Fiat Empire

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Fiat Empire - Why the Federal Reserve Violates the U.S. ConstitutionThe Congress shall have Power To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures; No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of debts. Find out why some feel the Federal Reserve's practices are a violation of the U.S. Constitution and others feel it's simply a bunch of organized crooks. Discover why experts agree the Fed is a banking cartel that benefits mainly bankers and their corporate clients as well as a Congress that would rather increase the National Debt to $9 trillion than raise taxes.

Find out how the corporate media facilitates the partnership between the Fed and Congress and why it fails to disclose what's going on. Lastly, find out how the Federal Reserve Member Banks are owned and controlled by an elite group of insiders. This Telly Award-winning documentary features presidential candidate Ron Paul (R-Texas) and is inspired by The Creature from Jekyll Isalnd a book by well-known author and Freedom Force founder, G. Edward Griffin.

Also featured is Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., J.D. from Harvard (a foremost authority on the Constitution and the author of Pieces of Eight) who discusses the Fed and various long-term studies which indicate that the Federal Reserve System encourages war, destabilizes the economy, generates inflation (a hidden tax) and is the supreme instrument of unjust enrichment for a select group of insiders. Dr. Theodore Baehr (founder of MovieGuide®) rounds out the show by discussing the relationship between the Media, the Fed and the Government and why you never see these issues discussed on network TV or in the mainstream media.

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  1. Ron Paul for President.

  2. Who is the gashole that put subliminal audio on top of this documentary? Not everywhere but in certain spots, especially during the first part...

    To the fellow above who was whining that there wasn't enough ounces of metal to replace or back up the amount of debt. 1. There aren't paper dollars printed for it either. 2. Much of that debt will never be repaid, it will be defaulted and at that point no longer be. If you don't realize that close to 1 quadrillion in debt has been created inside and OUTside the Federal Reserve (derivatives, trading instruments, swaps, etc.) and much of it will be defaulted on, then you've got some waking up to do. 4. That is taking place as we speak, banks, people, and businesses have been going bankrupt in much greater quantity post 2008 than pre. 5. Ina DEFLATION which we are in now, despite price gouging at the stores, evidenced by most commodities losing over half their value from their peak, on their way to losing half again, causes the dollar to be able to purchase more of those commodities i.e. the opposite of inflation. Why is it so difficult to imagine that 1 gram of gold = 100 or 1000 dollars, whatever is necessary to fully back up the money supply after the dust settles? It is no less arbitrary than setting it at 35 per ounce or 1500 or whatever. 6. Whoever said gold and silver are worthless and not used any more is in severe need of looking into the electronics industry. Both have very useful properties and so are still used in that industry among a few others. 7. What truly has very little value are diamonds. If not for DeBeers controlling and constraining the vast supply, your gal would rather have something else. Market manipulation and marketing is a wonderful thing ...for them. Didn't work out so well for the banksters who got holding the bag of dog pooh mortgages or tank farms and leased tankers full of oil.

    The documentary All Wars Are Banker Wars, also found on this website is a great shortcut to more information on this subject. There are also several others on this website in the conspiracy section. Most are worth a look and quite educational, filling in other details, which all helps.
    Thank you to those producing and making such films available, like this website!

  3. In 1971, Nixon withdrew from Bretton Woods, signalling the end of the dollar's convertibility to gold. But he convinced the Saudis as OPEC leader to denominate all oil transactions in dollars, effectively changing the backing from gold to oil. This reality can be used to explain all of the interventions when leaders try to sell their oil in other currencies from Iraq, to the coup against Chavez, and the saber rattling against Iran which started in 2005, to Libya when Quaddafi announced the African gold dinar, and now to Russia, which last spring indicated that it would sell its gas and oil to Europe in rubles. Without oil, the dollar is nothing but a worthless piece of paper, and any nation that threatens petro-dollar hegemony is a threat to this lunatic system. This is for you TonyS.

  4. When it collapses we'll all be better off.

  5. I have an MBA and a PhD in business and this was NEVER taught at all. So now it is part of my business syllabus especially when teaching economics and finance. Almost every student misses the Fiat Currency question on my essay midterm and final exams.

  6. Take hart in the knowledge that this system can not last forever. The world that will reform after the crash remains to be seen. I will be on the side of The Constitution of the United States.

  7. There are too many people today for any sort of gold standard, especially to spend and consume like we've been taught to.

  8. Why did Ron Paul mention 1971 in the beginning?

    1. 1971 is the year that Nixon switched our gold backed monetary system to a fiat system.

  9. even my comentaries is controlled by whoever so why should I' even make any

    1. @Ferenc Csicseri:

      Not controlled, your last comment went into moderation because you did not leave a space after you put a dot at the end of one of your sentences, the moderation system thought it was a link to a website.

  10. This is not the first documentary about who contrrol the Money and the System but we keep talking about it is not going to change anything. it would be time we would do something about it.because we are who elect the politicians and the Senate

  11. this movie is the biggest lump of BS ... on the Q and A with the "common citizens".... you can clearly tell that the people are coached with the answers. I really don't believe that ANY of them knew the answer. One woman even slipped "Well, as you said earlier the Federal Reserve System is...". I "believe" that most of the rhetoric we heard in the film is simply "economic theory" that the powers to be would "like" you to believe. I also was a little appalled when Ron Paul says "well, some people might be hurt by changing the system, but it "MIGHT" be the ones who have benefited from the former system for so long" ... What the hell was that about? Pretty slick talking if you ask me!

    Just be careful when you make your choice for president and other offices this year. Now, more than ever, we need honest, effective, and REAL leadership in office. This is a dangerous time in American History, as we all well know of course!

    1. and all you dumb Americans re elected the dictator and liar that is all fell for his lies..........maybe you should have taken on board the message from this film that the corrupt system IS going to fail as you cannot charge interest on NOTHING forever and get away with it.
      If I draw you a picture of a spider would you pay me for it,,,NO, as it has no value but yet you allow bankers to charge you interest for something they create from nothing?
      Still not getting the picture?
      Maybe your indoctrination is just too deep to ever be truly free.

  12. er why not CUT spending? Libs just can't conceive of it.

    1. You mean like a good chunk of the $1trillion Conservatards are so gung ho about spending every year for their precious war machine?

      Yeah, I think I could get behind that.

  13. Our poloticians are aware of what happened. However, most are to busy profiting from the corporatism they helped create, and they do not want to bite the hand that feeds them.
    Anyone who looks at our history, will see the warnings. You would also see that anyone in politics who speaks of getting rid of the Federal Reserve, soon meets a tragic end. It is not a coincidence that Lincoln and Kenedy both wanted to print government money. We know what happened to them.
    Wake up America! All of our wars have been fought because it makes certain people, banks and corporations rich! NOBODY SHOULD PROFIT FROM WAR! NOBODY! That is the most immoral act we have ever allowed.
    They have the agenda of controlling the world, through the banking system. They have infiltrated through the banking system into our government! They have led us to think that nation building is humanitarian?, NO, it's to infiltrate and build the corporations and banks stronghold over other nations to further their global control of all wealth.
    He who owns the gold, makes the rules. Simple as that.
    Stop voting for more puppets for corporatism! Stop thinking Dems and Reps are on different sides! A vote for the lesser of two evils, is still voting for evil!
    Vote for only people who stand for the constitution, vote for anyone, but who the media and leading polititians endorse!
    Vote for Ron Paul, He has never flip flopped, never stopped trying to reinstate our government to a point of governing, protecting our rights and enforcing our constitution.
    We need to wake up soon, or the next war will be on our own citizens.
    It has been a slow and steady process over the last hundred years, and it's nearing the end. They have divided our families, divided our people, encouraged flag waving in the name of corporatism while they diquise it as patriotism.
    Stand up, unite, stop the insanity. Our government is corrupt and we need to adress the power behind it. The Federal Reserve and the invisable men behind it, is without a doubt, the lovers of money, and the root of so much evil that they have done in all of our names, and with the blood of many of our sons and fathers.
    We do not ever fight a war to win them! We fight them to help the globalization of the monetary system and to make warmongers richer!
    Some refuse to see it, but our government has turned into a legal Mafia!
    Ron Paul is a brave man. When they assasinate him, or find him dead under mysterious circumstances, he will get the same treatment as Kennedy. One of the biggest lies told to our people. He wanted to get rid of the Federal reserve, he planned to pull us out of viet nam, he fired the top three CIA leaders, and he warned us of a secret society that was trying to gain control of our government. (even one of the fired CIA members was on the Warren Commity investigating his death)
    He was right. And with his brother going after the Mob(corporate business partners of our government) The truth would have been exposed and it sealed their fate. And we bought their lone gunman story? LOL
    Even OBL saw how the CIA liked to stir things up, and infiltrate other countries, start wars they didn't plan to fight, and sell weapons to both sides. The only winners have been the weapons sellers and the banks! The terrorists are mad! At our government and their corporate agenda! They don't hate our freedom! They just want their own freedom, and freedom from our government involving us in issues that are not our business!
    But our government has made it their business to help the banks incorporate the world instead of governing our own country. They want it all, the whole world, And unless you speak out against it and help end it, we not only will have many more unjust illegal wars, we will have one here at our doorsteps, removing our liberties, disolving our constitution, and empowering the real Axis of Evil, the forces who control us and our polititians to do their will by controlling the money, the media, and only allowing two parties in the fixed selections we see as elections. They own both sides, they tag team us into submission.
    There are some good politicians, but they need your support. They are powerless without our support. Look at their past records and see what and who they represent. Only vote for people who will insure our constitution be followed once again! Only follow ones who want to stop wars, not start them!
    It may already be to late, but if you believe in the constitution, you better start waving that flag for real patrioism, instead the corporatism that has monopolized our wealth and killed millions in illegal, unjust wars in all of our names, while putting us all in debt to the Federal Reserve Cartel.
    Please wake up America.

    1. How are you going to ensure that no body profits from war? How will we buy arms and machinery? Someone has to supply it. And since war is the single most profitable thing, theres a lot of interest making sure that people CAN profit from war, and no interest in making sure people can't.

  14. money is just paper, gold and silver are just rocks. All have value only by agreement. When the system fails, the things that have real value are daily necessities like cows, shoes, or vodka (see Soviet Union failure 1991).

    1. You can't carry cows around in your pocket. You need to trade them for some medium that is easier to transport. Gold and silver are NOT useless, because MONEY is a use.

    2. That is why the earliest form of banking was to store your heavy gold in vaults in trade for paper currency. But then the "bankers" saw an opportunity to counterfeit and lend out more paper than they had gold to back it and knowing that not everyone would want access to their gold simultaneously, the odds were in their favor. And to insure their graft and supply their greed, "interest" was invented to load the dice. So, framing the argument to ignore the fundamental corruption (or real cause and effect) and the fact that banks have debased our monetary system, it's a little ludicrous to defend money when it's worth is determined by debt and all the other counterfeit currency in circulation. If you research, the Federal Government ordered citizens to turn over their gold when the Fed conned Congress into passing the Federal Reserve Legislation, which of course was slipped in over the holidays when the majority were out for Christmas. Of course money is a use. We have no choice but to use it. It sounds like you're using good logic, but using it to defend the integrity of a fraudulent institution, if that's where you're going. Thank you for your consideration.
      E J Wickes

    3. you dead right, it would be near impossible to carry "cows in your pocket. '' )

  15. and thats why you vote for Ron Paul 2012!!!

  16. all this chit chat about debt this debt that.
    Dont pay? what are they going to do? the US has the most technicaly advanced military in the world, you want something? go take it, f*** the debt let them sing for it.

    1. Do you mean just like in Vietnam ? ( In case you forgot - you lost that one against that tiny country)..or Iraq ? ( wonderful - after killing a million innocent citizens the rest of them now have a right to vote for the favoured american candidate ) ...Afganistan? ( good luck ! - I hope that goes better than the other wars you've made - but its been a disaster so far ).... or the other 100 or so locations where the US military has a presence ( and mostly just to guarantee oil supply for US oil companies ) You may have a great military but it's got you nowhere and it's made your country bankrupt to the tune of 15 trillion dollars---- 40 million citizens on foodstamps , 18% unemployed ( 1 in every 5 people )... and a government so corrupt it would make any dictator proud... and there's you .... the voice of america? I know many Americans and thank God they're not like you.

    2. lol..can't believe u even spent the time to reply to that inbred, redneck, hillbilly fktard but, i guess he represents 40% of the american population..people keep walking around with their eyes wide shut, as they are at present, well, u don't need me to tell ye, were all goosed..peace out!

    3. Sir, I think your confusing a US police action with an all out REAL US war. The US hasn't been in a real war for over 60 yrs....and you know how that one ended. By the way, are you sure the US military hasn't got the US nowhere? The US could've flattened vietnam and iraq without any ground troops whats so ever in a week if it came down to that.....US all out war BIG difference!

    4. Police action. LOL! Yeah, that would explain it. Every time the US has its ass kicked it's because...well, it really, really, really, didn't wanna go to war so it went into a "police action" instead and took it easy on those countries. Sure, if they would have really, really, really, wanted to win, they would have nuked them all. After all, it's not as if they haven't done that before.

      Amerikan ignorance, exceptionalism and hubris, all rolled into one.

  17. If you are interested in money and its' meaning from history, look up "Babylonian Woe". It was a book printed in 1974 by David Astle and recorded for your listning pleasure by Gordon Comstock and available on youtube. I seriously doubt that any of you could listen to the entire book and of those who do, understand most of it.

    In conjunction, look up and read "Modern Money Mechanics" available as a free .pdf file. I also doubt your ability to read or understand that either. If you can't 'get it' from these two sources I suggest turning off your computer and turning back on your TV as you can't resist an enemy you aren't willing to understand.

    1. You have no friends do you

    2. Pardon my ignorance (at least the ignorance you assume I suffer from), but isn't the fact that people are watching this documentary (otherwise they would not see you comments) contradictory to your idea that no-one is educated or interested enough regarding this matter? Hence, they would not "get it" as you so eloquently write. Many people spend a lot of time quietly and modestly learning about the realities of the world by checking many sources and thinking carefully about the similarities and differences in the various arguments they are presented with, and may still want to watch a layman's presentation (such as this video above) for interest sake. Perhaps I misunderstood your comments? Please do pardon me if that is the case.

    3. Have you read the other 50 comments regarding this video? Nit picking about when the last silver certificate was printed and whether or not backing paper currency with silver or gold makes any difference. These are the persons I have referred to.

      The audio for 'Babylonian Woe' is between 11 and 12 hours of listening and it would be a tough read. Very esoteric language. The people watching docs on this sight, for the most part, are looking for alternate entertainment instead of the usual network or cable options.

      The point is that those who are in charge of the money have been attempting what they are about to succeed at for thousands of years. They brought down the Spartans and Caesar. They eliminated Lincoln and Kennedy and attempted to dispatch Andrew Jackson (who was the only US President to ELIMINATE the national debt with US backed currency).

      The time for discussion, especially petty bickering, is over. Action is now needed. Those operating within the system are being 'handled' by the controllers of the system. It is WE THE PEOPLE who must find a way to regain control of the true Republic government established by the founding fathers.

    4. First, "I seriously doubt that any of you could listen to the entire book and of those who do, understand most of it." Then, "I also doubt your ability to read or understand that either." Finally (conclusion), " can't resist an enemy you aren't willing to understand."

      Ability and understanding a given thing have very little to do with willingness. You can be more than willing to read and understand, but it could be your ability to understand that prevents you. Try again.

  18. on Dec 13th 2012 the fed's will have completed their 99 year plan to take over the world! They have done it 1% every year>> Our dollar has about 1.5 cents worth of buying power and we have 18 monthe or 1.5 years.

    1. Couldn't agree more with you. Active obedience and ongoing yielding of rights and liberties are required. “It is one thing to know the path and another thing to walk it.” ...right into the oven.

    2. erm just out of curiosity , why that date? and why the illuminati?

    3. when a person incorporates how technology has actually increased the value of the dollar today from what it could buy you 100 years ago.. i would say that today a dollar is worth a vast amount more. 100 years ago.... just travelling from the east to the west coast of from america to europe or back was something that most people could not afford. And for those that could, they still could not afford (because it was not even available at any price) to travel across the atlantic in just 3 hours. And that is just one example. There are many many more examples how technology has allowed that same dollar to get a person very much more... just 16 or so years ago.. people paid a fortune to make a long distance phone calle... And to use the internet would cost 15 dollars an hour (dialup plus cost of the phone line... at the blazing 56k)...... Can u imagine that? Today, some people are upset if access to the internet is more than 30 bucks for 24/7 access for the entire month. And is anything less than 1 mb bandwidth.

  19. Humans traded with beads and shells, gold and silver and toilet paper(sort of).
    Now we trade with pixels.

    1. We believe in money the way we believe in religion.
      Money is nothing but a mean of control.

      From The Straight Dope Cecil Adams:
      While currency is still the most popular method of payment, it accounts for only 1 percent of the value of all transactions. (The big money travels via "wire transfer" between banks--0.1% of the transactions, but 80% of the dollars.) People sometimes say inflation occurs when the government "prints too much money." Nonsense. The amount of money actually printed is inconsequential.

      What do you think?

    2. lol i think its b.s aswelll the governments DONT print money

    3. why would we have a treasury dept. in our gov, ?

    4. you can look it up. here's one reference:

      "Growth of Real Output. Suppose the money supply increased by 4%. In a simplified model, this would lead to an increase in Aggregate Demand (AD) of 4%. If AS (productive capacity) stayed static there would be no increase in Real Output, only inflation.

      However, if the increase in AD of 4% was matched by an increase in AS of 4%, there would be no inflation, but, just an increase in real output. In other words the money supply can grow at the same rate as real output to maintain same price level. However, if ceteris paribus, money supply grows faster than the rate of real output, it will cause inflation.'

    5. i think he doesn't know what he's talking bout, az..

  20. These guys are acting like this is some giant secret. Everything they say is easily found in any entry level macroeconomics book. This is paranoid and makes no sense. Do they really think there is enough gold in the world to run the global economy. This is ridiculous. And by the way, Alexander Hamilton was a founding father and he supported a central bank.

    1. Even if there was only an ounce of gold there would be enough to run the economy. You simply have your units be redeemable for 1/1,000,000,000,000,000 of an ounce or something. The important thing is that the government wouldn't be able to confiscate wealth and devalue the currency simply by printing more money.

    2. Alexander Hamilton was a self-proclaimed oligarchist (sp?.) He was very outspoken in his belief that the "masses" could not be trusted to run the country. He was not supportive of the democracy that was established and said often that only an educated minority (ie- white, land-owning men) should be allowed to make policy decisions and vote on them. Not all of the "founding fathers" were on the exact same page and alluding to Alexander Hamilton regarding banking systems and economics is not a way to prove your case.

    3. There's an excellent online documentary about this matter which will give you second thoughts about trusting Hamilton's opinion. It's a long movie (3 1/2 hours) so give yourself plenty of time to watch it, but it's very informative and educational because it fills in a lot of the missing pieces in our public education history lessons. It's called "Money Masters" and it has been very popular on the internet since it came out in 1996. It's pretty accurate too, but it might scare you a little. What is most amazing about it is that it predicted exactly what we are going through now.

  21. Patriotism is supporting your country all the time,
    and your government when it deserves it.
    ~ Mark Twain

  22. just to add notification

  23. Charles Peden, Scott Tesler and scott
    I would appreciate if you contact me on info at lavcinema dot com.
    I am looking for the sources of well explained counterpoints. I am thinking of one movie to shoot.
    Thanks in advance.

  24. It is pretty funny, I hear this all the time. Yet no one seems to realize that gold and silver are no better then money. Gold and Silver really has no useful value any more and the amount of it changes every day. There are new gold and silver deposits being found all the time. So the dollar would have to fluctuate even if it was backed by gold and silver. There is nothing wrong in theory with the federal reserve. the only thing is that it should be run by accountable people. weather it is or isn't is the question, not weather it should be backed by pointless gold or silver.

    1. This presentation totally makes sense. Paper should always be backed up. What good is the title to my car without the car? Without the car being a known and observable commodity, I could promise a Ferrari and produce a Yugo.

    2. lol, yep, that's the way they like it,,

    3. Currency backed by gold and silver wouldn't fluctuate based on new discoveries of sources, it's based on how much of the metal our country OWNES. The point is, it would fluctuate VERY little, and you wouldn't have hyper-inflation on the way. You'd be able to go to the store and buy a bag of flour for 5 cents again.

    4. approximately 140 000 metric tons of gold have been mined in all of history or 4938354694 ounces at $1500 per ounce that equals approx $7.4 trillion the us debt is 14.4 trillion so there is not enough gold on the planet to even back the debt let alone the 8.4 trillion in actual currency and deposits in the u.s dollar. therefore to return to a gold backed currency the backing would not only have to be fractional , massive increases in the value of gold (re inflation), and the rest of the world could not back there $'s with gold because there would be none left.

    5. There would be less currency, but it would be worth alot more, and nobody
      said it had to be GOLD. We have plenty of silver. That's what JFK tried to
      do before they killed him for it. That's why you see silver-certificates
      from the 1960's

    6. the federal reserve has all the gold we ever need to's
      stored under the 'reserve' in NYC... AND Ft.Knox...

      if we can't get rid of the reserve, gold-backed currency would put them
      out of biz, almost...

      trouble is; they like to assassinate ~apparently ~

    7. @skibee
      can you prove this? and please show how much they have backed up by facts. from all the reliable sources i can find there hasn't been enough gold mined in history to pay off the debt , back existing currency and provide for yearly expenditures if i am wrong please show me the evidence

    8. how bout researching ,Ft. Knox,,,

      federal reserve has our gold.

      it's in the constitution, research all this...

      plus new gold mines being discovered...

    9. skibee
      you made a claim but you cannot prove it. please provide much gold in dollar value do you think your government has?

    10. will get back to u , once i find exactly where it

      what's ur guess ?

    11. @skibee
      you asked "what's ur guess ?" i don't know but from what i have gathered there is not enough gold to back the U.S dollar and debt mined in all of history and if it a fractional backing is proposed the fraction would be so small as to make it useless. and if they printed money to purchase the gold, silver ,copper and so on what would they back that printed money with? i am not claiming to have answers but i see many flaws with what you are proposing

    12. the most i can come up w/is google..federal reserve vault....

      they said the reserve has a billion dollars worth of dollar coins

      and said nobody wanted them....??

      what is the red by ur moniker ??

    13. @skibee
      lol i think you already know what is says. but again i ask where is your proof?

    14. i just enlarged it, ok...

      i have no idea how much money the gov. has, and anything i say is

      just speculation....i never said i knew that...

      i did say there's gold in several places....

      look at federal reserve i ask u tells some ~

      what proof are u wanting anyway ?? research i did,my friend~

    15. approx 45 billion ounces of silver mined in history at 37 dollars per ounce or 1.6 trillion dollars so now you have all the gold and silver ever mined and still cannot cover your debt. first of all collecting it all or even most would be impossible and then what about the massive inflation and increase of the price of the gold and silver? also the electronics industry needs approx 25% of all newly mined gold for products and those products would be out of reach at the new prices for most people. i agree that backing the dollar with something might be a good idea but the us either has to get debt way down, default on loans or have massive inflation to accomplish that goal. if there is another way please explain?

    16. You can recite all the stats you want, it still wont change the fact that
      the FED is unconstitutional and is ruining our economy. JFK's silver plan
      would have worked. I trust JFK over YOU, so just stop .

    17. i agree....the reserve is a corrupt cartel of elite bankers..home base -england, we Never got rid of the brits...

      JK was one of my favs ~

    18. we can pull an' andrew jackson, eh?
      him against the bank...

    19. also where are you going to get the money to buy all that gold and silver ? borrow it? or print more and devalue your dollar further?

    20. the money they have in the 'reserve' is our country's money....

      trade ur stored up receipts (dollars) for it...if u have money !

      no more printing "federal reserve notes" now it would be

      United States notes. .backed by gold, silver, copper,

      remember they conficated all the gold from citizens

      after the jackarse LBJ raided Ft.Knox and changed the standard

      PLZ don't let the gov. know u have any now, if u do...

      save coins1964 and older..their 91 % silver....
      older pennies are copper...

      just like they did b4..take ur dollar to the exchange and get ur
      dollar worth of gold for it's receipt, easy ~

    21. did you read EO11110 ? it doesn't order silver notes. it only gives permission to the treasury to print notes without asking the president for permission. the ability to print silver notes already existed before Kennedy. the last time the silver notes were printed was 1957 and stopped when the price of silver rose and made the notes worth less than the silver needed to exchange of silver. the Silver Purchase Act was repealed in 1963 which was signed by JFK was passed to lower the number of silver certificates not increase them. I am not asking you to believe me but please do a couple of things before saying i am wrong. read the actual orders and laws not some conspiracy site. double check my facts and tell me where i am wrong. if you want me to stop all you have to do is start posting facts and i will not have a need to post

    22. I'm holding a 1964 silver-cert in my hand right now. And YES the plan DID in
      fact call for the use of silver as a backing for the currency. learn what
      you are talking about dude. You must work for the secret power behind the
      fed, otherwise you wouldn't be spouting this nonsense.

    23. Look up silver certificate on wikipedia "smart guy"

    24. sorry nakor.. that is a worthless gov. site...u know, bought & paid 4 ~

    25. ok i looked it up and what part did you want me to read? it states that eo11110 permits the treasury to issue more (which i stated) but in the 1960 silver exchanged for 1.29 so people would exchange certificates or melt down coins therefore reducing circulation. again the last certificated were dated 1957 and sold til 1963

    26. You claimed they didn't make them after 1957, which is clearly wrong. It
      also clearly shows that JFK's plan involved using silver.

    27. can you point me to any site that says there is a 1964 certificate. not that they weren't issued then but the date 1964 i checked everywhere and the newest date is 1957? i don't believe that you have one dated 1964

    28. the wikki site you pointed me to clearly states the last year printed as 1957 ( under Small-size Silver Certificates table) . you still have a lot of questions of mine to answer you keep making statements without answering my previous questions. and for your strawman (last effort of a failing argument) no i don't work for the fed (or secret power behind it).

    29. dude, it sais at the top they were printed till 1964, and like I said, i
      had one from 1964 RIGHT IN MY HAND when I typed it. So whatever. You are

    30. ok 1 last time on yhis .look at the chart on wikki there is no 1964. wikki must have mistyped the word printed instead of issued ( the 1957 were issued til 1964).

    31. "Silver Cerificates are a type of representative money printed from 1878 -
      1964 in the united states as part of it's circulation of paper currency."
      <---- This si the first sentence on the page for f--ks sake! 1878 to
      NINTEEN SIXTY-FOUR!!!!!!!!! I'll say it again I HAVE A 1964 SILVER-
      CERTIFICATE. It doesn't say 1957, it sais NINTEEN SIXTY-FOUR!!!!

    32. in reply to 'scott' : You say that silver or gold is no better than paper money. Let's just assume that's true (and very well could be). But you also say that there is nothing wrong with the Federal Reserve, but that it should be run by accountable people--that's where you are wrong. What's the use of the Federal Reserve if our Congress has the right to print it's own money? What is the use of a private corporation controlling our money? Whether or not we return to a gold or silver standard isn't as important as realizing that the Federal Reserve is not necessary for our economy to function.

    33. u are so mistaken.....

      u set weights & balances for precious metals.....

      would u be up to reading -secrets of the federal reserve -

      it would be in ur best interest ~

      and it's online, maybe even here...

      btw; try buying some gold jewelry, and u 'll see just
      how pointless gold is !!

      a dollar is a RECEIT for ur gold ( when it's to much to carrying
      around, u would let the bank STORE ur gold, and they give u a
      reciept (ms) to show u have gold there )

      research, pal...

  25. CULTURAL MARXISM - The Corruption of America
    a James Jaeger Film

    Find out how a group of Marxist theoreticians, calling themselves, The Frankfurt School, plotted the corruption of nations by undermining their cultures. Their method is the use of art, music, education, and media to condition people to accept the essential elements of Marxism without identifying them as such. Eventually, Marxism becomes the new reality without a violent revolution and even without awareness that a revolution has occurred.

    Just released. Featuring Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Ted Baehr and Edwin Vieira.

  26. >This is ridiculous ask anyone who has a degree in economics to explain the federal reserve. I’m not going to take the time to explain everything that is wrong with this piece of s***.

    You have been brainwashed with Keynesian economics.


  27. This is ridiculous ask anyone who has a degree in economics to explain the federal reserve. I'm not going to take the time to explain everything that is wrong with this piece of s***.

  28. There are some interesting points in this documentary. However, the article of the Constitution mentioned applies to states not the federal government. The documentary does not present counterpoints very well and feels a bit like propaganda.

    There is some interesting information on the federal reserve that is worth watching and I like seeing Ron Paul in documentaries. I don't agree with Ron Paul on a lot of things, but I really like him and think he is an important voice that the whole nation is lucky to have working for them (I like people from any party who get people thinking).

    In summary, I ask you to re-read my first sentence.

  29. Great source of information. So, now what can the average citizen do to change this. I detect that there will be a great fall out from this tyranny. How can I prepare. I know that paying off debt and not creating more debt, but is there anything else that would have a drastic and lasting effect?

    1. investing in gold
      guns & ammo
      kiss ur bank good bye
      dry food,etc

      be ready for a revolution/cutting
      off "their" supply of our money ~*

  30. Wow! Excellent. Very well done. Your straight forward explanation of the complicated issues enlightened me tremendously. I especially appreciated your take on the main stream news. I plan to watch it again. Thank you.

  31. This has got some interesting info in it. Its just a shame its featuring Edward.G.Griffin. This the guy who made the documentary about Vitamin B17 being the cure for cancer.

  32. Hi Vlatko-- thanks for replying. Again... I geniunely appreciate your efforts here. And Paula-- this documentary definitely summed up my many years of digging and researching this subject. It's a really mind-blowing piece of work! Hope you enjoyed it as much I did. Peace to you all.

  33. Thank you paula.

  34. I agree, you have done a wonderful job putting this website together. I appreciate it immensely. There aren't too many spaces like these around! thanks so much! .... and now i'm going to give this movie a watch

  35. Hello James Jaeger... can't wait for the next installment of your documentary on the subject. It's been a long and slow road at being introduced to the subject. I'm very glad there are resources for us to view now. To Vlatko-- thanks for the website! WOW-- how insightful you are to bring a forum together for people to view! Please keep up the good work. Some of us really appreciate it.

    Best regards to you both!

    1. Thanks no name. I appreciate that.

  36. Thanks.
    great informaitions, feeds up to wakeup, stand up &fight back

  37. We're all looking forward to see it James. Cheers.

  38. Well said? Great information, keep up the great work!