All Wars are Bankers' Wars

All Wars are Bankers' Wars

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The United States fought the American Revolution primarily over King George III's Currency act, which forced the colonists to conduct their business only using printed bank notes borrowed from the Bank of England at interest.

After the revolution, the new United States adopted a radically different economic system in which the government issued its own value-based money, so that private banks like the Bank of England were not siphoning off the wealth of the people through interest-bearing bank notes.

But bankers are nothing if not dedicated to their schemes to acquire your wealth, and know full well how easy it is to corrupt a nation's leaders.

Just one year after Mayer Amschel Rothschild had uttered his infamous "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws", the bankers succeeded in setting up a new Private Central Bank called the First Bank of the United States, largely through the efforts of the Rothschild's chief US supporter, Alexander Hamilton.

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  1. It’s all modern slavery but still with the murderous brutality undercover

  2. Very illuminating video that distills the Truth of this fake printed money and usury system to appropriate the wealth & economic efforts of the little people and to enslave the masses to never ending debt respectively.
    However, I doubt this (now global) central banking monster can ever be effectively eradicated because the very people themselves being enslaved, also pander to Mammon.

    My neighbor who saw this same video often rails against the evil Banksters and the politicians in bed with them, but within the same breath he will proudly praise his daughter who managed to get a job in a Big Banking corporation, and thereby earn big bucks working for these Financial Priesthood. Guess he is also eagerly looking forward to buying a new Chrysler with the increased stipend he gets from his daughter. lol.

    Yes - All Wars may be Bankers' Wars, but until the little people themselves pray to a different religion, then nothing will change. Fathers (of all the little people) will encourage their daughters to join with Mammon and Mothers will (stupidly) encourage their Sons to fight in pointless wars for their "Country" or "Democracy" or "Freedom" of the little people.

    1. Yes, how ironic the successful endeavors of humanity help create and make possible the parasitic webs of psychopathy within the species Homo sapiens; deception is the gravitational tools of the natural psychopathy of external nature - truth is the unique tool of cooperative survival, via humanity on the conscious level while this cooperative survival strategy was foreshadowed by the social insects.
      All questions of truth are rooted in survival; survival of the fittest individual organism leads to premature extinction of the species - to create the greatest quantity of survival with the greatest quality of life ultimately depends on the conscious re-creation of this planets ecological balance.
      This would establish yet another paradigm shift in the progression of evolution; the re-domination of humanity over psychopathy within the internal nature of Homo sapiens - the necessary evil of psychopathy in the continuation of evolution could be re-established with humanities domination by the establishing (consciously) the ecological balance (in order to survive to the fullest potential of Homo sapiens)
      -just a thought

    2. Well……banking or fiat money is not the problem…….it’s the INTENDED USE of that money…….the moneys intended use is for the benefit of the people who agree to its use…..if we agree to the use of a piece of paper to represent our economy……then so be it……we should be able to use it to promote the wealth and well being of our societies……it’s only a problem when a small group of people monopolize that money and with it monopolize the resources that would benefit the entire society…….get rid of the bad eggs……then we can go ahead and make that omelet so we can get on with breakfast…….

    3. Bitcoin fixes this.

  3. Today is July 13, 2020, and the USA's horrific wars for profit have been raging nonstop. It's the number ONE atrocity to the American people, our biggest threat is our own military madness. Yet the people are successfully manipulated by political distractions such as sex scandals, "terrorist" attacks which were all merely reactions to our wars, and a virus pandemic caused by the continued destruction to Earth through the biggest polluter on Earth: the US Military.

  4. I do not really know where to stand in all this. I fully agree that the private central banking system and the finical world are the main cause of our societies pain. Unfortunately the global warming discussion was put onto the table. Although i cannot disagree that global warming is a fantastic opportunity for governments to impose more taxes and control over its citizens, the fact that people are still denying in the comments that co2 has been driving temperature changes throughout history is scary. Once again, i fully understand the purpose of this video, but going has far as to question even natural events (provoke by the human in that case) is going too far on this crusades of yours against central bankers...

    1. Where exactly is the proof that 0.04 % of the atmosphere is the main driver of warming?

    2. So President Wilsons quote was in 1919. Yet WWI was from 1914-18. This needs seroius fact checking. I am afraid it is Bunk strung together with BS and tin foil.

    3. CO2 is why you can breathe. No CO2 - humans die. It’s just another lie to see if humans are that stupid to believe it. It’s a test for you, me, all others.

  5. The 3rd World War will be the end war. God is in control. We are "catching on" too late, I fear. All of this was known all along and NOW we bring it up? Too little, too late. But God........

    1. True. But we must do what we can while we can though God is the one with the answers.

  6. Smedley Butler Two time Medal of Honor recpient - "War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives".

    “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism".

    1. M. William, you will have to think again because the climat change case is a lie. It’s a lie and rich people are getting richer with this lie. Yeah, it’s a religion because it is based upon believes. This is not science no more IPCC is a pathetic organisation that deceive the world. The biggest deception ever.

  7. I always liked the analogy that there was this grove of apple trees. Everyone had always loved to gather them when in season. Then one season there was a fence with a sign that said BOB'S Apples $1.00. Now bob was nice as he would let you pick them apples for which he would give you some money to buy you some apples. We cant do crap to Bob cuz he has people that will kill you if you try and take them apples without paying. Poor us?

  8. Would like to donate copies of this video to local libraries. This information needs to be disseminated

  9. The systematic rape and control of natural resources. That belongs to everyone. Kill Corporate Government.

  10. Larry fink and Lloyd blankfein. Bankers do possess quite a bit of influence over a country's affairs. The truth will be revealed soon.

  11. It was about money and who controls it. The freemasons had not been completely inssurected during the revolutionary war, but was pretty badly infected by the time the US central bank charter was up for renewal. The rothchilds eventually bought off the higher freemasonic members in England where they are headquartered and then executed their plan to clandestinely occupy the high political and financial offices of the US. hoping to avoid war. After the Jackson presidency the freemasons knew they had to have the POTUS. Freemasonry is a completely jewish owned, clandestine group and is pretty much the cia, mi5/6, mossad. The coup was complete after the "federal" reserve act was passed. The war of 1812 most certainly was about money and those who control or want to control it. Who controls money? The bankers. All wars are bankers wars.

    1. You speak the truth. Please keep speaking it to our youth

  12. He lost me when he said global warming was a cult and the Earth has been actually cooling for the last 16 years.

    1. It is a cult!
      It is based on the false premise that co2 back-radiation causes warming.
      It does not and has not been proven to do so. ever!
      It is not a theory - it is a hypothesis that only exists in models. NOT in real life!
      Something cold can not heat something that is warmer than itself. This would actually contravene an actual proven physical law of thermodynamics!
      KT energy budgets are wrong and have been demonstrated to be un-physical.

      Media sensationalism/politics is the reason for any of the ridiculous traction of AGW in popular culture.

      Unfortunately most people have great difficulty thinking.

  13. And the bankers are controlled by the Vatican.

    1. The Rothchilds are Catholic?

  14. Craig Anheliger, yes.

  15. Immediately jumps with broad generalizations with very little evidence. For example,Currency Act caused the Revolutionary War. It's way more complicated than that. Plus the idea of he Currency Act, was just a natural consequece of global trade. It allowed for paper money to be legal tender for payments of goods and services. Considering back then gold had to be shipped via ships it made for faster payment. Yes, the colonies were not allowed to print their money because they were still English territory. This process was not disagreeable.

    What was though was lack of representation from the colonies. No one from the American colonial government had a say in interest rates or taxation. Allowing the colonies to be leeched of to continue the English war campaign against France.

    1. Over simplified my ass!
      These bastards can be viewed throughout history manipulating and murdering the masses for profit and power. Every war is indeed a goddamned bankers war and the people should turn on these rich bastards and kill them French Revolution style with guillotines in the public square, strip their families off all of their ill-gotten wealth and let them rely on the charity of others.

    2. I have investigated this issue for 30 years, its irrelevant where one lives, the people have the right to use their own monetary system, and Bankers have never lent one cent to anyone its mathematically impossible. By allowing usury The Crown of England violates the terms and condition of the Coronation Oath, where they promise to govern according to God's laws. and interest charges are prohibited on nine occasion in the Bible, I have requested 6 financial institution for evidence of debt they claimed I had with them they never provided it. Banking is the right to print money and lend it, banks cannot lend depositors and the bnak's own money. The banker converts the alleged borrower's asset into a means of exchange. Banks cannot lend.

  16. This documentary will tremendously open your mind to the possibilities of war. I cannot really say that I one hundred
    percent believe everything in the documentary is true, but based on the
    evidences given, the information that you’ll digest should be mind-blowing.

    For the situation of China right now, they’re
    the second largest economy in the world and one of the biggest threat to the
    United States of America. China is currently claiming seas in Asia which is in
    violation of maritime laws according to the UN. My theory is that the United
    States which is not currently occupied in the disputes between the countries
    (China, Vietnam, and the Philippines) will take action in thrashing China’s
    economy. Moreover, considering good historical relations between the Philippines
    (One of the main countries majorly affected in the takeover of China in several
    seas) and the United States, the US will help the Philippines start a war in
    which it will help decrease the wealth of China. With this, the Philippines
    will be further destroyed and owe more debts to the United States.

    1. No need for a war. Just stop buying from China. We can do it individually at the consumer level. No need to involve any government. Just look at the label. It is not hard. Watch the rats scramble then.

  17. The professor F who criticizes Rivero has got a point. There are indeed oversimplifications in the account and some false rumours. But the real truth is even worse than Rivero believes. The elites, for whom the bankers are the middlemen, are nearly always on both sides. Lincoln and FDR were their men too. The coup attempt against FDR probably was intended to strengthen him.

  18. this is ok, but rushes quite a bit, you'll find much better analysis in "the secret of oz" and "the money masters"...

  19. Gotta love the "Jews" (Khazars).

  20. Totally agree..except for the War of 1812 rewrite. Actually, Madison invaded Canada boasting that it was theirs for the taking. US atrocities turned a sympathetic majority into patriots joining Tecumseh's indians and Briish regulars and militia to successfully drive them out of Canada and all threatening nearby US garrisons in the bargain. The only losers were the Indians who were abandoned to the genocide that followed everywhere west of the Mississippi valley
    when the remaining protecting British garrisons there were withdrwan to appease America for good trade and banking relations .
    In fact, it was the end of the protection Britain had promised them at the end of the 7 year Indian war that was the real cause of the revolution. The elite and bankers had gotten rich on stolen Indian land in the 13 colonies and beyond until then. They were losing until Thomas Payne roused the masses to their cause with democratic reasons.
    The elite and their bankers have been spilling the masses blood ever since pretending they were just trying to bring democracy to their enemies deprived people.

  21. Bankers bridge the financial gap. Similar to the loan purchase of a flat or wheels; it provides the ability to use resources that you still do not possess but are willing to work for in the next few years by becoming productive or by wealth creation.

    1. Bankers grow fat on other peoples work, while they continue to fool people into thinking that they understand a complex and difficult system, that "system" is in fact a giant load of horse manure.

    2. at you say is obviously true and often stated, yet the oppression continues and escalates. "Democracy" is the name given to the powerfuls' manipulation of the masses.

  22. As a university professor who has a PhD in Global Affairs with a specialization in development and international political economy, a masters in Law, and a Bachelors in political science and philosophy about 75 percent of this documentary is misleading and most of it has poor academic scholarship and empirically driven data.

    Woodrow Wilson for example took much pride in the creation of the Federal Reserve System and also the quote used in the documentary is fabricated with no historical proof. One must study merchant capitalism and the emergence of capitalism in the 17-18th centuries to understand the monetary system of the time. Much of the cause of war in the US Colonies was a result from the debts England incurred from the East India Company trickled down via taxes and interests. The non-aristocratic banking regimes where separate from the new financial capitalist regimes that baled a more parliamentary system of governance. The information is portrayed with a monolithic conspiracy when it was actually more layered. E.G, read Karl Polyani onward.

    Many causes of war cannot be blamed solely on bankers it is much more complicated than that - even if they most benefit from "sovereign debt". Debt, banking, and economics are all treated in quiet an elementary way in the documentary with the ambition for more reaction on the half of the viewer than thoughtful critique. This misinformation actually discredits the thesis of a more inclusive economic system that does not externalize costs and risks to the citizen hence our modern banking and fictionalization system.

    Also, ... the world is not "cooling". Come on

    1. Here's the clincher though: is the guy wrong about the influence of fractional reserve banking because I can see at least one problem with that which can't just be explained away: the system -is- set up so that it creates ever more debt. The debt can never be paid back because there simply isn't enough money.

      That part I certainly believe in.

    2. You are correct Howard. You found a secret to bank-driven, "financialization" of capitalism where the management of money is worth more than the activities that produce it

    3. Thank you. I have always wanted to know: the bankers know this because it's their own system. They know it's an ever-increasing spiral. They also know, or they should know, that this cannot continue ad infinitum. At some point it just has to hit a limit. At some point the system has to collapse under its own weight. How do they plan to deal with that?

    4. Professor F, could we assume that you are the one who has been mislead by the educational system? I mean, half of the knowledge being taught today IS pure fiction.

    5. Frazier,

      No you cannot assume that much. The educational system cannot mislead you as a whole if you do your research and are objective. Can one assume if you have not read 200-300 pages every week for the past 12 years that maybe you should not be getting your primary knowledge from a lunatic who as no credentials?

    6. Well I've learned to be exteremly skeptical with any new information that is presented to me. Even if I want to believe it.

      So far, I have looked into quite a few topics covered in the doc including Hitler's non-interest notes, as well as Kennedy's in depth. I didn't think that they would be true since I never heard of them before, but multiple credible sources say otherwise.

      In any case, is it possible that you have gotten to a point of mature master of such topics as Economics that you refuse to acknowledge some facts that could crumble the core of where this learned knowledge is based off of?

      Anyway, I myself don't know close to everything, and it is obvious that all the topics discussed are multi-layered (Why did Hitler invad Poland? Etc.) but what I personally base my understanding on is what is going on around me. It's quite obvious that the banking system has built in failure. When simplifying it in the utmost layman terms, doesn't it go like this: Before any money is in circulation, there is only me, the bank, and an apple. The apple costs me $1. Since there is no money in circulation I need to borrow that dollar from the bank. The bank gladly lends it to me, but at 15% interest. There is simply not enough money in circulation for me to pay that back. So the bank puts $2 in circulation so that there is enough to cover the first dept. But wait, there's even more dept now. Print more, etc.

      Anyway, the way the world is going and looking at who has power, it's quite clear that a few people heavily influence what is going on in the world. I don't need to study economics to see what is going on around me.

    7. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I get what you are saying. I am a life-skeptic, is all. So much information out there in our day and age. Check out Terence McKenna if you get a little time. Great knowledge there for free thinkers.

    8. It sounds like YOU need to do a little more research. I only watched the first 10 minutes, but everything he is saying is 100%. The banks are responsible for majority of the wars on this planet. Debt = control.

    9. Joel, please read Karl Polayni the Great Transformation, and
      then from

      there read credible critiques of banking and capitalism. The first 10

      minutes he is not 100% accurate.

      Debt can be sustainable, even

      when banks use "interesting monetary policies" to compound debt if

      production in the GDP out paces the percentage of debt to GDP ratio.

      But the system is unsustainable is current debts cannot equilateral with

      current production.

      Give me his the "key facts" you think are

      in the first ten minutes list them all and I will SOURCE and show you

      how wrong and misleading he is.

    10. Hello, I am interested to know your perspective on whether this is, because of a few things being inaccurate, a false claim or not.

      I have studied economics, perhaps not to the degree that you have, but I have also given classes on the subject. I find it hard to believe that the fundamental premise of this is false, in that banking institutions and international banking cartels are somehow bastions of good will, and are working only for their profit, and not for the ultimate control and usurpation of our popular and individual sovereignty.

      For one thing, the Rothschild quotes, as well as the Smedley Butler quotes, would indicate that that is not so. Further, the fact that America does, indeed, replace a ruler with a dictator despite its propaganda that We are over there to install democracy.

      It has been shown, time and time again, as it will continue to be shown, that the international bankers are working towards a new world order, with a top down authoritarian approach. This, and only this, is what really matters to me in so far as what history has shown. Further, that this money game is essentially a new religion.

      I find that the more invested, and, unfortunately, college educated, the less common sense appears to be applicable to one's thinking. And by common sense I mean common decency, I mean common knowledge according to the enlightenment period, I mean natural rights, natural liberty, natural property, and natural sovereignty. These concepts have been bastardized to a degree, by the banking elite and aristocratic class, to benefit their interests.

      And the evidence of this bastardization is in the history of the education system itself, which I have also studied and given classes on.

      You can say what you want about the illegitimacy of a train of thought because of a few cars holding faulty cargo, but the truth is that this train is headed in the right direction regardless.

    11. Professor F is living proof of the elites influence on every aspect of modern education. Most people are willing to blindly trust what they are taught in schools and colleges and blindly trust whatever sources are provided to them in such institutions for providing truth and accurate information. People must be willing to scrutinize and use their own judgment through researching and looking at theories and world history and economics from many perspectives with an open mind. It's unfortunate that today's society has regressed to people taking things so personally when anyone might have a disagreement with their beliefs to the point where it's becoming exceedingly rare to be able to engage in intellectual debate.

    12. You're an ***** who thinks "intellectual" sounding words, strung together in barely coherent, nonsensical sentences makes you appear smart. Hope you didn't pay for those useless degrees out of your own pocket. Lol

  23. Good Documentary ...Anybody remember why The Thirteen Colonies rebelled ??Taxation without Representation situation in which a government imposes taxes on a particular group of its citizens taxation, ... Today this just as true in 1776 the last 40 years.The average American Citizen Today is being taxed unfairly without Representation ...It's the The One Percent..And there corporation who are being Representation. it's there voice there needs that get's the biggest bang for there $$$$$$$..loop holes tax credits on top of this pay less in taxes because of They are getting represent through there lobbyist and by the money money that's given for favoritism ... why should the average Americans worker pay a higher percentage of his or her income in taxes ..??? GOD HELP US ALL THE DAY THE MEDDLE CLASS IS GONE! ..and that is left standing are the one percent and the very poorest Americans....

  24. You have to hear the truth. This is a catchup class for the public educated populace. Everything he speaks is the truth. Understand that this is very threatening to our oligarchs that have been willing to do anything to keep the federal reserve system.

  25. This dude makes some good points, but some of his schtick is nuts.

  26. Many facts... Some crazy stuff... Overall a good "doc" worthy of opening up some good discussion.

  27. Facts in this are pretty much accurate. I do note the people below pontificating irrelevant bull**** about what their opinion is, or disagreeing on minor issues using name calling and ignorance based ad hom.

    Only a fool doesnt get the fact that at least 3 presidents have been whacked by the bankers, for obvious reasons. There is no greater motive than the right to create money out of nothing for a nation, and charge them interest for it.

    "Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin.
    The Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them,
    but leave them the power to create deposits,
    and with the flick of the pen they will
    create enough deposits to buy it back again.
    However, take it away from them, and
    all the great fortunes like mine
    will disappear and they ought to disappear, for
    this would be a happier and better world to live in.
    But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers
    and pay the cost of your own slavery,
    let them continue to create deposits."
    Josiah Stamp - former head of the Bank of England.

    Bankers are going to take your sovereignty, while the fools still argue against the facts of FIAT banking.

    "This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of one world government. National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept."
    — Zbigniew Brzezinski

    Conspiracy? The biggest conspiracy in America was to educate and drug their population stupid, and they did it. We STILL drink fluoride, while the rest of the world laughs at us for drinking a class 4 neuro toxin that reduces IQ in kids and doesnt improve oral hygiene one bit.

  28. The solution is in the Communist Manifesto-for a post capitalist world.

    1. See the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto. Marx and Lenin were supported by the super rich.

      it looks like we have a choice between global government and global corporations but the same handful of people control both institutions.

    2. Marx did not believe in practicing what he preached though, his system was for the "lesser peoples" not great intellectuals like himself and his cronies. Somthing that i used to find funny was the term "first among equals"

  29. money masters is the best american history lesson all must learn this fraud

    1. Teach Josh fink that lesson.

  30. Great doc I believe everything this man is stating he is not lying he is telling the truth if you would stop eating cows horses chickens that has growth hormones & live viruses you would wake up from your enslavement. Thanks for this awesome information. This man needs his own show, speak the truth speak the truth!

    1. I think everyone should do their own research on just about everything one reads or sees on the internet, but the man does bring up very valid points. By the way he does have his own show. It's a radio show broadcast outta Hawaii or something. It's called: "What Really Happened" Hosted by: Micheal Rivero. If you search for youtube channel: Ron Gibson, he uploads the show daily there. Cheers ;)

    2. I agree that people need to stop eating GMO'd food but that's not why people are blind and stupid. Its because they only believe what they see on TV and schools are indoctrination centers.

  31. I liked most of this guys research and it confirms allot of my own study in this area but one thing that he didn't mention was that the principle of not having debt comes directly from the bible and in particular the Old Testament that comes from Jewish teaching. EG "Proberbs 22:7 borrower is slave to the lender" Deuteronomy 8:18 "God gives us the power to create wealth" Proverbs 10:22 blessing of the LORD creates wealth and he adds no sorrow with it. And this one that would fix the worlds problems and break the control of central banks!

    Deuteronomy 15:1 "At the end of every seventh years you must cancel the debts of everyone who owes you money.

  32. I'd say this is about 60% truth and 40% crazy gibberish.

    1. Most documentaries are.

  33. It's time for war to destroy the true enemy. The money changers of old described in scripture are alive and thriving as they did in the past. Zionism is structured to destroy the goyim; to enslaves and create hatred so there is a reason for war. The Rothschilds funded WW2 on both sides then provided the money to rebuild. These and their barbaric prostitutes are what form "civilization".

  34. Google for complete lengthy quote: judge james C fox 16th Amendment sullivan

    the 16th amendment ratification question this was just a recollection by
    the judge that he read 'somewhere'. It was hardly a careful examination
    by the judge and definitely not a ruling.

  35. re: The Fed successfully defended itself from FOIA because it's a private corporation. False, it's a special US Govt-Chartered quasi-private corp with the Board of Directors (Governors) appointed by the President. (most corps are chartered by one or more of 50 states) The 12 Branches operate in some sense as private corps, costs self-funding via profits not govt revenue, but all net profits after expenses are returned to the Treasury, after a dividend is paid to member commercial banks, a payment which apparently offsets interest and fees charged to such banks.

    The following is about CONCEALMENT and unjust enrichment after a decade of PRIVATE bank fraud by CEOs looting their own corporations. The *institutions* were bailed out -- a pragmatic matter that could have been done by FDIC, with appropriate investigations and punishment suggested. The executives were not investigated nor prosecuted. Most were allowed to keep all past profits and bonuses. In some cases, the main "looters" had already resigned and turned the bank over to new executives. (The fraud was (imo) not really a good justification to allow the entire institutional edifice to collapse, and crash all interconnected business, no more than if executives looted a hospital would it make sense to fire all staff and shut down operations, if the hospital could be bailed out.)

    BLOOMBERG: Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks $13 Billion Undisclosed to Congress

    The Federal Reserve and the big banks fought for more than two years to keep details of the largest bailout in U.S. history a secret. Now, the rest of the world can see what it was missing.

    The Fed didn’t tell anyone which banks were in trouble so deep they required a combined $1.2 trillion on Dec. 5, 2008, their single neediest day. Bankers didn’t mention that they took tens of billions of dollars in emergency loans at the same time they were assuring investors their firms were healthy. And no one calculated until now that banks reaped an estimated $13 billion of income by taking advantage of the Fed’s below-market rates, Bloomberg Markets magazine reports in its January issue.

    Saved by the bailout, bankers lobbied against government regulations, a job made easier by the Fed, which never disclosed the details of the rescue to lawmakers even as Congress doled out more money and debated new rules aimed at preventing the next collapse.

    A fresh narrative of the financial crisis of 2007 to 2009 emerges from 29,000 pages of Fed documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act and central bank records of more than 21,000 transactions. While Fed officials say that almost all of the loans were repaid and there have been no losses, details suggest taxpayers [e.g. consumers, citizens, investors .. since the Fed does not collect taxes] paid a price beyond dollars as the secret funding helped preserve a broken status quo and enabled the biggest banks to grow even bigger.

    Court Orders Fed to Disclose Emergency Bank Loans (Update2)

    Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve must for the first time identify the companies in its emergency lending programs after losing a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

    Manhattan Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska ruled against the central bank yesterday, rejecting the argument that loan records aren’t covered by the law because their disclosure would harm borrowers’ competitive positions.
    Note: Did the defense claim they were NOT an agency of Govt and the FOIA did not apply? Not according to the Plaintiffs.

  36. mostly lies

  37. Talks way too fast and sounds crazy. Yep, banks rule the world, guess we're screwed. Or maybe we need a system of trade and, gee whiz, somebody should be rewarded for dealing with all the details that you don't to. Don't like it? Start your own f--king bank.

  38. and he lost me at denying global warming.

  39. he has no clue what the war of 1812 was about! lol

    1. u shud get off them pills

  40. I cannot believe none of my friends or family for the most part are completely unaware of any of this. I'm always trying to share what I learn. I don't know why people aren't seeking these truths for themselves!

    1. dont bother, 90% of people live in a fantasy world. When a war breaks out in America thats when people start listening, but it'll be too late...

    2. Yes, I tried to share with my family and they think I'm crazy, even treat me differently. Most people don't have the compass of thought to grasp anything beyond what they are mentally fed.

  41. all talk no action good info though

  42. This supports my opinion that each side of every argument will always have certain perceived flaws observed by the other side. No one has it 100% for everyone, and every information/media source has its biases, from FOX to CNN. It's obvious that something's happening with climate change, but those on the right like to manipulate the facts for the sake of their love of fossil fuels, by hiding "climate change" behind a global conspiracy of left wing dominance. Unfortunately, the powers that be tend to support and infiltrate these grass roots movements into believing that the only way to correct these problems is to hand your independence over to the United Nations or some one world government, like we did with the WTO, IMF and World Bank, NAFTA, etc. That's worked out well, hasn't it? Yeah, right. But you keep voting for these Democrats and Republicans because each ticket has the complete and perfect ideology for you. Well, that's BS. Rarely do I find a candidate that's on point with me on every single issue they run on. It's up to me to disseminate the information and choose the best solutions coming from ALL sides and make as informed a decision as I possibly can. I think this is an excellent documentary that quickly and concisely explains the fraud of the banks and the results of their actions. Any opinions from the narrator on any other issue need to be compartmentalized for a later debate, but on the banking issue, he's dead on. When the extreme right and extreme left finally realize their arguments are very similar in many ways, then maybe we can effect some change. To close out an argument on one issue because of another random statement of "opinion", is neither intelligent nor productive. Stop hiding behind your political and religious dogma and start making decisions on your own. The most important thing we can possibly do with our minds, that most of you have forgotten, is to keep them open. I do not have any respect left for the Republican party and their corporate fascist methods, but recently the Democrats are filled with the same amount of hot air as the rest. If they had their way, they'd be giving us the same. It's just being sold differently. So keep watching these documentaries, Keep commenting and criticizing, and when you're done, keep repeating History. Go home, shout we are the 99% for a weekend or two, act like an Anarchist, and when that gets boring, go back to finger f#@king your electronic ear dildos, putting your pretty dog pictures up on Face Book, while your money rots in those bank accounts that your too lazy to close.

    1. Vote for the Tax Wall Street Party.....takes participation and organizing mostly on volunteer basis.

  43. this guys voice is f@(king annoying.... hunt down and watch power of the purse ..... its much better than this donkey

  44. i got off this doc when he said the earth was ''cooling''. You state that, you know this doc is untrustworthy.

    1. There is a wealth of scientific fact that supports the theory of the earth cooling. In fact, many authorities who once supported the global warming theory have now realised that any warming was cyclical rather than the result of our impact on the planet.

    2. I nearly did that too, it's difficult to listen to someone who doesn't believe we're actively destroying our own planet. He does tend to gloss over a few things that could cause some right wing idiots to come out of the closet, but the truth of the premise of the documentary holds fast in my opinion.

  45. Rothschild was an opportunist but he did not propose the one currency for Europe. WWI was so crushing as had been all the other European wars so French FM Aristide Briand first suggested a single trading bloc with a single currency in 1929. Finally after the horrors of WWII Jean Monnet initiated the plan in 1945 He was a member of the French planning commission for economic reconstruction. Having the Euro is good, it's about trade and balancing the status quo of people in Europe BUT the lovers of the USD hate the Euro and we are suffering from a currency war because of that -- charging interest is criminal - perhaps it has always been -

  46. Except for the global cooling comments, the documentary is fundamentally bang on regarding human history in the last couple of hundred years.. In my opinion, going back to a gold, or silver standard does not solve the problem, because this is how they got control over the monetary system to begin with. Money should be based upon one's labor, created from nothing. (fiat currency) For this reason, there is no need to pay interest because no one put anything of value on the line to back it.(highly effiicient, no free lunch) The solution lies in getting rid of usury. (interest) The federal reserve in the U.S collects 1 trillion dollars a year to pay the interest on the American debt that they created out of thin air, to line their pockets. Since banks, and corporations runs the world, (admitted in the doc) national distinction will soon be extinct. (except of course when they wish to rally the people to fight a war for banking, and corporate purposes)

    1. ''money should be based upon one's labor, created from nothing''
      What does that actually mean mate?

    2. @jackmax: Quite simply, since the collapse of 1929, there is no gold standard, it is now just another commodity on the market. Thus all currency became fiat currency based upon debt, or your labor. (and apparently your grandchildren) I don't have a problem with the labor part. (the grandchildren part, yes - inter-generational tyranny) In Canada, 95% of all the currency is created by the 6 chartered banks. All the bank of Canada (crown corporation) does, is control the rate of inflation. Too much currency in circulation deflates the value, not enough creates a depression. Thus, what most people don't understand is, if Canada has a debt of 650 billion dollars, it means we have 650 billion dollars in circulation. If you paid off the debt, you would have no money in circulation. (broke)
      My issue, is if the currency is created out of nothing (fiat currency) why do you pay interest on anything? No one put anything of value up to back the currency. Thus, interest (usury) is being used to suck out the hardearned money from the taxpayer, (and all the things they would spend it on) to pay interest on a debt to the people who own everything. (Rothschild, Rockfellers, Warbergs, Schiff, Morgans, etc. ) Since they own the federal reserve in the U.S, they collect a trillion dollars a year in interest for doing absolutely nothing, or producing nothing of value. Ergo, the money that should go to pay for infrastructure, etc is diverted inefficiently to reinforce the status quo.
      Going back to a 'gold standard' is not the answer because this is how they got control over the currency to begin with. (goldsmith's withheld gold, created a depression, forclosed on people's homes because they couldn't pay off their loans, allowing the goldsmith's to grab everyone's property. (sub prime mortgage collapse of 2008 - sound familiar?) That is precisely what it all means, and now you can understand why I made the comments I did. I hope this helps. Take care, and best wishes Jackmax!

    3. I find this docu has incorrectly overstated the role of the federal reserve bank and the rothchild's had to the comencement of WW1, as the actual true beginning of the great war was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, June 1914, and by the end of July Germany hadgiven assurances of support to Austria-Hungary and they declare war on Serbia. With in 10 days of Austria-Hungary declaring war on Sebria the Germany's declare war on Russia, and with in two days Germany invades Loxembourg and after Germany violated the Belgian neutrality, guaranteed by a treaty.

      The United Kingdom declares war on Germany on the 4 August 1914.

      The USA did not declare war on Germany until 6 April 1917 so the narrators time line and formulation of events dont quite match with how and when the war started. As you can see by the dates provided the USA sat with there with their thumb up their a** for almost three years.
      As you see when the innformation in one area of the doco seems floored it must raise the questions on the rest of the information that its trying to give as facts.
      I could keep going on the misinformation this doco has/is presenting to us however I not one for long posts. This is one of the first I could prove without much effort on my behalf.....

    4. @jackmax: Yes, you are absolutely correct. It always saddens me to see good information mixed with bad. (loses credibility) They should have dealt with Napoleon's loss at Waterloo. (this is where the Rothschild's got their actual fortune) Keep up the good work. Pass on what you have learned. Best wishes, and take care.

    5. You say "It always saddens me to see good information mixed with bad. (loses credibility)". lol.

      Is that why you've had time to post on numerous threads, but not respond to my reply to your incorrect assertion about me on, ironically, 'Learning to Think Critically', you've been too sad about your incorrect assertions?
      Sorry to make you more sad, but, If you completely agree with jackmax, then you must agree you make incorrect assertions, as that was his point, and now mine.

      For example, your statement that 'you are absolutely correct' to jackmax when he said;
      "I find this docu has incorrectly overstated the role of the federal reserve bank and the rothchild's had to the comencement of WW1."

      Is contrary to your earlier statement it would seem;

      "Except for the global cooling comments, the documentary is fundamentally bang on regarding human history in the last couple of hundred years"

      Is the show 'bang on regarding human history', or overstating part of it?

      Assuming of course you agree that WWI is part of human history in the last couple of hundred years?

    6. @docoman: Yes, the doc was 'fundamentally bang on regarding all wars are bankers wars. Who do you think never loses by financing both sides??? Since the premise of the show is essentially correct, it is a good watch for the uninformed; I feel no need to apologize that I didn't give a detailed break down of what is correct, and what isn't. For the record, very little regarding the truth of history is known because one half of the story is lost. (written by the victors) If you wish to debate the finer points, I am sure you can find someone like yourself who has nothing better to do then quibble about nothing of value!
      Small minds talk about people, average minds argue events, but great minds talk ideas!

    7. " Yes, you are absolutely correct"
      " Since the premise of the show is essentially correct"
      are both statements you have made about the credibilty of this doco. So from that aspect one of those statements must be incorrect.

    8. @jackmax: Yes, you are correct regarding the information you expressed in your blog.(as far as we know, and have been told) and yes, the premise of the show is correct. (all wars are banker wars) So, what is your problem? Since you never acknowledged the logic of my blog regarding fiat currency, (you asked) I can only conclude that you are trying to (in your words) " anoy as many people you can by showing us about your own misconception that you have something interesting to contribute to this thread." ( by the way, annoy is spelled with 2 n's)
      Do yourself a favor; ignore the land of absolutes, learn about the history of money, and then you will come to understand that 'why' is always more important than who, what, when, and where! (all the minutia you want to argue about)

    9. I showed you that although banker are the only winners in war , all wars are not in fact banker's wars.

    10. @jackmax: Were you there? How many wars actually occured for the reasons we were given? (world war 2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, etc, not 1 of them) Apparently, truth (like beauty) is in the eye of the beholder. Maybe this documentary is right, and we are all wrong! After a good brainwashing, would any of us be open to the truth? All you have shown is that you are capable of repeating the same dogma that has been conveyed to all of us since the incident (world war 1) actually occured.
      If acknowledging your point is this counterproductive, I can only imagine what your response would be if I had disagreed with you to begin with!

    11. We could argue that you were the first one that shown any sketicism about the comment about the global cooling on this doco. I then gave a more historical account of the begining of WW1 to give weight to the reason for my lack of trust in the information this documentary was trying relay to the viewers

    12. lol, where you there either? You're the one that said he's completely correct, contradicting your own position. Don't crack it at him because you agreed st*pidly, it's on you not him. You should be angry at yourself, and possibly your parents.

      Jim Jefferies speaks about people that act like you have, don't be upset though, society is very accommodating.

      youtube dot com/watch?v=PtB1seQQTCw

    13. I recommend you watch "The Century Of The Self" (The whole series) Pay very close attention to "Happiness Machines"
      Good Luck!

    14. Thanks for the recommendation mate. I was being pretty harsh, but not as it may first seem as there was an ongoing exchange going on over multiple threads, which we've both made peace together over now. Cheers, and good luck too mate. :)

    15. And you know this how?

    16. Learning the history of wars. How do you get your knowledge?

    17. You state your position with such utter conviction I assumed you must have some special knowledge not available to the rest of us.

    18. Are you implying that I'm wrong?

    19. I'm implying that the 'official' account of events isn't always to be trusted. History will show that George W Bush won two elections when, in fact, he stole the White House.

    20. I would like to see evidence to the convince me that my understanding of W.W.1 is wrong

      Don't all politicians lie, cheat. and use any corrupt means possible to either gain or hold on to their power.?

    21. I don't know what your understanding of WW1 is so I can't comment on that specifically but I do know the United States' entry into that war was influenced by the sinking of the Lusitania two years earlier and that Churchill stated in a written communication that is "most important to attract neutral shipping to our shores, in the hope especially of embroiling the United States with Germany." In this case, the US government's entry into the war may not have been engineered by the bankers but I'm sure they were more than happy to support the decision, given that war is so profitable.

      As for your other comment about politicians lying and cheating, surely that backs up my point that the history books aren't to be entirely trusted?

    22. Fact is, the logic follows money creates wars.

      And the facts presented in this video are bang on. The quotes, the end game NWO, the assassinations? Whether or not one or two wars were not created by bankers? Is irrelevant.

      No one is perfect in analysis, but this guy did a pretty good job. And I saw no dishonesty here. only an attempt to improve understandings.

      It seems to me, you just want to be right.

      And that is just ego.

    23. It seems to me when you look at something especially with a title stating "all wars are bankers wars" Pointing out that error is relevant if one or two wars aren't that makes it incorrect and I watch to be informed with the truth not sensationalism to sell us on there idea.

      "Fact is, the logic follows money creates wars."
      If your going to present something as fact it is up to you to present your evidence to prove your claim which at this stage you have produced nothing.

      Why do you end statements with a question mark, is it because you are uncertain or do you realise that your statement is inaccurate and you have very little evidence to go on other than what you have seen in this documentary.

      BTW it's not a case of me wanting to be right as you have put it, it is the case I am right and if you were to study this subject with more vigor you may understand it better.
      If the title was "The only people to profit from war was bankers" , I would agree.

      We only have to look at what the Russian president is doing right now to see that all wars are not bankers wars.

    24. It is amusing to me, as I know jackmax personally. You'll never know how accurate you words are mate.

    25. How can you say the doco is 'bang on', then say jackmax was 'absolutely correct' when he was saying;
      "As you see when the innformation in one area of the doco seems floored it must raise the questions on the rest of the information that its trying to give as facts."

      You can't say the show is 'essentially correct' and also agree that the show is suspect. They're contradictory.
      You say the show is right, he replies you're wrong the show is wrong , you say both he's correct and that both your statements are consistent.
      It's the awful truth, but you're trying to have your cake and eat it too.

      What about someone that mentions all 3 in the one sentence?
      How about YOU try POSTING something logically consistent that works on the IDEA that being honest/ethical/consistent in your posts is more important then placating contradictory posters, or as you have egotistically called it, the awful truth.

    26. @docoman: Do I have to spell it out for you? Anything can be essentially correct, while containing flaws. Show me any documentary that doesn't have bias, or imperfection, yet hits home to the heart of the matter.
      The awful truth is you suffer from bi-polar thinking, (A or Z, nothing in between) This is precisely why I never responded to your 'critical thinking' assertion, because you have nothing original to offer.( devoid of spirit, imagination, and creativity) Just critical, no thinking!
      There are 3 types of people in the world, those who do, those who can't, and those who won't. The doers do everything, those who can't are incapable, and those who won't, don't even try. (you!) The only thing you are 'consistently' doing is attempting to imply disparity where none exists. If a fight is all your after, stick your head up your rearend, and fight for air. ( that would be as productive as what you are attempting to do here) this blog is my last response to you. Live long, and fester!

    27. I guess I have to spell it out easier for you. lol.
      You said the show is correct.
      jackmax said you're wrong, the show is suspect.
      You said he's absolutely correct.
      You now say there is no disparity in that, and call me bipolar, as I dared point out your BS. lol.

      3 types of people, you say I'm a 'won't', then the very next sentence you say I'm 'doing' something.
      lol, make up your mind. You are a twit, you profess to be speaking the 'awful truth', when in reality you're full of sh*t mostly.

      Of course you don't want to respond to me, I'm pointing out your BS, and you don't like it. Respond as you wish, I'll still point out your 'awful truth' when it's on a thread I'm reading, as it was on Learning to think Critically. It was Awful there too.

      lmao, I do like your goodbye though mate, you angry little Trekkie you. :) You forgot your rule, no emotion, I guess your failing as a Vulcan wanna-be.
      Learn some and proper. :)

    28. I wonder why....
      the docu did not 'explain' the Vietnam war...

    29. You say, "The USA did not declare war on Germany until 6 April 1917 so the narrators time line and formulation of events dont quite match with how and when the war started. As you can see by the dates provided the USA sat with there with their thumb up their a** for almost three years."
      In actuality, nobody in the U.S. was sitting with their thumbs up their *sses for the first two years of the war. For the first two years, the U.S. was funding Germany. They were funding Germany to bring down the Russian Czar and empire. When this succeeded, the U.S. then joined with England to attack Germany. All of this was done through, and for, the wealthy jewish bankers.
      I learned this from a speech by Benjamin Freedman (year 1962). He served in the Wilson administration; and you can hear his famous speech on youtube.

    30. @Lauriesheri: Please send your response to the person who made the comments. (jackmax) I cannot respond to that which I did not say!
      P.S: As far as I know, you are right regarding the U.S trying to bring down the Russian Czar.

    31. I have to ask did you actually watch this doco, or are you trying to anoy as many people you can by showing us about your own misconception that you have something interesting to contribute to this thread.

    32. @Jackmax: Read my last response to you, and tell me just what misconception you think I have? It is straight, and to the point, and if you can't understand it, then may I suggest you take in the following documentaries: (they are all top notch)
      The Corporation
      Money as debt
      The wizard of OZ
      The money masters
      P.S: Yes, I watched the doc in it's entirety.

    33. Secrets of Oz, not Wizard of Oz (explaining Wizard of Oz as a metaphor for Gold vs Bimetallism fight ... populist farmers aimed to inflate money supply to pay debts, Republicans (McKinley) and bankers (Morgan) fought that. Or so says one *version* of this history.).

      But essentially, today, the Treasury and Fed exchange debt-notes. Treasury issues Bills, Bonds, Notes, with different terms.
      Fed issues FRNs with no terms at all, no interest. An FRN is non-convertible ... aka it is convertible to itself. A $20 note is convertible to a $20 note, nothing more, *nominal* value of currency.
      Two govt entities swap this paper (computerized spreadsheet account entries), which makes the process consistent with Constitution. Treasury can "borrow" or "issue coin".
      CONGRESS mandates that this exchange be done only in two steps via Primary Dealer banks chosen by the Fed -- see the list. Some are private capital firms. Some are Japanese and German.
      PD banks in turn sell Bonds to other banks, or directly to the Fed.
      Treasury holds CLOSED auctions.
      Fed buys T-Bonds in OPEN Market Ops.
      Interest on Bonds @ Term is also paid with more keystrokes.
      Tax revenue is a complete non-sequitor. Currency issuers don't need taxes for revenue ... though Taxes on *some* parties remains necessary to drive a "value" or "demand" for the currency vs any other currency -- pesos, rubles, euros are not usable to pay USA taxes.

      There is no direct "cost" that must be borne by "taxpayers" except in the minds of "Balanced Budget" freaks for Austerity.
      On the other hand, there exists what one might term "unjust enrichment" of a transfer of wealth to these "dealers" of Govt Bonds, a process which need not occur if Congress made relatively MINOR legal and institutional changes.

      Note: all net "profits" taken by the Fed itself are totally returned to the Treasury ... which really doesn't need the revenue.

      They say the current outstanding T-Bonds, which is a temporary store of private savings in federal accounts, equals a phony DEBT CRISIS!!!!

      This DEBT CRISIS!!! is why Congress thinks it must impose harsh poverty on the victims of Globalization and the Crash of the Bubble, slash Soc Sec, increase SS taxes, pit the semi-rich against the somewhat-poor.

    34. I got excited thinking AntiTheist666 was back but then I see this was written a year ago. I notice you have quite a few people who agree with your post, sometimes it's better to leave it at that although 14 lines are rarely enough to elaborate on an opinion.

    35. @oQ: Actually, I haven't seen any posts from AntiTheist666 for quite some time. Come to think of it, I haven't seen many comments from yourself as of late, which I have enjoyed reading in the past. Personally, I have been so busy, that my own watching/posting has been sporadic at best. In any case, great to hear from you, and best wishes oQ!

  47. and you thought Stimulus was a gift ! That was just to get you back on the tax roles,

  48. well lets do something about then,its time it stopped lol. is there rehab for sick world bankers money and power junkies,or is going to get that bad that ww3 will be the only solution,?

  49. Lost me at the global warming denial...

  50. Someone needs to check his facts. The war of 1812 was an invasion of the British colony of Canada. I stopped watching this drivel after his piece of revisionist history.

    Who needs the truth when no one ever checks the facts.

    1. @anonymousloungelizard:disqus : Technically, both are correct, which leads to why Canadians, and Americans both think they won the war of 1812. We think we won (Canadians) because we prevented them from coming north of the border. (also burned down the white house)
      The Americans think they won because with the help of the french, the chance of British rule over the American colonies was put to rest once and for all.

  51. Should this be better tagged as conspiracy?

    1. I don't think so. It is pretty obvious. Lot's of people are in denial though

  52. I would not say there is an all-powerful "they." But, unfortunately there are many opportunists who have no compassion or thought of justice. It's hard to disagree that criminals have control of world policies. The world is a free-for-all of drugs, weapons, war - anyone else would have better sense. Seems to be about who controls the debt has power and that part is criminal too. Never thought it would be turned on the people in the USA or Europe, like it has been for years in South & Central America and Africa. tragic for most everyone

    1. @Vicki_in_Greece: The really sad part was how much bad debt was passed on to countries such as your own while the american bankers were bundling bad loans (sub prime mortgages) into derivative packages, and selling them to everyone while they took their short term profits, at the expense of long term stability. Derivatives are the'black box' of the banking industry, because they were completely unregulated, with no paper trail to follow. When the fine print kicked in, and people's mortgages went up from $600 to $2,000 a month, the banks grabbed everyone's property, and suggested they couldn't afford to pay them (bad loans) while in reality, unregulated corporatism (fascism) and interest (usury) was the real culprit. Then the taxpayers bailed them all out, so they could give themselves billion dollar bonuses. Any questions???

    2. yes, that has all been pretty obvious from here
      the loans were packaged by a london banker for wall street - goldman sachs - who else
      the loans were taken under duress and with nasty caveats
      Don't know why more Greeks aren't yelling at the proper culprits but ... life is strange

  53. The concept is sound. However some of the historical "facts" about who won the war of 1812 and who invaded what country for which reason, are not accurate according to the historical record. The presenter also doesn't back these cringe inducing statements with a quotation or reference. ie. some of his points about the existence of a financial elite, and the attempts to remove their power are supported by a citation, but not the war content.

    I wonder if Hitler had his own version of the greenback or was heavily financed by the central banks? I have heard both... Please provide citation.

    1. George Seldes is the best reference I have found.

  54. yeah we get it...bankers are wnakers. so when are we going to smash them up? i can do saturday....who's in?

    1. I'm in buddy, can we rob them ? I mean they robbed us first :)

  55. I guess this is why Islam prohibits any sort of cooperation with banks!

  56. I guess this is why Islam prohibits any kind of relationships with the the sort of banks that human kind had through out the history!

    1. Criminal capitalism is at its peak (from a historical perspective). Capitalism has not been around through out history
      There is a type of historical Islam banking based on trust
      People of the Muslim faith and their governments deal with banks. They have banks
      I worry about some of the info people have . . .

    2. do you bother to pay attention as you watch...everyone of them who didnt was invaded and forced one of the few remaining is Iran and we will soon invade them and force it upon them as well people of the muslim faith DO NOT BELIEVE in DEBT

    3. are you talking to me?

      I was listening and working

      I agree with you as to reason it has been so important to wage a war on 'Muslims' and demonize them

      "Ppl of the Muslim faith . . . based on trust"
      But they still have banks and deal with banks for trade
      Iran selling oil in Euros for instance so Europe has a resolution to work with a central bank there
      not sure but it seems like you feel hostile toward me due to my answer; but I agree with you so don't feel that way anymore !

  57. Are the banks the anti christ.

  58. I cant believe the Times of London being so hateful and brazen. God forbid America or any nation be free from debt.

  59. I don't believe in divine intervention, but both guns jamming at the attempted assassination on Jackson makes me wonder. Bankers are the devils play things.

  60. We the slaves should strike. **** Atlas Shrugged, we should shrug and let them know who has the power.

  61. Being driven by profit is not such a bad thing if it is an actual physical product being made and profited from... But when it is money making money off of existing money, then there is a siphoning effect... Profit is like morphine, one of the worlds greatest discovery/achievements.... and at the same time the scourge of the earth... Morphine for a wounded soldier, or heroin for the street junky... Pain medicine for the elderly or the destroyer of youth for the addicts... As for me I like opiates but i keep a healthy distance from them, and i do the same for profit driven motives...Make no mistake WAR is profitable... Michael Moore did a half a** job of this, i wish he would take the time to do a real documentary instead of this 1/2 hour radio broadcast..
    So many men of great power especially CEO's and wall street banker types are the best fit for their position because they are sociopaths...Money for the sake of money and nothing else matters is idiopathic. They get huge bonuses for causing the harms they have caused... It is a sick society that rewards the pimps for acquiring the whores of media and politics and putting them on main street USA to pass their dis-ease and dis-comfort to the masses.... I think our president actually cares more for the people of this country than any I have seen in my lifetime.... Even more than JFK.... but JFK had more courage.. he was ready to stand up against the federal reserve monopoly on printing our currency...oops, thats right they killed him.... I hear all these blog chirpers chirp chirp chirping about everything but the real problem. The real problem is in our currency and its source..... you hear people say the problem is eventually ya run out of other peoples money, well the Federal reserve doesnt have that problem... why can people be so easily duped into believing that it is the poor in this country who are a drag on the economy ... the corporations have been on the government tit and been paying less in taxes than anytime in our history.... the military complex pisses off more money every few weeks than it would take to feed cloth and educate every man woman and child in this country for a lifetime..... what we have is the ultra rich telling the rich to tell the middle class to blame the poor.... Nothing worse than a mindless parrot and nothing more dangerous to our freedoms and future.... So many talk/lip service only, about the future for our children and grandchildren. then hop in their hummer and go about their tidy little unsustainable lives.... this country (USA) will never change again out of some virtue. It will require an economic incentive to change for the better... That is how we will change the world is by making it profitable to do the right thing, or economic suicide to continue doing the wrong thing... And honestly, im not to sure even about the latter.. We dont need a new government as much as we need a new system of reward... (not to say we dont need new government at all..i consider that to be a given) .... but hey nothing is gonna change until something changes....

  62. Sometimes I wish I didn't know English... Why do we bother to watch these things? What can we possibly do?!
    PS: I just visited what it seems to be Rivero's webpage. It's full of GOP propaganda. Is this guy an oxymoron or just a m*ron? I'm confused. We all know that those who've created the current economic crisis are now employed by this administration to try to undo what they have done without naming the culprits or holding them accountable, but to root for those who own the banks and profit from wars instead... Will someone please explain?

    1. Well if all think the same that what we can do then nothing will ever be done, if all stop think that and think; we can do, then there will be a answer down the line.

    2. Everyone who post videos on the web has an agenda. The things he is saying are true. The people need, as one, to tell the gov they want the federal reserve to stop having control of the nations money. That will never happen. Most of the sheep think they are powerless and are frightened by the gov. Do you not think it is at least strange for a private bank to control the economy of a country.

  63. The greed of man - will kill all mankind! Get rid of the Federal Reserve - nobody really needs this private company to be in control in the USA or anywhere else for that matter. Lets clean up! Banks are poison.

    1. You are an ignorant m*ron, as is the producer of this laughable video. Neither of you knows the first thing about economics, finance or banking.

    2. would you be so sincere to elaborate ?

    3. Would you like another glass of cool aid.

    4. Calling somebody an ignorant m*ron without explaining the extent of your own knowledge just makes you look like an indoctrinated individual who can't respond with credible argument.

    5. Do you know anything about History? Have you read the memos past around by Citigroup on their plan for Plutonomy? Economics is shrouded with convoluted theories, and none of them holds any water anymore with all the fraud and manipulation that's been done to the system. In theory, any system is viable, until it becomes contaminated with deregulation or a totalitarian agenda. How can you even defend the laws of economics today that are being taught by a dysfunctional fascist oligarchy that we have running the show now? Yeah, NAFTA, the WTO, IMF and the World Bank have been such paragons of virtue that we should swallow their interpretations of what Economics should be? The history of banking started with fraud, greed and manipulation and in some cases protected its interests with outright murder. When the laws of Economics return to its basic principles of Sustainability, Efficiency and Abundance, then you'll have a right to question anyone's ignorance of Economics.

  64. the solution is so simple that it hurts & i can only repeat myself from my previous post:"national banks (owned by the public) printing their own cash flow backed by gold & silver with the licence to kill anyone who dares to mention "privatize" forementioned institution!"
    ...which every citizien of most democratic societies have the right to demand from their elected !

  65. i am from romania and i hate this elitist societies like skull and bones, francmasonerie, bilderberg club, opus dei etc... we can solve the problem silently no revolution no blood loses make ur self an food store for 2 months call ur boys, husbands home from war zone and for 2 months do not use and pay anything for the government this will be their end peace and gratitude we can make them sufer like they are doing to us for 1 milenium

  66. Exceptional summary. The Canada Action Party which was to merge with the New Democratic Part (NDP) has monetary reform and movement away from debt based money system as central policy platform. They are also at the Federal Court of Appeal alleging breaches of the Canada Bank Act with current debt based money system. If the case gets any traction, the Gov't which is willingly or unwillingly in the global financial fold will look to amend the act, or, if positive changes are made, you can bet it will be imposed from the outside re: Kennedy, Khadafy and other states who resist this type of money system.

  67. In order to make loans, banks need to first raise the money that they lend out. Canadian banks get
    about two-thirds of their funding from deposits - which is higher than in other countries and shows
    the strengths of our banking system - and the other one-third they borrow from other financial
    institutions around the world.

    Above is from the article you linked to in an earlier post. The banks in Canada have no more than a 10% reserve requirement. Paul Martin eliminated it completely when he was prime minister. A false claim made on the first page of that story is enough to discredit it fully.

    The bailout is providing banks with liquidity for mortgages issued with no money down since 2004 and are now widely into default (a fact the banks are with holding from the Canadian public). It's a very convoluted process but is allowing Canadian banks to peddle CDO's which they then say are backed by CMHC.

    Exactly who is eating the losses on bad Canadian mortgages?

  68. Very imoprtant stuff. Pass this along to all you know soon because this type of material tends to disappear from the net.

    There are only some very minor issues, which in all fairness; are very difficult to get accurate info on in this video. Overall, the context is quite correct. So few understand the workings of credit based money/fractional reserve banking; the very system that is enslaving them.

    If you are hostile to this video or favourable comments it is only because of your ignorance of that system.

    “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits or be so dependent upon its favours that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” The Rothschild brothers of London writing to associates in New York, 1863.

  69. And today all nations must purchase Middle East Oil using American dollars or else they get what Ghadaffi and Saddam got. Full Circle.

    1. @Rocky Racoon: Glad to see someone is paying attention. Pass on what you have learned!

    2. And Iran is selling oil to India, China and North Korea for gold. BTW, when Dominique Strauss-Kahn suggested that the Euro would be better as the world's reserve currency, he suddenly was charged with raping a hotel maid. He resigned as head of the IMF and ALL CHARGES WERE DROPPED.

  70. Thanks for alerting me to this.

  71. national banks (owned by the public) printing their own cash flow backed by gold & silver with the licence to kill anyone who dares to mention "privatize"
    forementioned institution !

  72. Bring back Glass-Steagall, which kept banks out of risky speculation, and we are halfway there. Prosecute the scofflaws with jail time and that not so scrupulous deal isn't so interesting anymore.

  73. If you want to learn about financial matters, go to naked capitalism dot com. Excellent stuff, but be prepared to get angry.

    It always was just bookkeeping. No need for austerity. The US will not default on its bills. We have a fiat currency, as do others. The Euro was a big mistake, IMO.

    I would like to see the banksters put in jail like happened in the S&L crisis. Bill Black was and is my hero as the man behind that. He is calling for the same now, but banksters are somehow exempt these days.

  74. and by introducing electronic banking, there is no need to care who prints money since money becomes just a bookkeeping concept.

  75. If all the people in the world were to stand up.... therein lies the problem.

  76. Nothing wrong with GMO.

  77. “War huh yeah, what is good for”

    Absolutely...making obscene amounts of money for a few power junkies.

    A good doc and a plain truth. If you like this also try Professor Niall Ferguson’s “The Ascent of Money” 5 hours long but well worth it.

    The Crucified One

  78. Lost me at about 6:28 when he denies global warming and claims the earth has actually been cooling for the last sixteen years. He may be dead right about this whole banking conspiracy, in fact I tend to think he exaggerates but has a valid point in this case, but he is dead wrong about global warming. Anyone can see the glaciers melting, the ocean warming, the odd weather patterns- climate change is real, C02 injected into the atmosphere by human activities such as commercial live stock farming, the burning of coal to produce electricity, automobile emissions, etc., etc. are clearly the cause. Their is no doubt within the legitimate scientific community that this is the case and anyone that tells you differently is trying to sell you a conspiracy theory based on nothing more than speculation and misinformation. Frank Lutz, who works for the republican party as well as many large corporations in the field of propaganda and public relations, recently admitted that he had been paid by several large corporations as well as the republican party to purposely promote the lie that there was a huge debate in the scientific community concerning whether global warming was real or not and what the cause might be. He said they had also employed several people from the same team that purposely spread the misinformation about tobacco when the tobacco industry was facing charges. They told people there was no scientific consensus on whether tobacco caused cancer or not when they had in their possession studies that clearly showed a direct link between tobacco and cancer the whole time. They are up to the same trick concerning global warming now, don't fall for it!!!

    I know this seems off topic but they did deny global warming in this documentary at about 6:28, even if that isn't the main topic. I couldn't let that slide without throwing in my two cents, its an important issue in my opinion.

    1. Your comment adds to my point how this doc tries to fit the facts so they will suit their own agenda. They shouldn't have to do that to make their point. It detracts from what they are trying to say and gives the impression that they are dealing in absolutes giving no room for discussion.

      The last economic crisis in the United States can be blamed exclusively on the banks and the American government's belief that the banks need not be regulated. The Canadian banks did not face bankruptcy and in fact enjoyed growth at the time many American banks either went bankrupt or were bailed out. Canadian banks are not allowed, by law, to engage in the unethical practices that the American banks thought were a routine way of doing business. Banks are a necessary evil, but they should be regulated and act as a part of society not as an entity above it and in many ways controlling it.

    2. Canadian banks were insolvent at the time of the 2008 crisis. A proportionally similar bail-out was used, wherein the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation injected $75 billion into those failed enterprises. All of the banks in the west were insolvent.

    3. Banks are not a necessary evil. There are other ways, it will just take a bit more of a change than society would feel comfortable with. Just like how we could halt climate change right now and only deal with the ~2-3 degrees centigrade rise in temperature... but it would take just a bit more change than society feels comfortable with.

      I sure hope there is an aid program set up in the Pacific Islands to teach everyone there how to swim!

    4. yes, 6.28 hurt my years, but CO2 tax is just another bankster toy;)

    5. Agreed, carbon credits and c02 taxes are not the way to fix things, in my opinion.

    6. It is relevant because of this: how do we really know if anything we're told is true? I'm not the kind of scientist where I can go find out for myself if human-caused climate change is real. If you investigate the whole water fluoridation issue, you'll find that even the professors teaching the benefits to their students didn't know, but were parroting what they've been taught by other professors. Backtrack long enough, and there's someone who just started lying. Fortunately, some of these people have come forward once they found out the truth for themselves by doing their own investigations. But this raises an alarming thought: this can be done with ANY issue. The general public aren't each at the top of their fields. We have no way to investigate this. Even being at the top of one's field isn't enough to insure there's no indoctrination being done.

      I do know this: If these bankers are in charge, as they seem to be, they wouldn't allow such an idea or theory such as climate change to run rampant if there wasn't something in it for them. Since oil-based currency is discussed, and a transition is needed for more reasons than just environmental ones, we probably need to figure out why bankers would back it. There is a paradigm shift going on, and they want to stay in control. Since being in Egypt for two years, I now see that the revolutions and their ensuing upheaval have served to solidify bankers' grasps on the country. President Mohamed Morsi is being urged on all sides except the Islamists to settle everyone down to procure promised loans and debt forgiveness, which is reported as being in jeopardy. I don't believe it. Egypt was owned when Mubarak was president, it's still owned, and will be owned even more. Egypt thinks it's desperate for that money because the economy is in ruins. Accepting these loans, and defaulting on them, would make Egypt owned more than ever. This is not the time for bankers to back off due to human rights violations--we know they don't care about that. Angela Merckel and Christine LaGarde are the caring faces the public sees. For the IMF and the World Bank, as well as Credit Suisse Group (who now own Dubai due to ridiculous investments like the tallest tower on earth and massive landscaping projects such as a resort whose islands are being BUILT with sand to appear like a globe with continents when viewed from above, and are now moving on to Qatar, the world's biggest spending nation) this is the time to strike. Watch them get the loans but not the debt-forgiveness.

      I've come to realize that the Middle Eastern oil-based economies are very green. They like being rich but have no head for money. They're essentially, "new money." They haven't the slightest idea about global economic matters. Places like those in the Peninsula, the monarchies, don't care because they'll never get thrown out of office and the Arab Spring happened there, too--but nobody cares, because they are allied with the US and the EU. Places that are trying to have democracy are the most dangerous because they don't like being told what to do right now. They don't like the outside influences. The national debt is the only way for leaders like Morsi to be controlled. Egypt has nothing to leverage but those pyramids, etc., and their very history, which is a source of endless fascination and speculation regarding what role Ancient Egypt played in the Old World Order. Whoever owned it back then, wants it back now.

      So Nixon using US soil as collateral--this I could not believe. It was shocking. I didn't know about anything like that. The wildlife refuge in Alaska is said to be ripe for oil drilling, but nobody can because of regulations. Or maybe because they could technically belong to somebody else at any moment, somebody who wants those lands chock full of oil or whatever when they get there. (Add that to HAARP being in the vicinity, and I don't trust any of it). Naturally, the best way to get all that is for the economy to tank.

      None of it means climate change is some hoax or plot, but we definitely don't want governments and banks to be in control of the issue. And they are.

      I remember when I first started questioning history. I think I was 16. I went to Christian school. We were talking about the Bible as an historical book. Someone explained that we know George Washington was the first President and such because history is passed down and recorded. The Bible was a similar case because it does the same thing.

      Rather than solidify my belief in the inerrancy of the Bible, it occurred to me that anyone could change anything in any book or spin any story as long as no one who could stop it found out.

      These secrets are controlled very high up the class ladder. We'd have to be one of them to know anything for sure, if it would even be possible. You'd have to be Illuminati or whoever yourself.

    7. Very well said... very well

    8. If you can't trust what we have been taught, how can you trust the information that you have? Anything can be changed. How do you know that it wasn't changed to suit their agenda, that they want you to believe these things? There must be a purpose to why this information is allowed to get out. Maybe all the information that you have uncovered is just misinformation, designed to mislead the masses away from the truth. Let them think that they know what is going on. It gives them a sense of satisfaction in their own wisdom. In the mean time we'll continue with what we are really doing. Could this be their agenda...the reason why they let this information out?

    9. Hi Jack1952,

      It's good to keep an open mind and study history and other subjects and then apply common sense I suppose The best way is to talk to people that you are being told are 'different' and/or 'dangerous' That's what I like to do but some people are too shy for that

      The information I have is good solid information from several history books, etc. The other thing I like to do is read, read, read Biographies and autobiographies are really good because the info gives context to real life

      There's no secret agenda about the Middle East being where Math was born To be accurate I can say that sea trading meant ships from all over were going to Palestine, the silk road was through the huge Persian (the race of majority of the Iranians) Empire that prided itself on bringing the best and brightest from the whole world together to share knowledge, teach and write - anyway you'll learn lots from reading -

    10. You can generally tell the true readers in forums of this sort. They seem to have a common sense that the youtube educated appear to lack. Knowledge is the result of hard work, commitment and curiosity. Books can give a deeper understanding of life and the world than videos could ever hope to. Only the true reader understands the point that you are trying to make.

    11. Hi Jack1952, What you say is very true. I also have some of your same concerns about comments in the film about the start of WWI, etc. The assassination of the Archduke was the excuse for the beginning of a war that was waiting to happen. The more powerful leaders had no other way of thinking except to make war, not peace Not very clever people. I had hoped that peace would be the logical choice for the world by now but did count on the importance of the weapons, drug and even human slavery would have to keep capitalism growing in the worst direction possible. Criminals rule and once I finally digested that fact, the way the world works started to make sense.

      Also asking good questions is another skill that helps one find the core of issues.

      I appreciate your last comment, "only a true reader understands the point you are trying to make" very insightful

    12. That's pretty racist to say the people in the Middle East have "no head for money." That's silly. Math was born there and the populations are very well educated and finely mannered besides those two things they are the same as the rest of us

    13. You are well informed and able to help others understand
      easily. Please consider devoting as much time as you can towards this end. Thank you...... Nonviolent Noncompliance

    14. Very nice rant.

    15. well get global warming sure if they if let all nukes of lol

    16. my thoughts exactly. on the climate issue

    17. You must have missed all of those hacked emails from the scientists fabricating global warming data. I do care about our environment and I do believe we should work on alternative energy (which there is aplenty and has been shut down by oil industry) but global warming is nothing but another version of "Weapons of Mass Destruction." It is fear mongering to get people on board with creating more global taxation for these very banks.

  79. The truth is difficult to digest .

  80. This is about as close to the total truth as I have ever seen. All our religions,governments and education(except reading, writing, mathematics, science) is bulls**it all lies and fabrications. I have known that we have been conned by our government and institutions since I was about 15 yrs old and had a disgust for the dollar bill even then. My greatest fear is that people like the central banking are feel good junkies and will choose to close their eye and choose ignorant bliss over reality

    Ignorant Bliss
    ___________ = Nuclear War


    It is amazing what people will let happen because their fear, shame or ego will not let them admit reality.

  81. Just IMAGINE how much money is going out of OUR pockets and into the Federal Reserve...

    my god trillions?

    And what would a group of people do with that money? I would think since it was stolen, not to good use.

    Even yahoo finance is talking about A good Exit of the FED.

    So, but I hope once the Fed does fail mathematically and put the money under the US Treasury (under a NEW govt of course )

  82. Americans are engrossed in buying things that they cannot afford, but are equally swift in their condemnation of banks. If it weren't for banks, then homeownership would be the rarest of phenomena. Our reality would be more akin to feudalism where we work for our landlords to achieve the luxury of having a roof above our heads.

    Without banks and loans the ownership of cars, furniture, clothes, special occasions, travel, etc. would be greatly inhibited. With less demand for... well... everything would come less jobs. We tend to ignore the fact that creating loans and therefore increased demand for products increases employment by a significant amount.

    People say "Well I realize that loans help me, but the interest is theft!" The interest is there to cover the relative risk of the loan. Give out 100,000 loans, and a certain percentage will default. This is simple probability and statistics. Lump together insurance against default, pay for employees, cost for infrastructure, rent, utilities, and some profit, and you get your interest rate.

    Banks are not evil. Some human beings are particularly misaligned, and may happen to influence the culture of some banks, but if such maladjusted individuals worked elsewhere they'd simply corrupt different institutions.

    I cannot stress enough, banks are not inherently evil. They provide a great and indispensable function to society. Some people have distorted views of the world, and some of those people happen to run banks. We should never conflate the two, as they are fundamentally exclusive.

    1. @brianRose87, I see you're still posting well (nodding approvingly). I've been away for a while, but now back with a vengeance (and a proper DISQUS profile). Hope to see you on FB! I agree the Americans are engrossed as you say ...and highly reactive. Not a bad thing necessarily given these extremely interesting times.

      But this video (and it's self claimed popularity) says it all. Half truths make sensational stories for all and sundry to get behind. Isn't that the way of mob culture? Perhaps that's too harsh? It was enjoyable viewing.

      I was thinking the other day that 50-60 years ago people weren't allowed to talk about taboos such as sex and many other things. The affects of such repression caused untold misconceptions and lonely despair. Nowadays it's as though the lid has been lifted off the beehive, and a cacophony of pent up frustration has been released as the bonds of old fall away - the people are displeased indeed! Except it's opened up a stage for sensational overkill, with often misleading and dubious claims fanning the flames of discontent - the loudest voice wins the popular vote every time.

      But, perhaps it's expected in this era of discontent, with the advent of information overload closely tied to the breaking down of said taboos and establishment exposure.

      ...My thoughts turned to the future, of when the dust has settled in perhaps another 60 years. If we still have a voice at all, it would be pleasing to learn we listen more and reactively shout a little less.

    2. Banks are a form of technology, and like all technology, the more powerful it is, the more likely it is to be controlled by elites and used to dominate the weak. All of the banks of the western world have been insolvent for some time, and reliant on government money to prop them up. Interest rates are reflective of political decisions, not the shop costs of operating banks. Your notions that loans to buy consumer products increase employment are simply not rooted in reality. Technological advances diminish the number of workers required for manufacturing every day, so that even bottom-of-the-barrel Chinese industry is paring jobs away, replacing workers with computers and robots. Your probability and statistics claim is totally devoid of meaning. Give out one bad loan, and one hundred per cent default is to be expected. The chance of default is dependent on who is receiving the loans. If the system is arranged in such a way that it is profitable to give out bad loans, 100 000 out of 100 000 will default. If banks are being used against populations by the unscrupulous, then they hardly serve a great and indispensible function.

    3. @rufusclyde

      You bring up a number of valid and useful points. Banks are useful insofar as they provide a necessary service to modern society. However, banks are also corporations, and corporations are legally structured to blindly seek profits at the cost of everything else from the environment to human life.

      Under an appropriate regime of regulation the banks (and any corporation) can be forced into making profits only in ways that are beneficial to society. Being the profit seekers they are corporations have discovered that by investing $10,000,000 in lobbying efforts they can get $100,000,000 in reduced taxes, regulations, etc. This has created a situation in our society where banks can do more harm than good for society.

      Nonetheless, this isn't the corporations fault. Human beings could have structured the legal framework of a corporation differently. Corporate activity is merely a reflection of the legal structure that defines them.

      The singular desire for profit has a number of deleterious effects on society. We are constantly assaulted with ads that try to convince us we'll be happy if only we own (blank). This is not good or useful for society, but its effective in selling product, and by selling product it increases profits.

      You likely see that our frustrations with the world as it currently stands are rather similar. Even your statement about robots replacing human labor is directly related to how robots are cheaper, which goes back to profits. Although, mechanized labor has one big advantage- it makes things way, way cheaper. If you actually think about you price you pay for products at, say, Wal-Mart, you will realize we pay very little. I can buy a crockpot at Wal-Mart complete with temperature settings, a glass top, ceramic pot, heating element, and sleek design for $25. How can $25 possibly cover the cost of that shelf space, shipping cost from China, manufacturing of the individual components, employees along the entire production and distribution chain, mining of the metals and minerals its made of, etc.

      It seems you may be focusing too intently on the negatives in an equation that clearly has beneficial aspects. There are a number of things wrong in this world, but very few in 1st world countries have anything to complain about. We live better than Kings, Pharaohs, and Monarchs of old could have dreamt of. Enjoy your life and the luxuries you are afforded. Make legitimate efforts to make the world a better place, but dwell on the negatives without taking action and all that will result is a shorter life span.

    4. Bizzarre non sequitor. It's not the corporation's fault? A corporation, like a bank, is a technological instrument. It serves the people who control it. The people who control the corporations create and modify the legal framework in which everyone exists today. The legal framework is also a technological creation that serves it's masters. Mechanization and computerization mean that one worker has the productive capacity formerly held by hundreds, or in some cases, thousands, so the real cost of the goods includes the elimination of countless livelihoods to streamline the flow of surplus value. Profit is surplus value controlled by capitalists in an exchange of labor or goods.

    5. You are stating exactly what I did with slightly different terminology, but indicating that we differ significantly in view.

      I genuinely feel that the distance between our views is rather quaint. Can anyone else here give an outside perspective? I feel as though you have pre-judged that we disagree, and are doing your best to maintain that perception.

      How are people to enact legitimate change when all they do is bicker about minuscule differences in semantics?

    6. Clearly you have no idea what the word "quaint" means. You might try looking it up. As to the rest of that drivel, I am not of the opinion that banks provide a great and indispensible service to society. Quite the opposite, banks are a device used to grow and consolidate the power of a tiny elite.

    7. I presume you have never had and will never have a car loan, mortgage, credit card, or any type of loan. If you own everything that you possess outright, then I applaud you as it is truly a difficult task.

      I used the term quaint because the divergence in our views is rather unusual. I can promise you that it was used appropriately.

      I'm curious about what you think of the mechanization of farming over the last 100 years. 90% of the population was farmers in 1900. Mechanization liberated the masses from the fields and allowed for the creation of thousands of job specialties. This trend of mechanization isn't a recent industrial adaptation, but something that has been ongoing for millenia.

      Agriculture created surplus stores of energy (food), and the surplus food allowed for the creation of occupations that didn't rely directly on agriculture for subsistence. A small percentage of the population could have other "occupations" such as potters, blacksmiths, carpenters, philosophers, etc.

      Instead of denigrating this post as a bunch of rubbish,I implore you to investigate the history of technological and scientific advancement that has led to our current civilization. The invention of the plow took Homo sapiens off the fields and created new endeavors and occupations. If Thomas Edison or Sir Isaac Newton were farmers our lives would be much more dreary. They weren't farmers because technology freed a percentage of the population from the fields.

      You refer to technology and mechanization in a negative way. A maker of the horse and carriage would lament the jobs it had to cut because of the invention of the automobile. Just as Best Buy is lamenting the stores it must close because of Amazon. com. Technology and mechanization are useful. Are there negative repercussions? Yes, but the opportunity cost is low compared to the rewards of greater efficiency.

      TL;DR: Tool use is a form of mechanization that has been ongoing for thousands of years. You likely enjoy the fruits provided to you by the plow, shovel, saw, hammer, A/C, light bulb, shingles, combustion engine, cotton gin, printing press, I could name tens of thousands of technological inventions that destroyed jobs when they were invented. Just because you no longer have a job making carriages or collecting whale oil for street lamps doesn't mean that technology and mechanization are bad.

    8. Interesting view...and I agree that PRIVATE banks are exactly what you describe. However, I would have to agree with brianrose87 in that the banking FUNCTION is essential in our current, currency based economy and that under proper control (which in my opinion would be nationalized...but yours may differ), could provide the same benefit to the public as the private banks currently provide to the "tiny elite". I think we are all on the same page here fundamentally. Perhaps we should save some of the venom for true revolutionary action as opposed to pedantic posturing on discussion boards.

    9. We can not put ALL the blame on Central Banking... this is true. But, we need to tackle the problems.

      The 2 BIG ones are these.

      1) Central banks and their ponzi debt based interest bearing system.

      2) Population growth is out of control and needs to be considered.

      Now, how do you deal with population ??? Wars? NO you stop having 5 kids you can not afford... you teach people not scare them.

      The problems are many. but you have to start somewhere.

    10. From what I see of this doc. the central banking is tho only problem because the way the system is set up more babies is more priviledges. We need more slaves for the central bank so religion is pro-babies to supply more slaves for their masters the central banks. ISo if we fix, 1) Central banks and their ponzi debt based interest bearing system, then problem 2 will balance out.

    11. Apperantly you didn't understand the doc. the problem is privatized intrest based banking, not banking in general. A state banking system where loans are made without intrests has always helped the economy because it doesn't cause debt.

    12. You are 100% correct but this logical and reasonable opinion does not allow the conspiracy theorist to promote the popular rhetoric that allows people to blame all problems on a small group of the "evildoers" as the braintrust "W" would call it. Yes you have just been lumped in with your worst nightmare bumbler.

    13. An honest amount of interest is much different than what is happening now. If the interest being charged was honest the banks that manipulate the interest and rip people off would calculate the interest in a straight forward manner. Seems like white collar crime - secretive, tricky and not transparent

  83. The War of 1812 was instigated by the United States because of British trade restrictions with France instituted to help in the Napoleonic Wars, impressment of American sailors into the British Navy, British support of Indian claims to land west of the Appalachians, and to a lesser extent to idea espoused by John Quincey Adams and is the beginning of the idea known as Manifest Destiny. It was not launched by the British as was claimed by this video as they had their hands full fighting Napoleon and they did not win that war. It was a stalemate.

    I found it hard to watch after this.

    War has been a part of humanity through all of written history and long before banks existed. Therefore, it would seem that the reasons for war and conflict lie deeper than the simplistic reason given here. Besides, I just watched a doc that said all wars were caused by religion. I'll have to revisit that doc. Maybe they meant religious bankers.

    1. History not your strong point?
      Actually if you do your research, The british did beat Napoleon, and there was actually several reasons why the Americans and British went to war,

      and your last part is a load of $hit too, people fight over power. land and money always have and always will, banks might not of been about way back but people were still fighting over the same thing as they do today, just in a different era.

      Basically, what you have written is crap, go home.

    2. I meant that the States did not win the War of 1812 as claimed by this doc. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I'll fix that. Also, I listed several reasons why the British and Americans went to war, and you write that there were several reasons why they went to war. It seems that we agree.

      Your second paragraph validates what I was saying in the last part of my comment. Basically, my point was that wars are fought for many reasons. You, in turn, list a few reasons why people go to war. Once again, you appear to agree with me.

      Yet, your response was dripping with venom. Do you have a problem conversing in a mature and adult manner?

    3. @Jack1952: While I may disagree with some of your assessments regarding war history, the responses you received were completely out of line. (there is a lot of angry little trolls that thrive in the virtual world) All I can suggest is that the 'walls have ears', and be careful who you bunt heads with, especially those who may have control over the forum itself. (speaking from experience)

    4. Apperantly closeminded thinkink is your strong side. You must work for some kind of banking institution or are pro debt system benifactor.
      The history in this doc. is spot on, the reasons you give for war is what was printed by the winners of the war and is just what our private bank owned educational system would have you believe. Apperantly you can't admit to your self that you have been conned all your life,or are you part of the conning mechanism

      Take your crap with you and go home jackoff

    5. Why are your comments so abusive and accusing in nature? Freedom of speech is a right and belongs to everyone. I have never told you to be quiet or go home because I may not see things the way you do. Please afford myself and others the same respect. This is not a forum designed to validate your views.

      Currently, I am an ordinary working slug in a packaging firm. I live in a one bedroom apartment and don't even own a car. Don't make things up to fit into your own version of reality. I didn't defend the banking system. I suggested that war has always been with us, going back to hunter/gatherer days. Blaming banking may be a myopic and superficial view of a complex problem. Doesn't render banking a blameless entity...only a part of the problem. Why would that prompt you to react in such an abusive manner?

    6. Wars are for power and control, to the victors go the spoils. It all comes down to the same thing no matter what face it wears. "Follow the money" is always a good bet. Religion is a tool wielded by power mongers who realize religious loyalty will make people do some pretty crazy things. They're fighting for something that's not material, so the instigators never even have to produce a material benefit at the end. The reward is in heaven, evil is vanquished, blah blah bah. For example: It wasn't called the Roman Empire or the Holy Church, it was called the Holy Roman Empire, and to this day the Vatican is gorged with wealth, while some of the its most devout populations are the most destitute. Central and South America comes to mind. And the Middle East? Those poor people are at the mercy of political, religious, wealthy tyrants who don't give much of a damn about the abject suffering of their "subjects/followers/foot soldiers/martyrs/slaves." These are the same rulers that impose religious laws that strip the people of human and civil rights, yet have 4 wives, concubines, and dangerously high viagra usage. And those are the same people that have so little to lose that they will live miserably and die for all this stuff they've been brainwashed to believe.

    7. Another "they are out to get us" post. "They". The all-powerful, whose plans always work out. Who are always on top. Never failing, never usurped, never giving way to a new power. Perfection at its best. The new Satan. Controls everything. All knowledge, all news, all the money, the banks, the military, every event that ever happened in history. Hitler? An Illuminati stooge. Napoleon? An Elitist puppet. Stalin? Controlled and manipulated by the bankers. Adam Lanza? A power broker's fantasy, created to take away are guns. Godlike in vision. Omnipotent in their abilities. Their only purpose is to beat us into the ground and control our every move. We don't stand a chance against their near supernatural strength.

      Or...are they just people. People like us. Given to greed, anger, love, fear, anxiety and the pantheon of emotions that humanity deals with. They do have money and power but because they are human they could never hold on to the type of control that you ascribe to them. Their human frailties would sell them out in the end. Life is a struggle and the individual life is doomed to the ultimate failure we know as death. To lay blame for our unhappiness, disappointments and human weakness on a power broker is what the religious do. The difference is in the implication that you don't seem to have a redeemer to save your butt.

  84. whats all the fuss about....we should be thankfull for being enslaved by the brightest minds of our time....whom have our best interests on their mind
    by letting us all consume this pretty little things of uselessness,giving us the glorious duty to kill each other,be it in wars to secure dominance or
    bullying others that don't share our culture,quite an honour actually...
    & as a by-product,we can rot out other species + raping the environment which is our biggest threat:mother earth/nature....she never liked us anyway,the b*tch!
    let's never make our masters be unpleased with our aspirations because
    being free is dangerous to ourselves.hail them & bow with respect whilst working till you drop dead.

    1. Smash 12-string Richenbachers over the craniums of all bankers until they see The Byrds... We can claim there's money in it for them and call it "conspicuous consumption".

    2. 12 string richenbachers...great choice due to peter hooks (joy division) great basslines & preferred weapon of fending off unwelcomed skinhead(naked craniums) attendances which worked quite well as they fled like 'byrds'!

  85. great docu! I totally agree with this guy's arguments.our world is in one big mess because of a few pigs' insatiable appetite for wealth and they have no intention of changing their ways,not even faced with the risk of a nuke war.I curse the day they invented money!

  86. At the end of the day, this guy has his opinion on how he interprets our collectively subjective view of history. I thought it was pretty well done and not surprised the webcast has gone viral (if that's true). Next week another guy could come along and blame religion, and on it goes. I don't think it's a coincidence that the popularity of this comes at a time when economies are bleak. Perhaps popularity is a better gauge for public dissent, than measuring truth or accuracy. On those grounds alone, this is worth a look.

    If you believe that a few dominate the many for nefarious gain, you will always find good reason to, no matter what happens until everyone is equal and no one [adult] has power over another. All we can really say for sure is that no one has yet found a way for us all to live in peace and harmony...ever (otherwise we would have, and put in stringent measures to maintain it that many of us would not like).

    We may all be equal in theory, but not on paper and certainly not in ideologies. We are all susceptible to corruption, indifference, intolerance, self interest and possibly even spite. What else is needed to produce the horrors we see? Absolutely nothing.

    As a species are we any closer to being civilised than we are from being barbaric? It's a completely relative and subjective question.

    My belief (if indeed that has any worth) is that we don't know what to do, or where to look, or how to truly behave. I'm an optimist, but one who fears we are far, far from what I would like to call a civilised species.

  87. Why does he talk so fast?

  88. This "Interview" documentary demonstrates a limited, if not ignorant view of history.
    Although, I'm sure the owners of large private banks have enough political influence to manipulate world events, it is by no means correct to assume that "ALL WARS ARE BANKER WARS".

    The whole notion of 'BANKERS' as guilty of everything under the sun is flawed. Banks like the judicial system are simply tools of control. It's those behind the scenes controlling the infrastructure of society like the 'government', 'economy', "military', 'laws', "enforcement' etc that hold the true responsibility.

    The real culprits aren't the CEO's of banks like Goldmen Sach's or even politicians like the president of the United States. That because these people hold jobs and positions that are very taxing on them. Instead, these influential positions are beholden to the wishes of the elite that own them thought a system of both incentives and punishments.
    It's the same principles the average worker feels every time he goes to work and does a job he may not entirely enjoy. The only difference is that both the incentives and the punishes are at a greater extremity because the job has more influence and responsibility.

    The true culprits are the ones that use money as a tool to control. The true owners of the United States; the financial elite.
    Their goals are simply to distinguish themselves as a superior aristocratic class of individual that overseeing the masses and lead them in much the same way a Shepard leads a flock of sheep. They don't see themselves as evil; rather as highly enlighten and intelligent individuals in which their unmoral actions will eventually justify their ends.
    They greatly fear losing control to any and all threats that would unleash the unruly masses who they feel would create a new dark age of chaos.
    Instead they feel that their financial status enables them to use money as a tool to reap the rewards and services from an indentured population that they own, (much like cattle).

    So yes, some (certainly not all) of the facts given here have some legitimacy, but the thesis is skewed upon a limited knowledge and imagination of the narrator

    I'd recommend watching this 'interview' with caution .

    1. You're right, not all war can be laid at the door step of the bankers. Not that I have any love for the federal reserve or any other banking or finance institution for that matter but, no one group of people, religion or lack there of, political party, or culture can be blamed for every war, it would be ridiculous to try. I assumed they were exaggerating for dramatic effect, not literally blaming every war through out human history on the bankers.

    2. we seem to have a few bankers here today...... in the ryhming slang definition

  89. LOL, Britian was the victor of the war of 1812, and the US was the aggressor. I keep an open mind about these theories but credibility lost when you site untrue facts.

  90. A variety of claims the Bush, Rockefeller and Rothschild families and a host of "Jewish bankers", together or independently, helped finance Hitler's rise to power.
    The most cited source for the story Jewish bankers paved the way for Hitler is Hitler's Secret Backers, supposedly by a Jewish banker named Sidney Warburg.
    First of all, there was no Sidney Warburg. But those who actually read the spurious book (and most who cite it haven't read it) will find the unknown author says , in contrast to what people think he said, that Jewish bankers didn't finance Hitler. Instead, the book claims some naughty non-Jewish bankers did so.
    But even that isn't true. An accurate assessment by James Pool in Who Financed Hitler absolutely refutes the legend big banking or industrial interests played a substantial role funding Hitler. Most of the Nazi's (National Socialists) Party's money came from small contributions and sales of literature.
    No Rothschilds backed Hitler. That's a myth. One banker, a practicing Christian of one-quater Jewish descent, was said, by one source, passing on a rumor, to have donated money to Hitler. And that's it. The one Jewish banker known to have given money to any Nazis gave it to elements in the Nazi party, the Strasser brothers, who were trying to stop Hitler. The NSDAP was a grass roots organization/party and not the creation of the Anglo-American "globalists".
    Others get hysterical over the fact American banks and corporations worked with the Nazi regime, yet...despite the frenzy, this is neither a major revelation nor is it extraordinary.
    These were well-known arrangements, sometimes going back decades, with whatever German government was in power.
    Many think that Antony Sutton "proved" in Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler that Rockefeller controlled Standard Oil funded Hitler. However, in his book, Sutton says flatly: "Standard Oil apparently did not finance Hitler's accession to power."
    Some cite that same book as evidence the Bush family, with the Harriman banking interests, funded Hitler. In fact, Sutton says only that the Harrimans, like many American financial groups, had connections to corporate interests in Germany. And he concludes that this"does not suggest that the Harrimans directly financed Hitler." He never mentions the Bushes at all.

    1. small contributions and sales of literature. gimme a break

    2. You provide an instructive example of the straw man argumentation assuming part of Suttons text is what needs to be refuted and then you attack this straw man you set up. The Killgore comittee determined that the Us elites started preparing Germany for war already in 1918. Both the ideological basis and financing and the rise to power of the nazis was the work of the angloamericans.
      But the plan of choice was to provoke the USSR to start the war, then lend-lease might have gone to Hitler. Stalins purges may have prevented that outcome.

  91. Montagu Norman, 1st Baron Norman

    In 1931 the United Kingdom permanently abandoned the gold standard, at which point the bank's foreign exchange and gold reserves were transferred to the British Treasury. He was a close friend of the German Central Bank president Hjalmar Schacht and the godfather to one of Schacht's grandchildren.[3] Both were members of the Anglo-German Fellowship and the Bank for International Settlements. While in the past Norman's role in the transferring of Czech gold to the Nazi regime in March 1939 was uncertain, careful investigation by historian David Blaazer into the Bank of England's internal memos has established that Norman knowingly authorized the transfer of Czech gold from Czechoslovakia's No. 2 account with the Bank of International Settlement to the No. 17 account, which Norman was aware was managed by the German Reichsbank. Within ten days the money had been transferred to other accounts. In the fall of 1939, two months after the outbreak of World War II, Norman again supported transfers of Czech gold to Hitler's Germany. On this occasion Her Majesty's Government intervened to block Norman's initiative[4] He retired from the bank in 1944.

  92. LOLOLOLOLOLOL The analysis of the 19th century was only slightly bias. But once he got to the 20th century he was rewritting history in a Cognitive Dissonant way to support his Confirmation Bias. The Schlieffen Plan started Germany's role in WW1, not the Bank of England. And the boilerplate text from Winston Churchill made it seem like he was a contriving central banker himself, rather then the Prime Minister elected by the people. I had to turn it off at this point, because it was no longer contributing to my accumulation of knowledge. I spend a lot of my extra time attempting to impartially ascertain the level of global corruption, and you can either: 1. also spend thousands of hours finding bias opinions on both sides, allowing you to slowly work your way to the factual and accurate middle ground in between, or 2. take my word for it, and accept that global politics is flawed BUT NOT TO THIS EXTENT.
    Either way, I love documentaries on these kind of topics, and we definitely need to get more posted on here.
    Edit: A simple Act of Parliament or Congress (elected by the people) can change and dictate central bank's policies. Furthermore, the President can reappoint 75% or so of the Board of Governors and Federal Open Market Committee, after their four-14 year terms have ended, staggered. As independent as Central Banks have become (to avoid political excessive monetary-stimulus), they are ultimately controlled by the elected Congress in the long run. I say long run because they would likely only issue an act of parliament if things got excessively out of control. While some congressmen have fallen victim to bribery and scandals in the past, it is simply unfeasible to believe that 100% of politicians are perpetually being suborned and accepting bribers the moment the get elected, until the moment they are voted out. Congress has the final say on all financial issues, specifically the House Congressional Committees and Subcommittees on Finance as well as the Senate Banking Committee.
    I DO, HOWEVER, disapprove of how the Fed has some private stock ownership by international bankers (whereas the Bank of Canada, and nearly every other central bank is 100% government owned, whilst independent operated). Coupled with the Income Tax Act of 1913, the US Federal Reserve System does essentially represent an undue redistribution of wealth from taxpayers to international bankers (my guess is they are mainly US banks though--they don't post who owns the private stocks, which is unduly discrete and is not very accountable) on an annual basis, since only around 80%-95% (i'm not totally sure if its 20%-5% owned by international bankers) of the annual Fed's Retained Earnings are sent back to the Department of Finance (whereas in Canada, 100% is sent back to the government in dividends). This does need to be reformed...For this reason I am quite glad I live in Canada, since our banks only have fractional reserve banking to scew the distribution of wealth, whereas in the US you guys have both Fractional Reserve Banking AND a private minority interest in the ownership of your Central Bank. If I lived in the US I would vote for Ron Paul since he is the only serious candidate trying to get the elimination of this last vestige of private ownership of the Fed (i think when it was first created, the % of private ownership was much greater. This is true for Canada anyways, until 1939 when our government bought out the remaining private shares). Hope this helps the less economic-savvy have a more realistic grasp on banking's influence on Sociology and Politics.

    1. another banker

    2. Well the point here is that Central Banking needs to be looked at. And why Wars start.

      I know for damn sure that Britain wanted Germany GONE because they were a rising economic force.

      It is NO DIFFERENT from America fearing China in the same way. China is growing bigger than America so U.S. Govt makes China the enemy.

      Men need to rethink their value system. We can no longer start World Wars in the name of fear of another culture stealing money.

      This explains why Agenda 21 wants 1 currency 1 religion and 1 Country. To them this is the answer... which right now is NOT a good idea as there are too many cultures and such.

      We need each country to nationalize their banks and set up treaties for fear money exchange between the countries... however... isnt that what the world has been trying to do lately?

      We need to think about Population Stabilization as well.... but not through KILLING people in wars and famine... my god.

      And people that oppose Population Stabilization need to wake up to the fact... we are running out of resources.

      And if it is try we have plenty of resources.. still does not satisfy the fact that the more people that come into the world.. the more you have to reorganize everything (transportation, food, water, land...etc )

      So, everyone and every ideology should be critically thought about... as they all synergize together.

    3. The Schlieffen plan didnt start anything. Intelligent defense experts dont wait to make plans until it begins. For one thing Germany was the last to mobilize, which kind of pulverizes your argument. But in addition Britain bought key individuals in Russia and France and puppeteered the whole process including the Sarajevo events. Germany, being competitive, benefitted from peace.

  93. Simple history is simply not history.

    1. We WILL repeat history. That is why Historians need to do their job and alert us of the crap to avoid. History and Better plans is called evolution.

      Evolution just happens... so do not fear. Things will get better. However, not before some turmoil as we wait for all the other slow people to catch up and wake up that Central Banking is fraud.

  94. great documentary...

  95. Britain made a pact with Poland: if Hitler attacked Poland then Britain would declare war on Germany. Hitler knew this, but he attacked Poland anyway. I honestly don't see what this have to do with banking?

    1. Britain WANTED Germany DEAD. Why? Because the Germans are hella good at making stuff, and therefore selling it and growing the economy.

      Britain wanted a REASON to blame Germans so that the world would attack Hitler. But, hitler was groomed from the start by Banksters...

      So, what we all must understand is that it is about MONEY and fear of other cultures rising up. Money is the blood running through the system, so if you control that you control outcomes.

    2. You are simply ignoring the facts.

    3. Is it inconceivable that Britain made that agreement under the guidance of powerful banking parties who knew very well that Poland would be a likely target for Hitler's expansion?

      A fact to consider is, groups (banks) that loan money to governments at interest make a considerable profit when the governments they loan to enter into wars for obvious reasons. It is a fact to bear in mind even when considering the current warmongering.

    4. Banks are only interested in what happens in the next six months. And you give banks too much credit ;-)

    5. Now who's ignoring the facts^^
      Banks, as with any large profit making entity, have a far more long term perspective than 6 months, I don't know how you could argue differently.

    6. You are right. :-) Allow me to take back that statement.
      Still, I just don't see the evidence that bankers started WWII. Another example: the US did not want to get involved in another war in Europe and stayed clear until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. So where is the evidence that the western bankers were controlling the actions of the Japanese military? Is there any evidence, or is it all just "plausible"?

    7. Well there was the declassified memo that proved the US knew about the attack on Pearl Harbour three days prior to it happening, and the US had already imposed an embargo on exports of essential raw materials to Japan to discourage its Asian expansion... I doubt Western bankers had anything to do with Japan's attempts to expand within Asia, but it is more than plausible that American banking interests allowed Pearl Harbour to happen and be the one sided massacre that it was because it was the perfect trigger to bring the US into the war. Why else would they intentionally ignore an impending attack?

    8. I believe the US government deliberately leaked the declassified memo and ignored the impending attack in order to fool the people into believing that the bankers were responsible for the war. I mean why else would they allow the document to be released? Come on, dude... ;-)

    9. Haha we can play this game all day my friend, but we can spend our time in better ways ;)

  96. absolutely... I would reccomend the documentary "The Money Masters" by Bill Still. Produced in 1996 but it still applies to today. The mess were in can be fixed but I believe that the Banksters would kill anyone who opposed them. I especially like the fact that Bill Still does point out what should be ovious: we don't need to base our currency on gold or any other precious metal or commodity. If we printed money based on the real value that our economy produced then we could completely eliminate inflation, i.e. devaluing our currency. But those who control money(Banksters) will resist.

  97. short & clear. very good! Every man woman & child should know this!

  98. This is good :)

  99. The film glosses over the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany in a way I wouldn't agree with. Also this is really an audio file with images added afterwards. Having said that, there are some powerful arguments.

    1. Yeah, this "doc" does slide by the Nazi stuff to darn quickly, but the information is very similar to the Bill Still doc which has far more information...

      In terms of Germany, they did get royally screwed after WWI(while Austria got a mere slap on the wrist!) and that did lead to WWII. The major issue here is a war between economic competition. Who is the dominant economic power in Europe? Yep, Germany, and they have no army, same with Japan. But China is looming and India is right there with them. If they haven't already, the Banksters may try an inside job to usurp Indian and Chinese control over their banking systems.

      It just occurred to me that Germany has taken steps to rid themselves of dependence on oil and coal. This may spell trouble for them down the road as I doubt the banksters would approve of anyone who has freedom from the very basis of the economic system.

    2. Yes, it was never about Idealogy... it was always about MONEY.

      Now that Germany threatens OIL and Gas cartels (remember we are on a Petrol Dollar )

      But, not to fear... The Fed is failing Mathematically even yahoo finance is stating this. And Occupy Wall Street and others have teamed up to us the Criminal Justice System to stop Big Oil, Gas and Coal in favor of new tech (too many to name... sun wind, hydro, nano, spray on solar paints for your house...etc )

      But, the Internet, as long FREE will save us and ignite the next Renaissance.

      I think there will be a combination of Revolutions and Renaissances. That is if the Internet stays open for Communications.

    3. Right, the film did not mention The Warburgs... they financed Hitler AND the US... So, wars are a way to distract people from the truth that is so simple.

      The simpler the scam the better it's odds of staying hidden. And that is The Central Bankers hopes.

  100. Exactly - wars are to take poor people's money and give it to the rich. So the War on Terrorism, War on Drugs, Vietnam etc etc were and are redistribution schemes to finance the lifestyles of the elites.
    A gun is a financial machine with a poor person at each end...

    1. Not Exactly, Wars are created to save the Central Bankers Ass. Central Banking MATHEMATICALLY can WILL fail at some point... notice the national debt clock?

      Once, the bank becomes found out, they either

      1) Crash the economy to offer the solution as WAR

      2) Set up a NEW bank (In a new Country perhaps), start all over again.

      Crash of 1929 was caused by JP Morgan and other Banksters because Prez Roosevlt wanted them gone... so the bankers crashed the Stock market and blamed it on the Prez.

      This is one of the highest form of trickery I can think of... imagine for 100 years the FED taking all that money... into the hands of ego tripping balding men.

  101. WOW watch it