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EvolutionThis seven-part documentary explains why Charles Darwin's dangerous idea is so important today, and how it explains the past and predicts the future.

What underlies the incredible diversity of life on Earth? How have complex life forms evolved?

The journey from water to land, the return of land mammals to the sea, and the emergence of humans all suggest that creatures past and present are members of a single tree of life.

Episodes included: Darwin's Dangerous Idea, Great Transformations, Extinction, The Evolutionary Arms Race, Why Sex, The Minds Big Bang, and What About God.

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mike mathwig
7 years ago

oz never did give nothin' to the tin man
that he did'nt already have

7 years ago

If Creationism is in fact Science and not Received Dogma, then the Creation Scientists must have some arguments among themselves. Science advances by argument and the best explanation of what we observe wins...even if it is counter intuitive. For example, we all see the sun go around the earth each and every day, but most, if not all, of us accept the fact, based on the laws of science, that the earth goes around the sun.

Arguments you may be having might include, "If the eye is intelligently designed, why did the designer put a blind spot in human like eyes?" or "Why did god create animals where no humans lived?" or "Why did the designer place human organs in front of a central column instead of around it?"

While we're at it, Creationists and IDers spend most of their time explaining why they think Darwin's Theory of Evolution is wrong, but don't seem to spend a lot of time saying why their ideas better explain things.

I've listened to Ken Ham and his ideas about Historical Science vs. Observational Science or that Noah only had to build an arc big enough to hold "kinds" not every species. He was unconvincing on the first point because it is vague, e.g. no one living today saw Caesar cross the Rubicon, and on the second because he doesn't every come up with a list of "kinds" or even define the word precisely.

8 years ago

If there is a better, more thorough documentary series on evolution than this PBS Nova treatment, I haven't seen it---(and I can say honestly, I've seen most of them.) I'm a longtime member of NCSE and have had an abiding interest--- (no, 'passion' is a better word)--- for this area of science education and its trials and tribulations.
Not to drop names but I said in an e-mail to Dr. Eugenie Scott over a decade ago that science educators have dropped the ball on evolution science in the area of public outreach. It's not enough to sit in an ivy-covered academic tower and celebrate the "grandeur in this view of life" among ourselves, expecting science to trickle triumphantly & fairly into the public mind. We need, I urged, to start getting the facts out there, to hit back. I am gratified to see this series, as well as an entire PBS Nova website special section on "Evolution". Also, Neil deGrasse Tyson gets enthusiastic kudos for the TV series “Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey”.

John Mcdermott
9 years ago

Dr. Berlinski (not a creationists, although I am) and hundreds of other non creationists show, macroevolution to be unpredicatable, it's not even a theory, its a weak hypothesis at best thank u

10 years ago

Too bad the video is gone would have liked to have seen the new ideas promulgated.

10 years ago

The theory of evolution is a faith based religion that has been decidedly discredited by the evolutionists themselves. It serves now only as a method of thought control for the mindless masses who can't think for themselves and would rather be slaves who are told what to think and do.
All evolutionists do is throw mind-boggling amounts of "time" at every question and expect rational people to just accept it. The gig is up, GAME OVER, why don't they just admit they have no idea what they're talking about so we can start a new dialogue.
Also, STOP teaching it in schools as a fact that has been proven but is backed up by patently absurd pseudo-science. It is an insanely improbable theory.
Societies institutions are lying to you to keep you ignorant and enslaved. It's time to wake up monkey man and claim your humanity as the divine God given gift that it is.

10 years ago

Evolution is to eugenics as Physics is to stabbing people. It's just a silly slope comparison.

Darwin, nor any evolutionary biologist has ever claimed anywhere that there is a weakness in the human genome that requires fixing by erradicating certain people or that certain human beings are superior to others. European antiseminism originated from blood libels, which were pushed by the roman catholic church.

Anyone who studies the beliefs about human intellect will find that the predominant theory of sociobiologists is that our advanced human intellect is mostly due to an evolving symbolic interaction, not due to an evolving biology. Ideas, values, these are the things that progress us as a species. Biology got us to this point, but without symbolic interaction we really aren't much smarter than apes. So trying to mess with the hardware via some sort of selective breeding or eugenics would be pointless. The species is improved through the natural selection of superior ideas because our advanced intellect is formed by a software we download as infants from the people who raise us called symbolic interaction, not from the hardware that makes our brains. The hardware merely makes this download possible.

11 years ago

Hitler's idea of cleansing the world of inferior races came about from the pseudoscience of eugenics. A misappropriation of genetics, evolution, the pagan ideal "super-race" and an unchallenged powerful elite class led to the destruction of many "enemies of the state."

The misuse of an idea does not contribute to either proving or disproving its validity. All those who claim a religion should understand this concept.

Noelle Watson
11 years ago

Oh god, don't you just love science?

11 years ago

This is one of the best documentaries in TDF. Had watched it long back, but watching again…
it would have been so wonderful if all humans would had evolved from Bonobos! no war … no violence,… no domination of power… but all will be enjoying life making love ;) our world would have been a much better place!

11 years ago

"I feel like every documentary in the Science, Society, and Nature sections on this website sparks a debate about religion.

To me, this says that this one of the most controversial and divisive topics of our world."

Either that or it's one of the most trolled internet topics.

11 years ago

I feel like every documentary in the Science, Society, and Nature sections on this website sparks a debate about religion.

To me, this says that this one of the most controversial and divisive topics of our world.

11 years ago

Evolution FTW!!

11 years ago

The Declaration of Independence had it right - "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are CREATED equal". Darwin's point was to show a select race that had evolved beyond all others. If you believe Darwin's anti-scientific theory (as Hitler did), you must agree that all men have not evolved equally.

jonathan jackward
12 years ago

evolution only explains the cellular level theres much more detail in the universe then that just google this .....unified field of consciousness

Angelica Guerrero
12 years ago

I predict it will take me 3 days to watch this entire thing. Worth it for a lifetime of knowledge.

Muhammad Ali
12 years ago

You know...how weird darwin docs are coming out far too many in number these days...kind of seems like an agenda is being pushed. Remember..talk about something too much and it takes hold.

12 years ago

why do christians who don't believe in evolution post on here? If you're curious that's great. This is a science documentary, you're gonna get science. Why watch just to complain?

12 years ago

Science is evil says Ken Ham. Who then posts it on the internet using his wireless blackberry. After that he takes the antibiotics and painkillers for the sore throat he's been suffering with. He then uses his mobile phone to reserve his next flight to the US where he is giving a large seminar through wireless speakers to a crowd underneath a glass structure made of new space age lightweight materials. He then goes to bed on his memory foam matress developed by nasa and pops a couple of sleeping pills so he can drift off.

Science......Who needs it? Ken Ham

12 years ago

excellent series - very enjoyable

12 years ago

Either these guys are just trolls or they are retarded. No offense to retards but Dawkins says dont be afraid to call these guys idiots and thats the strategy I prefer. Teaching people who are brain washed is almost a waste of time. I commend some of you for your patience. My blood is boiling just reading their comments.

12 years ago

Very sad that @human thinks he is using logic and reason or even good analogies. Wrist watch analogy then he continues with breakfast analogy. Very very sad and misunderstanding of evolution. Evolution only explains the diversity. Science still looking into birth of cosmos.

Not trying to insult I just think its sad that he is smart enough to convince dumber people than himself as if he knows anything at all.

To me, religion is total brainwash. Ok fine science dont have an answer. But how can you for one second think that you have the answer by saying the word god. You cant even describe god or even have same definition as the next theist. And if you are smart enough to use god in a general sense as in a creator and not include the bible in a conversation, you are still pretending to know an answer.

@Bee Lets pretend you are correct in your above statements. "faith based science" is still in a position to change its answers and theist claims already know the answer. You are wrong. Even if science uses a little faith, at least it has 1 piece of evidence to go on. God has absolutely no answers. The bible is not evidence and has nothing to do with interpretation lol.


over the edge
12 years ago

evidence is proof. if you have enough evidence it tends to prove the truth. but not only does science have evidence it also has facts and yes evolution is a fact there is too much evidence to say otherwise.people tend to get darwins theory of evolution and evolution itself confused .they are two separate things. now there are many facts of evolution that lend credence to darwins theory and most scientists accept it as the best explanation of evolution.but with any theory is has the opportunity to evolve or be disproven over time. but over 150 years on the evidence we continue to gather only strengthens it.science has no room for faith it goes where the evidence leads it not leads the evidence where it wants to go like creationism.

12 years ago

The main point I make is this:
Evolution like Special Creation are both, yes, BOTH

Exactly!!! It's getting a bit tiresome reading those who are evolutionist atheists (or agnostics) claim they have proof for what they believe. No! No! No! You have evidence! Christian evolutionists, Christian creationists and atheist evolutionists alike have evidence. How that evidence is interpreted is another thing but it is NOT proof. Now, will you just stop doing it? It's boring ... and certainly not scientific.
Have a lovely day.

12 years ago


There are no creationist scientists who believe in an old Earth, there are no secular scientists who believe in a young Earth. Fortunately, science is peer reviewed, making it accountable for it's claims. Science is also allowed to be wrong, to the point that scientists find every possible way to prove another scientists theory wrong, in order to make sure it's right.

And what we have is a global evidence, peer reviewed for decades upon decades that stands up to the scrutiny, showing that the Earth is billions of years old. Hell, tree rings alone (Dendrochronology) show the earth to be older than the 6,000 years that creationists say.

12 years ago

absolutely fantastic doc, thanks Vladko

13 years ago

For the layman, accepting or denying the theory of evolution often involves some degree of an appeal to authority. Most of us do not have a PhD in the life sciences and most of us do not have the knowledge and expertise to conduct meaningful research in this field.

The evolution supporter looks to biologists, people who dedicate their careers to the study of life, to shape their own informed opinions. Virtually every PhD in the life sciences accepts the basic principles of biological evolution and natural selection. The number that object is so small as to be essentially nonexistent.

The evolution denier looks to theologians, people who dedicate their careers to the study and interpretation of one or a handful of really old books. It is important to note that even amongst the community of theologians, the majority of THEM understand that the life sciences are beyond their expertise and defer to what science has to say. Even among theologians and the faithful, evolution deniers are a minority.

Would you ask a biologist for a metaphysical interpretation of a particular ancient holy book? Probably not, or if you do, you recognize that their authority on the subject is questionable. Likewise, asking a theologian for a scientific explanation of life is beyond his or her expertise.

Darwin's theory of evolution is not theology. It does not prove or disprove the existence of any supernatural beings or realms. The theory has nothing whatsoever to do with these topics.

Likewise, creationism is not science. It is the scientifically-illiterate opinion of a minority faction of theologians who insist on narrow, literal interpretations of their ancient books.

Incidentally, they fail to recognize that these books were written by and for people of a radically different era who had a dramatically less complete understanding of the natural world. The real goal of theology in our age (and indeed, the majority of modern theologians have already recognized this) is to find the universal themes and meanings in these ancient texts that may still be applicable today. Lessons like kindness, love, and the nature of good and evil are timeless and perhaps something can be gained from this direction of theological and religious study.

By opposing science and the innovation of human knowledge through open inquiry into the natural world and by insisting on the literal, infallible truth of their particular books, this minority fringe is doing a tremendous disservice to religion, theology, and humanity in general.

13 years ago

Very nice dox-set, Not sure if it is to much to ask for, but can someone please upload the dvd-version?

I've seen that PBS are selling it on DvD but I just lack the cash :(

...or perhaps THIS IS WHAT YA GET FOR FREE, wona better qval buy the DvD! Uploading it is illegal??

13 years ago

This is primarily in response to the creationist nonsense from "mab" way up at the top, but this applies to anyone who tries to feed me the line "We all look at the same evidence, we just differ in our INTERPRETATION." As if they're trying to say that evolution and creation are both equal theories that should be considered with the same merit.

This is nothing more than a slimy attempt to muddy the waters. There is one simple fact that makes the theory of evolution an actual scientific theory, which creationism lacks: PREDICTIVE POWER. Scientific theories do frequently BEGIN with speculation/guesses/hypotheses to explain a set of data or observations, but they become theories when the hypothesis is developed enough to make some solid, testable predictions about the unknown. Verifying or disproving these predictions is what determines the merit of every real theory. Creationism never makes it beyond this point. Creationism lacks any sort of predictive power. Creationists want to frame the debate as a mere difference of opinion regarding the interpretations of each side's view of the evidence, but they miss the point.

Creationism makes zero testable predictions, or the ones it would make are blatantly and laughably wrong. For example, young earth creationism would predict that the age of geologic strata has essentially no correlation with the types of fossils dug up. (I.E. Human fossils should be regularly and consistently found in the same strata as dinosaurs and trilobites.) It would predict that telescopes could see no further than about 6,000 light-years away. It would predict that each organism's genome is 100% unique (or at the very least that the variation between species should be about the same... human-chip similarities should be about the same as human-starfish). It would even predict that ligers and mules are impossible. It would predict that humans should not have extraneous organs like the appendix.

Every single one of these predictions logically follows from the creationist "theory." And every single one is wrong.

I am GOD
13 years ago

Hear me humans {Rumbling Voice Thunder in background} I did not write the BIBLE! Those men long ago no not what they speak of. Support Evolutionists they are close to find me...

Karl J. Creazzo
13 years ago

For the one who is obsessed with the evolution of the eye:
If you had really studied evolution you would know that the genetic mutation of a cell to make it more sensitive to light would give the organism a distinct advantage over it's competitors. For example, in plants, it would enable them to turn towards the sun and give them a growth advantage. In animals, it would enable them to do the same and keep warmer than their competitors. This is a distinct advantage especially if you are a cold blooded reptile. As this cell further evolved to send images to the brain, the advantages are obvious.

13 years ago

PS- no life has been created in any lab. Check the details of facts. It had to make contact with living cells and be incubated in live tissue, but life itself was not created, just the physical makings. Really. Read up. It must still be in some science site online, as I just saw it recently.

13 years ago

Gee, where is any reviewing or referring to the videos? All I've read above is people expressing their emotions & egos, & criticizing others. Shame on all of you. I think some of you lurk around this great documentary site just waiting for a vid that gives you an excuse to express the nonsense we have all heard way too much of lately.
Evolve, people. At least become respectful adults soon. Please.

13 years ago

@mab and everyone trying to explain to him evolution.

Give it up, everyone is going to believe what they want and what their taught to think is right.

Obviously mab is just doing this to get a reaction. Nobody KNOWS what the truth about this is but why constantly try to debunk the other persons idea. Rather prove how and why your idea is possible.

You want my opinion dont waste your time like I am to try to prove a point to someone who is more than likely just trying to get a reaction.

Let us keep fueling the fire.

T Bird
13 years ago

Who do you suppose will knock your teeth out ? Evolution ? God ? or Me ! .... Love always J

13 years ago

ok this has definately been a hot debate and i gotta say that i am probably going to make things worse. i enjoy learning about all kinds of sciences, and this was the first time i have gone ont of my way to learn anything about evolution.
one common thing that seems to be consistant in all realms of science is that once you get to the start of it all (cosmology) that things start to really break down.
so im going to throw this out there and say that evolution is a very reasonable theory. but my one question is that when you take evolution so far back that you get to the very first cell, what made dead matter combine in a way to have the spark of life?
its the same problem with the cosmos, what caused the big bang?
but that is the main thing that has perplexed me and im sure we will find out how to artificially create a whole new breed of cells that arent just hijacked bacteria.
my other question is, if life is created in the lab, what does that really mean, how do we define life then?

13 years ago

Now I'm sure you do not have evidence to respond. Therefore, it has caused the Islamic religion and charged him and this is evidence of hatred against Islam, because you know that the only religion is able to encounter. Secondly, not being able to respond. And I will bring you to question. where it came from the first article? What was before the Big Bang?Why do we die? What is death? Where to go? The thing that make him lose a body to be dead?

13 years ago

@human, i will say the properties that exist today and make up all matter and energy have ALWAYS EXISTED. now since we know energy cant be created nor destroyed and we know energy exists, we can say my position is not that extraordinary.

YOUR POSITION is that there is a magical man that has always existed who lives outside of time and space (whatever that means) and whom we have never seen nor have any evidence for other than conflicting books written by superstitious humans.

YOUR position is guilty of disobeying Occam's Razor, mine is open ended, uses the information we have, and doesnt presuppose anything that cant be altered.

finally there is nothing great about Mohammed. he was a war monger who had sex with a 9 year old little girl. he was not a prophet of god. you only believe the religion you have been brainwashed to believe by your culture and family.

Human, you are talking like you are 100% right and know you are right. but that is dishonest to me and you. be honest with yourself and admit you dont know what you are saying to be true, but you only hope or wish it is because it is the comforting fairy tale you were brought up with.

13 years ago

I would much rather 'meat' Sophia Loren:))

13 years ago

"these day is Doomsday we will meat our messengers Moses and Jesus and Mohammed"

Lulz... so that's what you guys do on doomsday? MEAT your messengers? shii...

13 years ago

Of course all something that is created there must be created. Will say it is God's creation? Answer is simple. You are here confuse between the Creator and the creature you want to measure the attributes of the Creator and the attributes of created beings, and this is a mistake.I hear ya atheist you and I we both believe in the cause and one that there exists no beginning did not need to one ... Has never been a time ... The presence of the same ... You are your selection article and I chose God. If you want you would like to make fun of those who believed in the existence of not as his first start with yourself because you believe that the article did not first to it. Finally, I say whenever taught the Messenger of Allah I believe in Allah and His Messengers ratified Moses, Jesus and Mohammed and pardoned you.

13 years ago

@Human, following your logic everything needs a creator meaning the creator would need a creator and so on forever.

but you will say "no no no, the creator of the universe doesnt need to be created"

i would say why? why do you say everything needs to be created except this thing you have no proof for?

the elements came together to form what was needed for the cereal without any need for an intelligent designer. it all happened naturally.

comparing man made things to naturally forming things is silly.

there are many things more complex than humans that came about naturally.

Achems Razor
13 years ago

@ human:

If English is your second language, you are forgiven.

But the rest of it , no!

13 years ago

If I told you that this site is designed by accident what would be your response?
If I told you that you woke up in the morning and found breakfast ready by chance what would be your response?
Every sane person knows that everything exists, there must be created from it is that created the universe?
Who created for you eyes, ears and stomach, liver, colleges and heart. Are you created yourself? Say the development will tell you why did not evolve if since 2010 years since the birth of Christ and even before that there is no doubt that we are proof of that since we have the same body of Christ feet and hands and eyes and ears. See yourself will know you are a big mistake.

13 years ago

@human, you are the one lying. you are rambling nonsense about silly stuff you dont know. you are just believing a story you were told and now you look crazy in front of everyone.

I dont have any faith in the same way someone has faith in a god. i dont believe nature is god or blind chance. you are creating strawman arguments.

ask yourself if you really really know there is a god or if you just constantly tell yourself there is one...HONESTLY truly think about that while you are lying in bed tonight.

13 years ago

you are a big lier yes because no human can live without faith even you... you have a faith. you have a god your god is the Nature and you have another one the Blind chance.
in the end i want to tell you that there is a great day we and you will see it but with Various situation these day is Doomsday we will meat our messengers Moses and Jesus and Mohammed. and we will meet our god Allah. ask your self who you will meet....................................

13 years ago

Religion isn't only becoming less popular, it's becoming less necessary. In places like America and Africa where fear is sewn everywhere one turns, the stampede toward self reliance and confidence(and the resultant move toward not having to search for magic men to have faith in) is slower - but is growing in speed.

13 years ago

The fact that evolution and atheism is becoming more and more popular now days can only mean one thing. religion and creationism is becoming less popular. So Darwin was right survival of the fittest.... some people adapt to changes in their environment better than others the ones that don't eventually die off (if it weren't for modern medicine they probably already would have... Aren't we atheists nice?)Part of the human population is experiencing a wonderful change they get to use their brain for what it was meant, to think and not believe. The rest gets to well keep standing in the dark corner and rot away. 1000 years from now the only remnants of your cults will be your churches thats if we haven't torn them down and built abortion clinics on top of them.

Go drink some jesus juice and enjoy your ride the end is near....

"Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth." ~Albert Einstein~

13 years ago

To the religious guys, if you have questions on evolution, read books on evolution. If these books do not convince you, then may be evolution is not for you and you should stick to your bible or quran or whatever book you deem fit to your medieval way of thinking.

13 years ago

Creationism is just a Swan's song for religion. Loud and annoying as one also.