Food Matters
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Food Matters

2008, Health  -   133 Comments
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Food MattersLet thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food - Hippocrates. That is the message from the founding father of modern medicine echoed in the controversial new documentary film Food Matters from Producer-Directors James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch.

With nutritionally-depleted foods, chemical additives and our tendency to rely upon pharmaceutical drugs to treat what's wrong with our malnourished bodies, it's no wonder that modern society is getting sicker.

Food Matters sets about uncovering the trillion dollar worldwide sickness industry and gives people some scientifically verifiable solutions for overcoming illness naturally.

In what promises to be the most contentious idea put forward, the filmmakers have interviewed several leading experts in nutrition and natural healing who claim that not only are we harming our bodies with improper nutrition, but that the right kind of foods, supplements and detoxification can be used to treat chronic illnesses as fatal as terminally diagnosed cancer.

The focus of the film is in helping us rethink the belief systems fed to us by our modern medical and health care establishments. The interviewees point out that not every problem requires costly, major medical attention and reveal many alternative therapies that can be more effective, more economical, less harmful and less invasive than conventional medical treatments.

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133 Comments / User Reviews

  1. I keep seeing lots of comments saying you know Vegans and vegetarians have or had bad illnesses,but you can still be extremely unhealthy on a vegetarian/vegan diet. The documentary even stated that you have to eat a healthy diet to gain the benefits and that you could be vegan and drink Diet Coke and eat crisps everyday,of course a meat eater with a varied diet is going to be healthier than this Vegan living on this poor diet. In a lot of these comments it's not listed whether they eating healthy or not,just branding someone on what they say they are and not what they are actually eating.

  2. Anyone who is interested in an alternative (and working) cancer therapy, have a look at the Documentary “World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B-17” by G. Edward Griffin:
    The documentary is based on his book with the same name and well researched. I have started having apricot seeds (5-10 a day), which contain the vitamin B-17 in my diet, since I saw this.
    (You will find a lot of scare mongering about apricot seeds being poisonous, but there is nothing to worry about unless you have an allergy to nuts or eat an extreme large amount at which point everything can become poisonous, even spring water. After watching the documentary and certainly after reading the book you will be able to ignore all the scare mongering.)

  3. I'm one of the people inclined to believe many of the points in this documentary - but it is so clearly unscientific, the reasoning presented so sloppy and poor, that it does much more to set back the movement for natural foods and medicine. I would go a far as to say this is a very irresponsible documentary. If were of that same paranoiac ilk as the producers and talking heads in the documentary, I might think it was produced by the fake food corporations just to make their opponents look like fools. I'm sorry, but if you're swayed by this documentary, it's a sign of real gullibility. This is a travesty. It hurts an important cause. It's embarrassing.

  4. Guy's don't believe this documentary, it's pseudoscience! There are scientific research that proof that superfood is not better than normal, that organic food is not better than normal. People on the show are not scientists, they are just selling new pills and supplements: buy organic, buy superfood, buy vitamins. Just buy but different stock.I feel like am watching a massive commercial of raw movement. P.S. cooked food is good for you, it doesn't kill you!

  5. I really like this documentary and the genre that is it's family. It's time that we wake up and start questioning the omnipresent and overbearing agribusiness... we don't have to stay blind forever

  6. Man. I took that other persons advice below and started watching Earthlings. I couldn't get past 15 minutes. I will eventually watch it, but that is eye opening. Not to take away from THIS film, but Food Matters is probably one of the best and most accurate documentaries I have seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing this. If now I could get people to listen to me instead of saying "what's happening to you?" "Juicing, vitamins? Are you in a cult?" "You better have great health insurance if you're going down that route!" WOW. This is what's brainwashed into their heads. I am just glad that I am one of the few around me who gets it.

    1. Jake i get that comment from other as well. Its just crazy. So sad that everyone just don't get it. Its the same with the Bible. People are just so brain washed that they can not see the truth. Im so very proud of you. Keep up the great work and Ill be praying for you. Sincerely, Brenda

  7. This is an amazing documentary. Any ideas where you can get the vit c treatment they talk about??

  8. I love this documentary!

  9. Your body does not play fair. We think that the entire body looks after itself on an even basis. It should. It means self preservation that every little part is cared for. Or not... Scratch your hand..only the scratch is receives attention. Tape your right arm to your side and do everything with your left arm. A month later your right arm has withered and your left arm is much stronger. What happens if there are not surplus vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and energy to satisfy the needs of every cell in your body? What happens is not fair and borders on survival mode. The hard working muscles, including the heart, get first crack at the majority of the nutrients. Everything else gets the short end. The list includes skin, lungs, digestive tract, most organs, hair, sex organs, and many nerve cells. Without surplus nutrients the weak list of cells stop growing, become perverted, or die. From a few steps back it could even look like 'ageing'. Up close it could be disease. It could even answer why obviously muscular people get cancer when they should be healthy. The effort that drives the physical activity cannot produce nutrients out of thin air so part of the body must come up short. So when you are choosing how much supplements to ingest, remember. You must have enough to generously supply all cells on an almost flood like condition.

  10. Thats it from now on its organic or nothing. I will live the rest of my life as one of the healthiest human beings alive.
    Ive seen enough and it is so true.

  11. Incrediable information, I really feel like if all this is really true, why has the medical money system sacrificed our health to make a buck, while all the while the answer is in diet. I have alot of physical problems, like arthritis, lupus, ashma, no energy, the list goes on and on. If diet is the answer, Im willing to jump on the band wagon! We must educate ourselves to make true changes to our American way of unhealthy eating. What an eye opener!

    1. I would like to see if this person did change their diet and the effects it had on the listed illnesses.

    2. Check Out "FORKS OVER KNIVES" to see results of a changed diet on those with medical conditions and taking meds. You should also read up on "The China Study". The aforementioned documentary was one of the couple docs that opened up my eyes and reinforced my journey to being absolutely FREE from meds and bad health. :)

  12. I saw "Add New Comment" I didn't see "Join Discussion"
    Save your opinion of my comment as I left it, as in "Left" I'm gone.
    I truly enjoyed Food Matters and will encourage everyone to read it.
    I didn't agree 100% with everything but felt enlightened at having watched it.
    Skeptics please continue eating crap as the world is overpopulating.
    We are what we eat and as a 52 yr old without health care/insurance that has never seen a doctor except from car accidents and 2 flu shots, I must protect and heal myself with nutrition. I have cheated with OTC pain killer when I had to (I'm only human) but as soon as I got a handle on it, it was natural healthy food. I drink coffee, eat bacon, love bread, chocolate, and drink alcohol lightly, but I avoid chips, fries, packaged or fast food.
    Why buy anything with preservatives when you can go home and make it fresh (or buy it fresh)?
    For 20 yrs I have been 50, 70, then 100lbs overweight. I switched beer for water, ate healthier and lost 70lbs. While losing weight, all those toxins in my melting fat created gout and other side effects I struggle through as I get back to a healthier body. I got a lot of encouragement and reminders from Food Matters, I think that's the message; do what you want with it.

  13. I believe everyone should watch this most informative documentary! It just about covers everything I believe in and try to get others to give themselves a chance of a healthy life and most seem to think that I am just being weird for believing it, well everyone, eat your heart out!!!

  14. I loved this Documentary, very informative and logical. Very good source to start with when you want to change your lifestyle, or be more educated about todays health care and foods.

  15. The one who needs disciplinary words are the ones who label themselves as Christians. Jesus loves this man who does not yet know the merciful and just God that He truly is. He would sit down and have a meal with him..He would meet a need in his life..

    It is we who already know Him as Lord who need to hold each other accountable by reproof. Specifically by using scripture.

    Are there any of us "Christians" that LOOK like Christ? Love as Christ would because we are Christ to the world. If we abide in Him and He in us then our first fruit will be love. So let's be disciples and not Pharisees. Please..the unbelieving will never taste and see that the Lord is good if we are bitter. God tells us that it is His GOODNESS which leads to repentance. Most definitely not debates like this. If the real disciples of Christ Jesus would hit our knees and repent for our criticism and haughtiness, then we may actually get the point across. God help..

  16. Can someone delete the weird & hostile comments appearing below? I very much want people to come to this site & watch this amazing, mind-blowing & hugely-beneficial documentary, & I'm concerned these comments might risk undermining its credibility -- until one takes the time to watch it, of course ... and then the thing speaks for itself.

    I wish all well!! (Even, & especially, those who write odd comments.)

    1. What odd comments? as long as they adhere to the comment policy, will not be deleted, you do not have to read them.

    2. I agree that people should look at the overall message of this stop relying on meds and start being a responsible eater! I am grateful for this powerful information, because too many people don't see the simple truth: you ARE what you EAT. God had it right when he fed Adam & Eve. He made us; He loves us; He sustains us in every way IF WE LET HIM. And if you haven't studied the Holy Bible in a proper sense, please don't take verses out of context to serve your own purpose!! God is Good...

    3. What? you better read your holy bibles, your gods did not want Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge, wanted everyone to be dumbed down and be sheeple.

      Your god is not good, does not love anyone, but we survive in spite of not bowing down to his hissy-fit demands, and doing all of the horror things that he commands in your holy book of terrors, the Old Testament.

      And do not tell people to get off their meds!!

  17. excellent and informative presentation.

  18. An epidemic of health? What would happen if everybody were well? Yikes!

  19. The first symptom is death.

  20. This is an amazing film!

  21. Eating healthy isn't the only variable for a long life. Most of the people in my moms' side die off over 100 yrs old and they all ate fatty meat and meals... some were alcoholics and smokers. Genetics also plays a huge part in longevity of life. Healthy eating just helps prolong those genes further. I'm cursed with that gene... I'm not looking forward to that prolong life gene I've been given. To tell you the truth... why would I want to live over 100, in a culture that treats women over 40 like trash? 60? Forget it you're already buried. Sorry. I'll be looking forward to death in my late 40s. Again what's the point of living over the age group society starts to deem worthless?

    As for this video in general, it's another one of those vegan propaganda bs videos. Sorry but I believe in balance meals (btw flesh only makes up 10% or less of my daily diet, which I've been told is what most other cultures do... explains my low weight). As stated in another related video, there are cultures that would defecate on the vegan theory. The vegan theory being that meat is bad. The Masai and certain Mongolian tribes would beg to differ. Their diet is mainly that of meat, milk and other forms of animal base meals.... yet many of these people are healthy and live better and longer lives than most vegans do. Another thing, I've seen vegan men, they're nasty to look at. They look like survivors from the Holocaust. They're too thin and frail for my taste. Sorry but I have yet to see a large muscular man who is a vegan (I'm talking about weight lifters and body builders... Mmmm). I prefer my man with a bit of meat and muscle on his bone (being larger than I am)... a sign of a good protector. Plus guys, women who are vegan wouldn't do blow jobs and swallow, sorry... you're an animal and the semen is an animal byproduct. :P Stick with meat eaters and omnivores, if you want true happiness.

    1. try eating a steak everyday and see if you will reach the age of your ancestors

    2. Have you seen the documentary "Earthlings"? You might change your mind.

    3. Are you r*tarded? This is the WORST advice you can possibly give someone. Just because your unhappy with life doesn't mean you can take on science. Did you hear how to cure depression in the documentary? I think you suffer from that and maybe you should take the advice. Another thing - I don't know where you get your research from on the meat eating, long living tribes, BUT think for a second that their meat is definitely ORGANIC, and I am betting they still have grains, vegetables, and herbs as well. Unless we live exactly like that tribe your claiming...Well, lets face it - that's not going to happen. You know why? Because we LOVE for someone else to raise, chemically engineer, kill, package, and sell you your "super beef". Good luck with that - I wanna live longer.

  22. It was all very good until they started talking about eating fish and GMO.
    Its always very suspicious when the sound does not match what they are saying.
    If you are ill and suffering and you go and make another being suffer by eating fish ,since when do two wrongs make a right .
    If you are not sure on what to eat read the Bhagavad-Gita (as it is)


    1. WHAT the hell you talking about? Maybe you should watch the video in English?

  23. the best way to understand what foods are good or not is to educate yourself and education does not come from yahoo news, magazines, newspapers, and myriads of other propaganda sources. Read a variety of mainstream and alternative nutrition books and one will eventually find out the truth.

  24. Hey WTC7 you said that "Personally, I think our health is a matter of the state of our mind, at least to a considerable degree.". I can not agree with you more on this factor. There is way to much proof out there now about the power of the mind.

    In the end when I eat healthy I generally feel good and why I eat rubbish I feel bad so this is also a similar association, for me personally. But if you could tailor your mind into a belief that bad food was good I think you could go without any health issues. Other than the fact of the matter is excess calories cause weight gain so you would put on weight.

    Just my 2 cents.

  25. I've been eating meat for more than 40 years (and loving it) and I am healthy. I drink one coffee a day. I am smoking for over 20 years and my skin is healthy looking and smooth (don't know about my lungs but I'm quite sure they are not as pretty looking :)). I love beer. I don't take any medicaments except for an occasional pain killer (occasional as in once or twice a year). I play tennis once a week but that's about as much exercise as I get (used to do some yoga in the past but stopped). I go through every health examination with flying colors.

    My husband is a vegetarian for about 30 years now and is 55 years old. Drinks one coffee a day. He never smoked in his life. Also loves beer. He suffers from policitemia vera. Suffers from high blood pressure since much before policetimia vera was diagnosed and was taking loads of medicines. Recently had a heart attack. Never had a taste for any sort of exercise.

    My sister is a meat eater, 40 years old (younger than me), a smoker, doesn't drink coffee and suffers from all sorts of health problems. Doesn't exercise, but walks a lot. Also drinks beer. Takes loads of medicines.

    My father died when he was 77. Loved his meat and never exercised. Smoked, but very moderately (1 - 2 cigarettes a day) and had one coffee a day, drank occasionally a glass of wine with his lunch. Died of a heart attack, although there were never any indications that there was something wrong with his heart.

    One of my father's colleagues, a biology teacher, never smoked, never drank alcohol nor coffee (a very health-oriented person, but I really don't know if he was a vegetarian nor whether he exercised), died at 49 of something that had to do with narrowing of blood vessels (I was too young to remember exactly).

    I am not about to take any position regarding what kind of food and what style of life is the right one. But one day I read something is so bad for you whereas the next day some researcher finds out that the same thing is good for you (for whatever specific reason). And that goes on and on. Meat is bad, but then it's also good. Milk is great, but then it's also bad. Coffee is bad, but then it can also be good...

    Then you have the sun-gazers, who eat very little of hard food or nothing at all except liquids, and their health improves.

    Personally, I think our health is a matter of the state of our mind, at least to a considerable degree.

    1. So why not take a healthy state of mind one step further -- with healthy food choices too?

    2. That was the point, what ARE healthy food choices? What is healthy and what is unhealthy? In my close environment only I see people who live short with a healthy diet, or live long with a healthy diet, and those that live long with an unhealthy diet and those that live short with unhealthy diet? There is no rule there and that makes me conclude that the only determining factor of the length of our life is the state of our mind, not what we consume. Of course, I may be completely wrong about all this...

    3. I am 53, healthy, started my life as a meat eater in a meat eater family (and hunters), i have also been a vegetarian in my twenties/thirdies, then i added fish only, then chicken, then i went back to red meat . Now i eat anything someone serves me at their house but i choose at home to eat lot's of local veg and fruits in the summer and not so local in the winter, a little meat (grain fed), a little fish(ocean caught), a lot of nuts (heres the reason i am nut @Py) especially almonds and i do like sweets as in baking and popcorn is my fav junk. I have put on quite a few pounds in the last year (i seem to do that when i am not travelling).
      I smoked dope until i was 27 (never tobacco unless in a spliff many years ago) and started smoking again about 7 yrs ago. I often stop for a few months at a time (it's easy) and go back to it especially if i am doing an art project (I have been around growers all my adult life)...and i love to walk and work around houses in and out.
      I like red wine all year and enjoy apple cider(alcohol) in the summer, i very rarely get Drunk...very rarely but it has happened not long ago on my daughter's birthday party...those kids made me drink schnapps shots.

      One vegetarian woman i have known all my life, has glaucoma(which she is treating with medical MJ), arthritis and sensitive teeth condition (she does go to the dentist twice a year) and others.

      I do believe it's best to stay away from chain food such as McDonalds, to have a garden even in the city (in pots if necessary), to walk the mind with one's head in the cloud, and to do art...a n y k i n d, it's good for the spirit!

      And yes.....healthy eating = eating things grown near home because while it is good to eat as fresh as possible it is also good for the environment...less transportation (fuel) and every other downfall involved.
      But hey, how would i eat a pineapple unless i went to Hawaii (or similar).

    4. simple put bad food is bad and bad habits are bad..
      Everyone has a consitiution some strong, some weak. Now if a person with a weak consitiution smokes for a year or eats meat for a few years they might die very soon. On the other hand george burns was able to do it for about 100 yrs. Judging ones health because they look good externally is a huge mistake. Just because one eats bad food and smokes but looks ok isnt a good measure of health. Nor does it validate that eating bad food and praticing bad habits are benign and contribute to longevity.

      Now george burns smoked and most likely ate bad food but lived to around 100. That does not mean that his lifestyle will allow another person to live the same way to the ripe old age of 100 . Conversley, if george ate good food and didnt smoke he could have lived alot longer perhaps 120+. The same is true for some one with a weak constitution. Perhaps they eat really good and dont smoke but only live to 70 does this mean they are wrong? No, this means if the person with a weak constitution ate bad food and smoked perhaps they would only live to 40 something.

      Thus being confused about eating bad food and bad habits leads people to believe that they have no control over their health at all. These people then use the old cliche' "we all die someday" and dismiss all responsibility for themselves and others and continue with their bankrupt eating habits and lifestyles.

      The best solution for being confused is NOT to read newspapers,magazines, and watch television for nutritional and health information, but to educate oneself by reading a variety of mainstream and alternative health/nutrition books. If one refuses to educate themselves they will be tossed around like a row boat in stormy seas.

      If individuals educate themselves from junk educational media sources then confusion will reign.

      Now that being said, yes ones emotional well being and attitude have an enourmous effect on ones health.It has been proven that cells "listen" to ones internal emotions and this has a direct effect on many systems of the body, including ones immune system. Being happy does increase ones immune system and helps to fight diisease. Therefor a good attitude does help to increase longevity.

      so I suggest eating great food preferrably vegetarian, voluntering some time, crack some jokes, go outside for some walks, kick bad habits to the curb, and lead a productive helpful unselfish happy life.

    5. Mikey wrong. The difference between a cigar smoker and a cigarette smoker is the "inhale". Cigar's are not meant to be inhaled, therefor lessening lung cancer and other spreadable cancers. I am not condoning cigars, but if you think he lived to be 100 because of a cigar, your mistaken. Why the hell does everyone take a .01% of the population who lives long unhealthy and make a case that they "beat" the odds and you can too. BULL (no pun intended).

  26. I dont know why you are all arguing about this documentary. almost every argument iv'e heard here is completely bias. your all fighting to over who knows the most and who has the best idea for their diet. i watched this and it made me think in a positive way about changing my diet. that's the point. i'm not going to quit eating meat, but i'm not going to buy processed food anymore. and i'm not going to eat raw steak, but i wont cook it till its cooked all the goodness health out of it. i'm not going to eat 80% all my vegetables raw, but i'm not going to cook them if i don't have to. all you people need to stop arguing and start helping each other. the problem isn't drugs companies, it isn't agriculture and it isn't propaganda. its closed minded people who are scared and want to support whatever their own lifestyle is. there is no perfect answer, no miracle solution. just things we can do on a day to day basis to make a difference. you cant avoid cancer with a 'perfect diet' because carcinogens are everywhere, you would have to lock yourself in a bunker to get away from them, and even then the bunker will probably get you in the end. life is fragile, people who eat super foods still get hit by cars and some people eat fast food and wont ever have a heart attack. because of this documentary iv'e stopped buying vegetables in the supermarket and started going to homegrown organic food markets when i can, i didn't go out and buy the newest gadget or game, i spent what little money i had on some goji berries, a selection of seeds, some hemp fiber, the closest thing to unprocessed coco i could find and a tub of spirulina. i did this because these things are good for me, and it was a solid investment in my health and well being. i'm only 22 and a bit of an idiot, and i have more sense than some of you. stop being so afraid and use your eyes to learn something, put some of that precious energy into something positive and stop arguing, because arguing is a waste of every ones time. any excuse to change who you are into a better person is worth acting upon. whats your excuse for not changing yourself for the better?
    also: To the guy that didn't bother to watch the documentary (reggie williams), shut up and go away, nobody cares what you have to say, and the fact you compare your health to the health your mother, who is roughly twice your age, is frightening. you are a moron. you can argue against the benefits of a healthy diet till the cows come home, but supporting a fast food in your diet makes you sound like an idiot. (btw reggie, i like how you hold your chin in your picture to make it look like you are thinking, a clever ruse indeed, but we can all see there isn't much going on up there)

    1. I like every bit of what you typed except for the last part. It makes you look as immature as the individual whom you're insulting, especially when you stated that no one cares what he has to say, yet the fact that you put the time to mention his name and type up what he had stated about his mom showed everyone that YOU do care what he had to say. If you didn't, you wouldn't bother mentioning him or his comment. Bravo at making yourself look like the m*ron who argues over a m*ron. >_> Sorry I just had to point the obvious out. :)

    2. There you have it Yusiley ; )

    3. You are absolutely incorrect when you say that you can't avoid cancer completely. YES there are many other things we expose ourselves too (not including food) that can cause cancer, but the whole point of eating raw, alkalizing foods is that they keep your body in an alkaline state at which cancer and other sickness cannot occur, it really is as simple as that. When your body is at a proper, slightly alkaline pH, cancer is not possible. It's not that we're trying to "get away" from all the cancer-causing things, it's that we're making our bodies healthy and strong enough and in a state where it can easily fight cancer and not succumb to it.

    4. Great point made!

    5. You are perfectly right. I am really believe that when our body is in the level of alkaline requirement no cancer cell will survive and excess. when our body is alkaline our immune system is also strong and active.

  27. I became a vegetarian a year ago also. I try to keep healthy and stay away from drs. and medication myself. I like homeopathic, natural remedies as opposed to pharmaceuticals with all the side effects. I am not athlete, but I do exercise. Sorry about your knee problem. That must be difficult for you. I have an answer for you that might help your situation. There is a product called Replenex with 1,500 mg. of glucosamine HCl, ginger, bromelain and green tea extract that helps rebuild cartilage and boost joint health. There is also an extra strenth one of the same product that has all those ingredients plus chonodroitin, MSM and a patent pending blend of other ingredients. It does contain shellfish (crab and shrimp) just in case you are allergic.

  28. I already knew a lot about nutrition. But I did not know that the meal has to be over 51% cooked for there to be an increase in white cells. Yes good health is bad for the economy. Sickness is great for the economy. "Leukocytosis is a condition characterized by an elevated number of white cells in the blood."

  29. My heart, body, mind and soul respond to this outstanding documentary. Why? Because it speaks such raw and essential truth! Easily the best documentary I have seen in years!

  30. what countries are paying, Cassandra, to keep patients healthy, i did not know this and it is a good idea, so let me know all the details


  31. This documentary makes so much sense. "Drug companies are not in the business to make drugs they are in the business to make money." Countries who have universal healthcare have doctors who get paid to keep their patients well. They get paid based on how many healthy patients they have (patients are required to have check ups that don't cost them anything). We need to learn from this strategy and take it to the next level. Our doctors should also be schooled in nutrition so they can keep us healthy naturally.

  32. as all documentarys some good some bad. The overall message is great eat good real food.Lots of common sense advise.

    One major problem I had was that the the distinction between synthetic vitamins and vitamins found in food was not made. There is a big difference between the two,all synthetic vitamins have side effects and some have the side effects of death. Some examples include synthetic iron=iron poisoning death, vitamin a retinol=liver necrosis possible death etc etc. Synthetic vitamins are not foods most are made from non foods(only a couple of brands of vitamins are made from real foods).The reason why high doses are needed for them to be effective is that the bodys cells dont recognise non foods as food. These non foods are chelated (pig and cow enzymes are added) in an attempt to force these "vitamins" to be assimulated into the bodys cells. Although I do believe that the public could regulate their own vitamins if vitamin bottles were properly labeled.
    Now when one is talking about vitamins in food there are no side effects if the vitamins are not removed from the food source.If the vitamins are removed from the food then they will produce simular side effects as their synthetic counterparts.
    Now one might be wondering what is the difference between vitamin c in a lab extracted from non food sources compared to a vitamin found in its entirety in food. Science over the past decade or two has found out that in order for vitamin c to be absorbed and utilized it must have phytonutrients included. Synthetic vitamins do not have all the phytonutrients included in their structure. More will be discovered just as many vitamins are being discovered over time and as scientific equiptment advances.Further more if they do add some of the phytonutrients it does not mean the phytonutrients are made from real food. Another point, is that science has made the discovery that there are nutrients beyond the phytonutrients.Thus food source vitamins are packed with other nutrients that help unlock the vitamins potential in the human body among other functions. As a result synthetic vitamins are not the same as a food source vitamin found in its entire wholesome state in foods. This is why real food is so important to consume on a regular basis.

    in conclusion, the video is thought provoking even if one doesnt agree with everything.

    1. I totally agree with your point about the difference between vitamins in food and in supplements. I felt the video assumed that they were one and the same when they clearly are not. If nothing else, the discovery that, for example, calcium requires vitamin D to be absorbed properly should demonstrate that there is more to vitamins and minerals than the stand alone supplements can provide.

  33. I'm in the mood for some sushi now.

  34. Such an amazing film, This seriously should be taught in schools and collages

  35. We are all constantly exposed to thousands of toxins everyday in our makeup, lotion, shampoo, food, plastics, electronics, water, air, etc. Do you know how many carcinogens you are exposed to daily? This exposure begins before birth while mom is drinking fluoridated water, cleaning the house with commercial cleaning products, doing her makeup and hair, applying lotion, eating genetically modified foods. Then babies are born and put into disposable diapers that contain toxic carcinogens like dioxane, given fluoride drops, doused in sunscreen which contains more carcinogens and toxins, making us vitamin d deficient. fed formula from cans lined with b.p.a. in plastic bottles containing p.v.c. and phthalates, then baby food stripped of its nutrients in a box or plastic container which is leaching toxins into the food along with preservatives. Seriously, look it up. The Environmental Working Group provides a ton of information about the chemicals in our plastics (it's not just b.p.a. that's bad for you), our cosmetics and personal care products, sunscreens, the list goes on. The cancer industry is big business. Why would they want you to know you could cure your own cancer with super foods and gasp! maybe even sunlight?

    1. Being that I'm white as a ghost, I'm still putting that sunscreen on. >_> You go ahead and burn your skin to a crisp.

    2. I agree with this it would be better to keep sunscreen on then burn your self and increase your risk of skin cancer. People might want to stop going to those tanning beds though. Cancer in a Box as we call it.

    3. YES those things can cause cancer, but the whole point of eating raw, alkalizing foods is that they keep your body in an alkaline state at which cancer and other sickness cannot occur, it really is as simple as that. It's not that we're trying to "get away" from all the cancer-causing things, it's that we're making our bodies healthy and strong enough and in a state where it can easily fight cancer and not succumb to it.

  36. So glad I watched this!

    1. That's no surprise, your last name is Berry. :)

  37. This film should be required viewing for all human beings.

    1. Agreed.

  38. Great stuff, but like any documentary, should be taken with the pinch of (sea) salt. if you want to know more practical tips on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, read the book by Daniel P. Reid, called 'The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity. World can be a better place, but it has to start on the inside.

  39. this is the basics of common sence and life style which too many people take for granted. it should be used as a foundation in the medical world. the government really needs to stop turning a blind eye into this subject and start investing more money and resources into organic and nutritious foods for the population and also into natural medicines. how much of this do we have to tollerate before we unite and say enough is enough!!!

  40. soooo ok .... i h8 docs ....alwayz did for some reazon... probably moms hippies ideas ... :) turned out good.... Became vegetarian a year ago.... I am a pro athlete busted my kneee 3 months ago poped my knee cap couldnt walk for a month.... what should i do ????what do i eat to fix my knee ??? vitamin C ???? what else anyone got any good idea.... wana go bike riding Gotta fix it fix it quick :)

    1. There is a product called Replenex with 1,500 mg. of glucosamine HCl, ginger, bromelain and green tea extract that helps rebuild cartilage and boost joint health. There is also an extra strenth one of the same product that has all those ingredients plus chonodroitin, MSM and a patent pending blend of other ingredients. It does contain shellfish (crab and shrimp) just in case you are allergic.

  41. After just 30 minutes this is looking like PURE PROPAGANDA for vitamins.

    1. Your comment is ignorant to your health. Be careful with your judgement, it doesn't look good from here.

    2. You are too cynical. Take off the skeptical spectacles and listen to what is being said.

    3. There is not a single vitamin brand mentioned and actually in most cases it talks about drinking vegetable juices to obtain the vitamins. In the same way you could say that this is "a healthy living" propaganda, which is good because somehow the media never talk on how important is to eat vegetables and fruits that have been grown in "real" soil that is still nutrient-rich.

    4. There is not a single vitamin brand mentioned in the documentary and in most cases it refers to eating fresh vegetable juices to obtain the vitamins. In the same way you could say that this is a "healthy food" propaganda, in which phrase propaganda is not the right word to use. We need to spread the word on how important it is to eat fruit and vegetables that have been grown on healthy soil and with no use of pesticides. In these days even if you want to eat healthy it has become REALLY difficult, no wonder why cancer and cardiovascular diseases are spreading so fast.

  42. Brilliant Doc.
    It was very useful and informative for me to change my diet routine.

  43. The raw foodist guy leaves a few points out:

    * It's been shown that spirulina's B-vitamins are analogues, which compete with REAL B-vitamins for absorption by the body. This is why vegans who also have spirulina can still be deficient in B12 because it is not real B12 that our bodies can use.

    * Spirulina was not the primary source of protein in Mayan, Incan or Aztec times. Maize, beans, wild animals and fish were the main sources of protein. Ask a historian or go find out for yourself instead of believing everything a raw foodist tells you.

    * If we're talking amount of nutrients here, then nothing beats animal liver which is high in iron, copper, vitamin A, D, K, E, ALL the B-vitamins and more. Plus liver's B-vitamins are not analogues like spirulina is. The amount of caocao beans you would have to consume to have the equivalent amount of minerals you'd get from a small piece of animal liver is 7 cups of cocoa drink a day!

    * A steak after cooking is absorbable by the body. Scientists have shown that cooking food uses less of our own energy to digest food. Many foods are not absorbable in their raw state and some can be harmful like cassava - unless cooked. Most grains cannot be eaten unless cooked. Some foods like tomatoes and broccoli can only be absorbed after cooking in oil as their vitamins are oil-soluble. Our ancestors have been eating cooked meat for thousands of years - which is why we are still here today. Research into centenarians show that NONE are vegan, vegetarians or raw food enthusiasts - that's saying something. Monkeys in captivity are infertile unless animal protein is added to their diet.

    * Many vegan and vegetarian mothers crave animal foods such as seafood, meat or eggs. Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Rowe are examples of women who began eating meat or animal products when they were pregnant. Human mothers need these foods for the growing baby - most importantly protein to make skin and muscles, and cholesterol to make the brain, hormones and cell membranes.

    * A recent case of a vegan mother in France who breast fed her daughter and was charged with manslaughter after her baby died from malnutrition. The baby was severely underweight, deficient in vitamins and minerals (despite the mother's green diet), and investigators believe that had the baby remained alive, she would've had delayed mental growth.

    1. Wow! That was worth the reading! Thanks. I think moderation in diet is the key.

    2. Completely agree with what you are saying.

      Also if a person wants to feel like a warrior, (means feeling great).

      One big meal only at night! great for loosing weight and maintaining optimum body weight, means optimum health!

      Google ..."The warrior diet"

    3. you had some interesting points. the last two are pretty crazy. always good to take what you read/hear on the internet with a grain of salt so it's good to hear both sides .

    4. when my mother was pregnant with me she couldn´t stand the sight, smell or taste of anything animal related (meat, seafood, dairy, eggs) and i was born 9lbs 10oz, on time, i never suffered from malnutrition, development problems or anything else.
      There are millions of women who have healthy babies on vegetarian or vegan diets, I have friends who have done it. Most of India is vegetarian and somehow they have over a billion people.
      The most important thing is to find what works best for your body so that you stay healthy and happy.

    5. I crave cigarettes...doesn't mean they're good for me. I disagree with your entire post.

    6. first of all it sounds like you have some valid points but upon deeper investigation all your comments will be found to be rather superficial.

      You mention liver as a good source of vitamins, You forgot to mention that raw liver is more nutritious than cooked.Another point is that spirulina absolutely blows away liver in nutrients.In addition, anyone who knows biology knows that the liver detoxifys the blood and is a storage of toxins.Thus along with your vitamins you get concentrated toxins.Since meat from animals is not made up of single cell units like algaes they are harder to digest.In fact the amount of assimable protein in spirulina surpasses that of meat.You also forget that in raw liver many pathogens exist as well as cooked meat such as salmonella, e coli, feces etc.(yes some are destroyed by cooking above 74c).Meat contains no fiber thus takes longer to digest and eliminate than any fruit,vegetable,nut,seed,or grain. Meat contains among other things steriods, antibiotics, mad cow(prions),bovine growth hormone, antibiotics, including many more toxic drugs and chemicals.Meat contains cholesterol, the major suspect in heart disease.Almost all meat is produced by 4 companys so cross contamination is enevitable.The raising of meat consumes 80% of all corn in the world and as much as 30% of several other main grain crops.Pollutes the majority of fresh water sources.Depletes the largest fresh water basin in the world (in the us and canada) so in less than 25-30 yrs there will be no more fresh water basin.Has produced the largest dead zone in the world off the east coast of the usa from effluent run off.Is responsible for the destruction of almost all forests world wide to produce crops fed to animals.So yes one can choose to get vitamins from filthy meat or a relatively clean source by comparison, vegetarian vegan sources.

      vitamin b12 is produced by your intestines and intrinsic factor.This production of b12 is assisted by having a clean colon that produces good bacteria ...hence b12.The consumption of meat makes the small villia in the intestines collapse that help produce bacteria.This collapse of the villa in the intestine prevents b12 from being formed.
      Since b12 is formed by bactera(also in ones mouth) it can be obtained from good organic produce. Yes synthetic b12 inhibits the uptake of real(bacteria produced b12) but show me the studies that analogues of b12 are synthetic.In addition, prove to me that the synthetic b12 used to feed the algae stays synthetic. All plants transmutate inorganic minerals into food vitamins(basically organic) that humans can consume with no side effects.Thus inorganic minerals in rocks(most synthetic vitamins are rocks from film manufactures) are rendered harmless.
      By far the most people suffering from pernicious anemia are meat eaters(my dad was one) just look at the stats from india and then usa.

      There are many centanarians that are/ have been vegetarians the hunzas are just one group of many.Google the name norman walker and you will be eating those statements.

      Who says vegetables have to be cooked in oil? yes certain constituents like lycopene(sp) are liberated with cooking but in oil? fat soluble vitamins need fat in order to make the vitamin active. Never heard that they need to be cooked in oil.I would like to see those studies.(seriously)

      cravings of food when a woman is pregnant is hardly concrete evidence that anyone needs any particular food. Ive heard of women craving axel grease, peanut butter and ice creme, pickles and peanut butter.I would not venture out on a limb and say these women were deficent in these foods so they had better stock up and eat them. A rather preposterous satement on your part.Yes the body craves certain foods but the way the brain interperts those messages is not correct.These cravings are symptoms(like pain is) that something is wrong or lacking.In this case the body is lacking in nutrients as a new life is being formed and if the mother is not providing those nutrients in her diet then cravings occur.If these "cravings" are not addressed by eating axel grease(just kidding...) the body will start depleting the mothers mineral sources such as bones,organs tissues etc.

      cholesterol formed in the human body by the liver is sufficent. Extra cholesterol is not needed.

      As far as protein is concerned here you truley show your lack of nutritional education. Firstly, there are no known names for protein deficency. Secondly, almost all vegan foods except perhaps cruciferous vegetables contain protein. Legumes, grains,seeds,nuts, most vegetables, and fruit contain protein.Yes in variable amounts thats true.Thats why when one is a vegetarian they have to eat a large variety of foods thats all.It is almost impossible to be protein deficent, one would have to eat curiciferous vegetable and fruit. Thats it, no grains, nuts, seeds, legumes,and most vegetables. Not a very popular diet.

      The poor mom who had her baby die from malnutrition, most likely did so from ignorance. Everyone who becomes a vegetarian does not know everything about vegetarianism all at once.It takes several years to know sufficent information by self directed studying. All your claims against being vegetarian did not happen in one day, you formed these opinions after reading various books magazines and newspapers. I would love to find out the stats of mothers who killed their babys by accident by feeding them baby formulaes before warnings were placed upon them. How many babys died in the china milk scandal recently? dozens, hundreds, thousands... were any of these moms charged with manslaughter? dont think so.

      Your unsupported bias towards being non vegetarian is obvious and is not supposted by facts, logic, enviromental concerns,or nutritional education. However I do suspect that your bias stems from some emotional cause, which I suggest you address. If the emotional cause is removed then you might be able to discern more clearly and make more informed decisions about healthy eating. Not only for yourself but for those who are more unfortunate than yourself and living in a 2-3rd world country whose lives depend upon your rational choices.

  44. Why do most people, and me included for most of my life, continue to turn a blind eye to the bleeding obvious. It's about time we stood up and spoke out against the lies and bu.....t we are continually fed by the pharmacutical companies and the media. This video is an eye opener and one I am recomending all my friends and family watch. I am makinga change in my life at the tender age of 57, it's never to late, and this video was just the thing to set me on the right path.

  45. We got synthetic food that nearly tastes real and a little white pill that makes you feel a whole lot better when u get out of bed, you take one in the morning for the thump in your head. We got everything everybody needs to survive....... SURELY THE GOOD LIFE HAS ARRIVED.........Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez poor fools

  46. Extremely eye-opening to the disservice that AMERICA is doing to its masses. What we put in our body MATTERS!!! We buy into a system of fast food, processed food, chemically-saturated food because it is so easy. And CHEAP! What we need to do is to advocate for fresh, naturally grown food that is actually good for us! Why should we do damage control when we can prevent the disease and illness that permeates this country?

  47. chinese herb still fellow old idea lolx

  48. great film.

  49. brilliant!.... I actually think that i might have mercury poisoning and mineral and vitamin deficiency fora while..... just not sure what i really need to take...

    1. I have read that Cilantro can draw heavy metals out of the body.

    2. as well as bentonite clay

  50. excellent..... and do it...its so BASIC

  51. excellent

  52. 3.30 - 4.00 minutes! Impportant point! Most people workin in the food production(agriculture) dnt realise that "Fertiliser" does not provide proper nutrients to the soil itself! If they did they would realise the need to look after the soil, the crop and the whole eco sytem!

  53. This doc is a great one and we all should start thinking differently. I take supplements daily and have for 6 months now. I have lost body fat, my mood has stabilized, I have more energy and I feel amazing! My ways of eating have changed for the better and so have my childrens ways of eating. My foods come from Herbalife, no more fast food high in fat low in nutrients. I get the super foods in my system daily. I tell people daily about nutrition and how our diets lack nutrition. Herbalife does not heal the body, the body heals itself when it gets proper nutrition.

  54. An interesting documentary in its own right,but still very much whining about the capitalist and consumerist world that we live in.Instead of providing real,possible and why not affordable ways of growing your food in a more healthy,environmental friendly way,they keep putting the accent on how shitty all the food that one might buy in a lifetime is.
    We all know about Monsanto and other companies and pesticides and infertile soil and it seems to me this is just another discussion meant to made you forever aware of the dangers of modern living...

  55. great doco, well worth the watch ...if your interested in your health,

  56. Last winter I was very sick, antibiotics were not helping. On my own I did a lot of research and armed with a 3 item list went to the natural health store. The owner was there and she said I was right about what to get, it was not expensive. I added a bit of old fashioned lemon & barley water with ginger and other veggie juice (got my brand new juicer at the 2nd hand for $4.00) I normally do, thought I should add more fruit and not only got better but have not had a return of that nasty flu/sinus/bronchitis.
    I know that I must still improve and I thank you so very much for this doc Vlatko. I also believe one needs meditation, excercize and a restructure of our mindset, I am a newbie at learning these skills!

  57. ok i cant watch this crap... can someone please tell me if they go on to talk about how modern farming methods have created enough food to feed the entire world... or why GM (geneticlly modified) food is the reason why fruits and veggies are bigger, tastier, and more resistant to cold, disease, and insects... or maybe they go on to talk about the short comings of organic farming... you know like its inability to support the current human population... it is not what we are eating b/c quite frankly eating a million acai berrries will not make you live to 150... it is funny b/c my mother is a vegitarian and i eat fast food at least 3 times a week... and yet our health is exactly the same... she gets sick every once in awhile... i get sick every once in awhile... the only thing that we have in common is that we both put down the fork when we are full.... weather it is a double down from kfc... our a mixed green salad from whole foods...

    1. the difference between you and your mother is that you will fall ill faster and greater at an early age. You are still young from the sound of me you'll feel it happen. haha

      I didn't know what kind of junk I was putting into me, until I stopped. I used to be depressed, my friends and I have found the inner calm from veggies too( and pastured meats are so much tastier anyway) It's hard to explain, but you would know if you'd try....
      It's no good to use GMO, cause in short time, it will deplete all of our potable soil to no existence...

    2. Have you ever eaten cheap strawberries from a supermarket? They are bland with no taste. Try organic or grow your own and you'll taste the difference. Not just a little, they taste completely different. GM fruits arn't needed if the soil is enriched. Corporate companys are allways looking for the easy way to mass produce their products like meat, giving animals steroids and feeding them corn instead of what they should be eating.

    3. Reggie, you sound very young. I'm guessing that you haven't lived long enough to experience real serious disease. Our bodies are wonderful resilient gifts. It is for most of us that time takes its toll. Sad, but true that always without the proper care you will find time catches up with you. Consider that your body is your car. Don't you think that your car would stay better running longer with the proper care, good quality gasoline and oil, maintenance check ups, etc. etc. And if you had a knock in your engine, would you just sound proof your car to fix it. ie take a pill. To your future health.

  58. This is what Ayurved have been teaching for thousands of years... all the remedies are within you, eat simple but super food and do yoga... u r good to go..

  59. im 5 min into this movie and i can already tell its just going to be some bullsh*t hippie rhetoric lacking in any real facts

    1. If you bothered to watch it there were plenty of facts yet you seem to know everything anyway...

  60. excelent !

  61. Nutrition is very important. I run an aquaponics business.

    But this movie is garbage. Too much pretending that medicine is actually a nutrition issue. For some, sure. Me? I eat as healthy as hell and yep - I am getting older anyway. Everyone seems to forget to factor into the stats that heart disease and cancer are way more prevalent because we live longer than ever before.

  62. In my experience its not cheaper to eat healthy. For that variety of fruit and veggies, berries and nuts it will cost you a good chunk of money. More if you insist on organic. For it to be cheaper you have to grow it yourself, which isn't something the avg urbanite can do very easily, it requires space, time and water, all of which which are at a premium these days.

    I can testify to the lack of side effects from mega doses of vitamins tho. I Used to take 1000mg a day of vitamin C and brew up a mean lemon tea when I caught a cold on top of it, I was healthy as an ox... never got any kidney stones either, If you're worried about that, drink more water. Cooking has its pros as well, it breaks tougher cell walls allowing us to more easily digest the nutrients trapped within and I am sure its not as destructive to nutritive value as they say in this doc.

  63. "Cutting into the body and taking something out doesn't make it better"

    So what if you cut out a cancer tumor?

    "Nutrition is the only thing we haven't tried"

    My mom has terminal cancer, and I promise you they treat her with nutrition as well.


    1. The origin of a tumor is still there. The cancerous cell will most likely come back years later. The same thing happened to my granddad. He had surgery and chemotherapy yet still died since it kept coming back.

  64. Spirulina contains phenylalanine, an amino acid which is also in the inglorious aspartame, and has been accused of various bad things. How come he didn't mention that? Takes off some of his credibility. Now Im not saying that this is all nonsense, but I think you should take it with a grain of salt.

    1. Its also in cheese. To be honest the aspartame scare is nonsense, i wouldn't listen to it. Too much of anything can be bad.

  65. I agree that it's postulating, they aren't really backing up what they say with evidence. I don't think you need superfood, humans haven't evolved eating superfood, but berries, meat, nuts and so on. I think this is propaganda from the "superfood" companies haha..

  66. Really good and interesting. Definelty need to try this out if God wills

  67. Made by Americans for Americans. Vitamins are good and bad & eat raw meat if you dont want to die.

  68. Like the man said you are what you eat. And also you are what you think.

  69. Bad Science anyone?

  70. Ive been changing my diet for the last year; raw foods, growing my own, local organic, and its been a challenge with ups and downs. I think we are addicts to a bad diet and having seen the many changes I could never go back. Its hard to trust these big industries, pharmaceutics and fertilizer industry, they have to much vested in making money and not enough accountability. One bite into a real tomato and you can never go back..No money in healthy people..

  71. A very convincing film. However vitamins are not cheap, unless you buy the cheap ones and then you question if they are safe. To eat all those super foods, it does cost. You must make a change in what you value, your health or the next iPad/iPpod/iPhone.

    1. Anyone know if there is a nutrition App out yet?

    2. Inflection cannot be heard when texting; your witty comment will be misunderstood by many. Am I right Paul MacLeod?

    3. yes there is a grocery store application, listings by product.

    4. If you value your next gadget over your health, and I'm not saying that you do Meathawk2000 but if anyone does, then there is something fundamentally wrong with them!
      But then again we do live in an unsane social environment where profit rules over everything!

  72. Kouchakoff is a really old study to quote for this. Is there a newer one the rawists can draw from for this?

    I was with the docu until they started espousing the total raw diet.

    1. 80% was the highest they mentioned.