The Exodus Decoded

The Exodus Decoded

2006, Religion  -   29 Comments
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Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici regards The Book of Exodus not as a biblical text of parables, but as actual historical truth. He spent six years investigating the text's many fantastical accounts - the series of plagues and the parting of the Red Sea, for example - and believes he's found real-world explanations that authenticate the veracity of each tale. His findings form the spine of the feature-length documentary The Exodus Decoded, a controversial handling of complex history that calls upon the probing expertise of scholars, archeologists and assorted theologians.

For many viewers, the film may provide new ways to view the Old Testament. Jacobovici's research and subsequent conclusions require a shifting of timelines. He claims the Exodus from Egypt took place 300 years earlier than is widely believed. The event was spurred by a massive volcanic eruption, which in turn produced severe seismic activity that cloaked the landscape in darkness, led to a disruption of the sea that resembled a miraculous parting, and killed first-born males due to their proximity to the ground-level noxious fumes.

That's not all. Jacobovici contends that the much sought after lost Ark of the Covenant resides in the National Archeological Museum in Athens, Greece. He claims that the Children of Israel actually consisted of the ruling Hyksos tribes of the time.

The filmmaker calls upon the expertise of various researchers from multiple disciplines. While these experts don't necessarily agree on the same narrative, they often provide a provocative clue that Jacobovici uses to craft his own investigative theory.

Throughout the film, the central question remains whether the stories of the Exodus could be the result of natural occurrences or the work of a divine power.

Produced by Oscar-winning director James Cameron (Titanic), The Exodus Decoded is complimented by sterling production values, including a wealth of visual animations and special effects that bring the most dazzling aspects of biblical lore to life. The film has been criticized by scholars and others who question its theories and the methods of research that were engaged in its making. Nevertheless, for those who have an interest in the veracity of biblical text, the film should provoke much constructive discussion and debate.

Directed by: Simcha Jacobovici

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Brian Rudolph
1 year ago

Indeed, what is lacking most in the Bible accounts, are dates and times of events, of which spur endless debates and conjecture as witnessed here. One would think that the authors of the biblical books within, would take heed to the importance of clarifying them for precise historical record. The premise of the Bible is based upon having faith in the creator YWVH, of which is claimed to to be the inspired word of God, and yet this omnicient being did not exhort the writers to date their records? For me, this hardly inspires faith, but rather, ambiguity.

Tienke Bosher
2 years ago

Why did YHWH need a new covenant with human beings? In Bereshit 6 we are told the history of earth was contaminated by the fallen angels who ended up on earth with their leader being Lucifer and the Satan. Due to the deception, mankind was tricked into being disobedient and came to know the knowledge of evil through the consumption of the forbidden fruit. We lost our eternal life covering and became enslaved by the fallen angels and their hybrid offspring the Nephilim, or race of giants by mixing Annunaki seed with the earth women. The megalithic structures across the face of our planet is testament of superior technological knowledge, even today. These fallen angels now parading as Aliens, getting ready for their final deception. Yeshua said: "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of Messiah". We are all witnessing the onset of wars and injustice of child sacrifice through the vehicle of abortion, child trafficking's, 7 day, & 7 year cycles being abused, to name a few. Humanity is yet again riding the cusp of cruelty, exactly the reason for the flood. Understand that YHWH need no miracles as He is the nano blocks of creation and if you are still an unbeliever, then you are willfully ignorant. He is the words He spoke everything into existence with and our DNA is proof that everything was created by His intelligent mind. A mind demonstrated by the Mandelbrot fractal sequence mapping set. His eternal existence flows effortlessly into being and the sound of His words turns to light. We need to wake up to the truth because it is only in knowing that we can believe. The Naked Archeologist has been an inspiration in my life years ago when Simcha programming started here in South Africa. Love your work. Keep it up.

2 years ago

You can't just say we have the right date, show me the money . There has been thousands of pointless death's because of opinions about religion. And you want to make up your own date because of your beliefs, but no real proofs.

3 years ago

So many religions... so many searching for God or like Budists, nature. Deep in man so often the quest for God... to me means there is a divine being.
So many believe in evolution but then made beings so they could evolve. Perhaps cells and beings do evolve, bodily that is BUT WHAT ABOUT THE INTELLIGENCE OF EACH CREATURE ON EARTH THAT ENABLES IS SPECIES TO THRIVE OR LIKE MAN CONTRIBUTE TO MORE KNOWLEDGE. That didn't evolve out of nowhere.
How does a woman's body bringing forth a child automatically know to push. These things didn't' come from evolution alone

paul caden
3 years ago

The Old Testament was written during the Bronze Age and is one of the cruelest mythological books still around. Their knowledge of science and geography was miniscule. Todays high school grads have infinitely more knowledge than their "intelligentsia". New Testament was written between 60 and 400 AD by uneducated laborers who had no idea who JC was and had very few written acknowledgments of same. The first writing was by Paul +60 years after JC died and even then he makes no reference to 95% of the content which was written even later, this in an era w no printing press, no decent pens nor paper and mostly word of mouth over hundreds of years.

4 years ago

I can't believe that I actually read the writing of the critics of the movie but these two critics actually appear in the movie, however their words that appear in interviews were cut out of context to appear to support the Jacobovici's finding when , in reality, they appose it.
There appear to be a LOT of misreadings in the so-called findings Jacobovici claims to find that even archeologists that participated in the video are shocked he actually came to the conclusions he had.
This movie was very interesting and it was very fun to entertain myself with the volcano theories... but Jacobovici's conclution are not to be taken that seriously.

4 years ago


4 years ago

The sound effects and spooky tone of the narrator are adolescent and annoying.

4 years ago

God hated the Minoans, the end.

4 years ago

Trying to miraculously map the story to the half-baked theories and call them evidence. Looks like some social media experiment like Kony 2012

Mark Gaboury
4 years ago

This is so clearly a hit-job on the Bible. How convenient to have no access to a monument that you will then speculate on the meaning of! And how 'investigative' to pretend to make discoveries that have already been made! What a joke you unbelievers are. I will go on believing the Israelites are indeed the Israelites, and you may go on being not-so-clever deceivers.

4 years ago

This is garbage. Trying to explain the miraculous power of God through "logic' is utter foolishness. If life is Godless and has utterly nothing Good or miraculous about it, then why should we not all be best to commit suicide fast to avoid more suffering?

4 years ago

why would post a video like this? please, id really love to know. i come here for facts, not fiction. thats what the sci-fi channel is for.

4 years ago

i was about to watch this documentary but i wonder why so low rate? there is a reason for that? is that bad or not accurate? more like fiction movie than a fact?

4 years ago

It would be great if he was right, but it just isn't convincing.

4 years ago

@40:00. OMG one of the talking heads just said "new-cue-lus" in stead of nucleus. This is such a amazingly sloppy mess.

Glen Hale
4 years ago

All this is true only the facts have been changed..

4 years ago

They have got a cheek trying to palm this crap off as a documentary

J Miller
4 years ago

Every first born dies due to a gas leak but no one else? Yeah I believe that. You sure proved that. LOL Well the religious ever get real.

4 years ago

...James Cameron...? – ...why..?

4 years ago

is there an official medical diagnosis for people who obsessively strive to interpret religious text as fact?
if not, there should be. maybe then we can deal with it and move forward as a species....

4 years ago

"as actual historical truth"

Is he stupid?