Derrick J's Victimless Crime Spree

Derrick J's Victimless Crime SpreeDerrick J's Victimless Crime Spree, is a documentary chronicling liberty activist Derrick J Freeman's exciting first year of activism in The Shire. 540 days in jail for dancing, smoking cannabis, going to court, and riding a bike.

Victimless Crime Spree ended with his dramatic arrest and incarceration for 60 days. All of his crimes were documented and transformed into a 90-minute film.

After volunteering for 5 years on a crisis helpline and working as a fundraiser for Greenpeace and the ACLU, Derrick J left his gayborhood in Philadelphia for Keene, NH in 2011 when Molyneaux, Rand, and Mises flipped on his "Liberty light-switch."

Once in Keene he became a regular cohost of the nationally syndicated talk radio show Free Talk Live as well as initiating and participating in several other freedom-enhancing endeavors such as one-on-one outreach, videography, Fr33 Agents Radio News, Flaming Freedom, Live Free Or Dance parties, Cop-Blocking, blogging, and Agorism.

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  1. Miche

    It may seem silly on the surface but I find that his "antics" underscore the abuse of authority, good judicial sense and complete lack of justice in our courthouses. He's no Abbie Hoffman but I will take nonviolence any day.

  2. Gary Cook

    This will be remembered as one of the most important videos of recent times.

  3. Michael N.

    Derrick may make some uncomfortable... those that are used to just doing whatever an authority figure tells them. But Derrick is right and if we are ever going to be truly free we must question authority at every turn. Especially since police are trained to lie to you, tell you something is illegal when it isn't, saying you must obey them when you don't have to, etc. Take a stand and stop being sheep.

  4. James

    This is a great documentery. Exposes our corupt system. None of these "crimes" he committed should be jail worthy.

  5. ducky do

    Excellent job exposing the thoughtless enforcers of meanness crimes. Now more than ever we need to continue to spread the word on Jury Nullification. Remember folks, when you are on a jury, you get to play god for a day, your authority supersedes the Judge, Lawyers and Court System….and you determine punishment, NOT THEM!

  6. Iwetbeds

    I bought weed from the producer beau davis...he ripped me off selling me 3.5 grams of the worst seedy and stemmy weed for 30 bucks!! thats how he makes his living....selling overpriced shitty weed to people at "the common" in keene...dont get me wrong it should be legal so the fact that I had to buy it from him is something I blame government for as much as him but thats immoral to take already overpriced goods and increase the price for your own for the documentary it had a nice concept but it could have been edited down to 30-45 minutes and made the same point, also a poor choice of music imo.

  7. M A

    I thought it was going to be better than this... not a terrible concept.... but they should've applied the same rights they demanded for themselves to others...

    1. Derrick J. Freeman

      "they should've applied the same rights they demanded for themselves to others..."


  8. AMFM

    It's juvenile to think you can do whatever you want to do wherever you want to do it. However, if a person is beaten and jailed for this level of criminality, what happens if you challenge the foundations of power structure? For example, the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements. There is something to go to jail for, not wearing a hat in court. And in this way of thinking, didn't the officers and other officials have a right not to be photographed? Did they have the right to break the rules, the Glick law, or the right to photograph on public property? Human beings can't live without rules. Unfortunately, the species hasn't matured yet. The Yes Men. They have a higher purpose in mind.

  9. Petra Dahlby

    Well, I get what they're fighting for but to me it's a waste of time. They do have freedom, in many countries they would be sent to jail indefinetaly just for being openly critical about the government. These so-called "victim-less crimes" aren't victimless. What about people who were victims of crime while the cops attended their demonstrations. And what about the pot? Was it homegrown, or did you buy it from someone in a long chain of used and abused people?

    And I'm so sick of stoners justifying potsmoking with stating it's less harmful than alcohol. If we were to ban alcohol, we would ban all alcoholic products, not just beer or wine. So if/when cannabis is legalized, will smackusers fight to legalize heroin? I found this documentary quite frustrating - gonna check out another one.

  10. CGB

    glad I live in VanCity, BC. wearing a hat in the court: what are you expecting? Like going into a person's home, being asked to take off your shoes, and saying no. I agree with the argument, interesting on how such things are dealt with and perceived between Canada and america. 420 where I'm from is a non issue, lol. Good movie. I'll definitely follow.

    Also, can DJ Freeman travel abroad? Having a record?


    He is a trouble maker a real ***hole.....And he is doing what needs to be done.

  12. Joël Cuerrier

    Hyperbole in tune with the era. And what's more, he's continually violating the liberty of others with his bully tactic of in-your-face camera. It is not a right to bully people into submitting for interviews they have not agreed with. If you want to express yourself, don't do it to mock and ridicule others, at their expense. Didn't he ever heard of the basic principle that your freedoms stop where those of others start. Basic civility and respect should prevail over your egotistic agenda.

  13. Morthund

    I think that Derrick might well still be a virgin. No one else would be able to get up his a** because Derricks own head is so far up there..

  14. I AM POP SLAG.

    fact is a man was sent to jail for five days for wearing a hat.
    in the face of a system that has a law against pretty much anything its almost impossible to be an an "activist" without becoming a martyr to a system that will crush objection in any way they can.
    activism will only work when it comes with a mob with pitchforks and a galows.

  15. Mr. Predictable

    This guy is a d*** plain and simple. For those of you who made it that far, who picks on a poor old grandma guarding a crosswalk? Activism my a**.

    1. I AM POP SLAG.

      you on the other hand are just plain and simple.

    2. Mr. Predictable

      Wow great comeback! I'd rather be plain and simple then a hypocrite

    3. I AM POP SLAG.

      well done, thats what you are. this guy is certainly no gandhi or mlk and his hypocrisy is unintentional because hes an id**t.
      but if you object against anything these days they will shut you down faster than a cheetah in a rocket.
      Thats kinda his point,the avenues left for legal protest are so narrow (actually zoned off in this instance) and the populous seemingly accepts its fate.
      He kind of admits his protests are a bit s****and more for comic effect than heavyweight impact, i thank him for making me aware of these "free speech zones" in the land of the free? lol.
      the land of the free used to cover thousands of square miles now its more the size of a fooball field in little temporary designated chunks all over the country!
      I seriously think there is no hope for america you have corrupted your language to the extent that it is meaningless.
      Im trying to imagine a "free zone" in my head but its a true oxym*ron and no such thing could ever possibly exist in a world where words actually have meanings.
      No wonder your activists are a bit rubbish and misguided their entire countries vocabulary is corrupt and their culture little more than a conditioning program tuned to d*mbed down, idiocy output.
      where "sick" means good.
      "wicked" means excellent.
      and the term "st*pid" is a compliment.
      you can only be free in a zone and you all quote a consitution that has been flatly and consistently worthless ignored in law making since it was written.


      You sound like a numbskull, literally! This is pure activism. I don't agree with any of his tactics yet he's doing it.

  16. Dan Young

    Unfortunately like a lot of these you tube fueled 'activists', they are more fame hungry than have any real agenda, just latching on to / (rarely) creating a movement to feed their own vanity. people like derrick attach themselves to pretty much any fringe movement going be it activist or otherwise. Fortunately, for the vast majority of the public, they can be seen a mile off. I endured as much as i could stand, but had to turn it off.

    1. Declan_Walsh

      Yeah, you hit the nail on this one. About 17 minutes in, I couldn't stand it anymore.

    2. Nebula

      hahah, I got to 21 mins. Scrolled down to see if anyone else felt the same. Glad I wasn't the only one.

  17. Jsowerby

    He doesn't strike a blow for freedom by goading the police in fact it worsens the situation.The intelligent solution is join up with Citizens commission for Human Rights and you get avery good percentage of the police on side its tons better and you swell a movement that even gets opinion leaders and politicians on side.

    1. RikG01

      Ummm no Citizens Commission for Human Rights is a scientology front group. They pretend to help people but the reality is they're just an anti-pyschiatry propaganda machine and recruiting tool for the cult of greed, abuse and fraud, called scientology. google CCHR to familiarise yourself with this dispicable organisation.

    2. I AM POP SLAG.

      the cchr is a straw man- its associations with scientology actually distracts from the rather considered arguments against a lot of the ugly and unjust actions of the trade of psychiatry which they represent.
      support scientology! join a cult!
      supoort psychiatry! join a different cult!
      you see how this works?

    3. RikG01

      It's not a strawman, the CCHR is only scientology, it's not a group with associations, it forwards, entirely the scietnology agenda. It's supposed work against psychiatry, isn't for the good of people, it's for the benefit of the cult. Anti-psychiatry groups are fair enough, people can have disagreements with the history of pscyhiatry.

      The problem is that CCHR lies about the history and present condition of Psychiatry. CCHR/scientology's evil abuse and revision of the holocaust is testament to the fact, as are the CCHR protests of funerals.
      These dead-alien-soul-infested extremists, even go so far as attacking psychology in general and counselling, which have nothing to do with "psychiatric drugs" in any way, shape or form. The reason is simple, they are competition for the cult of fraud and abuse and so must be done away with, that and they laughed at Hubbard's lunatic babbling on how the mind works. Oh and of course the final reason CCHR exists, according to Hubbard and scientlogy, psychiatrists are part of the alien marcabian ivasion force, which is invading our galaxy....

      Anyways that's all besides the point, it has nothing to do with this video, I just felt it was necessary to point out that joining up with CCHR is in no way is advisable, is infact dangerous and will not help anyone, in challange to Jsowerby's suggestion.

    4. I AM POP SLAG.

      strawman is exactly what the cchr is. there are certainly valid criticisms of psychiatry, but who better to have as your number one objector if you are in the business of claiming to cure madness?
      Than a bunch of mad cultists?
      Levelling and flattening valid criticisms in ad hominem attacks which are very easy to make at scientologists, i mean have you seen tom cruise?
      mad as a box of frogs.
      Its almost a perfect setup dont you think?
      Too good to be true as far as these "doctors" are concerned.
      the only organisation that takes them on are confirmed in the public viewpoint as an insane, dangerous cult.
      Which incidentally hasnt been shutdown by the powers that be and gets left in relative peace...
      funny that...considering it forcibly kidnaps and jails its members, harasses and stalks its objectors and operates a form of slavery within US borders but gets left to do its religious work and defraud people with a cheap multimeter con trick on a huge scale.
      If i tried to set up the church of philoscientophosy tomorrow- based it on a game of find the lady/chase the ace, started worshipping zelda from terrahawks, kidnapped my members, started a little navy and stalked anyone who objected id be shut down,banged up or set fire to faster than those hippies at Waco.

  18. Louiebill

    That guy is such a faker. When push came to shove he took the plea deal. He was a tough guy until he actually had to put his money where his mouth was.

  19. Suecaligirl

    everything in this world comes with a price---- I would love to send these people a donation--where would that be?

  20. Mario Zajarnyj

    Yeah wald0 can't agree more. A bully is always waiting for a reason to beat the crap out of you.

  21. Mz

    What Derrick is doing isn't non violent resistence. He's aggressive and verbally abusive when conforting autority. If anyone should understand the impact verbal violence, it should be a gay rights activist. Apart from drawing attention to himself and alienating the general public from his cause, I don't see what he hopes to accomplish with his 'activism' .

    I don't usually side with the police but in this case I did.

  22. Sdfg

    being a d*ck is counter productive..

  23. Martin Ellacott

    When I started to watch the video, I thought that this guy was just being a pain in the ass. The more I thought about it, Derrick and his associates are actually no different than the Doves of the 1960's that wanted the Viet Nam War to end....or perhaps the peaceful followers of ML King who worked for the racial equality for Blacks in the US.

    Today the unethical actions of the US Government, and Canada too, need to be questioned and resisted as necessary. Governments are out of control of the people that elected them and Democracy has become a sham......Peace friends.

  24. batvette

    LOL, around 5:00 he wants us to believe he is merely a citizen trying to walk home to his residence but has been blocked by police from doing so because he is carrying a sign.
    Yet it is the people carrying signs who are preventing people from walking home to their residences, the police are having to deal with them.
    This guy is just a smart ass troublemaker attempting to be "cute".
    I didn't get too far into this before I found myself cheering the police side and wishing they would more readily swing their clubs.


    1. PsychEvals4CopsPlease

      okay so you disagree, that's just fine, but wishing they would swing their clubs at NON VIOLENT people? What a d*ck. It's thinking like that allows fascists to power and allows brutality to go unopposed.

      Humans have a RIGHT to protest. Protests have to get attention, which could be 'annoying', but beatings are not an appropriate response to annoying people. Do you beat your kids because they cry? Do you beat your wife when you disagree?

      Go see a psychologist and see if you can't fix your sadistic tendencies.

  25. Nwttp

    18 minutes in and I can't finish it. When are people going to learn you can not fight oppression with non violence? You really think it hurts anyone but you to go sit in jail for days if not months or years for doing nothing wrong? Please please please, everyone, lets hold these people accountable for what they do to others. An eye for a god damn eye, not loose an eye and then go spend a couple days in jail (and then you know, be labeled a criminal the rest of your life, and not be able to get a job, at which point you actually have to start doing crimes if only to eat. Uhhhggg I'm shaking this made me so mad). I would gladly give up my life for freedom, but not if I'm going to be the only one. Where is the superhero that rescues us from police?!?!?!

    1. wald0

      "When are people going to learn you can not fight oppression with non violence? "

      Tell that to those who participated in the civil rights movement here in the U.S. during the sixties and seventies. They managed to greatly reduce the amount of oppression they were suffering with non-violence. Women here in the U.S. also used non-violence, yet they were succsessful. In fact every successful movement here in the U.S., whether political, cultural, religious, or social in nature, has utilized non-violent forms of protest or civil disobedience. The establishment tries to inject violence into these situations because they know once those protesting have turned violent they can easily be shut down within the scope of existing law, they can easily be portrayed as out of control and dangerous to the larger public. Besides, trying to match violence for violence with the state in most developed Western countries is suicide. These guys have access to satelites and infra-red night vision, GPS and helicopters, etc., etc. we wouldn't stand a chance.

    2. Martin Ellacott

      Waldo..... I can agree with what you say, but it wasn't just the peaceful occupations and sit-ins that occurred in the South that affected change. It was also the violent destruction and arson of many of the buses that Blacks were denied that brought home the seriousness of the situation to the Local and National communities.

      Although I abhor violence and do not advocate it, I realize that in the US, it is the only way the Government will be changed to mirror the will of the people.....another Civil War, but this time not North against South, it will be the People against the Federal Government.

    3. Nwttp

      See, way to prove my point. You like everyone else have been programmed to believe it is not possible. Of course when everybody says it can't be done it can't, But who is going to run all this advanced tech if everyone wakes up and stops the want to oppress? Try 99% with crap technology vs. 1% with what ever crap they wanna use. I think it can be done.

    4. Nwttp

      As I've been saying for a while now, all it would need is backing from a few of the rich. Bill gates, Michael Moore, anyone else that pretends to care, care to fund an army?

    5. Nwttp

      Not to mention, there is a huge difference when It is only a small % of the population being oppressed or even 50% simply because most people don't care about things that don't affect them. Currently I think its safe to say almost all of us are being ass blasted.

    6. dewflirt

      wald0, where did your sunny face go? :(

    7. I AM POP SLAG.

      Not true, we are many ...they are few.

  26. jonathon wisnoski

    Did you mean to say "gayborhood "?