Deep Sea

Deep Sea

2006, Nature  -   14 Comments
Ratings: 7.84/10 from 86 users.

Deep Sea (2006)The beauty and mystery of life beneath the surface of the ocean is brought to the screen in this documentary, shot in 3-D and exhibited in the high-definition IMAX film format. Shot in the ocean depths off the coasts of Baja, the Caribbean, and North Carolina, Deep Sea depicts the complexity of the underwater ecosystem, as some sea creatures live in cooperation while others feed upon weaker species to survive.

Filmmaker Howard Hall also focuses on the splendor of this world rarely seen by human eyes, photographing a number of rare species of fish, squids, manta rays, jellyfish, and other aquatic creatures, as well as offering a perspective on the environmental dangers that threaten the underwater community. Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet provide narration for the film.

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Troll Cleaner
8 years ago

every ones a critic...

9 years ago

I found the tone of the narration very condescending and bordering on offensive. Compare it with David Attenborough's narration in his wildlife films and you'll find there is no comparison. He is never patronizing and always educational.

I would only show this documentary to my children with the sound turned off.

9 years ago

is it just me who feels like Johnny Depp is reading a magical story to me?

10 years ago

I found both commentary and footage educational as well as entertaining. I agree with Wayne that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

11 years ago

I agree this film is interesting enough to be enjoyed by all ages . Having it shown in schools all the way from elementary to university especialy in the sciences would be a big bonus to all students & teachers involved .

12 years ago

Nice film but I also agree with andy. The ping pong commentary is atrocious

12 years ago

Beautiful footage. Narration seems to be aimed at children. Still worth watching if you are curious about the planet we live on.

12 years ago

This video Only available to China? what up ya'll?

Armchair Shrink
12 years ago

I noticed that too,Andy.IMAX film,it is intended to not fly over the heads of young children.The best ones are by David Attenborough.I found that Depp swallowed his words & mumbled so much that it was hard to understand what he was saying.

13 years ago

dont bother ..some of the footage is good but the narration is the worst i have ever heard ..kate winslett sounds like she can barely read. and the whole thing is spoken to you as if the audience is 10 yrs old

13 years ago

this vid have been blocked in my region :( please give another source.

13 years ago

Shouldn't the Caribbean water have that oil-enriched murkiness dubbed in? Void of sea life and Maybe even photo-shop a coral-encrusted drill rig....