Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority

Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced Majority

2006, Military and War  -   154 Comments
Ratings: 7.93/10 from 102 users.

Occupation 101: Voices of the Silenced MajorityThe greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance... it is the illusion of knowledge. A thought-provoking and powerful documentary film on the current and historical root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Unlike any other film ever produced on the conflict - Occupation 101 presents a comprehensive analysis of the facts and hidden truths surrounding the never ending controversy and dispels many of its long-perceived myths and misconceptions.

The film also details life under Israeli military rule, the role of the United States in the conflict, and the major obstacles that stand in the way of a lasting and viable peace. The roots of the conflict are explained through first-hand on-the-ground experiences from leading Middle East scholars, peace activists, journalists, religious leaders and humanitarian workers whose voices have too often been suppressed in American media outlets.

The film covers a wide range of topics - which include - the first wave of Jewish immigration from Europe in the 1880's, the 1920 tensions, the 1948 war, the 1967 war, the first Intifada of 1987, the Oslo Peace Process, Settlement expansion, the role of the United States Government, the second Intifada of 2000, the separation barrier and the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, as well as many heart wrenching testimonials from victims of this tragedy.

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2 years ago

I don't support Iranian government and that bloody Saudi government's poppet of US, both were originally paid, placed and controlled by the US government. This is another twisted lies designed to brainwash and creates lies by US government and its popped media. Shame on you frontline. you pretend to be honest but cunningly and intentionally covered up the truth and tried to erase the fact that khomani and shah were both placed by the US government. Iran had a democratic Iranian Government (Dr Mossadegh) who rightly nationalized Oil and based on that, US and UK prime minister Winston Churchill and the Eisenhower administration decided to overthrow Iran's government. Shame on you again and that bloody report.

5 years ago

Very sad situation.

8 years ago

For Gods sake.
Will someone put ALL the facts together, and make a serious documentary, all I have seen until now, is a promotion of the ideology and view of one side or the other.
This film once more gives a view of half the story.
no good.

Nanson Hwa
9 years ago

Rabbi Isroel Dovid Weiss say Zionism has created "rivers of blood and is an ideology that takes God out of the equation of Judaism and replaces it with Israeli nationalism which is contrary to God's law.

9 years ago

I can't imagine what will happen to Israel over time. The best solution is for it to become a secular, integrated state sharing power with the Palestinians (abandon Zionism). That doesn't seem likely given the direction the Middle East is taking, but miracles do happen. It wouldn't take much to get Palestinian leaders to agree. t can't envision a two-state solution under these circumstances. In any case the situation now is intolerable and cannot last. I hate to think of the worst case scenarios.
I look at other places in the world: The Congo, Myanmar, North Korea, the Baltics- the list goes on and on. The dehumanizer is also dehumanized. There has to come a day when brutality must be abandoned, if for no other reason than the incapability of the oppressor to continue doing evil despite his own self-disgust.

10 years ago

The Israelis share a common arrogance with Americans due to greed,money and power. This, however, is changing little by little as the Americans grow more isolated from the rest of the world. I know that great number of us here in Canada view the American policies as pigheaded and we view most Americans as undereducated and self-serving. Not to mention an almost extremist level of patriotism.
There are many Americans and a growing number of Israelis who are beginning to realize that they have been fooled by a powerful propaganda machine run by Zionists in both Israel and the US.
One shouldn't speculate on suicide bombers until they have lived in a repressed state,it may seem brutal in their delivery but so are conventional weaponry. Violence is never the correct answer but when you corner someone their only option is to fight for their life.
Until paranoid leaders such as Netanyahu stop bullying the desperate Palestinians this conflict will never end.

Alv V
10 years ago

If this is not Arab anti-Semitic propaganda, I don't know what is. Just listen to what they are saying, is it "Jews and Arabs" or "Israeli and Palestinian"? No, it is "Palestinian and Jews". Nation and Race. They put the face of a child on the cover and everyone is eating this shit thinking it is candy, if they knew what they ate they would spit it out.

The beginning of the film are actually placing Gandhi together with suicide-bombers. I don't think Gandhi would like that. They are very eager to show dead Arab children, then some quick lies about what happened, no documentation, it is children getting shot without reason, and when they mention the stone throwing then more lies about the children doing this without any clear reason. Why do the children throw rocks?

Because the adults do. They go to the mosque and get served Muslim violence racist pseudo-religious propaganda from the imam, then out to throw stones on the blood-thirsty devil-Jews. The children at home are watching "Mickey Mouse" (Hamas Muslim propaganda) on the TV talking more about Jews that need to be stoned. So what do the children do? They go throw stones at *heavily armed soldiers* (I would try to stop children doing things like that if I were their parents and I would turn off the sick show on the TV and tell the children to be nice.

I would even stop other children from doing that, saying stop that, you can get hurt) together with the adults. This is everyday work for those soldiers, they respond with tear-gas to try break up those very peaceful demonstrations. Now the demonstrators got tear-gas grenades to throw back. If they get some serious weaponry from Iran->Hezbollah->Hamas->Population. They sure as hell don't try raise an army, but go shoot at Jews pronto. Bringing children with them is common strategy, then if it gets serious enough, someone will get hurt. And if it is children, then photo and film it and show it to the world, what this blood-thirsty race did to them. I'm sure they are not not nearly as eager to show movie clips of rabbis picking up shattered human remains after the coward suicide-bombers are easily persuaded into meeting loads of virgins in paradise. Very brief they mention the human casualties, but just because there's 4000 Arabs and 1000 Jews, but no more talk of that, to not get into the fact that 1000 people have been murdered by Arabs. No words of [Iranian] rockets getting more and more advanced striking Israeli territory randomly and certainly not rarely. They actually have to build a missile defense system there. Jews in Palestinian territory have to drive in armored vehicles escorted by soldiers or else certainly getting into trouble. Arabs in Israel on the other hand don't get a mob of people stoning them, in fact they are not mentioned at all, even if they are 20% (officially) and breeding like rabbits. Jews in Palestine are also minority, but certainly not welcome.

There's no peace, Arabs don't want peace, they read their holy book and it talk about how they need to erase all Jews from the world, mixed with what they think are facts read from the 'Learned Elders of Zion' So those in Palestine have build their own jail by this, since it's clearly not safe to have them free. If they had the weapons, I'm sure they would not defend the west-bank or Gaza, but run into Israel to kill every last one Jew in a second holocaust. This is their religion. The Jews just want to live in Israel and have a homeland after being pacifists for 2000 years after they got ethnically cleansed in Israel and ended up in Europe and Russia, then more extermination for the next two millennium. But when they returned to their homeland and fought for it, things quickly improved. I have to finish, just some quick comments that probably could be improved. to get the story a bit more balanced, where I talked for the Jewish side, since they had nothing to say. I don't support killing children, war-crimes or illegal occupation.

There's no point talking about the Zionism, it is the present day that matters. I'd like to see a documentary that is objective, balanced and neutral of this conflict, telling both stories, but I doubt there are any. And most of all I would like hearing someone talking about humans as in those living there. No doubt there's bad people on both sides, and bad people with guns are usually worse.

Now I have to run for the bus in occupied Norway, where I am as a white man, native Norse, will be sitting in that bus surrounded by Arabs, not bothering to learn my language, or have friends that are not Muslim. Or wait, did I say that? It's not allowed to talk about my ethnic group, even if the Muslims have gone public saying they want to replace it with more Muslims, the tactic is breeding children 4-5 for each 1 Norse, get in majority and demand sharia-law. They want to occupy my country, my religion and my culture. But anyone being concerned by this in Europe is quickly labeled islamophobic and racists extreme-right wing, even if they simply tell the truth. Welcome to the world, and have a nice day.

Virginia Salas
10 years ago

If the people of Isreal are so darn advanced and Intelligent. Here is a thought build an Island and move there. Dubai did it so can you. Free the Palestine!

10 years ago

Thanks for the film; for all of my life I have been a strong supporter of the right of Israel to exist, but cannot support the oppressive manner in which it is brutalizing the Palestinians. As a Canadian, I am ashamed that our government chose to not support the Palestinian resolution at the UN. I have not seen any of our North American media indicate good reasons why the US and Canada should not support the resolution, other than Israel did not support it. I am afraid that is not good enough. At the very least, I am now of the view that Israel should be investigated for alleged war crimes against the Palestinians and if the evidence is there, it should be held accountable.

Ivan Phell Enrile
10 years ago

The "break the bone strategy" scene disgusts me to no end

10 years ago

God watches the Israeli people and weeps.

10 years ago

The hired ethnic hitmen and Zionist attack dogs continue the disinformation campaign across message boards, discussion forums, blogs, and social media, the virtual equivalent of the Mossad international death squads, who violate diplomatic protocols, steal passports, trespass sovereign countries, all in order to carry out extrajudicial assassinations against their enemies- which, at this stage, consist of most of the civilised world. Gentiles are only of instrumental importance to the Zionists, for whom lying, cheating, stealing, and killing form part of their code of "ethics".

10 years ago

The reason why I'm wastin time responding to whoever or whatever is calling himself objectiveWesterner is for the sake of a truly objective observer who happens upon these comments

Ethnic cleansing. Almost all the Jews, about 850,000 were forced
out of Arab countries. The arabs living in Israel were given full
Israeli citizinship. But the so called palestinians in Arab host countries
in Lebanon, Jordan were subject to apartheid, not by Israel but by their arab host countries. The Palestine refugee camps were built by
Arabs. In 1970 Jordan expelled many of these so called palestinians
and many were ethnically cleansed into Gaza.

If Israel wanted to level Cairo they would have done so on the first day of the six day war, why would they wait till the fourth?

Below are the cites of american investigations of the Liberty incident.

Navy Court of Inquiry June 10-18, 1967 The attack was a case of mistaken identity. Calm conditions and slow ship speed may have made American flag difficult to identify. No indication the attack was intended against U.S. ship.
CIA Report June 13, 1967 The attack was not made in malice and was a mistake.
Joint Chiefs of Staff Fact Finding Team (Russ Report) June 9-20, 1967 Outlined "findings of fact," bud did not make any findings about the actual attack.
Clifford Report July 18, 1967 No premeditation, but "inexcusable failures" by Israeli forces constituing "gross negligence."
Senate Committee on Foreign Relations 1967 Secretary of Defense McNamara testified he supported conclusion that the attack was not intentional.
Senate Armed Services Committee Feb. 1, 1968 No conclusion. Secretary McNamara makes comparison of attack on Liberty to that on Pueblo with regard to uncertainty about what was happening at the time of the incident.
House Appropriations Committee April-May 1968 Navy communications "foulup" and no conclusion regarding Israeli actions. Much of report remains classified.
House Armed Services Committee May 10, 1971 Critical of Navy communications, no conclusion regarding Israeli actions.
Senate Select Committee on Intelligence 1979 Responding to critical book by Liberty crewman James Ennes, Senate investigation found no merit to his claim attack was intentional.
National Security Agency 1981 Liberty was mistaken for an Egyptian ship as a result of miscalculations and egregious errors.
House Armed Services Committee June 1991 Responding to request from Liberty Veterans Association, Subcommitte on Investigations launched probe that concluded there was no evidence to support allegations made by the Association and no reason for further investigation.

Conclusion. There might have been negligence on both sides but
no deliberate attack. It was during a war.
Anyone with half a brain would realize that a deliberate attack by Israel
makes no sense except to a lunatic

There is a tsunamni of lies emanating from Islamofascists and their agents.
I don't know if the so called objectivWeaterner is one of their agants or merely a ranting lunatic.

All facts above can be verified on the web by anyone who is legitimately searching for the truth

11 years ago

They're way over on the subjective side

Nalliah Thayabharan
11 years ago

When Putin was elected as President of Russia in 2000, Russia was bankrupt. The nation owed $16.6 billion to the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist Rothschild-run International Monetary Fund while its foreign debt to the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist Rothschild-controlled Paris & London Club Of Creditors was over 36 billion dollars.

But Putin took advantage of the current boom in world oil prices by redirecting a portion of the profits of Russia’s largest oil producer Gazprom so as to pay off the country’s debt. The continual surge in oil prices greatly accelerated Russia’s capacity to restore financial sovereignty. By 2006 Putin had paid off Russia’s debt to the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist Rothschilds. Russia’s financial dependence on the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist financiers was now over.

Rothchild's agent Mikhail Khordorkovsky, a Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist, gained his fortune along with many other Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist oligarchs, by exploiting the Yeltsin era’s privatizations. With the backing of Jacob Rothschild, Khordorkovsky started the bank Menatep Banking Group just prior to the fall of Soviet Union in 1990. The Menatep Banking Group was associated with the Rothschild-Soros Carlyle Group.

In 1995, Khordorkovsky bought Yukos Oil for $350 million. He became one of the world’s richest men with a personal worth of at least $1 billion. In October of 2003 Khordorkovsky was arrested for embezzlement.

As most wealthy Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists who use their financial power to subvert their host nation, Khordorkovsky set himself up as a critic of Putin’s efforts to unite Russia politically and culturally. Khordorkovsky spent millions of dollars to overthrow Putin by funding “democratic reforming parties” by which Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists take control of their host nation.

In February of 2004, right after Khordorkovsky’s arrest, Khordorkovsky’s Menatep Bank was revealed to be operating out of the Isle of Man, a UK offshore tax haven. At this time, Menatep offered Yukos shares to Putin in exchange for Khordorkovsky’s freedom. But Putin did not need to wheel & deal with the Jewish financiers. Putin simply nationalized Yukos Oil shortly after the Menatep offer.

The British press reported that Khordorkovsky’s shares in Yukos Oil were passed to Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist Jacob Rothschild just prior to Khordorkovsky’s arrest.

But Menatep denied that Jacob Rothschild had any power in the Group. Their statement declared that Jacob Rothschild had close links with Menatep only through the Open Russia Foundation whose trustee membership included Henry Kissinger. But Menatep failed to mention that the Open Russia Foundation was founded by Yukos Oil.

There is no man feared more by Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists than Russian President Vladimir Putin.And while the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist West and its lackeys at the Saudi-led Gulf Cooperation Council would have us believe that armed jihadists in Syria who are murdering innocent native civilians are “lovers of democracy,” Putin remains unshaken in his defense of International law.

Now, with three Russian warships recently docked in Syria’s port of Tartus, Putin’s actions speak louder than his words. And Talmudic Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist, Senator Joseph Lieberman, who is the first senator to call for a No Fly Zone over Syria and for arming the Syrian opposition—which in reality is made up of Islamic fundamentalists and foreign mercenaries—has gotten Putin’s message.

Liberman said “We’re not going to stand by and allow this Assad to slaughter his people like his father did. He’s going to run the risk of having the world community come in and impose a No Fly Zone. And in doing so, we’re being consistent with our American values.”

Liberman's “American values” have already underpinned the massacre of scores of Libyan civilians and the decimation of a once orderly and contented Libyan civilian infrastructure. And now Liberman wants to do the same in Syria as well.

Because Bashar al-Assad has intensified Syria’s policy of resisting Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist imperialism ever since taking over the reins from his father, Hafez al-Assad, in 2000, International Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionists and their shill, the USA, pursuing its habitual violent program of regime change this time in Syria in order to install a pro-Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist dictatorship in Damascus. Since then, Assad has grown the economy at a healthy rate of 5% a year. Since then, Syria is debt free and will not allow any Rothschild Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar banks. And you’ll be hard pressed to find any McDonald’s or Pizza Huts in Syria…it’s forbidden territory for internationalist Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist-funded corporations.

And since then, due to Assad’s independent, self-directed, economic development – a program shared by all US regime change targets – the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist globalist bankers and their corporate pawns are being thwarted from privatizing and politically Zionizing the industries and government of the sovereign nation of Syria.

The Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist influenced US State Department put forward this very same Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist banker’s agenda when it stated that “Syria refuses to join an increasingly interconnected global economy.”

The Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, of course a Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist, Jeffrey Feltman, highlighted Jewish Finance Capital’s plan for “democracy” in Syria — (READ: The “humanitarian” BOMBING of Syrian civilians) — in his recent testimony before the Zionist-led Senate Committee on Foreign Relations said “Bashar al-Assad is destroying Syria and destabilizing the region. An orderly democratic transition that removes Assad from power and restores stability is clearly in the United States’ interests. It will support our goals of promoting democracy and human rights.”

It’s the same old LIE: The Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist West is framing the conflict in Syria as one between the “lovers of democracy” led by the Free Syrian Army and a murderous tyrant…so very, very far from the facts on the ground as Russia and the Syrian government have been contesting all along.

This has been verified by the Observer Mission recently sent to Syria by the Arab League which stated in paragraph 75 of its suppressed Report “There have been incidents that include the bombing of buildings, trains carrying fuel, vehicles carrying diesel oil and explosions targeting the police, members of the media and fuel pipelines. Some of those attacks have been carried out by the Free Syrian Army and some by other armed opposition groups,”.

While the Illuminati Ashkenazi Khazar Zionist Master Plan for a Greater Israel extending from Tel Aviv to Tehran – from the Nile to the Euphrates – by fragmenting Israel’s bordering nations into competing militias and warlords, Vladimir Putin remains firm and uncompromising.

You can hear it all the way from Moscow to Tel Aviv:

A clear and resounding “Nyet” flaming forth from Vladimir Putin, the world’s foremost and only defender against Zionism’s warmongering, world-destroying, ugly designs!

11 years ago

Why does this site seem to produce one sided completly distorted documentaries about how Israel allegedly oppresses the so called Palestinian
people, the only nationality whose basis of existence is the extermination
of another people and who have gained acceptability though terror and
murder with the help of oil money, Islamic propaganda, and Leftist antisemites who pretend to be human rights adovcates.
This propsaganda garbage is so full of distortions it's impossible
to rebut without at least thirty pages.
what bothers me the most is why this site doesn't present documentaries
about the Israeli victims of palestinian terror? If there is one I missed here
I'd like to know about it. If not then why is this site so biasly selective?

11 years ago


fiz fiz
11 years ago

I am well read about this situation and have visited both sides and through my experiences I can firmly say that this documentary portrays an accurate and realistic picture of the situation. Instead of being fanatics why don't some people here go visit Palestinian and see when rich bitches are busy shopping in Tel-Aviv driving BMWs, there are Palestinian girls who have been wearing the same piece of clothing for the past 5 years. Thanks you for making such a real documentary and I hope that the Israeli's correct their ways.

11 years ago

Uninformed people that watch this beware: This is largely one-sided propaganda where causes and effects are often reversed: typical is the minimal mention of Arab countries' aggression and Palestinian terrorism that uses civilians as its shield and support, see how superficially the causes of war of '48 and '67 are presented and how you are left with the impression that all those security measures are pure sadism and that people are randomly shot and oppressed out of context.....

11 years ago

my message to my the Palestinian people, lets forget about the past, life goes on, who cares if they took our land, we will build beautiful buildings and plenty of resources our land is bigger than them, they will stop shooting high powered weapons, if the Israelites knows that we are doing good in our community, look at them they made subdivisions, what about us we keep fighting for nothing,let them be, we can make a happy life if our palestinian government build a school instead of teaching us to throw stones...

12 years ago

ive long resisted any comment here, due to how high emotion seems to run on this topic, on BOTH sides of the fence... militarily, both sides commit "atrocities" in an unapologetic manner, allowing all to finger-point at "them" as the "monster"....the palestinian position and motivations are reasonably clear "liberte, fraternite...",etc, the impetus for most rebellion... it's the initial motivation of israel, the "rhyme and reason" that started the slow, inescapable trip to this crossroads the situation currently occupies, that so many debate and speculate about.. i think one must look at the history of nations founded by, for lack of a better term, "freed slaves", haiti, and liberia as prime examples... one finds as a common thread in such nations that the "plantation system" is retained (in the case of haiti) or instituted (liberia), as it is the industry and governance the leaders are most familiar with.... let us then overlay such a mindset on the irgun, the stern gang, and the various other military, paramilitary, and civilian leaders of the "zionist revolution" that gave birth to israel, who went on to pretty much dominate the israeli political scene until this day... these are for the most part, survivors of various pogroms, purges, death camps, forced resettlements, and a myriad of other discriminations at the hands of others, or they represented the remains of the resistance to those draconian injustices... the vast majority had only experienced "governance of discrimination", so it would seem logical to expect at least some aspects of such governance in the nation that emerges from the union of these populations... the political response of neighbor states, huge influx of "military aid",and long term lack of genuine mediation has offered no incentive to change this "political mindset", and has in fact offered a huge disincentive... i think one must look toward the "irish troubles" to see the ONLY potential solution to this problem... the political dynamic must be changed by both camps... bullying will never offer peace, no matter which camp has the larger cudgel to pound on their "enemy"... both sides must recognize the others rights, both must make concessions, and, most importantly, the world MUST allow for the "political evolution" process on BOTH sides, without interference, as ALL involved parties can NEVER be satisfied by any solution, and there will will be opposition on both sides to any real compromise... until all in power "bury the hatchet", and take a "restart from zero" approach (we're all here, we all need to exist, so let's work it out), there can be no progress...

12 years ago

I wish some of you could stop the childish comments and attacks from both sides, really. You are all entitled to agree or disagree with your points of views. I for one happen to agree that this documentary is a very accurate portrayal of how life exists under occupation, and I am well read on the topic. Excellent, but sad documentary which really highlights how extremism forms. I prey for the Palestinian people that they can eventually enjoy the freedom of an occupation-free, soverign nation. I just don't think it will happen in the near future, hope I'm wrong.

12 years ago

You are an idiot. Plain and simple. You don't care about the Palestinians, you just hate Jews. I've noticed a lot of your ilk posting comments here. As a German and a Jew, let me say, "F**** Dich"

12 years ago

Hmmm...."I don't hate Jews"..."I always thought that what Hitler did wasn't good..now I really doubt." Really? So the government of Israel and SOME Jews who support them commit atrocities, and you now wonder if it wasn't okay that Hitler tried to wipe out an entire race. Well by your logic, if it was okay for Hitler to do what he did, it ought to be okay for Israel to do what it is doing to the Palestinians. Listen people, Israel is a country run by a government. That government does not speak for every single citizen, and Israel certainly does not speak for every single Jew. A LOT of Jews here in America think that what is happening is abhorent. Hell, a lot of Jews in Israel don't like it. As I posted earlier, comparing all Jews to one another here is like saying that all Americans support the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Also that all Christians want to see Islam wiped out, and that all Muslims want a holy war against 'infidels'. Some of you people here really do just hate Jews. Hate is hate, shame on you

12 years ago

everybody who is not living in these hell-holes of Palestine, darfur, seira leon.... and god knows how many..... should thank god for each and every day of their life that they do not have to witness even a fraction of what people from these places has to go through day in day out..... and what shocks me after reading the reviews of my fellows from different parts of the world is... that instead of talking about the very basic right of these millions of people which is right to live... forget about... other rights.... and how it is voilated... we are still arguing about... propaganda, conspiracy theories... blah blah blah.... common guyz.... and i'm not being sentimental about it.... everytime we waste our time discussing these non essential issues ... there are lives in iminent danger..... and may peril any moment....

12 years ago

What motive?? Are you serious?? Did you not SEE LIVE footage of the floatilla?? When will the heart feel and the eyes see what lies before them???

12 years ago

Joan Peters "Time Immemorial "is a shamelessly mendacious tendentious ,poorly reaserched and historically inaccurate work.It was wholly discredited as such in 1986 after enjoying a brief period of ill-deserved praise.Not what I would call "doing your homework".Peter Goodgame is a Bible scholar more involved with the Rapture and Apocalyptic prophecy than foreign policies.The bible(I HAVE read it)and Qu'ran(also read it)certainly both condone violence and slaughter in the name of the True God.Except that the bible prophecies the return to the Holyland(state of Israel)and thus Zionists may rightfully lay claim to Palestine.Utter Fundamentalist Rubbish

12 years ago

so sad....cant believe they went down this road...weres the fear of god,

12 years ago

thats why the quran says,in reguards to the jews some of them are believers but most are evil livers,they wont fight you except behind a wall,this time they are use the jewish religion as there wall and the holocost as an excuse to propgrated there evil oppression and lies lies lies...I am shock how american jews to not speak up against this...who in the past here jump as laywers for other who were oppressed to gain ranks with in ,your for all inhumanity or none thats the truth.all else is alternative motives,next time some one tells me jews were gods chosen people tell me chosen for what,tell me wich of the ten commandments are be practiced...all i see is is the practice against all the commandments to practice one is all,,,do not steal do not kill ect. but this is what you have to do to have a state.

12 years ago

I saw this movie and have a firm opinion that this is lie. The second intifada was
ignited by fake and fraudulent footage on killing of Mahamad
Drury by Israel soldier created by France TV. later analysis clearly
showed that the France TV Channel intentionally fabricated the footage
an the boy was killed by a palestinian sniper. Fabrication of fake scenes
to portrait Israel aggressor is a wide accepted practice. Western
journalists and operators have been done this for decades; in the
second intifada they had agreement with Arafat to fabricate anti-Israel
news; in Lebanon war the worked for Hezbollah; in Gaza war - for Hamas.
This is one more fabricated "reality" that fully contradict to the

12 years ago

Two thumbs up on this award winning documentary!!
Occupying another's land, and robbing them of their resources is illegal, immoral, and unjust. I would like to point out that the former CBS producer and propoganda artist Joan Peters, whom you refered to as Joan Peterson, is a fraud. Her work is laughable at best. If you wish to be truly educated on the topic, you should broaden your home library collection to include authors from both sides of the issue. Excellent choices from the left would include Norman Finklestein, Noam Chomsky, Phyllis Bennis, Ilan Pappe, and Benny Morris. Isn't that funny? They all happen to be Jewish.... So much for bias opinions. Great documentary... People are beginning to really wake up thanks to social media, the ordinary person is now more accurately informed.

12 years ago

Please scroll up and read Carmi comment. This person is dead on! Absolutely correct and it is very obvious that he/she has done his/her homework. Very well stated and I couldn't say it better myself. Well done.

12 years ago

Stephen Hawkings quote...."Ignorance is not a lack of knowledge it is the illusion of knowledge" is absolutely correct. I am so tired of people making ingnorant comments when it is so obvious they haven't researched for THEMSLEVES. To reiterate garbage from documentaries like this is typically of people who are too lazy to do the work themselves. Even the Palestinian population has been so propagandized that they wholeheartedly believe the lies their leaders feed them. Kindergarten children are fed hatred of the infidels. My suggestion is to number one, read the bible and the Koran. Compare the two. read "From time in Memorial" by Joan Peterson. Peter Goodgame is an author with a fabulous sense of the Arab Israeli conflict and sites both sides. This documentary is extremely biased and does not report on both sides at all. Look at Islam. It is not a religion of peace. Watch documentary called "What the West needs to know about Islam". Please do your homework before you make silly UNEDUCATED comments. The truth will set you free. God bless.

12 years ago

I just saw the movie...it is really good one. I don't hate jews...I just don't like how they are playing with world. Movie says all true about all this shit. I have a jewish friend, shes in army now...and like she said, that even they dont like the way they do...better spend money to education. I always thought that what Hitler did wasnt good...now I really doubt. From nation, who suffered a lot they became most aggressive nation in the world. It's sad that NATO dont do anything about that...lets hope, that Europe will kick american ass from alliance soon.

12 years ago

it is nice to see that the the jewish lobby is alive and well even on this website.

many moderate jews, such as the late Tony Judt, have spoken about the inability of people to criticize the state of israel, because if we do it will only affirm to others that we are indeed anti-semites.

aside from the fact that semitic religions include christianity, islam, and judaism, thus calling into question the commonly accepted notion anti-semetism - there is a more obvious problem with this over used zionist defense mechanism. apparently israel is above criticism.

well lets just say its a good thing we have had great "anti-semitic" jews that fight/fought back with their critiques, people such as Noam Chomsky (once an adamant zionist), the late Howard Zinn, and DemocracyNow journalist Amy Goodman.

by the way good doc

12 years ago

on youtube there is additional 4 episodes ..do not forget to watch them...

phil atio
12 years ago

i can't really blame hitler jews control the banks, the media, it is wrong to have 1 group control the entire country

Former Jew
12 years ago

I am a former Jew who converted to Islam. I see now how the Jewish state is a repressive government on Palestinians. Palestinians and Jews need to live in peace with either no government and no settlements or a UN sanctioned gov't in the region with NO settlements.
I see now that a gov't with Halakha the divine law of Hazrat Musa alahy asalam and a gov't with Shariah the divine law of the Prophet Muhammad Allah huma salahy Allah Muhammad wa Alay Muhammad are exactly the same because the religions have the SAME GOD! Jews and Muslims are the same and love and worship the same god we should be in peace but because of some Jews who think that its okay to take land from Arabs our unity is being divided. I see the truth of Islam now and the reason with Israel needs to get, but Islam and Judaism need to stay in a united Palestine of peace (which is what Allah Subanahu Wa'Talah/YHWH Almighty wants).

12 years ago

Quite a lot of what I watched was absolute fabrication interwoven with lies of omission, but what I want to ask is that viewers use their minds to think about whose "side" these people are on, really.

The very first sentence uttered makes an assertion that groups of people are only violent when they have good reason to be. What follows is a montage of scenes from uprisings, Algeria, and civil rights movement marches and anti-Apartheid and so on. Of course the assertion is absolutely farcical, since groups of people are also using violence AGAINST the "good guys" that we are supposed to then connect to the Palestinians. In fact, as is clear from decades of public statements by the Palestinians, they are engaging in violence for the same reason that the "bad guys" in South Africa and Jim Crow and so on were; simple racist hatred. They are also engaging in violence for the same reasons the French were in Algeria; because of dreams of empire.

Any vague knowledge of the Arab world since WWI (and to some extent before as well but why quibble) shows that the main political competing forces have been the Pan-Arabist view that the way to restore the Arab World to it's former "glory" of invading Europe and raping and pillaging was to unite under some socialistic/communistic rubrick (See Baath Party for example), versus the religious Pan-Islamic view that they need to restore the Caliphate and/or institute Sharia in order to once again be able to go invade Europe if they feel like it.

Establishing a non-Arab and non-Islamic nation right in the middle of the "future empire" they dreamed of was not tolerable.

Now, humans are group territorial as a species. Foreigners trying to settle in "our" territory always have provoked violence. And yeah, lots of Jews suddenly moved to Israel. They fail to mention why here, but they do mention that early Zionists were motivated to find a place where Jews could be "safe." Let me just mention that the town my ancestors were from was wiped out twice; once by the Nazis who left one in a hundred alive, and once by the Cossacks who left fewer than that. The Holocaust was far from the only time or place in Europe when Jews faced persecution and violent death. It is also important to note that Jews were not welcomed as immigrants to most countries. The head of immigration for the US during WWII was quoted as saying the ideal number of Jews allowed to immigrate would be "zero." Even in places like Chicago and Minneapolis Jews were denied admission to university based on their race and could not swim in the same swimming pools as "white" people, as late as the 1950's. No Arab nation opened their doors to Jewish refugees from Europe. And the claim that Arabs had always treated Jews well is not even vaguely supported by the historical evidence.

So Jews had a very clear need to have somewhere to go, when they needed to go somewhere to avoid being killed. And Jews had a very clear lesson that if they did not obtain their own nation, there was a very good chance they would not have a place to run to next time either.

It is understandable then that Jews would try to have their own nation, and understandable that Palestinians would violently oppose this effort. It is further understandable that when Palestinians engaged in terrorist attacks and killed unarmed Jewish men, women, and children mostly starting in the 1920's (but with some incidents much earlier), the Jews would see this as the same pattern of violence they had left in Europe. Israel is largely populated with the refugees, and their decendants, who fled the pogroms, the Holocaust, and the terror campaigns of the Arab world from 1949-52. To a large extent the premise of the state of Israel is that at least some non-Jews will always try to kill Jews if the opportunity is there. The continued Palestinian and Arab violence and their frequent promises to commit genocide against the Jews has re-inforced this view.

If there is no possibility of peace, then Israel might as well colonize the West Bank, might as well treat the Palestinians badly. Palestinians tried to murder Jews decades before Israel existed, and have continued to have the same objective for ninety years now regardless of Israeli policies.

So whose side are these people on? What is their real motivation? Palestinian terror will never drive the Jews out, never kill them all, never force Israel to "give back" all the "occupied" land. Only a non-violent protest movement by the Palestinians can create positive change for the Palestinians, yet these people excuse and support more violence right from the very first sentence of the propaganda. It would mess up their whole narative to admit that Israel tried desperately to avoid war in 1967(and the internal documents were recently made available), which they characterize as a war that was caused by "violent tensions" (skipping the war between 1949 and 1967 entirely). It would really screw up their story to admit that the "occupation" is merely the armistice lines that existed after Israel defended itself from agression and invasion by the Arab states with the full support of the Palestinians. If Nazi Germany had refused to ever make peace, would the American soldiers there now be evil "occupiers?" Would Germans be justified in killing French and Polish civilians?

Who knows what their motive is for encouraging more murder and destruction and death and making a film with lie after lie to pursue that goal. They are not on the Palestinians "side," and they seem quite eager for Jews to die. As a long-time Leftist activist I feel quite strongly that these people are against peace and justice and equality as strongly as anyone alive today. At best they make the racist assumption that Palestinians cannot be racist and cannot dream of empire and conquest, only white people and Jews can do that if one believes these folks. At worst they are mostly motivated by a desire to see Jews killed and to spread hatred of Jews.

Even if you believe all of the lies in this movie, think about what they are saying and what the possible results are for the Palestinians and for the Jews and ask yourself just what motives these people can possibly have for wanting the Palestinians to suffer more.

13 years ago

the big fraud is to make the Palestinians look like innocent people being killed and their land being stolen.
the real story is that there was a war in which we were attacked from these territories that weren't anyones particular land. the land was appended by Jordan and Egypt in 1948 when they still thought of building a Jew free Arab empire.
we took the land nobody wanted but it's inhabitants. at the beginning we didn't recognize them as a people because they weren't, they lived a much better life than before, they worked inside Israel,they were pleased and if you would listen carefully you will hear them missing those days before the first intifada.
all these claims with the death toll of the Palestinians and the so called land grab is misleading. if we wanted to kill them then why didn't we do that before the first intifada? and if the settlements are so bad then why are the Palestinians building them with their own hands?
all of the problems began when the Palestinians chose the way of terror over the way of negotiating, and couldn't stop it after they started it. at some point the terrorism got a religious boost which made it even more blind to any chance for peace, as it is until this day.
that's the fraud, it's not in the numbers, it's in the story. even though there are many inaccurate facts in this film but i want get into this, it's less important.

13 years ago

@israeli, what is the big fraud? ... what is everyone missing here ?

13 years ago

you are right, "everybody knows" is a much better argument.
what i sad was not an argument but an example of how you can use the facts the way you want them to look like.
it doesn't matter anyway, you'll probably continue on focusing on the small details instead of the big fraud.

13 years ago

@Grand Musti
I am happy to go into the original mandate for Palestine and even the 3, soon to be 4, UN resolutions you are currently in violation of but at the end of the day, as I said before, is it going to make any difference? You are entrenched in your position that your state is under an overwhelming attack and you are fighting for your very existence. You seem quite intelligent which makes it so difficult to understand how you can possibly have the mind set that in all reality the Palestinian people offer any REAL threat to you, You who are the largest military power in the region. You could literally wipe them off the face of the earth in days. Whats worse is that the US gave you the bomb, incidentally there was no opposition to this move which at the end of the day caused a major imbalance in the region.

You use the original mandate to validate your previous and current settlement expansion, picking and choosing which sections to use, where and when, but as is always the case, when said mandate needs to be adjusted to accomodate the shifting situation you ignore any change that does not fit within your governments current expansion plans. There are many people in your country who whole heartedly are against this but unfortunately for you just not enough. You even ignore the ICJ the Hague.

Surely you must see that the major problem the rest of the world has with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is that they see a literal Juggernaut stomping all over the little guy. Empathy is a human trait, like it or not, and it is this trait that is sparked when an outsider looks into this situation. Its not "Israel bashing" as you put it, neither is it anti-semitism, its human nature!

You did not earn the state of Israel politically. You took it by force with stolen British weapons and killed, I think 16 british soldiers in the process. You moved early while the UN was still working out the finer details. No country including the US was going to recognise the state of Israel until one very fateful taxi ride Truman took one day with some idiot who was an envoy facing the prospect of losing his job if it wasn't recognised. He sold Truman the benefits of having a "friend" in the region. Making it more or less pointless over night for the rest of the world to continue to refuse to recognise it.

As for the genocidal Arab-Muslim war against infidels, you will find that they will consider me an infidel just like you. In my country they tend to live in certain areas in our cities and I walk past them every day. The news is constantly beating on about Muslim extremists within our midsts, bomb threats etc, but if this government tried to erect walls/fences/security barriers around the areas they lived it would be the last thing it did as a government and would rightly be shown the door the next day so to speak. The people simply would not condone it!

Im not trying to imply that this situation mirrors yours physically, but morally it does. The Northern ireland situation with the IRA is still unresolved but Sinn Fein is now a viable political party engaged in the democratic process with previous and current governments and still there is bombing. but the reaction is not to isolate all catholics from protestants in any way, politically or physically as this will only serve to widen the divide.

This is going on a bit....ive got work to do. but Musti pick out whatever statements you would like me to validate from any of my previous posts and i will source the relevant material, when I finish work.

regards, Campbell

Grandist Musti
13 years ago

Your response is beneath you and beneath your standards. Sorry to disappoint but I am familiar with every word of and the debates about the standing international law known as the Mandate for Palestine. While the Madatory power surrendered its position to the UN the underlying law of the Mandate did not. It explictedly states that that while Arabs were granted political rights in Eastern Palestine that Zionists were granted political sovereignty in Western Palestine. It clearly states that non-Jews had civil and religious rights in the Jewish homeland. Incidently, Jews East of the Jordan River were ethnically cleansed by the Hasamite tribe from the Arabian peninsula who were give admistrative powers by the British. Campbell and others can tap dance around this and will probably throw up distractions, smoke screens, and straw dog arguments to attack but the fact is they are wrong! They will twist and turn in every manner they to avoid discussing the Arab-Israeli conflict as a genocidal Arab-Muslim war against infidels. They will ignore that the war began long before any 'occupation.' That's why the propaganda film "occupation 101" is an abomination of propaganda meant to avoid discussing Arab religious apartheid. But why bother with campbell and other Israel bashers who don't seem capable of finding anything positive to say about a Jewish homeland under seige and under threat of extinction since before its resurrection.

13 years ago

@isreali, you can talk all you want about it, and say whatever you want to say. Making the nazi argument is completely ridiculous in this context, it's got nothing to do with anything ... The fact is that everybody knows that Palestine are an oppressed people that Israel wants to wipe off the map. That's clear to everybody else in the world, and the whole world is aware of what's happening there ...

greetings from Ireland ...

13 years ago

@Peaceful Paul
"all three happen to be Jewish…. Gues that eliminates the option for antisemitic views. Need I say more?"
who sad anything about antisemitism? they are anti israeli, and being jewish doesn't make what you say against israel correct.
Chomsky and his bunch made a career out of being israel hating jews, if they weren't jews nobody would ask them for their opinion, they are nobodies in the academic community accept the anti israel community.
what i meant was that the whole narrative tells a distorted story. that's like saying that the British had less casualties then the Germans on WW2 and therefore they are guilty of slathering the poor Nazis.
you see what i mean? the use of partially true facts in order to give a distorted story. if they would have given the other side and tell the whole story without half-facts and their own subjective narrative, it would have been difficult to be the judge of the israeli-palestinian conflict. every side has some right claims and some wrong claims, the israelis know the palestinian claims and the palestinians know the israeli claims. this docs were meant to show one side hoping people like you wouldn't notice. so far great success!!

"In the western world you will mostly see ground commanders answering such questions"
a. not true
b. we are measured like no one else, the US can blow up an orphanage building and after a day or 2 the press will forget about it, if an israeli commander says "we saw 2 men aiming at us with rifles, we feared for our lives, shot to their legs and one of them got killed accidentally" the quote in the BBC or CNN would be " we saw 2 men, we shot and killed".

"Israel had better start paling up to the Chinese because soon enough the US wont have the political or Economic power/will to keep proping your country up. When this happens you will be all by yourself…. I wonder how you will cope?"
we will cope just fine..
you seem to forget that we are doing a lot of good service to the US in exchange to their support. when the US aid is gone they will lose that. and believe it or not even without their support there is no real danger for our economy or military capabilities.
we built everything our selves. our blood, sweat and mostly brains built this country, not the US aid. we will not let the Arabs enjoy the fruits of our success while being hostile. if they want to, we can share everything, as long as they accept our right to be here in israel.

13 years ago

I hate religion, but I LOVE Jews. Sorry, just love them.

I mean, they have much to answer for with that whole jesus thing... but, they are smart and they read and discuss, debate, and they love maths... etc.

Look, Israel is like a teacup in the middle of Madison Scquare garden. A little postage stamp of green in a desert.

Have you ever flown over it?

Do I like that American policy for Israel is Jews need to occupy it before jesus somes back? No. It's silly.

But I like Jews. They kicked all of the Arab nations' asses
in six says. That was cool.

What were we talking about?

13 years ago

@Grandest Musti

You really need to look at the original mandate! Are they actually teaching you in schools that you were granted everything west of the Jordan lock and stock!?

Actually, forget it..... there is no point.

Israel had better start paling up to the Chinese because soon enough the US wont have the political or Economic power/will to keep proping your country up. When this happens you will be all by yourself.... I wonder how you will cope?

13 years ago

A question.

Why is it that israel always uses a few specific spokespersons when answering questions about military aspects to the International media? In the western world you will mostly see ground commanders answering such questions. Are you worried about what your own ground commanders might say or indeed reveal by said answers?

Another one. Does Israel believe that the ENTIRE world is against them and that is the reason why they are the only country in the World to ignore mandates handed down by the Hague? Or is it that they feel they are above international Law?

1 more. If you search an old Palastinian woman who is trying to bring a child to the hospital in Jerusalem, and find not a trace of explosives or its parafanalia on her, how can she still be refused entry? on what grounds? and before you deny this claim it is Israel that provide the figures for check point refusal.

Peaceful Paul
13 years ago

Israeli.... If you were aware of academic excellence,then you would know of Ilan Pappe, Phyllis Bennis, and Noam Chomsky who all appear in the film. Coincidently, all three happen to be Jewish.... Gues that eliminates the option for antisemitic views. Need I say more? The documentary is a fantastic portrayal of what has been happening in the occupied territories. Propoganda??? So, I guess you think all the footage was done in a studio somewhere in Gaza? Do yourself a favour and wakeup from your dreamworld that you seem to be living in. You have to be either blind or so terribly biased to not see how Israel has commited and continues to commit war crimes. Two thumbs up!!