Egypt's Lost Power

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There is a group of men who have grown rich through secretive energy deals between Egypt and Israel. They have cost the Egyptian people billions of dollars in lost revenues. One of the men responsible was a confidante of ex-president Hosni Mubarak, the other a former Israeli intelligence officer who is now suing the Egyptian State. The film investigates the role of energy in the most important relationship in the Middle East - Israel's peace accord with Egypt - as a new balance of power emerges in the region.

Israel has laid claim to some of the largest gas fields discovered this century. As gas shortages sweep Egypt, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is hoping that a clandestine deal to buy gas from Israel will secure his political future.

Since its foundation Israel's lack of oil and gas has been a key strategic weakness. In the 1960s it look to neighboring Egypt. Egypt has been extracting gas from the waters off its coast since the 1960s. During the 1967's Arab-Israeli war Israel seized the Sinai Peninsula and a number of oilfields there. This set the stage for this relationship of energy interdependence.

In the 1970s up to two-thirds of Israel's oil came from a land that was illegally occupied. As the United States began brokering talks that would lead to the Camp David accords, the State Department made a secret offer to appease Israel. The US agreed to supply Israel with oil for five years if its own supplies are disrupted and it cannot meet its normal requirements.

When the Camp David Accords were signed in 1978 Israel agreed to a full withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula. The United States formally committed itself to guarantee Israel with energy for a further 15 years. But there was a further agreement at Camp David that was rarely discussed - Egypt committed itself to supplying oil to Israel.

The peace accords also brought together the interest of two powerful groups - Egypt's military and intelligence services began regular meetings with their Israeli counterparts. This was to have profound effects on Egypt's future. In 1993, another historic deal was again to entangle energy policy with proposals for Middle East peace. In the Oslo Accords the Palestine Liberation Organization recognized the State of Israel. Egypt was repaid for its role in convincing the Palestinian leadership to sign the deal.

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  1. B12

    Buying Israeli gas should not be an option for Egypt. such a thing would give a huge advantage for Israel over Egypt, especially when it comes to the Sinai peninsula( considering how the Israelis would love to have it), and the Egyptian-Syrian relationship (the Egyptian army teaches that Syrian security is a part of Egypt security and lets not forget when the two countries united with each other int he past).

    the best option for Egypt is for the Syrians to develop their Mediterranean gas wells and sell to Egypt (this would be great for the Arabs), however; this is a pie in the sky nowadays. another options would be for Egypt to buy gas from Kurdistan which is currently looking to become independent from Iraq, Egypt can get a sweet deal there. Qatari and Turkish gas is also available for sale but the Egyptian army would have to compromise on many things since both Qatar and turkey supported the Muslim brotherhood. Russian gas is hard to get i think, just cuz of geographic separation.

    i have always been a believer in Israel and Saudi Arabia being very close allies, especially now since both of them consider Iran a common enemy. This documentary, i think, explains a bit why Saudi Arabia is giving Egypt huge amounts of money. Israel might be coordinating with the Saudis on that front and pushing them to give Egypt the money.

    this documentary is great, however; i cannot ignore its purpose, which is to antagonize the Egyptian army. Although the army cannot be fully trusted especially when it comes to energy deals, Egypt begs for a strong leader that can bring stability and some sort of a stable economy. Morsi was not the right man nor was his organisation. they were poorly organised, barely knew how to lead the country and they were racist.

  2. Sabri

    Completely agree with you guys to 100 percent. I was starting to think that i might be the only one that found it a bit unnatural and forced. Specially the flashing images...

  3. Mob34

    agreed with fabien. The flames, water effects, gloomy music, and repetition of unflattering images attempt to convey a negative message of the targets to the viewer while simultaneously obstructing the actual evidence that they're supposed to be presenting.

  4. Fabien L

    Interesting doc but I don't understand the use of flames and water effects and gloomy music as transitions. Maybe they are trying to convey a subconscious negative message about these men and companies to the viewer? If so, that's not what I call neutral journalism.

    1. a_no_n

      probably a bad director or an insistent producer with an axe to grind. No doubt it will be the result of an executive decision made somewhere down the line.

      Al Jazeera are usually one of the more trustworthy sources of information, but that doesn't offer them any shield from bad showmanship.

    2. Astraea Shaw

      Trust Al Jazeera! Definitely not. It is just the BBC in the ME! I do recommend the writings of an Egyptain doctor whose name is Dr. Ashraf Aziz - you can find him at Veterans Today.

    3. Fabien L

      Not sure I would trust Veterans Today more than Al Jazeera. Here are some articles on there I find extremely dubious :

      "Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning ?"

      "The Jewish Question: A Problem without a Solution (Part 2)"

      "Illuminati Human Sacrifice Denver Friday June 20-21 8pm"

    4. sakohaga

      Veterans today is really good source of info like infowar even if infowar(Alex Jones) avoid zionism even when the mens he talk about are zionist and free macon,
      The only sites who defame Veterans Today are jew zionist paid journals, anyways i undestand them a little the fact that they've been soldiers make them not want to go to war and loss our boys for Israel and some jew thinker like Brzezinski Zbigniew who was saying they have to regime change in irak in guess what 1997,Anyways Veterans Today is definitely a good source of info,

    5. Fabien L

      Yeah right, here are some of the articles you can find there :

      The day the world fell down…9-11 was a nuclear attack
      (A nuclear attack without a trace of radioactivity)

      Ukraine invasion threat by Russia a hoax
      (Except for the fact that Crimea is now under Russian control)

      Sandy Hook was an Elaborate Hoax
      (Not even worth a comment)

    6. Deborah Macaoidh Selim

      Al Jazeera & Egypt aren't on the best of terms, if you haven't noticed, lol.

    7. thelastroadrunner

      There isn't any such thing as "neutral journalism". The only honest thing a journalist can do is admit to their personal biases. Perhaps the film makers should have done this, or, perhaps they presumed you would be able to figure it out easily enough.

    8. Fabien L

      It's one thing to declare your bias with words, trying to implant a negative feeling via subliminal messages is hypocritical.