on another prog once when he described this ''Sophisticated laboratory'' .......Turned out to be a shed!

11 years ago

''What if?''What if?''What if?....If my aunt was born with a penis she would be my uncle.

11 years ago

There is a distinct possibility that some of these people are have either developed pseudologia or are seeking publicity or monetary gain. "Cosmic Top Secret Clearance" for example is a dead giveaway. This wouldn't account for all of them though.

Paul Rohe
11 years ago

Well, it's certainly live here lol. As I understand the UFO situation at present, yes it's true there is no hard scientific evidence, BUT, given the circumstantial evidence & the reliability of a lot of witnesses a ruling in a court of law would be in favour of UFOs. What exactly UFOs are is another matter, but to deny this phenomena's existence would be akin to the ostrich with it's head in the sand.

Tommy Vercitty
11 years ago

the message is clear..we are getting cosmic in a bit ;)

Raptor jones
11 years ago

Puppets who leave conspiracy doc links, then tell others to "go research", do they ever consider the irony behind spamming a board full of people already familiar? Like giving someone wearing soiled underwear ANOTHER pair of soiled underwear. Ughh I have to leave this board...

11 years ago

human arrogance is what keeps people believing lie that we are alone

11 years ago

In court if evidence is presented by someone who wasn't there it's hearsay. There is a LOT of hearsay in this doc. Also unexplained objects are not proof of aliens, they are proof of unexplained objects.

I'm not saying there are no aliens in the universe, just that most of this stuff is bunk and damages the credibility of what might be real evidence.

over the edge
11 years ago

so your evidence for saying Sagan believing as you do is off the record hearsay? and you are right you don't have to prove anything to me or anyone, but you have made 10 posts in the last 7 hours (10 of 11) and they contain no hard facts at all. now you are either trying to convince others you are right or you enjoy reading your own text? if it is the former then yes proof is required if it is the latter then that is sad. your evidence boils down to it exists but is hidden from us by people/organizations, people have seen or claimed to see things that they cannot explain and you cannot debunk every claim so some are true. you say "mainstream science" like it is a branch of science. it is either science or it isn't. if you have non mainstream facts that qualify as science (you know peer reviewed, testable,repeatable, ....) then i am all ears. if by non mainstream you mean non scientific then say so.

11 years ago

Got to say this is the best Documentary of its kind. Many of the people speaking on here held respectful positions previously and listening to their accounts and also what they have found out within the 'establishment' is quite astonishing. Especially what Robert Dean had to say, that was jaw dropping. Not even the biggest skeptics can really trash talk this guy. He's been in the highest levels of security within U.S Army and Nato, hes wore the t-shirt, I am going to dig out his interview!

11 years ago

Let me first just appologize for my statement, i intend no disrespect. I seriously could not listen to the narrators voice for any longer that 10 minutes, he sounded computer generated and annoyed the hell out of me.

11 years ago

amazing documentry loved it totally...i must say nasa sucks totally...

11 years ago

Why do these 'experts' always express these anthropomorphic type theories for aliens motives too? Give them human characteristics? That’s hilarious, really doesn’t lend the topic any more credibility. Using supposed off-world species as some kind of conduit to express their own personal ideology (eg, disarm all nuclear weapons). Because these beings would really give a crap, and of course utilise the same psychology as humans regardless of physiology. Does a hive minded colony of bees care? Do jellyfish empathise with the human condition? NO. - Daft

11 years ago

* Subsequent, excuse me

11 years ago

OH FOR GODSAKE !? WHAT SUBSEQUENT EVIDENCE? There has never been any concrete evidence of e.t visitation in mankinds entire history. When there's even a suggestion of real physical evidence, it's always cover-up ! How convenient. This subject is crap and these sensationalist docs are always the same – old timers with witness accounts blah blah blah

11 years ago

shame that all the abduction evidence is provided by hypnosis - so-called regression therapy. This is why the stories told are so similar, because the hypnotherapist always take the subject towards archetypes. good movie, but I was irritated by the quasi religious stuff at the end, but you have got to expect that with Americans. Don't believe a word any 'astronaut' has to say. 57 varieties of alien? surely there are many more than that in our galaxy alone. I don't need alien genetic intervention as the evolutionary reason, ramapithecus to homo sapiens satisfies me as a reasonable story, I don't need 'angels from the heavens' to intervene by planting seed in virgin women which seems to be the virgin Mary/Leda and the swan archetypal story the regressionists are going for. Good luck with disclosure, but don't expect governments to tell you the truth.

11 years ago

over 4000 years ago someone figured out, if you can heard sheep you can heard people. It takes 3 things: #1 control of energy distribution i.e. food #2 control of information. #3 control of violence to disapline them to do what you want.

11 years ago

heres a short cut, eduard albert meier

Iain Sinclair
11 years ago

If they have been here since the beginning....and have to keep returning to fix things....they are not all that smart! (stay outa my inbox you aliens! i am onto you!)

11 years ago

Billionaires are created everyday using alien technology-how sick. Give credit where credit is due.

12 years ago

what a great film, i love this website! hehe sucking my hours away! can you really doubt life outside of this earth? its proof enough for me just to look up at the night sky, how can you deny that feeling? really loved the part on consciousness the singular driving force behind all things in the universe. i believe consciousness is all that really exists in this universe, the ultimate creative force of all things, buddha had it right! i think everyone should watch the film the quantum activist, all that you are arises with your thoughts:) what more do you need? spread love and understanding to all beings that we share this amazing existence with! love you all!!

12 years ago

This doc has presented more groundbreaking ideas, not facts but ideas, that make it much more than a documentary about the aliens. And to share my opinion, the day of disclosure will not by decided by us, but by them, they know when we are ready and also what may happen if we are not. It may be close as we are nearing the boarder of our self-destruction, in which case they would intervene, or a shift in our consciousness, in which case we might be ready for our contact. One or the other, I think that the point of this doc is at
1:33:40. Greetings :)

12 years ago

By far the best UFO Doc I have ever seen. It is a grown up version of any other ufo Doc.