Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off

Global Warming: Doomsday Called Off

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Doomsday Called OffIn this eye-opening documentary viewers will discover how the most respected researchers from all over the world explode the doom and gloom of global warming. Humans stand accused of having set off a global climate catastrophe by increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Once all of these satellites were strung together, we could then look at the temperature change overtime, and the strange thing we found is that there is very little change in the global temperature. And this was a surprise because the surface temperature showed an increase, but this bulk of the atmosphere, the real climate system was not. And that then caused us to realize that the human effects of climate are likely not happening the way we think they are.

The prophecy of doom is clear and media pass on the message uncritically. Now serious criticism has arisen from a number of heavyweight independent scientists. They argue that most of the climatic change we have seen is due to natural variations. They also state that if CO2 is to play a role at all -it will be minuscule and not catastrophic! This story presents a series of unbiased scientists as our witnesses. We will hear their eloquent criticism of the IPCC conclusions illustrated by coverage of their research work.

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big climate
2 years ago

why does it get *cool* at night, but *hot* in the daytime?

James Grant
5 years ago

If our concern is that global warming will hurt our children then reduce CO2 production but the real reason to reduce our CO2 production is to circumvent the adverse effects of cheap energy, the resulting economic growth which in turn caused the disparity between the rich and poor and pollution. Just quit your desire for the things that enhance life (Gold Oil and Drugs) and refocus on the things that sustain life, Shelter, Air, Food, Environment if you want to keep our children SAFE.

Roger Andout
5 years ago

What year was this made?

6 years ago

Fact= Co2 does cause the greenhouse effect, You can prove this in many ways. Ill give you some examples. The earths temperatures over time have remained stable throughout time even when the sun was a lot lot dimmer millions of years ago and there is only one way for this to happen. Another way to prove co2 is a greenhouse gas is our planetary neighbor Venus. Venus is way hotter than mercury even though its farther away from the sun than mercury. How is it hotter? The atmosphere of Venus mainly consist of the greenhouse gas co2. Third way to prove it is with a physics test, Place one aquarium filled with co2 next to an aquarium filled with regular atmosphere and place a thermometer inside each, you will notice the aquarium with co2 becoming slightly hotter than the control. We did this at school a few years back.

Now here comes my opinion= Will the slight increase of co2 in our atmosphere cause a dramatic effect on our climate and temps? Maybe, Is there any thing we can do about it? Probably not so why bother. Will this increase in temp destroy man kind..most likely not.

6 years ago

The trouble is, methinks, that the central characters associated with the initial setting up of the IPCC and running with the global warming tale since then have, one way or another, admitted that the whole thing is pretty much irrelevant. What's important to them is the disruption of Western capitalism, and transfer of wealth to the developing world. That and the aims of some to achieve similarly political control via the UN of how the nations' economies run and in whose favour. It goes back to Maurice Strong and the Club of Rome. I instinctively don't like conspiracy theories, and I'm unsure just how many involved (or sucked in) are aware of the overriding aims of the underlying political intent. I am sure, however, that there is now a huge body of politicians, bureaucrats and (sadly) scientists whose jobs depend upon the world supporting the "save the planet" programmes which have been put into effect, and in whose interest it is to maintain and expand them - don't even try counting the numbers of posts in international and national committees, offshoot bodies and institutional departments depending for jobs on this! It has become as powerful an industry as any we've seen on earth, supported in turn by the lobbyists of all the purely commercial firms supplying everything from carbon credits to wind and solar farms.
So let's forget the pure science; currently the believers have the majority and means, and the unbelievers would be unable to change this without a very dramatic event, regardless of the original or any new science. The effects are what we should focus upon - are the developing nations really benefiting, or is all that money being withheld within the bureaucracies handling it? If so, that would be a sad thing, and a failure of the entire structure, from whichever end you look at it.

Cold Shivers
6 years ago

This video failed to analyze the very first place where global warming would show itself. It is true most of the world has not shown any substantial warming. However the mythical Northwest Passage is opening up in the arctic. The US, Russia, Canada and the Scandinavian countries are all trying to lay there claim to the resources of the arctic. The polar ice cap is melting revealing the best place on earth to look for energy. This is all because water freezes at 32 degrees F. The polar regions will be the first place where any warming will be noticed. Where I live on any given day the temperature could swing 50 degrees F. In fact during the winter I have seen the temperature go from the the 20's F to 70 F in just a few hours,due to the chinook winds. So a 2 degree increase will not be noticed and even a 5-7 degree change might not be all that unusual. It seems to be a waste of time arguing bout whether global warming is real. Making climate change a political issue and having people say they don't believe or they do believe in it causes both sides to lose sight of the fact global warming and climate change are scientific issues and not a political beliefs. Even if man isn't responsible for climate change and even if global warming is not happening, moving toward using less fossil fuels will be better for the area quality, water quality and quality of life. I am even commanded by my religion to be a good steward to the earth. Countries that put their head in the sand and live with the status quo could lose out on being leaders in a new industry. It is also inevitable that fossil fuels will run out someday which will cause even more global turmoil and wars. I personally don't the fact that a substantial amount of money is going straight to the wahhabists in Saudi Arabia. Even the Suadis' are preparing for the day their wells run dry. For those of you that choose to bicker about global warming are missing what is defiantly scientifically proven, oil will not last for ever.

6 years ago

The Global Warming Lie has been proven with scientific evidence. An argument has two sides ALWAYS. If we want to be truthful we give due consideration to ideas that "just feel wrong" and our ears don't like it, because we are all climate scientists right? Oh wait.... no we're not! Look at both sides!! If you are like me, then when you first heard about global warming, even though you were a kid, but knew that it is something of utmost importance! I think this is the right reaction, only one that was calculated and expected by some.
One of all our worst mistakes that we think we got it all. We just heard one side of the story and believed it, and just wen we hear the opposite side we don't even listen. Of course it's hard for us coz we're no experts, but here you are there are the experts who -by the way not much scientific evidence apart from so called models that try to predict something, as of yet, totally unpredictable, based on the limited info those experts do have- say that there is evidence that we are causing a climate disaster, and there are the experts on the other side -the unheard, repressed, hidden side, who do have a lot of different kind of evidence based on hard, recorded data- who say that there is evidence that we are barely if anyway affecting our climate with the CO2 production.

Don't misunderstand this, I think our current impact on our planet is huge because of our wastefulness and carelessness embedded in our social life. But it is important to be afraid of the right thing and looking a bit on things like, what do people -on each side of the argument- gain from "pushing their agenda"? You will see that there are enormous interest vested in you exactly believing that CO2 is what's causing disaster. Al Gore made gazilions on spreading the idea of man made global warming, and you understand, a question such important as this is unavoidable to talk about to the leader of any country! This is the point, this is how "some" can create regulations with which they can dictate into your life overriding the power of your country's government.

Do Want to Find Out The Truth!!! If you want to see evidence for yourself and get real, look for Lord Christopher Moncton's talk in St' Paul's or any other. You only need to want to know the truth even if it means you were wrong all this time!!!!

8 years ago

SGHTF this fall.

Leigh Atkins
8 years ago

The most powerful 'green-house gas' (which also exists in the most copious quantities) is water vapour (clouds) and the most powerful influence on the earth's temperature is (surprise, surprise) - THE SUN.
OMG who'd have ever thought that!!!!
The fact that we are magnetically coupled to the sun is unconsidered by most & ignored by the rest except for a small handful of OPEN-MINDED, UNEMOTIONALLY INVESTED group of people in this bunch of IDIOTS we call the human race...
If that theory were true though, would not the other planets also be increasing in temperature in the right places as well?
No, the media won't blast it over the airwaves, their masters keep them on a tight leash & they don't get paid enough to tell the truth, so LOOK IT UP coz this RIDICULOUS discussion on global warming is making me groan unbearably at the VAST UNINFORMED IGNORANCE.
Question things people, don't just swallow what you're fed...

M. Darling
9 years ago

Just like usual the argument in the western world boils down to pointing fingers. We need not decide who if anyone is at fault, do we? If the climate is changing due to natural events, then shouldn't we still act to save what we can of our current climate. The icecaps are melting and the sea levels are rising, these are facts not speculation. There is a huge body of evidence from ice cores correlating the levels of Co2 with the earths temperature swings and ice ages, these are clearly cyclic with an increasing rate of change. Instead of wasting time arguing over who is to blame or worse saying it is a natural occurrence and therefore it must be O.K. , .....lets act. Acting is in the best interest of all peoples on this planet, stakeholders and shareholders alike. Last time I checked we don't have anywhere else to go. If it can be proven that lowering Co2 levels in the atmosphere will reverse this trend and not doing so will not, the answer should be obvious to all of us who have a stake in our home's health.

james mastin
10 years ago

oh well i'm no scientist, but i can read a graph that is readily available about co2 levels in the atmosphere and can conclude that it's not good thing. I can also go to nasa's website and read how they say climate change is affected by human activity. global warming era during the middle ages? what global warming? i don't recall being taught about that while studying the middle ages, but i do hear about it as an excuse recently, quite often. There probably was recorded some warmer than usual summers back then, but how do we know it was solar flares? were they watching at that time? if thats the case i'm sure there's records of it from then till now. Unless the human population stopped all observations and recording until recently. I suppose someone knows about human activity and one of our great lakes starting on fire? well look at the population from that time and compare it to the population of today, then take note and think, "is there enough people to effect the entire global climate?"....... short answer FUK YES THERE IS.

Jo G
10 years ago

"Still too early to tell" is another way of them saying "Wait till our generation is done raping the earth for our own financial gain"

10 years ago

What about the Middle Ages global warming era? This tiny speck of dust we live on is affected by Sun flares, not our paltry efforts to rubbish it. Selling fear is the name of the game.

10 years ago

This is just more shameful corporate propaganda. The film is full of deceptions and lies. It pretends that "many" scientists dispute climate change, which is simply not true. Only a handful if scientists deny climate change and they all work, directly or indirectly, for these very same corporations. A spectacularly huge majority of scientists, a global army, say that there is massive evidence that human influenced climate change is a fact. The corporations want you to believe that climate change is something you can just choose to "believe" or "not believe". But to say that you don't "believe" in climate change is every bit as backwards and foolish as saying you don't "believe" the world is a sphere, or that the earth orbits the sun (and not vice versa). Corporations go to great lengths to condition people to distrust and hate their government. Why? Because it's their way of making sure you don't hate and distrust corporations. The government is not perfect, and it is sometimes just wrong, but it is not an evil demon that is out to control every aspect of your life and take as much of your money as possible, all while wreaking havoc on the environment -- that's the job of the corporations.

10 years ago

I actually thought the arguments were over, anthropomorphic climate change or whatever its called is real. The science is there freely available to anyone who can be bothered to look it up. The only avenue left for the deniers is conspiracy theories. The fact that companies with vested interests and people like the Koch brothers have been criminally warping the results and the media (Rupert Murdoch) seems to have slipped their attention. Which is strange as what has been done to them is exactly what they are so upset about. Scientists, educated men and women who are not in it for the money have worked hard in the face of multinational corporations, resisted lawsuits to the point of bankruptcy and fought to get the message across. The deniers have nothing, they have no science they have no unified message, for the most part they have their guns, their god and the republican party.

10 years ago

I don't see any evidence tbh of us causing Global Warming and I don't see any evidence of Global Warming, I'm told it is warming and yet these past few years in the UK have sucked, it's been way colder than it was.

I think global Warming is just bulls*it and the government only loves it because they can TAX you to crap and sell a lot of new energy efficient machines. What I find funny is to produce them they create more pollution than if you just stuck with what you got.

What we should be focusing on is sticking with what we have, they cannot do that because it's all about capitalism. Where does all the s*it go now? Most of it gets wasted, very few of it actually gets recycled. What is funny is Madagascar has been ruined creating recyclable material.

We should be focusing on new forms of energy, not because of bulls*it man caused global warming but because fossil fuels wont last forever. We should be focusing on becoming more energy efficient so we don't have to keep creating power plants as our population rises. We should focus on not wasting so much food or water. We should focus on not cutting down rain forests or over fishing the Oceans.

These are the things we should focus on and for a good cause, lets not wrap it all up under something that isn't even proven in Man Caused global warming. They tell us it's Carbon Dioxide and yet it's a very small amount of all the green house gases and we contribute an even smaller amount to it.

All they do is cry about the Polar Bears on every advert, they've gotten through hotter times than this. I blame over fishing of the seas and Humans living ever further north. Maybe their prey has reduced in numbers because they have less to eat because we're eating all their fish.

10 years ago

This film is pure propaganda. A sun centered solar system, spherical earth and evolution all have overwhelming evidence, and yet all were (or are) opposed by forces with a vested in interest in the status quo. Global warming is in exactly the same position. Let's hope our species can mature fast enough to work together to solve the problem instead of just digging a deeper hole in which to bury our heads.

11 years ago

Until we have reached a completely undebatable verdict that global warming, whether it is occurring or not, is independent of human action, we should continue preventative measures to ensure our safety. If you disagree with this idea, which is an unbiased one, then you surely are not advocating the betterment of the human race.

11 years ago

This video provides a respectable intent of discussing climate change but how valid can it be if it only shows individual opinions???
Prof. Nils-Axel Mörner's opinion on sand deposits (see 31:52) ignores the action of unusual sand movements due to storms and hurricanes... Or does he say it ironically???

11 years ago

Whoooa the Indian Ocean is LOWER than the rest of the oceans due to extremely high water evaporation??? Unti here is all I can hear guys!!!

11 years ago

What happen if there are more and bigger explosions in the sun than it was before and therefore the solar system wind is warmer. As a consequence the earth is warming up. I believe that for sure humans are smart enough to realize that we are not living in balance with nature and that we should be more conscious of our acts. However I do not think it is the reason of global warming although affects it. On the other hand for politicians, global warning could be will a great reason to create fear, laws, control and even wars.

11 years ago

People who doubt global warming: Sarah Palin
People who believe in global warming: David Sazuke, Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
my mind is made up

11 years ago

Right off the bat, here's what bothers me about this, and other documentaries like it: the blatant appeal to emotion as a method of distracting the viewer from real information. Tricky editing and the like is also a concern to look out for here. Here are two examples of what I mean (and if you watch the entire video and pay attention I am certain you'll be able to spot more examples like these at least once every 2 minutes or so). The opening scene is shows a busy and thriving city full of people going about their business. We are two men chatting, a smiling woman with her cute baby girl, a pair of elderly women enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful summer's day, and we are asked "are these men guilty? is it fair to accuse this girl? have these women done anything wrong?" It is then explained that according to a group of climate scientists, the answer is yes. These lovely looking people, friends, mothers, daughters, lovers, and bridge companions are to be blamed for "jeopardizing the future". It's not only these people the scientists despise either... it's all of human kind they are putting on trial. That includes YOU. And now that you know which side of the argument you are on (obviously not those who seek to persecute you), let's look at why you have the opinion you've just been assigned...
It's pretty ridiculous.
Again, this is just ONE example of the way they appeal to emotion rather than intellect.
Let's look at some tricky editing at 14:07:
The pair of researchers are looking at what we are meant to assume is the work of climate scientists from the IPCC. We are given what seems to be a chance to see them in a candid moment, discovering a "trick" that was used by the sneaky climatologist to pull a fast one on all of us. It is described as "unbelievable" and that nobody was able to "catch this"... until now! BUSTED! The climate scientist got caught lying in his research! That's a pretty amazing charge that will certainly destroy his credibility. Too bad we never get to see what it was, and the whole thing is immediately forgotten, never to be spoken of again in the remainder of the program. It must have been a pretty damning piece of evidence though!, either than or the man was showing his colleague an easier way to make ramen noodles at the office. I guess it's hard to tell what they were talking about. I wonder why this piece of footage was included, and then never explained. I WONDER WHAT PURPOSE THIS SCENE SERVED.

Shad Gereaux
11 years ago

First expert in the doc is DR. David Legates. He works for the NCPA. The largest contributor to the NCPA is EXXON MOBIL. The Director of NCPA is James Thompson, Chairman of Thompson Petroleum. The NCPA enviro team leader is Sandy Bourne(director at Heartland institute). Before becoming a climate expert for EXXON MOBILE she was a nurse. Fred Singer adjunct Scholar of the NCPA. Received the bulk of his funding from EXXON MOBIL. Before working for the NCPA, He was best known for his work that claimed second hand smoke is not harmful to human health. I stopped watching the doc when I saw DR. Legates.

11 years ago

nice arguments well presented. Could the phenomenon referred to as Global Dimming be responsible for the Tropospheric Temperature differences as they measure I wonder. All things considered I still cannot get past the fact that pumping all of the CO2 into the atmosphere that we have during the Industrial Revolution simply has to have an effect on the climate system. Its just basic systems theory - impulse response.

11 years ago

this documentary has solid science that doesnt argue weather climate change is real or not, argues over the degree at which it will happen. anyway i think its very inconsiderate not to take the worst case scenario in consideration, and thats why the UN keeps stressing it. all in all the doc is informative, nothing new, but i find the title very misleading and the narrator is cherry picking sentences from the people interviewed, trying to imply an alternative view not stated by any of the scientists.

its criminal the way people are not given a straight answer when they ask a simple question: "is climate change real?". there should be no skepticism. scientists are not deciding whether climate change is real or not. they have proven it is. there are a very few "scientists" who keep arguing, interestingly enough they end up making news anyway (im not referring to this documentary).

the true problem in climate change is not how we measure average temperatures or co2 concentration, is the amount of money in the business. nevertheless is time to end this and start thinking seriously about SUSTAINABILITY.

archie6622, i dont quite understand ur point, but by all means, if u have any data disproving climate change please link it, me and quite a few people in my faculty would love to check it out.

11 years ago

This is total crap!!! I work with scientists everyday and these scientists are being drug up from cracks to help protect big corporations but people need to wake up and look around. It is happening all over the world with no signs of slowing down.

11 years ago

this is absolute bull****. The overwhelming majority of scientists believe climate change is real and caused by human activity. You do not need to be scientists to see the coming consequences in all forms. areas with a lot of snow in their mountains have now shorter winters. see levels are increasing everywhere and the acidity of the oceans is killing barrier reefs. changes in the patters of diseases and threatened species by their changing habitat, the more frequent hurricanes with stronger effects, floods and droughts all the signs of the changing climate. Climate change is not just simply a global warming. some places may experience decline. Climate change is in fact a climate chaos. These so called independent scientists in this documentary are usually paid by tobacco and mining companies.

fauxx batt
11 years ago

tax pollution, not to be confused with carbon,,,oo, based life forms, what, never heard of it,,, tax pollution and taxes outta existience,,,asap!

11 years ago

And even if the climate change wasn't real people still need to stop polluting!!!!!!

11 years ago

It would have been a more objective documentary had they also interviewed a few climate scientists with other viewpoints.

11 years ago

to Tris Thompson and all.
Well, I am a scientists and I have done an extensive research of the literature and us policy on this topic and I can go on and on with peer reviewed evidence to support ( fyi nothing is ever proven... just supported or not supported) the ideas in this documentary and more. ( The earth’s climate has been very variable and seemingly bound by minimum and max. paraphrased I believe from the Volstok ice core data) I gave a small presentation in a climate change seminar very similar to this topic.
If you would like I will put a rough literature cited with a bunch of papers you can read. I would encourage you to read up on paleoclimatological (sp?) studies in green land and Iceland as well as Antarctica you find same trends (reciprocal in nature)of normal variation in the last 400,000 (Volstok ice core) years of ice core, and other lesser periods with 100,000 + years of deep sea sediment cores in the Artic and the Atlantic oceans. Also I would encourage to look up the annual report for the 1990 Global Climate Change Research Act, for 2011 and also look at the ones in the past, 1991…... there are many other issue as well I will not get into. Do the research on the policy as well. You may be surprised what you find.
Ps co2 is bad?BUT! With a recent act pass will allow cloud seeding which is spraying silver nitrate (or rite do not remember of the top of my head)in to the lower atmosphere with planes. This gas will collects water vapors in the atmosphere and produces clouds to increase precipitation for farmers in drought areas. Good for people we do it, planet was always secondary, but used as a ploy to get policy in gear (follow the money… ). If we are supposed to be concerned about gasses in the atmosphere, are we? There is no telling what the affects of tampering with weather in this manor can have in the short term or in the years to come.

11 years ago

Yes it has. No, it's not.

Raina Williams
11 years ago

next up, earth is 3000 years old. idiots.

11 years ago

Ironic that also, in the 70's, a book was written by the Club Of Rome, entitled "The First Global Revolution" in which a plan for "global warming", which was to depict humans an irresponsible, despicable, destructive plague of nature, and thereby needing firm global governance, was laid out. Who is the Club of Rome? Good question. If you don't believe me, go read the book and maybe check out "Limits to Growth" too. It is amazing that people never question their conditioning. Even when the truth is shown to them they will cling to ignorance.

11 years ago

None of this has been ''has been disproved already'' Jody Merry.

This is good, solid science.

11 years ago

Most of this film has been disproved already. This piece of propaganda should probably be removed from this site. Unless of course those who run the site despise credibility

11 years ago

Perhaps the biggest problem with this documentary is that it neglects the exoplanetary evidence provided to us by Mars and Venus, two planets whose environments show the irreversible effects of ozone depletion and greenhouse gas emissions respectively, though they differ only in having come about as a result of natural processes which simulate the effects of large scale pollution. The surface temperature is the real problem in the first place, seeing as we don't live in the upper-atmosphere, and the effects of increased radiation reaching the surface are the only consequences we're supposed to be worried about, as they are the only ones which affect us. :

11 years ago

Good documentary, didn't give me the feeling I was being manipulated like with so many other docu's on this subject.

11 years ago

In the 1970s, climate scientists predicted that the North Pole would melt in the summer. Solar scientists laughed.
Now the North Pole melts every summer. And solar scientists are saying it's due to the Sun?
In science, whoever makes the correct prediction "wins".

11 years ago

A good documentary. After reading some of the recent blogs, I found myself somewhat perplexed at some of the conclusions reached. 99% of scientists believe something different??? (Tris Thompson)And your point is? With this in mind, let me give readers something else to think about.
Presently, we have 6 orbital devices around the planet Mars, which have shown it's polar caps constantly receding(melting) since they have been there. Is humanity to blame for this? I have no doubt that we are polluting the biosphere of planet earth, but this has nothing to do with global warming.(1 does not preclude the other) Since the sun is by far the primary impacter on the 8 planets in our solar system, if there is any significant changes in our climate, look to the sun as the source. As far as saving the planet, give me a break. A billion years from now when the sun expands and truly heats up, anyone still around by then will be hoping for warp drive, because they will be helpless to prevent it's inevitable death along with the planets. My advice for people is get over yourself, get educated, and actually start thinking, instead of repeating what you seen on the ticker tape at the bottom of your t.v.(brainwashing)
The awful truth is we can't even save ourselves, so forget about saving the planet. Money rules the day, and all we are apparently good for is killing each other, so we build weapons of mass destruction because it is good for the economy. We allow a small number of evil and corrupt people to carve up the planet and run our lives because they understand the masses are too stupid, apathetic, fearful and lazy to actually make a difference. In Canada right now, we have king Harper privatizing prisons, so he can house them with all his future mandatory jail sentences for drug possession charges.(job creation) Harper is also raising the age for retirement pension, to buy fighter jets to protect the lifestyles of the rich and shameless whose greed is not sustainable. We got tens of millions of right wing fundamentalists south of the border who believe they are christians like somehow Jesus was some gun toting capitalist, and they actually want the world to end so they can be with him after the rapture. (and I am supposed to fear Iran getting nuclear weapons)
If the readers think I am wrong, then I have a perfect solution for you. Quit having kids, and the real problem will go away! As George Carlin so eloquently put it, the planet is fine, the people are fu#%ed! The alternative is for a large majority of humanity to get smart, and I am not holding my breath. On the contrary, I will smoke tobacco like there is no tomorrow, and pay an 84% sin tax to federal and provincial governments who are more addicted to tax revenues then I am to nicotine. Hey, don't thank me, I am just doing my part to save the planet.
Best wishes, and live long and prosper! (really)

11 years ago

In the 70's it was a new ice age, now it Global Warming.... Give me a freaking break chicken little.... THEY want to downgrade my life for the sake of the third world? I LOL at them.. Good luck with that, lefties...

11 years ago

It is also interesting that this documentary manages to touch on the 1% of scientists that agree with the motives of its making, yet leaves out the vast majority (99% of scientists) that are very sure of the evidence. Obviously the means by which this 'critical evaluation' has taken place, are altogether unscientific in themselves, the basis for a flawed evaluation.

11 years ago

It's truly astounding that people are still putting a case against this. Its seriousness is accepted by 99% of all professional scientists!. Read the peer-reviewed papers! not some propoganda by self-proclaimed experts, people that stand to face short term gain. If people can delay this long about such clear cut evidence then I hold little hope for the future. Its such a shame, I've read many of the comments on here, those that are not full of conspiracy or have a skewed, limited grasp of the issues and science involved seem to have had little effect on those that have. There are numerous other problems in the world yes, this does not make this one less serious, the problem is outside! its tangiable. Is several people murdering one person less 'wrong' than one murdering another?. Perspective is important though, as individuals we are very small, how can one person expect to observe incremental changes on a global scale. I expect none of you sceptics has sat long enough to see a plant grow, niether have I, it is in our biological nature not to percieve time this way, locally to ourselves. So we transcend the abilities of other creatures in our ability to cooperate using scientific, unbiased methods that have brought the world the incredible things that make our lives easy today. Suddenly, when science doesn't produce a new technology, but instead finds a problem that we ourselves need to do something about, its rejected by many that don't want to give up a few of these comforts.

11 years ago

I agree, totally with many statements but find some arguements to be as limited in scope.

First of all, fossil fuels were sequestered by organisms that thrived in their contemporary environments. Unless the perceived origins of fossil fuels are wrong, this hardly makes the case of armageddon or a poor situation for organic life. That being said; the circumstances that led favour to the organisms who gave rise to the fossils may not represent an optimum situation for life as we know it.

One of the great arguements of the other side, that was quietly touched on was the increased evaporation due to a warmer climate and it's result in glacial growth. (This, no doubt was the inspiration for the lousy movie. You know: The day after tomorrow!) This movie was focussed on the Atlantic conveyor belt. Al Gore is focussed on CO2. Others are focussed on coral bits washing up on beaches on the Maldives. They are all just small pieces of the puzzle!

Does anyone ask how glacial growth or retreat affects geology? While everyone is measuring the atmosphere, do they measure salinity? As glaciers melt, pressure removed from the Earth's crust below would cause it to rise and increased pressure on Ocean beds would cause them to sink.

Over the ages, the rise and decline of mountains that result from shifts in the Earth's crust can surely be more powerful then Man's contributions. I used to have a small convectional oven. All it did was fanned the heat that rose back down. It was OK for chicken but not quite BBQ.

The planet does not have a big fan in space that recycles the heat. It is a huge conventional oven that loses everything it receives unless it is stored as another form of energy.

We're not big enough to understand or try to controll the planet yet!

Justin Cook
11 years ago

Anyone who still believes that global warming is some hoax to win a few votes has their head up their ass. 97% of climatologists agree that it is indeed happening and that there is a direct correlation between rising temperatures and human industrial practices. If you are going to make blatant statements that are founded in personal opinion with little to go on beyond a single, one sided documentary, get with it. Go take a couple climate classes and at least attempt to get something of a grasp on how the incredibly complex ecosystems of the earth function. No, humans may not be the only factor involved, but when you have increasing temperature trends that correlate directly with the expansion of human industrial practices - matching both the time frame and exponential growth rates of industrialization - you have to be plain ignorant to think otherwise.
While I by no means would suggest we stop the use of fossil fuels outright, it remains imperative that we, as leaders (in ideological, technological and economic terms), take meaningful strides towards becoming societies that limit our use of climate damaging forms of power. Industrialization and the use of many forms of power have led us to a great many human achievements, however, they will be achievements for naught if we let the circumstances that have arisen in tandem get out of control.

I think if any skeptic actually took any amount of time to look into any of this, they would soon find that for every point argued against herein there have been confirmed to be true by multiple scientific studies (meaning subject to falsification through review, requirement of reproduction, and maintaining stringent control variables).

11 years ago

lilla pappa, if you are serious, you are a monster

11 years ago

The way I see it, we're fine - I see hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanoes, et al as "thinking' events - part of a Gaia concept where we are only cells in the organism that is "earth". Earth will wipe out the cancer in her own way. And she can kill millions of us at a time at her leisure. I'm pretty sure she knows who's got to go and who doesn't.

11 years ago

one more thing,ppl need to get over themselves,their is nothing are little ant like selfs can do to change the most pwerfull thing we have ever known besides are sun,the core of are planet,,so really its for money or control or both the money to buy the control,leads to power and in turn makes us back to slave imo..ppl are funny as we can change something so powerfull we cant even imagine wtf how it works just assume.

11 years ago

i bet they just want ppl not able to be free type humans,imo i bet they want that roman system back in full..were if your not rich then your subject to real step at a time and thats just me,is to why they lie.I never could think with my pee brain we can harm this huge planet that makes Co2 more then we do,but again i thought i was alone,other then no one i ever met thought global warming was a problem caused by us,but in the history of are planet we see all kinda changes that to me are a little scarry in nature that imo will end us anyway.