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There's a stark contrast between the wholesome image Big Agriculture wants to project to the public and the grotesque realities that exist within the confines of their slaughterhouse factories. We witness this contrast from the opening frames of Dominion as it cuts from the graceful glides of polished drone footage to graphic and grainy surveillance videos of animal torture.

There are many moments in Dominion that might elicit horror and disgust. Those reactions are entirely appropriate and necessary. It is obviously the filmmaker's belief that this degree of cruelty should be displayed and called out for what it is.

Whether they're harvested for food, clothing, entertainment or scientific research, these animals endure unspeakable torment, devastating living conditions, genetic manipulation and an even ghastlier demise. This is true of all of the animals portrayed in the film - pigs, chicken, cows, sheep, fish, rabbits, dogs and horses.

Through the film, we are provided with a series of distressing statistics. Over 700 million pigs were slaughtered in China last year alone. An outbreak of disease in one Australian chicken ranch led to the recalling of over 400,000 hens.

We witness cows as they are sobbing and skinned alive. Sheep are beaten mercilessly with the bare fists of their captors. Horses are shot in cages and carved for their meat. Puppies are pulled from the streets and beaten with hammers. The camera tracks across endless fields of slaughtered animal carcasses. These are not isolated incidents of underground loners with a superiority complex over the animal kingdom; these incidents occur within the operations of major industries. It's rough viewing, but the images - and the issues they reflect - will likely stay with you for a long time.

Dominion is also distinguished by its roster of all-star narrators, including musician Sia and actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara. While the film focuses on the agricultural industries in Australia, the practices portrayed in the film are far too commonplace in regions all over the world. Beneath the shockwaves of its graphic imagery, the film is really pointing the finger at our complicity with these cruel practices. How can the human species tolerate and condone this carnage?

Directed by: Chris Delforce

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3 years ago

It's true that cruelty exists in that farm: The animal physical abuse too. And someone most do something about that.

3 years ago

Same things Western world is doing to the livestock it does to the people of third world countries. They also have a clear value to the western system and are not skinned alive but are treated worse than animals for being of different disposition and beliefs. The problem is hypocrisy on which the western world is built and it now forces the rest of us to act in the same way, as You can see in the beginning of the movie a very high contrast between the animals which are in Western world's grace and with those which are not. Just to add something, the animals/pets in people's care are being fed by the livestock that we are here feeling very strongly for. Hypocrisy white man is your hero!

D p
3 years ago

This is why I plant trees and all kinds of vegetables

3 years ago

Without human-population control, you cannot reduce the suffering of the other animals on this planet.

3 years ago

who wants to see this depressing stuff? The corrupt, lying, unprofessional, unethical "mainstream" media is depressing enough to push 3/4 of it's viewers onto antidepressants while it's busy destroying western european civilisation.

3 years ago

The scumbags that filmed this load of **** are no better than the other scumbags that engage in such savagery. If you were really better than them you do whatever you have to to procure you some explosives and proceed 2 blow the **** out of all those places and put these poor creatures out of their torturous hideous hopeless existences.
You sitting there, narrating with your ******* evil Oooh so tranquil and even Serreeene scumbagy diabolical voices, almost hints that you ACTUALLY enjoyed your entertainment. And Oh, let me ask you, did you have an orgasm while watching?!
You've done NOTHING to help these poor animals. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
....just like the others, you made money off their hell. You mother ******* demons.

3 years ago

Very sad, but true.
Religions have told us that we are a superior specie, hence allowed to sacrifice and slaughter others.
We invented all subtle ways to render the bodily fluids of animals and their corpses palatable.
We discriminate on which animals are eatable and which are not.
While we do that, we are un a path of self destruction, polluting the same environment that has kept us alive for millions of years.
I feel sorry for ALL animals, including my children and grandchildren that have inherited this earth and society from us.

Martin L Hedington
3 years ago

Seven minutes, that's all |I could handle before I was so depressed I couldn't continue.

3 years ago

I don't understand how this is going on in a 'civilised World'. And we still believe we have Democracy? The leaders should be ridding our lands of this behaviour.

3 years ago

Correct Islamic halal rearing and slaughter is the complete opposite to this. The anmals are to be treated well, stunning shouldn't be done, no one animal will see another slaughtered so as to not cause it distress and the knife must be very sharp so the process is quick. Unfortunately even Muslims don't completely follow the correct teachings of Islam in regards to factory farming.

3 years ago

OMG! I want the ones who are inflicting the pain and suffering to get punished by what they used. They seem to enjoy it!

3 years ago

This is the human race for you.

3 years ago

Contrast this with pasture raised meat/egg animals. Life is good for them, with only one bad day.

Michael Ptacek
3 years ago

Until we start treating our fellow humans better the animals don't stand a chance.

3 years ago

Now do a documentary on the slauder of the unborn children..... Abortion