Drunken Glory

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Meet Brandon Barthrop, a "meth head" who speaks to God, a hipster preacher with a congregation of thousands. When VICE first found him online they didn't know if he was a joke or a savior. It looked like he was high all the time, but why was he smoking invisible spliffs, why was he doing fake lines and jacking up with imaginary needles? And why there were so many people watching him do it?

Getting wasted on God is not a new thing, but Brandon is part of a fresh generation of godly drunks which have been growing since an event in 1994 known as the "Toronto Blessing" when a whole load of pious Canadians suddenly appeared to be smashed, while soberly attending church.

The "Florida Outpouring", a similar event in 2008, signaled the new form of worship as churches began to embrace modern media. For the first time ever, the Internet became the number one place to get your Christianity in America. God TV blew up and other churches began to appear on platforms like YouTube. It was this ability to reach new larger, enthusiastic audiences that inspired Brandon to create his own media ministry.

So, VICE got on a plane and flew to Minneapolis (the God town... with churches on every corner) to try and get drunk on the glory of God. Somewhere in the middle of that snowy mess is Brandon and the "crack house", which is the ministry of the "drunken glory" movement. VICE will be meeting his friends and followers to see what exactly they're about and also talk to the rest of the people around there to see what they make of the drunken glory.

As the Internet continues to empower fringe preachers like Brandon, surprising variations of Christianity will continue to pop up. This drunken glory thing might seem pretty weird from the outside, but really how weird is it compared to any other religious experience?

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  1. Jeremy

    I could write pages about this - But to sum this stuff all up:

  2. chylynn

    this is the most disturbing thing I've ever seen

  3. Dsvstheworld

    So they snort substances and claim its not the substance it's god. There is no Holy Spirit feeling. You get the same feeling while at a concert and the band plays a song you love. When you are in a church and everyone around you agrees with you and the pastor preaches to you it's the same feeling. Regardless if its all fairy tales.

    Lets wise up and eliminate religion from our society and focus on science and reason. Only then will we live in peace.

  4. prakrttika

    people lost consciousness due to over dosage of drugs and finally turns into mad even masturbates in public

  5. swanks

    I feel like this guy means well but I still want to slap the hell out of him.

    1. guarranillo tranquillo

      news, sorry.. he don't mean well

  6. misscellaneous

    Wants a mansion and heated garage? Fraud.

    1. guarranillo tranquillo

      i thought he was just being honestly fkn stuuuuupid

  7. oQ

    Religious people are the most discriminating people on earth and bible thumper are at the top of the list.

  8. Cat Jewell

    Ok. This is complete heresy. This is completely and 100% NOT the HOLY SPIRIT. God is Holy and says that no drunkard will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you think that God would contradict His word by allowing ppl to get high in the spirit and drunk in the spirit?? HE IS HOLY!! This is a spirit alright but definitely not the Holy Spirit. If the read the word of God they would come to the full knowledge of the truth. Jesus is pure not filled with crack, booze, or Herion. If it looks weird on the outside imagine what it looks like to ppl who truly love Jesus Christ and live holy pure lives... It is complete blasphemy. They are in danger of committing the unpardonable sin by total blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If there is any hope Jesus let them wake up and see the truth that they are headed for a very fiery pit. This is demonic and that is being nice. many godly men and women are shocked to say the least about this heretical teaching of devils... May they find the truth....

    1. jaberwokky

      You're right, this is not keeping to the scriptures.

    2. jackmax

      Don't tell you get your "word of God" from the book of lies or what you call the bible? If that is the case please enlighten me where it state that pedeophiles in dress are allowed.
      If your book of lies is the word of god how is it that there are so many contradictions in it? Would it be fair to say to the word or god is not worth the paper it's written on considering that at present there have been approximately 28,000,000 gods to date and that being the case how do you know that the god you believe in is the right one?

      Would it also be fair to say that at a certain age we all stop believing in fairytale like the tooth fairy, easter bunny and father christmas, but you still believe in the biggest fairytale of them all in god.

      Please explain how you can dismiss all the others yet with all the evidence available to us via the internet you can still pass of this as the truth?

    3. Cat Jewell

      Everything that is written on the internet is true??? Wow. No it is not. There are many things that are lies on the internet. Explain to me , that someone who does not read this bible can actually know whether it does contradict itself UNLESS you have actually done YOUR own research to find out and put it to the test. If God is a liar than prove it by facts not just hearsay. Prove your case. I suggest you watch a movie where someone actually did prove the case. It is called the case for Christ. He was an atheist..

    4. jackmax

      Which particular "god" are you talking about as I ask can you please clarify which "god" you are speaking about considering there are approx 28,000,000 apparent god to date?
      And how do you know you are talking about the right "god" considering that there have been so many "gods" so far?

      As for your statement about the book of lies or what you call the bible. I have read it and often refer to it still today and that is why I can safely say that there are to many error and add on from man to hold any merit in a honest and robust debate about fact that "god" is a man made supernatural being.

      Ok as you seem to think that the burden of proof is the non believers job, which it isn't.
      Here are some of the contradictions that make it impossible to believe in your book of lies...

      1. When did David bring the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem? Before defeating the Philistines or after?
      After (2 Samuel 5 and 6)
      Before (I Chronicles 13 and 14)

      2. Did Joshua and the Israelites capture Jerusalem?
      Yes (Joshua 10:23, 40), or
      No (Joshua 15:63)

      3. Who was the father of Joseph, husband of Mary?
      Jacob (Matthew 1:16),or
      Hell (Luke 3:23)

      4. Jesus descended from which son of David?
      Solomon (Matthew 1:6), or

      5. How did Simon Peter find out that Jesus was the Christ?
      By a revelation from heaven (Matthew 16:17), or
      His brother Andrew told him (John 1:41)

      6. Where did Jesus first meet Simon Peter and Andrew?
      By the sea of Galilee (Matthew 4:18-22), or
      On the banks of river Jordan (John 1:42). After that, Jesus decided to go to
      Galilee (John 1:43)

      7. Did Jesus ascend to Paradise the same day of the crucifixion?
      Yes. He said to the thief who defended him, Today you will be with me in Paradise
      (Luke 23:43), or
      No. He said to Mary Magdelene two days later, I have not yet ascended to the Father
      (John 20:17)

      8. What was the exact wording on the cross?
      This is Jesus the King of the Jews (Matthew 27:37), or
      The King of the Jews (Mark 15:26), or
      This is the King of the Jews (Luke 23:38), or
      Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews (John 19:19).

      9. Did Herod want to kill John the Baptist?
      Yes (Matthew 14:5), or
      No. It was Herodias, the wife of Herod who wanted to kill him. But Herod knew that
      he was a righteous man and kept him safe (Mark 6:20)

      10. Adam was told that if and when he eats the forbidden fruit he would die the same
      day (Genesis 2:17), or
      Adam ate the fruit and went on to live to a ripe old age of 930 years (Genesis

      As you can see I have shown 10 of many contradictions that can be found with in the bible or as I refer to it the book of lies.

      I could give you more as I have many more if you require,
      By all mean refer to your book of lies to confirm what I have written.
      I have quite a collection of these since I have been defending my stance on this topic You could also refer to the many accessible sites available though out the internet.

    5. Cat Jewell

      You are being totally sarcastic and rude. You know exactly what God I am speaking of if I am speaking of the bible. There you go about the internet again. MANY LIES on on the internet. I will tell you what. we will agree to disagree. I will not try to force you to see my point and you most definitely will NEVER make me see yours... Hope you find the full truth one day.

    6. jackmax

      Are you saying the contradictions I have pointed out to you are not written in your book of lies?

    7. jackmax

      I find your assessment of me to be flawed as I also told you that I have read your book of lie to which you seemed to have over looked in my reply to you.
      I don't know which one of the millions of gods you are talking about otherwise I would of said so. How do I know that your not talking about the god of love Aphoditie or the god of death Thantos or the Allfather Odin.

      Considering even the bible refers to more than one god.
      (Exodus 12:12) And against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment.

      (Joshua 24:2-14) They served other gods. (v.2) Fear the Lord ... and put away the gods which your fathers served. (v.14)

      It would be rude of me not to ask which god you're talking about considering the mine field of gods we could be discussing.

    8. oQ

      Holy spirit according to Wiki:

      "For the large majority of Christians, the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost, from Old English gast, "spirit") is the third divine person of the Trinity: the "Triune God" manifested as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; each person itself being God."
      except those you want to keep aside, Right? or are you not part of the majority of Christians? If not how special are you...just a bit more discriminating than the bunch?
      I swore I wouldn't get involved in this religious crap but I thought Doco would appreciate my once of sense.

    9. prakrttika

      god is everywhere.week people carry him on materials and strong feel it within them

    10. guarranillo tranquillo

      'scuse me, uh, week person, have you had too much to tihnk?


    He reminds me of Charles Manson.

    1. guarranillo tranquillo

      you remind me of morgan freeman with a better hairdo

  10. Tania Conway

    Strange, but I watched it all. I think he isnt a very good example for younger children. I wouldnt want my children seeing that smoking a joint thing and drinking is ok because its not. They guy seems nice but a little odd. I really dont know what to think about this odd person. I have never seen such a strange group saying they get high off God and they snort stuff. I really dont know. Its to weird. I would rather stick with something more with scripture and kid friendly.

    1. guarranillo tranquillo

      no ---- show him to your children -- as you explain why they need to study hard --- to become astronauts.

  11. Pysmythe

    *snort, sniff* Can you FEEL the Spirit, brothers and sisters!? Looks like we'll be smoking the Book of Acts tonight, since I seem to have mislaid my rollin' papers. Hallelujah!

    Jesus Crispies, the best takeaway from this Christian Hipster comic-masterpiece is the narrator's lips.

    1. docoman

      A voice from the back says, "no, not Acts, Psalms tastes better!" :)
      New pic mate. I was just looking closer at your last one a couple of days ago, was impressed with the strength to pull the bow with her feet like that, and wondered how accurate she was. I know I couldn't even attempt that pose :)

    2. Pysmythe

      This is me and the wife from 3 years back. I've seen the lady with the bow actually make that shot, and the whole thing from start to finish is... pretty captivating, lol. Bound to give you at least a momentary fascination with archery! In fact, I think there's a video of her on youtube, if you just put in 'woman fires bow and arrow with feet'. The idea behind my putting it up was not only for the grace and beauty of it, but as a visual representation of more radical ways of thinking and problem-solving. Sounds... kind of pretentious, now that I've actually said it, lol.

    3. docoman

      Hello Mrs. Pysmythe. :)
      Dang, there's a few women that can do it. It is as you say, captivating :) I looked closer at your last pic to work out what it was exactly. I liked the pic, the shot angle and the shape it made, and the skill that would take to do. I can see what you mean about it being a visual rep. of new ways of problem solving. Which is pretty good if I can get that... art isn't my forte. :)

    4. Pysmythe

      Oh, it isn't especially mine, either. And, let's just be honest, it was initially wholly put up for the bubble butt, with the "higher idea" only dawning on me a day or two later... :)

    5. docoman

      Haha, that's how our man minds work though isn't it? ;) I liked it for both reasons :)

    6. jaberwokky

      Sweet jahumpin jahebus boogldywoogldy praise be.

      Just read your comment regarding Schumaker/Coulthard on the telegraphy link. I'm one of those F1 fans that never felt it necessary to pick a "side" to root for so I certainly agree. When the chips are down those guys pull together and all difference goes out the window.

    7. Pysmythe

      I was thinking about that after I wrote it and decided I might have let the emotions get to me a little bit. Coulthard would probably hug him and be very genuinely glad to see him alive and okay, but he might also use it as an opportunity to tape a "kick me" sign on his back, lol.

    8. jaberwokky

      I'd be surprised if he didn't to be honest. Apart from the odd exception I think those guys are all full spectrum characters. I think we can safely leave Kimi out of that comment :P

      Edit: It's the only sport that makes me act like a r*tarded monkey. Crying jags, shouting fits, threatening TVs and finally sulking in the corner. Four years of that I had with Ferrari but they were four brilliant pregnant years.

    9. Pysmythe

      Kimi has been my driver for ten years, ever since the fiasco at Interlagos where he had to give up the win. I love that crazy Finnish bastard, he's such a character! Next year back at Ferrari is apt to be hugely entertaining, with Alonso's temperament being so different, lol.

      Edit- Admittedly, a somewhat limited character (as in, "zero f_cks given"), but that's what makes him so entertaining.

    10. jaberwokky

      I hear ya, Kimi is an awesome driver in fairness, it's his cold hard nature that makes us softer types wonder. He's got his work cut out if he's up against Vettel though, that guy seems to be unstoppable.

      Still worrying over Schumi, it's going on way too long now :/

    11. Pysmythe

      Me, too. I'm so much sadder about Schumi than I probably ever would've expected I'd be. I'm still checking the news a couple of times a week for updates from his hospital team, hoping... Kimi had his hands full yesterday in Australia, the rear end of that car was all over the place every time he braked. Normally, he's pretty strong in Malaysia, so we'll see if they can get it worked out. Vettel was out on, what, lap 15? and I was like, YES! lol. I like him, but I don't want to see another blow out season from him.

    12. jaberwokky

      It should be a really interesting season all round, between all the driver, car and rule changes. Maybe Vettel won't have it all his own way.

      I have to say I find the new engine sounds a bit strange. Although it probably hurts a lot less standing near the track now :/

  12. Jo McKay

    Homo sapiens...we demonstrate great variation in our species - nuff said :)

  13. BenjaminMarchant

    I appreciate this documentary for opening my eyes to something I didn't know about but it is only an insight into a slightly warped spiritual reaction to warped social traumas experienced by a younger generation.

    In response to GodDj's part at the end; it's good to see a connection between the unity of electronic dancing with the joy of social spirituality. This is the primal nature of music and being able to enhance one's spiritual focus through the use of it. If one can disassociate the 'music' from Christianity then why not also connect to a deeper and richer heritage of music that helps the mind transcend the body in an ecstatic way. Beyond just Benedictine monks, and Baroque choirs, there are sufi songs and Qawwali songs that are more lively, fast, cascading and crescendo'ing with more intensity. But this would also require suspending your indoctrinated version of which word you use to 'name' a god. Personal favorite: Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Electronic music is (can be) a great boost but it is not reverent enough for me to appreciate the subtleties of existence. Just remember... it's NOT the word(s)... it's the MUSIC. Vibrating form is number through space and Music is vibrating number through time. We share the formlessness vibration too. We are it.

  14. Chris

    I'm curious how this kid Brandon has a tattoo of an anchor on his right cheek, and then at the 8:37 mark, he has it on his left cheek. Someone wanna explain this? Also, Jesus did not get drunk on wine. He drank wine, but it clearly states in Ephesians 5:18, "Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit, speaking to one another with psalms, hymns, and songs from the Spirit." There is so much wrong with this movement, and I wish more people would stand up and tell these people that they're not following Christ the way he wants them to.

    1. Shirforush

      The tattoo has not moved. For some reason the video is reversed at that point. You can tell by noticing everything else he is wearing is on the opposite side from previous and subsequent shots.

    2. Chris

      Much appreciated. That's what I initially thought, and I found a spot in the film that showed it was reversed.

    3. whatever

      There he is "The true Christian". If you live your life according to the rules written in a book from a time science hardly excisted, you believe in cr*p about talking snakes, angels flying trough the sky, a fairytale friend high up in the sky, you must be skizophrenic, high on drugs, or brainwashed with this nonsense since the day you where born. I wish more people would read some decent books instead of this fairytale cr*p

    4. docoman

      G'day Chris.
      Mate, you forgot to capatilise H in He. Oh o. Best be praying for forgiveness for that, just in case hey?

      Just because the Bible says don't get drunk, doesn't mean Jesus didn't. We know he liked the stuff, why turn water into wine when the wine ran out, if its not about getting drunk? The taste? lol.

      You know what Christ wants how exactly? Someone else told you? Or did you come up with your own interpretation of your scriptures?
      Maybe you can help me with this question then, I can't seem to get a straight answer from any Christian I ask. How many of the other 2 men on the crosses that day mocked Jesus? Was it one, or both? Mathew and Luke contradict each other. Which part should I believe, and which part is a lie?
      Mat 27:39-44 or Luke 23:36-43?

    5. Chris

      This will be the only time I'll respond (since it would more than likely stir up something inside to ask me to explain more passages that seem contradictory). Both of those questions have been explained. I won't sit here and spend all day explaining scripture, and my guess is you won't spend the time to look it up. I used to have a lot more "compelling" questions that no one would explain, than the ones you've presented. I was in the same position as yourself a couple years back, and I know that there is nothing I can say to you that will change your mind, which is unfortunate. It's unfortunate, because, you think that I believe in this hoopla and don't have my head screwed on straight. However, I remember what it was like, and I wouldn't listen to anyone, and I couldn't believe the things they would say to me. Like "I" needed to find God, HA! Their the ones who believe in this nonsense. They need to find a psychiatrist. However, I was so wrong. When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you start to understand what is organized by Satan and that which is Holy. Like I said, there is nothing I can say that will show you the way, and I wish there was something I could do. Till then, keep thinking I'm the one who is delusional, and I'll be praying for you. (And yes, I know just how that feels when someone says the'll pray for me), but it's the only thing we can do.

    6. docoman

      lol, pray all you like mate, it's your time to waste as you wish.

      Thank you for straining yourself to try to answer a straight forward question about what you preach, I understand questions are like cancer to you guys, thus your reluctance to think or talk about it.

      'Seem' contradictory?
      I deliberately started with this contradiction as it's pretty soft. It doesn't single out any particular denomination, and is pretty straight forward and easy to see. I have other questions if you'd prefer something more befitting your particular flavor of Christianity, (whatever one you've chosen ) but you've already stated how you don't wish to be questioned further about it.

      You said; "you think that I believe in this hoopla and don't have my head screwed on straight." Your last sentence clearly reveals your stance, so, yeah, duhh.

      Basically, your answer is that when one 'receives the Holy Spirit', they can then translate and discriminate correctly between right and wrong, including what's in your Bible.

      Why is it that so many that have 'received the Holy Spirit' translate it differently? Why is it always in favor of what best suits those doing the translating? Why is it so hard for a supposed 'all-powerful, perfect being' to get his rule book sorted out and accurate?

      Why are these unreasonable questions to ask?

      Another typical non-answer of an excuse, that generates more questions then answers, and flat out contradicts your whole premise that the Bible is the inerrant word of God.

      If you gave me something worth looking up I would have. But that's too much to ask for it seems. Bit too hard for ya.

      Pray away mate, let 'er rip, go your hardest, whatever floats your boat.

    7. jaberwokky

      I admire your endurance, you truly are a man of character.

    8. docoman

      Thanks mate. A bored, 'outdoors type' man confined inside a lot, sick of seeing preaching fools go unanswered mostly. Also, it's a bit of a waste having had to spend the time learning their BS in my younger years, and not have any use for it. I know they don't listen, maybe someone else reading it might start to question what they've been told to think though. I received some of their training, but the 'non-thinking brainwash' didn't take ;)
      I've enjoyed reading many of your posts on TDF mate.
      Edit- I just had a good laugh at your 'Mandela, Gandhi' post on another thread, funny stuff. :)

    9. jaberwokky

      Similar upbringing for me too mate, people of the flock are the same everywhere IMO, hypocrisy would seem to be the way of the cross no matter where it is. You're right of course, someone needs to counteract the venom as they lay it down. They will never listen but at least we can try forcing some honesty on them. And anyone that is torn between worlds can read and digest at their own leisure (and hopefully forgive my heathen soul some of my outbursts ... low tolerance for preachy f*ckbags, I'm working on it ).
      I've also enjoyed reading your posts over my time on TDF docoman, especially seeing as you are more adept at handling the 'stupidity' for want of a better word.

      I learn from watching and listening :)

    10. docoman

      I'm just medicated sometimes is all mate, valium raises the tolerance :) Add a dash of pain, and I'm ready to argue :)
      It's weird, the arguments become easier over time (usually the same excuses regurgitated by a new person) , but the patience to have it 'nicely' gets harder to find. (not on valium every day) I was probably more gentle a couple of years ago when I started here then I am now. I try to reply in kind, if they stay nice and reasonable I try to, but that is not the usual outcome as you know well. Like Chris here just displayed, they tend to not like being questioned, and I tend to be fairly sarcastic. Unless you get one that wants to preach... then it's game on :)

    11. jaberwokky

      Indeed, I've started to notice over time that the arguments tend to repeat. I've also started to notice that some comments while on first reading may seem benign enough, can often turn out to be impressively vitriolic. The venom runs deep in some folk. How is one supposed to get any real meaning from the Jesus monomyth if one spends their time barking at the moon? :/

      I think most of us on here would benefit from a valium every now and then mate.

    12. jaberwokky

      Hallelujah for Chris, he's here to save us. He's so grown up he outgrew his temporary phase of atheism and rebellion and now he's back to redeem us ... just like his saviour.

      Do you honestly think that particular line of BS is going to work here?

    13. Cat Jewell

      Amen brother.. Wow someone who seen this for its true form. Thank you for commenting that...

  15. thisismyspamemail

    I do not get how that one guy thinks all this love and happiness is from the devil. I would think that hate messages and anger and negativity would be more likely from a devil than love and positivity.

  16. richie086

    Christian trance DJ's? Well, I think I've seen it all now. I'd personally rather stick to the good ole actual crack rocks and satanic death metal rather than this crap though. Religion can be a great thing on a personal level, but if you take a look at this guy's 'followers' they all have some serious problems and he could easily tell them to do anything and I am sure they would gladly do it. Sounds more like a cult than a religion to me. BTW the chick doing this short documentary is crazy hot, but when she goes back to the UK she looks like a totally different person.

    1. jackie freitas

      hahahahaha....word :)

    2. jaberwokky

      Satanic death metal is a lot more honest in all meanings of the word than this shtick. That stuff is a lot closer to the original gnostic meanings of the Christian faith anyways.

      Jon Nodtveidt RIP.

  17. Lauri Neva

    A new low.

    1. docoman

      Obviously you either haven't been keeping up with the pedeophiles in dresses problem your fairy tale version leaders condone, or you're doing the 'head in the sand' trick that most of you Catholics are doing.
      That, or you condone that behaviour. Not a priest or ex-priest yourself are you Lauri? (it could just be your camera angle, but your pic has the 'looking down my nose at inferior or 'unsaved' people' look many believers and priests I've seen have)

      Pretend drunk looks great next to your lot's pretend morals. Shame on the lot of you sick, hypocrite, pedeophile protecting fairy tale pushers.

  18. John Defalque

    Religion has been the emptiest experience of my entire life-if you just pray to god, you won't be a poor slave. I am and have been atheist and communist for all but a few seconds of my life, when maybe I was under the god delusion.I'm a micro-brewer, I used to be a binge drinker until age 24, but for the past 22 yrs, I drink in moderation.

  19. bringmeredwine

    I think his past drug use made him a tad schizoid..

  20. bringmeredwine

    Yup. And doesn't need a real job, thanks to his merry band of followers.

  21. bringmeredwine

    Uh huh. Well, I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess all this loove and group acceptance stuff has some sort of wild placebo effect on these "drunken Christians"?
    Or, maybe they've found a place where they can just act crazy and get the attention they so badly crave?
    They've always been goof balls?
    The presenter was adorable and I liked her style (fashion sense).
    That's my contribution.

  22. LostAndFound50

    Whatever rocks your boat, shakes your booty...or whatever...

  23. Ingus Krauklis

    LSD, hippies, and the 60s. Have people forgotten those years when folks thought that through drugs they will attain spiritual realizations?


      Kinda hard to find spiritual enlightenment when they slap the cuffs on your a$$ ...

  24. ~Oliver B Koslik Esq

    Thats good!
    Very good!

  25. jaberwokky

    "So, VICE got on a plane"

    And then my brain said no more.

    1. Guest

      Coming from the world's biggest drunk ... ever.

  26. pwndecaf

    Just as weird as any other religion...hehe...hehehehe...hehe...

    1. bringmeredwine

      Now I'm intrigued by all this jocularity. I'll watch this soon.

  27. gert2222

    pack of freaks