Fighting the Taliban

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Dispatches: Fighting The TalibanFighting The Taliban is the exclusive first-hand account of one of the longest battles fought by British soldiers in Afghanistan. When John Reid dispatched British forces to Helmand province on a peace keeping mission he expected them to achieve their goals without firing a shot. Dispatches reveals how the war on terror is really being fought on the ground, and assesses the formidable scale of the task facing British troops in Afghanistan. Ignoring Ministry of Defense orders, filmmaker Sean Langan hitches a ride with the Afghan army who, along with British soldiers, are on a mission to retake the strategically critical town of Garmser in Helmand province.

The assault is expected to take 24 hours but it soon runs into difficulty, leading to six days of relentless attacks and counter attacks, captured from start to finish by Langan. The front line was often less than 100 yards from the compound where the 17 British troopers established their forward base and the ferocity of fighting saw the British officers call in a record number of NATO air strikes. (Excerpt from

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  1. Franck

    This take give it back, take give it back, as been happening in every war. What a disrespect to the soldiers and unnecessary death caused by higher up imbeciles.
    Sean did a great doc, to the point, honest and great editing with out the Hollywood drama.

    Hopefully one day all news will be short docs made by independents.

  2. Cory
  3. Cory

    Amazing. Modern day war like this , And they are strolling in unarmored cars. Luckily for the air strikes else they may have been overrun. Central command has no idea whats going on ? Instead they look at map in a air conditioned room. Point here and here. Maybe they need to get some brains up there.

    Because as far as I seen, They needed alot more troops , Tank support.... That is just ridiculous

  4. jesse
  5. jesse

    They have achieved there objective. However after six days fighting we have to give it back to the Taliban (English soldier).

    This is totally hopeless there is no way you can change a country with this approach. It's like a wet fart in the dessert and being surprised it didn't make an impact.

    It's sad to see all this.

    Another thing that is not surprising is the amount of Afghans that got injured fighting on the same side as the English.

  6. Connor
  7. Connor

    Jesse, you do realise the English are not the only side fighting as "British"?

    I HATE people who think it's only english, in fact, it's English, Scottish, Irish and Gurkha's that fight for the UK (And others of course).

    The Afghans did not just fight on the same side as the english, but also the ENTIRE UK.

  8. hawkpork
  9. hawkpork

    this seemed more like a reality tv show than a documentary.
    didn't learn anything that i didn't read in the summary at top.
    just lots of wizzing bullets.

    afghani killing afghani.. and because of what? 9/11? yeh right.
    very sad.

  10. Son Of Scotland
  11. Son Of Scotland

    Why Is It When People Think Of Britons They Think Of Just The English :@

  12. SimonTheSorcerer
  13. SimonTheSorcerer

    @Son Of Scotland
    Thats just simply not true as a European myself Im well aware the real, much more diversified nature of Europe. Maybe it is true for the fattest nation on earth (Usa).

  14. Caerdydd
  15. Caerdydd

    very true Simon The Sorcerer ;-)

  16. hotice
  17. hotice

    son of scotland , actually people outside your country might know alot more about it than you, or the average british.

    if you test your countrymen in the immigration tests, to see if they know enough about the country to let them in, you might be suprised to see that britons are only 6th in the list, based on your own immigration tests scandinavians have more right to live there than average briton i think finnish people were first or second:D

    honestly when i come there i will visit ireland and scotland first than maybe england if i got time:)

    about the doc it was pretty good

  18. Syed Kaka Khel
  19. Syed Kaka Khel

    Afghan Taliban have a chequered history and have the formidable potential to bleed the enemy forces to extinction.Why to forget the fall of USSR into 15 Republics.ISAF and NATO need to quit once for all and stop ruthless bombing of Afghan populace.At least respect humanity ..Do not kill kids ,elderly ones and women.It is better to have a giant's power but indeed tyrannical to use it like a giant.Please understand and respect ......

  20. Cory Bush
  21. Cory Bush


    Actually those kind of remarks are what make your countries people ignorant scum. You obviously don't get outside your mums basement very much. Because when i was in England you people were just as fat as americans. You have no reason to talk about americans being fat when your country is just as fat.

  22. Afghan Jaan
  23. Afghan Jaan

    Cory Bush...either you are fat or lean ........I call upon all Americans to stand up against their Government and demand early withdrawal of all foreign forces..No one has right to occupy sovereign lands.US was very best fellow as long as Afghans fought their proxy war.Now,its bent upon destroying us for self concocted accusations and stories.............Behave like a responsible nation.........

  24. davy11
  25. davy11

    how did they win the battle? they got there asses kicked then left the town,only for the Taliban to retake it. also only one Brit injured and the rest were Afgans. US and Britain really underestimated the Taliban. This doc is 5 years old and their still over there getting their asses kicked. Think it time for them to accept they aint going to topple the Taliban. P.S Hotice..... Ireland is a nuetral country and not part of britain

  26. Wang Ivana
  27. Wang Ivana

    what the fukk are brits and gringos doing in Afg, pictures this: indian troops hunting terrorist in london on behalf of UN for world peace mission, get out imperia. bastards, the whole world has lost respect for brits and gringos

  28. SkeeLo
  29. SkeeLo

    @ Cory Bush: Just as fat? According to Bloomberg "Diabetes or prediabetic conditions will strike half of all adult Americans by the end of the decade unless people drop extra weight..." I won't mention figures. Too scary.

  30. sillsix
  31. sillsix

    The Taliban are the Pushtun Tribes , most of them in Pakistan and some in Afghanistan ( number wise ). The Pushtun Tribe is a fierce fighting tribe and once they resort to fighting , there is no match for them in the world, as they then don't care about their life and care about nothing. This comes from a Pak Pushtun himself and I know very well what is going on in Afghanistan. They are fighting the US, NATO , ISAF ( the Afghan army ) and are on top. These people never give up and will never surrender even if they had to fight the whole world. You have to eliminate each and every one of them or they will keep fighting till their last breath.

  32. Pete S
  33. Pete S

    sillsix they are not on top. they *are* being eliminated one by one. and this is good.

  34. cleezie
  35. cleezie

    Im an american and am ashamed of my country! We have no right in these foreign country's. THEY ARE FIGHTING FOR THERE FREEDOM! WHILE OUR GOVERMENTS ARE TRYING TO ENSLAVE THEM...FORGIVE US LORD..FOR WE KNOW NOT WHAT WE DO!

  36. Lee
  37. Lee

    I agree the uk is Scotland, Wales ,Northern Ireland and England and long may that be the case

  38. Lee
  39. Lee

    Oh come on trying to enslave get a grip Muppet! We are trying to help these people live normal lives like we do in the west .All the soldiers from every country are true heroes.A protesting in the UK should be tried for abusing the home comings.Rest in peace Muslims in UK as War on the streets over here isn't far away and you will not win this 1

  40. Lee
  41. Lee

    As the normal is the case in the UK you words are waiting to be censored and because you say what is politically correct it will be edited

  42. Justin Paulus
  43. Justin Paulus

    You having nuclear weapons and wishing to have the freedom to "test" them does not warrant us having fear and worry of a Terrorist-ridden nation? Think again, Afghan Jaan.

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