Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic

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Don't Tread On Me - Rise of the RepublicWhat is Your Line In The Sand? Rise Of The Republic From the Tea Party Movement to State Legislators, the American people are drawing a line in the sand.

On what side of it will you stand? Has the government our Founders created been forgotten by Washington DC? Is a Patriot Uprising ready to capture the spirit of 1776?

Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic gives the viewer a look into the movements, mindset, and legislation that will catapult the "Great Restoration" into households across America.

What is the choke-collar the Federal Government uses to reign in the States? Are the States sovereign or subjects of Washington DC? What did the Founders foresee and how did they seek to protect us from a tyrannical government?

Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic exposes the commerce clause, defines Sovereignty, the proper role of government, a Constitutional Militia and much more.

Don't Tread On Me: Rise of the Republic offers sound solutions to take back rights stolen by our out-of-control, despotic federal government. It will educate, inspire, and activate a nation desperately seeking direction. What side of the line will you stand?

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108 Comments / User Reviews

  1. brendan

    I'll save you some greif. This is another bogus P.O.S. put together to insight an emotional reaction and further divide the American people.

    Nuts to InfoWars.

  2. Ben

    This is awful.

  3. Heather

    What is awful about freedom?
    Alex Jones is my hero!


  4. Cliff

    Where was the outrage of the tea bagging people when Bush was running the show?

  5. Tyler Durden

    Excellent doc, all true but this isn't the solution. We need evolution of government, not one we have to constantly defend and that's so easily corruptible. If we go back to a constitutional republic and drop our now socialistic government, how long would it be until the money does what it always does and flip flop the good intentions into more greed and corruption? I agree with Ram Dass that we need to act out of love, acting out of fear begets more fear and keeps the cycle going, I also agree with Chris Langan in that majority rule by the masses isn't working either. We need a scientific approach that's not based on group opinion but facts themselves, one that looks at the resources and technologies available and isn't swayed or vulnerable to special interest groups or banks. It simply takes what's available and gives it where it is needed most, without prejudice. Anyone?

  6. ez2b12

    This an attempt by the people that have always controlled us to high jack the recent revolution of thought. They sence that the people are starting to realize that the government has screwed them. So what do they do, they agree. Thats right they agree just enough to gain our trust. Once they have our trust again and we are thinking, "Oh, these guys get it." They will put in place new systems of control and division, designed to be hidden as the very policies that would seem to forbid such control or segregation. Notice that the first things they attack are not the institutions that govern this sytem of control and division. What do they attack? The few institutions that actually protect and serve the people. They go after disability and welfare, food stamps and lunch programs, any restrictions on capitolism, and most of all- the guy that has help start this revolution in the first place President Obama. They will try and convience you that all intitlement programs are unjust and rob those that are more fortunate. They will tell you that his health care plan is a government take over. They will try and convience you that the present admin will take your guns. All lies, thats not opinion it is fact. Obama has not backed or preposed one piece of legistlation on gun control since taking office. In fact he has said very little about it at all. The health care plan, while not going far enough to regulate insurance, is an improvement that in no way henders ones choices of care. HMO's they where a definite henderance to choosing care, who came up with that? The republicans did, yet Obama is taking over health care. Intitlement programs unfortunatly are necessary. People get injured and they lose thier jobs sometimes. We definetly need tighter conmtrol as far as who gets the benefits and how they use them but, to take away the program all together or to make these people second class citizens will serve no one. Wake up America this is another attempt to take what is ours, the hope for change, and use it against us. Government does need to be regulated, checks and balances must be maintained but, if run by competant people that come from a honest desire to help the people and strengthen the union government can be a very good thing. Capitolism as well as any republic needs regulation or it becomes a bitter indifferent cash machine that devours its citizens like they are expendable resources. Governments job is to be that regulation and to distribute the collective fruits of our labors in a manner that advances both security and prosperity.

  7. dustin

    @brendan, Ben: You cant tell corn from oats! Go watch some more TV. Both probably disinfo agents blasting a documentary that opens peoples eyes to the tyrannical government of the US and the World.

    @Heather: Alex is a mans man and he is my hero as well.

    @Cliff: Most tea baggers are republican, Bush is republican. And if you believe the president runs the show you are mistaken.

    Obama has his speech written by corporate billionaire HMMMMMMM? PUPPET?

  8. dustin

    I comment on things here and on youtube often and I can safely say that when an American makes a comment you can tell right away. Its usually ignorant, cocky, and uninformed. I say this because I am sick and tired of Americans trying to tell us nothing is wrong and that Obama is a good guy. Your country is affecting the whole world in a negative way. If you Americans dont do anything about it maybe China will.....

  9. ez2b12

    @ Dustin

    Trust me as an American I see plenty wrong with my country and those that live in it. But you are not an American and you should not presume to know what or who is to blame for our problems. It just so happens, smart ass, that the current situation was created by our last president. Obama has done all he could to try and reverse alot of the mistakes made. He has ended alot of our bully tactics and tried to tone down our arrogant attitude toward other countries. He has tried to move for more reform and regulation on the monster that used to be capitolism. And I hope soon that he will make other countries like your beloved China follow the same labor laws and quality standards as everyone else that is decent does. Then you will stop seeing such a difference in our overall productivity. If we exploited our workers like China trust me we could keep up with thier prices and quality. Here you have rights and can not be treated like a slave so the country can look better to the rest of the world. Preserving these rights costs a lot and that price is passsed on to the consumer, hence the higher priced American goods. He could do more about the war in Afghanistan anf Iraq but, he has to straighten out problems Bush created on our own soil first- otherwise no one will have to "do" anything about it. No one claims to be on the Yellow brick road, just doing the best we can to straighten out our issues. You would do well to remember that while we may not be the country we used to be we are still considered the most wealthy and successful union to ever exist, can you say that about where you live? You might also do well to remember that while we neglect many things in this country defense is not one of them, it's not so easy to "do" something to us as you might think.

  10. brendan

    There is nothing socialist about American democracy. Anyone who says otherwise doesn't know what either one is. These people use Communism and Socialism as interchangeable terms. DUH.

    Keep supporting communist China by buying your precious guns and ammunition at Wal-Mart, along with your wardrobe and NASA food.

    There's absolutely no shortage of ignorance in America today. If it was a marketable commodity, it would account for 80% of GDP.

  11. HaTe_MaChInE

    This docu is 100% opinion... If you agree or disagree it matters none. But I leave you with this.

    "If a man is offered a fact which goes against his instincts, he will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, he will refuse to believe it. If, on the other hand, he is offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to his instincts, he will accept it even on the slightest evidence."

    If you want to improve this country just make lying a capital offense... Should fix itself in less then a decade.

  12. theluke1

    This isn't a documentary. It's free advertising for the TEA

  13. eireannach666


    "If you want to improve this country just make lying a capital offense… Should fix itself in less then a decade."

    Amongst other thing I could mention. But I agree on that one for sure. Nice one.

  14. john make me laugh...still alot of growing up to do i see.

  15. Alec

    Seems to me Americans are fixated on thier Presidents as if they are gods.
    How could anyone in thier right mind percieve George Bush as a god? Then of course you have the new one, the other half of the clown act.
    In one way I'm lucky because I don't live in America. I am affected by America though and therefore I have opinions about the place and its people. Very few good ones.
    One question I have to ask myself, is why on earth does the U S of A carve off three billion dollars of taxpayers money, each year, and give it to Israel? Of course that's not all Israel skims off the American taxpayer. Why?
    Why does the good ol' U S of A send its young soldiers off to die for Israel? Why?
    Is it because Israel owns the U S of A? Is it because the Government has been infiltrated by Israel? Didn't some sixty five senators sign a letter saying they will support Israel come what may? Straight up, sixty five traitors! In other countries they'd be shot.
    You are what you've allowed yourself to become America and you smell.

  16. Aristotle


    Interesting Web Site, just realized the link and ibid the comment.


    America is not a Democracy. It’s a Constitutional Republic that has been slowly turned into a de facto Oligarchy by dividing the citizenry into minority groups for the purpose of creating segregated voting blocks, forming a de facto Democracy to support the Oligarchy.

    Look it took Europe from 310 AD to 1999 AD to form their Union. In another decade or so the EU may have a binding constitution all can agree on. America has only been around 230 or so years but we’re catching up quickly. With stable continents off our eastern and western shores, we can now tackle the problems of evolving into a Democratic Socialist Government.

    Our course from 1930 to the present has been moving with increasing velocity toward this goal. The recent acceleration will force us to find a way to afford such a State. Possibly the EU can show us the way.

    The US has improved on the European immigration model to solve the need for more workers caused by the fall in reproduction rate to below the sustainability rate of 2.23 per working family. It’s called porous borders. The side benefit is that many of the new arrivals don’t need indoctrination. That was achieved in their countries of origin and they remain in self segregating groups when they arrive. Soon they will be granted the rights of a full citizen and form another self serving voting block, two birds with one stone, divided and conquered.

    Be patient we will catch up.

    @Bush bashers and Obama bashers

    We voted for ‘em and those in the House and Senate. Those votes including the feel good votes have consequences. Complain at the poles.

  17. justme

    This is not the revolution we have been waiting for. It is being televised.

    “The revolution will not be televised”…

  18. Skye-hook

    This is too extreme & negative to be able to be probable. If enough people had a decent group that was workable & respectable, I think many would want to be a part of it. After all, that's why people voted for Obama. Change. Everyone is tired of all the nonsense, but just don't know quite what to do about it anymore. Some Americans are stupid, but most of us aren't, we're just observing til we figure out what to do about it. The government only THINKS we're not noticing some of the bad stuff & connecting the dots. But if Bush hadn't been like he is, a lot of the bad wouldn't have happened or started. Bush was like satan.
    *BTW, anyone not from the USA making bad comments about the USA- we don't do that to you, do we? Shame on you.

  19. StallionHorse

    Umm...did someone just criticize the intelligence of this documentary by calling it 'nuts', while they were rambling on about something called 'greif' (is that German? That better not be no French, or I'll have to turn you in to Homeland Security!) and using 'insight' as a verb to describe what the documentary is doing? That last homonym must have been a Freudian...this is a very insightful documentary. Of course it incites people as well, as do most good documentaries. Homonyms are almost like ink blot tests in a there something happening beneath that knee-jerk reaction, perhaps some sort of subconscious awakening? I just love it when people call other people names and don't even have the verbal skills to speak their native tongue. Actually, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're an immigrant, Brendan. You're not from France, are you? Because a native English speaker should be able to distinguish between 'insight' and 'incite'. Hmm...

  20. StallionHorse

    Just me...are you watching this on a television right now? What channel are you on? Oh wait...we're on the Internet, aren't we. At the time the famous quote to which you are referring was made, the editorial power rested solely in the hands of a very elite few, thus the context and inspiration for the quote were delineated by the time period in which it was made. Now opinions can be expressed by people who make their own videos - and it's not being televised, it's being streamed into households all over the world.

  21. StallionHorse

    @brendan, Did you have anything substantive to add regarding the actual content of the documentary instead of worthless adjectives such as 'nuts', which is not only an ad-hominem attack but means absolutely nothing without you contextualizing it in the form of an actual argument?

  22. Canadian

    If you agree or support this doc, then you probably are not going to get what i am saying next.

    But this documentary and other like it is continuation of a movement in the American right to create an ideology, and more importantly, reality that is based of capitalist principles and serves the interests of the elite of the system, the wealthy. Movements such as these should not be ignored and dismissed as nuts or uninformed. The conservative movement are systematically rewriting history, redefining words, and picking moments in history that supports their agenda to highlight. This is incredibly deliberate and calculated process and needs to be addressed seriously. This movement need to be studied carefully, especially by intellectuals on the left. Uninformed anger is a serious political force, that needs to be at least managed if not redirected.

  23. hawkpork

    hey canadian,
    not sure, but i think i agree.
    i wonder if alex jones, and that whole network, is funded by the elites as their underdog. or if he's just an honest citizen who happens to actually believe that libertarianism, or anarcho-capitalism is the solution to the corrupted system we have.
    if enough pissed off ignorant ppl turn towards libetarianism, democracy could truly take it's last breath.
    i recognize alex raises many valid issues. but his solution seems to be worse than the problem.
    take government out of modern civilization and we'll have total corporate tyranny.

  24. hawkpork

    "*BTW, anyone not from the USA making bad comments about the USA- we don’t do that to you, do we? Shame on you."
    because no nation has a history of warmongering and global domination to rival the USA's. britian is a distant second.
    here..happy patriot.
    the major US wars since WW2,
    1950-1953 Korean War
    1960-1975 Vietnam War
    1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion
    1983 Grenada
    1989 US Invasion of Panama
    1990-1991 Persian Gulf War
    1995-1996 Intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    1999 – present U.S. invasion and occupation of Serbia
    2001 – present U.S. invasion and occupation of Afghanistan
    2003 – present U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq

    "shame on you" for not acknowledging the truth about your countries actions around the world.

  25. Jordan

    I believe that Alex Jones is genuine in his beliefs about all of these government conspiracies. I don't think he's trying to pull a fast one on morons in an attempt to get their money; however, his sincerity does stop this (and everything else he makes) from being pure bullsh*t.

  26. TheQueenOfCheese

    I have a soft spot in my heart reserved for Alex Jones and i agree with Jordan.
    There is one thing though: hasn't he been taking russian money lately? im quite sure he's become a correspondent for Russia..or smth like that (i wish i could provide a link).
    Please correct me if im wrong

  27. Canadian

    Since the industrial revolution, big business have been proposing a hands off free market system, primarily because they gain from such a libertarianism system. People in democracies have fought hard and for social programs, labor unions and higher taxes to ensure a more equitable system where the wealth is shared. The radical right have redirected the suspicion towards government and business to serve the interest of big business by supporting that same free market, low taxes, small government system.

    For all those that support such a movement, looking in to the politics of the industrial revolution in Britain and compare that to the policies the radical right are proposing. Then look at the distribution of wealth and the living conditions of the average worker. look at environmental conditions for workers, and average life expectancy. Ask yourself, is this the free America you were envisioning.

  28. hawkpork

    as i said, not sure if i agree.
    aren't you implying that alex, ron paul and other prominant libertarians are actually dliberate shills or sell outs to big business?
    i'm undecided on what i think alex's motives are.
    but i can't deny the accuracy of what he's saying, in many instances.
    i've heard him talk of removing many parts of the gov't with which i agree, but very little of creating a welfare state with free education, health and unions. which makes me suspicious.

  29. PC812

    @Jordan - Alex Jones is nothing more than a con artist. Just look at the man's history. He was nothing more than a local cable TV host when he started off and it was when he piggybacked on the right-wing conspiracy movement which blew up in the Clinton years that he made a name for himself. There is nothing he has ever said or claimed that has not been said or claimed by dozens of other conspiracy theorists. He just did it louder than any of them and began to make these cheap documentaries. His websites are filled to the brim with advertisements for products useful in post-apocalyptic settings. He's been claiming that the "global elite" will enact their "master plot" in the "very near future" and he's been making this claim for over ten years.

    His arguments are filled with logical fallacies and his movies are nothing more than an attempt to appeal to emotions. He relies on fear, not fact, and that style has made him very successful. And he's smart about his marketing techniques by offering them for free -- notice that all his free documentaries are accompanied by pleas to "support the filmmakers by buying the DVD." What he's doing is appealing to fears and guilts people into giving him money with this as well: "you know, we give this to you for free. But if you REALLY want to stop the global elites, you'll give us money so we can keep fighting the good fight and you can sit on your ass. After all, if you don't give us money, how can we keep this fight alive? And you don't want the global elite to enslave you, do you?"

    It's the same bullshit argument used by religious organizations to guilt their members into forking over money: "you know, we preach to you for free. But if you want us to continue preaching, we need you to support us. After all, how can you go to Heaven if you don't go to church? You don't want to go to Hell, do you?"

    All the Alex Jones fans who scream "WAKE UP!!" on websites like this and YouTube really need to wake up themselves. Cui bono -- who profits? Given the fact that Jones has been going strong for a number of years and continues to find ways to fund his multiple websites and his multiple documentary films shows that he's obviously turning a profit.

    Learn about the psychological techniques used in media and advertising to manipulate people and then look at how many of those techniques are used by Jones. Is this a coincidence?

  30. stresscookie

    kids, the truth is the whole system has run amok. civilizations rise and fall. we are so beyond the apex of this one... it doesn't matter whose running the show. the snake has eaten it's til. the "elite" will run off with what's left of the "riches" and hunker down while "the masses" regroup and, well, survive. sure, WE always rebuild and stabilize...'til some "snake" comes and offers some "apple" (ie: the Federal Reserve-and, pardon the blatant Judeo-Christian reference to any it may offend. it's just a damn good one)and the whole mess starts again.

    we'd be far better off using films like this as i believe they are, at heart, intended. having these dialogs, sure. but more so forming communities of people dedicated to meaningful change in our political, legal, economic and social systems. a new paradigm needs to be developed and adopted by all of US if there is to be a peaceful evolution rather than a violent revolution. WE THE PEOPLE (and no i am not American. i am a citizen living under western rule... then again, who isn't these days really?)have to take the power in our hearts and our minds and change our attitudes. they will feed us any crap they can to lull us back to complacency. we have to stop allowing ourselves to be force fed whatever they put on offer.

    we have to stop humming and hawwing over candidates we can't believe in and start participating in the process. Really start thinking about what you can do to nudge us toward change. it doesn't have to be huge. and, i strongly discourage violent action... it just feeds the machine, really. one thing i do is i refuse to drive a car. not because i think they are evil. but, because the last thing my city needs is another car on the road. not to mention how central it is to the hold on people living under capitalist consumer culture. my feet and public transit works just fine for me. it's little and it's one thing. but, lots of little things, done by millions of people, will evoke change. i always go out to vote. i'd rather spoil a ballot in protest than go uncounted. if more people did that, if everyone that decided not to vote last time came out next time and spoiled their ballots, it would send a message.

    just thoughts on action... bet you have lots of your own.

  31. Vader

    @pc812 How many Vets have you helped out? Did you ever confront Bush and ask him why our politicians belong to the CFR.You don't know Jack about Alex Jones! Your the Con Man! Can you disprove all of his documentation! All you know is how to do is attack people and with no factual proof. Sure he makes money doing what he does.He works harder then your Sports Players and Hollywood Celebs.Go and present proof before shooting your mouth off!

  32. charlesovery

    Only the uneducated say: "Bogus Doc", "untrue", "Alex Jones is a liar or a con man", and any other form of nonsense like this. It is obvious that those individuals have not researched or understand the current public political maelstrom that is currently happenening in this country.
    Interesting enough is that these people support our government and act like it is the be all end all and there is nothing wrong with it at all. It is not a matter of being innocent but more of a matter of ignorance and sometimes it is just stupidity.

  33. archorion

    America was created out of a wanting to have control over our own lives and decide our own fate..Freedom ...Does Freedom mean that you will take the right decisions , no ... it means you have a right to take a decision... What is right or wrong is a personal interpretation... and this our founding fathers understood. i have a right to be wrong or to be right ( as long as i dont hurt anyone). People saying that this documentary is shit or propaganda or whatever completly miss the point ... If you agree with the state gun laws or not is not whats important ... what is important is the right to chose ..The moment a government has such a big control over a country that it seems almost untouchable , bigger then life .. is the moment you lose your rights.. it is impossible for a government to be accountable for their actions when they do not reprsent the people .. they are only accoutable to them selves now and to economic powers ...Who are you to oblige me to buy something or force me into debt... America's government is as centralised as the british royalty was when our founding fathers fought them to death and more so....The goal of the constitution is to not let any single body have absolute power over our lives...The more we centralise the more we lose everything that is beautiful about our country and our planet : Culture , Autonomy , Property etc.....Obama says it very clearly that hes goal is for a one world government and that will only lead us to uniformaty .. In the future there will be no more reason to travel , as we see today .. we will all end up working for a few companies who own everything and we will all eat food that comes from one distributer and we will all speak the language of money .... But what is tryuly beautiful of our planet is the differences and the right to chose your fate and the fate of your people .... Please dont let it get to the point where the only values we have in common and economical ones.. that only profit a few... revolution is in the air .... Fight for you right to chose , fight for your right to chose where your hard earned labour is spent .. fight for your right to say no or yes ... fight for your right to have the right to be wrong........ WE ARE NOT BABIES WE CAN DECIDE FOR OUR SELVES...

  34. sally gunnell

    most of this is jazz, and not good jazz.

  35. stresscookie

    @sally. you're so right
    when are we going to stop getting angry and start getting smart? over and over again we hear and we argue about what is wrong and generate so few ideas to move toward positive change. i have no faith in the current governing institutions to develop, let alone maintain healthy societies. look at where we are: sitting in front of screens, spitting at each other about which side's propaganda is more palitable. whatever people like alex jones, michael moore, or any of the countless other screaming voices have become, they began with what we all have: an understanding that we are not really free. we are bound to a sick system that works us like dogs so we can earn enough digits in our accounts to subsist on, maybe have a little fun on the weekends, and hope to somehow climb up another shakey rung or two. we are spoon fed what is right and wrong and fun and sexy and good and bad and so on by countless media sources. consumer culture is attemptng to devour all others, world wide. all this distracts us from what we should be discussing: what would work and how do we make it happen? all of it plays into the hands of the roomful of men that hold the purse strings. if we keep leaving the thinking to someone else, we're never going to get what we want... or need. we have to remember: we are many, they are few. if we can collectively develop alternatves to the status quo, we stand a far better chance of finding real freedom.

  36. NotSoFastMrJew

    Please keep in mind that a Zionist Jew signs Alex Jones' paycheck. Alex Jones is a gatekeeper which translates into half truths, exaggerations, misdirection, misinformation and out-right lies. If this program has a ring of truth; remember, a good liar tells mostly truth.

    Because Jones refuses to properly connect the dots, what he does says doesn't make sense. Jones states "offshore corporate interests have control of our government". Can he get anymore vague than that? Does anyone have a clue whom Jones is specifically accusing? You'll never hear Jones point the finger at White Zionists, Zionist Jews, Jewish banking cartels, Jewish lobbying groups, Jewish CEO's, Israel or the Mossad. With all the evidence supporting, why do you suppose that would be true?

  37. dustin

    Well I think the one way to explain all the people defending tyrants and crooks is that they all have Stockholm syndrome.

  38. archorion


    Alex jones is talking about world banks and hedge fund investers... yes most are probably jewish..But in america most of Obama's Cabinet are Jews aswell ....The federal Reserve is owned and runned by Jews... So its just Jews helping jews...Why would Jews not help themselves????? That's why they fill our countries with immigrants.. To dilute the national conscience and make the only common value , only common goal , the only common culture = Money ! ...And it isnt about Zionist Jews .. Even before islrael , and the 2nd world war , Jews have owned and controlled european and american economies for hundreds of years..Jews even financed the Medici who inturn Fincanced Leonardo Da Vinci..... The fact that they returned to israel has nothing to do with the banks. In European Culture it was illegal to practice Usuery( lending money for interest) except for jews...and that is why they control our money , cause they started the whole thing .... What we need to do is change the system.

  39. Aristotle


    That is exactly the point.

    @the rest

    There is no form of government in the history of civilization that remained benign. Some start with a strong central figure or organization and some disburse the power, all sooner or later, left or right will seek more power. When citizens come to believe that their rights are granted by a State, the State has successfully co-opted them and their Liberty.

    Governments are established two ways, by force and by agreement of the people governed. When established by force the best that can be hoped for is a benign dictator. That will last until the death of the dictator. Someone always covets power.

    When by agreement, the best that can be hoped for is moderation among the governed. This form of government can be seen as a tree planted by the citizens. Every form of government is a parasite on the population. See it like tree infected by mistletoe. If left un-pruned the infection will kill the tree and the governed become “Subjects”. It’s the duty of the citizens to prune the tree. If you really need to see green in the winter leave some mistletoe but don’t let it take over the tree (metaphor).

    The tactics are always the same, find a scapegoat, use it and eliminate it. It’s the Jews, the Gypsies, the useless eaters, the Christians, the communists, the socialists, the capitalists, the rich, the poor or any party other than mine. We are all in there so who are the enablers? Everyone is. The outcome of this tactic historically has always been the same. Hitler, Stalin, Po Pot and the newest of these genocidal maniacs are the latest in a long historical line.

    If you are lucky you live in a country where you still have vote in the outcome, use it. An unbridled central authority is not a solution anyone wants. You are the solution.

    The easiest way to catch a monkey is to drill a hole in a coconut just large enough to squeeze its hand through and fill the coconut with a favorite food. Then secure the coconut to a tree. Once that monkey has a handful in a clenched fist it will not let go. It’s trapped by its own greed.

    One would think we have evolved beyond this trap. The easiest evolved example of this trap in use today is the Labor Union, at one time a very necessary movement, and it was once controlled by the members.

    I lived in a mill town dependant on the steel industry at the height of the Union movement. The community as a whole could be termed as middle class; everyone owned at least one car, most rented apartments near the mills, a few owned homes, all were well fed and clothed. Union jobs were the majority and a legacy system was apparent. I was able to get a job as, at minimum, an apprentice in most cities in the States because my dad was a master electrician in the mill. Union members had “juice”.

    The pay and benefits were very good. The bait was “we can strike for more”. They did and continued to do so until every mill in the community closed and there were no steelworker jobs.

    The AF of L/CIO closed the J&L, US Steel, Bethlehem and Wheeling Pittsburgh Steel plants and others in a series of strikes. It took 20 years for those communities to recover. In those twenty years we have moved from a manufacturing economy to a services economy. Basic industries have moved to other countries.

    Every steel worker and those in related industries had to retrain or retire. Their widows received reduced benefits because the pension plans were sold. There was no longer the beloved Union safety net. The dependency was and is such that a new safety net is sought after, government and Unions for government workers. The safety net needs a safety net???? Trap set and sprung.

    Who’s to blame? The same bunch of course, robber barons, capitalists, the bankers and the Jews??? Think again….. In the current economic crisis, who applied for housing they couldn’t afford? Who re-mortgaged their homes to cash in on the appreciation bubble? What countries sought higher returns on investments involved in that bubble?

    The only thing the government and financial organizations did was to provide the opportunity, the hole in the coconut. The monkeys took the bait. Trap set and sprung. We all loose and no movement, political party, president or elimination of any single group will cure that. Pogo, “I’ve seen the enemy and it is us”.

  40. Tom

    Interesting documentary.

    Perhaps considering the following may enhance for viewing experience...

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10990?allows the government to take over all modes of transportation and control of highways and seaports.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10995?allows the government to seize and control the communication media.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10997?allows the government to take over all electrical power, gas, petroleum, fuels and minerals.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10998?allows the government to seize all means of transportation, including personal cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and total control over all highways, seaports, and waterways.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 10999?allows the government to take over all food resources and farms.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11000?allows the government to mobilize civilians into work brigades under government supervision.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001?allows the government to take over all health, education and welfare functions.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11002?designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11003?allows the government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11004?allows the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, build new housing with public funds, designate areas to be abandoned, and establish new locations for populations.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11005?allows the government to take over railroads, inland waterways and public storage facilities.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11051?specifies the responsibility of the Office of Emergency Planning and gives authorization to put all Executive Orders into effect in times of increased international tensions and economic or financial crisis.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER 11310?grants authority to the Department of Justice to enforce the plans set out in Executive Orders, to institute industrial support, to establish judicial and legislative liaison, to control all aliens, to operate penal and correctional institutions, and to advise and assist the President.

  41. mik kit

    Why is everyone talking about a free democracy when our founding fathers set up a republic.It became a democracy when big business bribed a few politicians Christmas eve in 1913.started fed reserve,taxing wages and irs.
    All you have to do is listen to jfk speeches to realize that our peoples thoroughly corrupt and pretends to rep the American people.Like Gandhi said ,America is a nice idea.But I'm saying it was before 1913.Since then it all about profit and power.That special feeling of control.Greed and religion and materialism just some of the childish poison inflicting our leaders.From local up to the top.The hard way is going to be the cure.America does have alot of fat people and illiterate as well.when I was in school,smart people were considered nerds and and was picked on constantly.Personally I don't know to many people that have even read one book.But they are the first ones to know it all.America is getting dumbafied and our state is letting more teachers go,closing schools,at the same time building more prisons and hiring more police.getting ready for the drop outs that can't earn a decent living wage.It all seems to be geared to self destruct by design.Anybody with common sense can see where all this is heading.Any country that puts war ahead of it's people has to be wrong.How much longer can they convince the people it's for our own good.Only a few are benefiting from this war and it sure isn't you I bet.It's a sure sign when the gov. lies and keeps secrets that it's doing something illegal.then they get paranoid thats when they get real dangerous.They would rather destroy the whole planet than let us common folks decide our own destiny.After all we're just a bunch of normal people who need them to survive.Whats the point anyway.we are just a bunch of self righteous arrogant waiting for jesus or paris hilton people.I'm a vet and I approve this message.

  42. chairman how

    Yo Pay..triot,

    "We the people...", not the village, town, city, county, state, or nation.

    The monarchy and the church had no problem imposing their will through force. The response to this tyranny is why the first and second amendment were written together. Your second amendment right is designed to defend your speech as a method of last resort. It was not written to afford you the right to shoot Pabst Blue Ribbon cans with an AK47 on the Mexican border for Channel 4 news in the name of 'Freedumb'.

    Why do Libertarians willingly wear the corporate bureaucratic uniform of the suit and tie? They are presenting the same illusion of authority as those they appear to oppose.

    Any government founded on professional representation, local, state, or federal, is fatally susceptible to corruption due to its promotion of personal wealth and power over any and all life they are elected to represent.

    The Tea Party is a corporate media hoax. It is a subversive promotional product for global free market forces and will exert the influence of a housefly in the shadow of its corporate masters.

    Global capitalism has rendered the nation/state system obsolete.

    Turn off Alex "The Hoax" Jones.

    Govern yourself! LOVE everything else!

    Best of luck,

    Chairman How
    Invisible Citizens United

  43. DG

    What we need to do,as a people power action is,if the people we (Vote,Employ)to do a job of running our country fail to deliver the promises made on election,we should be able to remove them from that job (Sack,Dismiss)and re-elect someone else.We the people run the country,we put world leaders in place for us as managers,so they work for us,we can sack them,we own the country not them.We need to all come together and demand this contract be fulfilled as stated at election time or be removed for breach of contract to the people.
    We also need to be able to remove any Government that is not performing up to our standards,just like any owner of a business demands from any of its managers or other employee's.
    We elect these people to do a job for us under contract! Remember that,they work for us, the people!
    Unfortunately once elected these managers of the Country or state think they are in charge now and we must obey.
    We need to make legal adjustments to the election process demanding that the mangers of our countries fulfill their promises and be accessed on their performance,at regular intervals or face another election ASAP.

  44. Mike T

    It's about time someone is taking the lead on stopping the dictatorial government. Thank you!

  45. realsense

    @Tyler Durden
    Best comment I have ever read online. I agree totally on your position on democracy.

  46. just1truth

    @Heather You can't see the propaganda and cointelpro tactics of Alex Jones. I know he seems great at first because he tells a lot of truth but he also mixes in flat out lies and twisted truths. He is a huge problem in the movement because he acts like a maniac and makes everyone trying to speak out look like tin foil hat loonies. Not only that he is part of the MSM machine and you don't even realize it. He is the perfect disinfo agent. I suggest you look at things objectively and check into your hero. See what he is really up to.

  47. just1truth

    The tea party is NOT a movement of the people. It was at first but has so obviously been hijacked. It is a corporate backed astroturf movement and is doing nothing but dividing America. A true movement of the people will not be backing a particular party that does all the same things as the other. Don't be deceived by these people. They are no longer an answer. What is happening in america right now and the unbelievable polarization is very much reminiscent of Germany before the nazis took power. Fascism is circling.

  48. just1truth

    Remember "When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross"

  49. Name

    Skye-hook...*BTW, anyone not from the USA making bad comments about the USA- we don’t do that to you, do we? Shame on you.

    "Cheese Eating Surrender monkeys" comes to mind. All the "Axis of Evil" references to the various Middle Eastern States come to mind, not to mention N. Korea. One of the problems is that they no longer publish newspapers in the US. Sure, the local paper might report that the city voted for a new bus stop and the WSJ might tell you that Monsanto or Dow Chemical rose an eighth of a cent because they just screwed the peasants in Mozambique or somewhere. Other than that, your news comes via the corporate sponsors of your "democratic republic" through television. There has never been a more gullible and spoonfed population than the USA when considered "en masse". My experience is that, in the more rural areas of the US, the American people are one of the most likely to welcome and help anyone they consider in need. I continue to be surprised by, and impressed with, their hospitality and generosity. I believe this is also the case with the vast majority of the inhabitants of the countries which the various administrations of the USA has demonized in the recent, and even not so recent, past.

    The so called "Axis of Evil" is no such thing. It is nothing more than an ad agency slogan designed to sell you a product. The product is revenue for military/industrial/chemical/pharmaceutical/financial and religious conglomerates. Your Government is a front (and a very inept one) for numerous badly hidden agendas. The European Union is no different, the only difference is that Europeans are better at covering their tracks.

    Sweet dreams.

  50. Freethinker

    @ez2b12 - Are you brain dead? Seriously. Yes, the last administration spent us into oblivion. You don't see that the current administration is doing the same? "Obama has done all he could to try and reverse alot of the mistakes made." Oh really? Do you even know how much this administration has spent since Obama took office? Do you? The national debt went from $5T to $10T during Bush's 8 years in office. Right now the debt is $13.5T. That means Obama's policies have increased the debt by $3.5T in under 2 years. Yes, Bush spent and spent, but do 2 wrongs make a right? I hope you don't run your own fincances the way our govt does. They think you have to spend money to get out of debt.

    Do you do that at home? Why do you trust a dirty politician anyway? You seriously don't see that Obama is just continuing what Bush started? Are you blind? The problem I have with people like you is that you play party politics. Can't you see neither party cares about us? If Obama cared about us, why would he spend all this money and lay the responsibility on our backs and the backs of our children and grandchildren? He doesn't care. Either way, he'll have his millions, hanging out with his "fat cat" Wall Street buddies. One thing I can agree with you is that he's not a socialist/communist.

    By definition, he's actually a corporatist. And remember what Mussolini, the founder of fascism, said, "Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power."Can you say the auto industry, finance, housing, health care, and soon to be cap and tax, I mean trade? The bailouts were never meant to help the people, only the corporations. So the next time you hear Obama talk smack about corporations, remember that he favors only the one's that can line his pockets and his friends pockets with cash. Obama is a fascist, in the economic sense, just as Bush was.

    Have you ever seen those old movie reels of the German people mesmerized by Adolph Hitler during his speeches? That's exactly what you Obama supporters looked like during his inauguration speech. You all were sucked into his good looks, eloquent vocabulary (uh, speech writers), and reading skills (uh, teleprompter) and failed to realize he has ZERO substance. He lied to you just like virtually every politician has lied to you. I blame you and your ilk for the mess we're in right now because you would rather play party politics instead of supporting someone who actually has the guts to tell the truth!! Makes me sick...

  51. wong fei

    Well at least people are talking finally about the salient points. Remember the bad old days where the majority of people thought Saddam had something to do with 911 and got vitriolic if you questioned bush or the neo-con agenda. At least there is forward motion in a useful direction but like children so many of us want to show off our intellectual playthings and theories and we assume because we learned just a little but more (which seems much more than we knew) that we now know everything, "the way it is". Yalls (no national prejudice attatched) need to stop grandstanding like hick lawyers and actually be concerned instead of misdirecting your anger at other people who's opinions don't match your own. learn to feel whats happening in the world again, not know, feel.
    I cant tell anyone what to think but i think brenno is right. alex is a shill, you have to be smarter than that, and then some. but first ego has gotta go. mine ain't gone yet but im workin on it. once you start you will notice a big difference if you listen. you'll understand people a lot better which is useful. you'll also understand the special qualities it takes to be a political animal (special being a euphemism for psychopathic, narcissistic, lack of empathy, deceptive etc)
    tea party..indeed..
    temperance and direction before reckless action..true heroes, martyrs and patriots traded their most valuable possessions for a better way. but they had correct direction and focus. they knew exactly what they hoped to gain and what they might loose and were often previously very unassuming folk until pushed. those who did not have correct focus of intent rank among the forgotten or the infamous.

  52. wong fei

    Basically the libertine element of the population has been getting the skids for a long time. they did not revolt. now the powers are having a go at stirring up the conservative element. and it works a little better because they have more inherent fear of change than the libertines. therefor more vitriol, imbalance and impaired thought. ergo excuse for martial law. not that they aren't playing a merry tune on the grave of justice and truth but people are pretty quick to have a cathartic reaction that would serve only to place them in perdition. im all for catharsis, and we need it badly. but it has to work, it has to heal the true wound otherwise like a botched exorcism, we are all f@#$%&.

    By the way @freethinker just a thought if thought flows so freely.

    "@ez2b12 – Yes, the last administration spent us into oblivion. You don’t see that the current administration is doing the same?"
    Not exactly how to win friends mate. If you really want to make any difference and try waking people up perhaps a less adversarial strategy may make some difference. I would have thought it would have occurred to you more freely. Not that I don't agree with what you are saying, it just tends to tune down that aspect of us that seeks to understand, then the barriers go up. and up and up infinitum.

  53. 420 Vision

    @ Tom

    Nice list of government orders,.. but isn't the government supposed to be US the people ? If one would be scared of the implementation of these orders then they must believe that the government is NOT US.

    If the government is NOT US, then who are they, and how did we the people 'US' enable them to power ? Fixed elections, savy media ?

  54. Arstotle

    @420 Vision

    The answer to your question is a multiple choice:

    a. Tacit Consent
    b. Apathy
    c. Stupidity
    d. Politics of Division
    e. Greed
    f. All of the Above

  55. fredsave1

    It's funny but the last time I checked the "founding founders" when they wrote the Constitution actually ended a great deal of State rights and dramatically increased the prominence of the Federal Government. What the Constitution actually did was form a large and powerful Federal Government, that had the ability to tax the people among other things. (Read the Federalist Papers - a collection of essays written by some of the actual founders of the government concerning the formation and acceptance of a new federal government)

    The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation - small limited government that recognized the state as being more important(which is what most Tea Party members seem to be pushing toward in terms of their desired outcome) and surprise! it was unsuccessful.

    Of course this type of information takes reading books written by noteable historians, O'Reilly and Beck do not fall into this catagorey.

    So it would seem that returning to what the founders would have wanted means forming a non-christian nation (secular) that has a strong federal government containing the appropriate checks and balances to effectively govern its people.

    To be fair we got none of that going on right now in D.C. and that includes the crazies from both the right and left.

  56. Kurrrt

    The people having no say so when the persident desides by himself our fate.(Bill# HB-1388). He's a talking head for dark forces who's really in control. Allowing laws with out the people knowing? Our forefathers warned us about taking arms against a distructive government who envolks neverending slavery upon its tenents. The system of governing for today- needs todays methods of governing. The Federal Government of the United States has all ready sold our armed forces. All attempts aims our US government plan into sharing this country with all others. What happened to "We the People"? The Constitution was created for the times it was written. Government created all its turning points on it's own, as bible only keeps a non-existing entity in courtrooms, that further creates future populations deal in more illogical outcomes.

  57. baseless

    "I blame you and your ilk for the mess we’re in right now because you would rather play party politics instead of supporting someone who actually has the guts to tell the truth!! Makes me sick..."



    Are you saying all this to indicate that the 'alternative' in '08 would have been (somehow) better?

  58. Ryan

    So, I'm on an airsoft team, but in reality, we practice combat tactics in case it comes down to us vs the government. Highly recommend everyone starts their own "airsoft" training regiment, to maintain a well-trained group of individuals that can easily become a militia, if needed. 2nd amendment isn't going down without a fight!

  59. BuckOhFive4Freedom

    I wish all you Alex Jones enthusiasts would take a more objectionable look at 1776. Alex never passes up an opportunity to cite his heros from the American Revolution, but was the revolution truly about freeing men from oppression, or was it about installing a new batch of oppressers?
    The decades leading up to 1776 were strife with rebellion, not against the British, but against the powerful american aristocracy. The rich land holders in America needed to remedy the situation before the poor whites, blacks and indians joined forces and found out how powerful the downtrodden were. In fact thats exactly what was happening, in many rebellions leading up to 1776 poor whites and blacks were fighting side by side and scaring the elites.
    To remedy the situation the american aristocracy incited tensions against the British with the goal of deflecting hatred for the american aristocracy to the british while uniting the poor under their banner. By catering to the middle class in the declaration of Independence (as they needed them to act as a buffer between the aristocracy and the poor) they were successful in creating a national community with the illusion of common purpose, when really the only purpose was expanding the wealth and power of the elite.
    I respect the works of Alex Jones if only to shock people into waking up to the direction our world is heading, but so many seem to fall into the trap of worshiping at his alter and believing he is infallible - he's a business man who does very well, If he were everything he claims to be he'd have shared the fate of Bill Cooper.

  60. Justice

    Alex Jones is a rabble rouser who plays on people's emotions and fears. He is a fear monger....period. He constantly spews his theories and offers no solution except revolution. As he states "The only solution is 1776." This revolutionary stance plays right into the hands of the powers that be.

    He is basically advising people to take up arms against the government, a battle which citizens will always lose. Not only will the citizens lose, but it will also give the powers that be everything they need to officially declare martial law.

    I'm not saying everything is fine, and I am not debating that their is a criminal and fascist element present in the U.S government, I am not debating the ascendancy of a shadow government in the U.S. either. However, there is a more viable and feasible answer than armed revolution. This is not 1776! The entire American population armed to the gills with AK 47s and tanks would still be no match for the prowess and might of the U.S. military. It's a DEAD end solution!

    I use the word dead in it's most literal context because if we all follow the advice of Alex Jones, their won't be enough left of American citizens to scrape up off the streets.

    Another thing, for all you faithful Alex Jones followers out there, I suggest you go and look up the practice of CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. If you look at the history of the C.I.A, the cointelpro operations which they conduct have always been and still are closely intertwined with, if not a mirror image of the very opposition which they seek to control.

    Go and take the time to find out who GCN is really affiliated with and who runs it. GCN (Genesis communication Network) is an ABC affiliate, ABC is owned by Time Warner. Jeffrey Bewkes is the CEO & Chairman of Time Warner, look it up. These are some of the people who Alex Jones claims are a part of the Elitist Agenda. This is the so Called "independent" Talk Radio network that Jones is a part of!

    Question everything and believe nothing! It is far more difficult to brainwash people who don't dogmatically cling to ideologies and beliefs. It is far easier to manipulate and control the minds of the masses when they are willfully ignorant, naive, gullible and incapable of critical thinking.

  61. WTC7

    @ Justice,

    I couldn't agree more! Beware of those who propagate violent solutions, because violence only triggers more violence. I'm prone to believe that A. Jones is arousing the feelings of people to the point of aggressiveness to which a 'legitimate' response of the state can only be more violence. I am also prone to believe that a violent response of citizens is exactly what the gov't needs to undertake drastic measures against them and freely implement the Patriot Act. Therefore, I am very suspicious of A. Jones myself. Thank you!

  62. ghostdog

    Man I think everyone should be given mandatory joints instead of mandatory vaccinations. The really angry ones should get two joints. And I don't even smoke.

  63. Mark


    (It’s funny but the last time I checked the “founding...)

    One of the most accurate synopses of the founding father's intentions I've seen in a while. Many people just don't want to learn the truth, they just enjoy being riled up. I guess the reasoning is, if you say: 'founding fathers' enough times people start listening to whatever your say. Since that is the case: founding fathers, founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers, founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,founding fathers,
    is everything I say patriotic now?

  64. Andy

    The tea party movement puts so much emphasis on the atrocities of an over-bearing government, but what about the atrocities of its people and businesses? What about the millions of people who have defaulted on loans because of their own financial irresponsibility? What about the sweat shops american businesses set up in foreign countries?

    When unemployment is low and prosperity is occurring no one seems to care about these issues. its when the economy goes south that people tend to start blaming the government. The government isn't perfect, but neither are we as citizens and neither are businesses.

  65. Bernadette

    This video can't divide America, America has awoken, and we are uniting. To be like our forefathers, fighting for our rights is what this country was founded on, however you people were brainwashed in recent history; standing up for freedoms and the right to pursue happiness is now politically incorrect, but who's listening?

  66. Nathaniel Main

    Hey, guess what. All of the above comments are all good and well, but just look at this video this way, BTW, a moron could figure this one out. Blue whales have brains the sizes of small cars, buch larger than yours which probably is no bigger than a dictionary. We are not the smartest species on this planet and you are a F#*%tard to think any other way. Heres what the blue whales learned a long time ago that i think we should adapt to. After all,... the blue whales live in the ocean free of weather, disaster, and elemental fury, and they live at perfect peace with the world around them and don't destroy anything.

    Here goes:
    An atom, the smallest object visible to our conscious eye is made of a Nucleus, protons, and electrons. Everything on this planet is made of atoms, from water, food and air, to dirt and disease and HUMANS who have the SAME EXACT biological structure to hundreds of other mammals and animals alike, also to marijuana, mushrooms and DMT. Make sense?

    We are on a solid planet in a solar system made up of a fiery center, a few solid planets and a few gaseous ones. A solar system that strangely resembles,.... YOU GUESSED IT! AN ATOM!!
    -Fiery center- Nucleus
    -Solid and gaseous planets- protons and electrons
    GET IT?!?!?!
    The smallest known unit to our conscious eyes also rings true in a magnificent scale!!!

    So heres what i propose, how bout we shut the ufck up and push the motherufcking reset button. How about that, you don't know isht, i don't know isht, we all don't know isht!!! Here's an idea, how about we teach that all of our faults are fixable, peace is in our hearts not our brains, and that the only thing to do is sit back and relearn the reality of everything we know.
    Our education system is so ufckked up that i bet each and every person that said that this video is propaganda have never even heard let alone seen the second JFK gun shot reel that was cut out of Peter Jennings news report. The rabbit hole goes deeper than you will ever know.


    It goes without saying that you people are ignorant and have never read an intelligent book in your lives.

    Heres some Martin Luthor King to save your soul
    "In any civilized society, it is every citizen's responsibility to obey
    just laws. But at the same time, it is every citizen's responsibility to
    disobey unjust laws." - Martin Luther King Jr.

    Revel in your stupidity no more, the end is here. Shut the UFCK UP AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE.

  67. Vernon

    People complain about the Tea Parties because they weren't coming down on Bush or other Government leaders. Where were they then???? Do you think they have always been there? The Tea Parties have only been operating about a year and a half. When the Boston Tea Party occured, it just happened over a short period.

    It wasnt some formed group that discussed it over several years. The Tea Partied are here NOW and they will not go anywhere. When the corrupt people are out of office and the rest of them start saying "Oh we get it now" they will have to prove it. We will still be watching them and will remove them if they backslide even a little. I know I have enjoyed a lot of freedom over my lifetime and all I want is for my daughter to be able to enjoy those same freedoms.

    So if standing up and telling my government that I have had enough pisses some of you off. TOO BAD. Does our countries actions affect other countries?? Of course they do. BUT they affect us as well, and to watch these other countries "roll over" for the Muslims and get taken over is sickening. I do not want to see that happen in MY country. I will not accept it, or Socialism of any kind.

    I will continue to fight for my country as I did while in the Military, maybe even more so now that I am older and understand more. Those of you who say the Tea Parties are nuts, don't believe everything you see on TV. Go to a few local meetings and see for yourself what they stand for. Get informed and get engaged.

  68. SPAW

    Just a little easy research from the web. Here's a few lines about the people interviewed (and spreading their ideas) in this doc, most of it from Wikipedia.

    In June 2009, remarks made by Davis in her constituent newsletter received local and national criticism. Davis attacked programs providing subsidized meals for school-age children from lower-income families during the summer months, claiming that such programs "could break apart more families" and asserting that "Hunger can be a positive motivator."

    She with her husband opened the Back to Basics Christian Bookstore in O'Fallon in 1989.
    Davis is a REPUBLICAN.


    Lembke is a senior elder of Holy Trinity – REC and board chairman of Providence Christian Academy.
    Lembke is a REPUBLICAN.


    Brian is a Zone Pastor of Living Bread Church.
    Brian is a REPUBLICAN.

    And the list goes on....
    All middle to extreme right-wing people, usually with a Christian and gun loving "morality". The subjects brought up by Alex Jones are sometimes worthy of looking into, but just be aware that all ideas come from somewhere, and for a reason.

  69. Kurrrt

    We were honestly forewarned by our forefathers and nobody listened? Some had to have. If we put our foot down now, all the weapons we bought will perhhaps be turned on us, as enslavement continues it's set course. To set a new course is indeed railroaded. A focus within the core of humanity alone is needed, success for mankind will then rein once again. We asked outside of humanity for help and that course got us where we are at today, just about completely enslaved. They are methods of the Dark Ages, actually ment to go no further. We cannot bring these failed methods into our future and next higher culture of technology, but I'm no expert.

  70. get paid to upload

    Youre so correct. Im there with you. Your blog is surely worth a read if anyone comes across it. Im lucky I did due to the fact now Ive obtained a entire new view of this. I didnt realise that this problem was so necessary and so universal. You surely put it in viewpoint for me.

  71. louiseiiid

    Jeez I was feeling so happy after watching this doc. ... then I read all the comments and now I'm confused and depressed again.

    @Aristotle - You win the best comment in my opine!

    We really are our own worst enemies.

  72. Question Authority

    We are caught between a rock and a hard place, we must keep in mind that the Presidency of the USA has been hijacked a long time ago. President Obama and every other President must answer to a higher earthly power, we must remember to not give the presidency more credit than it's worth, particularly these days. If a President goes into office and attempts to change the courses dictated and implemented by the true ruling power brokers, the NWO, lets face it. That president will be removed, violently if necessary, by the same, though the news will surely report it as an accident. ie. JFK.
    Put nothing past the true brokers of power that are unseen. We started loosing our Country when the Federal Reserve Bank was lost to private interests. I repeat, the Federal Government is not a Government agency! If you ask most people Who owns the Federal Reserve bank they will say the US government. Start by asking and reminding everyone what this question and it's answer really means to our great country. In most cases even if they know the answer, they've been beat down so badly economically that they are only able to see as far as their next paycheck.

  73. Clevo

    We are caught between a rock and a hard place, we must keep in mind that the Presidency of the USA has been hijacked a long time ago. President Obama and every other President must answer to a higher earthly power, we must remember to not give the presidency more credit than it's worth, particularly these days. If a President goes into office and attempts to change the courses dictated and implemented by the true ruling power brokers, the NWO, lets face it. That president will be removed, violently if necessary, by the same, though the news will surely report it as an accident. ie. JFK.
    Put nothing past the true brokers of power that are unseen. We started loosing our Country when the Federal Reserve Bank was lost to private interests. I repeat, the Federal Government is not a Government agency! If you ask most people Who owns the Federal Reserve bank they will say the US government. Start by asking and reminding everyone what this question and it's answer really means to our great country. In most cases even if they know the answer, they've been beat down so badly economically that they are only able to see as far as their next paycheck.

  74. Clevo

    The private federal reserve system, The private federal reserve system, when will we get it? Let everyone know, our government is not in charge of this institution, It's privately owned, but most people think our government is in charge of The private federal reserve system.

  75. shanecal

    This is the biggest piece of c@#$ I've seen in a long time. I hear a lot of hype and rhetoric, but not much substance. Where the hell were you i@#$%^ 10 years ago? Suck it.

  76. Josh

    AWESOME doc! Alex Jones is my HERO!

  77. Who me? yeah you!

    Not being an American I have to say I appreciate Alex Jones and others he cooperates with. He provides his opinions with the proof and/or reasoning supporting them. The people who call him a nut over 911 conspiracies go for vilification rather than
    than the simple task of using facts and reason to flush out a fraudster. I believe in national health coverage but can appreciate people using clear constitutional rights and protections to pursue a different solution.

  78. del

    like any of this matters we all will be facing mecca 5 times aday befor 2030 thanx america..... I gess it wont be so bad i hope

  79. cherrie

    Mind Opening!
    Thank You Alex Jones you are a hero.
    Educate Yourselves America before you are so quick to rush to judgement.

  80. E - mc²

    They forgot to mention the Bradley Amendment.

  81. Winston Smith

    This country was founded on theft and conquest by the land and slave owners of the day. and those are the 'people' referred to in the Constitution.

    If you didnt own land you couldnt vote. I am not sure what the percentage of people who owned land was..but its worth a look. (I know those words were broadened later on to mean everyone but the control from the top (executive) down has been there all along

  82. henrymart81

    Buy guns. You're gonna need 'em.

  83. John Marus

    what a dick, buy guns... You must be from the south (yes, texas is the south). You think you have a chance against the drones they'll be sending up your ass. The few that own the country intend on keeping it just the way it is and no matter how bad you feel with a gun in your hand, it's only an illusion.

  84. John Smith

    LOL at most of the comments

    Did some of you even watch this movie? Referring to "American Democracy" this and that? What democracy? We are a constitutional republic.

    And to the cointel pro trying to debunk Alex Jones........please

    Alex Jones never hijacked the patriot movement. Alex Jones is like the "mainstream media" of the alternative media and helping to wake up lots of people.

    Does he talk about zionism and other taboo topics every other second? NO. And thank god he doesn't. What better way to have the ADL and SLPC come after you and permanently silence and destroy you.

    My belief is that Alex Jones knows this fact. He knows any serious patriot doing his or her due diligence will discover these facts through their own research.

    Alex Jones is just giving you the outline. You can fill in the details yourself.

    Shame on your if you think otherwise.

    Long live the Republic!

    We Shall Prevail!

  85. Cesar

    LOL What a bunch of idiots and racist. get s***

  86. Anthony Wrifford

    to the makers of this video: Do you have any idea how closely you are now being scrutinized? You wouldn't...couldn't possibly believe it.

  87. Lil2k7

    while im no southerner and no vigilante i must say, your a fool if you are okay w A) believing that drones will be our downfall before zombie apocolypse, and B)getting totally overran by drone or zombies w o a gnarley bloody gunfight. your pussy ass stupid mentality is why america is going out of business.

  88. earth warrior

    its really not hard to understand
    wake up.

  89. Richard Ferreiro

    At the end this guy describes how the militia would work. . . HE IS ACTUALLY A MILITARIST STATE, divided into sectors to promote the same system in different states.

  90. cyndimathis222

    It's about time that "the people" open their eyes & realize that our government has & is taking away our rights day by day & we're sitting aside & letting them while we go about our daily lives. Every since 911 they have taken away our rights & done this in under the idea that "they are protecting us". People don't even see that who we need protection against is big government. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! We were a great nation & we can be again!!!

  91. a_no_n

    Lol, i can't believ e you used the words Alex Jones, discover and facts in the same sentence without a hint of irony.

    Alex Jones is a tool, spoonfeeding you the best his imagination can come up with...I'm not saying he doesn't believe in it...I'm just saying it's fantasy and nothing more.

    Jones has NOTHING to prove any of his claims...Dude, watch Penn and Tellers episode of Bullsh1t on conspiracy theories and see what real facts and research looks like!

  92. a_no_n

    you would benefit from your own advice

  93. a_no_n

    what Proof?

  94. a_no_n

    It is far more difficult to brainwash people who don't dogmatically cling to ideologies and beliefs

    What about people that dogmatically cling to the belief that there's some big conspiracy out there, and the ideology that everyone is out to get them?

  95. a_no_n

    The tea party didn't exist during the Bush era, because the Tea parties sponsors were being kept sweet with the deregulation and tax cuts that got your country into the mess it's in now!

    Now they are being asked to accept some responsibility for their greed, they're propagandising you to believe every paranoid bit of bullsh1t they can throw at you!
    What country is it that sickened you by rolling over for Muslims?
    because to the best of my knowledge, nobody has.

  96. zaphodity

    Not even gonna watch this garbage, who cares, nuke the joint from orbit, its the only way to be sure. End of.

  97. gringott

    The summer lunch program is a joke. We have that in my county, they cannot get anyone to come get it. They advertised in the newspaper, and offered it to ANYONE who would come to get it. Again, two or three takers a day. YET the program goes on and on, more government waste. Our schools used to have a majority of teachers, with a small staff doing other tasks, and a small central office. Now the teachers are the smallest group of employees, overwhelmed by made up positions like diversity co-ordinator, Federal Education compliance officer, on and on. They have destroyed the education system yet made the costs go through the roof at the same time. Both political parties made this happen. As far as the two parties, they are but one, really. The Statist Party.

  98. sebossy

    Alex Jones is the reincarnation of Andrew Jackson...hehe..

    He's like a candle in the dark, but hopefully I think Ron Paul is winning next elections----republic is back!!!

  99. Rebecca Hu

    When you count how many times these people in the documentary say "me, me, me, my, my, my..." you start to see what the problem in America is.

  100. Mr. Noparty but a people's

    yeah ok. Alex Jones is Cointepro ...alll the way. Did you hear these buffoons talking about communism? trying to argue that the U.S. is a communist state? while AT THE SAME TIME private corporations and private banks run the country LOLOLOL Communism or Socialism does not use capital--also known as money. Dont be stupid people, this is not the revolution you are looking for. States rights, for sure. But come on now, Alex Jones is WAY to wealthy and well funded to be a real "revolutionary."

  101. Zoidberg 1201

    Communist countries do use money, the main difference is that there is one big company (the state) instead of lots of smaller private companies. China is a mix of both I assure you they do use money.

    Capitalism is centered around the right to own a means of production ie a factory, and to reap the benefits of the factory's production.

    Socialism is a lesser form of communism whereby the state provides citizens with services paid with taxes.
    Police, the national health service, public schools et cetera are all socialist institutions.

    When large corporations come together to make decisions that will effect the rest of the country it is communism in every aspect but name.

  102. Brad

    enough people stand up, there would be defections across the board in the military. The British were the world power and a bunch of farmers led by Washington defeated them. I wouldnt worry so much about drones. When or if the time comes i know what side of the line ill be on, and john i can see what line you will be on.

  103. Brad

    Homeland security recently purchased 1.5 billion rounds of ammo, why would "home"land security need that? it amazes me

  104. jaberwokky

    "When large corporations come together to make decisions that will effect the rest of the country it is communism in every aspect but name."

    How so? Surely that is fascism no?

  105. LoggerheadShrike

    What you're describing isn't capitalism, it's classic Italian-style fascism; which Mussolini said could also be referred to as Corporatism. Strangely enough, the fascist movement grew out of the Italian anarchist movement.

  106. Vitt

    If you bothered to learn world history, you would see that is the norm throughout. Conquest is the way nations were formed. Your brainwashed drivel trying to tear down men who helped create the most free society the world had ever seen... is beyond irritating. America set an entirely new level for standard of living for the masses. Our founders weren't perfect but don't let that convolute the idea they were trying to convey. You need to seriously think more about what you're saying, instead of just repeating the same socialist takeover BS the University Professors are spewing.

  107. bonobos48

    You are correct, but Ales is not the man you think he is.. And the tea party is funded by the very same people who want to take your rights away.

  108. Ballsrog

    The only was a revolution is going to succeed is if it has "wealthy" backers and is well "funded". Somewhat like the first American revolution. The trick is getting like minded individuals together without getting killed or imprisoned.

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