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Design: e²The Green Apple. David Owen, a writer for The New Yorker, discusses the complex issues of sustainability as they relate to urban and suburban life. Green Manhattan, an article that Owen wrote for The New Yorker about the city's inherent sustainability, was a major inspiration for the e² series.

Green for All. Learn more about the inspirational architect Sergio Palleroni, who is introducing sustainability to poor and underdeveloped communities around the world. Palleroni is a professor at The University of Texas-Austin.

The Green Machine. Thirty years ago in Freiburg, Germany, the "green movement" was born. Today, the city serves as a model of environmental consciousness for architects, planners, and even politicians. Its successes inspired Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, who has supported many environmental initiatives in his city.

Gray to Green. A closer look at how much energy is used and how much pollution is created by construction. The impact on our environment is staggering.

China: From Red to Green? Tad Fettig, the director and co-creator of the e² series, shares his perspectives on filming in China as this sleeping giant of industry, technology and consumer demand awakens in the 21st century.

Deeper Shades of Green. Meet maverick designer Cameron Sinclair, whose "design like you give a damn" credo was an inspiration for the e² series.

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  1. darcy_2k

    If you're unfamiliar with sustainability concepts, this documentary is a good generic overview on a number of issues. However, if you're seeking more in depth information, look elsewhere. I'd recommend Waste = Food

  2. Michelle

    I have always wanted to be an architect. Too bad I suck at math.

  3. souldesign

    I am a studying environmental scientist (bio, geo, chem, math) that denied my true penchant for design. All I can say after watching a few of these episodes is BRAVO! My heart aches at the desire to design, especially after seeing so many good people taking the reins in what I thought was a hopelessly, opportunistic society. I hope to be a part of the solution soon, however my means may met the end is yet to be seen. Design offers beautiful solutions.

  4. devlinwaugh

    The start of the documentary PBS ADVERTISEMENT introduction,They state behind every inovation is a scientist in fact this is totaly incorect most inovations by far have come from individuals with no academic qulifications at all.I will pass on the video as to be anoyed off the bat changes my mindset to hostile and i will not be able to watch the video in peace.

    1. misterwolfe

      Most of the people we called scientists and who made giant discoveries in the Renaissance, the Age of Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution were members of the clergy, the aristocracy and later business leaders and inventors. The word 'scientist' is someone, anyone, who applies the scientific method to reach a solution for a problem, or discover a new principle in nature for the benefit of mankind. If one can do this, one can be called a scientist. When you say you cannot support a video, regardless of its content, based on a comment that is neither true nor untrue as it is simply a sound byte rather than an actual thesis statement backed up with supporting evidence, shows that you are neither a scientist, nor even an intellectual. It is evident that you are simply a regular person motivated by unthinking emotional impulses and cannot be said to a have a salient point of view or even an educated opinion. With that being said your grammar, syntax and spelling is appalling. Please stop talking or run the risk of damaging others with your ignorance and myopic worldview.

  5. Matt Kukowski

    This is a start... at least we have begun to teach new students of architecture to think of the adjacent fields and connect the dots, then they begin to think out side the box and connect again with nature.

    As far as China and it's rise. If there was one nation for which the future health of the planet falls, I would choose China. Why? China invented Tao and the study of All things being one and connected. That and a govt enforcing design patterns helps... everyone must comply. Also China is looking at the USA as a model to not just copy but to improve. China is laughing at how inefficient we create things... this is a good thing.

    But, I think bottom line ... OIL is the 'evil' in the world. Oil makes pesticides, plastics, gas, fertilizer... oil is extremely pollutive, that it is destroying everything. Not only did OIL companies kill the EV ( electric car )... it also is trying to kill Solar power. Not to mention HEMP as an alternative to crops, oils, bio fuels, paper making, fabrics, fibers, building materials and all that HEMP stands for.

    Oil is not just about cars and gas... the sooner the Oil runs out the better. Oil companies are also the #1 influence over Politics with their wealth. My god man, I did not realize how bad oil was until I watched the Doc about HEMP.

  6. paolo_marsala

    government propaganda? please. this is a pretty good doc that has a very positive outlook which i think is refreshing. all too often these environmental docs are all doom and gloom. i'm not saying we should overlook all of our current shortcomings in the field of sustainable building practice, though.

  7. deox

    sounds like government propoganda to me. Narrator Brat Pit? Awesome teacher with students ceating strategies to change third world countries? Come ooon!

    1. misterwolfe

      Another conspiracy theorist stuck in mom's basement waiting for the world to fail so he can feel vindicated in the fact that he didn't actually need to try as the end of the world was a forgone conclusion. 100% fact or fiction aside, people who are allergic to positive and hopeful messages, or participating in solutions and being part of the human community need to find a mountain cave somewhere and retire from the human race. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

  8. Hunter

    I just watched the last episode and all I have to say is wow. These people should be the presidents and the prime ministers and the officials in this world. True visionaries and I would like to be one of them.

  9. Hunter

    Really amazing! Brad Pitt narrates? This right here is the technocratic evolution. As mentioned human laws must be brought into harmony with the laws of nature. Humanity must evolve and become caretakers- conservators of the future. By helping others you help and protect yourself. China Red to Green is the most fascinating... An ancient civilization undergoing truly momentous change. The Information, Industrial, and Green revolution all at once and at the biggest scale ever. woW.