The History of Angels

The History of Angels

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The History of AngelsDocumentary about the history of angels, and their influence on humankind and society both in the past and in modern times. Includes interviews and information about peoples personal experience with angels, such as spirit guides.

The origin of angels in history is quite complicated to figure out, due to angels or similar spirit beings being found within many cultures around the globe.

Angels are found within three key religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Yet, angels, or divine helpers, were also found within Sumerian, Babylonian, Persian, Egyptian and Greek writings, as well, and played a major influence upon the ideas regarding angels within the key religions themselves.

For example, it is well known that ancient Sumerian texts pre-dated the Hebrew book of Genesis, including the idea of the existence of angels. The Hebrew beliefs regarding angels were similarly shared with Christianity, and both Judaism's and Christianity's teachings of angels inspired the Islam beliefs concerning angels.

Though maybe called different names, benevolent spirit beings quite similar to angels can also be found within other religions, mythologies, and lore. Hinduism has avatars, Buddhism has devas and bodhisattvas, the Greeks wrote about daemons, and other spirit beings similar to angels, such as guardian spirits and spirit guides, have been taught by tribal cultures. All of these have similar function as helpful spirit messengers, or angels.

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  1. Pat

    I believe in spirits and heavenly being. But can someone enlighten me to the physical side of it? Sometimes I feel touchy sensations all over my body. Even in places I feel is disrespectful. Who or what this entity would be?

  2. light beings

    angel are general term for all the spiritual being existed in our physical plane .
    they are nothing but mere beings assigned for certain task .
    most are messenger they act as bridge between two different dimension
    trust me they exist .
    they act as a protective beings for some people
    but for those who do not,
    they act as prisoner
    then demons can manifest them easily
    convincing them that angels don't exist.

  3. sunnyday

    I am blessed every day by angels' protection, guidance and love because I ask for their help every chance I get. I have had many experiences with angels. I thank all the angels always and I feel extreme gratitude to them. My belief is my choice. If it's someone's choice not to believe angels exist or ask for their help, it is what it is. Everyone has free will.

  4. Evelina Williams

    Seeing is believing. Nuff' said.

  5. rudyt

    things will happen to you in your lifetime and you will be left wondering why? i believe in angels because they come to you when you are in situations you cannot control. they come to you in people for a brief moment and when they do you will witness a great thing. remember keep an open mind because that's how life works.

  6. Mike Ceglarski

    Try to consider everything with an open mind and open heart, and try to consider that just because someone along time ago wrote something down on paper doesnt make it factual...... I've read Harry Potter....And i dont have the urge to piece together parts of the books in a way to make the FICTIONAL narrative into a gospel.....If you want to really learn of the origins of christianity, judiasm,and muslim, etc... then go further back to ancient sumaria.....and ancient egypt.... thats where you will find where these original epic tales.... Man will always need a reason for why things happen, and when we cant find a reason we look to the sky or look toward hell......

    1. Ogvera04

      There's an original idea. All the people who disbelieve God and religious are always trying to convince the believes, and vice versa. The only difference is one preaches from a pullpet and the other from a tall ladder. The one thing in common: both sides share a great arrogance about how they are right. Let's just watch and learn from our own judgement without having to point out how the other side is wrong. Afterall would either soes believe in dinosaurs if not for the bones, and even still. Btw. I'm on neither side

    2. Momma Mann

      nicely said

  7. clevermiow

    final line: angels exists for those who believe in them... that sums it up... why take an hour to get there?

  8. clevermiow

    final line: angels exists for those who believe in them... that sums it up... why take an hour to get there?

  9. clevermiow

    final line: angels exists for those who believe in them... yup,.. that sums it up.. why take an hour to get to that point?

  10. clevermiow

    angels exists... for those who believe in them... I think that pretty sums it up...

  11. Zach Fraser

    smurf intervention is real people WAKE UP thats wat this is about right?

  12. Chadillac

    I believe a solid 70% of these "Angelic Intervention Tactics/Anomalies" are in fact true, as I've experienced first hand on a couple occasions in life where had I made a wrong decision of deciding to go to town from a Bonfire party in the middle of the Oregon Sand Dunes on Independence Day weekend I would've burned to death or at best been crushed into a Ford Explorer Sandwich & unconscious or not then BBQ'D to Death with my 2 Buddies, I'm 100% sane & I did hear a "Voice" whether it was my subconscious or Angelic Entities I'm assuming the latter because it was my money buying the beer. I've been skeptical on these subjects from word "GO" but when the SH*! Goes down & you're on the shoulder of the Pacific Coast Highway 101 & your "Party of 8" turns into 5 & reality of what almost claims your corpse sets in..... I didn't pay no mind to what powers that be told me to stay at camp (other than my Bitchy Ass EX-Girlfriend) I have no doubt what took over my mind & it wasn't the frequent D.A.R.E. COPS who visited my school monthly preaching about what NOT TO DO!!! THEY tried but until you have a Sobering Near Fatal Accident that should've claimed your life but instead took 3 Young Boys who for many reasons should've traded places with me just 4 the Caliber of Good Men they were & the fact that they were Fathers 2 be, Military, Sons,Uncles,Students Etc. Keep an open mind!!! & even wider eye on the Ball

  13. Anonymous

    just because its a history channel documentary does not make it accurate. dont believe everything you hear.

  14. Vince

    The need of humans to be cherished from an early age seems to be a function which heavenly type angels, whether real or imaginary, fulfill.

    The artist who described celebrities as being today what angels were to people of the past was, I think, way off the point. There is nothing cherishing about celebrities. Indeed Roman gladiators had celebrity status, but we wouldn't consider them angelic.

    Some questioning of statements might have improved the documentary.

  15. Kathrin

    weres waldo?
    oh there he is being jelouse and bitter lol

  16. Waldo

    On a seriouse note though, I tried to watch this for historical purposes but it was just to boring and fantastical for me. By the way, I am only joshing with you Tina, I didn't mean to be rude. You have a right to believe what ever you like.

  17. Waldo

    @ Tina

    So are unicorns, infact I have one I will sell you cheap. He tends to bleet like a goat every once and awhile, but you can surely get past that little detail if you close your eyes and believe strong enough. Besides, unicorn milk is great for the heart and circulation. If your interested I also have a bridge I have been trying to move for years. I'll cut you a package deal, as is of course, no refunds. Better move quick though, sloopy is also interested I imagine.

  18. Tina

    Beautiful beings

  19. Achems Razor

    Come on, @Squike: "Jimbo" was just pulling your chain, you know, just practising his trolling techniques, pretty good job to, gullible people can believe anything it seems. (LOL)

  20. Sloopy

    For those who've experienced the help of an angel, no explanation is necessary - for those who haven't, none is possible.

    1. Alienstarship

      Well said

  21. Squike

    Jimbo, I don't think you got the message. Agents of Satan are the ones that cause car crashes and it's the angels who prevent them. You just have to be sure of the origin of the voices you hear: agents of Satan tell you to drive on the wrong side of the road so that you hit oncoming beer lorries. Take no notice of them and listen to the angel on your shoulder.

  22. Jimbo

    I believe everything that this documentary says - it is by the History channel for God's sake - and you nay sayers are just agents of satan (who was a fallen angel too!). Some "scientific" fools seem to disbelieve that angels can save you in car crashes - shame on you for not believing what enlightened people tell you! I can testify to the angel that spontaneously appeared from the centre of my steering wheel and saved my life during a recent car crash I caused, but which would have been averted had the other driver also believed in angels - it takes two to tango! Praise Jesus and I'll pray for all your poor souls.,,

  23. Fluff

    Disappointed that the History Channel would serve up such a childish and naive documentary.

  24. christopher.miller

    I watched the full thing, I did not like the parts about the car crashes as it really started to reel off track in regards to angel history I was enjoying so much, but the documentary jumped right back on track with Gabriel and Michael and fun Doomsday stuff.

    I do believe that angels are guardians, but a actual voice from an angel is not something I could ever imagine to be real. I have had a voice in my head tell me things, But if anything it was my subconscious thinking a bit more openly.

    I feel I have avoided many bad situations from the "voice" in my head. But it was just "me" thinking to myself. Not someone or some other being telling me what to do.

    We all will have some sort of "spidey-sense" tingling at one point or another during our lives.

  25. Achems Razor

    Okay, am done with this doc, pushed myself to watch as far as car crashes.

    Curious to see what comments there are if any.

  26. Squike

    If Angels can stop you having car crashes, is it only people who don't believe in angels that are killed in car crashes?

    Or do you have to let the angels in advance know that you're starting on a potentially dangerous journey?

  27. zero

    My brain just died when I got to the "angel therapy" part. Angels, toxins, single divorced women... and money. Lots and lots of money.